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Datre answers Dale.
JOHN: OK, we have some questions from Dale. The first question is… “It appears that our reality is an experiment involving individualism.”

DATRE: That’s correct. That is what it has become. That is what you would call ‘evolution’ that’s the ‘stage’ you are in now. You see, when the ‘bubble’ is first set out, the parameters are set. But you never exactly know what the ‘outcome’ is going to be, but that’s what you are now. You’re individualistic so that is what you are experiencing and what you are working thru at the present time. Next.

JOHN: His next question is… “It appears that in the larger reality that Datre exists in, all beings are interconnected.”

DATRE: No that is not correct, we’re not ‘connected’ in any way, we are all individuals. But you see, because you work from ‘one’ body, it’s very difficult for you to understand… it is like we exist in a big ‘sea’ of expression without anything physical. You see, we exist, we are. Bodies are too cumbersome to be able to create in the ‘magnitude’ that we create in. In other words, the beings that create to the magnitude of say, a Universe and all the ‘substances’ within a Universe certainly cannot work from a physical standpoint. So we’re all individualistic.

Now the only difference is, that… see you encapsulate yourself in a physical form. In other words, if you want to get the information that the channel, when not channeling, just being a person, wishes to get information from another individual, then you have to speak to the individual. The individual that you’re speaking to can do one of two things; he can either give you the information that you want that is true. He can give you the information that you want which is false or he cannot give you any information at all. Where we are, there’s no separation. In other words, if we want something, we go find it. So, you’re working from a very ‘limited’ scope. All right, continue.

JOHN: The next question… “It is possible that new beings can be brought into existence, given a basic template for existence, and then directly interconnected with all others in Datre’s reality. Perhaps this is the way things ‘used to be’.”

DATRE: No! No, there is no ‘template’ there never has been and there never will be. The only thing that you do, is you set-up your own ‘template’ when you come into physical existence. In this your Earth reality, you set-up your own ‘template’ as an individual and you ‘experience’ as an individual and because the ‘live’ and the ‘dead’ is ‘you’ continuously nothing ‘changes’
unless YOU change. In other words, if you have a limited amount of experience, exposure, discovery what ever, no one limits you; you limit yourself in the physical, yourself. You’ll say, ‘I’ll get information from my ‘higher self”, that’s fine, your connecting… your still connecting with the YOU that you
are. So you can experience from that vantage point. But until you get out there, and experience, observe, not only others, but also your planet, and the animals… but the main thing is to ‘observe’ your self. How do you ‘re-act’? That is one of your biggest things, you don’t watch, you re-act, but you don’t
‘act’. If you were to ‘watch’ your re-actions, that would be one of your greatest teachers.

Now, everybody wants to meditate and go ‘out’ and all that kind of stuff. That is fine, but that is only the ‘beginning’. That is like putting your ‘foot’ into the ocean, there is a great deal ‘more’ than that. Now, meditation is fine, but when you begin to ‘explore’ meditation, ah ha, I caught you on that
one, EXPLORE your MEDITATIONS. Then you will be on the road to ‘discovery’. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “Perhaps at one point, beings of that reality wondered what it would be like to be brought into existence and NOT be given that basic template directly.”

DATRE: Those that were brought into this reality, be it A or B which you have the two types we’ve spoken of many times, those ALL were originally from ‘Entities’. That is ‘different’, that is entirely different than the BIG Universe. The BIG Universe does not have ‘realities’. So, that is a ‘different’ concept for you to think about.

JOHN: OK, the next question is… “What if instead they had to learn those ‘rules’ manually, by direct experience? And so the realities we exist in were created, to provide a sort of ‘playpen’ for ‘children of the greater reality’ who have been created and are having to learn to be a part of the greater
whole by progressing ‘up’ through a series of realities?”

DATRE: Well you see, you’re trying to take ‘us’ and put us into ‘physical’ terms, that does not work. The ‘Entity’ that put ‘you’ into a reality and that is anyplace, anyplace within the BIG Universe, lets put it that way, the ‘Entities’ are the ones that supply you with, shall we say, your ‘life spark’. Now this is very simplistic and it probably will be ‘challenged’ by some,
because we’re stating it very simplistically, but I’m doing that ‘now’ so that you can understand. Now, you are ‘learning’ through the ‘life spark’ existence. Now, I did not say how ‘big’ your ‘spark’ was. The ‘spark’ is the YOU that you are experiencing thru physical existences. Continue.

JOHN: His next part of the question is… “Each reality teaches them more and more about what they need to know to exist in the larger reality that Datre exists in.”

DATRE: That is true, but you can see that your ‘learning’ is from here. In other words, this is where you’re learning at the present time. Now, when the BIRTH takes place, there are not going to be that many, that are going to be able to go into that, what you call, the BIG Universe. If we get 12 to 14 on
your whole planet, it is going to be ‘humongous’. You see, you’re thinking that you’re all going to ‘jump’ into the BIG Universe. How can you jump into the BIG Universe when you don’t know the ‘little’ one? There are so few, in either your ‘living’ or your ‘dead zone’, which is still basically the same, you’re just changing your vibratory construct a bit. But there are so ‘few’ that have any ‘understanding’ of this, that how are you going to go any place else? You don’t just ‘pop’ into the BIG Universe. What are you going to do when you get there? We have said that before. If you were to go into the BIG Universe, as of today, what would you do out there? There’s nothing there.

