Datre 對話_018 原文

Datre Transcripts_018


Datre answers Myron,
JOHN: We have several questions from Myron. The first question is relative to Datre “Do you associate with, or do you know….

DATRE: Yes, Seth is one of us. We are a combination of Universal
beings… lets put it that way, that never experienced
physicality and others that have experienced physicality. We all
have our own individual, shall we say, jobs that we do in the
maintenance of the Universe to a certain extent. We provide a lot of the components.
We are working from the BIG Universe rather than working on a planetary universal gestalt, shall we say, that are within their own little compact bubbles. We are working from the big Universe. But yes, Seth is a definitely a part of us and he maintaining his, shall we say, role as a teacher and as a moderator between that which is in the process in the big universe and those planetary activities that are taking place. Because of his physical existence on this particular planet he is able to make the communication in a way that you can understand it.
Some of us have had some physical expression experiences but even if it has been on your particular planet earth, it was in a construct that you would not understand at the present time. But many of us have had… you see you have many different planetary experiences. You have many non-planetary experiences and the combination of the knowledge of all of those you just progress >from one stage to another depending upon the knowledge that you have obtained and the match of your vibration. If you are a doctor in one planetary existence, be it here or other place, you have a tendency to work in those constructs upon another planet.
Because each one of you has… well your word would be, a
leaning, towards a particular desire of expression. Now an
artist, that would paint with colors, color being very new on
your planet, is very intriguing but if you were so desirous of
working with color than in a Universal situation were you to be
in the big Universe, you would find yourself leaning towards
creating in the aspects of the colors. So, anyway, that will give you an idea. That is why Seth is still a teacher, a moderator. He works with the Universal knowledge and takes it down and works in physicality for your understanding.

JOHN: The next name, or group, referred to by one name, is the
name – “do you know Alexander” who refers to themselves as “a
consciousness gestalt of discarnate humans”.

DATRE: All right, we are aware of gestalts and we are aware of mass consciousness… predispositions, lets put it that way. In other words, we can observe gestalts of information that we perceive. The discarnates are those in the “dead zone”. Those are people that have died. Very easy to connect… to detect because your, what you call your life, and what you call your death is perceived by us a the same vibration. The same as we perceive gestalts of any kind. And because your what you call death is only one step, shall we say, from your life cycle. It is… from our viewpoint, it is continuous.

I know you jump in and out of death and in and out of life so to
speak, from your standpoint, we use your connotations. To us, it
appears as gestalts, regardless of whether you consider yourself
alive of dead. So, yes we perceive that. That is those that are
in the dead zone, yes.

The information given from the dead zone is information that is
gained from those that have had physicality upon planet Earth.

JOHN: The next individual that he asks if you have any knowledge
of, is the one referred to as “Djwhal Khul. The Tibetan Master,
who materialized before Alice Bailey. He dictated about a dozen
books, all on the “ageless wisdom”.” So called.

DATRE: That was another gestalt. We see that as another gestalt
of learning. It was presented by those that, from our perception, were on the planet, received by those that were on the planet. Published as material by those that are on the planet, all planetary existence of your Earth, yes.

JOHN: OK, and the next group that he refers to in this
questioning is, one that we have dealt with before to a
significant amount and that is the Pleiadians.

DATRE: The Pleiadians have, I believe, been described to you in
enough detail so that we do not have to into that. You see there
we can also pickup that energy construct that has been referred
to, upon your planet, as Pleiadians. We perceive that as an
energy gestalt. We also perceive that as an alternate reality.

JOHN: OK, now the next name that he refers to is “Kryon”.

DATRE: I’m not familiar with that name.

JOHN: I abstracted some information on Kryon from the INTERNET.

DATRE: Oh, that is the information that Aona read so that we
would have a dictionary to follow?

JOHN: That’s correct. That’s one of those.

DATRE: All right, fine, would you read what we had her underline,

JOHN: Right, first one… “I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. I am a collective energy, made up of many interconnected entities in
order to form One.” That’s what she had underlined. OK, and the
other thing she had underlined following that is… “I come to
you from a distant place, known as the Great Central Sun. Your
own origins are the same–“

DATRE: Ah, that information is coming from either an alternate… no, it would not be an alternate reality, that would be coming from your dead zone. Because you… many in the dead zone have a gestalt that we perceive, of something that was established in the dead zone quite a period of time ago. In that it is a… similar to a hierarchical structure, that is as we perceive it.

