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Datre answers Al.
JOHN: We have some further questions from Al, his question goes… “I would like to get some clarity on some concepts from the Edgar Cayce material:” The first question in that framework is… “Was “the fall/sin” of the bible our “fall” from awareness of who we are – the idea of becoming entangled/forming our identity with the physical creation and losing our
purpose/ideal to a squandering/clutching materialism – as opposed to guiding/aiding the “human” development”

DATRE: Well, now when you talk about Edgar Cayce that was a gestalt of ah… it was information from a human to a human. In other words, dead zone to human. A great deal of that information was from a doctor person, working with specific individuals. Now, when Cayce got into the business of the bible there was many conflicting pieces of information in it from the
interaction that we see that took place at that time.
You see just because it’s something that is ‘past’, for us it is still happening, so we can connect into a gestalt. It hasn’t been that long that it still has some continuity to it. So you see, it eventually disappears more from our view. As what you call, your ‘time line’ simply because of the ah… I guess you could call it the electric forces that formed those sessions, after a period of ‘time’ they become weaker. So the strength of that particular activity lessens to a degree. However there is still enough strength there, to be able to pick some of it up.

Number one, you did not fall from sin, because sin is a man made construct that was imposed upon individuals. It has nothing to do with anything, other than your own Earth physicality. Lets see what else was in that?

JOHN: He say’s the fall in the bible, was that like the fall of awareness of who we are?

DATRE: It depends, now you see your interpreting physical material through a physical brain. So, when that is done, everyone has a different interpretation of everything that is said, written, whatever the communication is. So, those words, they really, according to what we have observed since the time physicality was put on this planet, it has been an evolutionary process. The physical forms have continued in their changing.
And the mental structure of the individuals has changed. And the thing is, that there is a different construct now in your energy patterning that are changing a great deal of what you are perceiving and how you are perceiving information.

Now that information that was given at the time the so called ‘book’ was written – because of the mind set of the individuals on the planet at that time, the masses, shall we say, lived in a subservient position. In other words the majority of the people were servants to those that had a great deal of money. So they accepted information that was given them. They did not know to question. To tell the truth, in your years of counting, it
probably seemed like a long time, because you go back into 15 – 16 and 1700’s that you talk about and to you that is a long time. But in the evolution of a species on the planet it is but a very short period of time.

So you must remember that it has been the process of evolution. Well in the process of evolution, everything that is given that is new is more or less adopted and adapted to the present evolutionary period. So the way it was interpreted at the time those words were put down and the way it is interpreted, as it has been rewritten so many times, by the individuals on the planet, it really has no relevance. Simply because your mind doesn’t function the way theirs did at that time.
They had an entirely different understanding of the words then you do. So as to any of those interpretations, they would be your interpretations at the present time, the way you presently see things. Now, that does not make them right and that does not make them wrong. I’m only saying, it is your interpretation
in the present ‘time line’ that you are living; it’s your interpretation. Their interpretation of the events and the information were different. All right?

JOHN: Yes, that’s fine that seems to do it for me. We dealt a lot with this in previous recent situations. Number two as part of that say’s… “Does this also touch on the involvement of “human sex” as a divergence from the intended way of entering this plane? Was the “original” creation of human non-sexual – and the idea of male-female developed out of our loss of awareness?”

DATRE: No! No, you begin… those who were originally on this planet, the originators that started this planet in human form, were ‘cloned’ entities. Now, cloned entities are in existence on other planets. Now, as everything else, when the 23rd. chromosome was introduced within the physical bodies, that changed you from a ‘cloned’ reality, into a male – female reality.

Now, when the ‘bubble’ is formed as I said, everything is in there, and a pattern of the evolution of the species is formed at that time. It is like, it is a ‘story’ written. It has a beginning and an ending; otherwise, you could not close the bubble. The originator of that story stepped aside, so
as to not interfere, but as different things happen within your
evolutionary patterning, that changes the story. But it basically has the same ending. In other words, lets put it very simply, if you live in a house and the grocery store is ten miles away from your house.
Now, you can take your vehicle and you can go down this road and then you can turn to the left and then you can turn to the right, then you can go down the road a bit and then you can turn right and then you can turn left and get to the grocery store. Or, if you have some other things to do, you want to go some other places, you take different roadways and go over to get something else, maybe some paper or something and eventually end up at the grocery store. You see, you have your house at the beginning and you have the grocery store at the end. But there are many different roads that you can take. You don’t go just down one road.
In other words, there are many peoples… unless they live in a country situation, where you don’t have any other things but one road, but the thing is, even if you went from your house to the road you’d still have to go to a main road.

