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Datre answers Pam.
JOHN: We have some questions from Pam. Her first question is… “Datre refers to the training required by an individual to be able to channel their vibrations (such as the training undergone by Aona) – would you ask them to expand on this – what does this training entail, and what are (if any) the outward and inward physical outcomes of this training?”

DATRE: All right, now number one, it takes training simply because the physical construct of the channel has to be changed in order to receive the vibrations. In other words, it is a ‘process’ that… it is a stepping up of the vibrations of the physical being.

Now, when one channels Universal energy, that is something that is agreed upon prior to coming into a physical form of any kind. In other words, it is something that your awareness – even at the time ‘before’ the training begins to be a ‘stepped up procedure’ – you know, because you are getting information

So at such time that an individual is needed to bring forth this information, that is when the ‘training’ begins in earnest. The stepping up of the vibration of the physical form, as we have said before, any change of any kind, creates HEAT. A vibration of any kind that is of a ‘higher’ frequency – it jiggles at a faster rate – any time you get anything that jiggles at a
faster rate, it creates heat. So when you begin to step up the vibration of the physical construct so that the Universal vibration can be brought… it can only be brought down so far, so a change has to be made someplace and it is made within the physical construct.

So, little by little, when the channeling first begins it is much like a whisper and it increases as the energy is increased within the physical form. Now, to begin with, the body is stationary, does not move. Because in a ‘training’ process you have to have a certain amount of vibration in the physical form, in order to be able to work the vocal cords – that is the first
thing that is worked with. The second thing that is worked with is the movement of the jaw and the tongue along with the lips for clarity. Now, these are minute details as to what happens. Now as we become more ‘familiar’ with the channel’s body – we find how to work it. Because you see, from our vantage point – you don’t ‘appear’ as people – you appear as vibratory
constructs. So as soon as we find out what vibrations do what, then the manipulation begins.

Now because of the ‘wide range’ of individuals that compose ‘Datre’, the energy is constantly changing within the physical construct. Because we have our signature prints, just as you as a physical construct has a signature print that you are working with. So our signature prints are all different. Now, there are some of us that are much more familiar and maneuver the physical body very easily. We can take the physical being, we can make it
walk, we make it talk. We have learned to be able to see through the eyes.
As Aona will say sometimes, if there’s something that has a lot of color and a lot of beautiful motion, there are a few of us that will come into the physical being and Aona will experience it as a slight overlay on the eyes. But she allows that and then we are able to ‘see’ through the eyes and even to the point of watching the television. There are some of us that especially enjoy watching the – what you call – ice skating. Simply because it is beautiful motion, it is beautiful color. It is a sport that you have upon your planet that is ‘competitive’, but also – because of an individual that you have upon your planet that has put many of these skaters together – you have like formed a family.
In other words, they are like brothers and sisters. They’re very competitive in their nature when they are competing; they are competing with their very beings. But, that does not mean that they’re not happy for the other one when the other one achieves a better score than they do. Yes, they feel like they wish that they had won, but they do not hold any animosity toward the person that did, but admire the person that did so.

Now you don’t have a great many sports where that happens. There is a lot of anger in many of your sports. So skating is something that we enjoy because it is showing a different aspect.

So we’ve spoken about seeing through the eyes. Now, you see because of the amount of time that we’ve worked with Aona she knows when we come in and watch whatever it is on television. She knows when we come in to see something. She will be attracted to something that she sees that has a certain amount of excitement and if one of us happens to be, shall we say, in the neighborhood, we will drop in and see what has caused the excitement within that physical body. We watch her very carefully, because it is very easy to lose the physical constructs, in the number of individuals that you have upon your
She has a very definite signature print – so we can find her. But if she – say during a day time – goes into another reality and stays for a considerable amount of time and comes back into her physical being again – her signature print will vary slightly. Because you cannot have any experiences – in your physical body – if you enter different realities that your physical construct isn’t altered. Because in order to go into realities – you’re entering a different vibratory construct. Any time you enter a different vibratory construct – your physical construct changes.

So, what happens to the physical body? One of the things that she desired – when asked if she was ready to bring forth this information – was, number one, keep it simple; and number two was, ‘I need to experience in the physical construct, those vibrations that others will be experiencing upon the planet’.
So, she felt that she could not relate to other individuals, if she had ‘not’ experienced something ‘similar’ herself.

