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Datre Transcripts_008



Answers to Kristy.
JOHN: The first question is from Kristy, it is a follow up question that you had previously answered for her. “Could Datre possibly give some examples of the Hard Rock that he mentioned? I know that when I am upset about something I will listen to the loudest, most upbeat, music I can find. Usually dance mix, and in a couple minutes I feel great again. I use it to ‘reset’ myself, for lack of a better word. I hope that this is not
the ‘Hard Rock’ he is referring to.”

DATRE: That is not the hard rock I was referring to. The hard rock I was referring to is what they call the ‘heavy metal’. The heavy vibrational tone that is – sounds like beating on ‘tin drums’ and so forth. Your guitars and your instruments that they play like your piano stuff – that is all hooked up to wires – and what that does, that creates what we would call an unnatural sound. In other words you can play a piano ‘real hard’ and make a lot of noise with a piano and you can make a lot of noise with a guitar and other instruments but we call those ‘natural’ instruments – lets separate that. Then when you have what we call the ‘hard rock’ our explanation is that you have your instruments connected up to wires.

JOHN: Yes, amplifiers.

DATRE: Well, you see by doing that you not only increase the sound volume but you change the quality of the instrument being played. Now because of that – that is abrasive to a fine tuned body. In other words, the bodies that are becoming more refined, that are working more with the ‘new energies’ that are coming into the planet. These are more refined energies. Now, those that are working with their psyche and with their ‘growth’ in an
area of understanding – their vibration is very high.
The energies coming into the planet are matching ‘those’ energies, better than they are the energies of the ‘mass consciousness’ that are still working with that heavy slow beat. The tempo of the music has a great deal to do with the sound of the music. You can have a piece of music that has a very ‘quick’ tempo – it goes fast – alright you have that and if you want to listen to soft or loud that doesn’t matter, it’s the tempo of the music. But stay away from the ‘metallic’ sounds because that has a tendency to disturb the vibration of the physical being.

JOHN: You must be referring to things like – all of the amplified instruments have that like – steel guitars and synthesizers and amplified guitars – regular amplified guitars. In other words what your saying is that we here don’t have much understanding as to what these amplifications of ‘natural’ instruments do in the course of their amplification.

DATRE: It changes in the course of the amplification. Now lets get something straight here too – a keyboard that you play is hooked up to a chord that goes into your electricity. Those can be played very beautifully – it’s the intensity with which those instruments are played that changes the vibration, because it’s a more ‘metallic’ sound – but if it is played within reason it can be played very beautifully. You can get beautiful tones – tones that you probably could not get on another kind of
But you will notice in those ‘hard rock’ that it is played with such an intensity – that if you are in an audience – the walls shake. Well you see that’s what happens, you set your heart out of rhythm. You can jump up and down and scream and holler as much as you want to – but continually doing that – not only do you disturb your ‘eyes’ because of the flickering lights – you disturb your ears because of the noise and you disturb your heart because your heart beat will follow a rhythm. You are trying to increase the vibration in your own surroundings to make it more compatible to the vibration of your body. The fast beat is fine just reduce the volume. Thank you. Good night, we are DATRE


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