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Datre answers questions from John S. on, ice caps – oceans – pole shift etc.

JOHN: I want to explore a question we dealt with quite a while back and never did finish, that is concerning the ‘Polar Ice Caps’. But first I want to lay some groundwork, so that the people have some frameworks on what we’re talking about. As we talked about once before, originally this planet had its moisture in its atmosphere.

DATRE: And you will again.

JOHN: And didn’t have the kinds of things we now call Oceans, Seas and large Lakes.

DATRE: You didn’t need to.

JOHN: Then there was damage that took place with the atmosphere holding the moisture. As a result of that ‘damage’ the moisture laden atmosphere started to brake-up. This resulted in sending water to the planet’s surface in relatively ‘large’ quantities. I don’t know the ‘exact’ timing and all that, but that disintegration of the moisture laden atmosphere was still going on in RAMTHA’s time (about 35,000 years ago). There were still no ‘Oceans’ or ‘Sea’s’ at that time, OK.

Now we have a situation that say’s, if all the moisture came to the surface of the planet, there would be ‘almost’ no landmass above the water.

DATRE: I don’t know.

JOHN: OK, the reason that I say that is, right now we have a situation of ‘Oceans’ ‘Sea’s’ large ‘Lakes’ and all that sort of stuff. And we have on both ends of the planet what we call ‘Polar Ice Caps’. By calculations it turns out that if those polar ice caps did not exist and their water was to be distributed on the planet, most of the landmass on the planet would be under water that is above water now. That would ‘change’ the whole construct and framework and ‘likely’ the purpose of the planet.

DATRE: But that will not happen as long as this particular civilization is on this planet.

JOHN: I realize that, I understand that won’t happen. That wasn’t my point. But the fact that if all the water… if that amount of water that’s in the polar caps had not been ‘captured’ in that way, then the ‘progression’ on this planet could not have happened the way it has taken place. Therefore it leads me to think that these ‘polar ice caps’ are something very different then we ‘think’ they are, beyond just hunks of ice. That’s where I’m getting my question from.

DATRE: Why do you think it’s other than ice?

JOHN: No I didn’t mean that, it is ice. But it is set there for a ‘purpose’ the purpose being, at least one purpose being, the opening of ‘sufficient’ landmass for the ‘development’ of the ‘human’ species. Because if the ‘polar caps’ didn’t exist, as I said before, we would not have anywhere near the ‘land mass’ that’s available today. Especially in the United States.

DATRE: Well you see, depending upon what happens to a planet when it is in its stages of ‘evolution’, which a planet does, it evolves the same as peoples do, in the evolution of the planet that is what ‘happened’. You ended up with two ‘polar caps’, shall we say. Which was ‘different’ then anything before, which was fine. But, if you had less landmass to put people on, then you would have had less people. It’s as simple as anything.

The reason that your population mass just ‘exploded’ is because people still think they’ve got room. They have, except that they have congregated in very ‘small’ areas. So you see, the planet has it’s own development. The ‘species’ upon it has it’s own development. The thing is, at one time it was necessary to have what you call ‘big’ families, in order to sustain your existence. Because, you needed those that would go out and get food, those that would work in fields, those that would ‘prepare’ the food and all of that stuff. It was a self ‘preservation’ type thing and then you started congregating into that which you call cities.

You see, you have no idea what goes on. You’ve put a lot of numbers on a lot of civilizations. You say this is what has happened. But, you don’t have any ‘idea’ how many people were… well, the one that you talk about a lot, is the Roman Empire. You put such and such a date on it and you say there were so many people. Now, how do you know? You don’t really. The
thing is, that according to your calculations there were only ‘portions’ of the planet that were being populated. There were mainly, other countries that were not, what you call here, your U.S. thing, OK. Now, there were peoples here in the U.S., but because they were ‘different’ than the peoples from other countries they did not consider them. So therefore, they
said, oh, this is all ours. That’s what you have, that’s the way your planet’s always been.