JOHN: There’s nobody there to change your ‘diapers’ either.

DATRE: There’s nobody there, there is ‘nothing’ and there is ‘everything’. So, unless you ‘know’ how to even ‘navigate’ in your own ‘realities’ that surround that which is your planet Earth which is in your ‘bubble’, if you can’t even ‘navigate’ and ‘know’ those, then how can you go anyplace else? You can’t, you have billions of ‘bodies’, just what you say ‘alive’ on your planet and you have a great big ‘dead zone’ and we are thinking if we get 12 or 14 out of the whole mess, to be able to even get into the ‘beginning’ of the BIG Universe, it is going to be a ‘grand’ thing, but we’re ‘hoping’ for that many. Continue.

JOHN: OK, continuing that train of thought… “This assumes that Datre has itself ‘graduated’… it’s possible that Datre is still learning, and there is something still bigger up ahead that we and Datre are working towards.”

DATRE: You are always working towards something, always, always, always. If you do not have the ‘discovery’ within you, the desire to ‘know’, the desire to ‘discover’, you can go no place. But you have to go with a ‘boldness’ that most do not have any idea of what it takes to ‘exhibit’ that ‘boldness’ to ‘go out there’ and ‘learn’. Now, we are in the process, continually, in ‘our’ learning process, of learning the BIG Universe. When we ‘learn’ this BIG Universe, and you stop and think of how much that encompasses, when we know ‘how’ that works, down to putting the ‘last nail in the board’, shall we say, when we ‘know’ that and we become bored with that which you call your BIG Universe, we will go to another ‘Universe’. Another BIG Universe or we can do something else. Depending upon what we desire. We can ‘build’ another BIG Universe, because THIS Universe was built by ‘others’. You see, these things don’t just ‘happen’. They have to be ‘within’ that which you are in order to take NOTHING and create SOMETHING.

If you were given ‘nothing’ what would you do with it? And I told you you could not use anything that you ‘know of’ on your physical planet. Take a BIG hunk of NOTHING, now you create from that, that is what ‘we’ do. You see that’s a concept that you do not understand, but that is all right, some day you will. It doesn’t matter; ‘time’ does not matter. Continue.

JOHN: OK, he continues with… “Many humans of this reality appear to have become ‘stuck’ in this classroom known as the physical world. We have become so fascinated by our classroom that our advancement has stopped, and so there is now an outside push being made by our ‘teachers’ to try to get us ‘unstuck’
by sending energies into our physical reality. Hopefully, this will get us back into the normal learning process of advancing into other realities.”

DATRE: That is true, that is true, we are pushing the energies and one of the reasons that we stated before, the reason we are kind of ‘funneling’ these energies to you is because we are watching what you would call the ‘tensile’ strength of your bodies. To see how much of a vibratory vibrations that are
coming into the planet – how much of that can be absorbed by the physical construct. Because the changes are being made and it is easier for you to make the changes in the physical beings now, for those that are going to continue in different forms of physicality, so that that is something that you can take with you and the YOU that you are ‘compress’ this and takes that with you. So that you have ‘something’ to build ‘upon’ when you get to your next ‘expression’ of experience.

In other words, it’s like packing your bag to go on a trip, you take the ‘essentials’ with you, and the ‘essentials’ go with you on the trip that you take. The more ‘essentials’ you can take with you, because remember it’s not like going on a trip on a airplane where your baggage is limited, you can take as much ‘baggage’ with you as you want to. And those that have ‘accumulated’ a great deal in their ‘experience’ upon planet Earth are going to take great big ‘bags’ of baggage with them.

Because you see, regardless of whether you have a physical body or not you still have ‘gained’ and ‘gathered’ that which you take with the YOU that you are. With a physical body, without a physical body, it does not matter, it is yours, and you ‘own’ it. The only time you ‘don’t’ own it, is when you ‘dis-allow’ it. The ‘wise man’ say’s, ‘These are the ‘mistakes’ that I’ve made’, but in making these ‘mistakes’ as you call them, those also are the things that I will take with me, because those are
‘experiences’ that I’ve built upon’.

The only reason you ‘dis-allow’ is because you live in this particular reality of ‘good’ and ‘bad’. In other realities, in other existences, that is not known. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “In all the stuff Datre has spoken about, there is the idea of the journey of the individual. I’d like to know where friendships fit into that framework. I’ve met people who I really like and think are very interesting, who I’d like to meet again. But will I? If I go off into one reality and they go off into another, will we ever meet again? This journey we are to be making sounds like a very lonely journey.”

