Datre 對話_050 原文

Datre Transcripts_050



We have some questions from Shiva

JOHN: His first question is… “I went through the Datre material on ‘Guides’. It seems that all channeled material do not fall into the same category. From the material it seems that the ‘awakening’ or BIRTH out of linear time would be a rather gentle process, than a very sudden or drastic one. Is it possible that we won’t even be aware of any marked change taking

DATRE: There will be ‘marked’ changes taking place and if you are an ‘observer’, you will definitely notice. One of the things that you should be very much aware of, that I don’t see how you can avoid seeing the changes that are taking place within your weather patterning. That is one of the things that are very obvious; the planet is going to ‘cleanse’ itself. Everybody has talked about it and talked about it, but the ‘planet’ will do it’s own thing. That is why you’re getting torrential rains in areas.
That is why you are getting flooding. Your ground, your earth that you stand on that you walk on, is not good for you any more. So, you have to be able to ‘produce’ food in order to be able to eat. So you have to have ground that you can grow food in and it is so full of chemicals that your ‘particles’ within the HOLOGRAM are ‘reacting’ to the chemicals that are in what you call, your ground, your soil. Your chemicals in your food does not react ‘favorably’ to the ‘particles’ within the body construct. So, that is one of the changes that are taking place. There are many ‘other’ changes that are taking place in ‘thought’ patterning’s. If you’ll watch divisions in thought patterning’s, there are a lot of changes taking place. To some individuals it is traumatic and to some individuals it is not. But, there ARE definite changes taking place. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Does Datre give a time frame? I remember SETH used to have difficulty relating to our sense of time.”

DATRE: No, there is no time frame. That is something that the Universe has what you call, a ‘Universal timing’, but many things take place in the ‘Universal timing’ which do not have anything to do with your ‘linear’ time. And because your ‘linear’ time now – if you were to view from ‘our’ vantage point – the ‘linear’ time on the Earth – planet Earth – is variable
by individuals and we have stated that before. That your ‘linear’ time story line is at an end. So your ‘time’ begins to be controlled more on an individualistic basis. Because you’re ‘not’ locked into a ‘linear’ time frame any more. It is coming to its end and some people are experiencing it more than others. But, no, we do not give ‘time’. We say like Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, which encompasses what you would call, big periods
of ‘time’. Like what we’ve said about the ‘energy’ coming in, we said, well in the Fall, we don’t know months, we don’t know years.

Now, were we to tell you that the BIRTH would take place in 5 years, what would that mean? Because you are working on individualistic time and NOT linear time, to some individuals 5 years would be a long time in the amount of experiences that they would have, to others, it would feel like 3 years. Also, if we were to say, 5 years many of you would panic. To set the record straight, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN in 5 years. Another difficulty that we encounter is that SOME events BRIDGE the BIRTH. Depending upon where you go after the BIRTH, some existences will change very little.

It is fine if you take a book that’s got all kinds of ‘events’ listed and then say, ‘oh, this is what that one said back hundreds of years ago’ or how many years ago and ‘make’ it fit. But that’s what your scientists do too, they work things around to make them fit. You can do it on a ‘backward’ way, but you can’t do it ‘forward’. So, continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Has fear got a genetic basis? I always thought that fear was more mental/emotional in origin.”

DATRE: Well you see what it is, is yes it is a mental and emotional construct that is true, but it is also a genetic. You have genes that have been carried from the time that these ‘humanoids’ were first ‘put’ upon the planet. You don’t ‘know’ thousands of year’s back, what was carried through the genealogy that you carry within your body. You see, you think of genealogy as being only back a few generations. NO, it goes WAY back. The
gene ‘pool’ is what you ‘choose’ and pick from, but you have a ‘humongous’ variety. Fear has been one thing that has been carried through the genetics. Continue.

JOHN: You could almost say that we have a ‘fear’ gene.

DATRE: Well, to… not a specific gene, but you see, you’ve got a whole bunch of things in your genealogy that are ‘related’ to fear. You see, there again, the more you know and understand about the whole process of your planet and your physicality, the less fear you will have. Because ‘knowledge’ dissolves fear to a degree. I can’t get into the ‘specifics’ of it but we have seen it in our observation.

