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Questions from Al – (part II)
JOHN: Next question – “The issues of raising the earth’s
vibration, entering the photon belt and Jupiter igniting into a
sun appear inter-related – are these aspects of the same change.”

DATRE: Now, we are getting into your perspective from a physical
standpoint. We will try and separate these so that you can
understand a little better.

Now Jupiter has the possibility of igniting into a sun – YES – it is a little different than what your science has figured out – but that is all right. There are going to be many, many, changes within that which you perceive with your telescopes. Because you can only work from that which your instruments will perceive – that which the instruments can bring in so that you can see it, so that you can – shall we say – draw your own conclusions.
That is the way science works and that is the only way it can work. Because in a physical body your eyes are such that you can only perceive certain things. In other words – lets put it this way – when you begin to go into other realities and observe other realities and as you begin to bring the knowingness of those other realities into your existence and you begin to – more or less, shall we say – walk different realities throughout the daytime, you will see different things. Now, that is with the physical eye – but that only happens when you get to the point that you have the understanding for that. However, there is no terminology to explain that to someone else who has physical eyes that only sees the grass, the trees, the houses, the cars and so forth.
So if your working within a construct of what we call scientists, what they work with and what they base everything upon is what their physical eyes and their physical instruments will see. So, one sees one thing, one sees the other thing and they’re both right but one cannot understand what the other one sees any more than the other one. Because science cannot understand those that can see into other realities but those that can see other realities can understand the scientists. But, this is your evolution. The scientists are beginning to discover what we perceive and know is there at all times. To them it is a
revelation, and that is fine, because in that revelation they are bring information into you so that you can be aware of the
information they are getting and that way that is going to
“expand your horizons” from a physical standpoint. Next!

JOHN: Let me go back a little bit – you didn’t deal with the
question of the photon belt. What is that thing?

DATRE: That gets altogether too technical John. Let the
scientists work that one out. At such time that we can sit down
and just do that with individuals that understand from that
level of understanding, then we can get into that. But that
becomes too complicated for another individual unless they are in that particular field of endeavor. These things are happening – many things are happening and to the scientists it is a
revelation and everything – as I said before – everything that is being found out by the scientific community is a great advantage for expansion of awareness. All right? All right.

JOHN: I did not want them to think you were ignoring that.

DATRE: No, we did not ignore it. We just feel that that is a
little too complicated. When we get into that we have to get
into, shall we say, unknown worlds and unless you have a
framework there is nothing to build upon.


JOHN: Next question – “Are these changes “actual” within the
universe or “perceptual” within our consciousness OR is there a

DATRE: Now, that was a BIG question. If I say “yes and no” there
causes more confusion. But that is true. They are taking place
within the universe and it is within your individual perception.
Now, there again, you see, you are working from a hologram, but
your working within a physical being and the genetics of the
physical being knows a great deal. Because a great deal has been
experienced thru the genetics and you “pick-up” the genetics and
so those that are in those “fields” of science that are studying
these things are picking up genetic information. Plus, you have
had those upon the physical planet that, shall we say, were way
ahead of their linear time. That being one by the name of Tesla,
one being by the name of Einstein – S. Hawkens, there was another man who wrote a great deal – he was the gentleman that worked with Einstein.
I believe that he wrote a book – Walter Russell. “The man that taped the secrets of the universe” that was a book that was published. He had a tremendous amount of information that he was working with that no one but he and Einstein understood. However, that material has been confiscated so it is no longer available to anyone. But, there have been many that “knew” – they brought through tremendous amounts of information that those walking the physical planet would – even to this day – have a great deal of difficulty understanding. All right, does that complete that question?

JOHN: Yes! Next part – “Also – WHAT is/are the EARTH, the planets and especially the SUN -” just what are those in real terms?