DATRE: It depends on how you are looking at it, it is you’re vantage point. If you’re are looking at this journey as being ‘lonesome’ from a physical vantage point, in other words, I’m losing this and I’m losing that and I’m losing something else. Then yes, you can look at it as a lonely journey simply because you have ‘based’ your ‘experiences’ solely on your ‘interaction’ with other ‘individuals’ in existence. Now, if you are the ‘individual’ that has ‘experienced’ with other individuals, have ‘enjoyed’ them, enjoyed the ‘interaction’ with them and moved on, then you will find the journey is not ‘lonesome’, because the next day, the next hour, the next minute, is a ‘brand new’ experience. Who am I going to meet next? What am I going to experience next? What is out there that I have not seen, I have not heard, I have not interacted with? That becomes the ‘excitement’ of the life.

It is not going ‘back’ and seeing and doing what you have ‘done’ before or interacting with those that you have interacted with before, you’ve already ‘done’ it. You’ve already done it, there’s no need to ‘ever’, at any ‘time’, see the ‘same’ individual that you have seen before. Because I will tell you one thing, very plainly, the ‘individual’ that you met ‘previously’, you find that same individual “25 years from now” and that individual is not going to be the same individual you interacted with previously.

Two reasons, them and you. You are ‘both’ different, if you are both the same, then you can tell something – you have not ‘experienced’, you have not ‘learned’, you have not ‘progressed’, you are the ‘same’ that you were before. Then you better take a ‘good’ look at ‘yourself’ and say, ‘oops I think I’m missing something’. Because it is the ‘change’ that is where the ‘excitement’ is, it’s NOT the ‘sameness’. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “When the birth” occurs, what will
happen to families if some parts are to stay on this planet while others are to go to another? The breakup of a child from its parents could be very disturbing…”

DATRE: Now, there again, you have labeled “individuals” by ‘age’. You have said ‘because a child’ is three years old, that that ‘child’ has the mentality of a three year old. He or she ‘exhibits’ the mentality of a three year old. But if they have made ‘any’ progress thru their various numerous and sundry
life times and death experiences, they carry with them a great deal more ‘knowledge’ than a “three year old”.

Now, as a personal thing, the channel and John have ‘interacted’ with people’s “children” that can give you ‘knowledge’ on physics that even professors of physics do not ‘comprehend’. What’s ‘wrong’ with the ‘child’? The child is ‘exhibiting’ that which he or she has ‘gained’ thru experience. And ‘caught’
off guard, shall we say or maybe on purpose, that ‘child’ will give out that information. Which of course, the ‘grown-up’ person will have no ‘part of’, simply because that is a ‘child’. But you see, because of the ‘size’ and the ‘dependency’ of a ‘child’ they think the child has ‘nothing’ within their being that is greater than that.

Now, you have ‘closeted’ yourselves into family relationships so ‘tightly’ that you have not ‘allowed’ growth to happen. You had to stay ‘lock-step’. That is another thing that is happening, is the ‘break-up’ of the families, the break-up of the families. One of the reasons for that is because they want to ‘separate’ for ‘different’ experiences.

Now, if a child decides to go to a father or to a mother, into another family relationship, other than the one it has been in, it goes for ‘experience’. It is not a ‘tragic’ thing; it is a ‘learning’ thing. But of course, there again you have the reality in which you are residing in at the present time; it has the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’. But if you had not ‘locked’ yourself in so tightly, you would look at ‘everything’ as ‘experience’, it is ALL experience. That is what makes it ‘exciting’ from a physical standpoint, IF you ‘allow’. Continue.

JOHN: OK, his next question is… “What is an ‘individual’ anyway? If we have had many lives here on the Earth, hopping back and forth between here and the ‘dead zone’, then there are probably a number of people out there who are different aspects of myself.”

DATRE: That is correct, you have aspect selves, you have many ‘different’ expressions that you use. But you see, that is what has been happening to, shall we say, a fair number of people upon your planet within the last, I don’t know how many years back, because I don’t know years, but this has been going on for ‘several’ of your years… that those individuals that are
knowing themselves have been ‘interacting’ with their ‘aspect’ selves, if you wish to call them that, and there has been a ‘gathering’ to become a greater whole.

Now, the portion of the aspect self that was, shall we say, broken off from you, went it’s own way. At the time that the connection is re-made between the ‘break-off’ and ‘you’, if the decision is made that the ‘break-off’ says, ‘I like where you’re going, I want to go with you’. Then that ‘aspect’ is ‘absorbed’ within that which is YOU. If the aspect self says, ‘no I think I’d rather do it on my own’, that is fine, it is broken off… you have broken it off, whatever, for ‘experience’ and that is fine. If that one wants to become a ‘total’ individual in and of itself, there is the ‘free will’ with which to do that. That ‘aspect’ can build it’s own ‘hologram’ and continue, because it has a ‘patterning’ that it ‘learned’ when it was within your existence. So it is not that ‘difficult’ for that one to break off and become that which it wishes to be. But if it wishes to be ‘absorbed’ then it can be absorbed.

