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Datre answers John W.
JOHN: We have some questions from John W. His first question is… “You said that the new energies will be effecting the whole planet (not just humankind). How will plant, animal & other life forms be affected by these changes?”

DATRE: There will be many changes upon your planet. Your planet has it’s own evolutionary cycle independent of you upon the planet. Now, we have stated that before, that the evolution of a planet and the evolution of the ‘life form’ upon the planet does not coincide. It is very unusual when they do. This is, what you would call, an abnormality. Something that doesn’t happen, but very, very rarely.

Now, what is happening, your planet is evolving and ‘you’ are evolving with the new energies that you are receiving. The energies coming in are affecting you in your ‘physical’ being and it is effecting the ‘animal’ population. These are those ‘waves’ that are affecting that. The planet takes care of itself. That is an other whole entirely ‘different’ thing and
we’re not concerned with your planet, your planet takes care of itself. We are ‘concerned’ about the individuals ‘upon’ the planet.

Now, you will find that as the ‘energies’ increase that there will be ‘little creatures’ upon your planet – both in the water, in the air, on the ground – there will be those that will not be able to sustain the ‘new’ vibrations. It is very simple for them to leave. You see they don’t… when an animal dies – I know you make a ‘big deal’ out of it – you morn the death of a pet, just like a child. You bury it; you put it in the ground. But you see, from our standpoint, it looks so strange, shall we say,
because the animals don’t have a dead zone. The minute the animal senses ‘death’ the animal ‘withdraws’ from the physical construct, prior to the death of the physical construct. It takes itself ‘out’ and immediately finds itself another body to be in. There is none of this dead zone thing for an animal and if there isn’t anything available, they just wait.

They’ll wait ’til there’s a birth of some sort, their vibration matches it, and they just ‘hop’ into that physical construct. You see, their vibration is very simplistic. You’re the one that has setup all these things in the dead zone and all that sort of thing. Also because you are a planetary ‘substance’ – your physical being animal/plant both. How could you be if you did not have ‘Earth’ substance to pick-up the particles to make your physical construct?

So those that have a greater portion of the ‘animal’ body within their physical construct are going to ‘feel’ this a great deal more than those individuals that have more of a ‘plant’ construct within their being – within their body construct. But, I know the next question, I can already hear it coming, ‘who am I and where do I belong and how much ‘plant’ and how much ‘animal’ do I contain?’ We don’t know and it is not of concern to you. You will handle the vibrations that are coming into the planet at your ‘own’ rate of speed as to how you can handle it. That is all we can tell you. That is… there again, I know this is things they don’t want to hear, but, it is ‘entirely’ up to you, nobody else can help you, it’s yours. You are in your physical body. It is yours to maintain. It is yours to experience. Continue!

JOHN: The next question from John is… “Are the energies introduced very gradually, in ‘waves’ or would the effects be experienced in different phases depending on the individual or life form?”

DATRE: It will depend, they are… they do come in what you call waves and what we have referred to as waves, but, it will depend on how ‘you’ react to them. In other words, when they first come in, it is like the beginning of a wave in an ocean. When it comes it is ‘little’ and it will build and build and build as it comes to shore. So the wave as it comes in, some are going to catch the first part of the ‘wave’ and begin to work with that in the physicality’s. Others will wait ’til they get hit by the ‘boom’ of it. You don’t realize, but you have been working with the ‘new energy’ waves for a number of years in your counting. But the thing is, it is increasing in frequency and so as it increases, that is when you are going to begin to ‘feel’ more of it and more of it.

Depending upon your body construct, which you have ‘chosen’. Depending upon your ‘concept’ of evolution, of ‘who’ you are, of what is happening, of where you are going. All of these things will make a difference of ‘how’ you react to the energies. In other words, if you find someday your staggering around like your half drunk and not being able to get your balance and feeling kind of woozy and everything and saying, ‘what in the
world is going on?’. Get panicky and run to a doctor right away, then you’re in ‘struggle’. The other one will say, ‘well I guess this isn’t the day to be up and around and trying to ‘do’ anything, I guess the best thing is to call in sick and stay home until this thing goes away’. Some people will say, ‘hey this is fun, oh boy, I haven’t had ‘this’ experience before, I
wonder what’s happening, boy this is fun, this is great, I’m wobbling all over the place, everything’s swimming’.

