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Datre answers Wanda.
JOHN: We have some questions from Wanda. Her first question is… “Could Datre give one session on Seth only as a summarization of those transcripts as well as elaborate on the importance of that material to us?”

DATRE: The importance of the Seth material, I think she’s referring to?

JOHN: Yes.

DATRE: OK, it’s as important then as it is now. Your references to your ‘dream times’, your ‘belief systems’, your ‘consciousness awareness’, your ‘psyche’, all of that is as ‘valid’ as the day it was given. Now there again, because the… it is considered ‘old’ material, you think it needs to be modified, it does not. Because basically in that amount of time the mass consciousness upon the planet has not moved, but probably, one iota. There are beginning to be those individuals that are beginning to make ‘important’ strides in knowing ‘who’ they are.
There are a number that are getting the Datre material that are beginning to ‘really’ surf, I mean they are beginning to find out who they are and they’ve got more questions then
they can handle. Because it just keeps coming up and coming up and coming up. But they’re going, shall we say, lickety split, because something, someplace, in transmissions is, shall we say, opened their awareness. This ‘timing and orchestration’ thing is something that you do in your ‘sleep time’ when you are working with your ‘psyche’ and so forth. That you set before yourself, different things that you wish to experience and some of them are, shall we say, ‘ripe’ for the picking.

These people are ‘right on the edge’ and whether it be the Datre material, or anything else, something ‘triggers’ that awareness, and because of the ‘energy’ changes, they are beginning to ‘hold’ thoughts that they could not previously do. Because there was… the mass consciousness, was at such a ‘slow’ rate of ‘speed’ that it just never ‘materialized’ for them, shall we
say. But now with the change in the energy construct upon the planet, individuals are going to be able to take this material and ‘run’ with it, because the energies are supportive. There is a greater amount of, what shall we say, higher frequency vibrational energies. So that is what that is all about.

Now as to putting all the Seth things together, it was done, it was done. Seth, from time to time, being a part of us, will come in and interact. But the ‘old’ material is as ‘valid’ as it was. Now, if you have not really ‘comprehended’ that material, to go back and read it in today’s framework, the different ‘framework’ of the body construct, the individual who is reading the material, it will be like a ‘brand new’ book. Any book will be a brand new book.
The Jane ‘inspired’ books are ‘different’ than the ‘Seth’ books. Many people shy away from the Seth material simply because, it is not easy, it is not easy to comprehend. So the Jane books that ‘she’ wrote, that were ‘inspired’ by Seth, were much easier. But we’re getting to bolts and nuts now so lets grab a hold and really ‘bit’ into it. It is not necessary to go back and put things together, it all works, it is all together there is no separation. All right, next question.

JOHN: OK, the next question is… “And very importantly, could Datre indicate how his material and the Seth material be used together?”

DATRE: There is no separation. The only thing that happens is that the individual referred to as Seth has had more recent experiences upon the planet, so is more ‘familiar’ with physicality. There are many that are within the Datre ‘construct’ that have ‘never’ been physical. You see, you
can’t… that’s one of the things you have difficulty in comprehending, and this is one of the things that ‘they’ have trouble trying to give ‘you’ information, because they don’t know the ‘right’ words to use. That has been said many times, ‘well I don’t understand why all the hemming and hawing’. Well there is hemming and hawing, if you were to go into Russia, I
use that, because Russian language is not easy to understand, or speak, it is very different. So, if you have never even heard of a Russian language and go into Russia and they could not understand any of your ‘English’, how would you communicate with them?

Now, you’re person to person and you could hold up a glass and point to a coffee pot and have them pour the coffee that you could communicate. But, how is an individual, that has never had physicality and is using only the ‘dictionary’ that belongs to the channel plus the dictionary that is available with ‘words’ that, shall we say, we have more or less set-up, to use, to become familiar with, to be able to ‘speak’ to you? It is very
limiting. So, that is what that is all about. But there is no ‘difference’, none whatsoever. The way it is ‘stated’ can be different.

But there again, you must realize, that when whoever is asking the question, or whoever ‘asks’ a question, depending upon where ‘their’ understanding was at the time the material was read and the present day will make a difference also. As you well know, there is nothing but ‘symbols’ in a book. It is your ‘interpretation’ of those symbols that makes it different. Now, that is one of the things that is, shall we say, a bench-mark, to those called John and Aona, is when she is getting these
questions from different individuals, they can pretty well tell where you are in your evolution, of that which you call your ‘physical’ mentality at the present time, because of the way the questions are asked and the depth of the questions that are asked.
It is not a ‘difficult’ thing to figure out. The thing is that, when you have had a great deal of ‘exposure’, like John and Aona have had, with people not only here in this country, but in other countries also, you get to ‘know’ in a very short time in speaking with people, when they begin to ask questions, it’s very easy to see, from ‘their’ standpoint, where they are in their evolution. So they ‘gear’ things to those individuals in that way. So, as far as the information, it dove-tails, it’s a ‘perfect’ fit, it can not be otherwise, it can not be otherwise.

