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Datre answers Hoyt.
JOHN: We have some questions from Hoyt that he posted to us to
have Datre answer. The first question is… “Have any visited
Earth from other planets using physical craft of the conventional types that current physicists consider possible and that could be physically handled, reverse engineered, etc?”

DATRE: No! Definitely not and I will tell you why, because the
minute you leave an atmosphere of any kind, be it Earth or of
another planet, the minute you leave an atmosphere that surrounds that, the vibrational change will, shall we say, eliminate the vibration that is held within the planetary existence. In other words, the ships that you see, if they were to come from another planet, would not have originated upon the planet it came from. It would have to be constructed when it entered your atmosphere, using your materials in order to be maintained here.

Now, they can say, we’ve found a piece of a spaceship that does
not look like any material that we have here. Well, that can be,
but do you know how that can be, because they know how to take
the elements that exist upon your planet and put them together
entirely different than you know how to put them together. Making an entirely different composite of whatever.
You see their manipulation of your material would be so different. They don’t work with the type of brain that you have. So when you have that, were they to come and be on your planet or near your planet the configuration of your planetary elements would not be recognizable by you, because they don’t work with your brain. Not only that, they don’t want to come in here, because the minute they would come in here in physicality they would be destroyed.
Just like your physical body would be destroyed, were they to come in here and take you out of this atmosphere. The minute you left this atmosphere your body would no longer be the body that you had. It’s as simple as that. You’re working with vibrations. The vibrations exist differently all over. All right?

JOHN: You could say that the atomic symbiotic relationship has a
signature that is consistent with its natural environment, and
you change that signature…

DATRE: Yes, of course. Not only atomic, you don’t even need that. You are a hologram that carries a vibration; your holographic vibration is maintained here on this planet. I’ll get into that further.

JOHN: OK, next question… “Are there any civilizations on any
other planets within 20 light years of Earth at this time, and
will you locate some? How about the past?”

DATRE: All right, there are civilizations on many, many, many, many planets. In fact in almost all the things that you can see in the sky have a type of, shall we say, experience that is being experienced on those planets. You cannot “see” them because you cannot detect them, with your physical eyes, or with your instruments. But they are there; you don’t have to go out that far, you don’t have to go out that far. But I will tell you something right now, in this room we are in which is – how big John? Approximately.

JOHN: Oh, about 20 by 15 feet.

DATRE: All right, there are approximately 1000 in this room. Now,
are you going to get all upset, or are you going to accept it?
There are that many here. But, you cannot “see” them. But you
have trained the eye and the brain to “not see” them. There’s a
reason for that, because you couldn’t exist if you saw what was
here. It would be too confusing.
But for every particle being you have in existence, you are surrounded by “wave forms”, which are also experiencing. But, the experience of a “wave form” is entirely different than the experience of a particle being, but that does not mean that they do not exist. So, and there is no way now that you are going to be able to detect them, because the instruments you have do not detect a “wave”. Now, with your psyche, in cooperation with your body, you are from time to time able to shift that little bit to be able to experience some of the forms that are around you.
If you allow the psyche to work with you and you do not have that element you call fear. You can be sitting in a room and your perspective will shift, that is how many are able to take a vibration and form that which you call a relative that is what you call, in the dead zone. Because it is a vibration you recognize so you put a picture on it and can communicate with that, because it is a vibration familiar to you.

Now, if that is in the dead zone it is a “form of” wave, when you are in the dead zone. Now a “pure” waveform that exists within your reality you are unable to see, because you have “blocked” that. Now, the only way you can perceive other realities is by going into them. But it is crossing the vibrational barriers that separate the realities. All right, let us continue.

JOHN: OK, the next question… “Are the current animal mutation
cases physical manifestations of human thought forms? If not,
what’s going on?”

DATRE: Well you are going to be surprised, at what is going on.
Do you know those are individuals in what you call your dead
zone? Who will come down here and will want to take that which
you call beef up into the dead zone so that they can have beef. I know your all going to laugh at that, but that’s exactly what
happens. And you see, because they can’t take a cow into the dead zone they have tried to take the sperm and the egg and the blood, and transport that up into the dead zone so they can produce cows. That is what happens. That is not a story, that is fact. You are laughing. You do not know your dead zone, you have no idea what goes on in their heads, shall we say.

JOHN: If they think were strange when were we’re alive; we really get strange when we die.

