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Datre answers Al
JOHN: OK, we have some questions from Al. His first question is… “Seth spoke of having ‘associates’ in his reality – was he referring to the ‘many’ in Datre?

DATRE: He was referring to the many in Datre, plus all the ‘others’ in the BIG Universe. Those are all… you see, the ‘individuals’, if you want to call them that, like us in the BIG Universe, we work together, we work separately.

It’s a hard concept for you to understand, perhaps, because you’re used to working thru only ‘one’ physical being. But our work is ‘intertwined’, interlaced and yet separate in its doing-ness. So, it encompasses more than Datre, because there are many that will not ever speak thru the channel with the information. Because the ‘areas’ they work in are not describable in Earth terms. So they would never be ‘part’ of Datre, simply because it is none translatable.

JOHN: His next question is… “Would it be more accurate to think of Datre as a composite ‘being’ or as a gathering/focus point (in the sense that the Internet is a focal/dissemination point)?

DATRE: Our focal point is the channel, because without the channel, we could do nothing. So the focal point is the channel and we are all, as we have said before, individualistic but we use the ‘common’ channel to bring forth the information requested.

JOHN: OK, his next question is… “What is ‘thought’ – what is the process of ‘thinking’?”

DATRE: Well, I think if you will go back almost to when we first began to put things on the Net for people to read, we explained that what you call, the ‘dandelion’ and seed, that is thought. Thought is independent of ‘interaction’ unless it ‘contacts’ an individual that uses it.

Now, ‘think’ is brain. It is putting things together. It is cohesiveness that is a ‘brain’ activity. Think, unless your brain receives a new ‘thought’ that is, shall we say, ‘contacted’, the contact is made between the brain and the thought. Then the brain has to wait until something is
‘familiar’ enough to the brain ‘patterning’ to be able to, shall we say, ‘transcribe’ the meanings of the ‘thought’ into verbalization. What you do is… very few people work from ‘thought’, the majority of the people work from ‘think’. That’s why you have so much ‘re-hash’.

JOHN: OK, his next question is… “What is the ‘hologram’ – where did it come from – who/what does the ‘insertions/alterations’?”

DATRE: You do that yourself. You’re smarter than you think you are. You don’t give your self credit. The ‘hologram’ is an ‘atomic’ structure, of sorts. It is a ‘hollow’ container that you fill with Earth substance, particles shall we say, to make a ‘mass’ that is visible. So the thing is that the ‘hologram’ is constantly changing – it changes by what ‘you’ do with it. You’re the one who changes the ‘hologram’, we don’t change
holograms, no one else changes your hologram, you do that your self, you are an individual. You have ‘chosen’ to work in this particular reality construct on Earth as individualistic ‘beings’. So, the hologram is yours to do with as you wish and that is ‘your’ decision.

JOHN: We might even refer to the ‘hologram’ as our ‘individual art work’.

DATRE: To some degree, some degree because you use the genetic patterning also to stay within the genetics of what you call your ‘family’ lineage.

JOHN: OK, the next question is… “Who/what writes the stories and forms the bubble?”

DATRE: The bubbles are formed and put into place by those that are in the BIG Universe. That is ‘one’ of ‘many’ things that different ones do. In fact, that is a ‘species’. That’s what they do. They make the bubbles; they ‘experiment’ with them they watch them ‘grow’. They put a ‘beginning’ and an ‘end’ to it, so they have what you call a ‘time’ span, a ‘linear’ time span that is contained within that. Then in order to not interfere, they
‘remove’ themselves from the ‘bubble’ and observe it, watch it grow. Just like you go down and buy plants. You come home and it’s in a little tiny pot it can’t grow in the little tiny pot, so you take it and you put into a bigger pot. Then you give it food and you give it water and you watch it grow.
Same thing, this is what that ‘species’ of Entity does. They make the ‘bubbles’ they put everything that’s needed inside of it and they put a type of, shall we say, a ‘story line’ within it with a ‘linear’ time frame. But it is very loose woven, in other words, it is… all the substances are there and the individuals that are within the ‘bubble’ use the substances in what ever way they want to. Then it gets to the point you’ve reached the ‘other side’ of the ‘bubble’, shall we say, and then it’s time to quit and start over again.

