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Al questions.
JOHN: Al say’s “Datre said – “you are now in the process of those that are, shall we say, “brain thinking” on your planet, are BEGINNING (emphasis mine) to brain think that which is the hologram.”

“Can you expand and elaborate on this – do you mean “brain thinking” by purposeful ACTion as opposed to re-ACTion – …

DATRE: Alright now, remember – we are seeing the mass consciousness on the planet – this is what we are observing. The mass consciousness on your planet – of that group of individuals, 99.9 percent and a little plus more – are functioning through the physical brain.
Now, in “dream time” when you connect up with your psyche – you are working together. How much of that information you bring into physicality through the physical brain, that is where your ACTion comes in. The amount that you bring from your psyche into the physical brain is where you are functioning from – through the physical brain. That is why – shall we say – things get mixed up, because the physical brain is trying to interpret the psyche “dream time” symbols to you. The “dream time” is all in symbols – not words.
The psyche interprets the symbols, gives them to your physical brain – your computer – but it’s like everything else with the computer – if you put in those great big long things – you put in your computer – if you put a “dot” in the wrong place, or if you change an “a” to an “o” – sometimes that can change the whole context of what is interpreted.
So you see until you become familiar with your psyche and are able to bring through – almost, shall we say directly – the physical brain and the psyche are working together as a total unit. There is confusion. The ACTion and re-ACTion is watched by you as you progress through your “time line” in physicality.
The only way you can “see” what you are experiencing is through the physical brain. The physical brain interprets what you “see” outside of you. So, when you see something in the physical you do one of two things – you either ACT on what you see – or you re-act on what you see. In other words re-ACTion is getting “involved” and scraping and struggling. That is re-ACTion. ACTion is allowing the incident to take place and being an observer at the same time – so that you ACT upon a situation instead of re-acting. Understood?

JOHN: Yes! Basically what you are saying – from my point of view – what you seem to be saying – in Para-phrase is that one is an emotional out burst, the other is a calm recognition.

DATRE: That is correct!

JOHN: Next part of the question “what is the purpose/function of the hologram – is it “separate” from the hologram that sustains our physicality or do you mean we are beginning to realize and work with the hologram?”

DATRE: All right, what is the function of a hologram? The hologram is like laser beams – you’ve seen the laser beams? In order to build a physical body in this planetary system, earth – you have lines that come in and intersect. These lines form the basis for your physical construct – sort of a webwork that you use to function in. They’ll say, “how come I can feel myself?” “How come I have vein’s and arteries and all these things?”
That is nothing but a composite of intersecting lines and intersecting points to build your whole physical structure. Now, let’s get very simplistic – because simplicity is what I wish to express – not technically but in a very down to earth manner. What you do upon your birth – you “stuff” your hologram with the stuff of the earth. That’s so that you can see and interact with each other.
That is why the question was posed as “can you answer MY questions?” “Can I answer John’s questions” – “can I answer Aona’s questions?” – No! Their lives are their own in physicality – they’ve constructed it – they live it and when they are through living it they will leave the physical on the planet – the physical “stuffing” shall we say. That is left on the planet. The hologram is what you take with you.
Now, your hologram is what allows you to function. The reason we can’t interact with an individual is because of all of the — we “see” you as just a “clump” of vibrations – that is our “perception” of seeing. Now the only way we can find Aona is through the vibratory patterning that she has within her physical construct. Now every time she goes out of body – into another reality – which she does when we have her body – that releases her to go into other realities.
When she comes back into this physical body we watch her very carefully, because every time she touches another reality her vibration changes. So we, shall we say, keep a close eye on her, because her physical vibration changes and that’s what we see. What you call your physical vibration is your hologram. That is what we see. So coming and perceiving on your planet is like little “stacks” of blinking lights, let’s put it that way.
Now you can see why it is so hard to perceive individuals. We keep a very close eye on her because every time she goes into another reality and comes back into this physical body, the vibration of her hologram is changed again.