You did not come from the central sun; you came from many
different places. The central sun has been… let’s say setup
similar to that which you have setup on your planet, as god. In
other words, god is a planetary myth that has been maintained for long periods of time. The great central sun… some kind of a council up there that they have setup. These are all mythical
places that have been maintained thru the mass consciousness that is similar to the god concept.

JOHN: The next statement she has underlined is… “Your
experiences on Earth are “God Becoming”. You are honored for this service!”

DATRE: Well, there again, when they say, “you are honored for
this service” that is not within the Universal understanding.
That is something that is dead zone connotation. You, each and
every individual is on this planet because “you wanted to be” on
this planet. You may have lost your intent and purpose over many
layerings of genetic patterning of mass consciousness and also of your own thinking and belief system. But there are those that are original beings upon this planet.
In other words, when this planetary system was setup, the beings were set upon it at that time. It has been the growth of both. There have been those individuals that have come here to set, shall we say, different thought patterning’s in motion. Different specialists from other, well I don’t know how to put that. Anyway we will just leave that. There have been the specialists. And then there have been those whose experiential planets have been used for the experience and growth of those upon those planets.
The planets for various reasons have, shall we say, been changed. So they no longer suited the purpose of those upon them and in searching for another place to go for their own experience and growth patterns, they have come here. So you have three different categories of individuals upon this planet at the present time. This business of being honored, that is definitely something that you perceive from your planetary existence.

JOHN: The next statement that she has underlined is… “I come
here because the spiritual entities that walk the Earth in human
form – that means you! – have earned the right, through your
thoughts and actions, to transcend the old energy.”

DATRE: There again, that is a thought pattern of your planet. It
is not what is… if you want to get down to nuts and bolts, the
energies are coming into this planet, for change. You can call
them anything you want to. You can use any name you want to put
on them. You cannot change them, you cannot alter them, you
can’t do one single thing about it. That is Universal energy
There’s only one thing that you can do with the “new energies” coming on your planet, and that is to physically learn to live with them. That is the only thing from your planetary
existence standpoint that you can do with the new energies.
Because you don’t even know what they are. You don’t even have
the sophisticated instruments to detect a “wave form” so what are you going to do with energy, you can’t. I don’t mean to be
derogatory or anything like that, but from a Universal standpoint it is an impossibility.

How would you like to go to a planet where no one has the
capacity, or the understanding, to work with electricity and you
go and explain electricity to them. First of all, you say, you
need a generator, what’s a generator? Well you explain a
generator. Than you have to have a wire, what’s a wire? Well how
do you get electricity? Their planetary existence is not working
with metal. It is not working with anything that you can
In fact, if you went to some of these planets, and that’s why you say, is there any life on them? Yes, but you can’t see them. Because your physical eyes are not tuned so that you can see them, and they can not see you. They can detect an energy and you could, if you were to land on their planet, detect an energy. But you can’t do it in physical form. Because the minute you leave this planet, you no longer exist in the form that your in because the energy… the minute you hit a different energy, your bodily construct changes. This is from a Universal standpoint. So, that is… I just wish to explain that is all we want to do is explain what this is all about, OK.

JOHN: The final statement that she has underlined from this Kryon being says… “And my dear friends, the New Times will be filled with love, peace, and wisdom previously unknown on Earth”.

DATRE: All right that is a planetary perception. You have to go
through things, before you get to that point. Because everything
down here on your planet, from our viewpoint of mass
consciousness, is not all love and chocolate covered
marshmallows. Some drastic changes are going to have to take
place and they will take place, but you must remember that by the time those changes take place, your not going to be here either. So, that is all we will say on that subject. Next question.

JOHN: The next channeling expression that he asks if you know
anything about is the one referred to as Metatron…

DATRE: That sounds like something mechanical, sounds like a piece of metal… te he, te he

JOHN: It could be, pull a leaver and they talk. This again is one of the channeled entities that I looked up on the INTERNET and extracted some information that has been reviewed and underlined. OK, so the first statement that she underlined from this group of beings…

DATRE: She did not underline it, we did.

