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Datre answers Ori.
JOHN: We have some questions from Ori. Her first question is… “I feel I am being prepared for “something” but what that is I do not know. What is the best way to allow this process, these energies to lead me forward, when I cannot even see where it is I am going.”

DATRE: Now, that is one of the things that has been perplexing to a great many people upon your planet. You do not know ‘where’ you are going. The majority of the people do not know. There are only a few that know where they are going. But the majority of the people do not know. That is why we have consistently said, that the best way to handle the energies is to ‘relax’ within the physical body.

Now, what is happening with the energies is there is a great ‘change’ taking place within the physical construct. You see, the YOU that you are is functioning within and thru a physical construct. In other words, what you are ‘reacting’ to and where your perplexity arises, is the fact that, you and your body are ‘one’ and yet ‘separate’ at the same time. Now, in ‘allowing’ the energies, you are all allowing them to a certain extent, but
the ‘greatest’ allowance comes from what you call relaxation. In other words, from our standpoint, we have watched the channel going thru this, so there are many, many upon this planet that are very ‘sensitive’ individuals. So, these are the individuals that are being ‘affected’ at the present time, because of the sensitivity of their beings. They chose these physical expressions, because, of their sensitivity.

Now, you do not know where you are going, that is true. But you see, in your physical ‘life’, shall we say, you do not really know where you are going either, so there should be no fear attached to it. In other words, when you open your eyes in the morning and get out of bed, what happens to those individuals that open their eyes and their body is totally paralyzed, with that which you term on your planet, a stroke? Now you all think of a ‘stroke’ as happening to ‘older’ people, this is not so. It happens to ‘young’ people also. So you see, you don’t know a great deal of what your, even tomorrow, is going to bring. Yet when you go to bed and go to sleep at night, you do not fear waking in the morning. You take it for granted that, ‘I have to get up and go to work tomorrow’ or ‘I have this to do tomorrow’
or ‘I have that to do tomorrow’ and never ‘expect’ what you term, the ‘unexpected’.

So you see, it is no different, really, because, when the ‘change’ takes place it will as if, one minute you are here and the next minute you are there but the ‘continuity’ will be ‘maintained’. So, there is nothing to fear. The greatest divergence of ‘continuity’ will come if you do not go with the mass. That will actually take you into another ‘planetary’ existence that is ‘different’ than this planetary existence. The ‘mass’ will go to a planetary existence, not too much different than what you have now. The ‘difference’ will be ‘minimal’, shall we say. However the ‘construct’ of the planet will be different. The ‘laws’, shall we say, or the ‘rules’ or ‘regulations’ under which you will ‘function’ on another planet, will be ‘different’.

But, you see, you attach so much, experience, to bodily ‘experience’. Those that are so ‘attached’ to the ‘body’ have fear. The more you become ‘detached’, from the body and ‘observe’ the body and ‘realize’ that you are ‘not’ the body, the easier it is to maintain your ‘equilibrium’ at this
particular time. Now, that does not mean that it is an easy ‘concept’, because this has never ‘happened’ before, ever, ever, ever. But then, CREATION is constant change, otherwise, it would not be ‘creation’ and you are ‘part’ of that ‘creation’. So the first thing to do, is to begin to ‘realize’, that the YOU that you are, is functioning ‘within’ a ‘physical’ body, that is your ‘expression’, that is not YOU, that is your physical expression. Then begin to observe the ‘body’. Now that is a beginning way,
of separating yourself and still ‘recognize’ the ‘totality’ of the TWO, the YOU and the BODY.

Now, the ‘body’ is the one that is ‘experiencing’ the energies. You are ‘not’ the one ‘experiencing’ the energies. It is only YOU ‘within’ the body, experiencing the energies. Now, that is not a ‘simple’ process either, because, the minute you ‘step’ into your body in the morning and wake-up with the physical you are IN the body. This is where you ‘function’ from.

