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Datre answers questions about channeling, light and color
JOHN: I have a couple of questions to begin with – I’m trying to get a frame of reference – one of the things that has been mentioned, is that when you are channeling you are ‘actually’ channeling to a 1000 or so ‘layers’ and ‘realities’ not just this ‘specific’ layer of a reality.

DATRE: Well yes, because you see – vibration is something that you (on this planet) do not understand. Now, we are working through a physical construct, so this ‘vibration’ is, shall we say, BROADCAST – there is no LIMIT to a vibrational construct that carries information. In other words, that is what forms your mass consciousness. In other words – people talking – communicating to each other – be it by your radio, your television or an individual, also your animals, your birds and your fish also have communication – amongst themselves and some times with human physical forms. So you see, all of those
vibrations of – voice, shall we say – we’ll just put it under one blanket and say that the animals, the fish, the birds, the humans, all have voice.

OK, now that ‘voice’ communication is – vibratory. Now, the ‘vibration’ is what forms your mass consciousness – not only in a given area – but with ‘everyone’ upon your planet Earth.

If you were to go OUT – just stay within this ‘bubble’, lets put it that way – you would find that – going OUT, you wouldn’t notice it as much – but coming back IN, it would get noisier and noisier and noisier and noisier until – if something startled an individual and they were slammed back into their physical construct – the first thing they would do is hold their ears. Because they could not tolerate the NOISE after having been some place that was ‘comparatively’ quite. Now, within your ‘bubble’ this is all contained. But, in comparison, the edge of your ‘bubble’, of your planet Earth universe – at the edge – it would appear to you, to be QUITE. The further you come in, the greater amount of noise you will experience.

Now, one thing that those that have never been in a physical construct – many times will extend down into the physical channel and immediately vacate, because their tolerance of the NOISE within the physical construct is something they don’t want any part of. It’s something that is very foreign, so never having ‘heard’ NOISE – to come into a physical construct and hear this – you’d say, ‘well, but its quiet here’. To them the NOISE is a ‘vibration’ they can’t handle, they immediately leave. So that is what we’re saying, that NOISE – of your planet – of your voices – is what ‘forms’ your mass consciousness.
That’s why you can go into some areas of your planet – that are what YOU would call tranquil – that is simply because the NOISE level is ‘different’. The noise level would not be as much of the ‘speaking’ voices – it would be the animal voices – and in comparison, you would say that was quite.

JOHN: What about the various – does this include the other various REALITIES – that we ‘individually’ and ‘collectively’ participate in that we don’t recognize.

DATRE: Yes, that is correct. And the reality that is closet to you, would still have a NOISE containment. The ‘different’ realities that you would go into would… the NOISE let us say, because of the reality construct – you could say, there wasn’t any NOISE. Because of the concentration close to your planet – this is where the ‘majority’ of the NOISE exists. Because as you go into the ‘other’ realities, you will find that the more… the ‘finer’ the vibration in some of these realities, you would feel like its very nebulas.
In other words, it’s not ‘peopled’ as you understand and it would not ‘seem’ NOISY. That’s why when you get out into the ‘other’ realities, they’re different and that’s why when you come back, you can’t describe them. Because there is ‘nothing’ that relates to the ‘description’ that you have here – of the people, the cars, the houses, the vegetation, the animals. You see, you have such a conglomeration here of so many different things, that when you get to an area where you don’t have these things to relate to – but still you’re in another reality and your experiencing – when you come back here, how can you explain, there’s no level of explanation?

JOHN: Then this is also one of the MAJOR distinctions, between ‘Universal’ channeling and the ‘other’ kind of channeling. The ‘other’ kind of channeling is ‘specific’ to this ‘layer’ of this ‘reality’ that WE relate to and ‘Universal’ channeling is ALL of the REALITIES and ALL of the LAYERS within THIS bubble.

DATRE: Well you see, what happens is the BIG Universe – that contains not only THIS little ‘bubble’ but EVERYTHING – is… if the channel herself were to describe it, that would be like a ‘reality’ that was UN-describable. Because, we have our individual ‘signature’ prints, but with ‘physical’ eyes, you can’t SEE us. So in going out into the BIG Universe you would say, ‘there’s nothing here’.

JOHN: That’s because REALITIES do not ‘exist’ in the BIG Universe.