DATRE: Of course, but the thing is that you know the manipulation of matter, so you manipulate it. So, what can I say? You see, the thing is, you are so used to being in the physical body. You’re used to having your physical appetites taken care of. That when you’re without a body you get absolutely panicky. First thing you do, when you go through the vibration and go into the dead zone, the first thing you do “quickly” is build a body around you.
It is a pseudo body, but it makes you comfortable, because you cannot exist without one, because you don’t know it’s possible to live without one. The only people that don’t do that are those that have, in the physical body, left the physical body and gone out for experience and realized and looked down and discovered that they did not have a body. Now they’re going to do one of two things, either they’re going to say, hooray, boy is that freedom, or they’ll say, oh no what’s wrong with me, and be brought back into their body again, very quickly. All right, you have the two things that will happen.

JOHN: The next thing they do after making a body, is open a
McDonalds. (laughter) All right next question… “Non-physical
information channels usually mention that they can not answer
what we can not ask, and that we are not able to understand many
aspects of non-physical existence.”

DATRE: That is true, you cannot understand a great deal about
non-physical existence. But I will tell you one thing, it is not
true that we can not do anything other than ask questions. We
could start giving you information and we could sit here, as long as the body sat here until it died, shall we say, and give you continuous information.
But, the reason we answer questions, is because there are those on the planet that have said, again and again, “if only there was someone I could ask questions of”. “If only I could get my questions answered, I would like to know, this that the other thing”. So, we took the tact of, rather than giving you information, which has been done previously, we would take the tack, as you put it, of answering questions to satisfy you, and to help you in your understanding. But it not that we cannot, because we have a better idea of what is going on, on your planet than you have. Because we are viewing from a different vantage point. All right, next question.

JOHN: The next question is rather a long question it says…
“Humans are now quite good at abstraction in mathematics and
science, easily studying higher dimensionality. Wouldn’t it be
possible to write a “text book” on reality that follows the
academic/scientific model by defining the basic axioms, and
fundamental “particles”, then each term/word carefully, building
on those and extending the concepts using formal logic such that
the result is a technical manual of non-physical reality?”

DATRE: You can’t have a technical manual on non-physicality.
There is no way to do it. Now, we could sit and give you… tell
you what your body is composed of. We could tell you how your
different virals and viruses work throughout your physical being. We could explain all of that about your physical construct. But, there is no way you can put into a “text book” “a reality”, other than the one you’re standing in right now. Because the minute you go into a sub-reality it is un-describable.
Now, if you realized that the reality that you are in at the present time, in the physical being, is also something that cannot be described, but you do it all the time. But do you know how you are able to do it all the time? Because you keep continually agreeing, that this tabletop is glass, that chair is blue, the rug is almost white, you keep reminding yourself of where you are and what the colors are, and all of these things. You keep that continuity, your brain not you; your brain keeps a continuous flow of information.

Now, that is what happens, there is no two upon your planet, and
you have many many on your planet, that can perceive, see, taste, touch, smell anything that what your picture that you put in front of you shows you. That is why you can all eat one piece of fruit, you can all eat one piece of meat, take one piece of meat, cut it all up in pieces and hand it all over to everybody,
there’s no two of you that will taste the same thing. There’s no
two of you that will smell the same thing. That is why, when we
made the statement, and people jumped all over, “the world never
changes, only you do”. That is what we were referring to. You
create your own reality, but you don’t understand what your
doing. You are painting the picture, that you are existing in.
You are creating everything that is here. This is your picture.

Now, when something dramatic happens, and it doesn’t fit
together… say your driving down the street and all of a sudden
you cross a couple of what you call, your lay lines, that are
active at that particular time, if you are a sensitive
individual, you will immediately “see” another sub-reality. Then
you have to, with that which is within you, your strength of
being, pull your body “picture” back and put your reality picture in front of you again.

So, you see, there’s nothing that’s the same. Everyone has a
different experience. Everyone experiences realities different.
Everybody experiences absolutely everything different. Now, you
can say, “well we all sat down to eat together”, fine, that…
you agreed upon that. So, you all agree that your sitting here
eating, or whatever you’re doing. You all agree upon that, that is
fine and that is how you work, is you work thru your pictures.
Everything that is not a holographic being is nothing more than
picture background. And you agree on the background, you agree
that you are in a restaurant, you agree that’s a pretty picture on the wall, you agree with all of this other. But that is your
picture that you put in front of you.

