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Datre answers Wanda (DATRE044 part two)
JOHN: Her next question is… “If at the time of my death I am not illuminated any further than how does this reconcile with the ALL KNOWINGNESS OF THE PSYCHE?”

DATRE: No it does not. You carry into that death process the you that you are in the physicality at the present time. Now, should you ‘desire’ to continue your learning in these areas, to continue your understanding in these areas, there are those that will help you. All you need do is ask, there will be someone there to give you information. You don’t have to stop your ‘learning’ just because you die. You don’t have to build yourself a house and put up a picket fence and sit on the porch. There are those that do – it looks very funny, but that’s the way it is. But, you can continue your learning. Your learning never stops; your ‘quest’ never stops. Our quest never stops.
Because, from here, we wonder what’s in the next Universe. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “What then is the anatomy of the psyche?”

DATRE: As we have said before, the ‘psyche’ can be experienced, but it cannot be explained. That is something you have to experience on your own. We can tell you this; that the psyche exists totally and completely independently. That is ALL the experiences, the expressions, whatever you want to call them,
that are available for YOU to ‘draw’ from in your planetary existence. That has been there since – what you could say – ‘time’ began. These things have ALL been there for your experience and for your expression.

You have that within you, that you call your ‘psyche’ that is in contact with all other and ‘that’ is what ‘draws’ certain experiences to you – for your expression and knowingness. It can go out and ‘pick and choose’ – that is but one ‘portion’ of the YOU that you are that does the ‘choosing’. Now, the YOU
that you are expressing in physicality – that is the ‘bridge’ that is the difficulty for ‘most’ individuals because they’re not in connection with themselves. The expression in the human form is far more divergent than the YOU that you are. And the object is, to play the ‘game’ in physicality and learn in physicality, but NOT loose your connection with the YOU that you are.
But you’ve become so far apart, that the YOU that you are is trying to tell you at night what you’re going to be experiencing and what you want to experience for your ‘growth’ and understanding and you ‘wake-up from sleep’ and don’t pay any attention to what you’re doing. That’s why we say, by default. Because you try and understand everything with the physical ‘mind’. The physical ‘mind’ cannot comprehend many of the things that you experience to its fullest extent. The ‘mind’ is a ‘processor’ of information. That’s what you’re working with, that’s your own built in computer. But it depends upon where you’re getting you information from your… what you put in the
computer, that thing that you put in that’s got the information on it…

JOHN: The disk.

DATRE: OK, what disk are you putting in? If you want information on how to grow a tree in your yard, what’s the best tree for you to plant in your yard? And you pick-up a disk and you put it in and the disk tells you how to build a front porch! That’s exactly what’s happening. Simplistic, but that’s the best
I can do. The ‘disk’ is coming from your ‘psyche’. The disk is going and saying, ‘this is how you build a front porch and you’re sitting down here in physicality screaming and hollering, ‘I want to plant a tree’. OK, continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “I was brought up to believe that the psyche was ONLY loving, sharing, caring, etc. Datre has said that this ‘good’ side is not the totality of ‘I’. What is the totality of ‘I’?”

DATRE: The ‘totality’ is knowing ‘both’ sides. How can you be a ‘total’ Entity individual and only know one side? You know the Indians have a very, very good saying, ‘you can not understand me until you walk a mile in MY moccasins’. How can you understand another person if all your life you have ‘shunned’ anything that is ‘not’ good – you can’t? You see, what is happening – now I will take a very simple example. Not too many generations ago the individual that was brought up in a ‘good’ family and came home from school and sat down at the table with everyone that was eating and they said a ‘bad’ word. The parents
got all upset because he said a swear word. The child was ‘punished’, severely. Now take today, as a for instance, you walk down the street and you hear children – the same age – saying words that the older generation did not even ‘know’ when they grew up. You see how things constantly change?