JOHN: OK, the next question could be a follow on to that one, but it isn’t necessarily, it says… “Who/what ‘birthed’ us (the total us that we are)? Do we ‘birth’ anything?

DATRE: You’re going to ‘birth’ your selves. You’re going to ‘birth’ your selves into another ‘existence’ at the time of the birth. In other words, you’re the ones that will, shall we say, ‘birth’ your selves into other realities. So you do ‘birth’ your selves. What was the first part?

JOHN: Who/what ‘birthed’ us (the total us that we are)?

DATRE: You are ‘birthed’ by Entities. As we have explained Entities previously, you are one of the… I don’t like to use the word ‘sparks’ because everybody gets that confused with other things and I don’t know what other word to use. But you are one of a multitude of a… well here we go, we use ‘sparks’ that will experience. So you are, in a loose form of explanation, birthed from an Entity. But there are many Entities that have many different things that they do. An Entity is a ‘species’ within the BIG Universe. ‘It is one of many species.

JOHN: His next question is… “Who/what were/are the ‘originators’ and the ‘cloned’ entities? Is this the ‘normal’ way planets are ‘seeded’?”

DATRE: The majority of your planets are ‘seeded’ from a cloned, what you call a ‘cloned’ reality. That is the easiest way to ‘watch’ the progress of that which you call individuals. It ‘begins’ that way. It is the dynamics and the ‘force’ with which ‘knowledge’ is sought that makes a ‘cloned’ entity becomes ‘desirable’ to ‘break’ free from a cloned existence. In other
words, it’s the dynamics, it’s the… you see, a lot of that is due to… the dynamics are due to the energies that are going thru. A ‘different’ area will cause different reactions and actions.
The ‘desire’ to be ‘individualistic’ was what ‘changed’, shall we say, your present civilization on planet Earth. In your desire to be ‘individualistic’, shall we say, we sat at a ‘conference table’ and decided that the easiest way to
individualize you was to ‘introduce’ that which you call the 23rd. chromosome, which made you male/female. That individualized you more than anything previously. That was when the BIG separation took place. When you became male/female then you took on different patterns of doing and understanding and relations and all of this. So the 23rd. chromosome was decided to be introduced into the physicality for individuality.

JOHN: Well that answered the next question too. That question was… “Who introduced the 23rd. chromosome?” The next question is… “Was there any ‘third’ component created by the mix of the two bubbles (when they collided)?”

DATRE: No, it was basically two and the thing is, it still is pretty much basically two. But you have to realize, there has been a great deal of ‘infusion’ of the ‘specialists’ into this particular planetary Earth environment, simply because there was such a ‘big’ gap in the difference of the two. So there had to be a melding, shall we say, in order to make it work.

So, basically you still have two. The ‘specialists’ are those that come from ‘outside’ – come in, do their job and leave. But there again, that’s what we have said before, too many that came in became fascinated and have stayed way beyond their staying point. Continue.

JOHN: OK, the next question is… “What is the relationship between the two bubbles and the 2 bodies (plant and animal) – would entities from the ‘intruder’ bubble be more inclined to chose more plant component?” (He’s talking about the body construct)

DATRE: Not necessarily. Not necessarily, that is one of the things that is a decision made upon entering physicality. In other words, every time you go thru that which you call your ‘death’ process – when you come back into physicality in the ‘live’ state, you say, they are born again and all that kind of thing. But the thing is the decision is made by ‘you’ the
individual, as to what ‘genealogy’ patterning you wish to experience and also what your composition is. That is definitely up to the ‘you’ that you are.

Now, many come in and do not make ‘choices’ and all of a sudden they’re here and then they have to make up their minds what they’re going to do. Many are not even ‘familiar’, they just pick-up a whole bunch of ‘scraps’ and put them together and that’s what they work with. But there are those that make ‘definite’ decisions as to what they wish.

JOHN: The next question… “What percentage of each – 1st. bubble / intruder bubble and predominantly plant / animal body on the earth at the present time. Of what significance is this? How many of ‘US’ are there? I know you’re not good with numbers but are we talking one – ten – hundreds – millions – billions – trillions??”

