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Datre answers Myron
JOHN: We have some questions from Myron, his first question is… “I must have tuned in late because in the last message I read from Datre I gathered he was or is Seth.”

DATRE: Now, as we have stated previously, Seth is, shall we say, ‘one’ of Datre. We all take turns shall we say, because that is the language you understand. There are times when we ‘encounter’ information that Seth wants to give, he will use the channel. There are other times when ‘others’ will come in and give the information. So, Seth is one of the Datre voices, lets put it that way. Next question.

JOHN: His next question is a follow on I guess… “Somewhere in Seth writings he says that there is too much masculine energy in the world today and that feminine energy is coming in to balance it.”

DATRE: No. That… we do not know anything about that information. I will tell you one thing, that at the ‘present’ time, it does not matter. Not one iota, because the energy is ‘changing’ so rapidly… your last ‘surge’ of energy was around I would say, I think you said at one time it was March. Now, that vibrational ‘increase’ affected a great number of people. Other people didn’t even know it happened.

So, the ‘energy’ on the planet, whether it be ‘male’ or ‘female’ at this time, whether they be sexually oriented towards males, towards females, towards each other, towards both of them, I don’t know all your specific words, it does not matter. The only thing that ‘matters’ at the present time is how you’re going to ‘handle’ that energy. What you are going to do with it, because it’s getting down to the point, that you better make up your minds, what you’re going to do. You’re either going to struggle’ with it, complain about it, rag at your body – give it a ‘bad time’ – (it’s doing the best it can) and continue in that vain. Or, you are going to ‘accept’ the new vibrational energies and use them to your advantage. It is entirely up to you.
But I will guarantee you one thing, the energies are not going to ‘decrease’, they are going to ‘increase’, progressively. The
reason for that being, is because those that wish to leave this planet, at such time that the ‘split’ is made, are going to have to ‘raise’ their ‘vibrational’ energies, so that they can go where they ‘want’ to go without being ‘disintegrated’. I know they’ll say, ‘well, this does not happen’, and these things won’t… I am telling you; it is going to ‘happen’. The energies are going to ‘increase’ upon the planet, again and again and
again. You accept them and work with them as you wish, it is up to you, it is ‘your’ decision. All right.

JOHN: The last question from Myron is a follow on from the previous and he says… “One way, he said, was that children would be raised by their mothers alone, eliminating the masculine influence. Well, I see by the papers that there is a wave of women raising children alone, without fathers, and the havoc these kids are creating, killing and robbing without a trace of conscience (Note I said conscience and not conscious doesn’t seem to serve any useful purpose. Was Seth/Datre wrong or was he speaking of an alternate universe?”

DATRE: What is happening, with the individuals upon your planet, is that those that are in the ‘dead zone’ are beginning to panic. They are not being ‘discriminating’ in ‘how’ they want to come into the planet. In other words, at one point in time, individuals ‘choose’ very carefully, shall we say, those ‘attributes’ that they wanted to pick-up in the ‘family’ linage,
to experience when they came into physicality again, shall we say. This was their experiential package that they came in with. They had an ‘intent’ and they had a ‘purpose’.

Now, as an example, you have that ‘Olympics’ going right now and we have enjoyed viewing that thru the eyes of the channel. Because we can ‘see’ the ‘intent’ of the individuals, that want to ‘succeed’ in what they do. There is a ‘drive’ within them. Now what originates the ‘drive’ is its competitive, do they want to win so badly, is it the fact that they want to see what ‘they’ can do? It doesn’t matter. But those individuals are very
much ‘single’ focused. They chose well the ‘families’ that they came into. Families that would be ‘supportive’ of what they desired to do.
There are others, I believe there was a little girl, last night that we were watching, that her parents went separate ways, but she found a coach that became her family and her coaches family became her family. Because she was single focused, she knew what she wanted to do. Now, you see, that is the difference between somebody that lolly-gags thru the planet and just gets ‘bumped’ around by every whim and every notion and bounces around here there and the next place. Mass consciousness does a number on them, because they don’t know what they want to do. They’ll just… well I’ll go this direction, then I’ll go that direction and I don’t know about this and I don’t know about that.

Those individuals that came in, they have that ‘integrity’ within themselves, because, nobody else is going to get out and swim. Nobody is going to get out and ride the bicycle. No body is going to get out and run. No body else is going to get out and do these gymnastic things. Male, female both, they’re doing it all the time. Those are individuals with ‘extreme’ integrity. Those are the individuals that have made up their minds, they’re single focused, this I will do, to the very ‘best’ of my ability. That is what is needed; you need that strength of ‘character’ to be able to follow thru on anything you decide to do. Not lolly-gag all over and moan and groan and complain and all of this other stuff, be single focused.