You see the ‘different’ reactions? That is why we are here, to help those that are beginning to experience those ‘types’ of things. Everyone experiences different, there is no two alike. You think of how many billions you’ve got on your planet, lots of different experiences, depending upon you. Next question.

JOHN: The next question from John is… “If the dead zone is collapsing where are those within it going to?”

DATRE: Well, how come you have so many people on your planet? Everyone in the dead zone has been ‘clamoring’ to get ‘back’ into physicality. That’s why you have so many here on your planet at the present time. Because, everybody wants to get ‘back’ into physical form, that’s what that is all about, because they want to, they ‘think’ they want to experience from
physicality. But they ‘jump’ into physicality with out too much thought of what’s going to happen and ‘who’ they are. They haven’t figured ‘themselves’ out yet, so they come back in and they’re as confused as they were when they went out.

So, but anyway, the dead zone is ‘collapsing’, that is correct. As many in the dead zone as possibly can are trying to get back into physicality. That’s where it all is, you’ve got only two places to go at the present time, either your ‘alive’ or your ‘dead’.

JOHN: (snickering) OK, next question from John…

DATRE: It is so simple John, you don’t need to laugh at it.

JOHN: He says… “Firstly, there is some chatter in regard to the “who are we?” post. You’ve probably seen that there is something to the effect that ‘well we’re not going to view ourselves as superior as that’s quite out of place with the Seth material’….

DATRE: Wait a minute. Who ever said that you’re going to set yourself into a hierarchy position? We have said, there is only upon ‘your’ planet the hierarchy – that ‘you’ have set-up upon your planet. Who is the one that says ‘well I’m not going to set myself in that position’, who are the ones that say that? The ones that want to be, shall we say, ‘meek’ ‘kind’ ‘loving’ and all of that. But do not have that ‘integrity’ of ‘self’ that
is needed to ‘stand-up’ and be themselves. Because the minute you ‘stand-up’ to BE yourself and quite telling ‘other’ people how to run their lives – and run your own, you will ‘begin’ to experience a “compassion” and a “love’ that you have never felt within the physical construct before. Continue.

JOHN: “That ‘we’ being those who are questioning ‘who am I, why an I here?’ A question which I came up with before seeing this anyway was how that related to the families of consciousness where apparently there are three major types according to Datre: Bubble A, B & ‘immigrants’.”

DATRE: Now wait a minute, lets clear this up right now. He is equating the families of consciousness to…

JOHN: To the bubbles. To bubble A – bubble B and the immigrants.

DATRE: I don’t know what he means by the bubbles…

JOHN: The two bubbles that collided.

DATRE: Oh all right fine, fine, thank you. Yes, that is basically, but that has nothing to do with families of consciousness. The families of consciousness are those attributes or… I guess attributes is the best word to use. That you as a ‘being’ exhibit, whether you are on ‘this’
planet Earth, or you are on other planetary existences. That ‘families’ of consciousness has nothing to do with the – bubble A, bubble B or the immigrants, or what we wish to call them, the ‘specialists’.

Now, there is the ‘specialists’, the immigrants, what ever you want to call them. They have, shall we say, what would you say here on planet Earth – have ‘honed’ their craft within their own being so that they have become ‘unique’ specialists in different areas. So, that is what they have, that is their ‘beingness’. That is their ‘attribute’, that is their beingness. That can be on one planet, you would say it is a ‘nurturer’ – a nurturer
being a little bit different than you have on planet Earth. But, you can say, that when they come on planet Earth, than if they came A, B or C, lets put it that way, they would be a nurturer on planet Earth, because that is their ‘beingness’. So the nurturer, would be those that work in areas where they have children, mother – father, it does not matter, they would nurture children. They could be a nurturer as far as working in a place where they took care of sick animals.

The nurturing characteristic is a characteristic which is a ‘family’ of consciousness, shall we say, because I do not know the families of consciousness. But that is entirely different – that is your ‘beingness’. In other words, when you leave this planet, Earth, you will still be a nurturer. But none of you are ‘pure’ you are all ‘combinations’ of many different things. But, the thing is, you will have one ‘area’ in which you gravitate to. That is families of consciousness.

Now you see, in the Universe, as we’ve said before, you do not ‘take’ consciousness, because you don’t work with consciousness. But, in different planetary existences, you do. All right.