DATRE: That would take some overall observations to decide who is what and where. You see the thing is, with the ‘new’ energies coming in that are ‘changing’ your bodies physically. So that it is more ‘difficult’ to detect that, because your bodies are changing. So the line between the plant and the animal is more defused than it has been previously. Simply because those that are beginning to and have been working with the ‘new’ energies coming in over the periods of time, they have ‘changed’ their vibratory construct. So the vibratory construct is what we ‘see’ and observe. In other words, from our vantage point, you are a bunch of squiggly lines. So you can see from the squiggly lines it would be very difficult to see what you were. Because, we are more concerned with your vibratory construct, than we are with the ‘particle’ composition of your physical beings. All right?

JOHN: His next question is… “What is the beginning and end of our ‘story’ (separately for each ‘bubble’ now experiencing existence on planet earth) and how are the ‘people’ in the dead zone affected?”

DATRE: The thing is, that your beginnings were different. But, the existence upon planet Earth at the time of the birth is going to effect all of you, regardless if you came from bubble A, bubble B or are in the dead zone. It does not matter, because when the ‘split’ is made and you leave the planet, that’s it. That’s all I can say, that’s the end.

Now, some will go on into a type of continuation of the story originally started. But, in another construct, the story that you had here on planet Earth when you were here in physical form is going to begin NEW.

JOHN: Basically it is just a ‘new’ story line.

DATRE: It is a new story line; it will be a new story line for both.

JOHN: OK, his next question is… “Who/what are the ‘ancient children’ are they actually in physicality – are these the people you referred to as living high in the mountains of Mexico. How do they influence/impact our daily existence?” I think we answered that question at another time.

DATRE: That has been answered previously.

JOHN: Next in line is… “Are there two holograms – the mass consciousness hologram which is the ‘world’ that we know – and the personal ‘body’ hologram?”

DATRE: Your Earth is not a hologram, it is a ‘realized’ planet, your planet is a ‘realized’ planet, and it is no longer a hologram. The holograms on the planet are the physical constructs, be it man, woman, bird, fish, animal what ever.

Now, there are those animals, there are those birds, there are those fish, that are ‘realized’. They carry a certain vibratory construct. That vibratory construct that they carry, determines what ‘type’ of physical form – particle form – they will express in different realities and also in different planetary existences. They have been ‘realized’ to that point, that vibratory point. You see, that is why many have decided, that when the BIRTH could have taken place, they didn’t want to go.
The reason for that being, is that the ‘higher’ the vibration the physical body is able to ‘encompass’, when the BIRTH takes place if you have a very ‘high’ vibratory construct, that means that where ever you go after the BIRTH – the birth happens – you are that much closer to, what shall we say, BIRTHING YOUR SELF into the BIG Universe. In other words, the vibration that you ‘maintain’ within your physical construct is what sets up what you will be in any other situation, any other reality, any other planetary existence, what ever.
You see, that is why it is important for you to get as much out of each, shall we say, lifetime that you have had on physical planet Earth. And to ‘maintain’ that thru your dead zone, to bring that back thru again. Don’t let it ‘dissolve’ into nothingness; before you decide you can’t hang on into the dead zone any more, you have to come back here.

So, you see, that is the ‘importance’ of knowing and there are those that know. You have heard them spoken about in your different books and so forth. They ‘knew’ who they were going to be ‘birthed’ by, they knew what they were going to do when they came into this next, shall we say, ‘awakened’ physical existence. They ‘maintained’ and held that which they had ‘gained’ in the previous ‘life’ experience, thru that which you call your dead zone experience, had also picked up ‘additional’ information ‘in’ the dead zone then came back into physicality again. Those are the ones that are ‘building’.
But the… so many people believe that when you die physically that you just don’t have to do anything. If that is your idea, that is fine. But, if you maintained what you’ve had, don’t let anybody talk you out of it, don’t let anybody change what you ‘know’ that you have achieved and build on that, then come back in, you constantly build. But what happens, you get laxidaysacle, you go into the dead zone – I don’t have to do anything – and gradually you ‘lose’ what you had from the time before. People talk you out of it, ‘oh, you don’t believe that stuff, ta da ta da’. ‘Well maybe I don’t, maybe from this vantage point I don’t, well maybe I should ‘change’ my ideas’. They come back in – they’ve got to start all over again. So, that’s the difference.