JOHN: You have to keep track of “her” in order to be able to maintain a recognition of her “signature” vibration.

DATRE: That is correct, that is correct. So that is why we speak to you as mass consciousness and not individuals.

JOHN: The part of the question that doesn’t seem to have been answered is “do you mean that we are beginning to realize and work with the hologram?”

DATRE: There are a few who are. That is marvelous because when you are beginning to work with the hologram – you are actually recognizing the physicality that you are functioning through.
That is a recognition point. What a few are doing is beginning to recognize the validity of the holographic image that you carry.

JOHN: Now we have part (b) “Datre mentioned “brain chatter” Could you explain this more – is this related to the experience of having my questions answered (well some anyway
:-)) by a voice inside my head that is ALMOST me, but somehow separate?”

DATRE: Made good connections there. The voice that you hear in your head is your “psyche”. That is making connections with you through your physical brain and that is why you are quote unquote “hearing”. Now the way you posed that – that is the answer I am giving. That is NOT brain chatter. Brain chatter is when your brain – which is your computer – gets a glitch.
In other words as stated before, at birth your brain computer turns on, at what you call death, your brain computer shuts off. In the meantime it runs continuously – it is setup that way. So, when you begin to get “brain chatter” it’s like you are stuck – if you were driving down the road in a car and you got stuck in a rut and you said “I’ll get out of this rut” – and you keep pushing and pushing and you grind and you grind – and all your car does is sit there and spin the wheels – getting deeper and deeper – that is brain rutting.
The smart thing to do when you first get into that – or see you’re going to get into that – stop it. You need to know – you can’t shut the brain off – no way – it is an impossibility. The only thing you can do to stop brain rutting is change focus. I don’t care how you do it – if you go bungee jumping – or you go to a mall and listen to everybody else chatter – it doesn’t matter what you do – change focus. Because in “brain rutting” the you that you are – your psyche – can not talk to you because your so busy going around spinning your wheels.

JOHN: OK! Second question! “Is it possible for the human mind/brain to grasp/conceive of that which lies beyond physicality – ….?”

DATRE: Yes! But there is only one way to do that and that is, for you going into another reality is to have your psyche – your physical brain – your physical body all working together. Now, you take that experience and at the time you are experiencing another reality – you know exactly what is happening. But, as said before – if you have visited another reality and come back, you will be – shall we say – out of focus in this reality for a period of time.
If you have been in another reality you know you have been someplace else but you cannot explain it. The minute you can explain your – super great experience – you have not touched another reality. Because another reality cannot be described by the brain, in this reality. But that does not mean that you have not experienced it and “known” what was happening
when you did experience it. But your words are confined to this reality.

JOHN: The other part of the question is “is it an indirect route where our DESIRE to know eventually opens other channels of comprehension?”

DATRE: Absolutely! That is the only way that you can do it. That is the “only way” that you can find out “who you are”, is question – question – question – keep pushing. It’s not getting
back to a loveie dovie kind of thing – it takes “work”. If you WANT TO there is nothing to stop you. It is the DESIRE that propels you – and the more you touch your psyche – the psyche will say, “Oh boy, I finally got his/her attention”- NOW we can begin the journey.

JOHN: Next question. “Is the concept of the layers of an onion/candy store within a department store within a city within a state (prov.) within a country within a continent…. the
closest analogy we can comprehend?”

