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Questions from Al (part I)
JOHN: Al writes – “If the number of “authentic” channelers of
“universal” energy can be “counted on one hand with fingers left
over” – then are the other “sources” from within the 12 sub
realities of our planetary level – if their intention is to help
“but they can not” does this imply their awareness is not
sufficiently progressed beyond ours to give a proper/useful

DATRE: Alright now, one of the difficulties in, shall we say, in
bringing forth universal information is the fact that it has
never been properly segregated into the different types of
channeling that there is. Now, from a universal standpoint, there have been very few that have brought thru the universal energy information. In other words – that which is called “the RAM” or Ramtha brought through the universal energy. That which is called Seth brought through, and is bringing through, universal energy. There are a couple more on your planet that are being “trained” to bring through universal energy and information.

Now, you have others upon your planet that are – what they call
“channeling” – and what that is, is a combination of many
different sources that they use. One of the sources for
channeled information is that they are connecting up with that
which you refer to as your “dead zone”. Your “dead zone” is the
people that have made the transition from this planetary
environment – in other words – your feet are on the earth – and
they have stepped through the door you call death and are
existing within a different vibratory patterning.
That patterning is referred to as the “dead zone”. There are many that connect up very easily with the dead zone because the vibration between those “living on earth” and those “dead” is very easy to bridge – that vibration between the two. So a lot of your channeling comes from that point. The other channeling that comes through is – as you would say – and one of the ones right now and has been for a number of years – your Pleiadians. Your Pleiadians are existing within a different reality.
Now – they can give you information also – it is of a different type, but many who are not discerning in recognizing channeled information will not know the difference. The other that is happening, at the present time, is that those that are channeling are channeling information that has come through the “dream time” into the individuals psyche and because the information coming through is so foreign feeling – lets use those terms – to the individual, that they do not recognize it as their own. Now, all information is “good”, be it channeling, be it a book, be it a class from a teacher – where you are learning to understand and manipulate matter. All of these teachings are of benefit, because everyone is in a different stage of evolution. In other words – in another stage of understanding information regarding your planetary existence.

Now, the difficulty in bringing through universal information is
that it is looking from – I do not like to use this because it
indicates hierarchy but it is not – but we are looking from the
top down. In other words, if you are in an airplane and you are
looking at the earth – you have one perspective of the earth –
because you can see greater expanses of the planet below you.
All right, now, your airplane lands and you get down on the ground and walk around – your perspective of walking on the planet and being in an airplane are two different things.
So, what we try to do is make it simple enough for you to understand. There are those who have had physical existences – not necessarily on this planet – but have had physical existence, so they understand the physical existence relationship of individuals to a planetary existence. Those are the individuals that we have that come through to give information. Now, when we get into the more technical material and get into a group of individuals who have a framework of understanding of what your planetary existence is like – then we can bring in – as you say – the heavy guns. Because they can speak to you from an entirely different standpoint – when you have the framework with which to work. How ever, when speaking to those who have a varied understanding – we try and make it simple enough so that everyone can grasp a little bit of it.

Now, John would you please read out of this – which is called…


DATRE: Alright now, I wish to have you read this – and when you
hear this, or when you see it in type written form – read the
words “very carefully” or listen to the words “very carefully”.
Because there is more SUBSTANCE in this little dissertation –
than it will probably take years in order to be able to
understand completely. There is a great deal here. Now John.

JOHN: “Seth II: “We seed universes and consciousness, and your
animals and your plants, the consciousness that composes them is
endowed by us. The warm-blooded creatures that you know are
seeded by our consciousness. They are the children of our dreams
and so, also, do you seed other realities and other systems. They are the children of your dreams. You have little contact with these but always the inner self remembers its offspring;
therefore, also do we remember you and your system.

Consciousness releases its abilities in ways that you do not
understand, and yet from your own mind, springing from your own
dreams, other systems of reality emerge as you have emerged from
our dreams. Your system can be likened to a probability system
that was latent always within our own capabilities, but was not
actualized within our experience”. End of quote.

DATRE: That is what was brought through, and presented by Seth II many years ago. Now, very little was brought through by Seth II because it is too difficult for most individuals to understand. That concept alone – if you were to take “just that” and understand it – you would be close to being out of here. But it takes a great deal of framework to build to the point that that can be understood. It is not “words” it is a “feeling” that comes within your “being” – that say’s “YES, I KNOW”.

Now, the information that comes through this channel IS of that
nature. That is information that can be given to individuals with a greater framework. Because the framework is not built yet, we will still continue to give you a framework upon which to build your understanding.

Now, it was said something – we can not help you — was that

JOHN: It had been stated earlier that they cannot help you – but also in that statement – as I recall it – nor can we.

