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Datre answers Al.
JOHN: We have some further questions from Al. The first question he asks is… “What is consciousness?”

DATRE: Consciousness is that which you use in your ‘waking’ period of existence. In other words, your psyche and your consciousness and your brain, all turn on when you enter physicality. Those are your functioning tools. In other words, it’s like turning on your computer. The minute you turn it on things start to happen, and you push different buttons to make
things happen in different ways. To search different areas and so forth. OK, we use that as the comparison, because everybody that’s getting the information is familiar with the computer, otherwise they wouldn’t get the information.

So, to begin with, your psyche is that which you are ‘aware’ of and contact in what you call your ‘sleep’ state. Your psyche, it does not know ‘time’, it does not know ‘direction’, IT IS. It cannot be explained, but it can be experienced. The same way with consciousness, it’s very difficult to describe, but it is experienced every day that you exist.

Now your psyche, as I have said, goes in every direction. It is like a big landscape. Now, your consciousness in your ‘sleep’ time, is a great deal different than in your ‘awake’ time. You have a saying on your planet, that say’s ‘let your conscious be your guide’ OK. So, what that means is, if you will listen, your consciousness is putting together experiences for you that you have ‘decided’ upon when you are in your ‘sleep’ state and working ‘directly’ with your psyche.

So, when they say you are conscious, you have conscious awareness, yes, because that is your waking ‘functioning’ tool. Now, the one problem that the majority of the individuals upon your planet have, is that they take their ‘waking’ consciousness – with all it’s problems, all it’s troubles, all it’s questions and everything else, and take it into the ‘sleep’ time. Then try to manipulate from that angle. Now, if upon going to sleep you set aside your consciousness, all your worries and your troubles and thought patterns and all your excitement of what you have done and what you’re going to do and all of that.
Take everything that is within your brain, which is running constantly, and set it aside. Then if you start dropping off to sleep and something comes up, ‘oh, I forgot about that’. Then think about that, solve it, either get up and write it down, so you don’t forget it the next morning, or forget it. Then try going to sleep again. Now, those that are working with their psyche, and their consciousness, they know what belongs where, when. So, the minute they lay down, to go to sleep, within five minutes they’re gone, because they know better than to take ‘anything’ into the ‘sleep’ time.

Free the mind. That gives you an opportunity to explore the psyche, in the nighttime. Then, upon awakening, you again pick up that which you call your consciousness, you don’t ‘pick it up’, but I mean, you begin to function with it. Then if you stay out of ‘struggle’ and perplexities and everything – and everyone has them – you here on the planet Earth you’re going to have them, nobody is exempt.
The only difference between those people who’s lives seem to run smoothly and those that don’t, is those that work with their consciousness, they get an idea, they get a thought pattern and instead of ‘shoving’ it aside, for another time, they act on it when it comes up. They acknowledge it when it comes up. Maybe they can’t act right away, but they acknowledge the thought. The ‘thought’ is coming from what you have experienced in your realm of the psyche. Now, that can be one way.

Another way is thoughts will come, like we explained in the beginning, like the dandelion seed. That is the ‘thought’ that comes from the ‘mind’ that you are ‘experiencing’ within your bubble of your planet Earth. Those are ‘thoughts’ that come to you and when you get to the point that ‘those’ are the ones that you are processing. Your psyche gives you ‘different’ options that you can work with – the ‘thought’ that you received. So you
see, you can’t put things in a ‘box’, because nothing works independently in your system of physicality and that ‘includes’ your body.

Now, I don’t know what present teachings are, but in the ‘older’ teachings, in books that you could get if you went back a number of years, they talked about the different ‘organs’ within the body as being part of the mind. In other words, that was one of the ways that they explained it. They were right on.

You have heard the expression, ‘I had a gut feeling’. That is one of your ‘minds’ that is giving you information. Your whole body gives you information. Your ‘skin’ is a great receptor. It can give you a great deal of information. But, you see, you are not totally aware of the ‘being’ that you are experiencing through at this point. But, at such time, you are aware of all these different things that are happening within the physical
being, your ‘life’ will change considerably.

