Datre 對話_038 原文

Datre 對話_038 原文



Datre answers Lea
JOHN: We have some questions from Lea, her first question is a fairly long one, it says… “In chapter 18 of “The Nature of Personal Reality”, first paragraph of the chapter you (Seth) state: ‘Biologically the reach and capacity of your physically oriented consciousness is directly connected with the length of your days and nights, and of course with the seasons… With the precise night and day schedule that it possesses, your planet would, in those terms, give birth to a creature consciousness
uniquely suited to fit it. In other terms, the night and day represent the innate rhythms of your consciousness physically materialized through natural phenomena, for you are not equipped to perceive longer-duration days.’

My question is with the term “not yet”. Does this imply that we are moving toward a reality of longer duration days?”

DATRE: Now, the thing is, we are running out of that which you call the ‘prescribed’ time line, for this experience upon this planet. What is happening is, that your ‘time line’ is running out. So your ‘time line’ in it’s running out is very flexible. In other words, now you individually are following your ‘own’ time, if that is your desire. In other words, if you are not making yourself into ‘lock step’ with the time that you have previously been functioning in, you will find that you can ‘regulate’ your ‘time’ very differently. In other words, the rhythm shall we say, of a ‘time line’ is what sets many things in motion. In other words, the experiences that you have in
your night time – sleep time stage give you that which you wish to experience in the coming days in front of you.

Now, when you are in a ‘time line’, you set your experiences accordingly. So you do not shall we say, extend your self beyond your ‘capacity’ in any given situation. You set your ‘time’ according to the planetary environment, because that is also set by a time line. Now, when a ‘time line’ begins to run out, the individuals that are ‘aware’ of the ‘time line’ running out, can sit back and enjoy the ‘time line’ that is no longer in existence. Because the ‘time line’ becomes that which YOU set – not set by those upon the planet. We have spoken of this previously; this is what is causing some of the anxiety,
confusion, depression, many of the things that are going on on your planet right now. It is that you are so used to having things set into motion for you, you’re so used to being ‘spoon’ feed, that once some of these shall we say, restrictions are loosened, you don’t know how to ‘react’ to that. You always say, ‘I want my freedom’ and yet at such point as you are given your
‘freedom’ you don’t know what to do with it.

Now, those that have been ‘aware’ of the ‘time line’ change have reacted entirely different. That does not mean that they have not had their anxieties. That does not mean that they have not had their depressions. That does not mean that they haven’t had some different experiences then they have ever had previously. But because they ‘know’ that the ‘time line’ is running out and
have been told that the time is no longer going to be set by ‘others’, but can be set by YOU as an individual, their feeling toward a ‘time line’ is entirely different.

In other words, if you go in a boat and you’re going along and everything is just fine and the fellow or woman is up there steering the boat and you’re having a grand, grand time this is fun. Then something happens to the person that is steering the boat and they say ‘I need help, I need help’ and you’re the only other person on the boat and you go up and they let go of the wheel, now you have the boat. A little scary isn’t it? You’ve never been in a boat before; a boat is not like a car. A car has a ‘solid’ surface – you’ve been able to drive on the road, because that’s where you go, you know you don’t go over somebody’s yard. But, first time in a boat – you have the wheel of a boat – it does not run like a car. Your ‘perception’ on water is entirely different, than your ‘perception’ on a hard surface road. You need to know how to maneuver on water – a little scary?

This is an analogy of what is happening to your time line. You’re being taken out of an automobile, that just goes on a flat surface and that’s the only place you go is on that road. You’re being put in a boat that has an entirely ‘different’ surface, it has an entirely different construct, your perception
is entirely different on water than it is on land. Now, you can do one of two things, you can panic, you can scream and holler, you can let the boat wheel go and let the boat just go by itself and scream and holler all you want. But you’re still in that boat. So, the sooner you learn to manipulate the boat, the better it’s going to be for you. Once you become familiar with the boat, the water, the different perceptions, you will find that you will have a GRAND time. Because NOW ‘you’ are in control. You have all kinds of space to maneuver in, you can turn around, you can go right – left, forward – backward.
You’ve lots of space to maneuver in. In a car you are pretty well stuck.