DATRE: That is correct. The reason for that is, that it is an
individual journey. In other words – we can’t come in a ship, we
can’t come in any way shape or form, or can anyone else help you
off this planet. Into other realities, other systems, into the
universe or any other place. The only thing that moves you – from reality to reality – from system to system – and out into the universe – is “your understanding”.
That is what you are here for. You have had life time’s innumerable but you have not taken the time and put forth the effort or even had the desire to know – that anything else exists – other than the planet upon which you live – the planet upon which you bear your children – the planet upon which you drive your automobile – get your food – cloth yourselves – put roof over your head. That has been your main concern in planetary existence. Now, the energies are changing. Many things are going to be happening. The reason we are here “now” is to – shall we say – “wake-up” those individuals who’s knowing is to the point of understanding. In understanding – they will move into different areas of reality.
This is what we are here for. There is no one that “POPS” into the universe. There is no one that “POPS” into other realities. The only way you make the movement – in any direction – is through your “understanding” – your “knowing” – your “feelings” that exist within the physical being. This is what propels you. Your vibrational patterning of your physical being is what propels you into different situations – different circumstances. Meeting different people, being an observer, watch what is happening, as you watch what is happening, questions will be without number – because, you will want to “know”, you want to know, you want to know. Those are the individuals who will make changes in themselves. This is the only way that you can be – so called – helped. We can help you “understand”. That is what we are here for. When “you” understand, “you” will make transitions yourself. All right, the next question.

JOHN: The next question is; “There comes a point in growth where
we are confronted by some basic fears/issues that we must
overcome. Although from Datre’s viewpoint they are probably silly and/or irrelevant -“

DATRE: There is nothing silly and there is nothing irrelevant.
The reason that you are asking questions is that within your
being there are things that you know. You are bringing them out
and asking questions about them so that at the physical level
your understanding will match that which your psyche – that which is the very essence of you, “knows”. All right!

JOHN: Continuing – “they are a barrier/stumbling block for many
I’m sure. When we reach the point where our consciousness -reality becomes more “fluid” and we are quite sure we could “flow” into other “realities” there is a point where we hold back. I “trust” that “I” will be OK but… Examples: a – while driving – this is a common time for me when I feel myself “flowing” but I hold back for fear of what might happen to the “body” that I leave behind.”

DATRE: All right, we will stop right there. You will be all right. You need to know that you will be all right – however – you are in a physical being and when you begin to “flow”, the time to do so is when you are in what you would find for yourself “a safe environment”. In other words – you could be perfectly safe driving down a big road with traffic on all sides of you – go out and experience another reality and come back in – and “nothing would happen to you”.
However, should someone in front of you put on a break light your physical being would automatically “react”. Because the physical being is there driving the automobile. So the physical being would react automatically. However, the “you” that was out floating around would immediately be thrown back into your physical being – which could cause trauma. It is not anything to fear, but it is something that is – from our standpoint not advisable. Now, if everything continued, as you would call normal, and you just came back into body again – that would be fine. But it is like many who go into your meditations, they begin to feel their bodies lighten – it is not their bodies that lighten – it is that they are removing themselves from the physical being.
Now, they begin to get this “free floating motion” they begin to feel that – and the telephone rings. Depending on how far you are “out of body” – if you are quite a way’s out – you will come slamming back into that physical body so fast that it will startle you. Your heart beat will be more rapid than you can handle it at the present time and you will have trouble re-adjusting to being back into the physical. So, same thing, you are safe but the traumas that you experience from coming back in, is many times – what you call – very unsettling. All right!

JOHN: B portion of that same question. “What “practically” might
happen to my family – I don’t want to make their existence harder than it need be if I “leave” or am not able to function as the bread winner – what will my kids do for a “dad”.

DATRE: That is correct. You on this physical planet are here to
learn the physical. Now, there are many who like to live – shall
we say – I think they call it “on the edge”. What they do is they will take risks because they enjoy the adrenalin rush, the
excitement, the thrill, that is what they have chosen and that is fine. That is up to them to do. Now, others have chosen other
things that they wish to enjoy, other things that they wish to
Some wish to experience marriage and parenthood. Others wish to experience being by themselves. There are many different expressions of the physical being. What ever you have chosen, then you work within the chosen parameters. In other words, you have chosen the family situation to work within. Now, to the best of your ability, you work within those parameters. To you, the excitement is not going up Mt. Everest – your enjoyment, your exploration is within the family unit with the siblings and family, relatives and all of that – that is what you have chosen. Then when you work within those parameters, then you – shall we say – use common sense because this is where you decided to work from. So, you will not “knowingly” in any way shape or form – knowingly from the physical standpoint – put your physical body in jeopardy. Each one does it a different way. So you chose – and every way is the right way. All right, continue.

JOHN: Next question. “The symbol/image of a pyramid within a
sphere sticks in my mind (I have no idea where it came from) – is there any significance/reason for this?”

DATRE: That is a symbol that many see. You will find that as you
begin to work more with your psyche – you will find that you will be coming up with many more symbols. What happens is the psyche “works” with symbols. Your psyche takes the symbols and
translates them – shall we say – into that which is the portion
of you that is dreaming. At the dreaming level – the symbols are
understood completely. Now, upon awakening, many will wake up and say, “That was a different dream.
All I saw were circles and pyramids and rectangles and octagons and hexagons and all of those others I don’t know all the names of – that’s what my whole dream was”. What happens is, you have been in touch with your psyche – your psyche has given you all these symbols and you have awakened remembering them. It does not mean anything to you – but to us – watching mass consciousness, that is what is happening. You’re bring that information thru and of course in the physical you don’t understand that. But that is what is happening; you are making a more direct connection with the psyche at that particular time.

(to be continued in part II)


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