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Datre answers John W.
JOHN: We have some more questions from John W. his first question is… “I may have picked up a misunderstanding from the birth idea but I thought that there would be a separation of the two ‘types’ of people.”

DATRE: Yes, that is right, there will be a separation. There will be definitely a separation of the two. The difference being, that those that ‘originally’, this was their planet, this was their ‘evolution’, they will be going to a ‘different’ location than the ones that came, shall we say, came in and ‘bumped’ into this ‘bubble’ and took on physical form. They integrated with the ones that were ‘originally’ on the planet and there is such a ‘mixture’ now, because of the amount of time that they have been on the planet.
I think that what may have been the misunderstanding is as the comment was made that we could not tell the ‘difference’ between the two. In other words, you see from our vantage point the thing that we can see is the ‘hologram’ and the ‘vibratory’ content of the hologram. So from our vantage point, we can’t ‘separate’ just by looking, we cannot separate the two. But there is a ‘definite’ separation that will take place. But from our vantage point there’s no difference in the ‘appearance’ of the hologram vibration.

JOHN: I gather from that that the separating ‘factor’ is the individuals themselves.

DATRE: Yes, because the YOU that you are has ‘different’ understandings. So you see, as these energies are coming in the ‘split’ is greater and it can be observed by you ‘upon’ the planet. You can ‘observe’, you can ‘see’ the difference between one type of individual and another. But that takes, what you would call, discernment to be able to make that distinction. In many cases because of the energies upon the planet, the ‘outward’ appearance of the individuals is very ‘hard’ even for you on your planet, to be able to distinguish.
But you have a very definite… because the ‘planet’ people, they need to ‘finish’ their evolutionary path. And their evolutionary ‘path’ is different than the evolutionary ‘path’ of those that came in and caused damage to the bubble. Their evolution you see, they were more towards the ‘end’ of their what shall we say, their ‘time’ span of evolution. Where as the planetary people, they were more at the ‘beginning’, getting closer to the ‘middle’ of their ‘evolutionary’ time span. But, because of the way things are set up, you see you’ve got a combination.
But it is too difficult to continue in this way because those that are only, shall we say, not quite half way in their evolution, it’s very ‘difficult’ for that individual, and the individual that is close to end of the evolution of his ‘time’ span, to live on one planet together. Because there is such a ‘separation’ in thought patterning, in intent, in purpose, in what each wishes to achieve and because the ones that caused the damage to the ‘bubble’ had to ‘adapt’ and ‘adopt’ the physical hologram for existence – that changed what their ‘original’ intent was. But after, shall we say, a period of time they are beginning to go more into what they were – continuing in that vain more – and so the separation is different.

Like those that are in the 1st., 2nd., 3rd. grade school that you have and those with college. You see the college ones and the grade school ones are being thrown together. It is hard for either one of them to make any progress because you have to find a ‘middle’ road to work with ‘both’ and it doesn’t work. But the evolutionary time span of these physical ‘beings’ is what sets the end of an evolutionary time span period. So that is being
orchestrated now.

JOHN: OK, his next question is – this is relative to a statement made earlier at one time about we meet people that we’ve prearranged with. He says… “And I suppose further to the ‘candy store’ analogy, I’d have to ask you if there is a ‘previous’ arrangement with everyone you meet in the sleep state?”

DATRE: Not everyone, not everyone, because you meet many peoples, but you may only meet them and see them one time. The meeting of people is one thing. The meetings that are set up in what you call your ‘dream time’ is… there is a ‘purpose’ to the meeting. In other words, the two individuals, each has
something to ‘gain’ from the other. So those are meetings that are meetings for a purpose.

