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JOHN: We have some questions from Edward (Ed). His first question is… “Regarding the ‘dead zone’, it seems that Datre has made a case for “dead zone lords” actually being some sort of ghoulish “soul”, who go about “robbing” the newly transitioned of “their” past lifetime experiences. Is this an accurate assessment?”

DATRE: No it is not, but that is all right. You see, in the way we say things sometimes, it can be easily mis-interpreted and we thank you for the clarification of the question.

Now, when one enters the ‘dead zone’ – now this I do not wish to have taken in a way that is interpreted that we are saying anything against anything or anyone. We are saying this as a ‘fact’ of what happens regarding mass consciousness. Mass consciousness upon your planet, views the ‘dead zone’ as a
place of many ‘different’ experiences. The information that one gains through their ‘religious’ trainings – whatever they may be – shall we say, ‘colors’ the expectations of that which you call ‘death’ and after death experiences. In other words, your ‘expectation’ of what will happen when you ‘die’ is what you will experience in the ‘beginning’ – following death. In other words, if you ‘expect’ to have a ‘savior’ of ANY kind – by any name – there to greet you – that is ‘exactly’ what will happen.

Now, because of the situation upon your planet – of the good, bad, black, white, day, night, principle – that you have agreed upon when you entered physicality, upon this planet – Earth, the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ becomes ‘magnified’ – depending upon your belief system – that you work with in the physical construct. So upon death, if you believe you have ‘sinned’ and wish to have that ‘sin’ removed – that is what will happen.

Now, who will say, ‘I will absolve you of that sin’? Those are those that you referred to in your question as ‘lords’ – that is your terminology, we will use that. Those individuals will come and say, ‘I will take your sins’, ‘I will absolve you of your sins’. Now what that does is make ‘you’ as a ‘dead person’ happy, but also will make them very happy because in that – they
lengthen the time that they are able to stay in the ‘dead zone’.

Now, what is ‘not’ realized is, that when you say, ‘I have sinned, I want to get rid of this sin’, what will happen is that, you will find that the ‘sins’ are multiple. You will go back and back and back and say, ‘I did this and I did this and I did that’ and you will enumerate every single thing that ‘you’
consider a ‘sin’ to be eliminated from that which is ‘you’ in the ‘dead zone’.
Now do you realize, that from some individuals ‘perspective’ that is probably 75 – 80% of their total life expression in that particular – what you call – lifetime. How much do you have left? You see when your “sins” are looked at as experiences of ‘learning’ you will NOT give them away. Because, if you look at them as ‘experiences’ of learning – in today’s world that you are living at the present time – take a look at them and say, ‘Because of that experience, I am who I am at this very moment’.
Now, if you look at it THAT way, you will do one of two things, you will say, ‘Alright, that has given me the strength of character to be who I am’. Or you will look at it and say, ‘I can’t see that I ever did anything good, I did ‘everything’ bad, my life is a mess’. Today is the day to ‘change’ it. But you see what happens – in ‘observing’ what you have experienced, that allows you the ‘grand’ opportunity of CHANGE. Because you’ll either view it one way or the other, because very few people view anything with anything but – one way or the other – so you have two choices. If you never go back and look at what brought you to where you are – you have missed a GRAND opportunity.

So, at such time as someone – after you “die” – comes and says, ‘I’ll take away your sins’, say, ‘but I didn’t have any, they were ALL experiences for growth to greater expression of the ME that I am and I will keep every single one of them, because in that lifetime expression – I grew’. All right, next question.

JOHN: His next question is… “Separately, how do the ‘dead zone lords’ use the stolen/conned life experiences?”

DATRE: All right, now lets go back to something very simplistic. Number one – in your lifetime expression, as you are expressing upon planet Earth, the, shall we say, the ‘grounding’ of the physical form – the holographic form – is ‘grounded’ via the ‘lay lines’ of your planet. That is the, shall we say, what
keeps you on the planet – keeps your feet there.