JOHN: Whatever. Says… “Toward the end of the Light Body
process, just proceeding the shift into ascension, you will merge completely with your Higher Self. The dissentions of spirit are the mechanisms used to bring in, or turn on, the spiritual gifts of the masters.”

DATRE: There again, we’re working from the dead zone. Now, this
“light being” thing, we’ll have to go through that a little bit
more. I don’t know just exactly where that comes from that’s
something that you have… I guess because they perceive the dead zone as being dark and the higher up you go in the dead zone the more “white” you get. That’s the only thing that we can figure out that this “light” business comes from.
Also, those that have had near death experiences refer to going into the “light”. So apparently the thought pattern is on your planet, is that when you become greater than what you are, you turn into light. I don’t know, that is a strange concept. But that is your planet, that is OK, that is what your experiencing.

JOHN: The next statement she’s underlined… “As the issues
emerge, you have the choice to allow Christ’s redemption to
transmute it for you – or to clear it using the light
technologies that have become available over the past two decades (N.L.P., bodywork, rebirthing, body electronics, etc..)”

DATRE: There again, you see what you have? Number one, you have
the myth of Christ, number two, you think that your going to
change your body by sitting in a room and looking at colored
lights, or doing something like that. The “change”, dear friends, comes from the “inside”, not from the outside. All right, next question.

JOHN: The next one that’s underlined is… “For example in the
seventh level most of you experienced your first dissension of
spirit, and a noticeable spiritual awakening with it. You may
have manifested clairvoyance, clairaudience, or a kinesthetic
awareness of energy with the awakening. I am discussing this
level in the past tense, because currently the planet is shifting into the beginning of ninth level.”

DATRE: OOOOhhhh, really! No dear friends, the planet is “not”
going into the ninth level. The ninth level, what ever that is, I don’t know. Your “planet” and “you” are two different things.
Your planet is for you to experience “upon”, use the particle
substance upon your planet, to make your hologram “appear solid”, so that you can work in it more comfortably. I am sure that you would all have a crazy time if you were to “see” your hologram and told upon being birthed “this is your body, function in it”.
But you need “particle mass” in order to be able to see, to feel, to touch, to smell, to taste, in order to function on “this planet” for your experience. So, ah, what was that first thing about spirit coming down or some descending or something? The spirit doesn’t descend from any place.

JOHN: “your first dissension of spirit”

DATRE: You don’t have a spirit that descends from any place. Ah,
your angles float around; you don’t have anything descending upon you. Even the planetary energy “waves” are coming in effecting the planet, your other “waves” that are coming in that are effecting your physical being are not coming “down” on you. So, the dissension of spirit, that is definitely a man made myth, again.

JOHN: The next statement she has underlined… “The only
effective way to stop the weight gain once”… he is referring to a by product of this dynamic… “It has started, is physical
exercise.” and then the other part of it say’s… “Creating
muscle mass will protect your nervous system.”

DATRE: All right, that we can handle from a very, very close
connection with the channel. Number one, the amount of energy
that is contained within her physical construct, when we enter
her body to bring forth this information, has had to be learned
by the physical structure over years of time.
Now, she continues to hold more energy all the time. Because as we have told you before, the vibration, the energy construct, is our signature print in the Universe. Alright, if but a small portion of that which we call ourselves is brought down into the physical construct it has to be very carefully monitored, because it’s an energy that the physical construct is not familiar with.
Now, if working with that amount of energy creates “mass” she should be close to 500 pounds. However she, like Jane, who channeled Seth, are not big people. Jane was smaller than Aona. Aona is between 5 ft. 7in.- 5ft. 8in., depending upon which day she measures. She also fluctuates between 125 and 130 pounds, which is not big for a woman of that height. She has very small bone structure, she has small hands and small feet and to carry the amount of energy that her body sustains when we are channeling through her and she is not here, if she were to hold that energy, she would be 500 pounds at least, from one session.
So you see, that has nothing to do with your “fat” content. Yes, if you exercise you probably can get rid of the “fat” content. But when you’re slender to start with, what do you want with all this exercise, it just wastes a lot of time. So, to each his own. But, as for containing the energy, you think you have to have “large mass” to contain the energy. No, we have the perfect example sitting right here. Continue.