You’d still have to turn right or left someplace in order to go to a grocery store. So you see, you eventually get to the grocery store and you eventually get home. But how you do it in between that is what is called evolution.

So, it has nothing to do with all of these things that have been told, for periods of time. They were undoubtedly put into the picture for your specific reasons and patterning’s. But basically you’re going from beginning to end. How you get there, individually and collectively, is all evolution, it’s experiencing all the way. So, what happens is, that when certain
information is given they write a story about it.
In other words, that’s why they call it HIS-STORY, you spell it as all one word and you study it as if it is something that was important. To some people it is, to others it doesn’t have any meaning what-so-ever. It doesn’t affect their lives one way or the other if they know what history is. For other people, that is their life’s existence, is studying the past – history. Now as you evolve and things are rewritten – history, HIS-STORY, is rewritten.

People that ‘know’ of different events that happen different places can say ‘the history books are wrong’ because that did not happen, because I lived in the town that it happened in, and this is not the way it was, because it has been handed down from one generation to the other generation, through families. But then you take someone else that comes along and writes a ‘story’ and has his accreditation and so therefore it is accepted. You see I’m just pointing these things out to help you understand from our standpoint and also from your standpoint. So, at the time things are written the ‘first’ time is one thing. Every time it is rewritten it takes on a different flavor, shall we say. So that has nothing to do with that at all.

JOHN: A comment… What your saying is also a major feature here that nobody seems to ‘recognize’ in the so called his-story thing. Since only the wealthy had access to anything, of communicating capability, they had ‘total’ control and they could make-up any set of stories that they felt would best benefit ‘their’ self.

DATRE: Since when has it changed? It has not changed one iota. Getting back to the history books, now is there any difference? Those that want their degree’s to be effective rewrite, they find a ‘snippet’ of information someplace and they change the whole story. That is one of the things I have said. Now, the individual takes your history book, has come across something that, ‘oh this is of great importance’, rewrites, and what does
he get, money. It is to his advantage. It is to a university’s advantage. It is to the bookseller’s advantage to ‘change’ everything. You see, everybody is – that is your profit comes out of change, changing. The people that benefit are not the people that are studying it or hearing about it or anything else. Yes you said about that, but you see, when you had your big universities in I believe someplace in Greece or something…

JOHN: Like in Alexander. Like the Alexander library?

DATRE: Yes! Is that the one they burned? Well, they had it all there so it was real easy, lets burn it down and we can start all over again. OK!

JOHN: Next question… “Cayce said the only way to understand the bible was to understand Genesis – and the only way to understand Genesis was to understand Revelations. Cayce said that Revelations was the story of John’s return/realization of his true identity. Cayce also maintained that the bible was valid on several levels”

DATRE: All right, now the first one before you got into revelations was genesis. Now, have any of you that had read the bible, probably you read that one that’s so popular. The King James version, I guess that’s the one that everyone carries around. OK, now, Cayce made the statement you need to read Genesis. Now what version was he speaking of? Now I will tell you thru the experience of the one that we are channeling thru, that she has studied Genesis from many different directions. Many different books, including the Jewish, which not too many people know about. Now, just take a comparison, because I’m reading her dictionary. You take the Jewish genesis and you
take the King James genesis and you read them. There you have a difference right to start with, very first book, they’re not the same, guaranteed.

So you see, anything is valid to you as an individual if it helps you understand you. Not other people, not other people’s thought patterns, but if it helps ‘you’ to understand YOU it is of importance. Otherwise, you might just as well read the, Mary wears a red dress, John has a dog, Sally has a cat, and it doesn’t matter. There’s no validity in a book. There’s no validity in a spoken word. What you interpret through a book and what you interpret through the spoken word, that is what is important. Those symbols are there, those symbols only have validity to you and you interpret that. If you were to have twenty people in this room right this minute and take one chapter in Genesis and start discussing just one chapter, by the time you got around thru the second time you’d be close to fist fights. Because, everyone is going to read that chapter differently, guaranteed.