Now, you must realize that you have had many civilizations that have been ‘humongous’ in size. That have, what you would say, walked off the planet. Now, the Mayan’s are the ones that you talk about the most, the Mayan civilization. That when they reached a certain level of ‘attainment’, shall we say, or whatever words you want to use, they could see no reason to stay on this planet, because the experiential patterning had been ‘learned’. So when they learned that, they knew themselves, another experience was wanted.
So you see to you, that is something you cannot fathom. But at one point in time, movement ‘between’ planets was not as ‘difficult’ and so when they had an experience on a planet, when the experience was completed by the ‘majority’ of that population, they just ‘left’ and went to ‘another’ planet. They ‘dropped’ their physical bodies here, because that is ‘planetary’ material, but you see, those individuals ‘knew’ that they were not their bodies. So, collectively, they left their bodies and left the planet.
This has been going on for longer than you can begin to count backwards. You have set -up something in your ‘history’, that
says, well this is this and this is that and that’s fine. But you don’t realize the ‘ability’ of the individuals that have been on this planet, that when they have reached a certain level that they wished to attain and wished to learn on this planet, they just ‘left’. You can’t do ‘that’ at the present time, simply because, number one, you have too many individuals on the planet to make it workable. Because, you have not only ‘layered’
your self’s in genealogy, you have tremendous amounts of ‘mass
consciousness’ in areas that does not ‘allow’ individuals to, shall we say, group into small groups and achieve what they want to achieve and leave.
That is the way it has ‘always’ been in the Universe. When you’re finished with your ‘sojourn’, shall we say, on a planet, you all ‘pick-up’ and leave. Now, there can be remnants and there have been remnants that say, no I don’t want to go on, I want to stay here. Fine, that is ‘free will’; you can do, as you want to do.

But, getting back to the ‘polar caps’ and the little landmass that was available. If you had only had a small amount of land available, your evolution could have been very different. You are ‘functioning’ as ‘upright’ standing people that breath air, right. OK, now, you also have very intelligent, well I can’t call them ‘individuals’, but you take your whales and your dolphins, and some of your sharks and some of your ‘other’
animals in the sea that you are ‘not’ familiar with. Their evolution is in the ‘water’.

You have absolutely no idea the ‘evolution’ that is taking place in your water. That is an area that you’re not interested in. You’re interested in ‘out there’, going and pushing yourself into the, what you call the ‘sky, with mechanical objects. That has been your ‘thrust’, that has been where your movement has been. Now, there’s also a great amount of ‘evolution’ taking place within ‘those’ that are experiencing the ‘water’ evolution. Well, you’ll say, they’re nothing but ‘animals’. Yes, probably nothing but animals but, the animal ‘form’ is what they take when they come on this planet, because they carry a certain ‘vibratory’ construct. Here we get back again, to the vibration.

Now, take ‘humanity’ as an example. All of humanity upon your planet does not have the ‘same’ vibrational frequency, we have stated that before. You take a vibrational frequency of certain individuals and you will find that it is very slow, very slow. You will take other individuals upon the planet, who’s vibrational frequency is speeded up ‘far beyond’ what you
would call a ‘normal’ situation. Now, there is no way, that the individual, in the ‘human’ form, can take that human form vibration that is slow and the human form vibration that is speeded up very fast – take them ‘both’ off of the planet and put them on another planet for experience and you will have not two peoples that ‘look’ the same, guaranteed. Because, your
vibrational ‘patterning’ is what changes you on ‘different’ planets, because different planets have ‘different’ vibratory frequencies. That is one of the things that ‘decides’ what the evolution on a planet will be.
Now, we’ll take an example. You take a rabbit, the little bunnies that run out in your yard and you take that little rabbit that carries a certain vibrational frequency. You take a kitty that contains a certain vibrational frequency. You take the kitty and the rabbit and you put them on another planet and you no longer have a kitty and you no longer have a rabbit. Because, their ‘frequency’ will determine what ‘type’ of a physical containment they will use for their evolution.

