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Datre answers Myron.
JOHN: His first question is… “These new energy waves that are coming in, – are they part of the Harmonic Convergence?”

DATRE: No! Harmonic convergence is something that you’re doing on your planet that’s done by the ‘psychic’ community. That has nothing to do with us, or what is happening with the energy waves. The energy waves are ‘independent’ of your planet. The energy waves are coming from ‘outside’ into your ‘bubble’ to make the changes. All right, next question.

JOHN: OK, “How does a technology wave differ from any other wave? Can the frequency be given or is that not applicable?”

DATRE: There is no ‘frequency’ to a wave, because you have not any instruments that detect those waves. As was stated before, you detect the ‘particles’ within the wave. At the present time you do not have any instrumentation or any ‘physicality’ – being human – that can detect the wave. In other words, you are ‘surrounded’ by them at all times. But you cannot see them, you cannot touch them. They are… we explained that earlier as ‘soap’ bubbles just to give you an idea of something, so that
you could understand.
It is like, you have what you call ‘air’, you know it’s there, you breath it, you walk in it, your surrounded by it and your ‘bubble’ is filled with it. The Universe is filled with it… not air, but energy ‘pockets’, ‘waves’, ‘bubbles’, what ever you want to call it. The reason we call them ‘waves’ is because they ‘congregate’ together. They’re individual, they’re individualistic, they have their own experiences, but they congregate. When they congregate naturally, or when we put them together, to form what we call an energy wave for a certain purpose. So, there is no way of detecting them, what-so-ever.

Electromagnetic’s is definitely… just the word by itself ‘electro’ is that planetary… what do I want to call it… explanation which relates to ‘your’ electricity. But ‘electro’ is only your planet; it is ‘not’ any place else. All right?

JOHN: You almost… I guess you almost pretty well answered the next question… “Is it electromagnetic or some other type not capable of being described in worldly terms?”

DATRE: That is correct, that is correct. They exist, they are, just like you would say, well we can’t see you, you meaning ‘us’ Datre, any portion of Datre, you are not able to perceive in any way. Because, we are, but there is nothing that says that you can ‘look’ at us and see that we are. Now, there’s a difference. You have your ‘dead zone’ personalities who will ‘materialize’ in front of you. That is ‘different’, that’s people – people.
Dead zone people, live people. But it’s still people – people. You’re still working with ‘particles’. So, waves are ‘invisible’. Next.

JOHN: OK, continuing on with Myron… “Assuming that some channels messages are a faithful representation (within the limits of words) of the larger picture; what and why are these others coming through?”

DATRE: From what I understand, is he speaking about the dead zone communications?

JOHN: He’s talking about all the other ‘types’ of channeling.

DATRE: Oh, that is fine, there is no limitation to what is allowed. You are allowed every latitude that you wish. If someone wants to bring through information from the ‘dead zone’ that is perfectly all right. There are some people that’s where their understanding is at the present time. The only difference is and we did not mean to imply, in any way shape or form, that
that does not have its validity, because it’s your own people, talking to your own people. All of your people that you say come to these convergence things; they’re nothing but your own people. They’re still within your own ‘bubble’ they’re not out side of your bubble. They’re still contained within realities within your bubble. They’re in different portions of your dead zone.

Your dead zone has different portions of it also. But that is still ‘your’ people speaking to ‘your’ people and it is as ‘they’ see what is happening on your planet.

Now, as we have stated before, that is fine. They are this and we are coming from ‘outside’ of your planet. We are coming from the Universe. We are not ‘contained’ within a planetary system of any kind. We are, shall we say, ‘free floating’. We’re not restricted in any way shape or form. The difference is, that what we are viewing is from a ‘Universal’ standpoint. Now, that ‘viewing’ is entirely different, we are watching what is happening to the individuals upon your planet.
That’s what we’re interested in. We don’t want a whole bunch of waves to come in and ‘wipe’ you out totally. The thing is, you have to be ‘watched’. Your vibratory physical body vibration is of a certain rate and it can only be ‘pushed’ so far. Some people are beginning to be ‘pushed’ beyond their ‘comfort’ zones right now. But the ones that we’re trying to reach are those who are feeling ‘better’ now that the vibration was increased. They’re beginning to recognize ‘who’ and ‘what’ they are. That is the ones that ‘we’ are speaking to.