The only reason you usually agree with somebody else is because that’s exactly what you’re thinking. It’s not anything else, you just happen to agree, because you both happen to be thinking the same thing. The minute you don’t think the same thing as someone else, what happens, you disagree. But the more you go into anything, and I don’t care what it is, and I don’t care what book you take it out of, you take twenty people, you take ten
people and you have them read the same thing and they’re going to end up arguing about it. Because one say’s ‘that isn’t there’ and the other one say’s ‘but I read it, it is here’. It’s symbols; it’s your interpretation. But to make valid straight statements is… the only time we do that is if were explaining something from a Universal Principle and we can say yes – no. But, from the standpoint of physicality, he was a physical person, drawing from physicality, dead zone. So, naturally that would work differently than from ‘our’ viewpoint.

JOHN: And what about revelations?

DATRE: There again, the same thing applies. Is that the man he was talking about who had a revelation? OK, that was ‘his’ revelation. But that does not mean it’s going to be everybody else’s revelation, that was his and nobody else’s. You can again, interpret that anyway you want to, because there again I read the dictionary and Aona studied, diligently, comparative

The reason being, from a personal standpoint, if she know something about a religion, that an individual she was speaking to was involved in, if she knew something about that religion, she was very careful, so as to not offend an individual.

You are born into a religion of some way shape or form, because you were born into ‘belief’ systems. You’ll say, ‘well I never went to church, I don’t believe any of that’. Well, but you believe something, because you were born into a belief system. Every church, shall we say, that you go into, and this we have perceived… you have four corners and you put four churches and they can be all the same denomination. All the same, the same
kind of thing and why do you go to this one and not the one kitty corner across the street? Because you like what this one says, better than what that one says.
But they’re all teaching the ‘same thing’. So there again, that’s what I’m saying, the revelations can, in every church you go into, in those protestant churches, they will teach those revelations, but everyone is different. Not only the difference within the ministers that are all the same kind. You have a greater divergence in the different ‘kinds’ of churches that you have. Because they are all given books as guidelines – this is what you preach – this is how you preach on that particular subject. If you take all the books and through them out and then
start and nobody told you how you were going to preach that sermon, you’d have to do some thinking on your own.

But, you see every church has got guidelines. That’s why you go to what they call that… where you learn to be a minister thing, what do they call that? Seminary… OK, yes, OK.

JOHN: Next question… “In that context, is/are any part of Datre familiar enough with the bible to comment on the symbols/pattern/outcome of Revelations as a personal/internal guide.”
DATRE: As I have said before, the only thing I can tell you, how does it affect your life? How does it affect you as an individual? The only thing that makes a difference is your interpretation. It’s your ‘comfort’ zone and if you feel that says it all, then it is a very good idea to start pushing in that direction to find out ‘why’ that says it all. I don’t care
if that is a book in the bible. I don’t care whether that is what we tell you, or anyone else tells you. Don’t accept carte blanche. Big word John, proud of self. Don’t ‘accept’, question, question. If it feels right to you, OK, fine, put it in this basket over here, that’s a keeper. It is a ‘keeper’ until your framework changes and then you don’t through it out, you do like you do in your government, you attach an amendment. So it kind
of changes the angle, just a little bit to be more comfortable for you. That’s what I say, sometimes, it takes a long time in your counting, maybe years, to find that some little thing doesn’t exactly fit.

So you start looking for an answer, you don’t know just exactly what it is, but that’s when the search begins. You start searching and wondering and wondering and questioning and the next thing you know, you’re in the library someplace looking for something. You don’t know exactly what it is, but you’ll get around to it and all of a sudden, one day, something will…
you will see something, you will hear something, you will read something and it will ‘click’ and you will have an ‘ah ha’. That will change your framework again.

JOHN: OK, next part of this complex of questions… “And also the material/physical prophetic aspects that we will see/experience in the world” That’s relative to revelations.

DATRE: Is that the one they talk about all the plagues and so forth?
JOHN: Yes, that’s yup.