The thing that will not fit and we are not in any way, degrading the information that is being channeled from the ‘dead zone’, or from alternate realities. That information will be ‘different’, because it is still basically, people talking to people. There’s where your difference will come in. But Universal information, it dovetails, it’s all there. All right, next question.

JOHN: What they have marked off here is a salutation in this particular section that they wanted to make some comment on, it reads… “There is a Spirit who is awake in our sleep and creates the wonder of dreams. He is the Spirit of Light, who in truth is called the Immortal. All the worlds rest on that Spirit and beyond him no one can go. Upanishads (cir. BC 800)”

DATRE: Did that Upanishads have any time variance, I mean how old is that material?

JOHN: Oh, according to this here is says 800 BC, that’s about 2800 years ago.

DATRE: Now, I believe that is why, when we were working and putting the questions together, we put the ‘psyche’ note. You see at that time and in fact up until, shall we say, very recent times. In fact we can even say more specifically if you wish, as long as we are speaking of Seth, the Seth material was probably the first ‘extensive’ material that was written about the ‘psyche’. That is what has always been, in your “past”, has been
referred to by those individuals upon the planet as the ‘Spirit’. That is the way ‘we’ view it. Because ‘Spirit’, was something that they ‘communicated’ with. It was, in their ‘heads’ they received communication. What that was, it is ‘you’ working with your ‘psyche’. You see we are breaking things down, for a little better understanding.

But the ‘Spirit’ is still used by the ‘psychic’ community. But actually, the ‘Spirit’ is only that which is broad based. They talk about the ‘Spiritual’ self. They talk about the ‘Spirit’ is what goes with you when you die. They talk about the ‘Spirit’ here, there and the next place, so ‘Spirit’ has many connotations. In other words, it’s like catsup, you can put it on something and it ‘slides’ all over the plate. OK, maybe a poor analogy, but I like to ‘play’ with words. So anyway, ‘Spirit’ has many connotations, from what we gathered when we read that originally, is what they were referring to is the ‘land of the psyche’. All right, next question.

JOHN: OK, the next question from Wanda is… “If time does not exist for our Spirit and our Spirit sends out many probable selves simultaneously into what we term our past, present and future, then the coming changes on Gaia (which is another name for Earth) have already happened. Comment please.”

DATRE: They have and they haven’t. You have ‘linear’ time, that you have been functioning in, for a long, shall we say, period of time. This was your ‘physical’ linear time. Now, there is that which is called ‘Universal timing and orchestration’, for your simplicity. There is no ‘time’ in the Universe that says this is the ‘beginning’ and this is the ‘end’. Linear ‘time’, physical ‘linear’ time has a beginning and an end.

Now, you can be in physicality, with your probable selves, your aspect selves, whatever you wish to call them. You can be living, your past, present and future all at the ‘same’ time. That is entirely possible. There is nothing that says you can’t be. But, which ‘future’ are you going to ‘pick-up’? Which ‘past’ do you remember the most? Why is it that when people get together, especially relatives, or very close friends, that one
starts talking about a ‘past’ event and the other one says, ‘oh no, it wasn’t that way, this is the way it was’? Which ‘past’ of your multiple ‘pasts’ did you pick-up for your remembrance? You see, the ‘fluidity’ that exists when you are not relating from a ‘physical’ construct, is fluid, it is very fluid.

That is what many term is ‘a little scary’, ‘a little over-whelming’, because it is all ‘fluid’ and you are not used to ‘fluidity’. Because you have ‘picked-up’ so much ‘particle’ reality, you have ‘layered’ your DNA’s and RNA’s and all of that so ‘tightly’ together that you think of yourself as so ‘extremely’ solid. That thinking of things as being ‘fluid’ is very disturbing to you.
That is one of the reasons that when you go into other realities, if you are capable of doing that, you can’t bring it back ‘here’, because it makes no sense. It makes sense to you while you are there but the ‘brain’ cannot handle the experience in ‘this’ physicality. So that’s why, when you visit other ‘realities’, the higher vibrations in different realities… these are… I’m groping for words… a higher
vibration in another ‘reality’ will get to the point, that it’s almost ‘past’ that which you would call ‘fluid’ and is almost ‘vaporous’.

Now, you can experience that, if your ‘vibration’ matches that. But how is a ‘physical’ brain ever going to put a ‘story’ on it? Because your ‘physical’ brain is what puts your ‘stories’ together for you. So you see, it is a lot more ‘complicated’ than it appears from another side of it. You see, before you became so layered… let’s get back to that quote that was just given and they spoke of ‘Spirit’. Now realize, at that point in
‘time’, which is very, very short, compared to the eons of ‘physical’ existence but even at that point in time, which you call 800 something (800 BC). At that ‘time’ those people were not as ‘layered’ as you are now. You put a ‘time’ on it, of 800 BC. But that is only a ‘linear’ time thing that you ‘stuck’ on it.

