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Datre answers Wanda (DATRE044 part one)
JOHN: OK, we have some questions from Wanda. Her first question is… “Datre has said that he shares his experiences with the many that are Datre and they all benefit. When we comprehend the importance of sharing in physicality, have we taken an important step toward knowing who we are?”

DATRE: You know ‘who’ you are, even without sharing. If you were sitting on a mountaintop all by yourself you could still learn to know who you were – by getting touch with yourself. You don’t even need to share. All you need to do is ‘observe’. Now, if you want to share, that is fine. But it is NOT an essential to knowing WHO you are. OK, next.

JOHN: Her next question is… “Is our view from within the hologram that is our physical existence, meant to give us a view of each other as separated parts?”

DATRE: You ARE separated parts – that is a fact. You wanted to experience that which you called separation. So you ARE separate and you will remain separate because that is the ‘desire’ to remain separate. So… is there anything else that is needed in that?

JOHN: Not that I can imagine. Next question… “Does sharing change that view (of being separate from one another) to become: the parts ARE a unified Being, just as Datre is?”

DATRE: You’re approaching this from the standpoint of physicality and that is ‘one’ approach. But, all the sharing and all of this that goes on with the people that have information they want to share with other people and so forth. The thing is that ‘information’ gleaned from another person, in the sharing is what will help you in your understanding. But, just to be sharing, doesn’t… you don’t ‘learn’ anything by that. The connection is NOT in the physical. You have your friends, you have your relations, you have children, you have relationships, you have all of this. Actually, those individuals that you interact with – you’re the one that puts those ‘particular’ individuals in front of you for a ‘learning’ experience.

You’ll find that as your thought patterning changes, you will find that the individuals that you interact with will change too. When an individual is no longer needed in your life, for your experience, that individual will no longer be there. They will move across town and you will never see them again. Maybe you will talk to them once or twice and that will be it. Or they’ll move out of town. The ‘groupie’ thing is only there as long as you hang on to it.
When you’ve learned as much as you’ve desired to learn, from any relationship, that relationship will be dissolved. That is why there is so much divorce now. The level of ‘understanding’ of individuals changes. Sometimes more drastically in some relationships than others. But, you’ve heard many people say, ‘well it was just ridiculous to stay together, we didn’t agree on things. We weren’t mad at each other. But we’ve grown apart.’ When you’ve grown apart, the only thing you have here that ‘keeps’ you together, is this thing called the ‘marriage’. But if you were living in a different society where you stayed together as long as you were ‘comfortable’ in a ‘pairing’ situation, than go your ‘separate’ ways. But because of the ‘structure’ that you have set your self into, with that which you call marriage, you’ve setup all kinds of physical laws that you can abide by. Not too many generations back, that was
it. You couldn’t get out of a marriage. You HAD to stay in a situation, whether you wanted to or not. Now you have this thing called divorce and for whatever reason you want ‘out’ of a marriage – then you each go your separate ways.
So that is what has held you in relationships. You find a group that you’re comfortable with and you go back and see that group about once a week or whatever, but as your ‘information’ that you’re receiving changes your thought pattern, you’ll begin to see that staying with that group that you’ve been with for so long is of no ‘importance’ to you. Because they’re still talking the way they’ve always talked and you’re standing aside listening to them and saying, ‘but I understand that so lets go on to something else’ and if they don’t go on to something else, then you find some ‘other’ people to be with. You will do it very comfortably – if you want to – or you can struggle with it, which ever you desire. But the only reason that you ‘interact’ with other people is for a ‘learning’ experience. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “Datre mentioned that a Being in the BIG Universe has a certain range of functions. The individuals making up that Entity, do they have similar functions or do they have competing functions?”