JOHN: His next group of questions I want to preface with a statement that he makes. “I have come across some channeled material (?) That suggests a more drastic form that change would take. Here is a sample. I would like to know your reaction to it.” This if from the channeled material. “By the end of this month (Dec.), we will have the arrival of the photon belts. The
first photon belt is scheduled to arrive on December 31st and the second photon belt is due a few days later. These photon belts will lead us, planet Earth and its biosphere to graduation into full consciousness. When we are in full consciousness, we will have supernatural powers that could easily be misused and lead to a world-wide catastrophe.”

DATRE: Now, we have stated previously and in fact just the information that we gave in the previous communication, in that we said, the majority of the material that you have in your “books” are from the ‘dead zone’. This is THEIR interpretation.

Now, what did they say about we would come to full awareness or whatever it was?

JOHN: A graduation into full consciousness.

DATRE: My goodness, I don’t see anybody in ‘that’ state of awareness and that was supposed to have happened last… when was that?

JOHN: That was last month.

DATRE: Oh, well I haven’t seen anyone that has all of a sudden has popped into ‘awareness’. If that was supposed to happen then I don’t think it did.

JOHN: We’re not talking about ‘awareness’ we’re talking about FULL CONSCIOUSNESS. Different thing.

DATRE: Well I don’t see that happening either… Full consciousness?

JOHN: Consciousness, that’s our functioning system.

DATRE: So what’s FULLER about it than what it is? See, those statements make no sense to us as far as we are concerned. Consciousness is consciousness, there’s no FULLER, there’s no less, there’s no more. CONSCIOUSNESS IS. Everyone in physical existence or in the ‘dead zone’ is in consciousness. So, FULL CONSCIOUSNESS, the only thing that I can see from that is FULL CONSCIOUSNESS would be the YOU that you are, being here on planet Earth. But that could NOT be. It can’t be, simply because the ‘awareness’ of the YOU that you are could NOT function in physicality. So continue.

JOHN: And as a further to that last statement, he continues this channeling which says… “As a result, the landings of the Angles and the Galactic Federation are mainly to mid-wife us through this vast change in our consciousness and to escort us to a new reality. They will provide us with counselors, training, materials, and equipment to make our transition into
the photon belt a gentle and comfortable experience”

DATRE: Well you see, what they’re trying to do is… the greatest thing that you have, go back again, the ‘big’ number FEAR. If you have somebody that will come and ‘hold your hand’ and take care of you and all of this ‘other’ stuff, that is what humanity ‘basically’ looks for. That is what they’re looking for, is someone to ‘hold’ their hand. It is like the ‘bible’ book that you have. Jesus was a figure that was presented to the
peoples so that they would no longer feel ‘down trodden’ and ‘forgotten’ and all of this sort of thing. In other words, if you ‘lean’ on me, then I will take care of you.

So, you all look for a ‘security’ blanket – you’re familiar with those words, I picked that one up. Security blanket, the Angles and the Galactic Council and the ships are ‘security blankets’. Now, do you want to have a ‘security blanket’ and let everything go wishie washy? OR do you want to express more of the YOU that you are? The choice is yours. The majority will choose the ‘security blanket’. So continue.

JOHN: His next part is relative to ‘when will the landings occur’. It says… “The landings should occur by the 17th. of December (they’re a little late). The reason is that the Galactic Federation needs about 18 to 20 days to prepare us for the arrival of the second photon belt.”

DATRE: Well, you see, they get everything mixed up, from our standpoint. So you’ve got a photon belt, what difference is that going to make?

JOHN: IF we have a photon belt, is also another question.

DATRE: If you do, that’s fine, if you don’t that’s fine. But that has… again, our ‘teachings’ are ‘different’. Our ‘teachings’ are VERY different, in that we are trying to ‘teach’ you to stand on your OWN feet, shall we say, in physicality, for YOUR learning and YOUR understanding.