JOHN: OK, his next question is… “Has anyone, besides Seth, gone into the ‘big’ Universe from our Earth?”

DATRE: RAMTHA! You see, the construct that is that which you call SETH, now, that was far beyond anything that you have any records of. Now, that which is called RAMTHA came back in and talked to you and told you and he was setting a ‘foundation’, trying to get you ‘off’ the fact that you were ‘nothing’. That you were as much a GOD as anyone else, if you’ll make up your ‘mind’ that you’re worth ‘something’ and ‘not’ nothing. He worked very ‘hard’ on those principles.

Now, SETH came in and he came in with a vibration that he could use to bring into this physicality to explain more things ‘to you’ about working in the physical construct of your ‘being’. He never said that he had come FROM physicality at any particular time. He was a vibratory construct and because of being ‘human’ he had to have a ‘name’ to be identified by, because you have to put a ‘name’ on everything. That is the way you ‘think’, that is the way your physicality has set yourselves up.

In other words, you’re not comfortable, talking to an individual time after time without knowing their ‘name’. It is not comfortable, the first thing you have to do is know your name and your age and a few other things, but any way. You see you’re not comfortable in accepting an individual for ‘who’ they are. By listening to what they say, by communicating with them, you
are not comfortable unless you put a ‘name’ on them and then you can say, ‘well, so and so said’. Instead of just accepting the individual and enjoying the information and if you meet again, fine and if you don’t meet again, that’s fine too. But even if you never see that person again, you still have to have a name. So in order to satisfy, a name had to be put on.

JOHN: Actually he didn’t present himself with a name, he said, ‘you may call me SETH, if you wish’.

DATRE: That’s correct, but that ‘if you wish’ oh boy, that nailed it, right there.

JOHN: The next question is, along the same lines… “Is SETH 2 within Datre’s ‘big’ Universe or is he in a ‘bigger’ Universe?”

DATRE: No! Everyone that comprises those that come thru… and there again you see we started out many years ago with ‘no names’. We tried speaking to people with the ‘different voice’ characteristics. But every time a ‘new’ voice came in ‘what’s your name’ ‘what’s your name’ ‘where do you come from’ ‘what do you do’. They weren’t ‘satisfied’ with the ‘information’ given.

That’s why we have decided on DATRE so that you can call us something. You see it gets very involved when you begin to work with physicality. The information was not ‘accepted’ because it did not come from a ‘name’. Tried it, it doesn’t work. Tried a lot of things that don’t work. But we keep trying, continue.

Now, oh, you mentioned SETH 2. SETH 2 was a reference made to a ‘higher’ vibration of the ‘original’ that came thru the channel. In other words, a ‘stretch’, a greater ‘stretch’ had to be made by the channel in order to ‘reach’ a vibration that would bring thru ‘different’ information. It was ALL the ‘same’, but because the information was different they labeled it SETH 2. SETH 2 very ‘seldom’ came thru, simply because it was not

Now, this channel does not ‘label’ the information that is brought thru. At times it is of a greater ‘stretch’ for the channel to reach. Others step theirs… their vibration ‘down’ so it is more comfortable. But, as you well know, in ‘private’ sessions when you have gotten into some very ‘technical’ information the channel has had to go ‘out’ further and further
and further, to make the connection of the ‘other’ vibration. At which time, in coming back into the physical being, it will take, many times, five – six hours for the channel to re-stabilize and become what she calls, ‘I’m beginning to feel real’. But you see that is very difficult to do that, because the channel needs to work with those ‘energies’ and those
energies are of a very ‘high’ vibration, which creates… vibration, as you know, vibration creates ‘heat’.

You take something and it vibrates back and forth very slowly, nothing happens. But you start that vibration very fast, that’s going to create heat; it creates heat within the physical being. That causes a great deal of ‘discomfort’, even to the point of having the ‘scalp’ burned, which she has experienced. But that is what is needed in order to reach some of this information, because those that have that information work with a higher

But SETH 1 and SETH 2 and SETH 3 and 4 and 5 is all the same thing. But you see that was the first information that came thru that gave ‘you’ concrete knowledge of how to work within physicality to the greatest extent possible. So, continue.

JOHN: The next one is another one about SETH 2, he says… “Is Seth 2 the ‘creator being’ of: our bubble; Datre’s ‘big’ Universe?”