So what we’re saying is, when the ‘time line’ is running out – how are you going to ‘maneuver’ your time? Are you going to let your self be tossed around by others or are you going to ‘master’ it? That’s another point – you see everyone thinks the BIRTH is going to be a ‘fantastic’ thing, ‘oh this is going to be grand and glorious’ and all of this stuff. But, you’ve got to make some changes before you get there. So, that is what we are talking about, you have been on the ‘road’ that has been SET for you. You’re to go from point A to point B on the road. But now you’re on water and it is entirely different.

So when we were saying before that everything was set, it was ‘structured’ for your consciousness and your psyche picked-up what was to work in that particular time span. Now, you’re still picking up from your psyche, but you have a lot more latitude. In other words, if you say ‘well I can handle this I can handle that experience’, you can jam a whole bunch of them together and
get as many as you want. Or you can lay back and say, ‘well I’ve had enough for a while I guess I’ll just kind of go on a rest stage and just take day to day for a while until I decide on some other ‘experiences’. But you see, your maneuverability is entirely different. So, that is what we are saying, your days can be as long as you want them. Because the sun up and sun down NOW is what ‘you’ want it to be – it is not set. Continue.

JOHN: OK, her last question is… “Will this be an attribute of the reality of which Datre speaks, for either group of those that share this present reality?” Longer duration days, I think that’s one of the things you got into, it’s a take off on the first part of the original question.

DATRE: Well the thing is, well everybody… the ‘time line’ is for everybody. That is your ‘script’ that is your ‘play’ that is what we have spoken of before. The play is coming to an end; the script is coming to an end. Now it is time for you to write your ‘own’ script.

JOHN: It’s an impromptu situation.

DATRE: Right!

JOHN: Get up on the stage and do what you do.

DATRE: That is exactly right. This is your ‘one time’ to be your SELF. Don’t be fooled by pretending. Be who you ARE. Express who you ARE. Try it; it is a very ‘different’ experience. You see the thing is that the majority of people on your planet express themselves ‘differently’ with every individual that they are with. Those are all your ‘different’ personalities. You express them in different ways continuously. Recognize your personalities, watch your personalities, and watch your reaction to other individuals. Then your days become very interesting and you can make them as long as you want to. You can make them as short as you want to.
If you want to shorten them up – that’s entirely up to you. But the ‘longer’ you set your days, the more experiences you can get in one day, the more enjoyment you can get in one day. Or conversely, the more sadness you can put in one day. If you’re going to be sad and depressed, for heavens sake be sad and depressed. Go around and scream and holler, get into a ‘good’ depression. Get into such a good depression that the next thing you know you’re laughing until your side hurts. That’s the way to get yourself out of it. Turn yourself around, watch the different things that are going on. Watch your self, watch the body ’emotions’, watch your actions. Your ‘time line’ has ‘structured’ you, very tightly. Now along with your ‘time line’ you are getting new energies.

From what John tells me, there is a lot of ‘confusion’ on the net. People are having a lot of difficulty and in this past month of September there have been a great many changes. There will be changes for quite some time. The sooner that you come to the ‘recognition’ that the changes are going to continue, then you had better decide what you’re going to do with them and how you’re going to react to them. Because you can make with them whatever you want at the present time. This is up to you. You’re at the point now where the energies are coming in, the ‘time line’ is coming to its end, it’s loosing its rigidity and so you’re given the flexibility. You want ‘freedom’ it’s being handed to you, now let’s see what you can do with it. It can be a ‘tragedy’, it can be a ‘grand’ experience, it is all up to you.

Now, everybody’s excited about the end but you have to make some changes before you get there. It is all up to you. More questions?

JOHN: No, that was it.

DATRE: All right, we will leave you now, we are Datre.


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