DATRE: No, no, no, there are other SYSTEMS within the BIG Universe that does not have ‘realities’ as their ‘experiential’ patterning. So that is something else that is never brought up or understood. Now, in a planetary existence – the thing that’s the most ‘fascinating’ to others even in ‘other forms’ of
existence – is the fact that you have become so DENSELY PARTICLIZED. You are much more densely particlized then you were – say even what you would call, I’m picking a number – 1,000 years ago. Your bodies are ENTIRELY different. Your whole construct – your bodily construct – is entirely different and that is what happens in ‘experiential’ evolution. The ‘mass’ physical bodies are CHANGED by the THINKING that exists within the ‘mass consciousness’. Now that’s the WHOLE mass consciousness – your whole planet.

That is what ORIGINALLY was your SEPARATION – into individualistic male/female thought patterns and physical embodiments. You see, you don’t ever think BACK, shall we say, and back is not a proper term, but it has to be used for YOUR understanding…

JOHN: It’s a ‘relative’ term.

DATRE: That is correct. When you started out as CLONES – it was the desire of the MASS – that began to pick-up vibrations, began to pick-up these little ‘thought’ patterns – these little dandelion seeds that come around – that changed you and made you INDIVIDUALISTIC. Your thought patterns began to change. The DESIRE was, ‘I don’t want to think like everyone else’. It is very simplistic, OK. The DESIRE to ‘not’ want to think like everyone else – who want to think for themselves – individualized you. And then the ’23rd. chromosome’ was introduced into the physical construct – so that you could
EXPERIENCE male/female.

JOHN: In effect, individualization.

DATRE: They cannot go any further than that in the physical construct. You have your OWN thought patterning, you have your OWN physical construct and you do not REALIZE what a magnificent PRIZE you have. Because you have ‘slowed’ everything down into a ‘time line’ experience, you’ve slowed it down so you can OBSERVE it, so you can ‘watch’ it.

JOHN: So you can consciously direct it.

DATRE: You can consciously direct it – you can PARTICIPATE IN IT. The amazing thing to us, when we pick-up the vibrations of the mass consciousness, the DESIRE is to get OUT of the physical body. So we don’t understand that, because you don’t understand what a prize you have. You can have – what you call a past, present and future – but, with us, the minute we think something
– and I’m using your terms ‘think’ so you can understand – the minute we think something – it’s done. So, when it’s done, there’s no remembrance of it being done – it’s just happening, happening, happening. Which would… to take you out of the physical body at this point and put you into OUR type of existence, you would go crazy. Because it ‘couldn’t’ happen that quickly.
That is one of the things – that is why from a planetary existence of SLOW particle movement and thinking patterns that you have been working with and many have been so ENTRENCHED in them – that to go ‘back out’ into the Universe – the BIG Universe – where there are those that came TO this planet from the BIG Universe, to go back out into the BIG Universe is going to be a MAJOR adjustment. Because in this very SHORT sojourn – from our vantage point – in your vantage point it’s been long – in our vantage point it’s been very short – but from the vantage point that you work in physicality it’s been so long, because you go through this – life/death, life/death, life/death process. Which is just cycle, cycle, cycle – but you’re still the YOU that you are, regardless of how many transitions you make in that. But you get CAUGHT IN THE TRAP. When you get caught in that trap and the BIRTH occurs to go back into the UNIVERSE – you’re going to have a grand time, shall we say, putting yourself back TOGETHER again. Because it’s a whole other MODE of EXISTENCE.

That is why, many at the BIRTH, rather than going DIRECT out into the BIG Universe – where they ORIGINATED from – will go to a TYPE of planetary existence to, shall we say, what is your term – get ‘sea legs’.

JOHN: Yes, it’s a re-orientation.