There are those that have been doing that for a number of years. That have met ‘face to face’ their ‘aspects’ and ‘felt’ the ‘integration’ of an aspect. Upon the ‘integration’ of that aspect, that aspect ‘gained’ because there have been two of you that have been experiencing. So you see, you ‘both’ gain. That is what is happening now, that those that are ‘aware’ that they have ‘aspects’ and are ‘drawing’ those aspects to themselves to give ‘them’ the ‘opportunity’ of coming ‘back’ into one physical expression and finishing out, before the birth or continuing on their own. That is a ‘grand’ experience and it has been experienced by quite a number on your planet that have been doing this for a number of years. So you see, it is not complicated and yet to someone that does not understand it, it seems very complicated. But you’re becoming, if you’re in ‘that’ stage of ‘discovery’, your life is being ‘enriched’. Continue.

JOHN: And continuing along that same line… “Do these other aspects of myself… do we do the journeying into other realities together or separately?”

DATRE: If you have an aspect, it is separately. Until you ‘integrate’, then it becomes a singular journey. Continue.

JOHN: Continuing along the same train… “Technically we all make up one ‘individual’– we’ve just been split into several smaller fragments while existing within this local reality?”

DATRE: Well… that is going to be a little difficult to answer. If he speaks of the ‘one’ individual as the ‘original’ SPARK, that is… the ‘original spark’ is the original spark. The ‘aspects’ come from the ‘original spark’. But the ‘original spark’ was also ‘birthed’ from an Entity shall we say. Your
Entity was your ‘container’. Now, when you go into the birth what happens is that because you were ‘unable’ to go to ‘other realities’, shall we say, on your own, you will be ‘connected’ to and taken by an Entity to another, shall we say, location. You don’t have to be concerned that ‘what if I don’t get the same Entity?’ Well an Entity is a ‘container’, lets put it
that way, that’s the easiest way to explain it.

JOHN: If I don’t get this bus, I’ll get the next one.

DATRE: That is correct. There will plenty of busses lined up to take you wherever you want to go. Continue.

JOHN: OK, he say’s… the next question is… “Datre speaks a lot about vibrations. Are we fundamentally like a bunch of radio transmitters and receivers, learning how to ‘tune in’ to other realities?”

DATRE: I guess if you want to use that analogy, you can. You can use that, if that one is comfortable to you, than use it.

JOHN: His next question is… “It looks like this physical world has a very low frequency to it. Datre’s ‘radio equipment’ is apparently used to high frequencies, and does not work well with our low physical frequencies. And so Datre must use a human… a channel… to bridge the frequency gap between its very high frequencies and our very low frequencies.”

DATRE: That is correct, that is correct.

JOHN: The next question is… “It is as though the channel must ‘reach up’ to Datre, while Datre ‘reaches down’ to the channel. The link is apparently very unstable at first, but after a while Datre learns to control its ‘radio’ enough to lock securely onto the channel’s frequency for long periods of time.”

DATRE: That is approximately correct, we won’t get into that any further. But that is basically what happens because the ‘electrical’ content within the channel’s body – the frequency – over periods of years has ‘changed’ considerably and is right now in the ‘process’ of going thru another ‘dramatic’ change.

JOHN: OK, the next part of that question is… “Someday, when Datre is more experienced,…

DATRE: Wait a minute. Wait a minute I do not need to be more ‘experienced’. That is not the thing that… it’s the individuals on the planet that needs to be more experienced.

JOHN: OK,… it may be able to expand it’s tuning range wide enough to allow it to easily contact very high and very low ‘reality’ frequencies.”

DATRE: But we do, that is a ‘constant’. The constant is a ‘high’ frequency. It is working with a physical, fragile, fluidity, of the physical construct that is difficult to know how to maneuver the energy so that it is compatible. In other words, where we exist is of a ‘high’ frequency and the physical construct, not the channel, the physical construct of the channel, is something that needs to be manipulated by both parties. In other words, the physical construct of the channel and those of us that connect with the physical construct of the channel needs ‘modification’ both ways. So, continue.

JOHN: Next question is… “Some people say that all things are possible. But is that really true? Datre appears to be incapable of creating and directly using a human form on this planet. Is it impossible for Datre to do that, or is it just that Datre doesn’t know enough yet to be able to do that?”

DATRE: Yes that is one of the capabilities. But I don’t understand the rest of it, it’s…

JOHN: What he’s basically saying is, since Datre can obviously have the capability of creating a human, is it impossible for Datre to do that or is it just that Datre doesn’t know enough… he’s looking at this as a point of ‘advancement’, the ability to do that.

DATRE: No it is not an ‘advancement’ in any way shape or form. Let us put it this way, it is an ‘experience’ that is very unique. It is an ‘experience’ that is ‘unique’ only to those that are able and wish to ‘experience’ speaking and explaining thru a physical form. It is the channel, also that is experiencing. In other words, she needs to ‘reach’ an area where she goes into, what you would refer to in your physicality, as ‘nothing’, but it is ALL THINGS. In other words, when she reaches that, then that is when we can connect and work from that standpoint.