DATRE: Well you see, there again, you all have your little gestalts. You all have your little groups for experiencing. I’m fairly certain that if you were to ask some of the individuals that have been going thru this business in foreign countries, where the solders have been killing all of these people with their children and everything, that they would say, that they are going thru what you have referred to as Armageddon. Now, you sit in your house with your feet up and watching television and seeing what is happening to these people. That is not your Armageddon. But to them, that is their Armageddon.

So, you see the thing that is going to happen and the thing you are all going to be experiencing is going to be these ‘energy waves’. That is going to affect the planet and the energy waves that are going to affect the human construct.

Now, lets get into the ‘energy waves’ just a little smattering to get you interested. Have you noticed, in the last few of your years, how your, what you call your ‘world wide web’ has grown? Have you noticed your technologies, with your submarines and your bombers and your tanks and all of your things?

Have you noticed all the development in your new sciences? Have you noticed all the development in your medical profession, when it comes to the operations and the discovery of the DNA and the RNA and all of that? That has been very recent, very recent. And you could say if you looked at the planet from our standpoint, that came on like ‘gangbusters’. All of a sudden you had everything developing in every direction you can think of.
Your music has taken tremendous strides, in the classics particularly, which has been so very staid over the period of years. Your educational system is split right down the middle. These teachers that are teaching and having tremendous results, and then you’ve got the others that are trying to follow what they’ve been following and it isn’t working.

You’re seeing these tremendous advances, in certain areas of almost anything you can think of. Why? I’ll bet nobody asked that question. The ‘why’, is that you have been receiving the ‘energy waves’ that have been supportive of technology, in all directions. That is one of the ‘energy waves’ that has come upon your planet. See, there was nothing to be afraid of. Look at
the grand and glorious things you got and are going to continue to get. Because the ‘energy’ has come in, it is staying here because it is being absorbed by the physical form and the physical form is using that to their advantage.

The other wave that has come in – approximately at the same time the technology wave came in – was the change of the physical structure, the physical being. Now, you say, well I don’t look any different now than my parents did or my grandparents. No, because the changes are taking place on the ‘inside’ and not on the ‘outside’. This is why you’re getting runny noses.

Why the runny nose? The fluid in your nose and in your eyes and in your sinus cavities contains what you call silica. Silica is one of the things that ‘holds’ the electrical charge, electrical vibration and is able to contain more of it within the physical being. So you’re all taking kind of ‘stuff’ to try and clear up the silica. Let it flow, because that is what you are using to work with the physical ‘energy wave’ that came in.
The other thing is the ‘back problem’. Almost everybody’s got back problems. They’re going to chiropractors and they’re going to doctors and they’re getting on these machines and exercising and everything. It isn’t going to matter because your ‘back’ is changing. That is part of the physicality that is changing. Your spinal cord is changing, in order to contain more energy. Hold more energy, to be able to work with more energy in the physical form. Those little ‘pads’ that keep the bones from scraping
together, are increasing in size. That is what is holding more energy within the physical construct. Now, those are just two things I’m telling you. There are more things happening with your body.

But, the thing I’m telling you and I have been speaking to you and we have been speaking to you about is, these ‘energy waves’ that are coming in that are making physical bodies change.

Now, you have more that are coming in that are going to make further changes. Because upon this planet, Earth, there is going to be a change in the species, the humanoid form. This happens all the time. The only thing is, now, because of the number of individuals upon your planet and also your communication skills, you are able to communicate with other people more rapidly and more readily and you’re beginning to wonder what is going on? We are here to tell you that you are going to be changing. Now, this has happened again and again and again. But, because you didn’t have the communications previously people got sick, they died, other people were born, they got sick, they died and all the time the physical form has been changing.