DATRE: I don’t know how to explain it, because you can comprehend more than that. Those – the onion – candy store and all the rest are but simple explanations to you to help you learn what is happening. In other words – you ask questions – and in answering, simplistic answers have to be given. Now the more you begin to work with your psyche – your perception immediately becomes different. The more you comprehend – that immediately changes your perception of everything.
Now some individuals see this world as catastrophe – they see the wars – they see the children being abused – they see the people shooting each other – they see husband and wife abusing each other – all they “see” quote unquote see all the bad things that are happening. You will take another individual and all they want is the “love” give me the love – give me the hugs – give me the kisses – I want the man or the woman that is going to supply me with that idyllic romance – I want all of this – and everything I see is love and kindness and joy and peace and all of that. One is as idyllic as the other.
They are all setting up their physical experience on an ideology. Now when you begin to ask questions and comprehend and get to “know” your “self”- you will perceive a great many things. You will quit struggling. You will look at situations differently. It is an automatic. It’s not something that you can achieve by someone else “telling” you anything – it is only comprehending within your own being. That’s why people running around telling you – “this is the way you should be running your life” – “this is what you should do” – “this is what you should do” – it doesn’t work.
That isn’t “their” life. You know the easiest thing in physicality – as we view it – is to tell other people what to do. The thing is, if you change – your perception from “out there” to “in here”, and begin to make changes within yourself – your perception of this planetary reality changes. It does not stay the same. You quote unquote “look” at everything from a different angle.

JOHN: The next question. “What is the other 95 percent of our physical brain that we don’t use? Is the awakening and access to this 95 percent part of our evolution and/or part of the eminent changes about to happen?”

DATRE: That 95 or whatever – I don’t know numbers – a large part of your brain is not used. That is because as individuals you do not realize “who” you are. The more you realize “who” you are – what is the reason for your physical existence on this planet – you begin to use more of that which you call your brain. Because you are accepting more from your psyche. The more you accept from your psyche – you actually – you re-wire the brain. Look at the brain as a construct of multiple wiring.
Now if you begin to work with your psyche and begin to change your perception – what do you need the “old” wires for? Those old wires become – like there is no electricity running through them. But, you take this and wire it to another section – to another section – and to another section – and as you do that, your “memory” quote unquote, memory of the past, begins to fade.
In other words – if someone was to ask you “well what happened ten – fifteen years ago?” Well I remember it very plainly – this happened and we were at such and such a place and we were doing such and such – you look at them and say “oh, alright”. You do not say to them “I have no memory of that” it is non existent, it is not important.
They say well you can change your past and you can change your future. Yes, you can – to fit into your perception of where you are now. The reason that you do that is, if you have made changes in your perception of where you are NOW and the changes are great enough, in order to maintain your stability, you will change your quote unquote “past memory” to fit where you are now – otherwise there is no connection in your computer. You can’t access where you are now – that is what happens to those who touch their psyche and make a great big “leap” in understanding. They can’t find themselves because they can’t find their past – that’s what it’s all about really.
So what happens is, when you change yourself, and your perception into the NOW and it doesn’t relate to what quote “you were in the past”- your brain will change that, so that you are comfortable with who you are at the present time. That’s why you say to some people “I don’t know who you are”- because you remember them as they were – not as they are at the present time.

JOHN: They are not talking so much about a memory, as they are about a “photograph” a fixed image perception, they have in their mind.

DATRE: That’s correct! That is why we find that many of the – you call them “wise men”- do not stay in one place. They move. There are those upon your planet that are very, very old in your years of counting. And yet when they are “seen” again, they appear to be exactly the same as they were the last time they were seen. They have the ability to change their physical structure – so that it can be remembered. But they are many, many, many years old. They don’t stay put. The hardest thing for a physical individual to do is to change themselves and be recognized by their family or friends.

JOHN: Yes, I know about that one. When your friends and family don’t recognize you – that’s a sure sign you are “moving on”.

DATRE: That is correct!

JOHN: Next question. “Are the root assumptions of physicality on earth limited to earth or are they applicable throughout what we perceive as the universe?”

DATRE: I don’t know what he means by root assumptions.

JOHN: I think it’s something like – the “laws” of physics are root assumptions.

