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Datre answers George.
JOHN: We have some questions from George, his first question is… “What is it that makes us experience time as linear time? Is it the narrow focus of our consciousness?”

DATRE: That is part of it, but as we’ve said before, at the beginning of this GRAND experience upon the planet Earth… at the beginning of the ‘play’ and at the end of the ‘play’ that is a ‘time’ span. In other words, when an experience upon a planet begins, the ‘play’ is written… the script is written. The ‘script’ is ALWAYS subject to ‘adjustments’. I liken it to a
stage play, because you know how many times they will start out with a script and the script is subject to ‘changes’ continually. Then they present it in front of an audience and they find what their weaknesses are, by the reaction of the audience, so they change certain portions of it. That is what happens, the basic ‘script’ is written – the ‘script’ has a beginning and an end – and that is a ‘time line’. Just like your play, it starts at 7 o’clock and it goes two, three hours – whatever. Same thing, except it goes into ‘thousand’s’ of
years time.

So what happens is, that your focus is in the physical being and this is where your focus is, in that which you call your ‘waking’ hours. The reason for that being is, because of the ‘concentration’ needed to try and learn from your experiences – that which the YOU that you are wants to learn. You know, you’re
not here just playing games; you ARE here for a learning process. That’s been lost a long time ago, but that is the intent and purpose of coming into a different planetary existence.

Now, many of you have heard of what they call ‘regression’. In other words, there are individuals that will hypnotize you and put you into a ‘trance’ and ask you questions about different portions of the experiences that you have had, in different ‘life times’, shall we say. Now, that is ONE explanation of
simultaneous time. In other words, 1996, 1896, 1796, 1696, etcetera, is being enacted at the same ‘time’, but it is being ‘enacted’ in ‘separate’ times also. You are on 1996 time line, you’re in the 1900’s shall we say, time line period. Now, other ‘expressions’ of you are ‘expressing’ in ‘other’ times. In other words, the YOU that you are is ‘greater’ than you perceive it to be, because you are only perceiving THAT portion of the you that is expressing in physicality at this time.

Now, you have that which you call your synapse, in your brain. In other words, when it ‘sparks’ that is when you’re here in this ‘life’ expression. Now, what happens in the ‘off’ spark? Now you see, you’ll say, ‘well that’s only half a second’ or whatever, ‘how can I do anything in half a second’? Now, how long is a half second? You have no idea. Where are you in that half second? You’re ‘you’ ALL the time, but your ‘focus’ can change. The way that you find out other things about your ‘different’ expressions is to have somebody withdraw your consciousness awareness from ‘this’ physicality. Now, there are many different people doing that ‘same’ thing, is taking you into your ‘past’ lives, shall we say.

Now, how do you ‘know’ whether those experiences are ‘past’ life experiences or whether they’re ‘future’ life experiences? The thing is, that because of the multiplicity of the options going ‘forward’ into your FUTURE are so ‘vast’, that to ‘project’ 50 years into your FUTURE and find a FUTURE ‘self’ is more difficult, because of the various options that you have in front of you. In other words, it is far easier to ‘check’ into something that is what you would call a ‘past’ life experience, because, shall we say, that ‘past’ life experience is more ‘solidified’ and you check into it. But if you’ll notice, when you go into a ‘past’ life experience, you only experience a
relatively ‘short’ span of that life experience. In other words, you will tap into another life expression, that you will call ‘past’ but you will only experience, like a day or two in the ‘life’ of that ‘past’ life experience.

You don’t go through the ‘whole’ life of that ‘other’ expression, you only tap into a ‘small’ portion of it. So, that is what simultaneous ‘time’ is all about. Is that there are ‘other’ expressions of the YOU that you are expressing in different, shall we say, ‘time’ zones, like 19th., 18th., 17th.,

Now, as said before, there are those that hypnotize you – there are those that ‘talk’ you through an exercise, where ‘you’ are in control. You see in hypnotization, ‘they’ are the ones that are controlling whether you are in or out of your physical consciousness body experiencing. They’re the ones that, shall we say, ‘snap’ you into it and ‘snap’ you out of it. Now if you’re
talked into the relaxation, to the point that ‘you’ can, as an individual, go into your past lives and come ‘out’ back into physicality at ‘your’ desire, that is a far better way to do it. Because in hypnotization you are giving someone else the ‘keys’ and that is not always advantageous. You can find yourself in a situation where you are being ‘tortured’, but you can’t come out
of it if you are hypnotized, because the man or woman that hypnotized you has the key to bring you back. Now, if you are ‘talked’ into your own ‘discovery’ then you can bring yourself back into this physicality. See, there is two different ways of doing that.