But, one of the ‘big’ things that we have spoken of, many times – it is a very ‘simple’ process and yet, people will shy away from it, and think, ‘well that isn’t very necessary’ or ‘what will that accomplish?’ or whatever ‘excuse’ you can find. But one of the ‘big’ things at the present times, that will tell you, that can be very ‘advantageous’ to you, is to look into your ‘belief’ system. You will be ‘amazed’ when you get into your ‘belief’ system, to find out WHO you really are. How much have ‘you’ absorbed, thru the thought patterns of the other individuals that you have been in ‘contact’ with in the ‘growth’ of your physical being?
In other words, someone will say, ‘I don’t like carrots’. Now, someone who is an observer of the physical being process, the first thought that comes into that individual’s head is, ‘why don’t I like carrots?’ Is it because I don’t like carrots, or is it because, someone within the family didn’t like carrots and as a child you said, ‘that’s one way I don’t have to eat carrots, to say I don’t like them’. You have never stopped to ‘realize’ in your physical existence of growing up, that maybe you DO like carrots. But you have carried ‘that’ from childhood.

Many of the things that you have carried, from childhood on, where things that you have ‘adopted’ as you went along. But, you see you’re no longer a child. You are ‘matured’ into a mature physical body. When you have matured into a physical body, at that time, is when you can ‘exhibit’ the YOU that you are.

There are so many things that you will find, if you begin to write down your ‘belief’ system. Why do I ‘believe’ that? Is that something that I have ‘adopted from somebody? Or, do I really, really, believe that? In ‘observing’ and in watching, you will find out a great deal about WHO you are. That is what the ‘search’ is all about, because as you find out more of WHO you are, the more comfortable you will be, with ‘expressing’ your SELF thru a ‘physical’ construct.

One of the ‘hardest’ things, I see upon your planet, for individuals to do, is those that have been brought up, to be ‘good’, to be ‘kind’, not to be ‘mean’, not to be ‘aggressive’, as children you have been ‘taught’ these things. Don’t pick ‘fights’, don’t pick ‘arguments’ and that sort of thing and you have matured, you are ‘still’ carrying those ‘thought’ patterns.
That is not ‘wrong’, but what is happening now is that you have only ‘expressed’ a very small portion of that TOTAL YOU that you are.
In other words, the TOTAL YOU that you are is multiple. You have a side of you that is vindictive, that is quarrelsome, that is mean, and that gets angry. You have lived in an existence in the physical, of all of these ‘others’, other ‘portions’ of your personality that you have ‘never’ acknowledged. That is one of the ‘problems’ that I can see, ‘stumbling’ over those things, because this ‘rage’, this ‘anger’ comes up within you. Where in the world did that come from? I was not brought up this way? Where am I getting all this ‘rage’ from? Where am I getting this ‘anger’ from? Where am I getting this, ‘I don’t care about anybody else, this is what I want to do regardless’. Then saying, ‘oh, but I can’t act like that’. That is your ‘decision’; you do not have to ‘act’ like that. But recognize, that is the ‘total’ of ‘you’, your ‘personality’, all combined, because, you have to recognize, your ‘totality’.

Now, if that ‘rage’ and that ‘anger’ comes up, then, handle it, in whatever way you want to handle it. If you say, ‘I can’t get angry now’, in front of all these people. I am mad at that one individual, I am just furious. Then handle it whatever way you want to. If you want to go over to that individual and say, ‘I do not like what you did’. But, you have already ‘expressed’ the YOU that you are, ‘I do not like what you did’. But, when you get home, if it is at all possible, or in your car going home from work, or where ever you can find a ‘space’ that is all yours, if you have to get out of the car and walk in a park, or what ever, let that ‘rage’ go. Let that ‘personality’ come forth and ‘acknowledge’ that personality.
You see, that is one of the things that individuals do not recognize. Those that actually go out into the ‘big’ Universe, KNOW WHO THEY ARE. But you can’t know WHO YOU ARE, if you suppress the side of you that you do not desire to exhibit. Now, if the personality ‘switches’ and that personality, all of a sudden, you feel the tears, tears of happiness, tears of rage, what ever, sorrow, what ever, it is best if those tears can be
expressed at the time that it happens. If it cannot, then set that personality aside and say, ‘I do not want to ‘exhibit’ this at the present time, I’d rather express a different portion of my total personality at the present time’. But, then, you have ‘acknowledged’ that personality. Find a ‘time’, within that day, if at all possible, to allow that personality to come in and express itself and ‘recognize’ it. That is what we’re saying,
that is probably one of the ‘hardest’ things for individuals upon the planet to do.