That is why, if you have not ‘heard’ the channel, you do not ‘recognize’ the variations that take place when there are different ones of us speaking, shall we say, ‘through’ her. Because, all we do is send down a vibration that manipulates the vocal cords, that manipulate the body action and some of us
have gotten to the point where they are able to ‘move’ the physical being, which is quite exciting.

It’s like if you would make a puppet and put you hand inside of it and then you… what do they call it… throw your voice and put it into a little thing that’s made out of cloth. So the people looking at this little thing that’s made out of cloth and hearing the voice come out of it… they become fascinated by watching that. They almost think of that as being something
almost as being real, because it is animated but you are doing the animation.

Well that is what we do when we come into the physical being, but you see, not all that come thru Datre can do that. Now there are times when we have those that come thru with very ‘technical’ information that cannot ‘see’ thru the eyes, that cannot ‘manipulate’ the body. The body is like it is… it is completely immobile, it is just there and the only thing that happens is that the mouth moves and the utterances coming thru are very, very, like whispers because of the ‘fineness’ of the vibration.

So you see there are many things that happen. Now you’ll say, ‘well this channel does this and this channel does that and that channel does something else’. That is true, but they are not working with Universal energies. There is only TWO on the planet that are.

JOHN: OK, his next question is… “Are the concepts of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ (or ‘creative’ and ‘destructive’) a part of our local reality? Do they have any meaning in the larger reality that Datre exists in?”

DATRE: Absolutely not and they don’t have any… they mean ‘nothing’ to people in other realities. In other words, if today you were able to go into another reality and explain to them this ‘good’ and ‘evil’, they would have no ‘concept’, they could not understand what you were talking about. That is YOUR
evolutionary construct.

JOHN: A comment on that, that’s also why some people that have found themselves able to ‘shift’ into other realities have been ‘frightened’ and come back, because their constructs and concepts have ‘distorted’ that reality so ‘badly’ that they were unable to deal with it. From that same vantage point of ‘good’ and ‘evil’.

DATRE: That is a very ‘difficult’ construct that you have set-up for yourselves. Because from every other reality that exists, through out the Universe, there is no such thing. It is ALL experience and you see, when you get to the point when that is not something you just ‘talk’ about, but is an actual reality. That is what you have within your ‘belief’ system, that ‘absolutely everything’ is an ‘experience’. Then you are beginning to ‘expand’ your ‘awareness’ to the point that someday you will be ‘able’ to visit other realities without confusion. If you were to go into another reality, where ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and all of this other does not exist, it is so ‘foreign’ to
you that you can’t understand it and that is within your own little ‘bubble’. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “Realities appear to have been constructed by a being or a group of beings. Can one destroy another creation?”

DATRE: Absolutely not! The only ones that can destroy anything, are you in the physical. That is one of the ‘things’ that you ‘like’ to do, in fact it seems to be your ‘play thing’. You take cars and you smash them, you destroy this, children take toys and ‘smash’ them, it is that which is being ‘displayed’ on
your planet consistently. You, especially now, probably more than any other time, because you have more of that which you call your ‘paper’ which you ‘exchange’ things for, you call it money.

Money, to those that have a great deal of it, means nothing. You are in a ‘throw away’ society. That is what you have set-up for yourselves. At one point in time, you did not have ‘enough’ to throw away. You had one outfit that you wore, that you watched out for dearly. Because if you didn’t have that outfit to wear, you had nothing. Or it would take you a long time to be able to gather enough together to be able to get another outfit. Now, you buy, buy, buy and you throw away, throw away, throw away. So it is an entirely ‘different’ construct, but again, that is experience. This is where you are living at the present time.

You experience at the present time and you need not ‘think back to the good old days’, or any of that. You see, that is one,
shall we say, ‘hang-up’ that you have in physicality at the present time and it is being ‘expressed’ and that is that you spend three fourths of your time resurrecting the ‘past’. Looking at the ‘old’ as being the ‘precious’ times that you lived in, were the ‘old’ times. You know it’s very difficult, if you were to spend the next day, get up tomorrow morning and spend ‘absolutely’ your ‘whole’ day walking ‘backwards’. That is what you are beginning to do with your ‘whole life’. You are afraid to turn around and look at the ‘future’.

You are ‘afraid’ to take a look at even ‘today’. Today is what you make of it, not what anybody else does, that has nothing to do with you whatsoever. If you ‘change’, everything you see, with your physical eyes, everything you taste, everything you touch, everything you smell, becomes ‘different’ – guaranteed.

JOHN: Continuing along those same lines… “Would it be ‘okay’ if some being(s) on the same scale as Datre tried to destroy this reality right now? Or would that be considered a ‘bad’ thing?”

DATRE: Why would we want to, we’re in the process of ‘watching’ you. Ever watched an ant farm? That’s what we’re doing; we’re watching an ant farm. From OUR vantage point and that is not derogatory. If you have ever watched an ant farm, it is extremely interesting because of the work that they do. That is
OUR observation, is watching what you’re doing. So why would we ‘smash’ an ant farm if we were so busy ‘watching’ it and being fascinated by it? No need to destroy, just ‘enjoy’ watching. Continue.