DATRE: All right, laws of physics are fine – now we’ve got something going. The laws of physics are based upon a Physical Principle. The Physical Principle that the laws of physics works with is only that which they can perceive at the present time. In other words, if you were to go back at the time of your grandparents and talk about quantum physics and quarks and all of these other names you have for things – they would think you have, quote unquote “lost your mind”.
As physics and science begins to have instruments – or whatever, to discover new things – what they are doing is basing it on past experience. So, in a Physics Principle they are working with what they can understand with a physical brain. That is this reality. Other realities have different constructs. That is why you do not go into another reality until you are ready to go into another reality. Because it is something you cannot understand.
The BIG number that you cannot understand and comprehend – is that there is no “consciousness” in the Universe. So, everyone wants to get out of “here” – but what are you going to do out of here if you don’t understand and don’t know “WHO YOU ARE”? Are you going to let go of all that you are – or all you “think” you are – and go out into the Universe – where there is nothing to hang-on to? That is a question posed to you, not you as an individual, but those who are reading the written word.

JOHN: Next part of the question. “Is the earth our universe and what we perceive beyond earth’s boundaries but a 3D “icon” of other realities” – (Icon is a computer image – it can look three dimensional in it’s character because it is given the height, width and depth qualities that we give to three dimensions.)

DATRE: All right lets put it very simplistically. You go outdoors and you look at your night sky – with your eyes – or with any instrument that you have on your planet – and everything that can be seen through a physical construct is your Universe. That is all contained within your Universe – your “bubble”. You see there are many Universes. This is not — there are many realities within each reality – and each different reality structure – contains it’s own – shall we say – rules and regulations. In other words – when you came into this planetary existence the “law” if you want to put it that way – the rule or whatever – is that, in order to function within this reality you had to come in to a physical body in order to function here.

JOHN: You had to experience certain phenomena, that are standard in this reality – such as heat, light, cold, gravity etc…

DATRE: Yes, but that you perceive through your physical body. That is the rule that is setup. Now, within “this” reality there are, what you would call, 12 different sub-realities. What I am
trying to say is that when you have experienced the twelve that are here – at that point you have reached a vibration of the totality of “you” that cannot be sustained here. In other words – at that point YOU ARE GONE. You are gone to another reality that has a vibratory construct of the “you” that you are – then you will go to that other reality. But you don’t go until you know where you are going. I don’t know if that has explained it or not – but that’s as close as I can come.

JOHN: OK! Let me paraphrase that question a little differently. What he’s saying is; can we consider this earth and it’s environment as our personal private universe – and everything
outside of it as other than our universe. If the earth and it’s environment is “our” universe – then everything outside of it…

DATRE: Well then you can say that – but what we view as a Universe – we say because there are so many Universes – we don’t separate them down into small pieces – that’s very difficult to do. You see I am within this Universe – but when my perception changes to the point that I know I am ready to go to another Universe for other experiences – at that point I will leave this Universe and go to another Universe. You see everyone thinks of ALL THAT IS in a very minuscule way – and when we begin to speak of that – everyone say’s “well that can’t be” because it is not within their understanding.
But that is all right, because you are not to that point of understanding yet. So, what we are saying when we refer to the Universe – we are referring to ALL that you can view – and within that you have many, many different realities. I call them realities, because you have no other words.

JOHN: All that we can view – with whatever we have available to view it – no matter to how great a degree – it’s still THIS Universe.

DATRE: Yes! In fact I believe that there was a statement made in a book somewhere, that said – something about – “I know there is something that is beyond where I am now, because I have had contact with that”. So that is how you begin to “know” – and that was from someone within the Universe – this Universe – that said “I know there is that beyond this, because I have made contact with it”. That is in one of the books – I do not know books so I don’t know whether that was a Seth book or whoever, it does not matter.

JOHN: OK! Next question; “Are the group of “entities” (sorry) coming through Aona preparing for entry into physicality as the “visitors” or are they hoping to raise our awareness enough to perceive the “visitors” OR am I completely off base on this???”