People say nasty things – if you want to call them that – on television, they say it on radio, and they say it in movies. It’s all around you all the time. It’s a part of your mass consciousness that you live with. Now, that does not mean that you have to say it. But you don’t have to like it, that is your ‘choice’ as to what you want to do. But it is also ‘their’ choice and if they don’t want to do any better in their physical existence than that, then that’s up to them. But you don’t have to put yourself in those positions. If you listen to your ‘psyche’, you won’t even ‘find’ yourself in those positions. You won’t go in those areas where that ‘bad’ language is used. You won’t go to the movies, it is your choice, it is constant choice, constant choice. But it’s the people that don’t make any ‘decisions’ in any directions that find themselves ‘tossed’ around. You need to be ‘decisive’, you need to pull ‘that’ power that is YOU, pull it into you, keep it into you and ‘use it’ for your discretion. But you don’t need to ‘judge’, one way or the other.

But you don’t ‘have’ to be ‘good’, because there again you’re dealing with a ‘belief system’ and belief systems have NEVER done anyone any good – as far as we are able to discern. The ‘psyche’ is not ‘good’, the ‘psyche’ is not ‘bad’, the ‘psyche’ IS, just plain and simply. It is no different than to look at a
table and say, ‘yes, for me, this table IS’. ‘I don’t care whether it’s a submarine to someone else, to me it’s a table’. This is the way you work but, the ‘psyche’ IS. It was at the beginning of your ‘time’ and it will end when you leave this planet. Then you will work with another construct. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is sort of a follow on to that… “If there is a darker side what is it and why does it exist?”

DATRE: Because that is the way it was set-up originally. If everything that you hear, see, smell, taste, touch is ‘good’, how are you going to ‘learn’ anything? You have to have the ‘opposites’ for learning in this expression, upon this planet – that’s the way it was set-up. Why do you have to have day
and night – there are planets that don’t have such things. You have day and night because that was the way it was set-up. You set-up good – bad, night day, you set-up opposites, for experience and for expression. That was for your learning, just like you have schoolbooks that tell you this is this and
that is that.
This is a BIG schoolroom – it’s a BIG learning experience and you have multiple things to draw from and you’ve only taken a little corner of it. There are tremendous amounts of things to explore – to ‘expand’ you in every direction you want to go. From sky diving, to going under the water. You can
experience ‘everything’, anything you want to experience. You’ll say, ‘well I can’t’. Why? Why can’t you, it’s YOUR decision. Your decisions are what put you where you are. Knowing ‘what’ you want and going in that direction – if it doesn’t work, then learn from it and make another decision and learn from that
and make another decision. But you don’t just go through life wishie washy, being tossed by everything that goes by you. Because you’re ‘not’ learning. When you begin to ‘learn’ – then you make ‘decisions’ and the decisions are up to you. There is no ‘good’ and ‘bad’ other than on your planet Earth. It is
ALL learning.

Now, on planet Earth, because you have set this in motion in that way, these are the ‘rules’, shall we say, that you live by. But, when you leave this planet, you will have ‘other’ rules to live by. Because that will be set-up entirely different. That is why your two planets are going to be set-up differently. In fact you’re going to have ‘three’ different experiences, we’ve
said that before. But the third is not worth mentioning to the majority of the people, because it is not ‘understandable’. Because it is something – there again – it is going to have to be ‘experienced’. It is a planet, but it is not a planet. It is a… you will experience in an ‘entirely’ different manner. It
will be more or less an ‘interim’ between planetary experiences and going out into the BIG Universe.
Its sort of like a little ‘training’ ground. It’s getting you used to the idea that you do not have to function within the physical construct. Because many have been in a physical construct for such long periods of time that it’s going to be ‘different’ in its maneuverability. It’s going to be like getting ‘sea legs’ in a ‘different’ environment, it’s learning to work without a physical construct. Working in an entirely ‘different’ manner. So that’s the third, shall we say, existence that will be. But there will not be that many individuals that will go to that. So basically we talk about the two. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “What is the anatomy of the First Cause? Because if we know this, than can we accept the fe/male – positive/negative – un/balance – dis/order – harmony-chaos of who we are?”

DATRE: I do not understand First Cause.

JOHN: That’s primal, causal, this kind of terminology. In other words, what was the initiation of the process in the first place? That’s what First Cause implies.

DATRE: But, that was in relationship to a physical construct?

JOHN: Yea, she’s talking from our vantage point.

