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Datre answers Jerry (part 2 Datre207)

JOHN: Continuing along; “It seems to me that you suggest to us that we can benefit from having “higher” aspiration in seeking to raise above such levels to the more evolved and free realms as that of Datre’s existence.”

DATRE: No! That is not what we are saying. Why do you think that Datre’s level of existence is free? Do you think we just do nothing? That’s not the objective. Why would we be in existence if we were free and did nothing?

No, we look for challenges just like you do. Datre does not sit still – those in Datre. Those in Datre are doing many things. Many different ways. What changes anything? There again, it’s not passivity. It’s not floating around in the sky doing nothing.

That’s what you think heaven is all about. Higher spirituality. Sitting there and closing your eyes and seeing all these beautiful colors. That’s nothing but your own body reactions.

If that’s higher spirituality, then where are you going with it? To tell everybody what beautiful colors you saw? Or sitting and going into a past life?

Anything you do in a physical body is only beneficial to you. Regardless of what you do or don’t do. As much as you don’t want to believe it, you are an island unto yourself.

You talk about creating your own reality. Who else is creating it? Nobody else is creating it, regardless of what you do or don’t do. It doesn’t matter. It is your individual evolution – period.

If you want to call it spirituality that is up to you, but we don’t understand that word. Spirituality is supposed to be something above everything else. There is no above and there is no below.

You have set up an above and below. And a good and a bad. And a light and a dark. And a yes and a no. That has been your evolution on your planet which everyone basically follows to one extent or another. But, you only use those tools for your individual evolution.

Then when you get to the point where you live your present existence in a physical construct in a mode of total and complete observation, will you be able to see that anything ever changes. Then everyday changes, because you are following what you have set up for your self that you wanted to do for your individual understanding and evolution – and nobody else’s. Continue.

JOHN: The next question goes on to state; “I currently see “God” as the sum total, balance of All, that is or could be where we can have a logical or rational space/time knowing through our “Brain”, but only being closer to true when properly balanced by the connecting emotion of Love that comes from the ephemeral center of us that we commonly refer to as our heart”

DATRE: Well, that is your understanding at the present time. That is your individual understanding at the present time.

Now, you have no idea of the number of people on your planet that do not have a belief in god. Those are the people that are free, because they create their own reality.

It is very difficult to create your own reality when you say it is God’s will. You can’t. Because you are not taking control of your own existence.

Throughout all the eons of time that you have been in existence in physicality on this planet, you have consistently had to have something that has been an undercurrent to help you move forward.

You don’t need to go back very far to find poets that understood the true meaning of – you create your own reality.

They have stated it in many different ways. But you say the words and it doesn’t mean anything. But to those who understand it means a great deal.

I am the captain of my ship. Very simple words. Oh, he’s got a ship out there and he’s the captain and he’s steering it and he’s telling everybody what to do. No, you missed it totally.

You are the ship. Why do you call your automobiles, automobiles? Because you have picked up the idea of, If you see an automobile in a dream, it refers to you – auto. The dictionary says, “auto; self propelled”.
John looked it up for me.

You see how all these thing work when you look at them differently? You have to have love. Oh, you go someplace and hug and hug and hug. Then you go off to coffee with a friend of yours and talk about, I don’t know why but I certainly don’t like that person, they’ve got their nose in everybody else’s business.

The next time you meet them, Oh, it’s so good to see you again, huggie, huggie.

Unconditional love? Spirituality?

The day you begin to look with clear eyes, you will look at these people and you will understand what part they are playing in their play. But it has nothing to do with you.

That is why you will find that those people that are creating their own realities, are not people that are pushing themselves into everything in order to be seen. They come and they go. They talk with people and people enjoy them, they enjoy each other. But they look at things so entirely different.

And usually, they are very quite people, because they’re observing. They love to laugh as much as the next person. They have an intense enjoyment in everything they do. But they’re living entirely different. Then how do you know who they are? You don’t.

But those are the ones that by their very existence, make subtle changes. Something is said, and they will answer in a very different way. And it will make people stop and think of what they said.

The only way anything changes on your planet, is through that which you call the physical construct of speech. Because, nothing stops the words. That is why the spoken word is so very important because of the continuation of that vibrational construct.

That’s what changes a lot of things on your planet. But it’s not being higher and it’s not being lower. It’s only that which you wish to express. Then in your expression, you don’t care what the other person expresses. There is no need to get involved in another persons expression.

But that is something that comes with understanding. Then there are always those on your planet that understand. It’s not the number of people or individuals that you have on your planet, it’s the vibrational construct of individuals on your planet that is important.

The more individuals with understanding, then that vibration is entirely different. And that is what moves what you call ideas and concepts. Because those individuals look at, this what you call, your physical life, entirely different.