DATRE: There is no such thing as ‘competition’ in the BIG Universe; we all do our own thing. It doesn’t matter what the other person does. The only reason is… you see you look at Datre as a ‘composite’ – which is true – but the ‘composite’ constantly changes. In other words, we’ve have individuals that
have come through this physical being – the channel – but ‘once’. They enjoyed the experience, but it wasn’t anything… they wanted to find out what it was all about, they found out what it was all about, so then they go. We don’t stay the same, Datre does not have XY&Z that comes through all the time, there’s always a difference. You can’t hear our voices, because you don’t have the tape. But depending upon the subject that’s discussed – that’s who comes through and gives the information. So, continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “Is this another reason why every individual in the Entity must know who they are, otherwise sharing would become difficult for the individual and life for the Entity would be confusing?”

DATRE: I really don’t understand that question. From my vantage point I can’t…

JOHN: It’s a take off of the last question.

DATRE: But… read it again.

JOHN: “Is this another reason why every individual in the Entity must know who they are, otherwise sharing would become difficult for the individual and life for the Entity would be confusing?”

DATRE: Well she’s speaking about the individual and about the Entity and I don’t know whether she’s talking about the Datre individuals and Entity or whether she’s talking about herself as an individual and referring to herself and shall we say, her entity.

JOHN: Lets take the later.

DATRE: OK, herself and her Entity. Number one, when you came in you had a specific Entity that brought you into this physicality. Now, that does not mean that you have ONE Entity that’s going to take you OUT of this situation of the Earth experience. In other words, when you ‘leave’ on a ‘permanent’
basis through the BIRTH there are going to be plenty of Entities available and it does not matter whether you have Entity A, B, C, D or whatever. That is immaterial, because the Entity that takes you from here to another planetary existence – it does not matter – its only going to be a carrier, in this particular instance. Because, all that have been on this planet will be going to ‘other’ planets in a continuation. Its different than being ‘birthed’ for a planet, because you already ‘have’ a great deal that you can take with you to go to ‘another’ planetary existence. So whoever ‘carries’ you from one place to another it does not matter. You don’t have to be afraid that you’re not
going to get ‘your’ specific Entity that brought you in.

JOHN: Its sort of like, if you have to go some place you just hail a taxi. It doesn’t matter which taxi takes you there – same kind of thing.

DATRE: Only you don’t take a taxi, you take a bus – you need more space – ha ha ha.

JOHN: The next question is… “Does the same concept of sharing and being One also apply to us here in physicality? Is this the purpose of physicality?”

DATRE: You see, that ONENESS has been something that has been – from our vantage point – it doesn’t exactly work at any stage of development. In other words, you can ‘feel’ when you get into different ‘realities’ and so fourth, you can feel a ‘comfort’ that you can call ONENESS, but you actually… when you become ‘individuated’ you ‘stay’ individuated. Now, when you begin to work as a ‘composite’ that’s different. We work as a ‘composite’ but we work ‘individually’ also – which is a ‘hard’ concept for you to understand – because it has nothing to do with the ‘relationship’ that you have in physicality. You see you are ‘restricted’ in physicality by that which you call your ‘body’. You do that, because that is a ‘different’ stage of development.
You couldn’t imagine ‘functioning’ and ‘creating’ and ‘existing’
without a body, because this is where you are now. Until such time that you’re comfortable ‘without’ a body and are able to create from nothing – absolutely nothing – and make something, then you can’t ‘understand’ the BIG Universe. It works as a ‘total’ in a oneness type situation, but we still maintain our
‘individuality’ – because we are BIRTHED to do ‘different’ things also. Then what YOU do is, you REBIRTH yourself continually – its a hard thing for you to understand – because many of you have ‘never’ gone through a BIRTH before. But there are individuals upon your planet Earth that have ‘experienced’ BIRTHS of different kinds that they have ‘interacted’ and been part of. So to them, the thought of BIRTHING into another form of existence is a ‘rush’ for them. It is an ‘excitement’, because they have done it before and there is something within their ‘knowingness’ that say’s, ‘I’m looking forward to this next one’. But you see, each BIRTHING process is different. So, continue.

JOHN: The next question that she has is… “Do all the human inhabitants of Earth and those in the dead zone make up one Entity?”

