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Datre answers John S.
JOHN: I have some questions that I wish to pose to cleanup some loose ends of the various topics that we’ve covered.

DATRE: All right!

JOHN: When the two bubbles collided there was a situation that prevailed in, say, bubble A which is the Earth bubble, that group of beings were approaching the ‘halfway point’ in their development. The group of beings in bubble B were approaching the ‘end point’ in their development. The two collided, the
mixture took place, and apparently a whole ‘new’ story line was established and a whole new ‘start point’ was established for the two as a UNIT.

DATRE: To a degree, to a degree. Those in bubble B shall we say, came in to this particular structure with an entirely ‘different’ format. Now, in order to be able to coexist, the ‘rules and regulations’ shall we say, because that’s something that you understand to be able to coexist, were put in place.
In other words, you had to agree on a certain ‘type’ of physicality. You had to agree on the ‘opposites’ that are in existence upon this planet. In other words your ‘opposites’, I will just name a few so you will understand, you have day and night, you have black and white, you have good – bad. You have
set this particular experiential patterning based upon these principles. In other words, if there is a damage to say another planet, within a system and a request is made to come here, for those that need some place to go, these ‘rules and regulations’ shall we say, must be adhered to in order to make a continuance.

Now, that does not mean that what you have experienced, prior to entering here, this bubbles existence, that that is ‘lost’, because ‘nothing’ is lost. But that is set aside. There are facilities that are, shall we say, available within the physical construct, within the ‘makeup’ of that which you ‘design’ your physical construct from… there is a… well lets put it this way, little ‘seed packets’ that are carried with you. Now, at such time that the BIRTH occurs, you will take your little ‘seed packet’ – if you are coming from some place other than this being your ‘originality’ – you will take your little ‘seed packed’ and at the time of the BIRTH, the birth, those that
have their ‘seed packet’ and are carrying their ‘seed packets’ with them will take that as ‘additional’ experiences and then all will be ‘known’ to them. That will be like taking a little seed packet and discovering that the little ‘seeds’ when they are nurtured can ‘bloom’ and that is what will happen to your “PAST EXPERIENCES”. In other words, there are a great many of you that this was NOT your ‘origination’. This was NOT your ‘original’ planetary existence. So you have that which is within you, a greater ‘content’ than this evolutionary process at this time.

Now, depending upon what you have done while you were here, in this physicality, how much of it you have ‘kept’, because it is all grand experiences, or whether you have decided that you ‘bought’ too heavily into ‘good and bad’. You may have tossed out and not ‘wanted’ the BAD. Then you will NOT take that with you. But those wise men and women, because you have the two here, I must include both, those that have ‘kept’ those experiences that you in your physicality, in this particular evolutionary pattern that you maintain, have said, ‘that is BAD I want no part of it’ and dropped it, given it away, whatever you have done with it, that is ‘lacking’ in your experiential patterning.
But the WISE man kept it all, every single ‘experience’, in BOTH, that which you call your ‘living’ experience and that which you call your ‘death’ experience. Because you see, as we have explained before, the ‘death’ experience is just another ‘type’ of living. You are still on your planet. So if you have ‘maintained’ all of that, continually compressed it, you have a humongous ‘package’ to take with you. PLUS that which you have been ‘prior’ to coming into ‘this’ physicality.

Now, can you ‘imagine’ going into another physicality with not only ‘these’ experiences, how ever long they have been, but also ‘previous’ experiences. It is a GRAND thing. You have so MUCH, even in ‘one’ lifetime if you were to savor every bit of it. I know, as young people, it is hard to ‘understand’ that. Because, you have what you call your ‘trials’, you have problems; you
have all sorts of things. Maybe at the time you went thru them they were fantastic struggles and you kicked and screamed and hollered all the way thru them. But, as that what you call ‘age’ comes upon you, you look ‘back’ at those experiences and realize that they too are ‘gems’. That is what has made you what you are this very day. But one ‘life time’ added to your other “life
times”, your other ‘aspect’ selves, your other ‘parallel’ existences, what ever you want to call them, put them all together and you can see the totality.

That is why, those that are ‘waiting’ for the BIRTH, are waiting with GRAND expectations. Can you even begin to ‘slightly’ imagine your awakening after going thru the birth and gathering ‘all that YOU are’ together in ONE package? That will be a GRAND experience. Because at that ‘time’ your packets can all be opened by you. Now, continue.

JOHN: That indicates to me that in bubble A on this Earth, prior to the ‘incident’ of the two that the beings on this planet didn’t necessarily evolve in a ‘conflicting’ society that we have today. Theirs didn’t involve the ‘good’ the ‘bad’ the…

DATRE: Yes, it did.

JOHN: Oh, it did?