JOHN: The next question says… “Is vegetarianism important in our lives to reach the state of being of a channeler, or is that something we fabricated in this reality of ours? If it is important, then I have some related questions.”

DATRE: It is not important, it does not matter. You can eat anything you want, everything on this planet is OF the planet, including you, so it matters not. The only thing that matters is your ‘belief’ system. If you ‘believe’ that a ‘dead’ cow that you eat a piece of, is ‘dead’ material and that you won’t get
any benefit out of it, guaranteed you won’t.

If you believe the dead cow, that is the piece of meat that you put on your plate and you say, ‘I enjoy this and this will make my body happy’, that’s what it will do. It is your ‘belief’ system that sets you where you are. You can go out and eat ‘dirt’ and it isn’t going to hurt you, if you ‘think’ it’s not going to hurt you. But if you go out and eat a handful of dirt and say, ‘oh, I might eat a worm and I might get worms in my body’, well then you probably will, it is all up to you.

But vegetarian is NOT important. Now you may find that your body is not ‘comfortable’ and you say to the body, ‘what do you want?’ and the body says, ‘mmmnn I can taste an apple’, eat an apple. You see, you don’t communicate with your body; you don’t know what your body is doing. You don’t ever ‘talk’ to it, you don’t ever find out what it wants. So you wake-up in the middle of the night and the body says, ‘I would really like a cup of tea and a piece of toast’, then ‘fix it’ for the body and make the body happy, you’ll go back to sleep.

You see, the body has it’s own viability. It is living in it’s own way, because every cell in your body, every organ in your body, it is working, it is living. Sure it even has a memory pattern, it has a genetic memory pattern, otherwise you couldn’t grow. Your body would stay the same all the time. So you see, your body is very important, but you don’t listen to it. If the body says, ‘I’m depressed’, then try and find something that makes the body un-depressed. Find something new to do, something different to listen to, something different to make, something different to experience. Depression is one of the big numbers right now. That is because you’re making changes, but because of the physical ‘resistance’ to ‘change’ you are fighting it and not going with it. Continue.

JOHN: The next question goes on a different tact altogether… “What is the difference between the ‘out of body’ state and the ‘dead zone’? Are the ‘dead zone’ and the ‘out of body’ state the same thing?”

DATRE: No! It is NOT the same thing. If you go out of the body, you can experience different things. There are individuals that go out of the body, they go to other countries, and they observe people in other countries doing other things. They travel to different parts of the Earth, shall we say and observe in different areas. In other words, someone says, ‘I would like to go to Italy’ and see what it’s like over there now’. So they go out of body and they go to Italy and they look around and say, ‘oh, that’s what’s happening OK, I’ll go back’ and they go back into the physical body. That is a ‘training’ in your physicality.

Now the ‘dead zone’ is putting aside the physical construct and leaving the physical ‘mass’ on the planet and working more ‘directly’ from that which you call your hologram patterning. Many, in fact most, when they get in the ‘dead zone’ are so uncomfortable not being able to ‘see’ themselves that they ‘build’ a ‘pseudo hologram’ construct around them so they have something to ‘exist’ in. That’s entirely different. But it is no ‘big deal’, you’ve done it so many times that I should think you’d get so ‘bored’ with it that you’d say, ‘I don’t want this any more’, but that’s your physicality at the present time.

JOHN: His next question is… “Robert Monroe was apparently able to explore parts of the ‘dead zone’ while out of body, but also found other realms which do not fit the ‘dead zone’ description.”

DATRE: That is true, very simple and yet it is not that simple it takes a little bit of practice. You see going from here to the ‘dead zone’ is very simple. The only thing is that most people cannot ‘handle’ it when they go thru it. Especially when you go thru, what you call the ‘lower’ realms, of the dead zone, it is ‘extremely’ chaotic. That is where all your ‘bang bang’ music is coming from, the ‘lower’ portions of the dead zone, that is what is most accessible. That’s where all the ‘noise’ comes from. That’s what you experience if you go into the dead zone. I’m not speaking from the channel’s experience; she’s never been there. But those of a ‘lower’ vibrational construct can go in there very easily. But she has never had any desire to
‘step down’ to go into the dead zone.

Going into other ‘realities’ is another experience entirely. But as we have said previously, you go into other realities and you can experience and you can come back and say, ‘that was absolutely marvelous’. Someone will say, ‘what did you see and what did you do?’ You can’t describe it, because it’s indescribable, but the only thing is, you ‘do’ want to go back. Because it is a ‘beautiful’ experience to go into other realities that are of ‘different’ construct than the reality in which you reside.

JOHN: His next question is… “I do not understand how the ‘dead zone’ could be shrinking. From what I’ve read so far, time apparently does not apply to those in that state of being. How can the place ‘shrink’ if there is no linear time attached to it?”