Now, we are getting close to the time when there is going to be a more DRAMATIC species change upon your planet. If your going to have a dramatic change in the species your going to feel a few little ‘clicks’ and different things happening in your body. That is why we’ve said, relax, and don’t fight. So you’ve had two ‘types’ of energy waves that have come into your planet within the last few years. The technology, you can see that with your eyes. The physical body, you can ‘feel’ the changes. You, for what you say, ‘no reason at all’, all of a sudden don’t feel very good.
You feel sick to your stomach and you feel sick to your stomach and you don’t stop working. You don’t feel good; you’ve got what you call the ‘blahs’. You’ve got all these things; you just don’t feel good, my stomach, my stomach and your taking all kinds of pills and stuff for your stomach. Well, that’s fine, if it gives you relief and that’s what you want to do. But the thing is, it will pass, because you’re making changes within your physical construct. So, those are two energy waves that are on the planet now, there will be more coming and we will tell more about them later.

* This portion was sent separately as “Who are we”.

JOHN: OK, the next question is a zinger, as we would put it. His question is… “Who are we?”

DATRE: Well, I’m going to have to dump that right back in your lap and say – that is for you to discover.

When this “bubble” was started, you had the original entities upon the planet that were in their stage of development. And what happens quite often in the Universe, another “bubble” came along and bumped into you and damaged it. And in the damage, the two got mixed together. So, here you had this bubble with one experience with a “story” from beginning to end. And the other bubble had those entities that were experiencing another “story”
from beginning to end.

Now, that was quite a confusion. So what happened is that basically, when it happened it was in the blink of an eye, and you all took on the same physical appearance, as the individuals on planet Earth. Because the others were the intruders, it was decided upon – you went to sleep one night you woke up the next morning and you looked like everybody else, so, no panic.

You see, in the holographic structure you can be changed so quickly, and so easily, and you can pickup the patterning of other entities so easily, that it did not give you any problems whatsoever. You might not have looked like this. You might not have looked like these particular individuals. But you had what you would call an amnesia. In other words, because of the
traumatic experience, you forgot who you were, and where you came from and all these other things. In order to be able to blend in with those on planet Earth, you adopted their format, with the understanding that when this story… you would have to pick up this story. You picked up this story and when this story ends then, you have to leave, that’s the agreement. All right?

Now to begin with, you still had that remembrance of where you came from, a little bit. But it did not take you very long to totally and completely adopt this whole Earth planet entity existence.

Now there were those from other planets, as I have said before, that have come here, that have, for whatever reason. Their planetary structure has ceased and they needed a place to go, they came here. Just like you have laws that say, “If you’re going to come here you to do this, you follow these laws”. So, they take upon a physical construct, you pickup night and day, you pickup all the opposites, this is part of the package. And you live here; until such time that you can go someplace else.

Now when you start working with that combination, it is much like your United States, in that you have people coming in that are immigrants, like their coming into another country. When they come into your country, they adopt your ways. They adopt your eating habits. They adopt your slang language. They adopt a lot of the customs. So you can see the integration begins. By the time you get down to the third generation, your pretty well
integrated, all the way through. Now, you still maintain different features but your basic body structure is pretty much the same. You’ve got two arms, two legs, two hands, two feet, you got head and shoulders and all this other stuff that’s just like everybody else. You’ve got a body resembling everyone else’s.

Now from time to time specialists of different magnitudes have been coming down to the planet, to help in different areas. And they have become so enamored with physicality that they decided to stay.

Now, what is happening with these “new energies”, that are going to begin to come in and have already started coming in, that’s why you are starting to get inklings, and asking “who am I”. Because there are some of you that are beginning to feel, this is not where I belong. This is not the way I think.

This is not the way I comprehend, my comprehension is different, my thinking is different. And you are beginning searching for people that are thinking like you are thinking. And beginning to wonder, “who am I?” “What am I doing here?” And becoming more and more uncomfortable with the situation as it exists. Now, “who are you”?

I would say basically, the individuals that were put on the planet originally, and have followed the story lines through the generational patterning, are not asking the questions that many of you are. That should be the first indication, to you as individuals, that this was not originally your planet.

Now the “energies” coming in are going to be supportive, of many of your thought patterns. They’re going to be of a higher frequency then has been on this planet before. And instead of becoming agitated, you will become more comfortable, in the higher frequency vibrations, because that is what your remembrance is, of a higher frequency. That is what you were
experiencing before coming here. Some of you have been on here, planet Earth, for shorter periods of time, than others. Those that have been here shorter periods of time are going to find it much easier and find more dramatic changes, in their thought patterning, from what you call the “norm”. And you are going to be seeking information that is, what I would say, “more familiar” to you.