So exactly how far back that was, you do not ‘exactly’ know. But at that ‘time’ those peoples had not ‘put’ themselves into such ‘dense’ physicality. The ‘Spirit’ was very ‘close’ to them, very close to them, so that they could ‘see’. You can’t ‘see’ now, because you have ‘layered’ yourself to the point that you won’t ‘allow’ yourselves to ‘see’. The ones that begin to ‘allow’ themselves to ‘see’ will ‘see’. That is their ‘intent’. If that is the ‘intent’ it will be so. You are only ‘limited’, because you ‘wish’ to be ‘limited’. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is a follow on to that, it says… “If this is so, then how can we who are living in this now reality influence the Gaia’s probable future?”

DATRE: You cannot ‘influence’ Gaia’s probable future. The Earth has it’s ‘own’ timing. The Earth is not… the only thing that you can do to the Earth is take care of it, or contaminate it. You can take care of it, which you have not done. You have contaminated it; you have contaminated the air and the water. But, that’s what you did, so that’s not saying good, bad,
indifferent, it is all experience. Now, if you want to clean up the planet, clean up your air, clean up your water and all these things – fine. Because this is where you are living at the present ‘time’, you are living on planet Earth.

But, at the ‘time’ that the ‘split’ is made, there will not be ONE in this physicality upon this planet. Everyone is going off. The planet cleanses itself, because there is another civilization that wants to experience upon this planet because it has a certain vibratory construct that ‘they’ wish to experience. The ‘other’ planets that you will go to, will give you a ‘different’ experience, because the construct of the planet has a ‘different’ vibratory construct that you can experience upon. Those TWO planets that you will be going to, when the ‘split’ takes place, will give you ‘two’ different vibratory constructs to experience. That’s what it is all about.

There are those that ‘know’ within their ‘being’ that this physical existence is ‘not’ for them. Those are the ones that are going… what are they going to do? They will probably find a hunk of something and make a ‘planet’ for themselves. Hey Joe, come over here, I’m going to build a ‘new’ planet for experience. So Joe comes over and they find somebody else going by, Ann, come over here, help us, we’re building a ‘new’ planet.
That’s what they’re going to do. So you see, I know it sounds like a ‘story’, it sounds like a ‘fairy tale’, but ’tis truth. Continue.

JOHN: OK, and the last question is… “I know that it does but I want to know how it’s done. Do our probable selves therefore live parallel lives, in parallel Gaia’s, with parallel outcomes etc. How does it all fit in?”

DATRE: Right now it all fits in and to get into that is going to be a ‘tremendous’ amount of explanation that will go nowhere. The thing that is happening now, to those individuals who are becoming ‘aware’, is that they are beginning to ‘draw’ to themselves, those ‘other’ portions of themselves, experiencing in other ‘times’, shall we say, past, present, future times. They are ‘drawing them together’ and they are making a ‘greater’ whole out of the physicality that ‘you’ as an individual are
‘residing’ within.
As you well ‘know’, there is a ‘shift’ that takes place when you begin to ‘absorb’ other ‘portions’ of that which is you. As you have well experienced, and I am speaking to John, as you bring in a ‘probable self’ an ‘aspect self’, whatever term you wish to use, when you bring that into your ‘awareness’ you can ‘almost’ describe that individual that you are ‘interacting’ with. You feel like there is a ‘merging’, because that ‘portion’ of ‘you’, that you are, has said, “I want ‘this experience’ and not the experience that I’ve been having”.

That is all ‘choice’ at all times. But because you are, shall we say, ‘more’ physical at the present time, you have absorbed ‘more’ of the ‘new energies’ than a probable or aspect self. Then that one will come to you for ‘absorption’.

You have other ‘probable’ selves and ‘aspect’ selves that are probably saying, ‘I’m doing just fine’ and they will continue in their own evolutionary path. But, the only thing you do, is you don’t ‘try’ and ‘pull’ anybody in. But you are open to all experiences, because you don’t know ‘what’ experiences you are going to have.
So you don’t ‘struggle’, you relax, you open yourself up and that isn’t opening yourself up to ‘trash’, but open yourselves up to ‘new’ experiences. If you ‘know who you are’, your not going to get a ‘trash’ experience. If you don’t ‘know’ who you are, you’re apt to get some playful ‘spirit’ from the ‘dead zone’ to ‘play’ with you for a while. But, you see, that only happens to those who don’t ‘know’.
So, when I say, you are ALL intelligent enough to ‘know’, that which you want and that which you ‘don’t’ want and you state that ‘very’ clearly. What you ‘will’ accept and what you will ‘not’ accept and if it’s a vibration that you do not ‘like’ you say NO, I AM and that closes the door, on anyone you do not wish to entertain, within ‘your’ physical construct. It is like a salesman coming to the door, if you don’t want something you say no, I’m not interested and close the door, same thing. You don’t realize, how GREAT YOU ARE. Now, those who are beginning to
realize, are beginning to have a ‘great’ time. Continue.

JOHN: That’s the end of the questions from Wanda.

DATRE: Fine, we will leave you now, we are Datre.


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