DATRE: The ‘bubble’ itself is shrinking. You are not familiar and I don’t believe we have ever discussed what we call ‘compression’ that takes place within your physicality even. In your physical brain, every so often, that information which is contained within that which you call your brain is compressed. Because you only have so many ‘pathways’ up there to contain
information. And who wants to maintain and hold their ‘birth’, form the day they were born to the present time? Every single minute, every single second of every single day, daytime experiences and night time experiences. Those are not ‘necessary’ to today’s experience, so you’re constantly in the stage of ‘compressing’ this information. In other words, you continually compress, compress, compress, because those that ‘know’ and want to continue their ‘evolutionary’ experience through out this particular ‘linear’ time frame, have continually compressed and compressed and compressed so that they can take it with them.

In other words, if you were the little ‘spark’ 35,000 years ago and you have ‘contained’ the information continuously for 35,000 years, you have done a ‘lot’ of compressing. You have kept it with you and you will ‘continue’ to compress it, until you leave in the birth and that’s your ‘suitcase’ that you package and take with you. That’s all your clothing, 35,000 years of it.

Now, if for whatever reason, you have called it a ‘sin’ and gotten ‘rid’ of it, then you haven’t got it any more. If you haven’t got it any more, it’s not within your experiential patterning and if it’s not within your experiential patterning you’re going to have to do it again, if you want the ‘full’
package. So continue.

JOHN: Continuing along the same lines, he says… “I do not see why it would matter if it is shrinking ‘now’, because people on this Earth who die ‘now’ could apparently go ‘back’ in time and exist in the dead zone when it was still very large.”

DATRE: That does not work that way. That does not work that way, not now. You are too close to the end. You are too close to the end, what we are trying to do… that’s why you have so many children on the planet now. Everybody is trying to ‘hop’ into a physical body before we get to the end; they all want to be physical. Well it is not as easy to go from the physical into your birth, as it is to go from the dead zone into the birth. But you can’t get people to ‘understand’ that. They all want to be physical, they all want one more physical expression, they want one more child, they want one more husband, they want one more lover, they want one more, one more, one more. You see, if those in the physical, that are ‘tied’ to the physical so ‘tightly’ had their way, they would continue this for eons.

But this expression was set-up for a ‘certain’ time and when that time is up, that time is up. You’ll have to experience some place else or ‘eliminate’ your self. You have that ‘ability’ too. That is – nobody ‘else’ will do that – no body. If you decide, ‘this is it, I don’t want any more’. At that time of the
birth you can say, ‘enough is enough’ and you can, absolutely eliminate all of your ‘experiences’ and all of your ‘expressions’. It has ‘never’ been done before. But you, at this time, are being given the ‘option’. Continue.

JOHN: His final question is… “Instead of writing and thinking about them, I’d like to actually experience these things. It seems impossible to express such things in this local reality. I’d like to ask Datre if it is possible for a being with a body that is ‘inflatable’, hollow, and ‘rubbery’ to exist within this reality and to have people openly know of its ‘special’ abilities. Or is it necessary to go into a different reality (or to create a ‘custom’ reality) to exist in that form?”

DATRE: All right now, let me tell you something that we are doing at the present time. We have stated before, when that expression called SETH has been with you, ‘The Nature of the Psyche’ is the best explanation of how to ‘bridge’ the knowledge that is in the ‘land of the psyche’, which is that which is within your planetary bubble. And not only to ‘experience’ it, but to bring the ‘realization’ back into the physical construct.

Now, we have begun an ‘experiment’ with the one called John. The reason we have ‘chosen’ John is because the channel will have ‘different’ experiences than John. Simply because when she does, in what you would call ‘channeling’ experience, she goes into realms ‘automatically’. In other words, because of her ‘construct’ and the vibratory construct that she carries with her, she ‘automatically’ goes into ‘areas’ – not step by step. In other words, one minute she is in the physical, the next minute she is ‘out’ and coming back, there is no way of bringing the information back.

Now because of John’s experience thru the many years that he has been ‘involved’ in what you call ‘exploration’ of the SELF, he knows the different ‘steps’ of that what you call meditation. He knows how to ‘direct’ that portion of ‘himself’ that he can direct to different areas thru ‘meditation’. Now that is, shall we say, step one. Now in step two, he is able to ‘go out’ and connect up into other ‘realms’ and working in what you would call the ‘reverse’ of what you think, of trying to ‘push’ the physical into those areas, he goes out and ‘pulls’ the other way. In other words, you’re trying to ‘push’ from here; you’re trying to ‘push’ yourself into ‘other realities’.

Now, he can turn it around and go into other realities and ‘pull’ himself ‘toward’ the other ‘realities’ for experience. That’s back end to, but because he can ‘do that’, he’s going… now we’re working with him to see if there is any way that he can go into that which you call, ‘the land of the psyche’ and experience from that point and bring ‘that’ information ‘back in’, so that there is a ‘blueprint’ to follow. You see, on any existence – a planetary existence, with multiple realities like you have on your planetary existences experiences – there are many ‘different’ areas you can go into and there is a ‘little’ bit of difference in that exploration.

