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Datre answers John W.
JOHN: We have some questions from John W. and his first question is… “Little creatures appearing: I’m intrigued by creatures of all kinds and find this most interesting. Would these be creatures from a higher vibrational plane that overlaps our own, filtering thru as the vibration increases? My sister wants to know if they’ll be cute little fuzzy purple things with eyes?

DATRE: Well you won’t have any little purple things with eyes, but you’re getting new creatures. That’s what the ‘spotted’ owl is; it’s a ‘new’ creature, not an old one that’s going extinct. See, they don’t have records of a lot of the creatures. They’ve had ‘similar’ ones. There is a great deal of ‘similarity’ between the creatures that are on the planet. The reason for that being is because when an animal vibration, fish vibration,
bird vibration, is on the planet, they will, as we have said before, exhibit certain characteristics.

So, you have the ‘spotted’ owl, you have so many different kinds of owls and there are so many that look quite a bit alike. Who paid any attention; until they found just a few of them and then those were becoming extinct, instead of coming ‘new’ on the planet.

Now, the same thing with the ‘discovery’ of ‘sea’ creatures. They think that because they’ve never ‘seen’ it before, that it has to be ‘old’ and extinct. Why can’t it be new? Your thought patterning is always in that direction that something is going ‘extinct’ instead of something ‘new’ coming on the planet.

I think that a lot of that comes from what you call your ‘dead zone’. Because you are always thinking of things ‘dying’. They don’t think of the other side of it, something ‘new’ coming in, to be explored and to explore.

JOHN: We tend to think that creation is all finished a long time ago.

DATRE: Well, I’ve got news for them. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “It was interesting to hear that the planet/animal composition of the body and the greater effect on energies effects. But I wonder if that meant vegetarian versus meat eaters, or a pre-birth decision on the body’s makeup?”

DATRE: It is a pre-disposition of the make-up that is decided upon by the individuals, prior to birth. It has ‘nothing’ to do with what you eat, it is what you ‘are’. You see, that is a very hard thing for you to realize, that you ‘build’ the ‘stuffing’s’, shall we say, for the hologram out of Earth substance. You know, you’re always taking away bacteria and you’re always washing things and all these different things, so you want a clean, clean, clean thing. Which is fine, but the thing is, that your bodies are made-up of Earth substance. You couldn’t have a body if you didn’t, because you have to build it out of ‘something’.
The other thing you’ve got is water. You use water to fill-up your hologram to build your body and you use the gases in the air to make things work. You see, it is a much more interesting series of events, than anyone ever gets into. But, that’s another story. The thing is that you’re here now, you are into physicality, so learn to live here, this is your planet; learn to live on your planet. Learn to ‘respect’ your body that is your ‘big’ thing. Don’t worry about what the composition is at this time, because you have ‘enough’ things to handle right now. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “If our Psyches are the life sparks sent out by our entities, ….

DATRE: Stop, right there. The Psyche is NOT the Life Spark. Now, lets get into that a little bit more clearly. The Psyche is, shall we say, the totality in which the YOU that you are resides. The ‘land’ of the Psyche, now that’s not wizard of Qz, that’s the ‘land’ of the Psyche. The information of that ‘portion’ of the YOU that you are, that portion which is the ‘translator’ of the geometric ‘patterning’s’ into that which you
would call your ‘life’ experience, the ‘play’ that you play out in your ‘waking’ moments. That is precipitated and worked with that ‘portion’ of you that is your Psyche. The Psyche is YOU and yet the Psyche is the totality. The Psyche is very difficult to explain, it is like trying to explain the realities. It’s YOU and it isn’t you at the same time.
Now that sounds like I’m walking in circles, but this is the truth, this is the way it is. The YOU that you are ‘translates’ via the Psyche. You ‘decide’ on your awakening physical patterns that you ‘experience’ in your ‘daytime’ hours. In other words, that is why we have tried to say, again and again, when you go to sleep, don’t take your ‘daytime’ activities into your ‘dream’ time. Don’t try and ‘figure’ things out with your physical brain, because your physical brain CANNOT ‘translate’ the symbols. The Psyche does the translating. The Psyche IS and you work with the Psyche. But the Psyche also is – you have a ‘part’ of the Psyche that is within the physical construct.