Consciousness, is that which you will use in the day time in awareness, that is what you function from, that is your… shall we say, it works with the ’emotions’. It works with the information from the psyche. It works with all the different minds, or brains, that you have within your body that are functioning. So you see, it is a very complex system that you work within.

Now, we have this statement and it has been questioned, and I don’t know whether it was answered previously. But, the fact that it has been said by us, that you do not take ‘consciousness’ into the ‘big’ Universe. Now, consciousness is not ‘needed’ in the big universe, because, by the time you
begin to function ‘directly’ with your psyche, you are… in your little ‘dandelion’ seeds, your thoughts and you are out of time, you see you will function entirely different.
You will not function the same, because your ‘time’ will not be a restriction. You will not be ‘squished’ into linear time to the point you are now. In other words, you can say, ‘my goodness
this was a long day’. You could, now that you are ‘out’ of linear time to this extent, and it will be more so. You could have been ‘gone’ and experiencing in other realities. And come time to go to bed, you say, ‘this has been a long day’.

You could have been in and out of ‘body’ for ‘four years’, in your counting. But you still are counting from ‘sun up to sun down’. So it is ‘one day’ in your physical existence that you are ‘aware’ of. But, when you begin to experience other ‘realities’ DURING you daytime, you ‘slid’ in and out of your time. You can have ‘many’ years, ten, twelve, if you want to. Depending upon the pressures of what you call, your everyday life.
If you allow yourself your ‘freedom’ you will experience more. When you begin to work with the little ‘thought’ dandelion seeds, you will, shall we say, wonder about something, you will attract – just like a magnet – your little dandelion seeds and you’ll say, ‘oh, that’s what that’s all about’. Once you’ve digested that, so you understand it, then will come something else and something else. That will continue until you’ve said, ‘I’ve had enough’. But you’d be surprised how much thought is in that little bitty dandelion seed.

Now, the psyche, given full reign in the night time hours – you wake up, your consciousness will pick-up and start showing you different things during your day time hours. So you see, your life, instead of being that constant struggle, will be a ‘grand’ experience. You’ll begin to work with the ‘body’, give the ‘body’ it’s freedom and you will discover that the body is a very complex, beautiful instrument that you are given, to reside within for your experience. Instead of being angry with the body, be very ‘kind’ to the body, because it can tell you many, many things. Now, next question.

JOHN: Next question… “Are the concepts of compassion – love and working towards a Higher ideal Universal?”

DATRE: Well you see we have to get down to ‘nuts and bolts’ again. These are your concepts. These are the words that you have put on emotions, on your planet Earth. From our vantage point, in the big Universe, there would be no need for the word compassion, because it is an ‘existence’, it is not a ‘word’. Compassion is an existence. What were the other words – please?

JOHN: Compassion – love…

DATRE: Love! You were ‘birthed’ in that which is called ‘love’; you are ‘surrounded’ by love. But, there again, your ‘love’ is a physical name on your planet Earth. What we refer to as ‘love’, again, is an ‘existence’. We do not know how to ‘exist’ without what you call love and without what you call compassion, because our very existence encompasses those. It’s the very ‘essence’ of us. You have ‘separate’ words for things, because you ‘strive’ to achieve those things. When you become more of the ‘you’ that
YOU are, that will become an ‘automatic’ expression.
So you don’t have to go around and huggie kissie and I love you, I love you, because your whole ‘being’ exhibits that. It will exhibit the ‘love’ and it will exhibit the ‘passion’ and it will exhibit the ‘compassion’. That will be your existence. Some people will look at you and say, ‘my goodness, that is a cold individual’, because your not running around ‘expressing’ it, it’s your very BEING that’s expressing it.
The ‘falsehood’ comes in the compassion and the love that people TTRRYYY to show other people. When there is a ‘deep’ love, a deeper love than can be expressed in a lot of fancy words, between a husband and a wife, or in a relationship, or with children, there’s a ‘deepness’ that cannot be expressed toward another individual. That is LOVE and COMPASSION. The minute you try and put a word on it you’ve lost it, because as you become more YOU, you will ‘express’ it, just by BEING. Next question.