DATRE: In real terms they are planetary bodies. In order to
sustain that which you would call physical existence, planets
have to be prepared in a special way. I know that this is a
difficult concept for you to understand, but a planet actually is – well it is a being, the planet IS A BEING. The planet is
supporting this – what you call your earth – it is sustaining the elements upon the earth so that there can be what you call
physical existence upon the earth. Now, because you have the
concept of everything being within a construct of a physical
expression – it is very difficult for you to even perceive that
we also are BEINGS. We sustain the universe. You know, you don’t
just hang out there, like a dead fish. Something has to “hold
you”. Now scientist’s will jump right in and say “oh, but were in an orbit”. Who made the orbit? These are the questions that
people never think about asking. What is an orbit, what does an
orbit look like, why is it there, how many orbits are there, what goes into an orbit, what goes out of an orbit, where do the
planets come from? You see there is a great deal more to be

JOHN: Including the question “are orbits FIXED things?

DATRE: Oh, that’s another one! So you see there is a great deal
to learn about the universe. That is what we are here for. Now,
they will say, “How come you can come down here and speak through an individual?”. Only one way to do that – and this is another one you do not understand. We are not ONE THING – we are not encased as you are. We perceive, when we wish to make contact on the physical plane, as we have done – in these other individuals mentioned – as well as this channel, we take but a small portion of that which is our Being and “connect” with a channel.
That is why – they will say how come there are only so many that are doing universal information? Because, you don’t all of a sudden one day start spouting universal information – it does not work that way. Anyone that channels universal information has been trained over a number of years. A number of years, it does not happen immediately because of the vibrational changes that must take place – in the universe with us – and within the physical being of the channel. So, everything is so limited. You have stuck yourself here and you are having a grand time – but it is time to make decisions as to what you are going to do now. Because things are going to change – are you going to be part of the change or are you going to sit there and watch it go by you? That’s why we are here. We got off the track – but we wanted to get our point across.

JOHN: OK! I don’t know if you want to make this point, but he
emphasized the question of the Sun – he said, “especially what is the Sun”

DATRE: The Sun – alright lets make this very simple. It is far
beyond what I’m going to tell you, but I will give you this much
and it will suffice for now. At one point in time, your planet
was surrounded, shall we say, by moisture. That moisture, that
surrounded your planet, maintained your planet and the planet in
being encased in the moisture produced and maintained it’s own
light, which was like a glow. You did not have day and night, you did not have storms, and you did not have rain and all of this.
Now somebody’s going to jump in and say “Oh, that was the flood”. No, no, it did not have anything to do with the flood. However, there was damage done to the, shall we say, cloud that encompassed and maintained the atmosphere around your planet. The water was released from the atmosphere around your planet and you did have the moisture come to your planet earth. But that did not come in great big amounts – it came gradually.
But, the more that changed, you needed “light” to sustain your planet. That is when your Sun was brought into this what you would call “solar system”. The Sun “reflects energy” TO your planet from Jupiter. That is all it does, it reflects energy to your planet. Now, that “bubble” that encases your atmosphere and your planet – when the energy comes through that bubble, the energy is “transformed” by your planet, into that which you call sunlight. Now there is a great deal more than that but that will suffice for now.

JOHN: OK! I’ll let that one go. Now, next question – “what is
oil/petroleum – it has been indicated that it has a “role” but
was never clarified.”

DATRE: Petroleum does have a role. Now, this is going to be
difficult for you to understand, but we cannot go into this in
great detail because there again it becomes too cumbersome. All
we can say is, that in forming the physical constructs upon this
planet earth, at it’s very inception – which was even before
these civilizations that you recognize now, the physical
constructs, the life giving nutrients were petroleum. However,
that also over these – I would say close to eons of time – has
been changed and your petroleum now is of a different construct
than it was. The petroleum now within your planet – the oil – is
that flexible material that allows your planet to actually be
flexible so that it can – it actually changes its shape.
In other words, you see you don’t think of yourself as being on a planet that is going through – what you refer to as – space. Your planet is in constant movement, not only “axis wise” but in going through the different portions of the universe. There is constant movement out there, all the time, your planet being in movement. Now, if something is in movement and it is a being, it needs to be flexible in order to move. You’ve seen these little things under your microscopes – those little tiny things that move along and it doesn’t have any legs or any apparent means of movement – what do you call those little things?