I know these are ‘hard’ concepts to understand, but lets try and
explain them as best we can. Because, ‘something’ has to ‘translate’ the symbols that are within your ‘bubble’, universe, of your planet and your moon.

You have your own little ‘bubble’ that’s around that. All right, everything that can be ‘translated’ into everything upon a physical planet is within the ‘bubble’. Now, the Psyche ‘helps’ in the ‘translation’ of experiential patterning, because the Psyche ‘translates’ the ‘geometrics’ and the YOU that you are say’s, ‘this is what I want to learn’. All right, these are your
options. You ‘pick’ an option that YOU wish to experience in physicality. There are many different roads to take to get there.

The thing is, that the more that you begin to work with the Psyche, in the ‘daytime’ hours, in other words, the only way you can do that, is to ‘relax’, let go and ‘watch’ and observe. Your body is very ‘intelligent’ in it’s own beingness. The brain that is contained within the ‘head’ area is that which is like your computer. You ‘punch’ a button, the brain brings up a picture in front of you, before the button is pushed you have nothing. You see the brain continues all the time. That brain does not go to sleep when you go to sleep.

So the YOU that you are (working with your Psyche of the you that you are) with the ‘land of the Psyche’ shall we say, it’s a different construct entirely. All of that working ‘together’ makes an ‘impression’ by you, on your physical brain. Now, when you wake-up, the physical brain will bring up the ‘pictures’ in front of you, as certain things are ‘triggered’ within your ‘waking’ reality. The brain will bring up a ‘picture’ for you to see, because it connects with something else. Just like when you push the button to turn on the computer, certain things begin to happen correct, all right, that’s what happens when you wake-up.

Now, if you wake-up and your head is so full of all kinds of stuff that is ‘yesterday’s’ workings that are ‘unsolved’ problems, as you would put it, and all of these begin to ‘flood’ into your computer, you have a whole bunch of things on your screen. Same thing when you turn your computer on. You have all this stuff you go thru to get to where you want to go, right.
You have to watch a certain amount of stuff on the screen; it’s just waiting for the ‘junk’ to get out of the way. Then you push the button of that which you want to see something ‘special’, OK? In pushing the button to see what you ‘you’ want to see, something special. That’s what happens, if you’re observant enough, because something will be triggered that you should see.

Now, that’s probably very complicated and very complex. But you see the Psyche is a part of you. The Psyche is a ‘translator’ and it is also that nebulas portion of ‘everything’ that’s contained within your ‘bubble’ for you to experience.

Now, if you wake-up and your slate is ‘clean’, shall we say, and yesterday is yesterday, that is when the ‘magic’ begins to come in. That is the ‘hardest’ part for you in physicality to handle. Because, you wake-up, your in the same room, you have the same ‘ritual’ of getting cleaned up and dressed and eating and going work and all of that. It’s the same old, same old, same old. It’s very difficult for you in physicality to see that there’s anything else, because you are ‘recycling’ yesterday. Because you have not ‘allowed’ anything to ‘change’ in your nighttime hours. That’s why sleep ‘depravation’ becomes a very difficult thing for people to handle. They’re not spending enough time in that which you call the sleep time to be able to get the ‘messages’ that you ‘need’. To be able to shall we say – your sleep time is like your ‘script’.