If you were to take 10 individuals, just a number 10, it doesn’t matter how many, and put them in a circle – and have tall people and short people all mixed-up together – and you look around that circle you will find that with very little difference, all HANDS are approximately the ‘same’ distance from the floor. Why is that – that also is your ‘grounding’ – that is a ‘grounding’
mechanism that you use in the physical form. All right, now, when you go through that process – that which you call death – it is another vibration. The vibration in the “dead zone” is minus the ‘particles’ that keep you on the planet.

Now, when you first ‘die’ you still carry – within your hologram – a strong vibration of the ‘particle’ form that you have been experiencing in your lifetime. Now the longer you are in the ‘dead zone’ the more this ‘electrical’ particle charge – in the hologram – diminishes. It begins to ‘dissipate’ – disappear. Alright, as that begins to disappear, you will find that you are
“losing your hold” in the ‘dead zone’ and in feeling that you’re losing your hold, you realize that a decision has to be made as to what you’re going to do. Because your ‘hologram’ is beginning to, shall we say, simply, fade. So that is why you make the decision to come back again, into another “life expression”.

Now what happens with the ‘lords’ as you call them, ‘they pull off’ your ‘energy’ when they “take your sins”. Because of the contact and their experience of having been in the ‘dead zone’ for – I don’t know how many thousands of year’s time – they have the ability to ‘pull’ that energy from your ‘holographic’ form. Now, they’re not doing anything that you have not ASKED them to do. You ASKED them to take your ‘sins’ away. It is nothing that
they’re doing – they are not ‘robbing’ you. You are saying, ‘I don’t want any part of that me that was bad’.
But, you see, in order to be the TOTALITY of the YOU that you are – that you want to be – you must ‘realize’ that you came into physicality – for experience. An experience that can be gained on no other planet in this BIG Universe. This was your decision – to come here for experience, for expression – a ‘unique’ experience. But because you have been on this planet for so long – you no longer look at it from that vantage point. You come into the ‘life expression’ and the first thing you want to do is get ‘out’ of it. Then you get into the “dead zone” and you find you can’t stay there. So you’re betwixt and between, back and forth, back and forth. So you see, nobody ‘robs’ you of anything. Nobody ‘robs’ you of anything on Earth either – it is only your ‘perception’ of what you are experiencing and ‘why’ you are experiencing it. Because, the YOU that you are, has a pretty good idea of what IT wants to express and experience. But, in the physical form, you ‘lose’ that contact.

That is what happens when people begin to work more and more directly with their PSYCHE, because there’s a greater understanding at that point. Then it is just – living and dying, living and dying, living and dying. When you begin to work with your PSYCHE you can ‘see’ what you’re doing and WHY you’re doing
it. Then every time you ‘see’ what you’re doing and KNOW why you’re doing it, you don’t have to do THAT particular thing any more. You set-up CONSTANTLY what you want for your experiences – for YOUR expression and experience. It’s a ‘growth’ patterning.
That is how you, shall we say, are able to LEAVE a planet. In other words, there are certain things that are set-up – as I have said before – in the play and you don’t leave until the PLAY is over. Even if you don’t have a speaking part in the last act, you still stay until the PLAY is over – and you all know that from watching the plays. Watching the actors and actresses – you don’t leave until the PLAY is over. The thing is, the more
you understand about what is going on, then you will see, that in order to be the ‘totality’ of this whole expression – that you wish to be – you need everything thing that you can get. Every experience that you can get and not only YOUR experiences but ‘observe’ and benefit from other peoples experiences.

You see that is how some on the planet are able to, shall we say, at this particular time with the ‘new energies’ – are beginning to LEAP FROG. It only takes ONE to do some ‘thing’ that you can benefit FROM – that you can LEAP FROG – depending upon your understanding, when you understand what the PLAY is
all about. You know, you have gone to plays and sat in an audience or gone to a movie and sat in an audience – and it comes to the end and you say, ‘Well I sure don’t know what that was all about’. Now, that is what happens to the ‘majority’ of the people upon the planet. They’re saying ‘I don’t know what
that was all about’. Its in the KNOWING what its all about, that will release you from doing this again and again and again. All right, lets continue.

JOHN: I’d like to clarify something, earlier you said – in another session – that we lay down the ‘hologram’ when we go into the ‘dead zone’. Then we build another ‘artificial’ construct, because we are uncomfortable with the idea of being without a body. Now you’re commenting that the ‘hologram’ goes into the ‘dead zone’. Now could you clarify that?