DATRE: It does not matter – seriously – one bit how you got to where you are, this moment in existence. It does not matter one wit. At this particular moment in time, this is ‘who’ you are, ‘what’ you are, the composite of ‘your’ totality. That is ‘all’ that is important. To know ‘how’ you came about and all of that, might be interesting, but it really doesn’t matter in your
evolution of ‘self’. So, to me, I don’t understand what that is all about, but all I’m saying is, whatever experiences – throughout what you call your planetary time and space – has brought you to where you are right now. Now, it is up to you to go from here. The rest is not important. Why drag a great big
shopping bag behind you, that is full of junk that is no longer needed? So to go back and try and find out anything from back, is not important. You’re here, go forward, go forward. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is sort of a take-off on that… “Does chaos exist? What is it, why is it there, what is its purpose?”

DATRE: I guess we’ve explained that, chaos is for learning. Now, you can do one of two things with chaos, you can live in it or you can hear about it on the radio or television, newspaper, whatever. Which existence do you want, it is up to you? Many people enjoy living in chaos. Why do people move to a place
where they ‘know’ there’s going to be earthquakes? Because they want the excitement. They will deny it – in physicality – but, the YOU that you are knows why you’re where you are. So continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “Could you explain reincarnation and karma?”

DATRE: Well reincarnation is a word that you have fashioned for yourselves to help you understand that ‘death’ is not a final thing. In other words, reincarnation has been brought up throughout your time upon this planet to show people that when you ‘die’ you’re not “dead forever”. It is for comfort.
To get you in the physical to understand, that when the body goes you don’t have to go also. Reincarnation comes and goes sort of in cycles – its rather cyclic.

Reincarnation and karma have nothing to do with each other. Karma is another concept that you have set-up. They say, ‘well if I don’t do it this time, I’ll do it next time’ and ta da ta da. That’s a cope out. From our standpoint, that’s a cope out. You don’t have to come back and do ANYTHING. The only time
you have to come back and do ‘something’ is if you never ‘learned’ anything the last time. If you haven’t ‘learned’ anything, you’re going to continue to come back. But this nonchalant attitude, that of, ‘oh well if I don’t do it
this time I’ll come back and do it’ or ‘I’ve got karma that has to be settled’.
The ‘karma’ is only that which you set-up in front of you. There is no such thing that exists. Its only what YOU have set-up that you say, ‘I have to suffer’. Why? There’s no need. It’s only what you ‘think’ you have to do. If you don’t ‘think’ you have to suffer, you won’t. But karma is… it is like everything else – like death – you set-up death for yourselves. There’s no such thing and you ‘know’ it. But you set-up ‘death’ for yourselves because you’re sick and tired of what you’re doing at the ‘present’ time and you don’t know ‘how’ to change it. So the next thing you do is set-up death, ‘now I’ll die and start over again’. But you don’t come back in with enough ‘knowingness’ so you just ‘recycle’ yourselves continuously. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “Datre said that the inner voice that talks to you is your psyche. Can you please tell us how to distinguish this voice from the voice of the Ego.”

DATRE: Now, the Ego has a pomposity about it. The Psyche will give you direction. But the Ego has a – now I’m not speaking of the Egoic Self – you see, when you get into these areas it gets very confusing because you have so many people that describe these very things – the Ego, the Egoic Self and the Psyche – and you can ask, I don’t care how many people, but very few people
are going to agree on ‘what’ it is. It is, as ‘you’ perceive it but, the Psyche, when you begin to connect with that in your nighttime and you ‘recognize’ the ‘signals’ of the Psyche you will ‘know’ in the daytime whether it is the Ego or the Psyche. But until you ‘connect’ with it at night and ‘know’ what it is you’re not going to ‘recognize’ it in the day time either.
I know that’s going to seem backwards, but I have no other way of telling you, because I don’t know that physical construct to that point. But at night, you ‘know’ your Psyche – if you allow it. If you don’t try and take your daytime into your nighttime, then your Psyche has a ‘clear’ path to reach you. Until you clear up your nighttime, so that you can get in touch
with your Psyche, then you’re in total confusion all the time. But it is very important for you to ‘clear’ the daytime, awake time, away from your conscious awareness at the time of going to sleep. So that you ‘can’ contact with your Psyche. When you contact with your Psyche – at night – you become familiar with your Psyche and the Psychic experiences. Then when something
occurs during the daytime you’ll recognize what it is. That is the simplest way I can tell you to find out. OK, continue.