DATRE: No, neither. SETH is… because he has worked with physicality, he has had, shall we say, ‘faces’ within physicality. He can communicate with physicality. The thing is, that that is what he does. That is a ‘different species’, shall we say, that is a ‘communicator’ species, if you have to put a word on it, he is one that is able to communicate with the
individuals on planet Earth. So you can call him a communicator species. There we go with labels again.

JOHN: If there’s no label on the bottle, you don’t know if it’s good enough to consume. The next question is… “In the larger context, would the division between Seth and Seth 2 be analogous to the ‘apparent’ division between our consciousness and our psyche – or would the child/parent analogy be closer?”

DATRE: There is no division between SETH 1, SETH 2, SETH 3, SETH 4 whatever.

JOHN: That’s the same thing with an individual, there’s no division between the person that goes to the first grade and that same person when they get promoted to the second grade, there’s no division…

DATRE: No and the thing is the only thing is because of the ‘recognition’ of the vibration. Now the channel recognizes ‘different’ vibrations, because she can… there is something… there is a ‘type’ of connection that she maintains that she can ‘feel’ the body ‘shift’, with different vibrations of those coming in. She recognizes certain ones and she will say, ‘well so and so, I recognize that vibration’.

Now SETH, regardless of how far out he takes her, in giving her
information, how far out she goes to ‘see’ what he is talking about, because when she starts going out that far she actually goes to ‘see’ visually what he is speaking about. Now, that’s ‘totally’ leaving the body for long periods of time. She recognizes that vibration, regardless of whether he comes in just for a ‘chat’ in the evening or whether he takes her way out. She follows a vibration way out. She also follows vibrations way out of others. But the minute a ‘new’ vibration comes in, she ‘knows’ that some other Entity, shall we say, has come in with information, because it is un-recognizable to her. That one comes back in the second time and she knows.
But there again no names, so she doesn’t care. But that’s the way it is. The vibration regardless of how ‘fine’ it becomes is still a vibration that she can follow. It’s like she follows a vibration out of her body like someone would follow if you were at night and you said, ‘I’ll flash that flashlight out and you follow that beam, then you can see where you’re going’. OK, with your physical eyes you follow that flashlight beam. When she goes out, she follows a ‘vibratory’ construct that she recognizes. If she doesn’t recognize it, it doesn’t matter, she still follows it. That is a very hard concept I know for you to understand but that is what she ‘actually’ does. Now you see, that’s the ‘difference’ between her channeling and the channeling that is done from other realities or the dead zone. They don’t have that experience; this is entirely different,
in that ‘she’ follows the vibration.

JOHN: In the Universe your vibration is your ‘signature’ anyway.

DATRE: That is right, when you go out into the BIG Universe your vibratory construct is your ‘signature’ print. Continue.

JOHN: OK, the next question is… “At some point can all members of a species be considered ONE being? In particular does Datre see/consider Humankind as ONE being?”

DATRE: No! Your individuality is maintained as long as you ‘continue’ your growth. That does not mean growing-up to be ‘big’ that means your growth as far as your ‘understanding’ of what ‘your’ particular planetary existence at the ‘present time’ is all about. That is your ‘growth’; you don’t ‘loose’ anything unless you are laxidaysacle. But if you have that ‘desire’ to know, to ‘experience’ to ‘discover’ to ‘understand’ to ‘comprehend’ and keep on ‘pushing’, you maintain and maintain and maintain. That is what is the ‘driving force’ within those individuals that make the ‘transition’ into that which you call the BIG Universe. It’s because they have built and built and built and built.

JOHN: It seems that that thought pattern, which is fairly prevalent on Earth, of one being, is a carry over from the genetics of the ‘cloned’ realities where they thought of themselves in that way.