JOHN: Bacteria – are you talking about? Cells? – Ameba?

DATRE: No, no it comes – its a little animal thing – ameba – oh
that’s what I want. I can pick it up in the dictionary but I
couldn’t find the word. All right, that little thing seems to move all by itself right? What propels it?

JOHN: Propulsion!

DATRE: Good word, John. No, that little thing. But in order to
move it changes shape – right? All right, earth same way.

JOHN: It’s the smallest shape shifter we know.

DATRE: No, no that’s not a shape shifter. No it is not a shape
shifter. All it is propelling is itself by taking a portion of
itself and moving it. All right, the earth does the something. I
know this is very hard to conceive but that is exactly what
happens. In order to move through the universe it needs to change its shape to move. The petroleum, the oil, that’s within the crust, within the crust, because, here we go again, the center is hollow. Everybody will scream and holler but that’s all right. The center is hollow. It has to be – if it were solid you could not move. You know sometimes I wonder where “logic” comes from.
But any way the center is hollow. It has to be hollow in order to change shape. The crust is where the oil or the petroleum is. In order to move through the universe it has to change shape, otherwise it’s just going to “sit” and its not going to make any motion at all. If it gets “bowed out” and gets “squashed” like something that’s been smashed, if the center is hollow and the sides are flexible you can roll it back and forth. I can think of a good example, an orange. You take an orange and it’s hard OK, that’s got a little edge around it and all the stuff in the center is like it’s liquid – well you can use your imagination.
Any way, you take that orange you put your hand on the orange and you begin to roll it back and forth. You roll it back and forth long enough and it’s going to be oblong. How could it be oblong if the stuff in the center was hard? All right, same way with the earth, only thing there is not liquid in the center it is hollow. But that is hollow for a reason – the petroleum or oil in the crust or the rim around the edge – like the orange rim, that is what makes it so that it can move. If it were solid it just – well it could not exist in the universe because it can’t stay still. Because “everything” has to be in motion. All right!

JOHN: OK! Next question – “what is the significance of the moose
and other animals that are “shape shifters”?”

DATRE: All right! Let’s put it this way. This is going to be an AH
HAH all right, OK! How many of you have gone out into the woods and petted a moose lately? All right, now, being a “shape shifter” the moose is out there in the woods all by itself. Does anyone know that it’s there? Not unless you happen to run across a moose – and your not very apt to in today’s world.

JOHN: Not unless, if you see a moose it’s typically in the sights of your gun.

DATRE: Well we won’t speak about that – that’s another subject.
How so ever, being a shape shifter, the moose can get near water and at that point “re-appear” in your oceans as a whale. Now, isn’t it interesting how everyone is working to “save” the whale? Not much interest in a moose now day’s. But, a moose and a whale are “shape shifters”. That is not very usual upon your planet.

There are, what you refer to, as “shamans” who are “shape
shifters”. They, too, are very rare and I emphasize VERY RARE
upon your planet. Now, the shamans have learned from teachers
over long periods of time – to change their shape. A “true”
shaman living in a physical bodily existence can “look” at a box
and “become” a box. Now, that is a “true” shaman and you find
very few of them upon this planet.

Now, at the beginning of seeing information on your “net” we
found it very interesting that they called it Sethworks and
called Seth the “moose”. From our vantage point someone was
“right on”, whether they knew it or not. Because, that is what
Seth can do – he did not exhibit it on the physical planet – but
he “knew” how to do it. Now, knowing how to do something and
exhibiting it are two different things.
In other words, when he wanted to know how to do something he did not gather a crowd around him and said “see, look what I can do”. He learned how to do it; it does not need to be advertised. He saw no need for advertising. There is no need to advertise that which you can do naturally. That is what you can do on the physical plane, before you decide to go out into the universe – if you so desire. If you don’t desire it, there is no need to do it. But, the knowing is there. Knowing “how” it works – that is what you are here on this planet to learn. Learn how the planet works – learn how your physical body works – learn how your physical body works in relation to the planet. That is a big task. If you want “to know” that is what propels you – wanting TO KNOW. All right, let’s go on. (to be continued on part III)

Addendum to the photon belt question:
JOHN: I would like to get into and explore a little bit on this
photon belt thing – just what is this thing all about – there has been a lot of talk about it – from the so called “psychic
community”. I don’t know what the scientific community is doing.