DATRE: Well you don’t take… thank you for asking for clarification… The hologram that you have here in physicality is different in that your hologram here has the ‘particles’ attached to it. Now, in going into the ‘dead zone’ you take a ‘pseudo’ hologram with you. Simply because it is the ‘electrical
force’, shall we say or whatever you want to call your hologram – that is maintained when you’re on the GRID of the Earth. So it is a ‘type’ of pseudo hologram that you automatically construct for yourself. That is why it is so easily diminished. So, does that help you?

JOHN: Yes, that’s what I thought; I just wanted to clear that up.

DATRE: Well I’m glad you did.

JOHN: OK, his next question is… “In just what direction are the DNA changes going?”

DATRE: Now the DNA changes are going in many directions. You see, you have DNA that you have had since you first came on to the planet for physical expression. That goes way, way, back. So upon coming onto this planet for physical expression – you ‘originally’ were cloned then later individualized. But all of that is constantly built upon, each time you decide upon an
expression in physicality. So, when you come into physicality, you pick-up the DNA strains that you want to put into YOUR physical expression from the DNA that were your parents. Your parents contain all of that. You see, you ‘pick’ from that, those things that you want to be, shall we say, expressed. The
others – you take the whole package – but the others are, shall we say, in ‘regression’ or you don’t use them or whatever. But it is still passed on, it is still passed on. It becomes too complicated to explain it all, but that’s basically what happens.

Now, you will say, ‘Well this person is a ‘genius” in a certain area, like a musician. That is playing a piano or a little violin or something at the age of five and reading music. Most children can’t read at five or lots of them way beyond that. That is what the individual choose in that particular DNA
patterning of mother – father. That could go back – many hundreds of years. They’ll say, ‘Well there’s nobody in our family, nobody in our grandparents, nobody knows anybody that had any musical inclination at all’. But how far does your memory go back into the “family tree” – not very far.

JOHN: It also could be that that gene is in there and it was ‘recessive’ through all of those generations – and YOU decided to make it ‘active’.

DATRE: That’s exactly right, that’s exactly right! But that could be ‘thousands’ of years back, you don’t know because you have no idea how far back that is. Now you are the one – the YOU that you are – is the one that picks what you want for expression and experience. How do you know who you were – three lifetimes ago? Now see, when I say three lifetimes ago – you see
I have to use those expressions – the YOU that you are KNOWS what you’re doing all the time. But I have to use that, because you are thinking from the point of being the ONLY you that you are – right here and now in this physical containment. So, that’s the thing, you – the YOU that you are – makes the choice as to ‘what’ you wish to experience.

The DNA that you will bring forward ‘now’ is that which you are expressing and that which you ‘wish’ to express. Because of the ‘energy’ changes, you’ll find that many people will say, ‘I don’t know where that came from, but all of a sudden this is what I want to do and I thought that would be the ‘last’ thing
I would ever be interested in’. But, you are beginning to experience and ‘express’, things that you didn’t even know that you were interested in at all. But these are the things that are happening.

Now, there is a NEW chromosome that is coming into play and that will be coming in – the last one you had was 23 – and that was your male-female, which has been in existence – from your stand point a long time – from our stand point a very ‘short’ time. That is being emphasized now, more than ever before, because the last one in is the one that has to be ‘perfected’ to the utmost of it’s perfection – whatever that happens to be, in whatever physical form you wish to express it. So the 24th. coming in we’ll wait and see, we’ll wait and see, that has not come in yet. But there will be a NEW one that will be coming in – probably, maybe just prior to the BIG BIRTH when the separation
occurs. Because it will be something you wish to take into your NEW planetary existences. But you have enough to work with now without working with something else that is new. Your DNA is a ‘humongous’ undertaking. So that is the ‘best’ thing for you to do now, is to ‘relax’ as much as possible in the physical construct, so that the changes can be made. All right, continue.

JOHN: I have another comment on that, he asked about the direction the DNA changes were going in and I don’t think we answered that as such.

DATRE: The direction that they’re going in is the direction that the YOU that you are decides you want to HAVE it go in.

