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Datre answers Al (part III)
JOHN: Next question. “Is the concept of development/awareness
within out solar system symbolized by a progression through the
planetary “fields” of or solar system” – That means from planet
Earth to planet Venus to planet Mars to planet Pluto to planet
Jupiter to planet Saturn etc…. is that the progression of
development in our system?

DATRE: No! You learn what you need to learn on this planet…
this is the only time that there has been a planetary change,
shall we say, but you are not going to other planets within your
solar system, NO, that will be an entirely different planet.

JOHN: In many respects the planets aren’t even related.

DATRE: No, there’s no relationship what so ever. This one
schoolroom. Your planet is a schoolroom. Now whether you like it
or not, now there again, there are other individuals that are
waiting to experience upon this planet. You have been here a long time. Seth has eluded to many, many things that are going to take place upon this planet. He has eluded to what this planetary existence is all about. It has not been picked up by many who have read the information, because there again, if you do not have a framework, it is something that you’d probably just skim over because it makes no sense to you. But, in reading the Seth works and understanding what he has said, in many cases the information is all there. That is why we are braking it down into baby steps.

JOHN: It is there for those who have eyes to see.

DATRE: Yes! But it is not that easy to understand. Continue!

JOHN: “are the planets related/involved in what we understand as
the 7 charkas?”

DATRE: No, charkas and planets do not have any relevance to each
other as far as you are concerned. Your physical charkas are your physical charkas. Many place a great importance on them; many say it is not necessary. You can do with the charkas what ever you want to do, just remember, don’t play to much with the physical being at this time or your physical bodies, I should say, at this time. Because you are going to have enough of a challenge from here on understanding and maintaining your equilibrium within your physical being… because of the changes being made. So that experimentation which probably ten, twenty years ago would be one circumstance, this is an entirely different one. Just get to know your body, don’t push it. Do not push your body into any circumstance that is the least bit uncomfortable. There is going to be enough dis-comfort within the physical being without going outside and looking for it.

JOHN: “is the solar system an outward expression of our levels of consciousness?”

DATRE: No! The solar system is the solar system. At this time
that will suffice.

JOHN: OK, next question – “Is there validity to the
concept/zymology of exiting the solar system going towards the
North Star?” There is a concept afoot that say’s when you exit
this system… it’s sort of like the thing of going through the
top of your head. They look at the North Star as the analogy to
the top of the head and when you leave this system you go out
through quote the “North Star” that’s the kind of thing he’s
asking about.

DATRE: Is he referring to going out in death, or is he referring
to go out…

JOHN: Leaving the system, leaving this whole system into the
universe I presume.

DATRE: There are going to be so few that are going to leave into
the universe that you… there again it’s a minuscule number. The thing is it is not going through the top of your head, that sort of analogy. No, when you get to the point of going out into the universe you will know what you are going to experience to a
certain extent. There again, that will be you and you alone. The
same thing when going into other realities, you don’t take
somebody’s hand and go into another reality. They’re not going to take you from one place to another, you take yourself. You do not go through the top of your head.
The only time that you can refer to going through the top of your head with an energy construct is those that have experienced the kundalini. They will see that which they term as a “white light” streaking through their body going up through the top of the head. But you are still within physical existence when you go through the kundalini. Now there are those that in the death process will see a white light however when they see that white light they will come back with the information that they see the white light “in front of them”. So they don’t experience the rush “thru” the system, thru the top of the head. That to some extent is what happens but they see the light in front of them. In other words, they go TO the light, those are two different things.

Now, for those that are going out into the universe and as I
said, that is such a small number that those that are going to do it – they know where they’re going and they have a fair idea of what they’re going to experience. Not to the magnitude that they will experience it but it will be… well we’re not going to get into it because, you know why, first thing that will happen is the fear will come in. Because of being in a physical being for as long as the majority of the people on this planet have been in physical beings, they have a fear threshold that can be very easily tapped. There is no fear in anything when you know what your doing. But for those that are reading words, they’ll say, “oh I wouldn’t want that to happen” but to those people that are experiencing it, they are saying, “this is great” so we leave those things alone for the present time.