DATRE: That is true, because as the ‘cloned’ reality thought, everyone thought the same. That is where that comes from, you are correct. Because there was ‘not’ individual thought. So they all followed… you know, how ‘boring’ can it get? So, there were those that with an energy coming thru picked it up and says ‘wait a minute there’s something different, there’s something different here, I want to explore that’. Well as a ‘cloned’
reality you’re pretty well stopped. Because you the minute you say, ‘I want to explore that’, then everybody says ‘I want to explore that’. So you know, it is a very ‘redundant’ thing that is why it is a beginning. That is why it IS a beginning. That is why those on Earth at the present time are further along in their ‘individuality’, than others on other planetary systems. Simply because of the ‘push’, the wanting to ‘know’. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “Are we actually already IN the ‘big’ Universe – just that our attention is focused singularly at one point – or is the analogy of us being ‘children in sandbox 1’ more accurate?”

DATRE: At this point in time, there are so many ‘changes’ taking place, that there are those that are beginning to get to the ‘edge’ of the sandbox and are going say ‘I want out’. There is a great deal of variance upon your planet Earth at the present time, a great deal of variance. What was the first one that you mentioned?

JOHN: Are we actually already IN the ‘big’ universe?

DATRE: No! You are in the ‘little’ universe. You are contained ‘within’ the little universe. Regardless of where you came from, what you are doing here, whether you are what you call ‘alive’ or ‘dead’, you are all within the ‘bubble’ that contains the Earth.

JOHN: That’s our own little sandbox.

DATRE: Well yes, but you see your sandbox is growing to the point of making changes.

JOHN: OK, next question is… “Is the concept of Einstein’s ‘relativity’ the key concept underlying all existence – must it be combined with the ‘Unified Field’. Could Datre explain these two concepts from their perspective?”

DATRE: Those are ‘your’ perspectives; they are not ‘our’ perspectives. We cannot explain what ‘you’ are experiencing thru physicality. Your ‘relativity’ is being ‘experienced’ by ‘you’ in physicality. The ‘unified field’ theory is being experienced by ‘you’ in physicality.

Now, from the standpoint of the BIG Universe, you see, you can’t take the ‘thought’ patterns of Earth and apply it to the BIG Universe. We in the BIG Universe try and, shall we say, use the ‘physical’ words to ‘explain’ situations to you. But if you were to ‘tip’ it the other way around, as we’ve said before, that it is not anything that we can put in words for your understanding. We can ‘look’ at things that contain ‘particle’ reality and explain it to you. But we’ve yet to figure out how to ‘explain’
anything other than ‘particle’ reality to you, because that is all you can ‘perceive’. In other words, we have spoken many times of ‘waveforms’, but you have no way of ‘detecting’ it, you have no way of understanding it and there are no ‘words’ that we can use to explain it to you. And yet in the BIG Universe it is ‘waveform’ it is not ‘particle’.

So how can you take what you would call a ‘particle’ reality, thought patterns and everything else, and understand a ‘waveform’ reality? You have trouble even trying to ‘realize’ that a ‘structure’ and ‘fluidity’ don’t fit together. See, those are things that can not really be explained, because actually your reality that you’re experiencing here is from our vantage point, there’s a lot of ‘holes’ in it, very ‘fluid’, it moves all over the place.

Your holograms are intersecting lines. You have ‘intersecting’ lines that are going around your planet, your what you call your ‘lay lines’. And it takes a while to ‘separate’ all of that out to figure out which line goes where. Because you’ve got so many lines, you’ve got so many people; the ‘lay lines’ have had to increase in number in order to be able to hold you upon the planet, in order to ‘hold’ your holograms.

You see, when a planet starts out and you have a ‘new’ civilization, you don’t have many ‘lay lines’ on your planet. Because you don’t have that many individuals on it. But as the number of individuals, the number of animals, the number of fish, the number of birds and all of these other things that come on to your planet – they have to be held – their holograms
have to be held on your planet some way shape or form. And you don’t have ‘glue’ to stick you. So you have to have more ‘lay lines’ and more ‘lay lines’ and more ‘lay lines’ the only ones your concerned with are the ‘big carrier’ lines. But you have gillions of ‘lay lines’ that are on your planet, in order to be able to hold onto ‘existence’.

JOHN: Since we don’t understand that, we call it ‘gravity’.

DATRE: That’s right!

JOHN: The next question is… “Is it accurate to say that from Datre’s perspective we aren’t actually ‘anywhere’ and won’t actually GO anywhere – that it is just a question of what we focus on/tune into and that the birth will actually be a re-focus or re-tuning process?”

