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Datre answers Tara.
JOHN: OK, we have some questions from Tara and she asks if Datre
possibly could answer some questions? The first question is…
“What is your area of interest that you would like to share with
us? For example, energy and it’s effects on the physical world
(like geography or astronomy)”

DATRE: Well, areas of expertise relates to those on your physical planet. We are Universal, we do not, shall we say, hone in on individuals, we look at peoples. When we say “you” we are looking at people in groups. Like we can see trends, we can see groups of mass consciousness, we can see gestalts and I say “see” because we don’t see with eyes, we perceive with that which is our being. The only time we can see is when we use the physical eyes of the channel.
But our perception is such that we can perceive gestalts, energy gestalts that are formed by consciousness of people. We can see what they call mass consciousness; we can see trends, in that we can see the direction that large masses of people are going. One of the ways we can do that is we can have the channel turn on television, allow us to come thru and view thru her physical eyes, to see what is going in television. We can see a trend developing or a trend in action. But as for physical beings, the only physical beings that we can relate to is Aona because we watch her very carefully so that we can keep track of her vibration.
However, when she shifts realities we have to watch her very carefully because her vibration changes so we have to know where she is at all times in order to be able to communicate thru her. Also when we are using the physical expression you call the body, we have a relationship with John because of the fact that we can see him and interact with him, so that makes it entirely different. Not only that, we know his vibration after many years of working with the two of them.
But as an area of expertise we are in the BIG Universe, we observe from that vantage point. So there are areas that you wish to know about, we speak to you, and when we say you we are referring to that which is a “group” of you, not individually you. The dead zone can talk to individual you. But we cannot talk to individual you because we cannot find your individual vibration.
Now if we are teaching in some manner and there are individuals,
we can talk to them to a degree, but only to a degree. We could
see their intent, what their purpose is and that sort of thing.
But only in a very generalized manner.

Now, as for geography, geography is that which is your mountains, your rivers, your oceans, your landmasses, we can perceive those, yes.

Now astrology was mentioned?

JOHN: Yes!

DATRE: Well astrology is…

JOHN: Sorry, astronomy.

DATRE: Astronomy! Well, the astronomy is your stars and your
interpretation of your stars is your interpretation of your
stars. From our standpoint, you can detect with your instruments
only a minuscule amount of that which you have that’s called
stars and planets and all of these various things that you have
put names on for identification purposes. So, from… you see
we’re looking “down” were not looking “up” so from our vantage
point the whole scheme is very different. So that is the way we
view it, we view it from here down, not from your planet up.
All right!

JOHN: And there’s no possible way for you to explore your vantage point because it makes no sense to this vantage point.

DATRE: No, no, none whatsoever.

JOHN: A continuation of that same question says… “Or,
relationships and individuals and self growth.” You touched on
some of that already.

DATRE: Well the thing is, that as individuals, no. Self growth,
we can see the growth of those that are in masses. We can see the direction that they’re going. We can touch into a gestalt. We can perceive archetypes. But individuals no, that has to come from either you that are in the physical, or you that are in the dead zone which is the same reality. Different vibrations, same
reality, you haven’t even changed into a sub-reality at that
point. OK?

JOHN: OK! Now the third part of that question complex says… “Do you have one particular area of interest?”

DATRE: Yes! Very definitely. The area of interest that we have is to try and awaken those that are so layered with multiple layers of physicality, the experiences. In other words, you have layered yourselves with so much of this alive, dead, type thing that you have experienced throughout thousands of years, that you no longer “know” who you are. This is what we are trying to do, is give you information to allow you to “know” what wonderful beings you are.

You have mixed yourselves up so, you can’t find yourself. You
have mixed yourself up with the genetic layering that once you
begin to “peal” off those genetics, you’re finding that a lot of
things are coming into your awareness spectrum. In other words,
you have genetics that you would be shocked if you knew how much
genetic layering you had. You’re only familiar with the genetics
of that which you are living now. The ones of your parents your
grandparents and that’s about it. So you are carrying within you
the basic genetic line that has been experienced again and again
and again and again for how many times? So in order to find out
anything about yourself, you’re going to have to start realizing
that you are a multiplicity. Not only of the experience that you
are having at the present time, but you are also a multiplicity
of your genetics, your genetic line, your “time” line.

Your different… that is what that business of that what you
call regression, past life regression is about. You are tapping
into a genetic patterning that was of dramatic importance at one
point in your time line. In other words, if you tap into a
genetic happening that was of dramatics, very dramatic
proportions in other words, you can tap into the time when you
were say, a Roman soldier.
The reason that you can do that is because of the strength of the genetic patterning that was experienced in that what you call lifetime. Because here you were, you left family, your children and you go out and you get killed. And it was very dramatic being in a war and being stabbed with a, whatever you were stabbed with, and killed. And that comes up into the patterning and you, shall we say, re-experiencing it. Because at that point when you are doing that, you are allowing the experiences to come up and in allowing those experiences to come up. We have watched as the mass consciousness of those that have done that have in many cases, not all, but in many cases have been able to release a tension that they are carrying within the physical being at the present time.
Now I’m not saying go out and get all kinds of past life regressions, because for some people that does no good at all. So, what I’m saying, that is what you do in that particular case.