You are in a ‘play’, the YOU that you are hands you the ‘script’ for the next day and says ‘alright here’s your script for that day’. But, if your brain, your computer, which never shuts off from the time you are born to the time you die, is still running, running, running and you don’t say, ‘relax, now I’m running the show in the physical ‘awakeness’ as much as I
am when I’m in ‘sleep’ time. I am I, the only difference is, that I’m putting myself into physicality, but I’m still the boss’. That means, as the boss, you ‘observe’ you ‘watch’ your body. Watch your body and what it does, it will do a lot of things for you. It will allow you to ‘see’ things, probably different than you’ve seen them before, because it will ‘divert’ your attention to another scene.

It is a ‘complicated’ and yet a very simplistic thing to handle. We’re getting right back to the same thing again. You can’t change the ‘pictures’ that you put in front of you until you relax enough to ‘allow’ the YOU that you are, to show you the ‘pictures’ that you need, want and have asked for. All right, continue.

JOHN: The next question takes off on that and say’s… “If one of the life sparks like Seth can make it to the Big Universe and what is the relationship with the Entity at that stage?”

DATRE: Well, you see, the Entity is what sends out, shall we say, little feelers, which ended up to be the YOU that you are, to experience. So that you can bring back information, because the Entity cannot slow anything down enough to understand it. In other words, the Entity is a very ‘placid container’, lets put it that way.

Now, were you to get to the point that you ‘knew’ your dreams, that’s not reading a book or having somebody tell you to interpret your dreams, because they’re only interpreting something else. So that you ‘knew’ your dreams, so that there is no difference between your ‘waking’ hours and your ‘night time’ hours as a continuous flow. You, at that point, are developing
YOU to the point that you no longer need to be ‘attached’ to a ‘mother’ Entity. You don’t need a nurturer, you are SELF contained. You are the container and you are the contained, all in ONE package. Then you are no longer in need of an Entity to, shall we say, be free enough to go from one place to another, in a group. In other words, when the ‘birth’ happens, the majority, the people on the planet, will ‘pick-up’ an Entity on the way out of this ‘experience’ into another ‘experience’. Don’t be concerned, don’t get all excited, they’ll be plenty of Entities, Entities can contain a great deal.

But, there are those upon the planet at the present time, few in number though they be, that are going to, in this ‘life expression’, reach the GOAL that they have been working toward – that they no longer NEED anything or anyone else – they are the ‘ball game’. At the point that you’re the ‘whole ball game’, you’re the individual sitting in the bleachers, you are the ‘players’ on the field, you are the umpires, you are the managers, and you’re the WHOLE thing. And you REALIZE that you ARE, THE WHOLE BALL GAME, then you are, shall we say, FREE.

Now there are those upon the planet that have had, that ‘fleeting’ experience, of that KNOWING. But have not quite reached to point, that that can be held in, what you call, the physical ‘reality’ of the physical construct. That is one of the things that the ‘new energies’ will support. Because your vibrational frequency will be ‘high’ enough, so when ‘that’
realization becomes a ‘patterning’, shall we say, that you can HOLD, then at that point, why play the game any more. You don’t need to go on the ‘stage’ and play the game any more. Because you KNOW, that you’re the actor, you know that you’re the director, you know that you’re sitting in the audience, all at the same time. So what’s there to play with any more? Then, this ‘experience’ is no longer needed. But it is not forgotten. It is
taken with you in a ‘beautiful’ package. Continue.

JOHN: I’d like to comment on that. From your statements there it implies that Seth, as he mentioned, is at a point in HIS development that he no longer has need of an Entity.

DATRE: No! He has not had the need for an Entity.

JOHN: For quite some while. So there is no relationship, because that whole connection has been moved beyond.

DATRE: He has. He is – they talk about I AM – they don’t realize the totality of those two words. But if you want to describe that construct, as I AM and ‘knowing’ I AM. That is who we refer to – that vibrational energy we refer to as Seth. Now, they’ll say, ‘how come he can go back and forth’? He does not ‘materialize’ on this planet; he cannot do that, because of
the energy construct. He can bring ‘small’ portions of his TOTALITY, in to ‘interact’ upon the planet thru an individual that has had training, to be able to work ‘compatibly’ back and forth with the energy. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Did those that compose Datre ‘start out’ as ‘simple’ beings and evolve to where we here from them now?”