DATRE: Yes, that is what was. That was part of this experiential…

JOHN: That was a part of their original pattern.

DATRE: This was the ‘original’ construct.

JOHN: This bubble A, that was it’s ‘fundamental’ framework of experimentation?

DATRE: That is correct.


DATRE: That is correct, that is why it had to be adopted.

JOHN: So basically the beings in bubble A have this 35,000 year cycle of evolution plus some ‘amount’ that was previous to that, that was ‘interrupted’ in it’s natural course by the ‘collision’ of the two.

DATRE: I do not know the years. But what I am saying is the ‘original’ intent, the original experiential packaging, contained opposites. You are… it’s always been good, bad, black, white all of this.

JOHN: A ‘competitive’ reality.

DATRE: All right, fine.

JOHN: Now, as far as bubble B is concerned, we now have a group of beings that were in a ‘totally’ different framework and a totally different environment and in a totally different ‘story line’ if you will…. running their course, of which they had come some three quarters or so thru. What kind, and I don’t
want to get into too many details on this, I just want to know, what kind of an evolutionary environment were ‘they’ originally in? Was it of a ‘physical’ type environment on a planetary type of body or, was it otherwise?

DATRE: To a degree, to a degree. This is the only planet that has physically ‘evolved’ to this point. Now, there are other physicality existences as we have explained before. Now, a physical existence can be like what you would call ‘smoke’. In other words, it would be a shadow. Because, you see, so many
would say, ‘yes, it was interesting, you have many things that are fascinating, you have all your sensory perceptions, but I would find the physical body too ‘cumbersome’ too ‘slow’. ‘It does not move fast enough, it has so many restrictions’. ‘It can not move any distance unless it is in a vehicle to move it’. ‘It is not the type of existence that I could see any ‘benefit’ from’. Now that’s from their standpoint. You cannot ‘imagine’
anything other than this, from your standpoint.

JOHN: Most of us probably.

DATRE: Yes! But you must remember one thing, everyone says, ‘well what about the families, the breaking up of the families?’ Now, the breaking up of the families at the time of the birth will be no ‘different’ then the break up of the families thru what you call DEATH. When you come back into another physical existence, do you know who your mother was before; do you know who your father was before? Do you know who your brothers, sisters, husbands, whatever were before? Now you have what you call ‘past life regressions’ and with that you can delve back into what you call ‘past life’ experiences and you relate to that.
But there are others that will have ‘past life regressions’ that will find no relationship to anything or anybody whatsoever. So you must realize that you are constantly changing your ‘family’ construct. You’re changing your ‘pets’, you’re changing your ‘likes’, you’re changing your ‘dislikes’, you’re changing your ‘patterns’, and you’re changing your ‘beliefs’. Every time you lay down the body to the Earth and go into that which you call the ‘dead zone’, by the time you come back in to physicality and build yourself another physical body, the ‘remembrance’ is gone.
So why ‘fear’ the birth, which is the break up of the family, the break up of relationships, any more than death? To me it seems like such a ‘strange’ thing from our vantage point. But when you are here, enjoy what is here to the fullest and to the utmost. There is sadness and sorrow, when the physical ties are broken with those of family and familiarity, but that is an ’emotional’ reaction of the body. The YOU that you are ‘knows’ that it is an ‘experiential’ pattern. But because you tie yourself so ‘tightly’ into physicality, in order to be able to ‘exist’ here, you have trouble when you get a little more mature to make the separation and ‘stand back’ and watch the ‘physical’ re-action of the body and realize that it is an experience. But it has ‘nothing’ to do with the YOU that you are, ‘except’ giving you another experience. It’s the ‘body’ that has the ‘emotion’; YOU that you are do NOT have the ’emotion’. Continue.

JOHN: Now we have talked about genetic patterning and that your genetics go all the way back to where ever your first ancestor ‘originated’ upon this planet for this particular whatever. I gather from that, that there is sort of a ‘gene jumping’ dynamic. That the genes go all the way back thru however many
‘cycles’ of civilizations have been on this planet – if that was the ‘first’ time for that present day being. In other words, if their ‘original’ ancestor came onto this planet for experience, some twenty cycles back, of civilizations – however many years are in those cycles – then in some way, even though the planet has ‘cleansed’ each ‘cycle’ out and new one’s come in, that cycle is perpetuated with the planet’s memory pattern itself in some way.

DATRE: You have the genealogy ‘patterning’ back to the beginning of this, the origination of this experience. The experiential patterning, as we have said before, has a ‘beginning’ and an ‘end’. That is what you call ‘time’. It is an ‘evolutionary’ time. In other words, this experiential patterning began at
‘zero’. That is when you begin to ‘build’ your gene pool.