DATRE: Your photon belt is something that your scientists have
discovered – maybe! Something your psychics have discovered –
maybe! You see, when things are discovered in that which you call space, it causes a great deal of excitement. From our vantage point, as we have described to you, from the BIG universe – it is an entirely different picture than what you see walking around on your little planet. Information that is gleaned from another reality or that is gleaned from that which you call the “dead zone” is of an entirely different construct, than that which we bring to you from the BIG universe.

Now, shall we say that you are in an “engineered universe”? Your
planet, your moon – which is in one portion of “All That Is” –
your solar system – which is encompassed in another “All That
Is”. Now, when we said that you were within a bubble, what that
is, is an energy construct that your scientists would have no way of detecting – they do not have instruments for detecting that.

These planets that contain “life” need to have a workable system
to maintain “life” as you know it. On this particular planetary
system you need air, you need water, you need heat, you need
cold, you need all of these different elements for your
experiential expressions of that which you are.

Now, your scientists have very complicated systems of detection.
You have great big pieces of equipment that are used for
detection. You have great big tunnels that you build to smash
atoms. You are a technically oriented planet. Because you are a
technically oriented planet the world that exists for you in your everyday experience is only that which you can smell, touch, feel, interact with in that manner. The bigger the piece of equipment, the more awesome it becomes – the more awesome it
becomes the more validity it seems to gather unto itself. In
other words, how can it not be valid when it is so big, so
metallic and it does so many things? How can that be invalid? It
is not, from your standpoint. You are learning, you are
experiencing. Now, from our standpoint we watch, we observe. You
are learning a great many things of a technical nature.

The other thing you have upon your planet and have had for – I
don’t know how long, because I don’t know numbers – but you have
had and continue to maintain – what we refer to as a hierarchal
structure. In other words, the biggest hierarchy that you have is god, and the one below him is the son, Jesus – and then we’ll
throw in Buddha and a few others for good measure. Everybody on
your planet has been exposed to god, Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, who ever, archangels, everything, all of this stuff.
In other words, they are looked up to, from your standpoint, as being great. They are so “far above us” “how can we attain” such greatness as they have attained? Wellll, I’ll tell you one thing, that was a “show”. Now, if you want to attain something and really get some place, if you really and truly want to do something – start working with yourself, find out who and what you are, find out what this is all about. There’s a great deal to discover. It has been stated again and again – the mechanical, the scientific, everything that is out in front of you, that you can observe, can handle, can build, can do all of that – anything that’s in front of you – including the other people, is a study in itself. You know that very well – at least you should, you’ve done it enough thousands of time to be able to have mastered “that” one.
The only field of endeavor that you continually ignore, push aside, don’t want to REALLY get into, is your SELF – your psyche – your computer, your brain, your body. You talk about, oh, you can heal yourself, you can do all these marvelous things. But nobody “practices” it. You can do a gillion things. Everybody tells you you can do a gillion things. That’s the point. You listen to what everybody else tells you what to do. Stand on your own two feet and do your own thing.

Now, there’s a big flap again, which comes up every so often. Big ships are going to come and save you – they’ve wrapped your
planet up so you will be safe. Oh, my goodness, aren’t they
wonderful! And what are they going to do – take you in a
mechanical ship – to take you someplace else – so you can you can keep on with your mechanics? When are you going to “start to
learn”? It’s “inside” of you, not “outside” of you. There’s
nobody that can come and “save” you.

Now, all excitement about the photon belt. Simply because you
have found instruments with which you can see it – or maybe you
can’t. But anyway your instruments tell you something, OK, fine.
You have no idea what is out in the universe – not the slightest, and nobody can tell you – until you find out yourself. Now, so much for the photon belt – you’ve got a lot of other things out there in the universe, too – that you know nothing about. Why does anyone want to go out into the universe? For learning experience. Are you content with staying on the planet and redoing the same thing for eons of time – is that all that you can comprehend? If you go off in a metal ship to another planet that’s what your going to do. Now if that is your desire – that is fine. But, there are those that want to “know”. There’s those who want to find out, there’s those who want to experience and that is what we are all about – to help you understand.