In other words, you have your medical profession, which is something that is very great upon your planet, for all your peoples. Going to doctors, is a big number for all of you. All right, now setting up something for your experience and also a ‘doctor’ experience, an ‘interaction’ between the two of you that is beneficial to both. That is something that you’ll say, ‘I just happened to find this doctor and he knew ‘exactly’ what my problem was and we were able to work out a solution to whatever was the problem’.
Now, not only did you work out the problem with the individual and the doctor, but if that was delved into on a greater extent, if someone was to stop and think about what ‘happened’ in the interaction of the individual and the doctor, you would see a great deal more was ‘gained’ by that interaction than just the doctor patient relationship. In other words there was something that you had set up as a ‘learning’ experience for ‘both’ of you. Now that does not mean that every doctor that you see… you see that’s where the meeting comes into play.
That does not mean that every doctor you see, you have set up before hand this ‘interplay’ between you. Because it might be something that is just very fleeting. But those relationships that are very ‘intense’ and have meaning to them, if you are a good observer, you will see that was ‘definite’ intent and purpose. That’s why we say, continuously, be an ‘observer’. In other words, when you meet with someone on a very ‘intense’ situation, and then look at it closely, what is happening there, more than just what is laying up on top of the surface?

Someone that is a musician meets someone else. That relationship is immaterial but that other person that you meet in the music is in turn going to introduce you to someone else. That is the person that you wanted to meet. You don’t know which way these things happen. But if you ‘observe’ you can watch the play. You can watch the characters come in and out of your life. You can watch the precession of events. That’s why we continually say, ‘observe’. That’s what makes your life interesting, not just going thru and this and that and that and this. Observe and then your life becomes very interesting. Because when you meet someone, where is this going to lead? It may lead no place, so
it was what you call a ‘chance’ meeting. So it didn’t go anyplace, but you see there are those that are what you call chance meetings, but the ones that are important are the ones that you have set up in your dreamtime.

JOHN: His next question follows along the same line and he says… “Is the outcome of all events decided at that stage?”

DATRE: The ‘outcome’ is never decided upon. That is evolution. The meeting between two individuals, the meeting set up in the dream time, is for you to get together and have more than, what you call, a chance encounter because there is something to be ‘gained’ with that connection. Now, you have to realize and this we have said before, if you are in tune with your ‘psyche’ and are aware and are an ‘observer’ you will see where that meeting takes you. Now, the outcome is something you want – something the other individual wants, but whether it goes in that direction or not is not decided. That is what makes your life interesting is that there is no ‘set’ conclusion. Anything can
be changed at any minute.

You can arrange for someone to ‘kill’ you, because you do not wish to be in physicality any longer. And because you want something – the biggest experience in your life is to be driving down a road and have somebody drive by in another vehicle and shoot you. It is a big tragedy, it is in all the newspapers, everybody gets excited about it that is your last hurrah. But if that vehicle pulls up next to you and you decide at that very minute that you don’t want to die, that you want to continue the life upon the planet Earth, the decision is made in that split second. The man will fire the gun and the bullet will go someplace else, never touch you.
You don’t realize those things. But that is the way it works. It was an agreed upon situation, it happened, but you changed your mind and changing your mind that’s what does it. It is not the man with the gun that makes the ‘final’ decision. It is you that wishes to do away with your life span that makes the decision that makes things happen. I know that is not going to set good with some people, but that is the truth.

JOHN: His next question is… “When Datre said that Aona could pass invisibly past others, was this through a false projection to the passed individuals or through shifting in and out of another plane or what?”

DATRE: Well you see many things, like we have said, ‘the play is
orchestrated’. It is like the man that decides that he does not want to be shot, at the last minute. The ‘desire’ to walk past individuals and not be seen, is made by the individual that is doing the ‘walking’. Because the decision is made not to be ‘seen’, that is translated into your brain, shall we say. Now you have brains shall we say, throughout the body. Your whole
body responds to many ‘different’ situations. So you say, ‘I do not wish to be seen’, your body will accommodate you ‘if’ you are in tune with your body.

