Datre 對話_023 原文

Datre 對話_023 原文


Datre answers David.
JOHN: OK, we have a question from a David and he’s rather interested in why we posted on the LIST about Datre, and he say’s… “Of particular interest is the reference to “signature prints” – this is the only other reference I’ve seen to what I was introduced to as “Cosmic Signatures”, but the descriptions are identical.”

DATRE: That is correct, they would be identical. Now, we have to back track in order to get where we’re going. First of all, when you are ‘birthed’ into BEING and when I refer to you, I refer to the ‘you’ that you are. When you are first birthed into being, the minute you begin to ‘stir’ and have an awakening, shall we say – very simplistic explanation – you begin to form, shall we say, a vibrational energy pattern that is YOURS.

It is like in physicality, you have, what you call, your fingerprints and your toe-foot prints. Now, whether you are born into this physicality and experience here, or shall we say, ‘birthed’ into this physicality, or you are ‘birthed’ into another ‘form’ of expression, another portion of the BIG Universe, you begin developing a vibrational pattern uniquely your own. As you add on to your experiential patterning that is you, you ‘change’ constantly. That is what we refer to as evolution.

Now, lets take a jump up to the present time, that you are in existence on this planet Earth. You are beginning to question many things. Questioning is how you gain what you call knowledge, or wisdom. In your questioning, you are interacting with other vibrations constantly. Your brain, which we refer to as ‘your’ computer, is turned on at the time that, shall we say,
for the present time, because it is more complicated than that.
But we will say, when you are birthed onto this planet, your computer is turned on. Now, your computer does not shut off, in other words, your computer ‘runs’ continually. What you do, is your brain, actually does what we say it does, it ‘c o m p u t e s’. All it does is, you take information, you put it together, build a ‘picture’ for you to ‘see’, for you to observe, for you
to ‘interact’ with, it builds a ‘background’ picture. In your interaction with your other, what you call, your ‘humans’ on the planet, you set before yourselves different pictures that your ‘interaction’ takes place in front of or in.
Your picture is not like a ‘painting’ in that you put ‘dimension’ on to it, you put ‘mass’ on to it, so that you can ‘walk into’ your pictures. You interact with individuals upon your planet in different, shall we say, ‘stage’ settings.

All the time you are interacting, with your stage settings, with your environment which is your buildings, your trees, your plants, your animals, everything, you are constantly changing. The ‘you’ that I am referring to in this case, is the very YOU that you are.

Now, in the sleep stage, if you do not ‘drag’ everything from your ‘daytime’ experience into your nighttime experience and simply work from that standpoint, you very likely will ‘not’ remember your dreams. Simply because, in the ‘purer’ stage you will experience, other realities and other existences. That when you, shall we say, wake-up in the morning your computer has no way of describing what your experiences have been. But, never-the-less all of those experiences in your night time are as valid and sometimes add more to the you that you are, than in your ‘waking’ time.
Now, the one thing that many individuals in, shall we say, your psychic explorations are doing at the present time is, shall we say, ‘out of body’ experiences. Fine, but, one of the ‘main’ things we are here to tell you at this time is ‘stay in the body’ and get to ‘know’ you. The YOU that you are is ‘far’ grander than you have any idea. Your ‘physical’ expression is far grander than you have any idea.
So, you don’t like the ‘package’, too tall, too short, too fat, too thin, too this, too that, my hair is not curly, my hair is straight, my feet are too big, I can’t get shoes to fit, constantly complaining about the body and then you wonder why you have ‘dis-ease’. But, your experience within the body, your expression thru the body is that which is adding to your ‘signature’ print, continuously. Now once you begin to relax with the body, say OK this is the experience you came into physical being for. The physical expression is what you ‘all’ want and the minute you begin to ‘grow-up’ into the physical expression, you don’t like it.

The experiences you will get thru your physical being, on this planet, are like no other. Because, you are the only one’s that have put as ‘solid’ a particle mass around that which you call your physical being. So, this experience, in that respect, is very unique. Every experience you have is unique. You may have ‘similar’ experiences, but, like your fingerprint and your toe-foot print, there is no two alike. It cannot be, because were
that to happen, creation would cease.