DATRE: It is and it isn’t and that’s going round robin. But, your ‘particles’ will not go, the thoughts, the YOU that you are, the YOU that you have become, that vibratory construct is YOURS. If it is ‘strong’ enough to be able to make the change. Now, you see, you have to be able to maintain a certain vibratory construct in order to be able to do anything. And if the vibratory construct is not strong enough to be able to shall we say, stand on it’s own without ‘particles’, then that is going to be a more difficult situation to handle. So that is why we are trying to get everyone to be able to understand and be able to work with the ‘new’ energies. Because that is what’s going to give your ‘vibration’ the ‘strength’ that’s needed to go where YOU want to go, instead of, like you do with your ‘life
– death’ process, go thru it willy nilly, that’s the difference.

JOHN: His next question is… “The Being that we know as Earth – has it layered itself in physicality as we have? What does the birth represent/accomplish for this Being?”

DATRE: Your Earth is a ‘realized’ Being. The Earth has it’s own agenda. Just because it is in the shape of a round or oblong ball, which ever it happens to be at the present time, does not mean it does not have viability.

Now, what happens is, that you have been given the right to exist ‘upon’ this, what you call, your planet Earth. Now, existence on a planet, and beginning to destroy a planet, are two different things. You have begun the ‘destruction’ of this planet by changing its ‘surface’ radically. Now, regardless of what you did or did not do, on your sojourn on planet Earth does not matter. Because when you have ‘vacated’ the planet, the planet will ‘reconstruct’ itself for another ‘existence’ upon it.

But the ‘reconstruction’ of the Earth is up to the Being that is the Earth and not up to you. You all want to ‘help’ the planet; this is fine, because you are the ones that are going to continue to live on it. So fix it up, the best you can, for those of you that are here living upon it and helping ‘each other’ to be able to have a ‘better’ existence. But, the planet will take care of ‘itself’ and it will take care of ‘itself’ whether you are on it or off of it. But that is what will happen when the birth takes place. The Being that is the planet, will take care of itself and get itself ready for ‘future’ habitation.

JOHN: The next question is… “What is Water – it’s function and does it have a relationship/role with consciousness?”

DATRE: No! Water is an element in and of itself; it is only on this planet Earth. It is unique to this planet; other planets do not have it. You can explain it in all your numbering and lettering, whatever that happens to be I do not remember. But anyway, water has a uniqueness. It has a uniqueness in that it has ‘allowed’ “dual civilizations’ to live upon one planet,
which is very unusual.

The water animals are in a stage of ‘evolution’, just as you are in a stage of ‘evolution’. There are ‘creatures’ that you do not have any idea of what they ‘appear’ like, that are in existence within that which you call your water. But, this is ‘their’ evolution, living ‘on’ the planet, is ‘your’ evolution. But, they are ‘evolving’ as you are ‘evolving’. You’ll say, ‘well they’re little tiny minnows, how can you evolve’? Well there’s
individuals that have little tiny brains that have not maintained anything, so what is the difference? Evolution is evolution, but evolution is ‘keeping’ and growing and growing and ‘keeping’ and discovering.

JOHN: And the final question is… “The Mayans were here – then left. Current interpretation of the Mayan calendar says they will return in the year 2012 (or 2013???) – Is this significant – what does it mean?”

DATRE: Why do they have to return? They evolved beyond the point that they could on this planet. Now, if there have been those that have been on another planetary existence and have ‘understood’ ‘that’ planetary existence and have sought something else and this has been of interest to you… to them, I should say, then they have come back and come thru physical existence, because there was a ‘remnant that was left here. So
there has been a ‘remnant’ so that they could return if they wanted to. But did they want to? You see, everybody picks-up all kinds of dates and say’s this is going to happen and that’s going to happen and something else is going to happen. But ‘dates’ do not mean anything, they don’t mean anything.

When you begin to live – and I say ‘live’ – without your ‘time’, without your calendars you will have an ‘entirely different’ existence. You don’t ‘realize’ how you ‘entrap’ yourselves by those very things called ‘time’. Now, prior to all that which you call ‘measuring’ of time, with clocks, that I believe were Chinamen were the ones that did the earliest clock works?

JOHN: Yes I believe so.