Now, there are those that say, ‘I never cry’, particularly the male population. The male population needs its tears. It needs its tears in rage. It needs its tears in sorrow. It needs its tears in joy. But, you don’t have to ‘express’ it in public, if that is not comfortable. But, when those tears come to the surface, acknowledge that portion of your personality and if you do not wish to express at the present time, then say, ‘that expression I will do at another time’.
Then, before your day ends, find someplace to be by yourself and bring up, that same emotional ‘feeling’, that same experience, you can put that ‘picture’ in front of you again, the exact same picture you had, because you’re the one that ‘creates’ the pictures. Put the picture in front of you that caused the tears to well up within you. Put the picture in front of you; look at the picture and ‘cry’. Not just little, sniffle, sniffles, ‘cry’, because your acknowledging that portion of the ‘you’ that is YOU.

Now, those are two things that I have given you. Number one; find out where your ‘beliefs’ originate from. If you want to keep something, keep it, you say, ‘that’s me, I will keep that’. But ‘know’ what you’re keeping and ‘know’ what you’re discarding. That is the difference between those that ‘know’ where they’re going, they’re ‘evolving’, and they want to evolve. That is the ‘knowing’, because you have ‘acknowledged’ your ‘belief system’. Belief system acknowledgement does not come in five minutes. The easiest way is to sit down with paper and pencil and begin. But, don’t quit after a half hour, fifteen minutes. This is an on going thing that should go into several weeks time.

The other thing is to ‘acknowledge’ ALL portions of physical expression of your multiple faceted personalities. Because you all say you only have one personality, but it is many faceted and you have not ‘acknowledged’ ALL of the facets. THAT is the TOTALITY that you are all seeking. But it begins with recognition of YOU. Next question please.

JOHN: The next question is… “How best to cope with the experience referred to by some as “The Dark Night of the Soul” when all light seems to have vanished and there seems to be no hope.”

DATRE: That is another, that you are experiencing with the new energies. You will be very surprised when I tell you this, but what that IS is the ‘ego’, the physical ego that is struggling. The physical ego is struggling, because there is a ‘dichotomy’ between the YOU that you are and the ‘physicality’ that you are expressing. That is one of the biggest things. There is that feeling of no ‘hope’, there is that feeling of the ‘darkness’. But what it is, is your ‘exploration’, of the YOU that you are.
Once you begin that process, the physical ‘ego’, that you all have, that you have ‘built’ from childhood and the YOU that you are will become more ‘compatible’. That ‘naturally’ is a struggle, because the YOU that you are, is trying to get you to ‘express’ ALL facets of your SELF.
It is, what you call, an insidious thing. You can’t find the ‘handle’ for it. In other words, ‘what is it’, ‘why is it’? It is a ‘struggle’ between the YOU that you are and the ‘you’ that you express thru the physical. That is where a lot of this comes in. OK, let us go on.

JOHN: The next question is a follow on to the previous one, it says… “For me, depression sets in and it is as if I forget about any connection with a spiritual life. I forget that this too is part of the process. It is as if I enter into a deep dark black hole.”