JOHN: The other part of that we didn’t deal with it say’s… “And working toward a higher ideal, is that a Universal Principle?”

DATRE: No! Working toward a ‘higher’ ideal is not necessary. It is not necessary because, there is no ‘higher’ then what you ARE. Right now, you are expressing your… that which is you, to what ever ability you have. Now I know where your ‘higher’ comes from and that’s from your ‘hierarchy’, which has been a big stumbling block in many concepts. Now, when it comes to channeling and they say, “I channel from my Higher Self”,
believe me, you have no ‘higher’ self than you sitting in a chair, right where you are. That’s as ‘high’ as you are going to get. Now you can get… from another reality, you can bring in information, you can bring in information from the ‘dead zone’.

But, from your ‘higher’ self, you don’t realize, your ‘higher’ self is YOU. We have stated it before – the only difference between ‘us’ and ‘you’ is we ‘know’ who we are. You’re ‘striving’ to ‘learn’ who you are. Next question.
JOHN: Next question is… “Why does Datre try to help us?”

DATRE: Well, we don’t, shall we say, try to ‘help’ you. We try, in that we wish to give you ‘information’, so that you can become the very ‘best’ YOU that you can be. Because there is so much ‘conflicting’ information on the planet, about ‘how’ you achieve these different things, like connecting with your ‘higher’ self. That’s a good one. There are many others that are
‘stumbling’ blocks, rather than ‘stepping’ stones. Your ‘belief’ system is one of them. It’s a copout. It really is, it’s a copout. They say, well you can’t live without a belief system. Yes you can. There are many on this planet right now, that are doing it and they are doing very well with that. You don’t ‘have’ to ‘believe’ anything. All you ‘have’ to do is ‘exist’, be aware, allow and that’s not only ‘allow’ your self, but ‘allow’ others. You’re ‘not’ responsible for any ‘other’ individual upon this planet – not ONE.

The only ‘responsibility’ you ‘have’ is to be the best YOU, you know how to be. If you are the best YOU, you know how to be, then the ‘responsibility’ ceases. You cannot ‘look’ to another for happiness. You cannot ‘look’ to another to solve your problems, because if you ask ten people, ten people will give you ten different answers. You know which answer you will choose? The very one, that is like the one that you already want and know, this is the answer I’m looking for and as soon as somebody come up with it, ‘oh yes, that’s the right one’. But you’ve already chosen which one you wanted. So, don’t look to other peoples, nobody can ‘fix it’. You are the only ‘one’ that can ‘fix’ you and when you begin to ‘realize’ ‘who’ and ‘what’
you are, and then you can relax and let it go. Allow it to be, and allow yourself to be.

The reason that we are here now, is because as we have spoken before, of the birth, there is a separation taking place. You have ‘new’ energies coming upon the planet. These new energies are ‘changing’ your personalities. It is changing your physicality and if you’re going to ‘fight’ anything and everything that comes upon your planet from now until the, you’re going to have a dickens of a time, guaranteed.

That is why we are here ‘now’ to let you know, what you are, how you are functioning to a certain degree and allowing you to ‘relax’ and let it happen. Don’t fight, that is one of the big things that you have on your planet. You’re ‘fighting’ for the ‘top’ job. You’re stepping on everybody’s neck to get to the ‘top’. Your ‘fighting’ to stay at the ‘top’ once you get
there. It’s a constant battle all the time.
You have a very ‘competitive’ reality. A very competitive reality and you know what is happening as we see the mass consciousness upon the planet? So many people were put out of work in very ‘substantial’ jobs, shall we say. Yet we are finding some individuals, instead of sitting around moaning and groaning about their situation, have decided to do what they wanted to do ‘all’ their lives. They’re probably not making a tremendous amount of money, but they have found ‘happiness’ in doing what they wanted to do. So, you see, you can see the changes taking place, on your planet, every single day and there are going to be more.