DATRE: Alright, you have dissected and dissected and dissected ‘time’ till you have it to the point that you no longer ‘realize’ that YOU control ‘time’. You have ‘allowed’ ‘time’ to ‘control’ you. Now, those that ‘realize’ that the ‘time’ element is within ‘their’ power and it is ‘their’ decision as to ‘how long’ they want an ‘hour’ to be and what ‘mass’ consciousness wants an ‘hour’ to be, it does not matter. Because ‘time’ is
‘yours’ and yours alone. Your ‘hour’ and the person next to you, their ‘hour’ is ‘not’ the same, guaranteed.

It is only because of your mass consciousness ‘frenzy’ that you have ‘allowed’ yourself to be, shall we say, influenced to the point that you realize that you are a ‘victim’ of ‘time’ instead of the ‘ruler’ of ‘time’. It is within YOUR being to ‘set’ time. Then you’ll say, ‘well I have an appointment at such and such a time and I have to be there’. You can be there, but you can either run harem scarem all over the place and get their
panting, so that you get there at the very last minute. Or you can say, ‘I will see you there at that time’ and go about your business and do whatever you want to and still arrive the same time that they do.
You are the one that sets the ‘time’. The only ‘time’ that is being set now is the birth time and you do not know when that is and we do not know when that ‘time’ is. But, when the ‘vibrations’ hit a certain level, then the ‘time’ on this planet will be the ‘time’ of the birth. It has nothing to do with you as ‘individuals’ it has nothing to do with anything else. The vibration upon the planet and within the individuals upon the planet has to reach what you… all right you use the words ‘critical mass’. All right when that has been achieved the birth ‘will’ take place. That is what will set the ‘time’ and I don’t care what year you put on it. Sometimes we have used ‘years’ just to ‘through out’ to put it out far enough, so that you can’t handle it. Like I think we unfortunately used the ‘time’ when time was 2075 thinking that that was far enough out so that it wouldn’t be of any use, you know it wouldn’t be ‘critical’ to your thinking. But the ‘time’ is set Universally. That’s the BIG Universe that sets the time.

JOHN: Yes, we talked about that once before, ‘timing and orchestration’.

DATRE: That is correct, that is correct. Now, the ‘timing and
orchestration’ is within your ‘little’ bubble that surrounds your Earth. But you see, at that time, shall we say, here we have ‘time’ again; at that ‘time’ the birth takes place. That will ‘affect’ absolutely ‘everything’ within the BIG Universe, everything because of the ‘magnitude’ of the ‘changes’ that will be taking place. And don’t want to go into the explanations and asking, ‘what’s going to happen to the other planets’?
Don’t be concerned about the other planets, don’t be concerned about this planet, be concerned about YOU and YOU alone. Because, either you’re going to make it with ‘grace and ease’ or you’re going to ‘struggle’ and have a real, what you call, a horrendous time handling the ‘new’ energies, because, that is what is needed, in order to make the birth work. It is the increase in the energies and watching the individuals on the planet and how they handle it. When it reaches the point, that ‘critical mass’ point, when ever that is, the birth will happen.

The ‘split’ will be made, you will be in another ‘type’ of reality experience and it will be GRAND. Are there more questions?

JOHN: No, that was it. I have a comment on time, as you were speaking of it that struck me; Time is one of those things where the ‘prisoner’ is their own ‘jailer’.

DATRE: That is correct. You ‘entrap’ yourselves, nobody else does. It’s not your boss, it’s not your wife or husband, it’s not your children; you are the one that ‘entraps’ yourself. The more ‘upset’ you become about your ‘time’, ‘I don’t have enough of it’, what have you set-up for yourself?

JOHN: More bars.

DATRE: You have said it, ‘I don’t have enough’. What does your ‘brain’ do, it immediately sets it up for your ‘don’t’. If you say, ‘I have plenty of ‘time”, the ‘brain’ says, ‘there is plenty of time’ and will make that work for you. You say, ‘I don’t have enough time’, the brain will say, ‘oh, they don’t have enough time, oh alright, then I’ll shorten it’. You see
it’s all done within your self. Revelations, new discoveries, what is ‘time’ all about?

JOHN: I’ll tell you next TIME.

DATRE: And we will leave you now, until next time, (much laughter) oh boy. OK, we’ll see you later, we are Datre, good bye.


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