DATRE: It’s a re-orientation. Then you’ll go into a ‘very nebulous’ – if you were to look at it from THIS vantage point it would be ‘wispy’. But that will… you’ll still have enough, so that you’ll be able to ‘re-orient’ yourself. Then go from THERE out into the BIG Universe again. Rather than going from here – which is so DENSELY particlized. You see, in your ‘dense’
particlization, you have ‘incorporated’ within the physical construct, so many… I’m seeing cogs and wheels, but that isn’t right – organs, you have so many ‘organs’ within the physical construct – that you do not have to control by your thought patterning’s – your brain patterning’s. They function, your breathing functions, your heart functions, your liver functions, your pituitary, your pineal, all of these things function and it keeps, shall we say, the motor running. But it’s all particlization. Particlization has become so dense that to have a ‘wispy’ existence would be very disturbing. Because
you’re so used to having something that appears to you to be so solid. Now you see, from our vantage point – until we come into a physical construct – everything is just… what are those things… you’ve told me once before and I’m trying to find it – I found it – fiber optics, it looks like all these little ‘fiber optics’ and there’s just gillions of them. That’s the way peoples appear to us. Its like fiber optics, you see all these little lines…

JOHN: Like a fine mesh, made with fiber optics.

DATRE: Yes and that’s the way we perceive a physical form. That’s why it’s exciting to see that little thing sparkling and then be able to ‘connect’ and go into it and look through the eyes – can you imagine – no you can’t. So anyway what we’re saying is, the particlization on this particular planet Earth – in your little ‘bubble’ – contains all your ‘realities’ for your Earth experiential patterning. That’s the fascination, because this is the only place where ‘particlization’ has become as dense and as sophisticated – I hear you use that word all the time – sophisticated. You have become very complex in your ‘particlization’ of the physical form. So lets go on from there.

JOHN: You wanted to deal with an ‘expose’ kind of thing or dissertation on LIGHT and COLOR.

DATRE: That is correct. We thought that that was something that was not ‘appreciated’ to the extent that it could be ‘appreciated’ on this planet. You see, the ‘desire’ is always to go OUT THERE, to go out there – to travel – and many people spend a great deal of time in meditation. Because that way they’re out there and they’re ‘floating’ around and they’re enjoying it and that is fine they can do as they want to. But, the one thing you came here for is to ENJOY ‘particlization’ of the human construct and to be able to take that and ‘implant’ it to the point that it can be taken with you when you go through
the BIRTH.

Now, at this time, you perceive the vibration of COLOR to an extent that could not be ‘realized’ by any ‘other’ type of form anyplace else within the BIG Universe – not your ‘bubble’, the BIG Universe – could not ‘imagine’ the ‘intensity’ of the vibration of YOUR colors. Which YOU pay no attention to, because you are so used to it. Now, everyone has a ‘different’ construct – a different physical construct – there is NO TWO ALIKE, so you can imagine the ‘variance’ of the SCALE of ‘perception’.

Now, the PERCEPTION of vibration is the ONE thing that is ‘unique’ to the physical constructs upon this planet. When you see ‘color’ in flowers, in trees, in anything – pictures, whatever you want, your colors contain a vibration. You see, that’s ALL you work with here – all these experiences,
everything you work with within your ‘bubble’ – are different vibrations.

Now, at one time you did not have ‘color’, shall we say, because as a planetary existence begins it is color-LESS, because the humanoid ‘form’ is not in a ‘solidified’ form – it’s more wispy. As your development continues – the physical construct ‘changes’ – the vibration changes and now you are coming to the END of your TIME LINE – you are at the PEAK – your physical ‘bodies’ are peaking to a GRAND extent, because the ‘vibration’ of your
physical construct is getting FINER. And in becoming ‘finer’ the perception is different.
That is why, some people don’t pay any attention to something – you say, ‘well he doesn’t pay any attention’, – it isn’t that he doesn’t pay attention, it’s that he does not have his physical construct ‘refined’ to the point that he can ‘perceive’ these things. In other words, the ‘finer’ your physical construct becomes – your vibration of your physical construct – the more you’re able to ‘see’ the COLOR. The more you are able to ‘feel’ the vibrations of ‘other’ human forms. Your hearing become more acute. So everything that you ‘perceive’ is heightened.

Now, the NEW ENERGIES coming in are making changes within the physical construct. Those that are ‘relaxing’ with, shall we say, the ‘uncomfortable’ part of the ‘absorption’ of the new energies within the physical being – the depression, the headaches, the sinus – you know all these different things
that are happening to the physical construct – the more that the being within the physical construct can ‘relax’ the physical construct. You will find – if you are a ‘good’ observer – you will find that your COLOR, your SOUND, everything becomes very ‘heightened’ and it stays. It does not leave you and each wave that comes in intensifies that.
So those that are beginning to make these changes within the physical construct are noticing great changes in what they ‘see’ and what they ‘hear’. They become very ‘conscious’ of the ‘brilliance’ of the COLORS – even on a cloudy day. They become aware of the very, very smallest of ‘sounds’. This is, what they say, the UP side of these new energies, is to ‘observe’ how the physical construct is ‘reacting’ to the environment that you inhabit. Because the environment that YOU inhabit as an individual is ‘different’ than anyone else on the planet, your ‘enjoyment’ as an individual in what you are able to ‘perceive’.