Now, if you have to have a ‘security blanket’, someone to take care of you so that you don’t have to go through all the tragedies and everything else, that you ASSUME are going to happen, then you can do one of two things. You can ‘believe’ that someone is going to come and ‘take care’ of you OR you
can start taking care of yourself. The ‘choice’ is always, always yours to make. But, until individuals begin to understand that their ‘evolution’ is in knowing and ‘understanding’, from ‘their’ standpoint, how many times do you want to do this over again? You’ve done it again and again and again and again – experience the ‘same’ thing.
That is why individuals are getting, shall we say, ‘bored’ with physicality. They’ve done it so many times, they’re bored with it, and they don’t know what to do any more, that’s ‘different’ and ‘interesting’. But the most ‘interesting’ part is living in physicality and ‘experiencing’ through physicality and yet that’s the ONE thing they want to avoid. Its ‘I want to get out of this body’. So they go into the ‘dead zone’, they turn around and come back into the physicality

This is the ‘time’ to make up your mind what ‘you’ want to do and ‘how’ you want to do it. The time is ‘now’ for you to begin to ‘explore’ to ‘observe’ to ‘understand’, because the ‘help’ that you are getting is the CHANGE in the energy PATTERNINGS – THAT is your help. Your help is NOT in the form of ‘other’ physical forms coming to take you off of the planet. Your ‘help’ is coming in the ‘changing’ of the ‘energies’, which will help you ‘understand’ WHAT is happening, WHY it is happening and HOW it is happening.

As you begin to get into the point where you begin to SEE the shifts in the ‘patterning’s’ of your pictures, in your everyday existence – in other words, walking down the street and you see everything that you’ve seen everyday and the next step you take, you are experiencing a DIFFERENT reality. Everything is different, it changes immediately. Everything you ‘see’ has ‘nothing’ that relates to where you are standing at the present
time and your foot ‘stops’ and you wait until that picture goes away and you put another picture in front of you, which is right back in your ‘familiar’ scene again. Now, these things are happening.
This is what these new energies are showing you – how easy it is to ‘slip’ from one place to another. And the longer you stay in what ever ‘other’ reality you are ‘visually’ seeing, with your physical eyes – you’re NOT actually doing that – but, that is the ‘appearance’ that you have, is that your eyes are seeing an entirely ‘different’ environment. Now, that can be ‘past’ time, it can be ‘future’ time that you will see. But, sometimes in the blink of an eye, you will be back. Some times it will be ‘longer’ periods of time, where you actually ‘observe’ things happening. But this is happening all the time you’re walking down the street.

Now, why is that happening? Because the energy patterns are changing. When your energy patterns are changing and you are willing to ‘allow’ yourself to ‘observe’ you will find a great deal of things happening. And if it becomes ‘scary’ to you and you ‘pull back’, then you will ‘solidify’ yourself into physicality so strong that you will ‘never’ see anything
again. Because in the physical expression, you don’t ‘want’ to see anything. The ‘opposite’ will happen to those who are ‘explorers’ and ‘discoverers’. They will say, ‘wow, that was something else, that was fun’ and the minute you say to the physical body ‘that was fun’, the body won’t cut it off any more.

So you see, what we have said before, your books, your information that you’re getting, basically, most of the time, is from the ‘dead zone’. You see, ‘fear’ exists in the ‘dead zone’ just the same as it appears in your ‘awake’ zone. Its all the same, you haven’t left the planet, you haven’t left the bubble. So the ‘fear’ of ‘death’ in the ‘dead zone’ still exists, because it is still in another shape or form of physicality. So I think it was good that we brought this up at this time to ‘help’ you ‘understand’ what is going on, what is happening. These ‘changes’ can be, as ‘dramatic’ and ‘traumatic’ as you wish them to be. It is all in your ‘approach’ to the changes taking place.

You see, you don’t hear of this ‘other’ of people switching realities many times during the day, but this is going on with people all over the planet. But, because you only hear about the Angles, about the Galactic Council, about photon belts and all of these things and this is all written about, this is the natural path that people are following. Because it is printed
in a ‘book’ therefore it has to be. So it is up to you to make ‘decisions’. Decision time is NOW, it has always been NOW. That is why you say, ‘well how come some people can do this and I can’t do it’. Its what they ‘choose’ to come in with.