Now, that is what we are getting back to, what we have said before, had you not had as much land mass as you have on this planet, then you would have had fewer individuals upon the planet. Why? Because you would have ‘arranged’ your physical construct to the point that you would not bear as many children. In not bearing as many children, you would have an entirely
‘different’ situation than you have now. But there have many that have come on this planet from different places, within your Universe, from other planets.
So you have a tremendous amount of variance, not in the human form, because in coming upon the planet you have to have a ‘certain’ vibrational frequency, in order to make the ‘transition’ from another planet to this planet, OK. That is one of the ‘rules’, or what ever you want to call it, for your planet. You have to ‘agree’ that the Sun comes up and the Sun goes down. You have to ‘agree’ that the Moon has certain cycles. You have to ‘agree’ that there is black and white. You all have a physical form that is ‘compatible’ to another physical form. In other words, one of you can’t look like something and another of you look like something else, like you do in those television things where everybody gets together and some look like crocodiles and some look like monsters of different kinds. It is ‘agreed’ when you come upon this planet, that you ‘adopt’ a physical form that is compatible to the other physical forms that are on this planet.

But, there is a great variance in the ‘vibrational’ patterning of the form upon this planet. So, when the ‘separation’ takes place, how do you know what kind of a ‘form’ you are going to pick-up? Now, that will make a great deal of difference as to what type of physical form you will have, because you will have to find a physical form that is compatible with the planet
that you go to. Now, those that are going to the ‘other’ planet, that this was their ‘home’ planet, this is where they began, this is their beginning, these individuals going to another planet, that is the ‘cloned’ planet, they will ‘pretty much’ maintain a physical form that looks similar to this one that you have at the present time.
There will be ‘changes’, because every time you step on a ‘different’ planet a change takes place. But, it will not be, shall we say, that unrecognizable. Now, those going to ‘other’ planets, then they have enough of a ‘realization’ here upon this planet and they ‘know’ enough about ‘evolution’ to know that they will not necessarily carry this ‘same’ physical form and it does not bother them. Because they say all right fine, this is what ‘creation’ is all about, this is what ‘evolution’ is all about, let’s do something different.

But, because of your polar caps being the way they are, because of the landmass being the way it is, because of the ‘depth’ of the water that you have on your planet, you have been able to maintain, two different types of ‘evolution’ on your planet. One being an ‘evolution’ of water creatures, the other being an evolution of your land creatures. Which includes all your animals and birds and all of that plus your human beings. So, there is a ‘tremendous’ amount of ‘evolution’ that is taking place of a very, very, very varied type of evolution, on one planet. This is very unusual. Most planetary existences are one form of ‘existence’ being experienced by all, variations, but basically the same.

Say that this planet was set-up so that everyone upon the planet was ‘basically’ the same kind of individual. In other words, you have your black, you have your white, you have your yellow, you have your brown, is that correct?

JOHN: Or red, or which ever.

DATRE: Red, OK. I saw that as brown. OK, anyway you have four, correct, OK. Now, what if you were all one ‘color’? Your bodies are all basically pretty much the same. But, in all one color, you would have, quite basically, the same type of genetics, to begin with. If you had one ‘color’ all over your planet, your ‘evolution’ would be ‘entirely’ different. Because, number one, your mass consciousness, would all be pretty much the same. Because you’d all have, basically, the same genetic patterning. You’d have basically, the same physical structure, shall we say. Your ‘evolution’ would be very, very, much different. If it were all over the planet and they were all the same and you had very little ‘space’ to maneuver in, your mass consciousness fairly much the same, do you see how much ‘quicker’ you could, shall we say, evolve in your thought patterning? Because your whole
‘system’ would be entirely different.

You have put up different things as you continued to evolve on this planet. At one period in time, you did not have what you call your ‘dead zone’, it was not in existence. You stayed in the bodily form as long as you wanted to. There was ‘nothing’ that said, that the body had to die. You would, shall we say, grow to maturity, because you thought that was fun. But why do it again, you’ve done it once it was an experience. You evolved
thru being born, growing up, doing different things, whatever that happened to be and when everyone reached the point that they said, well that’s enough, they left. You see that’s way beyond your concept of what you would ‘imagine’ what a planetary existence would be all about. But, it can be and it is.