Now, the birth is for ‘this’ experiential patterning, that’s the END of this play. So up until the end of the ‘play’, you will add however many experiential ‘life times’, shall we say, you have before the end of the play. In other words, when the curtain goes down and the birth occurs, THAT is the whole ‘package’ you will take with you.

JOHN: It’s a different thing that I’m talking about though. Births are very rare…

DATRE: But it doesn’t matter, you have ‘births’ upon planets again and again and again.

JOHN: That’s what I was talking about.

DATRE: All right now, when this planet is ‘cleansed’…

JOHN: As it happens cyclically.

DATRE: It happens cyclically. That is a whole ‘different’ experience.

JOHN: We previously mentioned in one or more dialogues, that one of the reasons that people have this ‘clustering’ dynamic, is that they have the memory pattern of some of the ‘cloned’ realities, which were that way. Also the cloned realities were not ‘stated’ to have been part of this ‘particular’ cycle. They were of a ‘previous’ cycle.

DATRE: It was of this experiential patterning, at the very beginning of it. At the very beginning of this experiential patterning is you began as a ‘clone’ reality.

JOHN: OK! All right, I figured it was be a ‘remnant’ because there are always remnants.

DATRE: There… not at the beginning of any experiential patterning. Now I can see your confusion with the seed packets, the seed packet that you take. If you were to come into ‘this’ experience and ‘pick-up’, after this experience had started, you carry your ‘seed packet’ with you. But from the beginning of
an experience… it all starts out, you start out like… well what shall we say… ‘stick figures’.

JOHN: Well what ever, it is the zero point, no matter how you want to describe it.

DATRE: It is a ‘zero’ point. It is the beginning of an ‘evolution’ of a species.

JOHN: That’s never been made that clear, at least to me. In that regard it has been a very ‘puzzling’ thing. Because the implications, as I understood them, were that there was some sort of carry-over that allowed that ‘knowledge’ base or whatever, to be carried forth. The ‘knowledge’ base didn’t leave the planet. The ‘beings’ and their particular ‘packet’ left the planet. But the planet still had the ‘knowledge’ base of all of those that have gone before.

DATRE: Not when the planet is cleansed for a ‘new’ experience.

JOHN: Oh, that’s what I’m saying; I’m trying to understand that a little better.

DATRE: Now when this birth occurs, there will be no one left on this planet in physicality.

JOHN: Yes, I understand that part.

DATRE: All right, they ‘both’ go to two different places or three different places or however many different places they go.

JOHN: I’m talking about the previous one though, that’s the one I’m trying to understand. I understand the birth thing, that’s a whole other kettle of fish.

DATRE: But, every time that there is a ‘new’ experiential pattern it starts at the ‘base’ beginning. Now, how far back does that go?

JOHN: Well we’ve been given numbers, but they’re rather nebulas.

DATRE: The numbers do not do anything for any understanding. Numbers do nothing for any understanding. This experiential patterning was set into motion… this was the parameters, in other words, if your the ‘director’ of a stage play you start from the ‘first’ page, this is where the ‘play’ begins. The people, the actors and actresses are given what you call a script. The ‘script’ is written from beginning to end. Now as the people take up their scripts and begin to read, they have never seen this before, that is when the ‘new’ experiences begin.
Now as the ‘play’ develops and you get into it and
you’re getting the ‘feel’ of the play, someone will suggest, ‘maybe if we do this instead of that it will enhance it’. Now that is what happens in your experiential patterning’s of that which is set before you. That is why, when it starts at the beginning, the ‘end’ is unknown because that is what you call
evolution. Evolution is change. This is the ‘basic’ guideline, this is the basic play.
But how many times is a ‘play’ changed by the actresses and actors? Constantly, constantly. So this ‘first’ night, these are the actors and actresses that are doing the play. But someone gets hurt in the ‘middle’ of the play, they hurt their ankle or something, they can’t walk on. A substitute is sent in, the substitute makes some mistakes, but it is covered up and it goes ‘slightly’ in a different direction and they’ll say, ‘we’ll keep that, because that is good’. The play is constantly changing.

JOHN: OK, I understand that. My vantage point is totally different than that. We have talked about that this is an ‘on going’ experiment and that new ‘who ever’s’ that come onto this planet after it has been cleansed, will continue that experiment from that point on. That means the ‘experiment’ has a ‘line’ a
‘theme’ that it’s going towards. It… Whoever is running the experiment knows what ‘accomplishments’ the experiment has made as it has progressed. And each time a new ‘element’ of the experiment comes into play, which is what we’re talking about, this new ‘element’ now starts from that previous point and with
a new story, based on the ‘old’ stories.

DATRE: It can or it need not.

JOHN: OK, that’s what I’m trying to understand, that whole relationship.