But, the thing is that the area that we are concerned with now,
is with the “new energies” coming in on your planet, that are
going to change your planet, that are going to change your
physical construct. We’re watching you very closely to see how
much of that energy you are able to handle. This has never been
done before with a physical construct with this “solid” a

So, you must realize, that your body is a hologram, that is
carrying a vibrational patterning. It is like an electrical
patterning, ’cause you make holograms with lights and stuff, so
you know what a hologram looks like. But, you have an important
ingredient here. You have within that DNA structure, or whatever
you want to call it, you have all of your genetic patterning
also. So, depending on the individuals, it depends on how much of these “new energy waves” your physical being is able to handle. In other words, every energy wave that enters your planet, has a different type of, shall we say, electrical charge. Now, that’s wild terminology, but it’s the only thing I can think of, so that you can understand what we are talking about.

So, this electrical wave comes in and depending upon your
understanding of who you are, it will make a difference as to how scattered your physical energy will be. In other words, if you know you’re a hologram, you know your working inside a physical construct called a body, but you know the body isn’t you, but you allow the body to do it’s thing… because that is your teacher. Your body is your teacher in this physicality.
So, you watch your body and your body will handle the energy if that which is you, experiencing within the body, does not fight it. The minute a “fight” begins with the body you begin forcing the body into different things, you become panicky, you’re fighting the body, you’re fighting the incoming energies and your going to have a real mess. This is why we are concerned about you because if you understand what is happening, you will allow the body to do its thing. Fighting is only going to make it worse. So that is what we are concerned about. We feel that those on the planet, if they know what is happening, they can do something about it.

You know, the “you” that you are, is so intelligent, that you
can’t even begin to understand it. You are only using a very
small portion of yourself to understand this reality. And the
more you understand the better you will be able to work with it.
There is no way that you can stand out in the middle of the
street and stop the “waves” coming into your planet, it can’t be
done. You must learn to function “with” the wave.
Your planet is going to function with them. There are people on the planet that are going to function with them. And if you become panicky and begin to fight, and fight yourself, fight individuals your working with, fight other things it is not going to do you any good. So what we are trying to do is say, look, this is what is going to happen. Prepare yourself for some “different” feelings of energy and let the body work with it.
In other words, let’s put it very simply. If someone in the next town tells you the dam is broken up there and your house is going to be flooded, do you not take precautionary measures to take your possessions, if you can, and move them up higher. Take them what you call upstairs, if you can? Or you board up your windows and you put sandbags around the bottom. And you take your provisions that you can and put them in a vehicle and take you and the rest of what family you have with you, or if your alone, and get the vehicle and go someplace else. That is taking measures. When you know the dam is broken, your house is going to be flooded you do something about it.

All right, the energies are coming into the planet. Your planet is
going to be changed by the energies. Your physical construct is
going to be changed by the energies. Don’t stand there and fight
it, allow it, and watch what happens. That is all I’m saying,
that is why we want to get this information to you. Is that
sufficient John?

JOHN: I have a comment on this that I’d like to peruse. I think
that one of the difficulties with the people or the beings on
this planet is that they have an extreme difficulty in
recognizing that; number one, the Universe itself has it’s
agenda; number two, the planet itself, has it’s agenda; number
three, the body itself has it’s agenda. And all of these agenda’s must work in a symbiotic relationship. And if “we” the so called intelligence within the body are the only “bump” in the road “we” are going to get run over.

DATRE: Yes, yes, yes! Because everything is timing and
orchestration. That is the name of the BIG game. Because, like
the business with the atomic wars that you were thinking about
getting involved in. You see that would not only be destructive
to your planet, it would be destructive to everything else in the Universe, because the atom is the most powerful thing you have on this planet.

You are in the process, some of you are in the process, of
turning your hologram into an “atomic structure”, thru knowing.
All right, now, you take one atom and you make a bomb or you make
weapons and that sort of thing. And everybody starts throwing
these weapons back and forth; I mean the stuff that comes out of
the weapons, back and forth. You set up a vibratory “wave” upon
your planet that disturbs other planets.
You see you’re not sitting here alone. That is the thing. That is why it is dis-allowed, because you are not only going to disrupt… if it was just the disruption of your little planet and the individuals on it, they’d let it go ahead and be. But it is not, because the Universe is SYMBIOTIC, it works on a symbiotic principle. That is why you have trouble in physicality, because you don’t want to work on symbiotic relationships. What ever it is, it has to be symbiotic. And so that is one of the things that causes a great deal of problems upon your planet.
So, everything in the Universe is on a symbiotic principle. You can’t go off and do your own thing, because if “your own thing” interferes with any other planet, any other system within the BIG Universe, it is not allowed. That is one of the problems you have here, is you don’t work on a symbiotic relationship. That’s all right, that will be learned eventually. All right?

JOHN: The reason for that being, that whatever pattern we’ve
established, in the so called genetic line, we have an awful
strong pre-disposition to be “dictators” as opposed to

DATRE: That is correct!

JOHN: We do this with the body and therefore we do it with

DATRE: Yes! All right, is that enough on that?

JOHN: That’s enough on that for me.

DATRE: All right, is that the end of the questions?

JOHN: That’s the end of the questions from Tara.

DATRE: All right, we thank you very much, we have enjoyed being
with you and we will see you again, we are Datre.


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