JOHN: The next statement that is underlined is – and it continues on the same them, it says’s… “The muscle mass created by exercise will take the overload from the nervous system, and will convince the body consciousness that it is big enough to hold the spirit”

DATRE: I don’t think I even have to answer that. Somebody had
some good “gray cells” working.

JOHN: OK, the next statement that she has underlined is… “If
you are a sensitive who can hear the hum, please acknowledge this to your guides. They are trying to assist you to get the light code transmission, but they cannot verify that you hear it unless you respond. Your guides will try to assist you by turning up the volume and frequency of the audible light code until they see a response from you.
The light code as a hum can become very annoying and even physically uncomfortable. If you are experiencing this symptom, ask your guides to turn down the volume and calibrate the frequency so it will not be irritating or debilitating for you. These eighth level changes can take up to two years for a human. It has taken three years for the planet.”

DATRE: Well, there again. From those that we observe that are
making “great” and tremendous strides in their knowledge and the
changes within the physical construct of their being… we do not observe any of these things happening. Not only that, what in the world is a guide going to do with your hologram, your construct?
How can someone from the “outside” change your construct that you are living within? You carry your own “frequency” if you want to call it an electrical charge, you carry your own frequency, your own vibration and the only way you can change that if it’s a guide or anyone, is if they decide to step out of the dead zone and come with a knife and cut you up or something.
It is not a concept that makes any sense in a Universal teaching. You see what’s happening, John, is the fact that these people are sensing a change in planetary energy. They’re also experiencing a change in the energy that their body is detecting. They’re looking for these things because they think that it’s going to make them grander or whatever. But, you see it… the energy is going to change the physical construct, that is a “fact” not a supposition, it is a fact.
But, if you don’t have the knowledge and the understanding of what is happening, your going to run to every guide, to every person that you can think of to give you the answer to what is happening. If they can give you a very simplistic answer and your guides will take care of you and all of this kind of stuff and you can be satisfied with that, then that is definitely up to each individual.
That is something that we have no control over. The only one that controls your life, your physicality, the “you that you are” is YOU. Again, people are going to get so sick and tired of hearing that but it’s going to be pounded again and again. It can’t be done from the “outside”; it has to be done from the INSIDE. Next question.

JOHN: The next statement she has underlined say’s… “Tenth level is the beginning of the spiritual awakening that will lead to your mastery of the abilities that mark the spiritual masters and adapts. These abilities, or gifts of the spirit, will become
stronger as you become energetically clearer.”

DATRE: Well, there again, we have the gifts of the spirit. There
again we are getting back to Christianity. That is where gifts of the spirit originated from. That was one of the things that
Christianity has proclaimed, all the time that you have had
Christianity on your planet, gifts of the spirit. Well, again,
that is Christianity. Continue.

JOHN: The next question she has underlined is… “Any stored
energy held in the emotional or mental body after tenth level is
completed must be released to the spiritual body in eleventh
level. If you do not deal with those issues while you are in
tenth level, you will manifest them in your lives within the
eleventh. But, you truly have nothing to fear but fear itself
when you are at eleventh level light body.”

DATRE: Well, there again, all these levels I do not understand.

JOHN: It’s just a high-rise building.

DATRE: That could very well be. I think that comes from your dead zone with your hierarchy. You see you aren’t any where near that magnitude. If you were in the tenth, eleventh, I would almost guarantee that you would be almost totally invisible, and I haven’t seen any invisible entities yet. I have seen their
hologram, that has so little light in it that it looks gray. But
I haven’t ah… lets go on to the next question. I didn’t realize they had underlined so many of those.

JOHN: Well, that’s the way it is.

DATRE: Well, there is a lot of information there. Clear it up in
one fell swoop.