DATRE: Not necessarily. There are many different ‘types’ of individuals and I say many different TYPES that have never had physicality. In other words, they have never taken on any ‘type’ of ‘bodily’ form whatsoever. That was not their desire. That was not an experience they desired, they choose other experiences. Now the ‘fascination’ of being able to enter the ‘channel’s’ being and be able to ‘look’ thru the eyes (when they finally
get to the point that they can, shall we say, see thru the eyes of the channel) is an experience that, what would you say on your planet, they go Ga Ga about. This is something that they could not ever imagine could be happening. Some times they will come in and you will find ‘gaps’ where they come in and ‘look’ and go, but there will be a little hesitation here and there. Because, you see, there is no ‘dis-allowance’ as far as the channel or we are concerned. If they want to come in and, shall we say, ‘peek’ and see what’s happening, they are ‘allowed’ to do so. Provided that there is someone ‘else’ here that can ‘monitor’ their vibration. Because, high vibration is heat and so that has to be monitored. But, I hope that answers the question.

JOHN: I think one of the difficulties that we have here in physicality is we think of things like ‘growth’ patterns as taking place THRU physicality. That’s only one avenue, out of a myriad of avenues.

DATRE: Oh that’s correct, even in ‘your’ universe. Even in your universe, you see, everything experiences. Alright, I’ll give you an example, because we just finished eating, that is the ‘best’ time to work with the channel, because the body is busy digesting food. So that is the best time for us to work with the channel. A potato, you’ll say, well what can a potato experience? What does it matter what it can experience, it is experiencing. It is growing underground, it does not see, what you call, the light of day. But that does not mean it is not experiencing in some form. Because, everything has, what you call, ‘life’ upon this planet. Now, somebody will say, ‘well I’m not ever going to eat potatoes again’. Well you’re going to
starve, because everything, ‘including’ the air that you breathe, has some ‘type’ of life. Because it has an ‘existence’ and in order to have an ‘existence’ it has a ‘type’ of ‘life’ form.

JOHN: That’s the symbiosis of this reality.

DATRE: That is correct.

JOHN: By consuming them, we expose them to another spectrum of vibrations that they could not be otherwise exposed to.

DATRE: Yes, of course. Can you imagine what the potato goes thru when it’s chomped all to pieces and swallowed and going thru the digestive system and going out the other end? Then being flushed into water and going some place else. Those are all experiences, that are experiences, and somebody will say, “well what about the potatoes, can we take those onto another planet?”. If you take that vibration onto another planet, then you don’t have a potato. I know I’m getting everybody very confused, but in
confession is when you start to figure things out for your self. If we don’t get you totally and completely and utterly confused to the point that you say, ‘I don’t know anything’, then we’re not doing our job very well. Because it is only in ‘confusion’ that you ‘figure’ anything out.

That’s why those people that get caught into, shall we say, a bad situation, OK, number one you’re not ‘caught’, because you can get out of it anytime you want to. If you become more and more and more confused, until you finally get to the point that you put it down and say, ‘alright, I’ve had it, I’m through fighting, I have had it’. Then they have gotten the physical brain out of the way. So ‘perhaps’ we can get some ‘new
thoughts’ that will go past and will get picked up and worked with and take you into a different thought pattern vibration. Many times it will turn everything around. But the hardest thing to do with individuals upon your planet, because it’s same old, same old, same old and of course, naturally it would be because you’ve been doing it for so many thousands of years. But the thing is, it’s kind of like, trying to turn a battleship around in a bathtub. If we get you ‘that’ confused, then you’re going to make progress. Continue.

JOHN: The next question from John is… “What should be the overall effect on progress of those in physicality from the birth be and since time is simultaneous from your standpoint, will there be the desired effect? Should I even ask that?”

