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Answers to Al (part IV)
JOHN: Now, I am not sure I understand this question, but I’ll
state it the way it’s expressed – “What is the difference this
time in our “cycle” (Atlantis, Mu) of civilization and
consciousness that offers more chance of development/awareness?”

DATRE: All right, the difference is, that at the present time, and
has been going on for a few of your years in counting, you have
been getting “new energies” upon this planet. The energies are
“drastically” changing. The energies are changing and what is
happening it is the “first time” that the energies are changing
dramatically enough so that you are beginning to make physical
bodily changes that will change your “future” physicality. It
will change your “mental” concept of your reality.
For those of you that have been “lost”, shall we say, in physicality and no longer remember “who you are”— at this time the energies are going to “allow” you, shall we say, or be compatible with you to the point that you will begin to have “glimpses” of other realities that you have “known”. And a recognition will integrate with those personalities because you will find that as the recognition takes place your physical existence will become very different to you. Because you will “understand” more of… “What am I doing here”? “Who am I”? “What is my purpose”? That will make all the difference, because the energies will support… because changes are beginning to be made NOW. You will find if you become a very good observer as to the frantic nature of a great many individuals and the “calmness” of others.
In other words, there is going to be a bigger and bigger division. You will find that there will be greater separations in all thought patterning. You will find that those that will, shall we say, get on your “soap box” and champion for some cause, there will be another group, on another “soap box” and diametrically opposed to the other. Your reality, from our viewpoint, is a “black and white” reality and the black and white is going to be more separated. In other words, black, white, good, bad, yes, no, the middle road is not going to be there. It’s going to shift. You are either going to be this side or your going to be that side. That is where all the arguments are going to begin.

Your war that is going on now, in that which you call Bosnia, if
you have listened to that which you call the news, which this
channel very seldom listens to, unless told to turn it on, this
is the “first war” that has been against “people”. Moving people, killing people that will not move, pushing them around. There has never been a war like that before. Every war that has been fought, has been fought because of the governments. It has been bombing and shooting solder to solder.
Yes the civilizations, the people have been in places where bombs have dropped. Yes, but the bombs were not dropped on an area to eliminate the people. It was to eliminate different things where there were guns and that sort of thing. So if a bomb got in the wrong place, that’s what happened. But, when the one bomb that was dropped against people, that was to end all wars, but it didn’t work. That was the plan with your physicality. Of course it wouldn’t work, because you have not resolved physicality. So what is happening now, the solders are trying to move people around and if they don’t move then they shoot them. They take away their homes and everything.
This has been a war between two different kinds of people. That is the kind of wars you are finding now. That is what you are finding in that what you call I believe, Ireland? People hurting other people because they did not believe the same as they did. That is the kind of wars you’re having now and that’s the kind of wars you’re going to continue to have. Because you are in a black, white, good, bad, yes, no, that is… and the split is getting wider and wider. That’s what that is all about.

JOHN: Next question – “Are we here to work in a “symbiotic”
relationship with “humans””

DATRE: You are here in a symbiotic relationship with humans, that is correct. In other words, the symbiotic relationship is this – “I want an automobile, you are selling automobiles”, “I will give you money, and you will give me an automobile”. That is a symbiotic relationship, all right. You go to a store; you need food to sustain the body. You take the food and you put in your cart. You get to the cashier, “I want these groceries”, although you don’t say it, you just push your cart up there, but these are things you want to sustain your physical being. The symbiotic exchange is monetary again.
All right, now, the symbiotic exchange between individuals is “respect”. That goes for marriages, that goes for children, that goes for individuals you work with, the individuals that you encounter in stores, it is RESPECT. I respect you for doing what you are doing. You respect me for what I am doing. That is where it breaks down because “respect” and “love” get all mixed up. The one thing that is forgotten in the majority of relationships is RESPECT for the other individual. That is what is most important. That is when a relationship “works”, is when you respect the other individual for what they are doing and for their existence. All right, now the last part of that question.

JOHN: In other words toward humans – “to aid in their development to a “conscious/recognized species” level within the universe?”

DATRE: You cannot do anything else “but” take care of yourself.
In other words, you’re not out to “help” anyone. The MAIN thing to
do is to know your SELF and in knowing your self, you automatically will begin to respect the other person and the challenges that are facing them. You can’t help them. That is one of the things we encounter very often in that which you call your “psychic communities”. It’s, I will help you, I will tell you what is going to happen in your future, I will help you do this, I will help… you can not help another person.