JOHN: “At an individual level there are ascensions occurring

DATRE: Whoa, wait a minute! Now you might be “dying” daily, but
there has not been ONE ascension. My goodness, where are you off
the corkscrew. There haven’t been any ascensions. Who has said… who has seen “one individual” take off from this planet and go up into what you call heaven? You might die, but you certainly, certainly have NOT ASCENDED. When the RAM ascended, there were lots of people that stood and watched him go and disappear. That was an ASCENSION. There were multitudes watching him. But do you think that if someone was going to ascend from this planet Earth, that there wouldn’t be gillions of people standing and watching? No, continue.

JOHN: “…This year, 1995, is the first year since the Harmonic
Convergence where the energy has been available for the shift
into a fifth dimensional consciousness while in a physical body.” That’s associated with this continual ascension thing.

DATRE: There again, harmonic convergence is something that a
bunch of people got together and got a lot of feelings and all
sorts of wooo, wooo, wooo kind of things and that is harmonics
something or other. That is something that you all… I can see
the gestalt, very plainly, and that harmonic convergence was
taking place all over your planet in little groups here and
little groups there and little groups someplace else. Maybe some
of them were getting out of body experiences and going and
visiting other groups and stuff.
But, that does not change “one” individual upon the planet, except yourself. So, you can’t manufacture ascension for another person. You cannot manufacture anything for anyone else except yourself. And there again, as we have said before, it’s the “pictures” you put in front of you and that which you want to experience and play with. So, continue.

JOHN: The next statement is… “I Metatron can define JOY as
samadi, ecstasy, or rapture. It is that state of oneness with

DATRE: There again we have god. That is your planetary existence. If you are ascending, your certainly are not going to god. Because sadly, you still haven’t gotten anyplace. If you ascend you don’t stay within the “bubble” of planet Earth.

JOHN: Within the “bubble” of the dead zone either.

DATRE: No, no. Well, dead and alive to us is pretty much all the

JOHN: Yes, that’s right, I forget that.

DATRE: Most people do, continue.

JOHN: OK, “The ascension will take as long as it takes, and
humanity as a collective group, in the end, decides the timing of the great event.”

DATRE: OOOhhh really! Now, humanity on this very intelligent
planet that knows all, sees all and tells all, are the one’s
that are going to “decide” what happens within the Universe. Are
you kidding? My goodness, where do some of these ideas come from? You see, because you have no idea whatsoever, about Universality, about the role that you play within the Universe, that you get carried away and think that you are the greatest and most wonderful there is and there is nothing else.
That is not so. If that were so, if this was all you had to do was stay within the “bubble” of your universe and live and die and live and die and live and die and ascend to the edge of the bubble and go back and live and die and live and die, “creation would have ceased”. Because you cannot continue to do the same thing without something changing someplace along the line. Now, you have lived and died enough times, I think, and what happens is you still haven’t quite gotten the message.
That is what we are here to try and help you understand. If anyone is going to ascend, if anyone is going to go into other realities for their experiences, if anyone is going to do this – “you do it yourself”. That is bottom line. All right, next question.

JOHN: And the next question is… “The point I wish to make with
this information is that the greatest way each of you can serve
God, serve all mankind, serve the planet, and to serve yourselves is to create your lives as masterpieces of joy.”

DATRE: Well there again, your conception of joy and our
conception of joy are two different things. You can walk around
with a smile on your face and say, “have a happy day” and be
joyful and cheerful. But what happens when you get home and you’re all by yourself contemplating yourself… than “who are you”? Everyone is important, let me emphasis that, every single one on this planet is “important”.
You are all here because you wanted to be here. You are all here for experience. Each one that has an experience every single day of their “lives”, and death lives, changes the mass consciousness. It is in a constant state of change and everyone contributes. There is “no one that is insignificant”. There is no one that is not needed. There is no one that is not appreciated by all of us. We watch you and we “gain” from you. Every experience you have is that which we can observe and gain experience, so that we in turn can come to you and give you more information about the “lives” that you are leading.

But, the BIG Universe works on a “timed” principle. Not a time
like you have clocks. It works on an “evolutionary time”
principle that there is no way I can describe it. You’ll just
have to use those terms. The evolutionary time principle is what
changes the energies upon your planet. It is what changes the
energy upon other planets. It is what changes the energy within
the “wave” spectrums and the “particle” spectrums that reside
within the Universe, the BIG Universe.
So, in trying to explain to you that there is a great deal more – pull yourselves together, gain the integrity that you need and turn on that “discovery” switch and discover “who” you are. I think we will quit on that subject for now, is there any more?