Now, as to COLOR, we have said, color carries the vibration. If you will take a little time and experiment, you will find that your body is very ‘receptive’ to COLOR. Now, we have seen individuals that have been wearing COLOR on the physical body and that individual is uncomfortable, but they don’t know why
they’re uncomfortable. ‘Well it’s too tight or it’s too long or it’s tight in the shoulders or the selves are too long’, there’s something wrong with the garment. It is NOT the garment that is uncomfortable; it is the COLOR that is uncomfortable to the individual that is wearing it. Because, you do not ‘realize’, that COLOR is not a SURFACE thing. COLOR carries a vibration and
different colors have different vibrations. So you will find that different ‘vibrations’ – its like the strings on a… what is that great big instrument that has all the strings on it?

JOHN: A harp.

DATRE: Harp! If you were to look at a harp – the same in a piano, the piano I guess has the same thing – the strings are ‘different’ in their ’roundness’… some of them are thin skinny ones and as you get to the lower notes, the wire is bigger. Same thing with COLOR. So you will find that your ‘lighter’ COLORS
are the ones that have the ‘finer’ strings. Your ‘darker’ COLORS are the ones that have the ‘thick’ strings.

Now for whatever reason, the psychic community is drawn to DARK purple. The DARK purple is a ‘heavy’ vibration string. You take an individual with a very ‘fine’ vibration – I can only use the word ‘fine’ because I don’t know what else to use – a very ‘fine’ vibration, wearing a very DARK purple COLOR, their energy drains. Because they’re carrying the ‘weight’ of that vibratory COLOR. They would be better off, going home and taking off the ‘purple’ and putting on something like ‘yellow’, because that vibrates at an entirely ‘different’ rate.

JOHN: One of the reasons that we are confused about that is that our ‘science’ puts it the other way around. They put it down that the ‘deep’ purple is the ‘higher’ frequencies – the ‘red’ and the other are the ‘lower’ frequencies. We’re talking about two ‘different’ things here.

DATRE: We’re talking about two ‘different’ things. What they’re detecting is something ‘entirely different’. That is fine, that is for their – whatever they’re doing. You see, a scientist works from a ‘different’ construct than what we OBSERVE – because we can only ‘observe’ strings, but that’s fine,
because that is what they’re working with.

But, a woman will say, ‘oh, I like to wear RED because it buoys up my spirits’. But at the end of the day when they take the RED off, they collapse on the couch because they have set-up something ‘artificial’, within their thought patterning. So, but is up to individuals to do what they want to, I’m just using these as ‘examples’ to how COLOR relates, because COLOR actually
does have a ‘depth’ to it.

Now, one of the things that we ‘observed’ the channel doing at one point in time – and we will give it to you because we have observed it and ‘adopted’ it as a good measure of finding things out. She encountered an artist that was having trouble with a painting. The painting was not ‘right’; it was not ‘pleasing’ to the artist. The artist was not a young person; it was someone
that had been painting for many years. So he knew what he wanted, but was not achieving it upon the canvas. So, the channel said, ‘Now close your eyes and start at the top of your picture and put your hand just a few inches away from the painting. Start at the top and go across your picture and go back and forth until you come to the bottom of your painting. Then before you open your eyes, go back to the area that was ‘discordant’ to the feeling of your hand’. The artist did so and was ‘amazed’ that he could FEEL the COLOR. Now, that should help you in recognizing the vibration of COLOR. Now, are there any more questions on that?

JOHN: Not as to color, we’ll get questions that we can expand that on. One of the areas that I was interested in – that you mentioned – was this thing of LIGHT. We are always – in the psychic community – headed for the LIGHT. We want to ‘bath’ ourselves in the ‘white light’ and all of that kind of thing.
What are we talking about?