DATRE: Yes, we have watched the channel go thru these. It does not happen just once or twice. If you will take ‘note’, there are certain times that the ‘energy’ is more ‘potent’ than at other times and that is when you are going to feel the most ‘lost’. It is the ‘absorption’ of the new energies, which are ‘different’. You see you as a ‘civilization’ has had changes
with the energy construct upon the planet. It always has been that’s how ‘change’ takes place. The ‘energy’ changes, changes take place upon the planet.
But the changes that are taking place now, are being ‘brought’ in by ‘stronger’ energies. So your inability to ‘absorb’ these energies when, shall we say, a ‘wave’ of energy comes in, your ‘inability’ to absorb them, causes the body to ‘stress’. That is ‘interpreted’ as a ‘black’ mood, a ‘dark’ hole. It is as if a heavy weight is put on you. You’re in ‘extreme’ depression, it is not the struggle of the YOU that you are, it is the ‘struggle’ of the body.
The ‘body’ is feeling the ‘weight’ the ‘pressure’, what ever you want to call it, of the ‘new’ energies. This is causing a ‘lethargic’ bodily reaction and that in turn, you ‘interpret’ in that way. We have been ‘observing’ that for quite a number of years, because, those that are more ‘sensitive’, have been going thru this for a long period of time. The last two years, especially, the energies have been greater and so there are those that have gone thru those deep dark areas, a lot sooner than you are going thru them now. We would find at the present time, there are a ‘tremendous’ number of individuals that are going thru these experiences now. We thank the individual for asking the questions because; this is something that is being experienced by many.

Now, what to do with the ‘depressions’? You are you; the more you discover WHO you are, the less ‘depressing’ these absorption energies will be. They will probably be very short in duration. What is happening and how you can help yourself in these areas is try a diversion. Now, it is more difficult for those who have a great many ‘pressures’ upon them in physicality. Those that have what you call a ‘heavy’ work load, those that have families to be taken care of. Those have a great deal of outside pressure put upon them that is ‘their’ experience. Now, in a work mode, the one thing you have difficulty with, is finding time for ‘yourself’. Your whole day is filled with obligations, to work, to family and there is very little ‘time’ for ‘self’.

Now, depression. The dark mood comes, you are at work and it’s as if somebody pulled a black curtain down in front of you and you are in ‘deep’ depression. One of the things that we would suggest, we have seen it work beneficially for some. Get on the telephone and call those that you are responsible to, in a family situation. Tell them you will be late coming home from work. Regardless of what else is scheduled, after work for you to do, allow someone else within the family construct to take care of those things.
You have to take care of ‘you’. You are going to be of no benefit to anyone else, if you can’t take care of yourself. (That’s why ‘mothers’ don’t get sick, because they have the obligation of ‘care’). Then, when you finish your work, don’t go onto the same road that you take home from work every single night. If it takes you an ‘hour’ to get home by going down this road and that road, and another road, and another road, take another road home. Give yourself an experience. You’ll say, well I’ll get lost. Get lost. Get yourself into another process pattern.

That is one of the easiest ways to do it. Take a road and it say’s dead end. Get frustrated, get mad, sit in the car, scream and holler. Turn around and go back on the road and find another road. But that is one of the ‘easiest’ ways to get out of that deep depression. By that time, you have been so confused, so frustrated, or maybe, you have found a road home, that is absolutely beautiful. It has taken you thru neighborhoods you did not know existed. You will see trees and houses and flowers you never saw before. So it might be ten minutes longer but oh, the beauty. So you see, just by a ‘simple’ thing, you can change and help yourself thru these ‘dark’ moods.

The hardest thing is, those that have been, shall we say, spiritually ‘inclined’. It is very ‘difficult’ for them at this time, because they are experiencing all of these ‘different’ emotions that they have never experienced in physicality. But all of these expressions are coming up and it is not easy to handle them. You have to find some way to divert your attention at the time, in order to go back and ‘look’ at it. Go thru it, go thru it.