The holographic being that you have put physicality upon, those
are what you refer to as the “real” thing. Those are the one’s
that you work with in physicality. Those are the one’s that you
exchange “lesson” with. Now, how can you write a textbook on
that? There is no way.
That is one of the things you were given, words, to be able to understand each other. But, now you’ve taken your words and put them in such “rigid” boxes that they have no flexibility whatsoever. Your words no longer have flexibility. They were concepts to begin with. Concepts for understanding and working together. They have been put into words… now you don’t even bother with words. You throw out a whole bunch of letters and somebody is supposed to figure out what it is. So to put anything in words, the first thing you do is you create problems because, “I don’t understand that word the way you understand that word, the way you understand that word”, “to me this word means that and that’s that”. Well, the other person say’s, to me that word means this. Then the other person say’s well to me that word means that. You’re all right and you’re all wrong.
But that’s OK, that is something that you are learning, this is what physicality is all about. So, as far as putting down anything in nuts and bolts language, I don’t see how you are ever going to be able to do it. If you do it, it is what “you” would have to do. But it cannot come from the Universe, in any way, shape or form.

JOHN: It seems from your dialogue there that the premise of the
question is really a false premise in that we think we are very
competent in these technical terms…

DATRE: You are!

JOHN: We are, only if we all agree, but the agreement is pseudo.

DATRE: Well no, the agreement is – you know what you know and the other person knows what they know. The thing is, on anything that is as fluid as a reality you cannot nail it down, because it is “fluid”. It changes, as your perception changes, it all changes. Now if you are so pulled into a particle reality that you can’t conceive of anything other than it being absolutely,
totally and completely solid, then that is where you work from.
You work from that solid premise. But for those that work in
other forms of reality, that are fluid, that give, that are not
that structured, and you do not structure your hologram that
tightly, you allow it you allow the physical body to make it’s

You see, you can’t relate. In other words, it is like when they
took the channel and came into the channel and in order to prove
a point of how unlimited you are, took the physical body up to 7
feet tall and “knocked” everybody else off the chairs. It shows
how unlimited you are, if you know you are unlimited. The being
that came into the physicality of this channel’s body knew it was unlimited. Knew the body was unlimited, knew that the body could be made 7 feet tall and brought back to it’s natural size again, without harm to anything. But that is knowing. So how are you going to, with nuts and bolts, explain that, shall we say,
what you would call, a phenomena? So a reality is only a reality
as far as you are concerned as an individual, each one is…
there is no greater, no lesser. Everyone has all of these
abilities; it is only in the “discovery” of these abilities, that you are different. All right, is that enough for that question?

JOHN: Yes, thank you, and the final question is more of a
continuation of that question… “I think Seth did some of that
by describing Consciousness units, for example, but to a non
technical audience. I’m thinking more of a formal document
following rigid rules of logic and inference where there is no
issue of interpretation. With that document any human could
become a “teacher” by following the text, as it’s currently done
in academia.”

DATRE: When Seth was doing the consciousness units that was an
explanation of that particular phenomena that you work with. He
was explaining that to an audience and that was fine, because a
consciousness unit is entirely different than a reality. A
consciousness unit is that which is within the physical
construct. So there again I said, we could get into the
physicality side of things. But, to explain, and put in nuts and
bolts terminology, “a reality” that is entirely different. Now, I could, if you had words, explain to you what a reality was all
about, but you don’t have the words to do it. You have very, very narrow scope with your language.
That is why sometimes you will find us hemming and hawing around, we can’t find a word that describes what we are trying to say. If you begin to explain in nuts and bolts terms an “extreme fluid abstract” it becomes an impossibility with the words that you have.

Now, let us give you a very, very simple thing for you to try.
Very simple, very easy, but I will allow you to see your reality
as it really is. You go someplace where you can find that which
you call a waterfall, water falling down over a whatever. You
stand there and you watch that waterfall. And you begin to take a section, and get it in your mind, in a little square box, and
just picture that little square box and then put it at the top
and follow it down. You will find it is difficult to do as you
All right, you lost that one. Take your little box and take
your section again, and follow it down, lost it again. Keep it up until you can take your little box that you have made a picture of in your mind, and take your little box and start at the beginning of the waterfall and follow it all the way down. And when you have achieved that, turn around and look at your world. Then you will see your world as we see your world that you are standing upon.
If you don’t have a waterfall, wait ’til it snows do the same thing with snow. Continue to watch it come down, watch it come down, watch it come down. If nothing else, turn on a faucet or a shower or whatever, that is in motion and lock yourself into following a drop and turn around and see your world as we see your world, the way your world really is. And then “marvel” at the perception of your body to continue making
pictures that stand still for you to experience.

JOHN: That might scare the hell out of some people.

DATRE: That is perfectly all right, it is not going to hurt them. As soon as their eyes begins to focus and their brain begins to make a solid picture for them, they’ll be perfectly all right. It is not harmful, but it is a super great lesson. We have said enough for now on that subject. We will leave you for now, we thank you for your questions, we are Datre.


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