JOHN: OK, next question – “Could you expand on the concept of
physical consciousness being an experiment in the concept of

DATRE: I don’t understand that question, however your
consciousness is your package. Your consciousness is actually
composed of the package that you reside in in the physical being.
Your consciousness is your psyche, it’s your body, it’s your
experiences, it is all that composes you, that is your

JOHN: And the mass consciousness is just a collective of all the
individual consciousness.

DATRE: That is correct. In fact if you take… take an example,
if there is going to be an experience within a given area, in
other words, take a small town of 50 people, because everybody
can visualize that. OK, these people all of a sudden become
afraid, there’s going to be a storm, there’s going to be a storm, there’s going to be a storm, what are we going to do? Let’s begin to do this, let’s begin to do that, it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming. Just by their thinking it’s coming, they are attracting it to them. The storm will come to them. Now, they’ll say well, that storm could have been avoided. Yes, if everybody decided that they didn’t want the storm, the storm would go around. But you can’t put two or three people in the middle of a city like Los Angeles and say, “we don’t want the storm”, now that is absolutely ridiculous! It can’t be done that way. When you say mass, mass means mass. Now, I will get into something else. Mass consciousness. There is going to be a great deal of discussion about the airplane that crashed, correct?

JOHN: That is the one in Florida over the Everglades.

DATRE: That is correct. They made sure that their bodies would
not be found, right? The plane exploded into a gillion pieces.
Alright, number one, the biggest thing to watch upon your planet, because this is what we see from here to down on your planet, how many want to leave in or around a holiday? Any of your big celebration day’s… that is when many decide to leave in what you call the death process. That is their last claim to fame. You will remember because I was part of that mass consciousness that did this thing. Many, many will leave this weekend. In automobile accidents, in heart attacks, in storms, in airplane crashes in all of these things, because they are saying, “don’t forget me”.

JOHN: This is Mother’s Day don’t forget me.

DATRE: That is correct. That is why you have so many things
happening on what you call your holiday’s, your special
occasions. Look at the bombing of buildings when you have those.
These people have wanted to go at that time. Their names will be
in the papers, their families will say, “oh, well they went at
this time”. That is something that your planet has been going
through in mass consciousness for thousands, and thousands, and
thousands of years. And you can’t say, “well they didn’t know
this was going to happen”, my goodness people, of course they
knew it was going to happen or they would not have stepped on
that airplane.
How many individuals have you heard of that were ready to get on a flight, what you call an airplane flight, and changed their mind. Why did they change their mind? Because they did not want to be involved in that airplane that was going to have a lot of people smoking, a lot of babies crying, a lot of turbulence in the weather, a delayed flight. There’s a gillion things that you know at all times. The choices are right out in front of you. The psyche was trying to get in touch with you and say “look at all of these options, which one do you want to take”, and you look them over and say “I don’t want any of those”. Well, all right cancel your flight and get on another airplane. But nobody is telling you, nobody is directing you. But, if you’re in touch with that which is you, the total package, you’ll know what to do.

JOHN: Yes, that’s the way it works. Next question, we covered on
some of this, but this question goes further I guess. “If the
oceans and “starry” sky are only about 35,000 years old then our
concept of “time” and “evolution” in relation to the age of the
visible universe and “life” (which biologically needs water) on
Earth is totally wrong”

DATRE: It is much larger then 35,000 years. It’s a much longer
time span then that. You have had 35,000 years and then said well lets give us another 35,000 years and you’ve taken another 35,000 years. This planet has changed.

JOHN: Have we got a mix-up in numbers here? Are we mixing up
3,500 and 35,000?

DATRE: Oh, you see I don’t know numbers.

JOHN: I know you don’t that’s why I interrupted.

DATRE: Oh, all right.

JOHN: What he is talking about is the overall span of this
species, this civilization. Which are several cycles of the 3,500.

DATRE: Several cycles of the 3,500, OK. Let’s get back, what were the 35…

JOHN: He was talking about the overall package, in other words,
the point from which the chromosome, the 23rd. chromosome was
created, to this point, that’s roughly what he’s talking about.

DATRE: Well you see the water in the starry skies, from my
perspective, I don’t know years but from my perspective it looks
like it was a lot longer than that. You see there have been other civilizations on this planet.