Make decisions. That is another thing that helps you out of these ‘dark’ moods. Make decisions, regardless of what it is, how insignificant it is, it is ‘not’ insignificant. Do something different. People that are home all the time, they have another construct to work thru. Branch out and do something else. Get yourself excited about something. Turn on the radio; get yourself diverted, because the depression is part and parcel of the personality that is expressing at that particular time. So if you can set that portion of your personality aside and allow another ‘portion’ of the personality, to express ‘it’ self, it might surprise you some times, what you’ll end up with. You can end up with many different emotions. But we have seen this happen to many, many, individuals. But, there again, these
energies are to get you, to know YOU. It will help. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “I have a question about how to differentiate my energy, consciousness, what have you, from others around me whose energy I have empathically absorbed. In ways this is a curse, in other ways it seems like a gift with great potential which has not yet been revealed.”

DATRE: Now, that is one of the ‘big’ stumbling blocks again, for you in physicality, is your ’empathic’ nature. That is something you have ’empathically’ connected with many individuals. You will find that an ’empathic’ individual, shall we say, picks up everything.

Now, we have also ‘watched’ those that are of an extreme ’empathic’ nature change. Because, as you begin to exhibit YOU, you are concentrating upon, watching ‘your’ actions and reactions to situations and working with that. You will find, that you will be so busy ‘exhibiting’ and working thru YOURSELF, with your ‘belief’ systems and everything else, you become an
‘observer’. When you become an observer, and I mean that in the ‘strictest’ sense of the word, no ‘involvement’, observer, you will find that your ’empathic’ nature changes. That does not mean, you’re just going and ‘knock’ everybody down and… Well, boy, here I am. That’s the other side of the coin. You will ‘observe’, but not become ‘involved’.

For those of an ’empathic’ nature, you will find them very often, in fields of helping others, in fields of healing, in fields of working with personalities and everything. What happens is, if you are of an ’empathic’ nature, you are ‘picking’ that all up. The easiest thing to do, is when you
leave situations where there are lots of people, people that your working with and so fourth, the first thing you do, when you get into your ‘own’ space, your own house, apartment whatever it happens to be, is to take a ‘shower’ and get all of that off of you. That will not only ‘refresh’ you, water is an extremely ‘unique’ substance upon your planet. You’re the only
ones that have it, it does many things. But the ‘body’ rejoices in the water. The body will ‘rejoice’ in taking all of that off of you.

You see, you are what you are, not from what you can ‘feel’ with your hand, you take your hand and put it on your arm and you can feel your arm, correct? The… what many say is, ‘I can see your aura’, and your aura surrounds your whole body physically. The aura that is ‘around’ your body is what is ‘absorbed’ into your body thru your skin and your hair. So in washing away that, shall we say, that ‘aura’ that has been collected thru the daytime, that ‘allows’ the body ‘aura’, when the water comes off, to come up and ‘that’ is YOUR aura. That is ‘not’ your aura, in connection with everybody else’s stuff. OK, next question.

JOHN: The last question is… “Please comment on generational healing… the idea that some of us are now healing patterns which have existed for generations, such as alcoholism, child abuse. The key word here seems to be pattern. Patterns which have been passed from parent to child for generations will be passed on no longer. What is the significance of this?”

DATRE: What happens before what you call your ‘birth’ process, before you enter this physicality for another experience, you ‘choose’ your ‘genetic’ patterning. Now, you must realize that your DNA and your RNA that you contain within your spinal column, is composed of all the, I guess they call them ‘genes’, that have been, since the ‘first’ in your linear line, came upon the planet. Now that’s a lot. It’s a lot more than you ever had
any idea.
The only thing is that, when you come on the planet, you pick out the genes, that are going to ‘allow’ you to express, that which you wish to express, on the planet, in that physicality that you want to experience. In other words, if you want to come into this genealogical line, that you have experienced in previously because it is comfortable, but this time, you want to express yourself thru music. In all of that genealogy, that has
existed since the physical expression, in that lineage was on the planet, there has got to be a ‘musician’ some place within there. So you will find that and pull it up to the top to be experienced.

Well, all of these experiences are there. What is happening now, with those that are ‘really’ beginning to get into it, they’re beginning to go back, backwards, into that which they call their genealogy. In other words, ‘how much is there back there?’ ‘There has got to be something there that I want to experience, that I wasn’t aware that I could experience’.

