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JOHN: There was some mention of a recent energy burst from outer space. Here’s a more detailed description from the media…

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 25 1996 (UPI) – In findings that challenge current explanations of such phenomena, an international team of astronomers Wednesday reported observing extremely rapid bursts of high-energy gamma rays from a distant galaxy.

“This is the brightest source of high-energy gamma rays we have ever observed”, said James Gaidos, professor of physics at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind., and lead author of the study published in the British journal – Mature.

“In addition, the bursts were extremely rapid, with the first occurring over less than a day and the second in less than half an hour”

The findings over an eight-day period took the U.S., British and Irish space watchers for a loop.

“No model predicts anything happening this fast”, said John Finley, assistant professor of physics at Purdue. “These flares occurred much faster than any theory can explain at this point”.

Scientists presume the energy engine powering Markian 421 is a super-massive black hole, formed when stars and other material in a galaxy’s core are compressed by gravity to enormous densities, creating a gravitational field strong enough to prevent even light from escaping.

“In another unusual feature, Markian 421 is bright at both the low and high ends of the energy spectrum – but emits only a weak signal in certain regions of gamma rays”, said co-researcher Glen Sembroski, senior scientist at Purdue.

“Just why Markian 421 radiates in this unusual manner is a question scientists are most interested in and are currently investigating”, he said.

DATRE: Now, we have talked about the energies coming onto your planet. We have spoken of them consistently and the one thing that is usually said is, ‘where is the proof?’ All right now your scientists with your instruments are beginning to detect the ‘energy waves’ that are coming onto the planet. Now, as we have said before, someone asked a long time ago, about whether we should throw out everything the scientists say or should we ‘believe’ what the scientists say or what ever. From our standpoint we said that, ‘yes your scientists do give you information’. But you must remember one thing, you only have
instruments that you have made upon your planet and they can only ‘detect’ to a certain degree.
Now that is not disproving anything as far as your scientific research is concerned, because you must remember, you are learning about your planet from a ‘planetary’ existence. This is what you work with, you are upon your planet, you are working with ‘phenomena’ on your planet and you’re working with phenomena that is ‘detectable’ by your physical instruments.

Now there was one of the quotations there that mentioned that they could… get something I think at the high end of the spectrum and the low end of the spectrum but there is nothing in the middle… or something like that I don’t remember exactly.

JOHN: Yes, it said that both the low and high ends of energy are strong but emits only a weak signal in certain regions.

DATRE: All right now, what is happening is, as we have said before, your energies are detected with your physical instruments. But the only energies that your instruments – at the ‘present’ time – are able to register, on your instruments are ‘particles’.

You say, you have waveform energy, but you are still only ‘detecting’ the ‘particles’ that are existing within the ‘waves’ that you are studying. You do not have instrumentation that is able to ‘detect’ PURE Universal energy ‘wave lengths’. So that is why your instruments seem to get various readings of high
and low and sometimes not at all, because some of the energy waves coming into your planet are a great deal more of, what we call, Universal ‘wave’ energies than ‘particle’ wave energies. There is a difference.

But the reason we wanted to give you this information, because you see your scientists are beginning to say, ‘oh there is something happening out there’. We have been telling you, that in the fall months, that you would see an ‘increase’ in the energy waves coming onto your planet.

Now, as to where they come from, they are again speculating, that it comes from a certain area. This is fine, it does not matter. They can say it’s coming from any place, because it doesn’t matter. These Universal energy waves as we have explained before, have… they behave like a ping-pong ball inside your ‘bubble’. In other words, they go across, if you want to put it that way and then they ping pong back and go across.

Now what’s been happening, is that we have been gathering energies so that there is an ‘intensity’ that is coming on to your planet. More than just ping ponging back and forth. So you have an ‘intensity’ of energy waves coming upon your planet at this particular time and as we’ve been telling you before, they
will continue.

Now, how can you have evolution, of anything, within your universe, your little ‘bubble’ universe, if you don’t have any changes? Evolution is change. Now, if you want to sit still forever, that is one thing, but that is not the way the Universe works. The Universe is in a ‘constant’ state of ‘evolution’.

Now, you can evolve with the mental capacity by observing, listening, reading, studying, what ever you want to do, you can ‘evolve’ your ‘mental capacity’. If you get to the point where you begin to work with that which is your ‘basic’ senses, you can begin to educate yourself in different ways. You can begin to work with the ‘thought’ patterns that are coming on your planet that are a little bit different than have been before. That is also something that is coming onto your planet, with the energies, is entirely ‘different’ thought patterning’s.
If you will watch your explosion into that which you call your ‘net’, your net has not been anything that you would talk about only five or so years ago. People would not know what you were talking about, my goodness. People would say, ‘that’s ridicules, you can’t… how in the world do you ever plan to do anything like that?’ ‘To have people be able to communicate all over the world, by just sitting and tapping little things on a keyboard’. That was not within your thought patterning. But, when you have energy waves ‘supporting’ new ‘thought’ patterning’s and people picking up these ‘thought patterning’s’ that is also a stage of evolution.

Now, you want to ‘evolve’, ‘oh fine, but don’t touch my body’. Now ‘that’s’ what’s going to be ‘touched’. You are just on the ‘threshold’ of ‘really’ being TOUCHED in many ways. Now take the word ‘hormone’. Do you know what that means? John looked this up for me and it comes from the Greek word ‘hormone’ which means ‘setting in motion’. That is exactly what these new energies are
going to be doing. The energies will change the activity within your hormonal structure and that in turn will change the DNA.