When you come into physicality, what you decide you want to do and what you want to experience and what ‘genes’ you want to ‘pick’ and bring in with you is up to you to do. And if you do that with ‘awareness’ you can pick-up some ‘grand’ stuff. Just ‘stuff’ it into the next HOLOGRAM that you want to exist in. Pick-up the ‘particles’ that will ‘allow’ you these latitudes and leeway’s. Pick-up the ‘genes’ and pick-up the ‘particles’ that will allow you the latitude of being – a ‘traveler’. Pick-up the ‘genes’ and ‘particles’ that will allow you to see auras – be born with that. Be born with these things. But if you don’t ‘build’ through what you call, your ‘life’, ‘death’, ‘life’, ‘death’ on a continuous basis then each time you start over again, with no ‘awareness’ factors.

That’s why we’re saying to you, we try and help ‘explain’ to you for ‘your’ understanding. We are trying to say, ‘nobody else can help you’, and when you get to the point of the BIRTH – when the ‘split’ takes place on your planetary existence on Earth, there is NOBODY that makes THAT decision for you. There is no one that makes… even to the point of what you call, ‘life’, ‘death’, ‘life’, ‘death’. Who makes the ‘decision’ to die? Your husband doesn’t say, ‘OK, so you’re laying there in bed, now die’. It has to be YOU. Nobody says, when you’re in the ‘dead zone’, ‘you better do something, your image is beginning to fade, either you pick-up some energy someplace and get this thing – get some ‘spark’ to it, you better go back in and be born again and build up this HOLOGRAM so it has some life existence spark to it’. That is ALL your decision, all the way along. This is why this information is hard to understand.

It is so easy to ‘mis-interpret’ this phrase, ‘you create your own reality’, is a big ‘nothing’ that covers a whole multitude of stuff and means nothing, because you have NOT understood WHAT you were doing. That is why that is such a ‘catch-22’ or what ever you want to call it. Somebody looks at you and says, ‘well, you create your own reality’. In other words, its slapping you in the face and saying, ‘what’s the matter with you, are you still an idiot?’. You see, from our vantage point of observing on your planet, that is the way it looks to us. You don’t EVER put a person down. Because as you begin to ‘understand’ and KNOW where you have come from, you will ‘accept’ where they are.

So, we have stated, I think enough on that, but perhaps this will help you in your understanding of what the Angles and what the Galactic Councils and all of this is all about. What you have done is that this… the Jesus story worked in it’s time, now because you are so ‘mechanically minded’, having people come in ‘ships’ to SAVE you is another form of security blanket. It is up to YOU, whether you want the ‘security blanket’ or
whether YOU want to be ‘more’ expressive of the YOU that you are and continue in your evolution. It is ALL up to you, whatever you wish to “work toward”. We hope we have helped in this understanding.

JOHN: I have a comment to make that you’re probably not aware of. This photon belt thing is referred to by those same channeled beings as the SOURCE of these new energies that are coming in. They understand the ‘interactions’ they’re relating to them and they are being told ‘this is the photon belt’ that we’re moving into that’s doing that. They don’t relate to the fact that YOU FOLKS are the ones that are directing this energy.

DATRE: Well, that is all right.

JOHN: It gives certitude, because the people are reacting to the energies and finding the energies and these persons are saying, ‘oh, well, remember I told you about these photon belts’. So they are ‘hooked’ by that simple verification.

DATRE: Well see, that is what is happening. Like we have said before, when something happens, you immediately have to qualify it. You immediately have to qualify it, because people are ‘uneasy’ with anything that has any amount of ‘fluidity’. They will go on these big roller coaster rides, as long as they can be strapped in and they’ve got something to hang on to and
go whee. It is entirely ‘different’ when you let go and experience the fluidity, than when you’ve got the security. That is the same thing.

They say, well, they see this and they see that and they see something else in what you call your sky. You have YET begun to SEE the many ‘changes’ that are going to take place in what you SEE in your sky. Because also, the ‘bubble’ is changing. Nothing stays the same; your ‘bubble’ is changing.

NOTE: ALL energies of whatever kind (wave, particle, frequency, etc..) Entering this Earth/Moon bubble can ONLY enter ‘through’ the Universal Lay Lines. NEVER through a general ‘field’ interaction.