JOHN: Yes, there’s a few more. Now the next one she has underlined is… “As you become a being of light the planet also changes.”

DATRE: No! As I said before the planet has it’s own evolution,
you have your own evolution. Neither one are, least of all the
people on the planet… you can dig holes you can build
buildings, you can burn fuel, you can do all those things, but
when the planet’s had enough it will have enough. And that will
be it’s evolution, and so you’re on the planet, you better follow along.

JOHN: The next to the last one she has underlined is… “Gateways are energetic conduits opened from a higher dimensional universe to this one. These conduits bring through the energies necessary to pattern mass consciousness,”

DATRE: Nope! You did fine until you got the last word. We do not
“pattern” mass consciousness. That is done upon your planet. That is done by the people that live upon your planet. You’re the ones that put the “patterns” on. We have nothing to do with that. Your “bubble” is your own planet. The only thing that changes mass consciousness is the people upon it. It is a “thought patterning” of individuals and you have mass consciousness gestalts.
In other words, that’s what we can view, because we can see that the thought patternings are similar, shall we say, and that’s where we see the gestalts. You see gestalts formed by people with same intent, same thought patterning, that’s what a gestalt is all about, from our vantage point.

JOHN: The last portion she has underlined says… “The 5/5/92
gateway began the shift between the in breath of god and the
out breath of god. The shift between an expanding Universe and a
contracting Universe. This gateway, 5/5/92, signaled the still
time between the two directions. This still time continues until
2012 when the exhalation begins. This physical Universe has been
expanding, fragmenting out into individuation. When the
contraction begins it is the merging of the fragments into
DATRE: I cannot, even with Aona’s brain, comprehend that one. I
don’t know what they’re talking about. I will tell you one thing, and even your scientists have begun to discover this, that that which you call your universe, around your planet and around the… all that you can see with the visible… with your eyes and with your instruments, all these stars you see, all the
flickering in the sky and so forth – all of that, your scientific community has already discovered that with their instruments, it is shrinking.
Now, they would disregard that last statement, because it has not been expanding, it has not been fragmenting, it is shrinking and they have evidence of that and they are correct. That is not an assumption, they are correct in that. Now, the thing is that when you fragmenting… you said something about stopping still or something? What was that last…

JOHN: It says, it’s the in breath and out breath, the pause between inhaling and exhaling is what they’re making the reference to.

DATRE: And you’re going to be in that condition until when?

JOHN: The Universe is in that condition, oh yes; the god this
wonderful being universe, breathes like we do.

DATRE: OOOOhhhh really! But you see, how is god from you planet
going to go out there and breath in the universe and make the
Universe go in and out?? (Much laughter) I mean, now really, I
couldn’t get that concept. It’s a little on the cork screwy side.
Ah, your god is your planetary conception of a myth. That’s where your Pleiadians come in. Your “next myth” is going to be your Pleiadians, because god is no longer working, Jesus is no longer working, with the majority of the people on the planet. Your people on the planet decides what you’re going to do. We don’t decide what you’re going to do; you decide what you’re going to do.

JOHN: We make up the myths.

DATRE: That is correct! So you’re… because god and Jesus are no
longer working, the next myth created is the Pleiadians. Because there are those people that are fearful of being themselves. They need that “life line” or whatever you want to call it. But, there again, there is another myth. But I’m afraid if you stopped the breathing in and the breathing out, as they refer to it, of the Universe, your Universe would disappear. (Much laughter)
You can’t “stop” anything that was originally set in motion. There is no way. You see, because you can run electricity through a wire, you think you’ve got the world by the tail on a downhill pull. It doesn’t work that way. You can’t sit down here and have the tail wagging the dog, it doesn’t work that way, it’s got to be the other way around.

Now, you start getting out there and discovering other realities
and finding who you are and what your here for and why you are on this planet, what you are experiencing and all of that. You will be so busy; you haven’t got time for trying to fix the planet or trying to fix anything else. If everyone on this planet “fixed themselves” you would have all ascended a long time ago, if that’s the terms you want to use. It would be so full of love and gushy that you could not stand to be here. All right, we will quit with the questions on that. Now what comes up next?