DATRE: It does not necessarily follow. It does not necessarily follow because when the script is ended, it can be ‘ended’ totally and completely. This planet can be ‘cleansed’ of ‘everything’, water, trees, animals, everything. So that it is like a bare rock and those coming on for experience can experience anything they want to because this planet is LIVING. It has ‘that’ within it’s being to support what you call LIFE. Not all planets can support life, not all ‘stones’ can support life.

So what I’m saying is, if the desire is to try and pickup some of this to work with, to set another stage play, if that is the ‘desire’ of the next experience, it can be. But it doesn’t have to be; it does not have to be. Everything changes, constantly.

JOHN: Yes, but the Universe is the ultimate conservative, it takes what ever it has and rearranges and reuses continually. The same thing happens in plays. If you have a long running play, you try and use as many of the ‘props’ and stage arrangements that you have already used for the ‘next’ for the ‘next’ play. That’s the part that…

DATRE: All right now, let me help you. There is an ‘option’ because of those that have had this planetary experience, have had ‘this’ particular play and they like the play. They can make changes and setup a whole new experiential patterning play on the planets that they are going to. They can take the ‘remembrance’ of the trees and the grass and all of these things and put them on another planet.

JOHN: Even to the extent of color. I found that interesting. I went and visited one of the ‘new planets’ and it was ‘strange’ to me until I realized… oops… WE carry color, the planet does not have color, we bring color and if we don’t bring it, it isn’t there.

DATRE: That is correct. That is absolutely correct. So you see what I’m telling you is what you take ‘with you’ to another experience is what you will get out of another experience. It’s what ‘you’ take with you.

JOHN: It’s the accumulated baggage that we ‘collectively’ bring along that provides whatever stage props etcetera that we decide to use. That’s our whole resource.

DATRE: That is correct. That is absolutely correct. The only thing there will be – a play written again with changes that are more compatible to each of the groups that are going to be ‘removed’ from this planet.

Now, I don’t want to be quoted on this because somebody will say, ‘well they said that this is what it’s going to be’. No, I’m saying, as an option. Those that go to one planet can take certain things with them. They ‘can’ take the music; they can take the artistry, the painting, all of that type of thing and
base their evolution in their next experience on those things. The others ‘could’ take technology. They’re not interested in the music. They’re not interested in the painting. They’re not interested in the things you make with your hands, some of those things. That is not their desire. Their desire is technology. Now you can see where two separate plays can be made.

JOHN: Or more.

DATRE: Well I’m just giving those two as examples.

JOHN: Within each large group there could be sub-plays within the overall group.

DATRE: There always is, there always is. But in every play that is written there is one ‘basic’ underlying script.

JOHN: There is a fundamental theme.

DATRE: There is a fundamental theme that is set forth, because you have to have ‘something’ to follow. You can’t all get on the stage and blather and blather and blather. You’ve got to have somebody telling you to take turns. This is your ‘basic’ script. Now you can say, one script can be written this way, one script can be written that way. I’m not saying, this is what is going
to happen. So don’t anybody say that this is what was said. I’m giving you… because those are things you can see. You can see the ‘opposites’ of those two thought patterns. Basically one is more interested in technology. Basically the other one is more interested in the fine arts.

All right now, in either one of those, just separating them to that point, can you see the ‘latitudes’ in all those directions? So basically there will be two ‘scripts’ written. That does not mean that they can’t overlap, because you ‘both’ come from ‘one’ physicality. But the basic intent and thrust can be one
direction or another, or gillions of subs in between.

JOHN: Well that answered the questions that I had for this time.

DATRE: All right, if you feel that you have clarified things up to this point.

JOHN: I’m satisfied, somebody else may be confused, but I’m satisfied.

DATRE: That is all we can answer is your questions. If that will help and we will go from there and then you undoubtedly will get confused again, so we will have more questions.

JOHN: Confusion is fun.

DATRE: That is the only way you learn. You see you’re in such an ‘instant’ society right now, that you have to have ‘instant’ gratification for everything. Get a headache, you take a pill. Instantly I want to get rid of my headache. You want ‘instant’ answers for everything. But that is ‘not’ the way it works. When you begin to ‘discover’ WHO and WHAT you are, discover what ‘your’ role is in the scheme of what you call humanity upon this planet, begin to ‘observe’ and try and figure out ‘what’ this ‘story line’ is all about, then you’ll have an idea of what is happening and there will be more questions and more questions and more questions. Because when you reach the point that
there are no more questions, then you will be GONE, it is as simple as that. Because your ‘vibration’ will no longer ‘hold’ you upon the planet, we have stated that before.
There are many things to learn, but the reason that they are NOT being learned is because it takes ‘work’ on the part of those that want to know. We cannot set out formulas for you. Because the ‘formula’ is INSIDE you, it’s not on the out side. We will leave you now. We have enjoyed this meeting, we are Datre.


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