DATRE: The birth will take place; we do not care about the outcome. It is not of our concern. We are observers of the birth. You are the ‘participants’ IN the birth. The difference comes in how you are going to ‘approach’ this whole situation. That is up to ‘you’, it is not up to us. It’s not up to your husband or your wife, your children, your neighbors, or anyone else. The thing that is the most ‘difficult’, of all things that we see upon your planet, is release. You say, you want to get
out of this planet, ‘I want to go, I don’t want to stay here any more’. Uh ha! I don’t see you moving. Because the thought of doing anything else but what you have been doing for thousands of years, ‘scares’ you.

Now, we have upon the planet, those that are ‘interested’ in discovery. Not in a mechanical piece of equipment that goes up in the sky and goes someplace. They’re interested in ‘discovery’ of WHO they are. Because that unfolding and finding out WHO you ‘really’ are, is going to scare you. Because you don’t ‘realize’ the POWER that is contained within the YOU that you are… to change things, to turn things around, to do what you want to
on this planet and begin to PLAY in it. Now, they’ll say, ‘oh, there’s people that have got a lot of money and they play all the time’. Fine, but they don’t ‘know’ that they’re still getting their ‘script’ and playing it out in the physical in the daytime. They don’t know that. The ones that ‘play’ on the planet, are those that ‘know’ they write the ‘script’, play
out the play, those are the ones that are ‘discovering’. Those are the ones that are waiting for the birth. Then off to a NEW adventure.

Physical body? Not necessarily, I can experience a lot of things without a physical body. It’s not necessary; you don’t have to have one. In fact it’s quite an encumbrance. There are a lot of things to learn, a lot of things to explore, that don’t require that I have to ‘drag’ a physicality around with me. I can go and ‘watch’, but I don’t have to be part of it. Because I’ve done it. I know how it works; I know what makes it work. That’s the
challenge. Know what makes it work, for YOU, nobody else, that’s the ‘discovery’. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question from John is… “Is the supporting energy that underlies our ‘solid’ reality a constant focus of energy from some source or is it ‘set in motion’ and why do we flicker as you see us?”

DATRE: Well, what happens is, that ‘nothing’ is constant. Number one, nothing is EVER constant. Because if anything ceased motion then it would all be annihilated. Because it cannot cease, that is the Universe that we are existing in, that’s not the little universe, that’s the BIG Universe. There are energies that are in motion, constantly within the Big Universe.
Now, you are only familiar with that which you call ‘particle’ energy. You’re not familiar with the ‘waveform’ energies. That’s why it is sort of a ‘tongue in cheek’ thing, when it was decided upon SURFING THE WAVE. You see it was ‘tongue in cheek’ in that, when you begin to work, in physicality, with the ‘wave’ energies, that is when a great many things take place. You begin to ‘realize’ that your body is not only composed of particle energy but also of ‘wave’ energy. You begin to ‘experience’ the
‘wave’ energy and there may even be those that will be able to, upon their ‘desire’, to switch the ‘particle’ energies, set them aside, or push them aside, and bring in more ‘wave’ energies.
That is when they will become, what you would call, invisible. They still will be, but they will be functioning within a ‘waveform’ energy, not a particle energy. That also is a great ‘discovery’ and when the fun begins. Because, upon doing that and functioning, even for a very short period of time, within a ‘wave’ energy construct, what are ‘walls’? Particles. So, if you become a more ‘waveform’ energy, than a particle form energy, that which becomes the waveform energy ‘passes’ thru the particle energy. So you see, there is a great deal to be

That does not mean that you have to go out and quite your job and sit and meditate and all that sort of thing. The thing is to ‘relax’ within the physical body. Don’t ‘fight’ the new energies that are coming in. Because the new energies are going to be ‘supportive’ of many ‘different’ things, including the intensity of your ‘thought’ patterning. Then you begin to work with the new energies to the point that you can, within the physical
construct, begin to develop that which you call a ‘third’ brain to work with.