JOHN: Next question is relative to all of this that we’ve just
gone thru… “Is there a classification of messages and
messengers? Who or what is subsumed under whom?” Subsumed means
who fits under the larger… in other words it a hierarchical

DATRE: Well, there is no such thing as hierarchy. Because
everything is set into motion, everything is Universally “timed”. It’s not that somebody turns a clock and say’s ah… OK, it’s eight o’clock so therefore this will happen and at nine o’clock that will happen and there’s… lets put it this way, there’s no one in charge. There’s no one in charge because, it is a cooperative venture.
Now, you can say, well then you’re to the point that you’re all one. If you want to look at it that way, fine. We are, but we very definitely are not. The only thing that makes us one is that everything, every experience, by those of us in the Universe, is shared by every one of us. But, we are as individual as you are, in that we, to coin your phrase, as you put it, we do our own thing. That is why we say, that were you to come out into the Universe, we wouldn’t allow it, because what would we do with you?
First of all you couldn’t take your body, because you couldn’t handle the vibration. So your still working in the body, what would you do without one? It would be terrible, it would be like throwing a little tiny critter in with a whole bunch of lions and letting them tear it to pieces. That is what the energy alone would do. So this business of the “grand ascension” of all the people, I’m afraid it just doesn’t hold water, John.

JOHN: It’s an individual thing, nobody goes with anybody.

DATRE: Nobody goes with anybody. It never has been that way and
it never will be that way. Those that are here that are doing
their job and never taken any form of physicality, have done so
because they have desired not to. But that does not mean they
have not experienced. Because they have experienced, you can
experience, but you don’t have to be in a physical body.
You see all the rest of these on other planets are not in physical bodies. If they came into your atmosphere they would disintegrate simply because the vibration on your planet is not like the vibration that they came from. Not only that, by the time they leave their planet they would have disintegration.
The only way they could come, if they so desired, was to “beam me up Scottie”. In other words, those who would have the ability to leave a physical construct, come here to planet Earth, and reform their physical construct upon this planet Earth, but it would only be a matter of seconds because the vibration wouldn’t hold it together. They would have nothing to hold their vibration together.
The same as if you took your body and put it on another planet. By the time you left here you’d disintegrate your body. You would still be, but you’d disintegrate your body. But there again you don’t have the ability to go to another planet and reassemble one, not yet. There are some that are going to be able to, but I don’t know what year that’s going to be. So, I’m not going to say, oh that’s going to be 2000 and such and such and such, because there again, there is no one that can predict the years precisely. Because it is all “timed”, but it is timed Universally. When certain things have reached a certain point then such and such happens. That’s the way it is, and it doesn’t happen ten minutes before in Earth counting.

JOHN: OK, his next question is… “And what’s all this business
about humanity turning into Light Beings?”

DATRE: Well, there again, that is your concept. That is your
concept of what is going to happen with the new energies coming
into the planet. You see, like I said, there are inklings. People know something’s going on. They’re channeling from the dead zone, the dead zone knows there’s something going on…

JOHN: Because they are shrinking.

DATRE: Well, they don’t know exactly what’s going on either. So,
in order to maintain that which you have had as thought patterns
upon your planet Earth that you have a god, that you have a
Christ, that you have Pleiadians, that you have those that are
ascended masters, you have those that are the council of
something or other, you have those with the Great Central Sun,
you have all of these different things that you work with. And
you see light in your concept, is what you would refer to as
holy, w h o l y or something like that, I can’t spell either.
But the thing is that you see the white robes and all of this sort of thing, light beings are… the thing is, you see what happens is, that people see these little sparkly lights out on the sides of their eyes, OK. You see that is a concept that you have on your planet that when you get to be a little sparkly light being, then that is the ultimate, and those are your concepts. Those are your concepts, you have fashioned those thru mass consciousness, those are your concepts.

JOHN: I have a comment there that I just thought about. How can a being who is in essence a hologram, which is in essence a pattern of light become a light being? What do you think they are now?