JOHN: That’s the (talk through) method that I used with people that I helped explore their past lives.

DATRE: Well that’s fine, because that is far better, because then you see, you don’t take away the control of the individual. In other words, this is ‘your’ experience, it is up to you to experience it, it is up to ‘you’ to go out, pick the expression ‘you’ want to experience and bring yourself back into ‘this’ physicality at ‘your’ discretion, not at another person’s discretion.
And, there are individuals that don’t even need ‘that’. They can ‘desire’ to experience past lives and in their ‘persistence’ of their desire – maybe they can’t do it the first time, maybe they can’t do it the fifth time, maybe they can’t do it the seventh time that they try and ask to go into other past lives experiences, but upon the ‘persistence’ of the individual in physicality, that can be accomplished.
It is like meditation. Most individuals are ‘taught’ how to meditate. I would say basically most everybody that does meditation, is taught by someone – in the beginning – how to meditate. There are those individuals that never have been taught. It is ‘natural’ – they come in with that awareness – they are not in their whole, shall we say, life expression are not that ‘tied’ to the body. As children, they slipped in and out of their bodies. They are told to go up to their room and stay there until you are told that you can come back out. The child is ‘bored’, doesn’t know what to do with himself, ‘I played all those games, I don’t want to do that’.
They are rather in a huff, because they have been scolded and told to go to their room, when they wanted to do something else, ‘so if I’m going to have to sit here, I don’t want to’, so they get out of their body and go someplace else. Go to the playground and watch kids swing or whatever – play ball. They can’t participate, but they can enjoy being there. Now, children do this very easily. But there are those that that stays with them – they never loose that.
The minute they get into a situation where are, what they call they feel trapped and there’s nothing for them to do – they just pop out and pop back in at their discretion. They explore and you see those are the individuals that it is very easy for them to say, ‘I’d like to see what some of these ‘past lives’ that everybody’s talking about’. Everybody’s talking about going into a past life, everybody is ‘famous’- they’re not, but they like to fantasize about many things. But, you say, ‘I’d like to find out about something else that I may have experienced or part of me has experienced’.
So they pop out and they ‘discover’ many different things. Sometimes you’re very, very poor. Sometimes you’re very, very rich. So anyway, that is simultaneous time, as we perceive that question is being asked. It is yours to explore at any time, you can do it with someone else or you can do it by yourself, depending upon how comfortable you are with ‘you’ in knowing that regardless of where you are – you are always safe. Because, just being in the body is not any safer than being ‘out’ of the body. Because ‘you’ are ‘you’ at all times. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Can we experience simultaneous time or get a small glimpse of what it might be like? And how can we do this?”

DATRE: I guess we’ve covered that – have we not?

JOHN: I think we have. OK, his next question is… “Is our dead zone also in linear time or simultaneous time?”

DATRE: It is more a ‘type’ of simultaneous time. It is more like that, than when you are in physicality. In physicality this linear time is what you have to experience – this is it.

JOHN: OK, his next question is also about the dead zone and he asks… “Is our dead zone aware of everything in the Earth’s small universe at once? How about awareness of the Big Universe?”

DATRE: No, there is not an awareness of all. You see, when you are dead, shall we say, you’re not any different than you were when you were alive, as far as maintaining your level of awareness. You see, that is a thing that has been a misconception. Just because you ‘die’ you don’t become smart – it doesn’t work that way. That is quite a revelation to many people – when they think that they are going to be ‘grand’ and glorious upon death. You paint yourself that picture, that’s what you’re going to be and it’s quite a shock to find out that
it is no ‘different’ one way than the other.
You’re not any ‘smarter’ and see this is where your ‘discontent’ – in your dead zone – comes from. Is the looking back and saying, ‘oh, I wish I had done this and I wish I had done that and I wish I had done something else’ and ‘if I had it to do over again’. How many times – in the grocery store – in all these different places, you will hear people say, ‘oh, if only I had my life to live over again’. That is whatever… is a mind set in mass consciousness for a tremendous number of individuals. ‘If I had my life to live over again, I would have done this instead of doing that’, ‘I would have that and…’ and all they do is make themselves miserable thinking of what they ‘could’ have been.
Had they taken the ‘other’ tact, instead of the one they did, how do they know that they wouldn’t have been more miserable that way than this way? It is a ‘constant’ choice. But why dwell on that? ‘I should have done this – I should have done that – if I had only done this’ and so that’s all they think of is wanting to do their life over again. ‘Oh, I wish I was 15 – I wish I was 35 – I wish I was…’. You’re where you are – you’re here for an experience – and if you spend all your time wishing about what you ‘wanted’ to be, should have been and all this other stuff, how are you going to get through today and do a ‘good’ job of it? How are you going to learn what you’re here to learn? There
are certain ‘guide’ lines that hold you in the ‘state’ that you are – it’s the ‘understanding’, its the learning, its the experiences – and if you’re just sitting here grumbling about things, you’re not going to have any experiences. And if you do have them, you’re not going to take advantage of them. You’re
not going to ‘learn’ from them, you’re just going to ‘fight’ and scrap and ‘oh, poor me’. OK, continue.