You’ve got two halves of your brain, that’s all you think about. Your whole body has a ‘type’ of a brain construct. So your feet and your hands and your whole physical construct has a ‘type’ of a ‘brain’ functioning, which you’re not even familiar with. But, as the new energy begins to come in, you are beginning to get a little more idea here and a little more idea there and a little bit more idea someplace else. Then you begin to ‘experience’ things in a ‘different’ fashion.

This has never been done before. There are a few that are out at the ‘tip’ of the spear, that have been going thru these ‘changes’ quite a bit longer, in fact a number of years, prior to the people that are just beginning to experience many of these things that are, shall we say, happening to them. The depressions. All these things that are beginning to happen to them. They can’t remember this that and the next thing. The thing is, that that has been experienced upon this planet, for a number of years, by people walking in physical forms.
But, because they have been doing it for a longer period of time, then these energies that are coming in now, are not affecting them to a greater extent. There have to be those, that shall we say, that know themselves well enough that they will go ‘out’ and volunteer to be the ‘front’ runners in the physical forms so that we can ‘observe’ what is happening to the physicality upon the planet. So you will say, ‘all these tragic things are happening to me, oh this is happening, my feet are burning up and my heads burning up and this is happening and this is happening and this is happening’, and you think you’re the only ones. Remember, there have been those that have gone before. They have experienced, what you are ‘beginning’ to experience.

So, you don’t ever go, holding anyone’s hand. But remember, the mass, are the followers. Those that came into physicality that said, ‘You need that which is called a guinea pig?’ We will be your guinea pigs’, because we know that should the physical body no longer exist it has nothing to do with us. So, the physical body doesn’t exist anymore, that’s no big deal, I’m still who I am. But you see, those have to have the ‘knowing’ to do that and there are those that are doing that.

So, do not think that you are alone, because you are not. But the only thing is, there are many upon the planet that still think that they are the ‘body’. They are going to get very sick and tired of us ‘re-phrasing’ what we have said from the beginning. It was said by Ramtha, it was said by Seth, and we are saying it now. Nothing is ever changed, the same things
are being said, they have been said throughout what you would call, your thousands and thousands of years. It’s all the same, it’s all experience. But, now you have the ‘opportunity’ to finally be able to find out, WHO you really are. Shall we say, Keep Surfing.

You see, if you watch a surfer, they battle and battle and battle until they get out there. Where is the ‘excitement’? On the TOP of the wave – that’s where the thrill is. After that it’s all downhill. Continue.

JOHN: And the last question from John is, he does a preface statement here first, he says… “If I understand correctly we are actually projecting a symbolic version of ourselves onto the blueprint of this physical reality when we observe something and the greater our understanding of ourselves and our reality itself the grander it becomes. If this is so my question is; If physical reality becomes more vivid with greater understanding why should we want to leave for other realities?”

DATRE: That is exactly what happens. When you become an observer and everything becomes an experience regardless of what it is, good, bad or indifferent, if it is looked at and understood as an experience, and then it just gets GRANDER as it goes. The thing is, that the ‘entrapment’ that you all experience is because it is a ‘patterning’ within your genealogy. You have the ‘fear’ of not being anything but a body, that is living and dying. But it is ‘only’ the BODY that lives and dies. You ‘do not’ live and die. Because you have ‘maintained’ yourself within this environment called physicality. The way ‘out’ at the present time is not what you call ‘death’, because you’re only leaving a ‘hologram’ behind. The way out ‘this time’ is the birth.

That’s your release, that’s your release for ‘brand new’ experiences. Depending upon ‘your’ understanding, of what this physical reality is all about, what ‘you’ are all about, will determine where you’re going to go. Because your ‘vibration’ changes, as your understanding changes and the understanding only comes when you have that little ‘thing’ that says, ‘oh,
so that’s the way it works’. That’s your understanding. That’s why we try to build ‘frameworks’, instead of ‘structures’. Remember what was said the other day…

JOHN: There is no such thing as a ‘fluid’ structure.