DATRE: Well that is something that you have ARTIFICIALLY constructed for a ‘comfort’ zone – going into that which you call DEATH. In other words, to the individual… you see… there again you have ‘mass consciousness’. Your mass
consciousness constructs are what, shall we say, influences the development of the individuals upon the planet – in which direction they go. They will pick-up the vibration for the mass consciousness that will take them in different directions. That is why as a child – a child is very receptive to ALL vibrations – and that’s why a little boy at one time wants to be a fireman.
The next time he wants to be a policeman. The next time he wants to be something else.
Then as he gets older the vibration of his physical form changes – he’s picking up ‘different’ things from the mass consciousness – the next thing he wants to be is a lawyer. The next thing he wants to be is a doctor. The next thing he wants to be is a computer analyst type person. He’s picking up the vibrations of the mass consciousness. When he finds one that he is comfortable with, than that’s the one he will explore. Many will go through, what you call, the colleges and universities and everything like that – get all the way through and decide that isn’t what he wanted at all, because by that time his vibration has changed and he’s picking up something else and he decides he wants to go in that direction. So, depending upon your sensitivity in the physical form is what you will gravitate to.

Now, this ‘white light’ business is nothing more than a… it’s a physical thing.

JOHN: An artificial construct – which WE put together.

DATRE: That is correct. It is also a separation that is ‘perceived’ as ‘white light’.

JOHN: That’s part of that ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘dark’, ‘white’…

DATRE: That’s right, if at the time of that which you call ‘death’ – if they would see – what you term in physicality a void – which would be BLACK, you could see what would happen. Because BLACK is related to ‘bad’ as related to all this other. Now you see what happens is, that the physical form experiences the ‘white light’ at ‘death’, but you all wear BLACK in morning.
You know, these are things that you have set-up. This is your mass consciousness. This is what IS on your planet.

Now you see, from your construct of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and ‘black’ and ‘white’ and all of these things you have set-up your thought patterns in mass consciousness – this is what you work with. Now, it is amazing – when your individuals go out in your ships (shuttle) – and they see the sun as a little ‘orange’ ball or whatever. Now, how come, when you’re out there – as you term
it – why wouldn’t the sun be ‘brighter’ if it shines all the time?

JOHN: And in all directions.

DATRE: That is correct. Then why – when you get out of ‘this’ atmosphere – would it not be ‘brighter’? You don’t stop and think about that. Another thing that happens – and I don’t know how many individuals on this planet have done so – but we will speak from the experience of the channel – of going out of BODY, absolutely, totally, completely, having the ‘realization’ of not having ANY body to relate to – tumbling in every direction imaginable – laughing, having a ‘good time’ in TOTAL BLACKNESS. BLACK is the ‘substance’ that EVERYTHING is made up of.

So there again, were you to go out with some semblance of shall we say, perception and finding ‘total’ BLACKNESS, there’s that little bit of oops! But then the ‘realization’ of the experience – and reveling in the experience – and just being completely ‘happy’ in it. That would be a very ‘scary’ thing for the majority of people because, what they EXPECT is the WHITE. They expect it to be WHITE and ‘glorious’ and all of this – but it is NOT. The totality is – unless it is being changed into ‘planets’ or ‘suns’ or ‘moons’ or what ever you want to call it – it is BLACK. So to take a ‘human’ and put them in BLACK to go into ‘death’ would be a ‘trauma’ that would be, shall we say, as you
have termed it, ‘a horrible experience’. So you have set-up the construct, so that when you divorce the one part – the holographic part of yourself, which is your ‘electrical’ system – and you divorce that from the ‘particle’ mass – then you will experience the ‘white’. So you see, that’s how all of those
things work.

JOHN: In other words, what we’re saying here is, that this ‘perception’ of the sun here being light and the scientist’s perception that WHITE is the ‘blending’ of ALL colors into a ‘total’ harmony – are artificial constructs that WE have set-up because of our ‘fundamental’ structure or ‘fear’ of ‘good’
and ‘bad’.