DATRE: No, I can understand the misconception. No, we are not the “visitors”. The “visitors” are within your own – shall we say – basic twelve realities of this planetary existence – those are your “visitors”. They have come to “help you” they say – they can not – any more than I can. There is only “one” that can help you and that is you – it is a singular journey.
Now, the reason for US being here – and those that are channeling Universal energy – is to “expand” your awareness. Let me give you a very simple exercise to do – then maybe it will help you understand a little better. Sit in your room and “realize” your room in your own brain. Then encompass the city you are living in – then encompass the county you are living in – then encompass the state you are living in – are you beginning to feel a little “wobbly”? Pick-up a time zone – then pick-up another time zone – and another – and another – you can “feel yourself expand”.
Some of you might feel a little dizzy at this point – if you do not wish to any further – then stop. When you can get to the point of expanded awareness – that you can encompass this PLANET – you will have achieved a great deal. Expanded awareness does not come from anything other than comprehension. If you get to the point that you can – sitting in your room – gain the expanded awareness of your whole planet – if I have taught you nothing else – that will be a great experience.
Now, you talk about going into other realities – until you can do that – there is “no way” that you can experience another reality – because “this” to you would be mind-blowing – let alone – going into another “strange” reality. Because you are only dealing with a mental conception – of encompassing your planet – your psyche takes you BEYOND THAT.
But, only one thing I say to you – remember you are functioning thru a physical brain. When you get to an EDGE do not go further. Because “that” is what individuals do when they “crack” the psyche, you go beyond that which you can comprehend – you “crack” the psyche if you push beyond that point.
The words you use on your planet is “cracking the psyche” – that is not a true analogy of what happens – but what happens is you get to the point that you can’t explain – then you come back into your physical being – and you are so totally disoriented – and those who have cracked the psyche have a very difficult time for the next – one, two sometimes three years.
At the time that approximately the Seth material came out – there was a great push among many in the psychic communities – to experience the kundalini. That was that phase of understanding. There were those that were known personally by John and Aona – who “pushed” the kundalini to the point that they went insane. Your comprehension of knowledge – literature, teachings – whatever – will automatically take you to the kundalini – and the kundalini is nothing more than changing the electrical content of your hologram.
That is why when going through the kundalini you will see a “white light” and that is all. It will start at the base of your spine and tear through the top of your head – so fast – that if you do not know WHO you are – you can “loose it” – and those are your expressions. If the kundalini – this white streak of lightning – starts at the base of your spine – hang-on for “dear life” – allow it to go – because it will shoot right straight through the top of your head.
But, if you “know” who you are, you will relax let it flow – and you will be CHANGED. But, in pushing and in panic – many have gone insane. Now, this that I’m giving you is NOT kundalini exercise – all that I’m doing to you is trying to expand your awareness and your comprehension – and if you comprehend different things – you will see different things – you will perceive things differently – and your life in physicality WILL change. The struggle becomes less of a struggle all the time. Those who are still struggling in human form – are those that are “resisting” and not ALLOWING.

JOHN: Next question – “Seth mentioned that ATI is not aware of any other like itself – is ATI aware of itself being IN an environment/field (??) That would suggest SOMETHING beyond

DATRE: All right, in using that construct – ATI – that has been used as a gentle teaching regarding the physicality upon this planet. Because -ATI – is a changeover in thought patterning and it allows a greater expansion of awareness. In other words, if you know that that which you have called god – is not as you understand the planetary existence to be – in other words, that construct is too limited for what you understand – you need
something else to encompass your understanding – and ATI encompasses that understanding so that it gives you a greater chance of spreading your consciousness awareness.
In other words your conscious awareness needs to have room to expand in. So by saying ATI – that gives your consciousness a place to expand into. Now, that is fine. That is where the majority of the people find their comfort zone – that is all right – there is nothing wrong with that. But from our prospective ATI is way beyond where we in the Universe are.
So ATI encompasses, I don’t know, how many Universes – I have no idea. I know there is another one because I have made contact in that other Universe. But you see, for your concept of the physical brain – ATI – is all that you can handle. Now, that’s not demeaning – don’t get excited – that is not demeaning – because in order to go to another reality you MUST understand THIS reality first – that’s the rules, that’s the way it’s setup.
This has been referred to as SANDBOX 1 – and you are not going to like that one either – but that is fact, it is. It is a very BASIC understanding – and when you understand your planetary existence and begin to touch out into other realities, but still coming back into this one – and understanding this one to a greater extent – at every time you make an expansion of your consciousness – you are doing a little bit of re-wiring. You will get to the point – and I do not know numbers, so I can not tell you – you will get to the point where you will actually change the construct of that which is your physical brain to include what they call “a third brain”.
You have undoubtedly, if you have heard of any other information – you probably are aware of the fact that they speak of “a third brain”. The “third brain” is only developed when the understanding cannot all be contained in this first package – shall we say. You have the right and the left, which doesn’t make any sense to us, because from our standpoint you are still a whole bunch of wires – which is your hologram. But that is your understanding and you work within those parameters – that’s why your here. Your here NOT to get OUT of here, your HERE to get INTO here – and the only way you get INTO here is to connect up with your psyche – get to know your physical body – let your physical brain do the computing.