Because most of you ‘jump’ into physicality, before you really ‘think’ the thing thru. What happens is, most of you begin to feel, on that which you call on the ‘death’ side, the ‘dead zone’ side, as we refer to it, begins to loose its ‘hold’ there. At that point in time, you want to come back in. But you don’t take the ‘time’ to ‘specifically’ decide what you want to
do. That is why you have so many in ‘mass’ consciousness that are, what you call, wishie – washy. Because they don’t ‘realize’ that there is a ‘selection’ process.

Now, those that come in and shall we say, “do great things”, those are the ones that are aware of a ‘selection’ process and take ‘advantage’ of a selection process. The majority of mass consciousness does not.
Now, within that DNA – RNA gene pool that you carry, there is a ‘multitude’ of things that you can do and express. All you have to do is be ‘bold’ enough to try it.

You say, ‘every time I see someone climb a mountain, I say, that is something I would like to do someday’. When is your ‘next’ vacation? Do it! Maybe you can do it, maybe you can’t, but you’ve tried. You see somebody painting and say, ‘oh, well I can’t draw a straight line’. To me, I would say, “cope out”.
You can’t tell me, that from physicality with the ‘tremendous’ gene pool that you have available, right in your spinal column that you reside in every single day, for year after year, there isn’t someone in there that at one time ‘experienced’ painting. If at one time, 2000 years ago, there was somebody in that lineage, in that gene pool, that painted, that’s there, that impression is there. Everything that you do, in this lifetime that you have at the present time, is recorded in your genes and there are layers and layers and layers and layers. So you do not use… you feel yourself trapped, but you are not. That is where the ‘differences’ come in. As to those that are beginning to pull themselves away from, I think there was child abuse and something else there I don’t…
JOHN: Child abuse and alcoholism as examples.

DATRE: All right, now, those things are in the gene pool. You’ve expressed them, but, if you ‘know’ who YOU are, why bother with that expression, because it is limiting.

To go into the Universe, to experience in the Universe, in the ‘big’ Universe, even in the Universe, your little Universe that contains all your ‘different’ realities, around in your Earth plane, to go into those, you must realize that YOU, not the body, YOU, are an EXTREMELY POWERFUL individual. But that has to be YOUR realization. Instead of sitting and ‘wondering’ PUSH forward. Say, ‘I don’t need this, what is it within me that is ‘trapping’ me within that particular ‘framework’?’. ‘I can get out of that, there is no reason I have to be here, I can change that’ and you are the ‘only one’ that can. Now, if you need somebody else to talk to, fine, but don’t expect a councilor, or anyone else, to do it for you. Throw away the crutches. Throw away anything that is a ‘prop’. Get rid of it and say, ‘I don’t need this’.

You marvel at the man that has smoked all his life and his best friend died of lung cancer. He looks at his best friend and say’s ‘I don’t need this’. He takes his cigarettes and throws them away and at that point, has never wanted another cigarette, simply because he has the ‘power’ within him, to do as he desires. There are those that have been told, ‘You will die within a year, of cancer’. ‘We have opened you up and you are full of it’.
The individual says, ‘alright, I’m full of cancer, but I will do what I want to do, as long as I’m within this physical being’. And has gone out and done ‘exactly’ what they wanted to do, regardless of what anyone else has said, because they said, I AM and I WILL. And fifteen years later, they’re still going strong. Because someone says, well you need chemo-o-therapy, you need this, you need that, now, do you? How ‘strong’ an individual are you? Use the ‘energies’ that are given you for you to ‘enjoy’ the life that you are living, to the very best of your ability. Because, at such time that you decide to LIVE the physical being, you will not leave with regret.
That is why your ‘death’ process is a moaning, groaning thing, because, I wish I had done this, I wish I had done that, ‘oh, if I had my life to live over, I would do this, I would do that’. What in the world is ‘stopping’ them, even at eighty years of age, and saying, ‘I’ve always wanted to swim’. Go out and learn how to swim. What says that you can’t swim at eighty, if you so desire?