DATRE: That’s right, that’s right. But you have to; because that is the way you’ve set this up. There’s no other way – it could not function. Because this is the ‘original’ setting and when you have an ‘original’ setting, that must be carried through the ‘time line’ until it is ‘eliminated’ and THEN you can go on to something else. But as long as you exist upon this planet – in this ‘particular’ time line – those things DO exist and will continue to exist. Now the difference is, how involved ’emotionally’ do you wish to ‘stay’ in the construct of ‘good’ and ‘bad’? How much do you want to ‘modify’ your thought
patterns to be able to RESPECT BOTH and not get ‘involved’ in either? That’s the BIG number, that comes through your OBSERVATION. That comes through ‘tuning’ yourself to that which you wish to ‘perceive’.

The more you relate to the BEAUTY of COLOR – in all things – be it a book on the shelf, a painting, a piece of gravel that’s in a road, all of these things. How much do you want to relate to the BEAUTY that is in all of that? The BEAUTY that is in ‘other’ people. The BEAUTY that is in buildings and so forth. You may look at a building and say, ‘that’s garish’ – it could be – and
that’s not making a ‘bad’ judgment or a ‘bad’ statement. It appears to you to be ‘garish’. You said it was, but that does not mean that there isn’t BEAUTY in it, because there can be BEAUTY in garishness also. But its the ‘respect’ of what it is and recognizing it and you see, you’re putting your ‘pictures’
in front of you – you’ll see what you want to see.

That’s another thing with your vibrations, the more ‘heightened’ and the more aware and the finer tuned your physical construct becomes – you will hear ‘music’ entirely different. Because ‘music’ begins to take on ‘tones’ that are entirely different – they are unique in themselves. There again you have ‘another’ vibration.

Now, I’ve said COLOR has ‘vibration’ – MUSIC has ‘vibration’. Those are two things that your eyes and your ears work with. Now, when listening to classical music and being fully involved in ‘hearing’ that music – many people will go on what we say, an ‘unexpected’ trip. Because a certain ‘vibration’ will match
the ‘signature’ print of the YOU that you are and take you out into ‘another’ reality. Very quickly, very easily, no effort on your part whatsoever – you will ‘observe’ and come back in. Another thing that can happen, when listening to this music is, you will find that you are so ‘intent’ on that music, so involved in it and a ‘certain’ vibration will hit and you will no longer ‘hear’ the MUSIC – you will see the most beautiful COLORS that you could ever, ever, imagine. Because you will ‘see’ COLORS that you cannot see with your physical eyes because you are ‘perceiving’ DIFFERENT vibrations than the Earth

Your yellows and your greens, your pinks and your purple’s and all of those. You can call them that when you ‘break the spell’, shall we say, of that vibratory patterning. You’ll say ‘I can see these COLORS’, but you can’t relate them to Earth COLORS, because there is a ‘different’ quality to them. Because in ‘hearing’ the COLOR, your spectrum goes beyond what you can see
with your physical eyes. You see, you are so UNIQUE and you don’t realize it.

JOHN: You mentioned earlier, that our COLOR – our ‘natural’ COLOR spectrum that we recognize – is going to become ‘expanded’ in the very near future.

DATRE: That is correct. Your vibrations coming upon your planet are changing your physical construct in many ways. Because the vibrations coming in carry a ‘higher’ frequency – they have to. The ‘frequency’ of the physical form has to be changed, for those that are getting ready to… shall we say, go into ‘different’ areas after the BIRTH. The vibratory construct needs to be changed for those that are going into a ‘different’ TYPE of Earth construct, where the vibrations are finer or higher, whatever words you want to use. In bring these vibrations into the physical form that will change what you are ‘able’ to perceive – and you WILL be able to perceive a BROADER SPECTRUM than you have at the present time – with the physical eyes. Now there again, that depends on ‘who’s’ seeing.

So this is why we say, another reason to be an OBSERVER. It is WATCH what is happening to YOU instead of watching what is happening to everyone else. Because, the most ‘fascinating’ of ALL things is what is ‘happening’ to YOU. As you become an OBSERVER rather than an ’emotional’ participant – things change. So a very ‘simple’ process, of walking down the street and looking at flowers, becomes not just, ‘oh I have to go down the street for whatever – I have to go down there’. Well if you have to go down there – make an ‘adventure’ of it. So, this is a GRAND ADVENTURE. Like your ship (on the Datre page) says – you’re sailing into the unknown. That should be enough
‘excitement’ for anyone. But, the SHIP is the PHYSICAL CONSTRUCT. I think that takes care of it, I will leave you for now, we are Datre.


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