There will always… the division is going to be greater – we have said that before. So the ‘smallest’ number of individuals, on your planet, will be interested in the information that we give. Simply because, we are only giving you information from ‘our’ standpoint. We are trying to help you grow. We’re trying to help you understand.

We’re trying to give you an ‘idea’ of what is going to be happening. We’re not putting any ‘dates’ on it. We’re not giving you any fear that we ‘know’ of, we’ve been very careful to not interject any fear into any of our material.

Now, what you get from your dead zone, from your hierarchy, from your councils and all of this other stuff that is simply ‘planetary’ information. There’s nothing wrong with it, but there are those that want ‘other’ material and that’s what ‘we’ are here for. Not for the ‘many’, we are here for the few. Next!

JOHN: The next question is… “If as you say, you have been assigned (or volunteered to give us earthlings the message), why are others allowed through with those fanciful messages that you claim are not entirely true?”

DATRE: Well, it isn’t that we ‘claimed’ they weren’t true – from ‘our’ vantage point. From ‘our’ vantage point, it has no validity to getting you to where you want to go… into the Universe or into another ‘system’ of reality. Rather than repeating what you have done for eons, that’s the difference.

Now, in order to make the ‘demarcation’ we had to show you what – from ‘our’ vantage point – is not going to get you any place. In other words, the information that the ‘dead zone’ provides is fine, for those people that, that is their… where they’re at in their evolution, or growing period, or what ever you want to call it.

Our intent is to reach those that are in here that have ‘lost’ themselves shall we say, in physicality. It’s not ‘lost’ but they have been ‘covered-up’ – they’ve been ‘layered’ by many different life times and now they’re beginning to say, ‘oh wait a minute, I don’t fit here very well, my understanding is very ‘different’ than the ‘mass consciousness’ of the planet’. Those are the people ‘we’ are speaking to. From our vantage point,
those are the people we are trying to reach. The rest of them have ‘already’ made their decisions as to ‘what’ they wish to experience and they ‘will’ experience that.
That is fine, but it would be from ‘our’ vantage point, what you would term a ‘tragedy’ to leave behind those that are ‘looking’ for information. That are beginning to get inklings within
their ‘own’ beings, that they ‘really’ do not ‘fit’ on this planet, because their ‘thinking’ is so different. It would be a ‘disservice’ not to give them information, so that they can ‘grow’ and expand at ‘their’ rate of speed. Everything else is ‘geared’ to the MASS. We want to reach the ‘individual’ who ‘know’ they are ‘different’ and want to make a change. They don’t want to continue in this ‘mass consciousness’ evolution, because it doesn’t fit them. That’s what it’s all about. Continue!

JOHN: This next question from Myron, I know we have dealt with before, I thought we had answered it. But we’ll try it again, his question is… “Are you part of the team that includes Djwal Kuhl?” Also known as the Tibetan.

DATRE: We have said before, that should someone like that, come into the Universe – you do not come in with a ‘name’. We don’t have ‘names’ the only name that we have is the adopted name of ‘Datre’ which we use for identification. But, there have been I don’t know how many, that have used that as identification, the word Datre, there’s many of us. Now, as to that individual, so far, within I don’t know what amount of time, there has been
no one that has come, shall we say, ‘off’ your planet into the Universe, there has not been.

Now, when this change takes place, those individuals that are ‘ready’ to make the change ‘out’ into the Universe, they will do so. But up until this time, for thousands of years back, and I can only use ‘thousands’ because I know no other number, there has not been anyone that came ‘off’ of your planet into the Universe, had there been, we would have ‘known’. So, he is
still, or what ever, I assume it is a he, because it sounds ‘male’, that individual is still within that which you call a ‘portion’ of your dead zone. There are many that are there awaiting this change to take place.

JOHN: OK, his next question is sort of a follow-up to that, he says… “I learn that Kuhl, Buddha, Christ and Confucius were recently met at Mt. Shasta here in California to plan an orderly transition of world leaders. Were you in on that?”

DATRE: Definitely not. We don’t care what you do on your planet. That has nothing to do with us what-so-ever. The only thing we do is observe and the only reason that we observing at this point, is because we want to watch the energy and ‘how’ it reacts to you as individuals upon your planet Earth. That is our interest. Next question?

JOHN: That’s all the questions from Myron.

DATRE: All right we will leave you with that now, we say goodbye for now, we will see you later, we are Datre.


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