DATRE: Well, you could drop all your particles, but you’d be kind of naked. (Lots of laughter) Oh boy, would that be a shocker. To wake up, dump all your particles and stand there as a hologram and then say, “Well, I’ve got to go to work today”, that would be a shocker. But in that case, if you dumped all your particles, and stood there as a hologram, you would be a light being. I haven’t seen anybody doing it yet and I don’t think anybody can do it.

JOHN: OK, another aspect of this communication from Myron is his
salutations. The first part of his salutation is… “Love is the

DATRE: Well, when your “bubble” that contains your planet, was
formed originally, something had to be… something had to make
it. You know you accept the fact that you’ve got particles, but
now where did particles come from? You can think of all kinds of
things but where did particles come from? Anyway, when all of
this was gathered together to put inside your “bubble” all your
particles, all your… everything that you would need to fulfill
a “time” span from “this” beginning to “this” end, because in
order to have any type of existence in any “bubble”, it has to
have a beginning and an ending.
I mean it doesn’t go on infinitum. An experience in physicality only goes so long. One of the vital elements put into your planet was that “glue”, shall we say, that holds your planet, is “love”, but it is not love as you perceive it. You “love” very selectively upon your planet. I can give you a very good example, a very close example. When we as Datre went on that which you call your net, the people “love” Seth. But they didn’t like “this” Seth because he wasn’t warm and fussy and they didn’t like Datre.
But then there were those that said, well maybe Seth has changed a little bit, so maybe we should get used to him. So, there were those that got to thinking and said well regardless, we “love” our old Seth. Now, how can you “love” the old Seth and dislike Datre? You see that is what we call selective love. So you really, on this planet, don’t understand love, not Universal LOVE. So, I would say to that salutation, I don’t know where it came from and I do not wish to degrade anybody or shall we say in your terminology, hurt anyone’s feelings, because I do not wish to do that. But let me change that for you for your understanding, “The KEY is knowledge”, that is your key.

JOHN: The last part of the salutation is… “Spirit will furnish
the lessons. No tuition.”

DATRE: I’m afraid there again I must disagree with you, very
kindly. But spirit does not furnish anything to you. Now, if you
think of the spirit as being your “psyche”, that is different.
Because the psyche is without you and it is within you. But each
individual upon the planet, each has their individual psyche. But “the spirit” is a connotation that from our standpoint does not have meaning. Because the spirit is… many have referred to the spirit in connection with the body. In other words, when you die your spirit leaves you and that’s what you take into the dead zone.
But you see, that spirit, is still contained within your physical being. Now those are your connotations and those are your words and those are what you work with. But, if that is the case, the spirit that goes into the dead zone, is the dead zone that the majority of those individuals upon this planet are
relating to. They’re relating to the individuals in the dead zone and they’re relating to people with mass consciousness and when the dead zone that is collapsing… and your going to run your life.
Then if your working with dead zone information, when that collapses your not going to get that information to work with. And if your working with thought patterns of the mass
consciousness, that is going to be more chaotic than it is at the present time. The only way you are going to be comfortable is if you begin to work with THOUGHT, which is coming to you and the psyche is trying to get your attention. Because the psyche is… one of the aspects of a psyche is a translator. The translator of your “dream time” and it is a translator of incoming energy and if you are going to function on your own, then those are the parts of yourself that you’re going to need to get into connections with. Because if your going to run off of mass consciousness you are going to be very chaotic and we do not wish to have you, shall we say, experience that, if we can give you enough information so that you can “ride the wave”, shall we say, of the new energy and be comfortable in it. So, are there any more questions?

JOHN: That’s it!

DATRE: What is the gentleman’s name?

JOHN: Myron!

DATRE: Myron, we thank you for giving us the opportunity to
research the information that is coming to you and to those upon
your planet. Were it not for your questions, we would not be
apprised of a great many things that you are receiving as
information. And in that, John did the researching so that we
could answer your questions intelligently, from the information
that those individuals are bringing to this planet. They know
changes are taking place. It is their interpretation of the
changes that are taking place. So, we thank you, for asking those questions, because it has enlightened the channel, has
enlightened John and has given us an opportunity to speak to you
and tell you from our vantage point what is happening upon this,
your planet Earth and to the people upon it. We will leave you
now, we are Datre.


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