JOHN: His next question asks… “Does Datre experience simultaneous time and is aware of everything at once?”

DATRE: Yes and No. Because the awareness in our communication. You have communication within physical bodies upon your planet – which you call ‘telepathic’ between certain individuals. Well that is short lived and it’s on a very narrow band, OK. But when… you see, we don’t have such a thing as consciousness, that’s a physical thing. We don’t have such things as you have
in physicality. It’s very difficult to understand from your standpoint… we don’t have any bodies – but we ARE, it’s as simple as that.

We to have a – if you want to call it that – a growth pattern, because we always are. You ‘think’ – we ‘perceive’. But we’re always doing something new. You see, once we’ve accomplished something – that we have set for ourselves – then we want to ‘expand’. We don’t look back to see what happened and how it
worked and all of that other kind of stuff. We ‘start’ everything… we don’t have… its like John has a favorite expression – ‘I don’t mind seeding the grass and watching it grow and cutting it the first time, but then I’m through
with it’. You know I don’t want to sit around and watch the grass grow. Its the same thing, you do it, its done, OK now on to the next thing. So that’s where you as individuals in physicality stop yourselves. For ‘us’ there is no ‘time’, because we ARE.

Now, for those that have ‘touched’ that portion of themselves – it may be just a fleeting minute or a second – but they have ‘touched’ that portion of themselves in the ‘realization’ that they ARE. It is a GRAND experience, because it is an experience that cannot be explained. It is a REALIZATION and when they hit ‘that’ little spot, the REALIZATION that they ARE, there is a
type of ‘expansion’ that occurs in their awareness – their consciousness, whatever you want to call it. At that ‘point’ they hit something ‘similar’ to what WE are in existence. Now, did that answer the question fairly well?

JOHN: I think so, he’s going to pursue that further in his next question, he say’s… “If you Datre, are aware of everything at once, do you focus on one thing to put your attention to it, like contacting and speaking through the channel and would that portion of Datre still be aware of everything at once?”

DATRE: Well you see, as we have said before Datre comprises many. Who ever happens to… depending on the questions that are asked, it will kind of depend on who comes in. But you see, we’re not ‘body’ contained. In other words, we have a vastness that we can, shall we say, take a ‘portion’ of ‘us’ and put it someplace else and experience. So the portion that is experiencing, shall we say, one place, and the ‘totality’ of ‘us’ that is out in the BIG Universe – it’s all together and it’s all separate.
So we can take… in fact you can do that too, but physicality makes it very difficult, the only time you can do it in physicality is when you are OUT OF THE BODY, shall we say.
Now, you are still attached to the body, but you are still ‘experiencing’ OTHER ‘experiences’. But when you’re experiencing, you’re not ‘aware’ what your physical body is doing – there is a ‘detachment’ there. In OUR case, there is no ‘detachment’, because we can take ‘portions’ of ourselves for experiences – different places. I know this is very difficult to understand, but that is the way that works.

JOHN: Now, his final question is… “Any more info on timing of the step-up of these new energies this fall?”

DATRE: It is continuing. There was a great ‘change’ that took place in September. Some people were aware of it, some people weren’t. October was a continuation of the energy ‘flow’, but it was also an absorption of the September energies. You see, the energy doesn’t come in like a straight ‘stream’ of water from a hose. In other words, it comes in in a ‘pulsing’ action. That being like… well lets see, its more like a water wave. The
energy starts out very slowly and it builds to a ‘peak’ and then it drops down again and then it builds to another ‘peak’ and then drops down again.
The reason it has to do that is because if it came in a ‘steady’ stream of intensity it would be too traumatic. The physical body could not handle it. In other words, the physical body – it’s the same thing with information – you’ll find that there are times – we call these absorption times – the absorption time of the ‘energy’, the absorption time of information.
In other words, you have a whole ‘bunch’ of information that you get – all at one time – and you’re getting this information, you’re excited about it, oh, you’re so excited about all this information you’re getting and then all of a sudden its like – it stops and then there’s nothing. You’re just, ‘all this grand stuff was happening and I was having all these ‘grand’ experiences and now there’s nothing’. Well the ‘nothing’ is your absorption time.
That to many becomes very disturbing, because there’s ‘nothing’ happening. You’re so used to having continuous input. You can go to your television and it can go on and on for as long as you want it to go on until you push the button and turn it off. So you’ve got ‘incoming’ information constantly. Then you go to your computer and get on that NET – OK, you can push buttons from one thing to another to another to another, until your finger gets worn out and you get tired of it and you turn the thing off. Its ‘constant’ input.