DATRE: No. Also you don’t make up an Entity, you are part OF an Entity, but you don’t make IT – the Entity made ‘you’. OK, continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “Is sharing one of the lessons to be learnt by the separated parts which make up the 6 billion of us?”

DATRE: Well there we get the sharing again. From our standpoint, you live your ‘individuality’. You ‘experience’ through individuality. You go through your ‘life – death’ process individually. So all we can see from our standpoint is that this is what you’re experiencing and this ‘oneness’ in sharing
is fine, as long as you’re learning from it. But its like everything else, how many times do you want to do something? When is the ‘learning’ going to be to the point that you’re comfortable with it? Are you ‘comfortable’ with different experiences? How do you handle your experiences? Yes, everyone can gather around you and give you comfort physically, but you’re not looking… this is not for physical comfort. This is for LEARNING and this needs to be brought out NOW more than ever before. It is time to really, really, take the bit in the mouth and go forward – take a big bite and say OK this is it. OK,

JOHN: Her next question is… “Datre mentioned about the coming split which will be effected by recognizing the two different vibrations emanating from two sets of peoples.”

DATRE: Well, you have different vibrations from different individuals and the split will be… your vibration will determine which direction you’re going to go in. Now, what is very interesting with the physical construct is, you in
physicality… most of you have not reached the point of ‘knowing’ in the physicality enough about yourself to have any idea which way you’re tracking. It is not important, it is not important, it will happen and you will exist as the vibration works for you. No one ‘decides’ you go here and you go there.
That’s not a decision made by ‘other’ people and it’s not a decision made by ‘you’ either – until you come to the ‘realization’ as to where you are in the scheme of things.
If you don’t ‘know’ where you are in the scheme of things, then as much as you want to go to planet A, that’s my desire to go to planet A, but if your vibration doesn’t match planet A, you’ll go to planet B automatically. Because your vibrations on ‘this’ planet are ‘splitting’ you, it has been ‘splitting’ your generations – your last couple of generations have begun to split you. And these are ‘continuing’ through your genealogy –
through your patterning and you have chosen this patterning. But, recognizing your experiences and learning from your experiences and changing, changing, changing constantly – not holding on, not ‘fighting’ – you can move your vibratory construct into another vibration that will take you in another
direction. But that is up to you as to what you wish to do. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “For those who will not be staying on Earth, is the level of the vibration the only ‘criterion’ or does choice play a critical part in the decision? I would think that choice is very important?”

DATRE: Choice is very important IF you have the understanding that goes with it. The first thing that you mention there was those that are staying on the planet – there is NO ONE staying here. There is NO ONE that will be staying upon the planet that you are now existing upon.

Now, after the BIRTH takes place, there are MANY that will never ‘know’ the difference. They will still ‘think’ they are on planet Earth. Because it will be so much the same that they will NOT ‘know’ that they have moved. But, you see, a ‘slower’ vibration doesn’t change that drastically. It is like when we
talked about the instruments. You take the ‘thick’ wire and pull it and it doesn’t ‘bounce’ very well, it just vibrates a very little. You take a real ‘fine’ string (or wire) and you pull it, that thing will jump up and down for a long time. That’s just an analogy. So you see, the vibration IS important, but how do you ‘change’ your vibration? It is with a ‘knowingness’. You can
‘change’ your vibration. What do you understand, what do you ‘realize’ within your physical existence?
How much do you understand WHAT you’re doing on Earth – why you’re doing it? You can sit here from now until the BIRTH occurs, ‘I want to go to planet A, I want to go to planet A’, but you’re NOT going, unless your understanding – your vibration – and all of these things that go with it, is going to ‘allow’ you to go onto planet A. You’d get on planet A and you wouldn’t know what to do, you’d be so confused you couldn’t handle it. You’d ‘blow’ your psyche – you’d blow your ‘mind’. You couldn’t handle the ‘activities’ and the vibrations. It’s the same way with your own reality. Your vibration is what ‘allows’ you to go into ‘other’ realities. You can’t go if you walk up against a stonewall and the ‘stonewall’ is a ‘finer’ vibration. Now to you that would be ‘opposite’. You’d think the ‘stone wall’ would be something ‘solid’. A ‘finer’ vibration is MORE solid than a ‘course’ vibration. A ‘course’ vibration’s got a lot of ‘holes’ in it. OK, continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “After the changes, what will be the purpose of physicality for those who remain on Earth?”