So, for those of you that are going through ‘depressions’ – I mean real, real depressions – Aona has been there. She’s been in the ‘blackness’ and in the ‘darkness’, because that was necessary for her to experience. You speak of the ‘upset’ stomach situations; she has experienced all of those. Being very, very ill, from the vomiting and the diarrhea. She can go into a restaurant and eat a food and if it does not ‘agree’ with the physical construct, within the matter of a couple of hours, it has gone through the system, one way or the other – the system will not tolerate it.
The headaches, yes – two to three years of headaches. The change in the jaw realignment. The change in the thickness of the throat. Those are some of the basic changes that have taken place. Everything is ‘never’ status quo, there is changes constantly being made within her physical being at all times. Depending upon the ‘subject’ that she is bringing through, she, in some cases must go ‘out’ further, shall we say. Not because she has to, but because she wants to. Because if we are ‘describing’ something that she is interested in, she will go ‘out’ and watch and ‘see’ what we are describing. So you see, there is constant ‘change’ taking place in the physical, at all times. Nothing is accomplished, if you don’t experience. Some experiences are more ‘traumatic’ than others. But it is the desire to ‘know’ within the physical construct, of the being that she is working through that she makes the changes, so that she can do these things. Now, the next question please.

JOHN: Her next question is… “It was mentioned in Datre025 – <> – would they please expand.”

DATRE: Your skin IS a great receptor. You that are beginning to be very sensitive can walk by individuals and you will feel a prickling upon your skin of the vibrations that a person is carrying that is very different. Lets put it this way, if someone is carrying a great deal of anger within their construct, they may have a smile upon their face and you will see them and say, ‘that’s a happy person’. They will walk by you and your whole skin will be like it’s all prickled because that individual is carrying within their being that vibration of anger. That is why we say; the skin is a great receptor. The channel walks by someone that is very ill and the whole being
will feel sick. To be beside someone that is in the ‘process’ of dying, that too will be felt because the first thing that ‘feels’ is your skin.

Now depending on the intensity of the ‘other’ physical body is how much it will radiate and touch your skin and that will make your reaction different. But if you walk by a person that is in the process of dying, you will feel like you’re just being drained. You see we interact with the physical body, so that we know what she is experiencing in the physical. To us, this is
extremely fascinating. Because we, that have never had any physical beingness – it is entirely foreign to us. To be able to step into a physical body and to experience is such a fascinating experience, there is no words to describe it. And because of the training, over long periods of time, Aona does not dis-allow. In other words, when we step into the body she respects us and we respect her. So there is no – trying to ‘push’ us out regardless of what the situation is – it is allowed. Now, it has been known between us that if she does not want us in at that particular time, she will make that known and say, ‘I prefer that you did not come in now because I have this coming up that I need to do, you’re welcome to come back later’. So you see, it is a constant communication.

But, your skin IS your receptor. Your aura – depending upon on how big it is, there are those that have auras that extend many, many feet away from the body. So they don’t have to be close to anybody to be able to interact with the aura of another body. Some people’s auras are very close to their body and so they will not feel to that extent, because things have to be a lot closer to them. Their aura is so ‘tight’ to their body they don’t make that close connection with strangers because the closeness is too much, unless somebody bumps you and that’s different. But any way, continue on – I think we answered that.

JOHN: OK, her next question is… quite a long one… “Relating to mass consciousness – this has been troubling me – months ago I was listening to a powerful public figure talking about “the children” and I felt like I had been hit by a ton of bricks – I felt that there was going to be a HUGE manipulation of the masses through tapping the worldwide “conscientious concerning
children” – this “caring about our children” perhaps being the one link among the peoples on Earth upon which 90% of the inhabitants resonate at a like frequency – more and more I see manipulation of mass conscientious through this “loving and caring” theme.
In other words I feel that the “loving and caring theme” is now being used as a tool to control – “Being loving and caring” is very fashionable just now . It will be very hard for an individual to say no to something that violates individualistic rights if it is being done “in the name of the children” – only a person who is “not loving and caring” would hesitate to fully embrace ANY law, ANY tax, ANY reform, ANY censoring etc. if it is “cloaked” by the words – “It’s for the good of the children”.”