Now, the individuals that we are reaching at the present time, as we have said, there are some of those that are beginning to ‘take off’. They are single focused. They came in to this particular physicality ‘knowing’ that something ‘special’ was going to be happening and ‘they’ were going to be part of it and they are going to experience it to the very end. Because this is ‘what’ they ‘desire’ to do and they’re going to ‘search’ until they find ‘exactly’ what they want at the present time, for ‘their’ understanding and for ‘their’ growth.

These others are jumping from the ‘dead zone’, into any physicality they can find that is open. They’ll jump in, they’ll have ‘birth’, they get here and they don’t know what in the heck they’re doing, they didn’t know the last time and they don’t know this time either. But they know they don’t want to be in the ‘dead zone’, because they ‘love’ physicality, the minute
they get in, they ‘hate’ it. What are you going to do with those
individuals? There is not a thing you can do with them. But I will tell you one thing, that as you ‘become’ more ‘single’ focused in what you are doing, the ‘integrity’ of the ‘you’ that you are exhibited thru the physical being, you will be so busy, with your ‘own’ life, that these ‘others’ are not going to have any ‘effect’ upon you at all. Because, you ‘put’ them in ‘front’ of you.

You ‘draw’ your ‘pictures’ in front of you to view. Just like you do with a television set. You turn on the TV set and you set it to where you want it, correct? If you don’t like the station, you move it. You’re putting these pictures in front of you. As ‘you’ change, not anything out side, ‘you’ change, you are going to put ‘different’ pictures in front of you. And when you turn on the television and see these ‘other’ pictures, it is not going to ‘affect’ you. You see something in the news, you see something in the paper, you see something on the street that has ‘nothing’ to do with ‘you’, that is ‘their’ reality, not yours. You don’t run around and try and tell everybody how to ‘fix-it’. Fix your own first, and then what ‘you’ see will be ‘different’. It can all be the ‘same’ street you walk down, but you will not ‘see’ the same street. Any more questions?

JOHN: That was the last question, but I have a comment that I’d like to make on that. From what you’re saying, his viewpoint that because the children are being raised by a single parent, has really ‘nothing’ to do with the way the child turns out. If there is no ‘fundamental’ integrity within that ‘being’ the parent has little, or no impact, whatsoever.
DATRE: That is correct.

JOHN: So you can’t ‘blame’ the ‘parent’ for the ‘child’ problem. The ‘child’ is a fundamental problem in itself.

DATRE: That is correct, that is correct. Because you see the one thing that you don’t ‘realize’, is that you are as ‘young’ and as ‘old’ at ‘birth’ as you are at ‘death’. It is only the ‘bodily’ construct that changes. How many times have you seen a ‘child’ and interacted with a child of three or four that is thirty and forty? They may do prank things, children things,
because they ‘play’. But, you catch them off guard and ask them a question and they will turn around and answer you as a thirty and forty, instead of a three and four. Because they’ve lost their guard, they’ve been playing and you caught them and they turn around and answer as they ‘are’ not as the child they ‘pretend’ to be.
Now, you can take someone sixty and seventy years old and although they have matured ‘physically’, their mentality that they ‘exhibit’, is as if they were no further than ‘teenagers’. They are still in that ‘mental’ capacity area. So, you see, what you exhibit in the ‘physical’ is not really you, as you really are, when you begin to ‘know’ who ‘you’ are.

Now, I can give you an example of Einstein. They have marveled at the fact that he never spoke, until he was what… seven – eight, something like that I believe.

JOHN: I think it was even older than that, but anyway.

DATRE: I do not know I was just grabbing a number. How come he never spoke? You know what his comment was, ‘I got everything I wanted, what did I have to talk for?’. That man ‘knew’ who ‘he’ was at birth. He waited until the physical body ‘grew up’ so he could do something with it. The only way you can get in here is thru the ‘birth’ process and you have to ‘wait’ until the body grows up, so you can do something with it. Now, our audience is grown up enough, so they can do something with it. You don’t
have to play the ‘little’ child. You don’t have to have all these other things that disturb you. Be who you are. ALLOW who YOU are to be EXHIBITED in the physical. Is that all?

JOHN: That’s it.

DATRE: We thank you for being open to us and our information, we are Datre.


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