DATRE: As said before, NO ONE will remain on Earth. You’ll ALL be going someplace. So, what will be the purpose, the same thing you’re doing here – EVOLUTION. You ‘need’ to EVOLVE or you will ‘disintegrate’. EVOLUTION is all that is in the whole ‘scheme’ of things – not only in THIS Universe – but in other Universes also. You see, you’re on planet Earth – which is a very ‘minute’ portion of the BIG Universe – but WE in the BIG Universe with OUR EVOLUTION go on to ‘other’ Universes. You see your concept is too tiny. You need to ‘realize’ the ‘excitement’ that is within ‘some’ of you that begin to realize ‘how VAST’ your expression can be. There are those that get this information that they’re just ‘ecstatic’ with it – knowing ‘what’ is out
there, what they can experience. You know, your little planet is ‘vast’ in many of your thought patterns of the individuals upon the planet – I mean this is the big thing. But those that can ‘glimpse’ something greater – get excited – knowing that when they understand the ‘workings’ here, their EVOLUTION from
here is going to be like a ‘giant’ leap-frog.

Then they will have ‘another’ experience and once they figure that one out, they can go beyond that. It’s a ‘process’ of EVOLUTION – but it’s an EVOLUTION of KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING. So there is a lot out here and we will all welcome you with open arms – if you can GET here. But many are going to have to make some ‘steps’ before they get here. Others are never going to ‘want’ to do any more, so they will go back into – what you call – the WHOLE, which is, an Entity containment and that’s that. But those that want to ‘discover’ and want to really get out there and see what’s going on – this is a BIG moment for them.
And it does not matter if they can keep their physical construct
going or not – it does not matter – they can go from ‘either’ place. They can go from the physical body or they can go from the dead zone. But they are awaiting the BIRTH because they can hardly wait to see what comes next and they KNOW they’re going to go ‘someplace’ exciting, because they are ‘tired’ of this. They’re tired of the ‘mundane ness’ of your planet. But, they found out ‘why’ it’s mundane and then have learned to live in it and enjoy it for what it contains. But it does not ‘stretch’ them. They like to be ‘stretched’, constantly stretched and this no longer ‘stretches’ them to the point that they ‘want’ to be ‘stretched’ – they want to go ‘further’ faster. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “How do I recognize the rising of the vibrations within myself? Can Datre give us a comprehensive list?”

DATRE: We cannot. Number one; each one of you – of all the billions – there’s no two alike. What happens to you, as an individual in your physical construct is ‘individual’ to each one that is in a physical containment. What happens is, YOU are the one that can ‘know’ if you’re making progress. No one else can tell you, no one can go up to an individual and look at that individual – whom they’ve never seen before – and say, ‘oh, you are a highly evolved individual’. Now you tell me ‘how’ they can do that. Because, from our standpoint you all ‘look’ the same. You’re all a bunch of squiggly light lines. So, how you can tell if someone is ‘highly’ evolved – there’s no one that knows
but ‘you’.

You have often heard of these individuals who (I’m reading the thought patterning of the channel) that you go to someone who can put out… I see these things put out on a table…

JOHN: Taro cards?