Now, we put it in baby steps, not to demean you in any way, it is for your understanding and clarification. The psychic community banters around with different words. Now, what you see as a hologram, and what we see as a hologram, are two different
constructs. They say they put a hologram around the earth to
protect you – how much nonsense can you get? It’s no wonder these people are having fantastic audiences by the hundreds – standing and listening to them and do you know why? For one very good reason, because every good teacher that has been worth their salt – the Ram, Seth any teachers that are teaching from the universal principle have told you again and again – “the journey is yours”.
But people flock to these great big audiences that tell them that “oh, you are protected” – their going to come in ships and save you. Good. That way you don’t have to do a thing. All you have to do is be born and you can be saved and all of this – beautiful, wonderful stuff. It does not hold water – it’s like a sieve – you pour it in and it comes out the bottom. Nobody is going to save you – the only one that can to do anything to you as an individual, is you, your self – and when you get in and get to know your psyche and begin to work with your psyche, so that you, your body and your psyche – all three of you are working as a total and complete whole – you will see this planet that you are upon as the most beautiful experience you can have and you will drink it up to the very last drop.
But, no one can do it but you. I know we got way off the subject, but when I get on this, which we have seen on the net, about the photon belt and all of the wonderful things that the galactic council and all this other kind of stuff — My goodness, your going to go from planetary earth to planetary XYZ and do the whole thing over again? There’s a lot more than “that” and when you begin to discover that there’s a lot more than that – that is when the journey begins and it is a “grand journey” because you have so many things on your planet to work with and create from. At that point when you get all of “you” together – working as a total whole and you find out what you can do with the material given to you on this planet – a big metal ship is going to seem like “child’s play”.

Anyway, the photon belt. So they’ve seen something – they figure
there is something – how many times have you seen comets lately –
what happens to them? Seems to me they breakup before they get
here. Have they stopped to think that a comet that they see,
going flying by – may be another planet going to another portion
of the universe? Oh, no, we don’t think about those things.
There’s a lot to think about. Get to know yourself and you will
have the grandest experience you can ever imagine. Let the
scientists do their thing – they are coming up with grand things. You can be an observer, you can watch what is happening, you can see what is happening. If you want to be a part of it – be a part of it, if you don’t want to be a part of it, be an observer. Watch what is happening.

They were talking the other night about the television. They say, “Why do you watch television – I thought you were above that”? No were not above that, we want to see what’s going on, this is how we learn what you are doing – by watching you.

You have a disease now that you thought you have cured – many
years ago, called tuberculosis. It has come back but it is now
stronger than it ever was before. The doctors are absolutely
mystified that none of your “drugs” have any effect upon it. Now, if you knew the energy of your planet is changing, the energy of your body is changing, and you give a many year old piece of medication – it’s not going to work. But you see they think because it worked then – it works now. Now is when you are living – this is the experience you are having right now – enjoy it to the fullest.

If you think you want to be taken up into a big metal ship and
taken off to another planet, where they work with metal things
and technology – fine go ahead and do so. But those that we would like to reach are those that have that within them that have a “knowing” that there is something that they want to peruse. To know themselves – these are the people that we want to get in touch with. Because there has never been a time when the energy has been as supportive to those individuals who want to “know”, who want to experience, who want to know themselves.

Now, we have interjected this – we were not going to get into the photon belt – we were going to leave that alone. But because of the questions raised by John, saying that from his understanding – he understood how I answered the question the first time – but for the understanding of those who do not have a technical background and might take the way that we answered the question in a totally different light, we decided to interject this information – because it was a grand place to put it – because of your fascination by your technology. There is nothing wrong with that – you are experiencing, you are exploring. But your exploring on the outside – now explore from the inside. Good night, we are Datre.


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