JOHN: Oh, yes, yes, yes. But, if I might interject a part of
this, one of the key things I see that’s missing here is that
we are talking about today’s body and we have no idea about
“then’s” body. This body needs water. That has not necessarily
been the case for very long at all.

DATRE: It doesn’t… it really doesn’t matter what civilization
was on this planet prior to you being here.

JOHN: Oh, I understand that, but that’s not what he was…

DATRE: But yes Your planet… you do need water. The water has
been on here a long time and from my… from what I perceive the
water was here a lot longer before that.

JOHN: Right, but not necessarily in the “magnitude” that we have
today. That’s where we are getting confused I think. Water has
always been here. For example this continent we call North
America was a huge “swamp” for eons of time, which was water.

DATRE: No, now let’s get back to an understanding. When this
planet was setup, that being that setup the planet and your
atmosphere and put it in a bubble, put your planet and your
atmosphere in a bubble… everything in the “bubble” was there at the beginning, everything. Now, the fact that you changed the
elements within the bubble that’s different. But, there was so
much water, there was so much land, there was so much this there
was so much that and the thing is whether it’s in a swamp,
whether it’s in the clouds, whether it’s in a lake what ever.
There has been nothing come from the outside to go in, after it
was originally formed and set into motion. So you can have a lot
of water on the land and so you’ve got great big lakes and oceans and that sort of thing. Then you can take the water and put it up into clouds if you want to, and have it all up in the sky and have very little water on the land. Water is water and you’ve got no… you haven’t got one drop more now than you had then… it’s just the placement of it.

JOHN: Right, I think that’s where the confusion is coming in is
the placement. I think that’s what he’s referring to, the
placement. Or, the displacement.

DATRE: The displacement! But like I said before, this bubble was
damaged and that’s why you have the water that was “around” the
inside of your bubble… is what came on to the land that you
call oceans, lakes, rivers, seasons. You have many things that
you did not have at that point in time.

JOHN: OK! And a follow-up to that, he say’s – “is our “science” so totally off base as to be ignored?” Relative to the previous

DATRE: No! Now as I have said before, your scientists are working with physical eyes and they are working with physical instruments and everything they “discover” is for you to expand your conscious awareness. In other words, if you watch the things that they are discovering, if you watch the things that are happening, that is all to your advantage. Because as you begin to comprehend that there is a great deal more than just this little planet that your sitting on that you call Earth. The minute you begin to get “out” and extend the thought patterns beyond that, your whole perspective of physicality changes, and it does not get “less”.
The expansion of your awareness increases the pleasure of that which exists upon your planet and that which exists within the universe, ten fold every time. So everything that you are able to understand, in what you call your evolutionary process, is a mind expanding experience, and I say “mind” expanding, and I should say “brain” expanding. It is a brain expanding experience because your beginning to take the information that the psyche is giving you and perceiving it through physical eyes, ears, nose, throat, walking, eating, enjoyment of all kinds and the more you begin to expand, the more you will appreciate the smallest of things. It seems like it is in reverse but the more you understand of the “big” picture the more you understand about the minuteness of the little picture.

JOHN: Next question – “If we focus on the NOW does any knowledge
of science or history really matter?”

DATRE: Yes! The only way it matters is in one degree. The reason
it matters is for conscious awareness. That’s why it matters. If
you live in the NOW, as your conscious awareness changes, your
physical being will adjust to the changes. Your brain will adjust to the changes and I believe we have mentioned this before. That if you make a big leap in conscious awareness and it does not fit with what you understood previously, the adjustment will be made within your brain to make things continuous. In other words, that is how, you know they say you can change the “past” with your “future”, that’s what happens. In order to keep you from physically what you say, “going mad”, is that your brain will adjust so that things in the “past” will make sense to you now.

JOHN: Maintains a continuity.

DATRE: Your brain will automatically maintain a continuity so you don’t get lost, alright?

JOHN: This part of the same question – “Are we better to just
ignore it, science and history, and the “intellectual” debate

DATRE: I think we’ve covered that.

JOHN: I think so too.

DATRE: You don’t ignore. You accept what you want to accept. You
don’t accept what does not fit into your framework. But, whatever you don’t need to ignore anything. In fact the more you know a little bit about a lot of things the more your consciousness awareness will grow in all different directions.
(continued on part IV)


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