JOHN: We have one last question. “Should we be preparing physically for the coming changes or is spiritual preparation the priority?”

DATRE: That’s a catch-22 – you can’t separate them. You are a composite – you are a composite of physical brain, physical body, and psyche – that is your total package. That is why “The Nature of the Psyche” is so important. We can only go so far – in instructing or teaching or telling or anything else. Making you aware is all we can do, nothing more. The journey is up to you. The one thing I would stress continuously – you have to work with “all three” – that is your package. You can’t do one without the other – it doesn’t work – and I say it does not work, from observation.
We can see your little hologram – that you’re all a bunch of little lines that are vibrating at different speeds. We can observe what happens – and we have but a few that are bringing thru Universal information – and all we can do is observe what happens to them on what you call quote unquote “a physical mental basis”. We can see what they do with the information – we can watch the body “transformation”.

JOHN: Actually, it’s the hologram transformation.

DATRE: That is correct, but hologram – people don’t like to think of themselves as anything other than “real” – in other words hologram is very unsettling to very many people. So we try to avoid using the hologram except in the questioning. During this session we have been asked about a hologram. Otherwise it is too confusing to too many people – because the mass consciousness still thinks of their bodies as being themselves.
Now that is not a put down – it is what we observe – and that is why they stay in physicality. That is why they do not experience other realities, that is why they are not as yet out into the Universe. Because it is a “large” transformation that occurs – step, by step, by step. The thing is, the decision is always yours – as to how “far” you want to go.
If you want to experience ALL of these realities – you can not get out past – I guess it is the last three of them, of your twelve – when you get to that point your vibration gets to the point that you can not maintain stability on your planet. In other words – it is very difficult to come back and get into this vibration.
Now, with the NEW ENERGIES coming in, it will be easier for you to experience other realities and come back again, because your planetary vibration is being raised. I said PLANETARY I did not say “peoples”. Planetary vibration is being raised. So, for those who begin to experience other realities it will be easier to – shall we say – to keep both feet on the ground. In other words – come back in and maintain semblance of stability.
But this is our “observation” as to what is happening – what is happening to the individuals. You know that the physical body experience – in our terminology – is comparatively NEW. This started out as an experiment – and has grown into something which we call very beautiful – and we enjoy watching what is happening – especially those of us that have not had a physical existence.
Now you can go through many different realities, in this what you would call – your birth- death experience – the life that you are living in this particular “time line”. You “can” experience the different realities – but the choice is always yours. Whether you wish to come back into another physical expression, or, you wish to go on – the choice is always yours and you will only do that which you are able to comprehend and perceive at “any given moment”. Are there any more questions?

JOHN: No, that was the last question.

DATRE: Thank you! It has been very enjoyable speaking to you – I hope that we have answered the questions in a way that will be comprehensible to those who wish those answers. We will say, a very good morning to you, enjoy your day – I believe that is one
of your expressions – good-bye for now – we are Datre.


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