This is what we are here for, is to say, you are BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL people living in physical existence. The YOU that you are needs its expression, thru the physical construct. The physical construct is what is going thru the experiences. If the ‘body’ is unhappy and you say to the body, well what would you like? The body says, ‘I want to go for a walk’. All right, so you’re at work. Walk to the furthest place that you can think
of, within the building that you are in. But, don’t walk with your head down and moanie grownie. Pick your head up and walk with enjoyment. The body wants to walk, walk. Let the ‘body’ enjoy the walk, then come back and do what you’re doing. The body says, ‘I want a piece of chocolate candy’. That doesn’t mean you have to eat two or three bars of chocolate. Take one
piece of chocolate candy, satisfy the body.

Listen to the body, begin to work with it. But, recognize that you are ‘not’ your body. That is a ‘great’ recognition. Recognize, that you work ‘with’ – in conjunction ‘with’ the body. But you are not the body; it is only ‘your’ means of expression. Work with your personalities, you have gillions of them. Experience them; experience every single one of them.
Acknowledge every single one of them. If you don’t, I will tell you one thing that will happen, as happened with the channel. She will get ‘pushed’ into a corner, until, ‘that’ is experienced, because, we let her get by with ‘nothing’. If you are intent on knowing who YOU are, you won’t get by with anything that you think you can get by with either. Because, the YOU that you are, will ‘push’ you into situations in which ‘you’ will ‘express’. It may not be at a time you ‘want’ to express, but you ‘will’ express, guaranteed. So, we do hope, well I should ask if there are any more questions?

JOHN: No, that was the last one.

DATRE: Alright, now, if we have not covered these questions, to your satisfaction, or to anyone else’s satisfaction, then ‘please’ let us know, because this is very important at this time. We want to make you comfortable and in the physical expression at this particular time, it is not as comfortable, as it has been previously. Because you’re being set ‘face to face’ with the YOU that you are, the BODY that you are expressing
thru and the ‘new energies’. There are many, many, many, that are going thru, exactly what you are going thru now. Even the channel is not finished. Were she finished, she would be gone. You do not know where you are going, it does not matter. There is only one thing that is ‘important’, that is ‘living today’.

So, if you’re down in the dumps, ‘express’ down in the dumps. You don’t have to walk around with a smile on your face and be kind and gentle to everybody. Somebody says, ‘boy you’re grumpy today’, say ‘yes I sure am’. And be PROUD of it, because you have expressed the YOU that you are. That does not mean you have to go to extremes, you don’t have to. But don’t put on a ‘happy’ face just to be happy. Because that is FALSE to your SELF. There is only one person that you have to be ‘true’ to, and that is be true to YOU.
As you become ‘true’ to YOU, you will SMOOTH out, guaranteed. You will ‘look’ at things differently. Instead of getting ‘involved’, be an OBSERVER. That does not mean, you have to throw ‘compassion’ out the window, because that is one of the things you think of, ‘well that’s cold and unfeeling’, no it is NOT cold and unfeeling. But, it is ALLOWING, the ‘other’ person, his or her ‘right’ to do and live, as THEY want to do and live and you do and live, as you wish to do and live. As you become YOU, you become more compatible with your surroundings, with individuals, with the whole ‘planet’ in general. Because, when you ‘express’ YOU, you are not being FALSE to yourself. Many, many, many are not ‘expressing’ themselves in their TRUE totality. You may become very ‘introspective’; you may turn the coin around and be the other way. You may have all your life, disliked ‘carrots’, until you find out, ‘hey, I did that because someone else said they didn’t like carrots and that gave me an out, I didn’t have to eat them’. It was one more thing to eliminate before desert.

You see, you play ‘games’ with yourself. When you begin to find out you play games with yourself, then you can ‘observe’ and KNOW your SELF.
This has been very delightful, we have enjoyed being with you, we will leave you now, we are Datre.


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