JOHN: The next question is… “Another similar question is whether or not Jane’s Seth was aware of this birth and the preceding energies as I’m not aware of any mention of that type of event…”

DATRE: Stop! This was coming up – in your terminology, lets put it this way,- because the simultaneousness of many things is known. The thing that was not known is the amount of vibrational frequency the physical being could ‘tolerate’. OK, now, what would be the object of giving you this information 20 years ago? The information given 20 years ago was information to help you to get to ‘know’ the ‘validity’ of your self and it still is the same with us today. We’re trying to say, ‘realize how GREAT you really are’. What difference does it make 20 years ago, to have this information out and available? It did not make any difference. You had your ‘plate’ full at that time and you only decided, well I only like ‘peas’, so I eat three of them and push your plate away and don’t go any further.

There are those that, even if they never read a book, have within their ‘being’ a ‘knowingness’ and they have gathered these ‘bits’ of information all along. Without ever hearing any of this, they’re ready. They ‘know’ where they’re going and they know what’s going to happen when they get there, to a certain degree. But, the thing is, you were given that plate of food, you were given meat, potatoes and peas and pickles and everything that you’d want and you took three peas off the plate and said, well that’s enough. So that is why… why give you desert, when you can’t even eat your food, kids are taught that? If you don’t clean your plate, you don’t have any desert. OK, this is the desert.

JOHN: To follow on with that question a bit, he says… “The only major prediction I can remember was that the ‘third Christ’ would have carried a form of religious reformation by 2075.”

DATRE: What difference does that make, how many of you are going to live to 2075? How many of you ‘want’ to live to 2075? How do you know ‘when’ this change is going to take place? When is this ‘split’ going to take place, we don’t even know that. Of course the thing is, you see, when it gets around to happening, everybody will get out and pickup the numbers and ‘see that
is what happens’. But you know what’s going to be interesting? There’s going to be ‘nobody’ here to write it down. Next question.

JOHN: No body home.

DATRE: All brand new homes.

JOHN: OK, the next question from John W. is… “With regard to channeling, are there many entities available at this particular time of change willing to channel to those who would just ‘open the door’?”

DATRE: At the present time we do not know. There are those that have been taking training and I do not know how many are continuing. You see, to bring fourth Universal information it takes many years of training. It takes many years to get the body to a point of assimilating different vibrational frequencies and it takes ‘training’ for the ones to come thru.
To be able to manipulate the vocal chords of the channel. It is not like someone that is from the dead zone, because physicality knows physicality.

There are those of us that bring you information, as a for instance, the one that is speaking to you at the present, cannot manipulate the body. In other words, we can move the ‘eyes’, which we could not do the last time we were here and we are getting better at moving the vocal chords. But other than that we cannot manipulate a body in any way, shape or form. So you see, we have to be very careful. In fact we can feel the physical construct heating, so we will have to leave, so we do not put too much ‘energy’ into this physical being. But I am speaking to you as one who has never had physicality, good bye.

JOHN: OK, I think that a lot of his question was talking about channeling in general. In other words, all kinds of channeling, other sub-reality channeling, what ever and the time seems to be ‘ripe’ for that kind of activity.

DATRE: That is correct. In fact the other day when you had someone go out and shoot a whole bunch of people, he said, ‘well they told me to do it’. They, being someone that he heard in his head. They told me to do it. You see they are beginning to get a lot of information that is coming thru and they don’t know what to do with it.

Now, there again, when you begin to channel from the ‘dead zone’ how do you know what you’re getting? Have you done enough research to know what you’re getting? Are you “channeling” from your self? Are you “channeling” from your psyche thru what you call your sub-conscious that you ‘choose’ to ignore most of the time? Are you channeling a relative? Are you channeling another ‘reality’, because there seems to be a great magnitude? Most
channels, and you see that’s the thing, once they ‘grabbed’ on to that word they hung on tight.

So there’s no separation as far as the ‘word’ is concerned. Because they ‘attached’ the word ‘channel’ after they heard that one called RAMTHA, that was channeled by J.Z. Knight. All right, ‘that’ was ‘channeling’, that was not a dead zone entity. But to, shall we say, put them in the same category, they picked up the ‘word’ and now everyone is a channel. That is fine, but ‘know’ what you’re doing. You have to ‘know’ what you’re doing.

JOHN: The term that they changed was the word ‘medium’, that’s what you would… if you were still using the old terminology, dead zone and other reality channeling would be still called ‘mediums’.