Now all we need is one, that can physically, have those experiences and be able to ‘explain’ those experiences. So that we in turn can explain it to those on the physical planet. It only needs one, but one has to be able to ‘explain’ it. That is what we have not had. We can tell you that your ‘psyche’ can be ‘experienced’, but not ‘explained’ and that is true. That is what we are working with now to see if there’s some way, shape or form, that it can be explained to you in terms that are ‘understandable’. Those that have gone into, ‘the land of the psyche’ shall we call it, know, but there again you see you’re limited by experiences.

When you get into the land of the psyche, you do not have that which you call, taste, touch, smell, any of the physical constructs that you can use for explanation. In other words, when you get into these ‘different’ areas of exploration, then that is when you get into the ‘knowingness’ that YOU ARE and
that’s what you are, YOU ARE. That’s all you are and how do you ‘explain’ that to people? I mean you… it defies explanation. You know when you’re there and you know when you come back, but you cannot ‘explain’ what ‘there’ is. You are ‘not’ and yet you ARE. You are ‘not’, from a physical standpoint, but when you reach that ‘point’ you ARE, that is all.

It is… what did you say John, it is like jumping into a big ocean…

JOHN: It’s like jumping into your SELF. It’s an ocean without boarders.

DATRE: Yes, that’s what you actually do; you jump into your SELF. But you know, how do you ‘explain’ that one? You see, it defies all explanation and until you’ve experienced it, you can’t… there’s no way… but you can ‘begin’ with meditation, you can begin to ‘reach out’, you begin to ‘extend’ your physical constructs of ‘exploration’.

In other words, you can take a child and put into the center of a room, and they do this in some of their ‘teachings’ in some of their different areas, take a child and put the child in the middle of the room. Tell the child to close their eyes and then reach over and ‘tap’ on the wall and the child does it. You can hear the ‘tapping’ on the wall, because the child is not
‘limited’. The child doesn’t know he can’t do it, so he does. Now you take an adult and put him in the same place that the child was and tell the adult to rap on the wall and he can’t do it. Because you have become so convinced you can’t do this and you can’t do that and you can’t do something else.

Now, there’s training and teaching for ‘out of body’. But ‘out of body’ is different than going into other realities. Out of body is a ‘way’ of beginning to go into ‘other’ realities. But that is not ‘jumping’ into the YOU that you ARE and experiencing from that standpoint.

We will say one thing, when that which you call the RAM was expressing thru a channel upon your planet Earth, he gave the ‘analogy’ of ‘I am the wind’. Now, what is the wind? You can see the ‘effects’ of the wind. You can have ‘machinery’ that can changes the ‘course’, shall we say, of the wind. But what ‘is’ the wind? The ‘wind’ IS. Now, that is why he used that expression ‘I am the wind’, because he IS and he ‘knows’ he IS. Because he, thru many years of practice on the physical plane, learned how to ‘jump into himself’ and then work from ‘that’ expression.

So, at such time that we can reach a point of ‘explanation’, I don’t know how that is ever going to work. The only thing that I can say to you as ‘individuals’ is, to ‘explore’. Begin to see what ‘you’ can do with your eyes wide open. Project, see what you can ‘project’, see what you can taste, what you can smell, what you can touch, by standing still. Stand in a building
where there’s a lot of stores and ‘project’ way down at the end. See if you can ‘smell’ a candy store, because chocolate has a very ‘strong’ aroma. Project down to the end of that long corridor – can you smell chocolate down there? Then walk down and see if there’s any chocolate down there. Now, if you
can smell the chocolate and walk down there and there’s no chocolate, then you have ‘manufactured’ that with your brain. If you can’t smell the chocolate and you walk down there and there is chocolate, that means you need a little more practice.

JOHN: Or a little more chocolate.

DATRE: That is correct. Then if you can smell the chocolate and you walk down there and there is chocolate, buy yourself a piece and enjoy it. We will leave you for now. Begin your ‘explorations’. You don’t have to go ‘out of body’ right to start with, start with the little things. Touch things and ‘feel’ them, feel the texture, smell. When you sit down to eat, don’t gobble, ‘taste’ what you’re eating and enjoy it. Don’t ‘look’, ‘see’ and ‘observe’. Begin with the ‘baby steps’. Then as you become more ‘attuned’ to many different things in your physical experience, the body will recognize and the brain will
recognize, this is beginning to be fun. Then you will begin to loosen the ‘hold’ on your physical body, because your body will stay there.

You’ll realize that you can leave it and come back to it. The body will be waiting for you with ‘open arms’, ‘ah, he’s back, they’ve come back’. Assure the body, you’re going for a little while, but you will be back. Then begin your ‘explorations’ and the more you begin to ‘explore’ the more areas you can begin to go into. The only thing that ‘stops’ you is you don’t have the ‘boldness’ that is ‘required’ for ‘discovery’. Your ‘fear’ is what holds you back and that is, shall we say, in your ‘genes’ for many thousands of years, fear. It takes ‘boldness’ to go into that which is your universe of your little bubble. It takes even that much ‘more’ boldness to go out into the BIG Universe. Go where ‘no man’ has ever gone before, but don’t go in a ship. We will leave you now, we are Datre.


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