So, “who are you”? That is for you to discover. Because when the story line of the “bubble” of the planet Earth comes to an end, you are going to make a split. And it is going to be a dramatic split. Because the original entities that were here are going to have a new planet and they are going to have a “new” physical being. For a “new” experience, because they are very short in their experiential patterning. They haven’t had what you would call, a great deal of “time”. Now, you that came in and were in the other “bubble” had greater periods of experience. Because you have been on this planet and have partaken of the energy, your body construct will also change.

Now, this happens very often, in that there is a change in the entities, upon a planet. The planet changes and the entities change. Another story line is written and it goes on.

But this time is going to be unique. Because there is going to be a split in the planet, and there is going to be a split in the humanity, upon the planet. And instead of having one planet, for your evolution, you will have TWO PLANETS with two different evolutionary patterning’s. Because those that caused the damage to “this” bubble on this planet will be going to another planet, with another story line, it will be different.
Because as you that are becoming aware of the great diversity in the individuals upon this planet, you can see, that the evolution cannot proceed a great deal further. Simply because the thought patterning is getting further and further apart. And it’s going to get to the point that even in communication and relationships and everything it’s going to be more difficult to establish, unless you can find another who has the same thought pattern as you have.

Now, the planetary changes and the physical changes within the body, the evolution of two different groups of entities on two planets is what… if you have been in the psychic community for any number of years you can remember this came up. I don’t know in counting, how many years ago, but in the psychic community, the big number that everyone was talking about at that time was what they called a birth of some kind. Everybody was talking about it.

What is it? When is it going to happen? What’s this all about? They knew something was happening. But, because no one ever had any answers, somebody got an inkling on it and like topsy it grew, but it had no place to grow. There was no framework in which it could grow. Of it’s natural course, it diminished to the point that, I would imagine, the younger generations, that are hearing these tapes and receiving this information, this is new to them.

If you’ve been around here long enough this is not new. It is a recurrence of an old theme. Except, that “now” we are trying to build frameworks, for your understanding.

A birth of any kind is “rare” in the Universe. In this Universe that you reside within, births are rare. They have to be “timed” Universally and even at that point, we do not exactly know what is going to happen, because it has never happened with physicality that is so strong in “particulate” matter. So, that is why you are being watched. Because this is a phenomena. If you had something like this happening in the sky you would ALL be watching it. The only difference is, it’s going to be happening to you. But, those that will be going to another planet, that realized “who they are”, those are the ones going to another planet for another existence and they will take a great deal of this thought patterning with them, because, they have evolved through a great deal of this physical expression on planet Earth.

So, that is why we are telling you, watch the “energies”. The body knows how to handle the energies. Watch your body react to the energies, don’t fight it. It will be much easier if you do not fight. From our standpoint, and those that understand what is happening and are looking “forward” to this GRAND experience, it is a time of extreme excitement. For others, there is going to be “fear”, there is going to be wondering what is happening, and all of that.

But, if you hadn’t wanted to know, you would not have asked the question, because, in order to ask the question, you had to know the answer.

Now it’s up to each and every one of you. We cannot help you, you must do it alone. You came on this planet at this particular time because you wanted this experience. All right, next question.

JOHN: I was wondering if… the next one is much the same kind of question. I was wondering if maybe we should wait for another opportunity and start a new tape session from that point. The questions that we have to answer, we’ve exactly asked half of those questions at this point.

DATRE: All right, this is a good place to end it if it is all right. I am sure it will be all right for the individual that asked the questions. Because we have given enough to everyone, including the asker, to ‘digest’ a little bit more of this material, because as you say, these are ‘zingers’. These probably have not been dealt with in the manner that we have dealt with them at the present time.

The individual that asked the questions that were asked this evening, we wish to thank him or her.

JOHN: It was Al.

DATRE: Thank you Al for asking the questions. You would not have asked had you not been, pretty well aware of the answers. These are questions that not only you are asking, but others are asking also. Now, we have opened many doors and we have begun many different frameworks upon which to build, to give you information in the future. We thank you. We will leave you now,
good night, we are Datre.


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