DATRE: Well now, your mass consciousness is not only here in your ‘states’. Your mass consciousness is worldwide. Your mass consciousness is something that you are ‘part’ of. The city that you live in has a mass consciousness that is composed of all of those that live in that ‘particular’ city. Now whether you realize it or not, that is your influence. That ‘influences’ your actions. That is why those that travel find great variances in the vibratory construct of cities. Some cities that you go into – you will have the feeling that the city may be vibrant and moving, everything seems to be happening – but the mass consciousness will carry a feeling of ‘death’, dead.

The mass consciousness has nothing to do with the ‘movement’ of the city on the ground – the mass consciousness is the ‘thought patterning’s’ that are predominant in an area. Now, you can listen to everyone and you can listen to everything – but as you begin your progression into knowing your ‘self’ you will find that the biggest and most important thing is ‘respect’. Respect for your self, respect for ‘others’ and their ideas. You can listen to them, but it is not necessary to take action in any way. As you become an ‘observer’ in your reality, you will learn a great deal faster – than if you become ’emotionally’ involved in any and all subjects.

Now, that does not mean that you can’t watch a football game and get all excited – that’s good for your emotions. But excitement is one thing. In your cities and your country, you will find that the ‘opposites’ are going to ‘pull’ further and further apart. There are always those that, shall we say, are on a ‘soapbox’, for one certain thing or another. That is not new, that has always been. As far as the peoples on your planet are concerned, that has always been the case. There are always those that are campaigning for one thing or another. Now, do you need to get involved? – Only if you want to. You see that is the thing you have on your planet, is free will – you can do as
you please, it does not matter. It is only the direction in which you want to learn and what you want to observe.

You can take two people and walk down the exact same street and those two people – unless one say’s to the other, ‘look at this or look at that’, but you can take those two people and walk down the street – say three blocks long – and at the end of the three blocks give them a paper and a pencil and tell each one to describe what they have seen, what they have experienced, what
attracted their attention and all of these things. I will guarantee you that they could be on ‘opposite’ ends of your planet. You could have one in California and one in New York – there will be that much difference, because you don’t ‘see’ the same thing.

Now, as we have said before, the mass consciousness in every city is different. You have another mass consciousness that involves more than your city, it involves your state and then your states are involved in your government. You will discover as we go on – in the evolution of your so called years – you’re going to find your ‘states’ being very unhappy, the totality of
what you call your United States. Because they all have their own agenda, shall we say. There are those states already, that are beginning to speak of pulling away and being by themselves. There are some states that can very easily do that as of tomorrow or even today – if they so desired because that is what they want to do, they can do that – if that is the consensus of the individuals. You see that is the thing, you are under a mass consciousness.
Now as you become more ‘yourself’ you will find that you will look at things entirely differently. You will ‘observe’, you will ‘respect’, but it will not bother you one way or the other. Because, does it concern you? You are the one that is going to be making the change, you are the one that is going to make the change before you go through the BIRTH, as to what kind of an ‘individual’ you wish to be – it is your choice. Now you can get… lots of people get wrapped up in what is going on – on the ‘outside’, but the ‘growth’ of the individual comes from the inside. But what you want to do as an individual – that is ‘entirely’ up to you, there is no ‘wrong’, there is no ‘bad’, it is ‘different’. All right, next question.

JOHN: Her next question is… “In the material it was said the word Datre (chosen for identification by the energies) – was chosen for its frequencies – frequencies that most closely illustrated their frequencies – As I have passed on the session materials to others, there have been many questions on the
intended pronunciation of Datre, is the proper sounding of it to perhaps more closely resonate with the frequencies. Is there a proper way to “sound” the word Datre? Would you pronounce (type it) it phonically, if it indeed makes a difference? (I have experienced that everyone seems to have a different pronunciation and yet I never seem to have a pronunciation for it at all unless I have to speak the word – when I read it, I have none.)”