They get all upset about the fact that you have these HOLES, they talk about the big holes here there and the next…

JOHN: The black holes.

DATRE: No, those caused by your chemical things.

JOHN: Oh, the ozone.

DATRE: Yes, they say that’s caused by chemicals – that’s fine. They have to have a ‘rational’ for what they’re seeing. So they agree upon what it is. What it is and what you agree upon what it is are NOT the same thing. But, it is ‘your’ experience upon ‘this’ planet that is important.

How much difference does it make to you – John – when you get up in the morning and have to go down to the grocery store and get groceries and bring them back and eat meals and work the computer and drive the car and watch television and walk in the woods and walk in malls, shop in different places, how much does the so called photon belt effect your livelihood, your daily existence?

JOHN: None whatsoever.

DATRE: None whatsoever. Which goes to prove another point, YOU put the pictures in front of you that you wish to see. If it has an effect on you, every time you pick-up the newspaper, you read the headlines and somebody did something here there and the next place. Do you have to read the whole article and get emotionally involved in it or do you read it and say, ‘oh, that’s what’s happening. This is what’s happening on the planet. But do you
have to read every word and get your ’emotions’ all wrapped up and even to the point of getting emotionally upset, your body gets all upset because of something that happened to somebody someplace else? Its what is happening to YOU, is what is important, it’s NOT what’s happening to someone else.
That does not mean that you have to not have ‘compassion’ for other people – that isn’t the point. But someone 2000 miles away, what impact does their life have upon YOUR life, in your daily existence? The only thing that makes a difference is that 2000 miles away, those vibrations and the thought patterns of those individuals are going into ‘mass consciousness’ – that we know. But on an individual basis, what does it matter? You see, people get emotionally involved in many things and if you want to do that, that is fine, you can do that.
But, at this particular point in what you call your ‘evolution’, if you’re interested in ‘your’ evolution, then wasting time on emotions, that have nothing to do with you in your physical existence is just wasting time, shall we say. Because you’re not ‘achieving’ anything. Nothing is being achieved by getting yourself all upset by different things. In this physicality you cannot be emotion-less, because you will always have emotions. But are the ’emotions’ going to be the ‘dominant’ factor in your existence – that is up to you. But, your emotions are NOT going to help you, in your ‘knowledge’, in your ‘understanding’, in your ‘comprehension’. Comprehension does NOT contain emotion. So you see, the majority on the planet – the mass consciousness – is, shall we say, ‘driven’ emotionally. The thought patterning of the mass consciousness is basically emotion.

Now, when you begin to understand what that’s all about, you can look at it, you can observe it, but, what is going to ‘drive’ YOU as an individual? You’re wanting to ‘know’, wanting to ‘evolve’, wanting to learn what’s going on on this planet so you don’t have to do it any more? Get as much information as you can. Interact with as many people as you can. Different
nationalities, different everything.
But, don’t get involved, just ‘observe’. Then go back and take all these things and just keep ‘absorbing’, keep absorbing, keep ‘comprehension’ going. In an ’emotional’ world like you live in, it is very ‘difficult’ to, shall we say, get away from that tremendous emotion. That is why you have to have ‘instant’ gratification. What is instant gratification – you want to know NOW, you want to ‘know’ in the next ten minutes. Your computers, quick, quick, quick. Oh this system takes too long. Because you feel you don’t have enough ‘time’, you want this – right now. It does not work that way.

Comprehension, again we say, comprehension takes time. Now, how much did you come in with? If you came in with an ’empty’ bucket its going to take you a while to fill it up. If an individual came into physicality with his bucket 3/4 full, it is not going to take him that long to fill it completely. There again, it’s in ‘discovering’ and ‘uncovering’ that you find out how ‘much’ you know and that is the ‘only’ way you CAN find out. Because when you begin to ‘search’ and begin to ‘discover’, you may surprise yourself in finding out that you know a great deal more than you
thought you knew. Because you’ll say, ‘oh, now ‘that’ seems familiar’. ‘Oh, I think I always ‘knew’ that’. From there you go on. That’s how you begin to find out what YOU know, not what someone else knows. So, we have talked long enough, we have enjoyed being with you, if there are no more questions?


DATRE: We thank you, we are Datre.