DATRE: Taro cards, all right. They put out all these cards and they tell you what you are. They check into your thought patterns or whatever and they tell you ‘what’ you are and what your relatives are and all this kind of stuff. That’s fine but, I’m seeing that there have been those that have done that sort of thing to this channeler and they have no idea. She does not ‘look’ like one who belongs in the ‘psychic’ community – she does not have that appearance. She does not wear ‘psychic’ community clothing. They look at her hands and they say, ‘oh, you’re this, that and the next thing’ – they’re not even ‘close’. Now this has not happened but once or twice. She has in her ‘aura’ a vibration that is unique and is ‘spotted’ immediately. So people want to tell her what she is and she will never tell them. She will say, ‘thank you’ and move on. Now, I tell you this for one reason – do not ‘judge’ other people as ‘you’ think they are – because, you do not know.
The only one that ‘knows’ what goes on inside of a ‘specific’ individual is the one that is ‘occupying’ the physicality at the present time – no one else. Yes, they can shall we say, get lucky and figure out a lot of the people with a lower vibration. Lower vibrations are very easy to pick-up because they’re going so slow – you can pick those up. But that is NOT what you’re striving for; you’re not ‘striving’ to find out where ‘you’ are in the scheme of things via another individual. You’re trying to find out where YOU relate in the scheme of things in relationship to what you already ‘know’ and ‘what’ you want to learn. That’s your ruler. Its not what other people think you are or how ‘highly’ evolved they think you are, it’s what YOU think you are that is important. It does not matter what anyone else ‘thinks’ – in any way, shape or form. You are an individual and you should ‘maintain’ your individuality and make that the very ‘best’ that you can. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “I get the impression that existence in physicality has a negative aspect to it, it being that physicality causes the illusion of not knowing who I am.”

DATRE: That is the ‘game’ you play – you’re playing a game. You came in here because you wanted to find out how much grander you could be. Physicality is an experience of ‘growth’ – there’s nothing negative involved. You see, the more you ‘realize’ who and what you are there is no negativity, there’s no positively – its only as YOU perceive it.

Now, you came in here, because it was a game. As little kids, what was the game they played where they tied the handkerchief…

JOHN: Pin the tail on the donkey?

DATRE: No, no no, somebody covers up their eyes and then all the kids run away and hide.

JOHN: Oh, hide and seek.

DATRE: That’s what you’re playing. That’s what you’re playing, you’re playing hide and seek, not with other people, and you’re playing with yourself. You see, the more you ‘become’ and ‘know’ who you are – the more of YOU you bring into physicality, the more that you ‘express’ the YOU that you really are – not who
you ‘pretend’ to be in physicality. So, that makes a difference. That’s where the ‘difference’ comes in. There’s no ‘negativity’ in being in physicality.
In fact, the thing that happens is, there are those that don’t want to come into physicality simply because they’re afraid they’re going to get ‘lost’ in here – because it is very ‘easy’ to get ‘lost’ in here – and so they’re very tentative as to whether they want this experience or not. So they’ll pick another experience instead. But you that jumped in and said, ‘oh boy, this is going to be fun’ and then all of a sudden find out that you can’t get yourself turned around – because you get so ‘involved’ in the physical construct, that you’ve lost track of ‘who’ you really are. But this has happened over long periods of ‘time’ – this did not happen the day before yesterday. This has gone on for ‘thousands’ of years. So you see, in thousands of years and thousands of generations you have ‘lost’ yourself. But, it was ‘your’ desire to play this game – no one else. You see it’s always easier to point a finger at somebody else and say, ‘you did this to me’.
Nobody does anything to anybody; it is ‘your’ desire, constantly. From the minute you are ‘sparked’ into existence on this planet, its ‘your’ ball game – you play it according to ‘your’ rules, whatever they may be. That is what has happened, is that you ‘grow up’ living by ‘other’ peoples rules. But you never get to the point that you start making your own. When you start making your own rules as to your ‘own’ conduct, what you want to learn, what you want to experience, regardless of what anyone else say’s you ‘should’ do or ‘shouldn’t’ do you do your ‘own’ thing, you experience the way ‘you’ want to experience, because you’re the one that’s going to take the ‘package’ with you. Regardless whether anyone gets angry with you or not – it is ‘yours’ to do what ‘you’ wish to do. But do it with ‘knowingness’. Don’t do it by ‘default’. Continue.

Continued on DATRE044 part two.


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