That is why we are here now, not to help you, because we cannot do anything, everybody has to do their own. But, to explain to you so that you understand what these ‘new’ energies are all about and a little bit, about what your physical being is all about. Next question.

JOHN: Next question… “Where or how does Datre get his direction or assignment from are there actual places or constructs or beings in the Universe. Or is everything one, an aspect or vibration of All That Is?”

DATRE: Well, I think we have explained that before. We are, absolutely, individualistic. In other words, we all are individualistic, in that we have “our own jobs”, shall we say, that we do. Yet, because we do not work with a physical construct that confines you in a very ‘narrow’ area. There’s no such thing as a ‘secret’, or something hidden, or something that
you do not wish to tell anyone. Or any of that, that you have, when you have put yourself in a very confined physical body. There is no need.
So every experience is a ‘shared’ experience, with everybody. In other words, now, I’m speaking to you through this channel. But, the experience that I’m gaining, being here and speaking through this physical being, is ‘shared’ by everyone. So there’s no barriers. We don’t have reality ‘barriers’ like you have. We do not have physical body ‘barriers’ like you have. Our existence is entirely different.

We sort of ‘dream’ like you call… sort of what you would call a ‘day’ dream. In other words, this is very simplistic, but I’m trying to explain it. You could say that we get an ‘inspiration’ and in the beginning of the inspiration we don’t wait ’til the inspiration is finished. The minute it begins to come into, shall we say, our awareness, we begin to ‘act’ on it. Unconcerned about the out come. Just watching it.

That is entirely different than you… you wait until you get ‘all’ the information, then you act. But you see the minute that we get it… that’s why ‘consciousness’ is not needed. That’s why a psyche is not needed, because there is all of this in the ‘big’ Universe and so we ‘play’ with it. And when we have an inspiration, ‘oh I wonder what will happen if I do this, this and this?’ But before I say the second word, I’ve already begun
my activity on the ‘first’ word.
You see that’s a concept you cannot understand and believe me, that is very simplistic. But, that’s the way it is. That’s why when you get into the ‘acceleration’ of working with the ‘thought’ – that is the little ‘dandelion’ seed and you begin to work with that, to a greater extent then you are at the present time – when that seed ‘opens up’ and you get the first inkling and you begin to ‘act’, it becomes what you would call ‘thought do’. Because the minute that seed opens up and reveals itself to you, bingo, you’re off. It is that quick. So you will find some that are ‘connecting’ to, thought do, and it will be zip, they’re doing one thing. Two minutes later they’ll be doing something else. A couple minutes later they’ll be doing something else.

They’re like a whirling Dervish, they are going from here, to there, to there, to there, to there and they’re ‘completing’ all these thoughts as they come in and they’re having a ball. That will last for a while, because you in physical form cannot keep that up for any length of time. But maybe you’ll do it for a day. At the end of what you call a day, you’ll say, ‘boy, did I have a good time’. That is the way we function all the time.
But you see we don’t put ‘stoppages’ on things. We don’t have to stop for meals. We don’t have to stop to go to the bathroom. We don’t have to take the car to go here there or the next place. We don’t have to work. We don’t have the physical restrictions.

So, we just do, do, do, do. That’s the way our existence is. Continue, next question.

JOHN: Part of that question I don’t think you dealt with. I think what he’s saying here is… “Is there such a thing as All That Is, in the Universe?”

DATRE: Well, there again that is a very ‘limiting’ term, because All That Is, is only All That Is, only in the moment and the next moment it is something else, and the next moment it is something else. You see in your… there again, you nail everything down too ‘tight’. Let’s put it this way. In that ‘bubble’ that surrounds your planet Earth, everything that you need, want, can think of, can perform, anything, everything, it’s mind blowing what is in your ‘bubble’ for you to work with. You only work with a little tiny piece of it, just a little part of it. Nobody has expanded to the point that they use a great amount of it. There’s gillions of things, within that bubble and you could, had you not set up this ‘death’ thing, you could continue and continue and continue and never go through that ‘death’ period at all. If you got into the ‘flow’ of experimenting with everything that you’ve got on your planet, you could live for eons and still not use up everything.