Now, you go back – and you don’t have to go back that far – but you go back four generations in your counting – that’s grandparents, great-grandparents, greatgreatgrandparents, greatgreatgreatgrandparent – OK. What in the world would they do if they were to come into ‘this’ particular time construct that
you are in now and be ‘bombarded’ with all the ‘noise’ that you have on your planet? With cars, with trucks, with airplanes, with all these other moving things – vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, lawnmower’s, all these things that make ‘tremendous’ amounts of noise. Then they would walk into a house and you have the television going, they’d walk into another room and the computer would be going. Input, input, input, it would ‘blow’ their minds.
But, because ‘you’ have become accustomed to it you feel that everything has to be ‘constant’ input. Well, when it comes to ‘understanding’ and working with the ‘self’ in physicality and trying to ‘understand’ the concepts and work with physicality in your ‘learning’ experiences – you need to ‘step back’ and let this be ‘absorbed’. So there is what you call an ‘absorption’ time. Same thing with the ‘energies’.

The energies are continuing to come in – I believe John read something to us one time recently about ‘sleep depravation’ type situations, where people are not sleeping, shall we say, a full night and they are falling asleep in little ‘spurts’ here and there during the waking time. This was a medical research of
some sort – was it not John?

JOHN: Yea that was stimulated by a number of accidents from commercial drivers falling asleep – for what they call ‘mini’ sleeps.

DATRE: Now you see what happens and is not understood, is that if you do not allow your body the ‘rest’ that it needs and the ‘time’ that you need to be in touch with the YOU that you are, on a ‘different basis than you are in physicality. Your body and the YOU that you are are going to try and get your attention so that you can get a longer period of ‘restful’ sleep. So that
you’re able to… you see, if you’re just sleeping 15 minutes and then awake and then sleeping a half hour and awake back and forth and back and forth, you’re never picking up the ‘messages’ that you’re supposed to have to continue in your physicality in the day time. So what happens is, also your body – your physical body – needs it’s rest time. Because you have so much ‘tension’ in the physical bodies, that the physical bodies need to relax – they need to get this ‘tension’ out of the system in order to keep it ‘healed’. Its very difficult for the body to ‘heal’ itself when it is ‘strung’ so ‘tight’ that nothing can be moved.

Now you think of ‘tightness’ on the ‘outside’, but the ‘tension’ that you notice is within the muscles of your body – but ‘tension’ is also within the physical ‘organs’ within the body. If that ‘tension’ isn’t released the body is unable to function the way that it should to keep you in the state of health that it CAN be in CONSTANTLY – if it is given ‘time’ to keep in repair. You know if you took your car and put in just so much gas and you drove it until the gas ran out – what happens – the body stops… the car stops. Same thing with the body – you feed it ‘tension’ from the time you open your eyes until you go to bed at night, you constantly keep feeding it tension. The body
‘cries’ for you to STOP. That is why we have said before, when you go to bed at night do deep breathing or whatever you want to do – release that ‘tension’ within the body so you can relax and sleep – that is very, very important. Especially ‘now’ with the new energies coming in.

I think we got off the track a little bit, but I wanted to get that information in. So sleep ‘deprivation’ is something you are going to see more of all the time, simply because the ‘time’ that you have been working with ‘linearly’ is at an end. Then people will say, ‘well I didn’t realize it’, ‘I don’t realize it’. If you keep yourself in constant ‘pressure’ and ‘tension’
how are you going to ‘realize’ anything? You can’t, your body is going to ‘react’ to the ‘lack’ of ‘linear’ time. Time will exist, but it will be at a much more ‘fluid’ rate and when you begin to notice it and in ‘noticing’ it, it will become more ‘flexible’ – because you will find that its kind of fun. Its kind of fun not to have the ‘restriction’ of the time. So some people will enjoy it, some people will not, some people will ‘fight’ it, but that is what you call the ‘human’ nature. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question.

DATRE: All right, we will thank you, we have enjoyed being with you – this was very interesting. If these questions are not answered to the fullest, we’ll be happy to go further on to some of these. Some of these are a little more ‘difficult’ to explain then other questions and if there are further questions we will be happy to answer them. We will leave you now, we are Datre.


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