DATRE: That is correct! You see, because you think you’re solid. You’re NOT solid. But you have to talk yourself into thinking you’re solid, in order to ‘experience’ in this physicality. But ‘everything’ is very ‘fluid’. That’s why, with a ‘framework’, you can build on it, change it, modify it, keep what you want, discard what you don’t want, it does not matter. But if you’re into a structure and it says, ‘if you do this, this, this and this, then this is supposed to happen’. But that is going by a ‘structure’. That is why you will find that there are many individuals that no longer wish to ‘be’ in a ‘structure’. I want to do my own thing, how many times have you heard that one?

That is not what we’re speaking about. What we’re talking about is your ‘belief’ structure. Is your belief ‘structure’ a solid ‘structure’ or is it a ‘framework’ that can be modified, any time you ‘wish’ to modify it? Because if you’re working from a ‘framework’, you will constantly, constantly, constantly change it. And someone will come up to you and say, ‘well I remember when you believed such and such and thus and so’. All right,
they expect you to have the ‘same’ belief that you had ten years ago. No way. You can ‘change’ a ‘framework’ in the ‘blink’ of an eye, because you have reached another plateau of understanding.

Actually, you sort of go thru peaks and valleys. You haven’t gotten to the point yet, that you go straight ahead and out and about. You still get your days of ‘highs’ and you get your days of ‘lows’. To some extent that is caused by the energies that are coming on the planet. Because energy has a vibration and the higher the frequency the more it creates heat within the physical construct as you begin to absorb it. You’ll find that some days you are ‘burning-up’. You’ll walk in and look in the mirror and your body, your face and your hands and your neck and everything will be red.
Well what it is, is your body ‘fluctuating’ to absorb the new energies, because a high frequency is heat. I think you know that from the energy you’ve got that does different things. Like a stove, if you turn on the stove and the energy goes thru fast, the stove gets hot, correct. Also microwave, anything that creates heat is vibrating at a tremendous high rate of speed. Well, same thing with the body. Then it will become very hot, ‘well then I’m coming down with a fever, I’ve got a cold, or I’ve got this or I’ve got that or I’ve got something else’, not necessarily. If you’ll relax and let it go, pretty soon you’ll turn around and say, ‘oh, I wonder when that left’. But if you focus in that there is something ‘wrong’ then you’re back into a ‘structure’.

The fluidity is in the ‘framework’ of saying, ‘I’m really burning up right now, oh well, no big deal’. Continue what you’re doing, it won’t last. Be aware of these things, it will help you in the coming times because the energy WILL continue to increase, guaranteed. Are there more questions?

JOHN: No, that was it.

DATRE: We thank you, we have again repeated ourselves, in a little different manner in the hopes that we can reach some individuals to give them ‘peace’ within their bodies. To ‘realize’ that they are the WHOLE SHOW, the WHOLE BALL GAME, you as individuals. You write your ‘script’ at night, you give it to the physical construct in the morning, you step into your physical construct and you ‘direct’ your day, but you can only do that in a ‘relaxed’ state. You cannot do it ‘fighting’. The ‘relaxation’, even in the busiest part of your day, you can ‘still’ function in a ‘relaxed’ manner.
It cannot be anyone else causing you this problem, or causing you that upsetness or anything else. Because, if you do not wish to be upset by an individual, or a situation, it need not be. Say, ‘I don’t care to look at that picture’, OK, bring up another one. It is the man that can stand in the middle of a busy street or sidewalk, and watch everybody going hither and yon, and continue on his way within his physical form and do the job that is needed to be done and not get upset about it. Once you begin to do that, then you’ll KNOW who you are. Because you have to KNOW who you are and be ‘strong’ enough in that ‘belief’. That is the one ‘belief’ that you need… to be able to ‘understand’. That’s the ‘belief’ that you ARE, or I AM. Thank you, we are Datre.


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