The man sitting on the street… you are not helping him by
giving him money. You would help him if you asked him, “do you
have a place to sleep tonight?”. “Do you have something to eat?”
“Do you know where to get employment?” If the answer is no, then
you say well maybe, “do you want a place to sleep tonight?” You
don’t go drag him by the arm and say well come on, you got to
come over here, you got to go there. Do you want a place to sleep tonight? If he say’s yes… him or her, they say yes I have no place to sleep tonight. Would you like to have me help you find a place to sleep tonight? “Yes I would”, then you help. If the individual say’s “I don’t have a place to sleep tonight”. “Do you want me to see if I can find a place for you to sleep tonight” and the individual say’s no, then leaves.
Respect their dignity. He does not want help. They sit with their hands out for money. They’re crying for help but that is not what they want, they want to talk to you, they want to see if you can help them, only to the extent that they wish to be helped. If all they want is a place to sleep that night, give them only that which they ask for. Do not push yourself upon them, don’t be a “helper”. Help yourself first, because when you become right with yourself, then everything else is right also.

JOHN: The last question which is quit a long question in this
series – “Is this the reality behind the zymology of the “Christ consciousness”/”guardian angles”/”spirit guides”… that WE ARE the “Christ consciousness”/”guardian angles”/”spirit guides” to be realized/contacted “within” the human reality?”

DATRE: That is always on your planet and that has been dragged
around for centuries. You can ALL have guidance, if you want to
put it that way. Because regardless of who you are there is
someone within your lineage, someplace, that is in the dead zone. So, if you want your angles and your spirit guides and all of that, then connect up with the “dead zone”. They can see, just a little bit further then you can, probably see into next week, or maybe a little further down the line. But don’t get hung-up in that because that’s where you’ve been hung all the time. You’ve been hung in that for how long? My goodness, how long are you going to have to have help? You have everything within your being, within your psyche, within your knowing, that you need for anything and everything. To sustain you even into that which you call your universe, where we are.
Everything is there. You don’t need to have “spirit guides”, you don’t need to have “angles”, you don’t… it is something that was given to you many, many, many, years ago, to keep you under control. The Christ consciousness in all of your books, that can be read and reread in any direction that you want to put it, it does not matter. There’s going to be four corners, there will be churches on all four corners and every church will tell you something different about the “same sentence” in what you call your bible. You do not even remember that the bible was put together – stories, bits and pieces here there and everywhere. I believe it was in the big universities in that city many, I don’t know how long ago, I don’t know numbers, Alexandria. Where they took all the books and burned them, all the records were burned… all right the “church fathers”, what can I say. Then they can re-write it and put it any way they want to. Every time they re-write your bible, every time they re-write anything, in fact you can even get down to the nitty gritty.

How many times have you seen two sentences taken out of a book of many written by the very tremendous individual called Seth? Taken two sentences, totally out of context out of a book and said, “see, this is what it means”. That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Seth put down the books in the order in which they should be read in order to help you with the understanding. To build a framework book, by book, by book, by book. He started out to tell you and he took you through to build frameworks for your future. We asked that information be put on your net. What
happens, everybody say’s, oh, but you should read this one first
because, you should read this one first because. I would venture
to say that very, very few individuals on this planet, and I
include the whole planet, have studied the Seth material from
book one all the way through to the last. And I’m speaking of the “Seth books”. I am not referring to the books written by Jane, “inspired” by Seth. There is a great deal of difference. And now, John knows who is speaking, because I don’t mince words. That information was given specifically. It was to be built upon, not segregated, separated, torn to pieces, it was to learn by.

JOHN: It’s sort of like having a building built of red bricks and pulling out a few “bricks” here and there and saying, “see this is what this brick means”, and unfortunately the building falls down in the process.

DATRE: That’s what happens. That is why Seth II was not brought
through. Because there was no framework that the individuals had, to put it upon. Now, reading Seth books is fine. But, do you COMPREHEND? COMPREHENSION is the name of the game in anything you do and I don’t care whether it’s walking down to the mailbox. Do something other than just “walk to the mailbox”. Observe, look, comprehend, understand. How are you ever going to get anyplace if you don’t? The only people that are making any progress on this planet at all, and it is very discouraging, the only people that are making any progress are those who are asking questions. Because if you don’t have a question in your head, your not going anyplace. If you hear someone say something, in regard to any of this material… Oh, yah! That’s the answer.
It pretty well closes the book doesn’t it? Now the person hears something and say’s, “oh, well if that’s that and that’s that and that’s that, well then what about this and what about this and what about this” right? Because for every question you ask, and have answered, you are connecting and you are going to get more questions every time you get an answer. That is the way it works. That is the way your brain was designed. That is the way your psyche was designed. Like Pandora’s box and every time you open the lid how many little boxes are there inside that one? That is why we have said again and again, to understand the littlest of things, is to understand the whole. That is all we will say. We thank you exceedingly, for the questions that were asked. We have enjoyed giving you the answers. We will leave you. I see you have many more questions. We are anxious to get at them; we will do so as time permits.

Good afternoon and it is a beautiful afternoon as I observe
through the eyes of the channeler. You do not APPRECIATE the
BEAUTY upon this planet. Do you know that COLOR is a very NEW
thing within your planet? It has not been that long that you have even perceived color. It is a glorious thing… if you did
nothing in the daytime but wake up and observe all the beautiful
colors that you have. You pay no attention. Observe, enjoy your
lives. We leave you; we say good afternoon, we are Datre.


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