Everything changes – constantly. Then to be a part of that change, you need to understand more about who you are. Why you’re here. What you’re doing for your own evolution. Because as you understand and evolve, that’s one more to change the planet.

The only way you can truly help being in a physical existence, is through your individual understanding. Continue.

JOHN: The final question is; “It can be said that the logical/rational (left) brain thinking is more of the male (some say positive) species. And of the exoteric (outer physical) orientation as opposed to that of the relatively esoteric, inner emotional loving, (right) brain and (some say, negative), species of the female.

All, (and I do mean all), of which to me equates to a basic truth where spiritual wisdom dictates that the “Theory of everything” involves equality between “Equals but Opposites”, as in “Positive (+) Equals (=) Negative (-)” (+=-)!”

DATRE: This right brain left brain thing is another thing that has to do with physicality and has nothing to do with the evolution of the individual self – nothing what-so-ever. It does not dictate how you think. It does not dictate how you react, unless you are reacting from that which you are picking up from Mass Consciousness.

When you get to that point, where you are creating, individually, that has no effect on you what-so-ever. How about, if they take someone and they test them for right brain and they test them for left brain and they find out that they’re exactly the same? Oh, well that can’t happen. Yes it can happen and it does happen.

What about females that work from the left brain? And what about the males that work from the right brain? And what about those individuals that have rewired their brains to work with the direct vibrational construct of possibilities and probabilities?

But, those people are not the people that are going to be tested. Why should they be? They’re not interested in going to someone and having them test to find out what they’re doing – they know what they’re doing.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, how is anyone else going to tell you what you’re doing? When you get to the brain, that is so individualistic, it is strictly, totally and completely your own.

They’ll say, Well, how did you know what I was thinking? That person didn’t know what you were thinking. You may have set off a vibration that they connected with. That is the only way it would appear that they knew what you were thinking.

But the thing is, you want to get beyond the point of constant brain rutting. That’s what happens. You get to the point that all of these things become nothing more than brain rutting procedures.

In other words, different peoples have different thought (think) patterns collectively in different countries. And they work from that standpoint.

Now, why do peoples, different peoples go to different countries to live? You’ll say, Their job took them there. Oh really! Who created the reality that said, I want to get out of here, I will find someone that will tell me that my job is to go to another country, then I will be able to go.

You set your play. You set your stage. You’re so used to doing it that you don’t realize what you’re doing. You don’t enjoy your own plays.

Now, if you were to go on stage and act out a part that someone had given you and received the applause and adoration of people, you would be so proud of yourself. Yet, you create your own plays every single day that you are in a physical construct – and you don’t admire it.

The admiration for self has to come from within and not from without. Because, other people don’t know your plays. They don’t know what you’re thinking. They don’t know how you’re acting.

Then if you don’t love your physical existence and what you are creating, then you just don’t understand what’s going on.

The age old saying of having to do certain things in a certain way in order to be spiritually evolved, is nothing more than a patterning that has come down throughout your whole periods of time. Simply because you will not take responsibility for your self.

And the day you begin taking responsibility for your self, because you understand why you’re doing it, then you will not continue on the same path that you are on.

If you don’t begin to understand your belief systems and your physical emotions and how they influence your present thinking, you will keep your god. You will keep your spirituality. You will keep your love and all of these other things that are so important to you.

Because, that is what you are creating for your individual self. And the majority of the people on your planet will continue in that mode.

But, there are great changes that are going to take place in this New Millennium. Then you will find a shifting, in many of the, what you call, your belief patterning’s. It is very evident, especially here in these United States. When an underlying pattern begins to take shape you will find a greater reluctance to let go of yesterday. Because yesterday is comfortable and many fear change of any kind.

Fear is the strongest emotion that you have.

With all the problems that you are having with the people in the churches that are taking advantage of small children. All the peoples in big companies that are taking advantage of people monetarily. All the talk about evil people and evil countries. Continuing talk about war.

These are all experiences of yesterday. You have done these same things over and over and over again. The brain is comfortable with “rutting” and yesterday. There are all sorts of things that are being, shall we say, exposed to that which you call your public so that changes can take place.

When any concept is constantly repeated, even though it is stated differently each time, to an individual, or even your Mass Consciousness, the physical construct becomes more receptive to change to a new concept. Then change is engaged with gusto. We call this a big AH HA.

They say, Well all of this is hidden. No it is not. No it isn’t, because you outside of the physical construct, know exactly what is going on. You could not orchestrate anything if you did not leave the physical construct from time to time. Because, outside of the physical construct – in your sleep time – is where you construct what you are going to do.

Everyone is very aware of what is going on. It’s just choosing the parts that you want to play in this your physical existence.

The physical body is just acting out the play. You are playing a game with yourself.

It’s the Journey not the Destination that counts and there is no One Destination.

We thank you, we are Datre.