Now, you set-up a ‘dead zone’ because you were bored with the physical construct. So you set-up within your selves that which you call cellular deterioration. So that you became old and when you became ‘old’ you ‘thought’ of your selves as becoming ‘useless’. Instead of ‘realizing’ that in becoming ‘old’ you had ‘gained’ a tremendous amount of knowledge, at which time, a lot of the ‘burden’ of growing up and having families and all of that stuff, you were ‘relieved’ from all of those things, you’d gone thru them, fine, over and done with.
Now, you reach an age you call ‘old age’, so what you do, is you talk yourself into death and you ‘actually’ do. Because you are ‘bored’ with your existence. You can’t think of anything to think about. That’s because there are so few now that are ‘able’ to penetrate the mass consciousness, to the point that they can pull in ‘thought’ and work with thought, instead of think. You all work with think, it’s circular, around and around and around and around, that’s why you get bored. The ones that can begin to work with ‘thought’ are not bored, because they’re pulling in ‘new’ ideas. They’re always looking for something, looking for ‘new’ ideas, looking for something to ‘explore’. But, because you have put the ‘deterioration’ factor, within the physical form, that is what has kept you from going on and on and on. But you can ‘extend’ that ‘tremendously’ with your ‘exuberance’ of ‘life’.

So, you see, getting back to the polar caps, the way the planet developed, is the way the ‘species’ upon it worked. Now, next question.

JOHN: OK, now, following this trend a little further, we know the ‘magnetic’ poles of the planet are in the ‘process’ of shifting and will ‘shift’ when the ‘planet’ decides it’s appropriate to shift. That will end up with the North ‘Magnetic’ Pole being in the country called Mozambique (lat.15deg 55min S-lon.35deg 12min E) and the South ‘Magnetic’ pole being
just South of Hawaii (lat.15deg 55min N-lon.144deg 47min W).

The end result of that will be a lack of ‘support’ for the ‘present’ polar caps, which will initiate the process of ‘melting’ and so forth. And probably other things, like removing ‘moisture’ from the planet. But when all that goes on, there are going to be such ‘radical’ changes in all kinds of characteristics of the planet. Are the other ‘intelligent’ species, like you’ve mentioned the whales and the dolphins, since their environment is likely to change ‘radically’ also, are they going to be leaving the planet, about the time we do?

DATRE: Well of course, they will not exist upon this planet anymore. Because at the time the ‘switch’ takes place it is doubtful if anyone will be left upon the planet, because that should all ‘shift’ at the same time. That should all shift at ‘approximately’ the same time. Now, there can be two ways that will happen, because you’re ‘riding’ yourselves out of ‘time’
now. The thing that can happen, is the ‘shift’ can take place in the ‘blink’ of an eye, the planet spins… everything goes off of it to all ‘different’ locations. Or, the planet can shift and there will be ‘masses’ that will go off from time to time. It is a ‘double’ scenario and again, that will have to remain to be seen. Because, this planet needs to be cleaned and cleared of everything. Another civilization is going to inhabit this planet.

JOHN: And they’ll set-up the scenario that is consistent with what their desires are.

DATRE: That is correct, that is correct. But you see these things are Universally ‘timed’, not timed by man.

JOHN: Yes I understand that – timing and orchestration.

DATRE: That is correct. There is no ‘time’. Somebody will say, you have said many times that there is no time, that is true. But there is something that is called a Universal ‘timing’ that has always been taking place.
JOHN: But that’s ‘event’ triggered.

DATRE: That is ‘event’ triggered and you will find, now that you as ‘human’ individuals are getting out of that which you call ‘linear’ time, because your linear time is coming to an end and the thing is, that you are ‘still’ upon the planet. But, the thing that is happening, is you will begin to live, not by all the many seconds that you live by now, you’ll begin to live by ‘events’, events that will take place within your ‘day time’
awakening periods. You will process events and you will look at them as ‘sections’ of events that took place in the day.
Now, as of this point in ‘your’ time, you are still able to, when you go to bed at night, go back thru your daytime and go back thru every little minute detail of everything that you have done, all day long. When you begin to function without such ‘strict’ limitations of linear time, you will remember your days in ‘hunks’, that’s the only way I can put it. It will be by events. Your brain patterning, is what sets up your minuteness, because it ‘tracks’ linear time. The confusion comes in when the brain cannot ‘track’ linear time, down into nano-seconds, or what ever they call them. So, many changes are taking place already, OK.