JOHN: In other words, the ‘energies’ are supporting OUR ability to make the KINDS of changes in our DNA that were NEVER able to be made before.

DATRE: That is correct, that is correct.

JOHN: Now, the next question… “Are we present humans going to “develop” new abilities, new attributes, new and/or different means of apprehending physical reality?”

DATRE: Yes because, the NEW energies that are coming in are going to ‘allow’ you to make changes in your DNA and in making changes in your DNA that will also make changes in “how you LOOK at things”. Your perception will be different, because of the DNA that you’re working with. Also with the NEW energies you are able to maintain and HOLD the – what you would call – the ancient DNA patterning – that you want to hold and maintain. It is a GRAND time; you don’t realize the latitudes that you have… the different directions you can go. You ‘limit’ yourself by saying, ‘I can only do this’. You don’t realize how many things you are capable of doing. People sit down and… as an example, they will write a ‘resume’ to give to a company before they go to work. Now, if you were to sit down and write a ‘resume’ to yourself and view that, you will find that you are a great deal more talented in many areas than you ever thought you were.

Now, a woman that is… has a family, she has to be a tremendous manager. Why is it that secretaries are women – far and above the number of men that ever decide to be secretaries – do you know why? Because they can put 27 balls in the air and keep them juggled at all times – because they’re used to it. That is in their ‘genetic’ patterning. A woman is able to do ‘many’ things at one time. Men staying home, in the same capacity, with children, with all the things that a women does consistently in a home environment with children, is exhausted at the end of the day. Because he is not able to function in this, what we would call, merry-go-round of everything happening.
But a woman with ‘her’ DNA patterning is able to be in the kitchen and have three children in the other room and ‘know’ by the ‘sound’ if they’re all right. The minute a ‘sound’ changes, the woman drops what she is doing and goes to see what is happening with the three children. That is something that she is able to do.
A secretary is able to answer questions for the person standing in front of her and answer the telephone and be typing – all at the same time. Now, that is the ‘difference’ in what an individual can do. If you were to write down what you ‘could’ do, what you ‘like’ to do, what you ‘are’ good at doing, you would find that you have so many talents you don’t even pay any attention to. You don’t give yourself credit for ‘being’ as GRAND as you truly are. You are always putting yourself down and putting the BODY down.
Now, if you didn’t want the ‘experience’ of a ‘body’, why did you come in here in the first place? The YOU that you are WANTED this experience. Can you understand where so much confusion comes in – the YOU that you are WANTS these experiences for GROWTH and you’re down here in physicality fighting every inch of the way. Fighting the physical body, fighting this, fighting that, fighting something else. Instead of ‘relaxing’ and doing the ‘best’ you can in every situation, regardless of what it is. Then taking ‘stock’ of what you’ve DONE and say, “I’ve learned from that lesson’ and if you can say, ‘I’ve learned from that lesson while being in the physical form’, do you realize how much GRANDER that is to the YOU that you are? Because there are so many ‘little’ things that you don’t see, you’re looking at things “face value”. But the YOU that you are, sees not only that, but ALL the subtleties besides. All right.

JOHN: His next question is as a take off from the previous one. He says… “If so, what does Datre have to say specifically… what can we “expect” and by when?”

DATRE: Well, I can say you can expect an increase in the ‘energies’. The ‘when’ is a thing of ‘timing and orchestration’. Now, if you’re going to live in ‘expectation’ of saying, ‘Well how much time have I got left?’ At this point, you can have as much time as you want, because you are ‘pulling’ away from ‘time’ – we have spoken of that before. You are pulling away from LINEAR time and pulling away from ‘linear time’, that in itself is giving you a ‘freedom’ that you are not aware of at the present time. Simply because you haven’t come to the ‘realization’ that you have as much TIME as you want.
Your physical body may age – to a certain extent – but the thing is that you have ALL the TIME you want. Now you’ll say, ‘But my day is so full’. That could very well be, that your day is full, but it is to YOUR decision to lengthen it or shorten it as you so choose. You don’t REALIZE that yet – it will come. But the realization is not there yet for many of you – to realize that’s exactly what you can do. It is happening to ‘many’ on this planet, that are coming to the ‘realization’ that they are no longer FIGHTING, what you call the CLOCK. Because they are beginning to realize, as they ‘relax’ into doing what is at the present moment in front of them and not ‘fighting’ it, that
they will get done exactly what they ‘wanted’ to get done and say, ‘Well I hadn’t expected to finish that today’. ‘There was too much work to do, to finish that today’ – but you did.
But in the ‘relaxation’ and we’ve said this so many times I’m sure you’re getting very tired of it, in the ‘relaxation’ of the physical construct that will ‘allow’ you to do what you want to do and the physical body will go along with you. So, as to time, do not be concerned, it is of no concern. You, the YOU that you are, always has the ‘time’ to do what it wants to do – if you ‘stop’ your fighting. As soon as you ‘stop’ your fighting, you can do more, can learn more lessons. You can have more experiences. It’s in the fighting that you restrict yourselves – you limit yourselves.