DATRE: That is good, that is good, if you read it and you have none that is good because then you are picking up a vibration and that is very good. If you want to know how to pronounce it we say D O T dot R A Y ray. Now, that is as close as we can come. You see, there are many on your planet that are given
names at birth, that do not ‘fit’ the individual. You will find that as the child matures, they no longer want to be called by that name. They will find, what you call, a nickname or a middle name or another name that they will pick up that carries the vibration that is familiar to them. So the vibration of a
name is very important to many individuals. Sometimes adding another letter to a name – like a double T or a double L or whatever. In writing a name, when that individual writes that name that is carrying a certain vibration that they resonate to. That is what we can almost say is a – ‘physical’ signature
print – that the you that is inhabiting the physical construct, is comfortable with.

Now you may have met individuals that you can not remember their name and try as you might, every time you think of that person you put a different name on them, because the name that they have – for you – does not fit them. Sometimes – if the truth would be known – they’re not comfortable with it either, but
they have never thought of changing it.

This took a couple of days – in giving John and Aona different letters to put down on paper and then we connecting up with Aona and ‘feeling’ the vibration when that word was said. That is how the name evolved. Now when there are some of us that the first syllable will be very plane, the second syllable will have a ‘lilt’ on the end of it or a different sort of pronunciation. The first part seems to stay pretty much the same, but depending upon the individual that comes through and finishes the session the last part of the name becomes different – John has told us.
So it does not really matter how you pronounce the name. The important part was that people were uncomfortable with the fact
that we did not have a ‘name’ and there was no way that we wished to be identified every time we came in because in a single session there can be many that will come through. You see, because it is such a fascinating experience – because Aona has expanded her vibrational range – many want to come in and
have the experience, because to them it is a very unique experience.
There are many coming and going at all times and sometimes one will start a sentence and another will finish it. You do not find that in ordinary channeling – I have been told. But you see, we don’t wait for turns, whoever happens to be there – that’s why we don’t like names, because we’ve never had names and to take turns is something we don’t even think about. Whoever happens to be around when she’s ready to channel – pop in and there we go. So the name does not matter, it is only for identification.

JOHN: OK, her last question is… “A question from Andrea (not on the INTERNET) to whom I have passed on the Datre material:
Can the psyche in the physical body upon seeing that its development in the physical body is not heading in what it feels is a positive evolution of itself – say: “opps, this isn’t working, time to “cut line” before I go too far in this negative evolution of soul-self.” Leave the physical body through choice (referred to by us as suicide); and resume its journey in another physical body (switching directions in its evolution within physical constraint). And by doing this does the psyche remain “as is/was” when it “pops back into physical experience” OR is it transmuted while in the “dead zone”? Can the development of an aspect of psyche simply end.”

DATRE: Now you see, we have explained the psyche to a degree. We have said, ‘the psyche can be experienced, but not explained’. The psyche is a very involved process – the you that you are, contains a ‘portion’ of that which you call the psyche. The ‘psyche’ exists in your ‘bubble’. The whole bubble contains the psyche. That is what you ‘draw’ from, to make your daily

Now, upon coming into this planet – through that which you call birth – it depends on what you did in “your previous” incarnation or whatever you want to call it. There are those that will go through that which you call the ‘death’ process and will be very intent upon gaining further ‘knowledge’ and not
‘erasing’ the knowledge of the last life time. In other words, they will not say, ‘I was such a bad person, I lived such a horrible life, I was so ‘bad’, I don’t want any part of that, so I’m not going to take that with me next time’.
Now, YOU are the one that labeled it ‘bad’. From a Universal stand point there is no such thing. You came into physicality – to experience. If, in your experiences you have said, ‘alright, I did that, there must have been a reason that I did it, why did I do it, what did I do it for and what did I gain out of that particular experience that ‘some’ could label ‘bad’?’. If you want to put it this way – there’s good and bad in everything. Its an ‘experience’ – don’t put labels on experiences. Because by labeling an ‘experience’ you have a tendency to throw out everything that isn’t exactly what you think it should be.
Now, WHO said, it should not be? Was it your mother and father? Was it your siblings? Was it your teacher? Was it your minister or who ever guided you in those directions? Was it the psychic community? Who labeled it bad? Did YOU label it bad? Look at it very closely. Everything is an ‘experience’. Rather than hang your head and say, ‘I did something bad’, E V A L U A T E it.
Evaluation is very important, because in evaluation you will find the GEM that is within that experience – which you want to take with you. Find that GEM. There is some reason why you did what you did when you did it – otherwise you would not have done it in the first place.