JOHN: Now as for as this other group of ‘creatures’ – the whales and the dolphins – I gather that their evolutionary scheme dictates that they will go some place totally different than ‘we’ are going to go, where ever that is, that’s not the point. But they will evolve on their own.

DATRE: They can go to the same planet that you go to. But, because of the… get back to the beginning; they can go to your planet, just as well as not, if they wish to. But they won’t be whales, they won’t be dolphins, they won’t be kitties and they won’t be bunnies. Because their ‘vibration’ is what dictates what ‘form’ they will be able to maintain. Who says you are going to have water on your other planet?

JOHN: Well, that’s what I mean; I understand that that’s still somewhat up for grabs.

DATRE: But, the thing is, do they care? Their evolution does not ‘dictate’ as to, they have to have water, or they don’t have to have water. Their evolution is ‘different’ than your evolution. You’re screaming and hollering, because you have to have water. How do you know, whether your next planet is going to have water? If you don’t have water, you will have something

But you see, that’s the thing you don’t realize, so many of those on the planet do not have any ‘desire’, to evolve, to discover, to explore, unless it can be exactly like it is at the present time. That is NOT exploration, that is NOT discovery. Discovery does not mean, building a bigger piece of ‘tin’ that you can put fuel in and go some place else, but always able to
take the thing you went in and turn around and come back here. That is ‘discovery’ of a different ‘kind’. Discovery and evolution and experience in the greater sense of the word, says why do I have to be ‘contained’ and trapped within this body that doesn’t allow me to go and do what I want to do. You are the only ones that can ‘evolve’ the body to a point, that you
KNOW what it is, you KNOW who YOU are and then say, ‘oh, this has been a GRAND experience, but, I don’t need it any more, lets try something new’.
That’s the DISCOVERY, that’s the EXPLORATION, that is the EVOLVING. But the thought of individuals upon this planet having anything other than a physical body, that they are living in at the present time, they can’t fathom it. They can’t imagine and they become frightened. ‘Well I want a body’. Why? You see there are those that are saying, ‘hey, this is a GRAND experience and I’m going to get everything out of it I possibly can get out of it’. ‘But, I’d like something else, I’ve done this enough times, I’ve done it’. ‘I’ve been poor, I have been rich, I have been a musician, I have been a painter, I have been a carpenter, I have done this, I have done that, I’ve done this, I’ve done that, I’ve been a soldier, I’ve been a mother, I’ve been the father, I’ve been this, I’ve been that’. How many times do you want to do it?

You’ll say, well you can go into past life regressions. Now, from the channels experiences and also from yours I am sure John, that you have people in ‘past life’ regressions that are living as ‘poor’ farmers, many, many years ago. At the time of the Romans, because that’s a time that you really like to go back to, nothing but a poor dirt farmer and what is he today, a poor dirt farmer. I know that you both have seen it, time and time and time again. That those individuals that have gone thru ‘past life’ regressions are the ‘same’ as they are now. Except those that want to be something special. But, it shows that you have… this is why the ‘longing’ to do something different, but they don’t know how. They don’t know ‘how’ to do anything else different. Because they don’t pay any attention. You can ‘learn’ when you’re in the ‘dead zone’.

You can learn there, there are lots of opportunities to learn. It is like your individuals that you have at the present time. There are those that sit in jail, complain and moan, watch television, fight and argue, scrap, complain about everything. Then there’s those that get books and read. They write books, they study, they do many different things. ‘Well I can’t do
anything, I’m here in jail’. I can tell you one that is very familiar to both of you, Pythagoras. When did he do all his great work? When he was in prison. Pythagoras is used… his theories are used as of today; I know that, because I have seen you work with them. When did he do his greatest work? When he was in prison. You see you only ‘trap’ yourselves, no one
else does it. So, let us continue.

JOHN: That was as far as I was… I have some other subjects, but I think I’d rather keep this one as a subject it is in.

DATRE: Well, as you can see, it would not matter, with the ice caps. Because, the vibrational characteristic of the YOU that you are, that you decide that you want to experience thru, will ‘pick’ that form that you wish to ‘experience’ in and thru. The thing is, what is the big stumbling block, after so many thousands and thousands of years, to the individuals upon your planet? That you do not know the difference between the body and
the YOU that you are. We thank you, we are Datre.


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