JOHN: I don’t think we addressed one aspect of that. He asked, ‘what can we expect and by when?’ I think that ‘when’ thing is a very nebulas thing in the first place.

DATRE: The when is whenever. Now, if some of you are thinking that, “Well am I going to be ‘alive’ at the time of the BIRTH?” Do not be concerned, because you will be one thing or another, you will either be alive or you will be dead. But remember, as we have said before and we will say it again, you are ‘still’ in existence upon this planet – regardless of which FORM you’re in.
Whether you’re in a physical form upon your planet or whether you are in an ‘Etheric’ form in the ‘dead zone’, you are STILL in existence upon THIS planet.
So, it does not matter which way – and that is where the ‘when’ comes in. The when is ‘not’ important, you know what is important – what do you do ‘today’, that is what is important – what do YOU do today. You’ll say, ‘I’ve got all these things to do, ta da, ta da, ta da’, fine then do them and if you find it’s something you really don’t ‘like’ doing – then start looking for alternatives. What DO you want to do – start to explore. If you don’t like what you’re doing today – see what else you can do. Or if it is something that you feel – ‘I can’t do otherwise’ – then change your attitude. As you change your attitude about what you’re doing today – that will change many things. You know its very interesting that – they say well, ‘Somebody needs to open the door for me’ – well, all I can say to you, the doorknob is on YOUR side. Next question.

JOHN: His final question is… “Is there some “larger” purpose to our particular existence, or are “we” just another series of random “sparks of life” thrown off from some entity wishing to see “what happens” with “this particular set of initial circumstances”?”

DATRE: You ARE sparks from an Entity – yes. But, because you look at yourself as a ‘spark’ you also have to ‘realize’ that you were part of something other than the ‘spark’ that you are experiencing. Now, the ‘spark’ that you are has the ‘freedom’ to grow and experience, in whatever direction YOU choose to
experience. That is an INDIVIDUAL thing.

Now, I will say, with the NEW energies coming in there are ‘sparks’ from an Entity – and there is not only ONE Entity, remember that – there are a number of Entities that put their ‘sparks’ in here, into physicality for expression. But there are ‘sparks’ that have ‘grown’ to such a point in their experience
and expression that their ‘vibration’ is to a point that they will no longer be ‘held’ upon this planet and when the BIRTH occurs – they will BIRTH themselves without any ‘help’ from an Entity.

The ‘others’ who still need the parental care, shall we say, will be ‘assisted’ by an Entity. But there are those that have developed to the point that they do not ‘need’ the parental guidance. So you can see what a ‘prize’ that is. That YOU have become your own SELF and are no longer reliant upon an Entity to parent you into another existence – upon ‘another’ planet. So did I answer that correctly for them regarding the question?

JOHN: Yea, he was basically saying, is there an intent and purpose or is it just sort of a crapshoot? Well let’s try this one and see how that works, oh lets try that one and see how that works.

DATRE: There is ALWAYS an ‘intent’ and a ‘purpose’ in ‘everything’ in the Universe.

JOHN: There are NO crap shoots!

DATRE: Not in the ‘origination’ of anything. How it develops, will depend on many things. All right, do you think they need any more on that?

JOHN: No, I think that covers it.

DATRE: OK, we will leave you now, we have enjoyed being with you, we are DATRE.


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