You see, you are given – and I’m saying the YOU that you are – is given this VAST sea of psyche to draw from. You can pick and choose what you desire. As of today – you are here – what did you wish when you came into this existence to experience, what was the one thing you said “this time” I’m going to do it
different, this time I’m going to do ‘this’, this is what I’m going to learn from this experience. But in the process, that is forgotten. So the YOU that you are ‘knows’ – you are going toward a goal that you have set for yourself to play out in physical existence.
So what will happen is, you will decide, ‘I will put this experience in front’ – well that one didn’t work – you didn’t get the message. ‘OK, we’ll try this approach’, ‘OK, that didn’t work’, OK, you didn’t get the message. ‘Alright, lets try this approach’. How many things are you going to try – to push you to get ‘that’ particular message? It can come in all different ways. The YOU that you are will keep pushing all of
these experiences in front of you until you get it.

So if you ‘look’ at your experience – and don’t label it good or bad – go into it. Somebody has a car accident – OK, ‘it was my fault’ you say, ‘it was my fault – I did something bad’ ‘I hurt other people’, ‘I’m in courts of law’, ‘I’m in this, that and the next thing’ and you’re getting all tied up with that. Why did you do it? What happened that you did it? ‘Well I wasn’t paying attention’. Why weren’t you paying attention? You weren’t paying attention, because if you had been paying attention you wouldn’t have done it. The YOU that you are said, ‘you need to do that because this is what ‘you’ want to know’. You’re acting it out in the physical.
You’ve written the script – but you don’t want to follow it. OK, go into it – find the GEM. Maybe, in all that ‘muddy’ process you have found ONE individual that is very important to the rest of your life. That may not be it, but I’m just saying, that could be a possibility. You may have done it for another reason, but the one thing if you begin to find out WHY you did have a certain experience – you will begin to learn about yourself and find those GEM’s because that’s what you’re looking for. It is the ‘expansion’ of the YOU that you are through the ‘totality’ of a physical expression.

Now I hope we have given you an answer. Now, they talk about the suicide – who’s to label, who is to label? That individual did not wish to be here any more – that was ‘their’ decision. You cannot make decisions for ‘other’ people. The decisions for ‘other’ people is up to them – it is not up to you. Respect the other individual. It is more difficult for a mother and father
who have children, to understand why their children do certain things. But, that individual would not have died through suicide, if it had not been agreed upon by every single one of you – it would not have happened.
They would have tried and tried and tried and still lived. But, because everyone ‘agreed’ – it happened. You see it is very difficult in our teachings to tell you from ‘our’ observation, because we’re looking at it without ’emotion’. The individual being – for the individuals that are not paying attention – the physical being runs off emotions. So that is what you’re working with – you’re running off the emotions of the physical construct. Now I’m not saying that’s good, bad or indifferent – I’m saying that’s what you’re doing from our standpoint.

Now if you look at a situation, as a play – which it is – and you look at it without emotion, you can see ‘flat’ what is happening. Take the ’emotion’ out of a given situation and it becomes an entirely ‘different’ play. Then it becomes – a play of experience. Now that does not mean you become emotion-less
– because then you become a zombie or something like that. You have your emotions – there is nothing ‘bad’ with that, but ‘observe’ your emotions. So, the individual that wants their own death, that is up to them – ’tis not up to you, nor is it up to you to judge. It is not good, it isn’t bad, it is not indifferent – it IS. Just the same as ‘you’ are. You came here for experience, become an ‘observer’ – of ‘yourself’, of ‘others’ and of ‘experiences’ and if those three things happen, you’ll be surprised how ‘different’ you look at everything. You will look at ‘everything’ from an entirely ‘different’ standpoint. Now, do we have any more questions?

JOHN: That was the end of the questions from Pam.

DATRE: We thank you, we have enjoyed being with you. If there are further questions on these subjects, we will be happy to go into them to a greater extent. We enjoyed being with you – we are Datre.


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