You see, that is another thing that is a ‘big thing’ in your reality, that your ‘body’ and ‘you’ are two ‘different’ things, entirely. The body ‘vehicle’ is what you work ‘through’ for experience. But if you were in communication with your body, then you can say to the body, ‘I do not wish to be seen’. It
is not DOING anything as far as you as an individual is concerned because if you are in tune with your ‘body’, your body will respond likewise. Your body is the one that ‘projects’ the ‘pictures’ that you desire to be put in front of you.
Your ‘body’ is what ‘allows’ you to ‘experience’ in this reality. It is your body that you walk IN during the daytime hours. Now, when you become aware of your ‘body’ NOT being ‘you’, you can do many things. You can walk along a street and if there is nothing of particular interest to you, the ‘you’ that you are, you can ‘space’ off some place and the body will keep on walking and then you can ‘pop’ back into the body again. You don’t have to be in the body, every single minute of every single day.
But you don’t understand that. The only thing that you understand is that when you close your eyes at night and go to sleep, you go out of your body. But you take that as a ‘natural’ thing. But that does not only have to happen at night. It can happen in the daytime as well. It is your ‘desire’, because the body will continue to function. The body will continue to walk down the street, then you come back into the body and you say, ‘oh, this is where I am now’, all right so then you continue on. So you see… but you have to get to that point of ‘understanding’ your ‘relationship’ to that physical construct called your body. Continue.

JOHN: His final question is… “Datre mentioned in session 16 in reference to the alien pictures that at one time we probably looked like that. I’ve thought that from Seth’s description of the past civilization of the Lumanians that they were something similar to the alien figures we know so well today, might
you have picked up a similar inference?”

DATRE: Now, in your patterning, your ‘genetic’ patterning, you carry all the experiences of your ‘family’ lineage, from the time you became a ‘spark’ and took up physicality in this reality. When you started that, everything… now you stop and think of what you have within your genealogy, because that is
what you carry with you, is that genealogy. You have all of these multiplicity of experiences, you have all of this multiplicity up to this point in time. Can you imagine what you contain? You haven’t the vaguest idea. But, there are certain vibratory constructs that you will resonate to, that will bring up a picture, not exactly probably, but similar to what you remember that vibratory construct looked like.

Now, if they want to go into that book you call the ‘bible’, you remember one time they said something about whirling things in the sky?

JOHN: Uh ha, Ezekiel and the wheels within wheels.

DATRE: Well you see that’s the way they ‘translated’ it. So if that man were living today, he would undoubtedly say it was a ‘flying saucer’. You see, you have a ‘memory patterning’ – that when the body, the brain, your whole construct – comes in contact with a vibration that you are not familiar with every single day of your life, in this life time, in this vibratory construct – interacts with your physical being your ‘physical being’ does something with it. Because it will knaw and gnash around until it finds something. So it begins to ‘search’ and the search will come up UFO. The search came up for that man ‘wheels within wheels’. See you ‘automatically’ do those things. In other words if you come up with a vibrational construct that you sense, with that which you call your physical eyes, and it’s up in the ‘sky’ you’re not going to say, ‘well that’s a man standing up there’.
I mean let’s be real about all of this. You can’t do that because you will not ‘accept’ that. You have to do something to that because your ‘eyes’ are riveted to that. So, something ‘blinks on’ and something ‘blinks off’, and you turn your head a little bit, because something blinks on and something blinks off. Now what happens, you’ve been hearing about ‘flying saucers’. ‘I saw a flying saucer’, what did it look like? ‘I don’t know, it was long, it was round, it was this shape, it was that shape, it ‘blinked’ here and it ‘blinked’ there and it went real fast’. Well of course, it was an ‘energy’ pattern. But you don’t recognize that’s what you deal with constantly. It is your ‘brain’, it is your ‘eyes’, ears, nose, all of these sensory perceptions that you have, this is what ‘forms’ your picture – it’s vibrations.

That’s why there are those that can see those that are say, in the ‘dead zone’ that decide to make an ‘exploration’ and come back and walk on what you call your Earth, because they can do that and they can ‘walk around’. But somebody who’s senses are tuned to ‘different’ vibrations, other than the ones you use
every day of the week, they can look out and they can ‘see’ someone walking down the street. So the person is dead. To the person that is ‘sensitive’ to vibrations, that person isn’t dead, that person looks very much ‘alive’. But you see, you are so ‘unique’, but you don’t recognize your ‘uniqueness’. Did
we cover that question?

JOHN: I think you did and that was the last question from John W.

DATRE: All right, if you think we have covered those, we will thank you for the questions and we will say good night, we are Datre.


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