Now I have something else here…

JOHN: This is another report that came over the INTERNET from one of the Datre Net subscribers – Peter Edgar Dick – in Holland. It concerns recent findings in research on fossils of Neanderthals and the report goes… “After research of five nose and sinus cavity fossils of Neanderthals, is the conclusion that the build up of the skeleton of a Neanderthal is much more
different as the skeleton of a human being. There are now strong indications that there are two different species, in other words that human may not be descended from the Neanderthal. These are the conclusions from a research through experts of the American
Museum of Natural History in New York and the university of Pittsburgh. The fossils were found nearly 150 years ago in the valley of Neander in Germany. The Neanderthal have live 200,000 to 300,000 years ago in Europe and West of Asia.”

DATRE: Now, that year business is from our standpoint is… you guess at your years and it does not matter. You see, you put zeros behind things to enforce the ‘magnitude’ of things, that is immaterial. But what we are saying is, that there have been ‘other’ civilizations that have ‘used’ your planet, prior to
‘your’ population of this planet. So you’re going to be digging up a whole bunch of stuff that you’re going to put all kinds of explanations on.

You see, you try very hard to find the ‘beginning’ of your species. It would be much better if you would be trying to figure out – instead of where you’ve been – is figure out where you’re going. That is the big number now. The big number now, is not looking over your shoulder and trying to figure out from
the ‘back side’, but figuring out where you are, right this moment. Because THIS is where you’re at, from this moment on is what is going to be important, not your ancestors, that is not of importance. Your past genealogy, that is not of great importance. The importance now, is forward. Because you are going to be changing the DNA that is within your physical construct, at the ‘present’ time. Because the energies are changing, you’re going to be changing your physical ‘beings’.

Now, everything has been pretty much status quo for a long time. But you will find that if you will look to the generations – not that far back, just go back a few – you’ll find that people were not very big. They were ‘small’ people – in your terminology. A man that was 6 foot tall was a tall man. Now, today you have men that are 6 foot 8 and 6 foot 9 and even over 7 feet. If they had lived at the time a few generations back, they would have been… what would you call it…

JOHN: Freaks!

DATRE: Freaks, all right, I did not know the word. You would have stared at them; they would have been something that would have frightened you. It could be a very ‘kind’ gentle man within that great big body, but it would have been a freak and he would have been probably hidden away so no one could see him. Spend years and years of his life being shut in a room in a house or in some institution, because he was so big. Now you think nothing of these men that are that big. Women are getting close to 6 feet tall and many of them are 6 feet and over. You don’t think of them as being freaks. But that is ‘evolution’; you are changing, constantly changing.

Now the energies coming into the planet, are going to be changing, not only your ‘outsides’, but also it’s going to be changing your insides and we have told you that before. You’re going to have headaches like of a kind that you have never experienced before. Because they’re not going to react like a ‘normal’ headache that you can remember. ‘Well this is a different headache, I’ve never had one like this before’. The violence of it and then again all of a sudden it’s gone. The stomachaches that you’re going to be having, you’re going to
be having a lot of stomachaches. Why are they selling so many of those pills for indigestion?
You’re going to have a lot of indigestion. That is one of the areas that are being changed. All of the ‘hormones’ within the physical body – that is what runs your system – is your hormones. The hormones are being changed. The hormones that go into your pituitary, your pineal, your thyroid glands, all of these things are secreting differently than they had been previously secreting. Your sexual organs – males are having a lot of troubles in those areas – females are having troubles in those areas. That is because your levels of your hormones are changing.

So, we have told you previously, that the energies are coming in. Now you have upon your planet, peoples that have said, ‘oh, look at the energies that are coming in’. OK, now you have seen. That is one of the things that the physical beings upon your planet like to have. In other words, its one thing to be told
something, it’s another thing when somebody else upon the planet can verify, OK. So now you have verification. September was a big month. We knew that, we did not tell you that. If you experience it, that is fine, if you don’t you don’t. But nevertheless, we keep the ‘time’ element out of it. Now, this that I’m telling you about the hormone changes within the physical construct, are going to intensify.
You have already begun to experience it. You will have what you call your fevers. What the fevers are is you are changing. Any time anything is changed upon your physical planet, it causes friction. Friction is heat. Very simple, it is not a big complicated thing. What is happening with your headaches? You’re assimilating new energies in that what you call your ‘brain’ cavity. Your thought patterns are changing. When your thought patterns are changing – change, friction, heat – alright? We do not do this to ‘scare’ anyone.
What we’re trying to do is ‘inform’. The same way we spoke the other day, about the ‘time’. The difference between a boat on water and a car on the highway. This information is only given to inform you – not to frighten you. But when you are aware – it makes it all together different. In other words, if you are told that these things are happening, then that should eliminate
these, ‘oh, something is happening and I don’t know what to do about it’. Now what you do about it is entirely up to you. But the information is being given and we are interested in giving you as much information as we can as the ‘time’ becomes appropriate. These changes will continue they’re not going to
stop. How you handle them is entirely up to you. Is there any more questions John?

JOHN: No, not at this point from me.

DATRE: Alright, we broke in with the questions other people have been asking simply because we figured at this time that this would be ‘important’ to give this information out, so that people would be aware of it. Thank you we are Datre.


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