So you see All That Is, is only All That Is, within a moment, because in the next moment it is different. That is what makes the Universe fun, is because it never ever stays the same. In your physicality, you don’t have the ‘freedom’ of expression, that those outside of your ‘little’ universe, into the ‘big’ Universe – you see there’s no restrictions. You ‘are’ but
you don’t have to fool around with being inside of a body. That’s the first restriction you put on yourselves.

But remember, I do not mean, a restriction in a derogatory manner at all. Your experience within a physical construct is of a ‘grandness’ that very few have ever begun to realize, because it is so vast. But you only ‘touch’ a little bit of it and then you get ‘tired’ of it and then, “well I guess I’ll die now and start over again”. I know, John your laughing, but you
know that is what the people on your planet say, because they get ‘bored’ with physicality. That’s because they’ve only touched such a small portion of it.

So, but, the restriction is your body. But, if you were to learn ‘how’ to work ‘with’ the body, allow your psyche to work ‘with’ you and not push it around and make everything… you know, you have your ‘dream’ time and you wake up. Then you go and get all the books, or you find all these people that can tell you what your dreams are all about. My goodness can’t you even figure that one out for yourself? You know, you don’t have to have a
book to tell you what your ‘dream’ is about. You don’t have to have another individual to tell you what your ‘dream’ is all about. If you can’t figure it out forget it. Either you’ll experience it in your daytime or you won’t. But it is no big hang-up. OK, Next question.

JOHN: The next question is… “When Seth say’s ‘he goes to his favorite desk and den’ is that an actuality that others can perceive, or is it a totally subjective mental construct?”

DATRE: (Much laughter) Well, pretty hard sometimes to tell where the ‘jokes’ are isn’t it? Yep, sure I go to my desk. I also go to my bed and I sleep and I do all kinds of things. The only thing I was putting across there and I don’t know where I said it or what, but I’m pretty much of a ‘jokester’. But the thing is, what I was getting at was sitting down putting your feet up. If I were to do that, you know what I would do? I’d be waiting for inspiration and by the time I got my feet on the desk it
would be there and I’d be doing something else anyway. No, that was a ‘fun’ thing. I put ‘fun’ things in my books and you know the interesting thing is, it was very difficult, many times. They made ‘fun’ of the things that were serious and they took serious the things I made ‘fun’ of. You know sometimes things got a little back end too. And please, the person that I am speaking to on the questions, please do not take umbrage at that. I’m not making ‘fun’ of you, believe me. But, I found it very interesting that many people thought I was a fun loving person.

No I wasn’t, I was giving information that I wanted to get across to people. Yes, I do laugh, I do smile, in the channel and I do the same with Aona. But the thing is, that the basic core of every one of my books was very, very, serious information.

If that information had been followed. There would have been at least ‘one’ that would have gone out of this – what you call your planet Earth bubble, because the material was that intense. But the thing is, that it put ‘some’ of you right on the very edge.
Because, that was many years ago that original information was given and because you did not have a ‘framework’ to support your understanding of a great deal of that information. If you
were to read those books with the information that you have gained, in that which you call your physical expression/experience, you would find that it is entirely different. Because one of the things we are trying to do here,
is to put it in baby steps, very simplistically. To build a good foundation for you, to begin to expand your awareness.
Now, putting my feet up on the desk. Well, sounds like a good idea. Sounds like a very good idea, but I don’t have time for that any more. So, we’re not making fun of you who ever you are, were just telling you that that was just put in for fun – and I do like to have a good time. As you well know, we have some very good times here. As soon as we get Aona out of the way, then we have fun. Are there any more questions?

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: That was a good one. All right, surf’s up, lets go for a ride, see you later, we are Datre.


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