DATRE: That is correct, that is correct. But it does not matter. If people become ‘discriminating’ enough, they don’t have to be ‘told’ what information ‘they’ want. You will ‘choose’ the information that is comfortable to you.

Repeating what we’ve said before, we will not affect the ‘masses’ because people will not sit down and read the information, because it is cumbersome. The cumbersome comes from the fact that we have different ‘people’ that keep coming in with ‘different’ types of information. So it is not like ‘dead zone’ channeling where everyone ‘knows’ how to put in the periods and how to put in the commas and know all the words. We have to ‘search’ for words, because we have to find a word that fits, the best that we can think of, in your physicality, to explain something to you. We have to get out the ‘dictionary’ and find words. The dead zone, or alternate realities, within your own construct do not have that problem, because they have been physical. OK, next question.

JOHN: The next question from John is… “Would I be correct in assuming that opening to channel is being made easier by the vibrational changes?”

DATRE: Yes that is true, because you’re able to have access to different areas. We have said it before, it might be confusing, but there is the vibrational changes within realities within your system. That’s what separates you from ‘sliding’ into one another. I think that I have explained that before. Linear time was also a division that kept you from ‘sliding’ back and forth into other areas, in your everyday life. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t access them, I meant just slipping and sliding in an out of them.

Now, those vibrational barriers, because the vibration of the physical construct is being accelerated – when those are ‘accelerated’ you can see the vibrational changes between the realities and between the ‘time’ zones are going to ‘match’ easier. In the easier ‘matching’ of the vibrations, yes, that becomes something you can get in and out of very quickly. But, I
would say just one thing, “know yourself’ before you begin the channeling. Know yourself, it is not important that everyone on the planet be a channel because, goodness knows, there are enough of them as it is. This is one more, but it is a very ‘different’ content entirely and this is not going to be something that you are going to sit down and do, without a number of years of preparation. So, are there any more questions?

JOHN: Yes! His next question is… “Is there advantages to going without sleep for days in that it brings interesting perceptual changes or is it damaging?”

DATRE: No, it is not damaging, it is not advantages. The thing is, when you go for days without sleep, you are ‘missing’ your connection with your psyche. That is all I will tell you, you can do as you wish. But what I’m saying, is in your sleep ‘stage’ is when you connect with your psyche and your psyche and your consciousness and the YOU that you are is working together to ‘setup’ your next waking experience.

JOHN: OK, the last question from John deals with that a little bit further, it says… “How do the vibrational changes affect sleeping patterns?”

DATRE: You will find that your ‘sleeping patterns’ will be very GREATLY affected. Now, you will find that there are times – you clear your mind – you close your eyes – you have nothing that you can relate to until you open your eyes the next morning. You will awake ‘refreshed’ and ready to give the world a go. Then you will find that you will go thru other periods of ‘time’, shall we say, when regardless of what you seem to do, that which
you call ‘sleep’ will not come. Now, rather than thrash around in your bed and try to make the body sleep, get out of that bed, go and sit in a chair and find something to read. It does not matter, but your computer is always running. It is far better for you to sit down and read a murder mystery or a geographical information or archeological, or whatever you’re into, a craft book, whatever.

Read something, is far better for you than to lay in that bed – force the body into sleep – which it does not want to do and sit and thrash over and over and over. Yesterday’s problems, today’s problems, tomorrow’s problems, everything that the computer keeps dragging up, dragging up, dragging up, dragging up. Don’t ‘allow’ the body that latitude.

After all, you’re in the body experiencing, but you’re ‘still’ the boss. Say ‘alright if you won’t sleep, than do something else’. Don’t just lie there and ‘grind’ on any subject. The minute the body finds out that, well, so we’re going to do something else, it will be content. You might find yourself reading in the morning, except you’ve got your eyes closed. You will wake up and the book will be there in front of you, you have gone to sleep.

It is the “struggle” in anything that causes wear and tear upon the physical being. The physical body ‘reacts’ to that wear and tear that you give it. The body does not ‘die’ because of physical exercise, the body dies more often from the ‘stress’ that you put on it. So, you get two, three nights your not sleeping well, get up and do something else. Read, eat, whatever you want to do. Don’t allow the body to ‘struggle’ and grind on a subject that you’ve already gone over a million times. It is not going to help one bit. When the body is ready to sleep, it will sleep. All right, any more questions?

JOHN: That’s it.

DATRE: All right, we will leave you now, surf’s up, let’s go, we’re Datre.


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