Now, creation will ‘mimic’ itself, creation will ‘mock’ itself and it will do a lot of things that you will, from first appearance will say, ‘well that’s like that’. But there always has to be that ‘little’ bit of difference.

Now, as you begin your understanding of that which is the you that you are functioning thru a physical body, for experience. The more you ‘discover’ about ‘who’ you really are the more your ‘signature’ print changes.

Now, you hear a great deal of talk about going into other ‘realities’. Let me tell you this, if that which you call your signature print, does not match even that reality that is closest to you, the easiest access reality, you can not get there. Unless you in the physical and mental construct,
that which is you, match it. That is the only thing that keeps you from ‘sliding’ all over the place. You have a vibrational barrier that separates the realities. Otherwise, you’d slip and slide; you wouldn’t know where you were. Because you can’t ‘function’ in another reality. You can ‘observe’ in an other reality. But your functioning is here, this planet in this

So this is why we say, it is important to get to ‘know’ who you are. The questioning is what gives you the answers that you ‘know’. But in asking them and getting an answer and putting it out in ‘front’ of you, you are able to take it and work with it in a physical relationship.

Now, the more you ‘know’ about you, the more you become the totality of ‘you’ that you are, not just your physical expression. But the totality of the ‘you’ that you are, your, what we call ‘signature’ print, changes dramatically. You will not have to ‘try’ to go into another reality. You will not have to ‘push’ yourself to try and go into another reality, because as your vibration changes, that is, physically and mentally both, you will automatically go into other realities. Now when you get to the point that you are able to go into other realities and out of other realities, you see if you can go into another reality but you also have to know how to turn around and come back into this physical reality.
So when you begin experiencing with realities, the first time you come back you are totally startled, because you know you’ve been someplace else. You can’t explain what has happened to you. But you are stunned, because it is a ‘grand’ experience, but you can’t explain it to anyone. Now, if you can explain what happened to you, than you have not touched another reality.

Now, when you begin to ‘fluidly’, go into other realities, you’re picking up greater experiences, you’re picking up the more expression of YOU that you really are. You are building your totality of that which is YOU. And when you get to the point, that those barriers are no longer there and you go in and out with great fluidity, what is going to stop you from going
into the BIG Universe? That will be automatic.

Now, Datre is composed of many. Those that have come from physicality, out into the big Universe have ‘all’ had to do it the ‘same’ way. Alone! You can’t go holding anyone else’s hand. But, by the time you are ready to go out into the big Universe, it is not necessary for anyone else to hold your hand, because you already have an inkling of where you are going and what
you are going to do.

So, in the big Universe, we that have had physical existence and those that have not had physical existence, all work the same way. We are a ‘totality’, however, the ‘you’ that you are, the ‘we’ that we are, are still separate and individual. There is a Cosmic ‘fingerprint’ or ‘signature’ print, or whatever you wish to call it. The thing is that in the big Universe, because we all function together and separately, you see we do not have the barriers of the physical being.

In other words, this is one of the things that you are to learn, that you are each individually in an encasement, which you call a body. You cannot have any idea what is in another person’s head or mind, because it is not yours. Nor should you get into anyone else’s head or mind. Because, believe me, you have enough on your ‘plate’, shall we say, to use your expression, you have enough on your plate, to get to know who you are let alone trying to figure out somebody else and try and help them, you can’t. It is, you have an expression on your planet, something about a horse put it in front of water…

JOHN: You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

DATRE: That is true. You can give people information; from now until one of you goes into that which you call your ‘dead zone’. It doesn’t make any difference unless you ‘apply’ it. In applying it, you get to know ‘yourself’.

As you get to know yourself, your ‘signature’ print changes. When you get to this point that your signature print in your physicality matches a Cosmic signature, or finger print, you’re there. That is why we have continually said ‘get to know yourself’, because that is what is going to take you into other realities and that is what is going to take you into the BIG Universe. Now, have we covered that subject sufficiently?

JOHN: I believe so.

DATRE: All right, we thank you; we have enjoyed being with you. We will leave you for now, we are Datre.


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