JOHN: OK, and her next question is… “Is the identification with the I enough to integrate and absorb the you and make me One?”

DATRE: I don’t understand the I and the you and the me.

JOHN: It’s sort of like the me, myself and I, kind of framework that we use with ourselves. She’s saying that the ‘I’ is the essential self and the you is the recognized self from a given individuals standpoint.

DATRE: That is a difficult question to answer, because it has to be ‘your’ recognition. It is not a ‘pat’ thing that you have a formula for. In other words, when you begin to connect up with – and we use this phrase, that’s why I’m confused – when you connect up with the YOU that you are and begin to function from ‘that’ stand point, more than being ‘driven’ by the physical
expression, that becomes more of an integration. Because the physical expression is ‘totally’ separate – your physical body is a ‘total’ separate portion that you experience with and experience through.
There needs to be a communication – a clear communication – between the physical body and the YOU that you are. When ‘that’ integration occurs the whole ‘concept’ of physicality changes, in that you do not ‘drive’ the body to do “what you want it to do”, but live and work in conjunction ‘with’ the body and that is an entirely ‘different’ concept. The only time that you ‘know’ that that is happening is when you ‘know’ it’s happening and you’re the only one that can tell. No one can tell you when you achieve that, but when you achieve it you ‘know’ it. You see, that is one of the difficulties in the human experience, is that the human brain is only able to understand and ‘know’ through experience. So there is no ‘guide lines’ to tell you.
The only thing is, you can explain an experience that you have and if someone has had a ‘similar’ experience, they can tell you what is happening – to a degree. But you see, there again, its like saying – one of your expressions is – prove it. Now you see, in your evolution of ‘you’, it cannot be explained – in black and white words on paper. These experiences cannot be proven and that is where a great split comes in, in understanding. Because people are looking at it, that the physical proof is what is important – it is not. It’s the experiences that are important – it’s YOUR experience that is important. Because as each of ‘you’ experience, that is changing everything. You have billions of people, having billions of individual experiences – that is evolution. Evolution can only be explained backwards – which is of no use – because it already has been in your time frame. But the information is all kept, is all contained, nothing is lost. But as we’ve said before, you go out, you pick, you choose.

But when you get into ‘other’ realms and other vibratory constructs, you cannot bring them in here, nor can you explain them in here. When you’re in another reality, it is perfectly understood – no question. You understand it when you’re there, absolutely, totally and completely and you say, ‘I’ll remember this’, and you get back into THIS reality and you can’t. Then someone will say, ‘its just your imagination’ and you can say to them, ‘if that’s all it is, I want more’. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “Explain the layering over of the genealogical line/genetics causing our loss of spiritual identification.”

DATRE: When you first took physicality, you began your genealogy. Your first expressions upon this planet were in the beginning. Now, how many thousands of years ago – and then we speak of layering? As your generations changed, each generation that comes through a genealogical line – each generation changes
the physical construct. Now, as an example, right now you have – and we’ve said this before – those that are in sports of different kinds. These people in sports – male and female – are bigger, they’re taller, their whole physical construct is different than two generations back – why? Because that’s the
direction you’re going right now. This is where the ‘money’ is. This is what people want – is money. So, they say, ‘I want to be bigger’, ‘I can’t be five feet tall and be a basketball player’. So all of a sudden the mother has this child that ends up to be six foot whatever – huge, in comparison with the rest of the family. But you’ll notice that gradually the family has been getting bigger, bigger, bigger. You are putting more particles into your ‘hologram’ consistently. The more ‘particles’ you pack into your ‘hologram’, the slower your vibration is.

How come this has been lost? You had a choice, you had a very definite choice, in those years called 1800’s. There was a ‘choice’ at that time when there were many that were getting into that which you call – the spirituality. There were many, what you call, ‘new’ churches that were being established, that had some of the ‘old’ concepts in them, but a great deal of ‘new’ concepts. People were at that point, shall we say, becoming more intuitive – they were opening up more. They had been closed down and they were beginning to ‘open up’. But
we also had the beginning of that which you call your ‘mechanical’ things coming into the fore. So the ‘direction’ of the mass consciousness was toward the mechanical and the ‘spirituality’ shall we say, has maintained itself “underground”. But it was pushed aside, because the desire of the mass consciousness was ‘mechanical’ in nature. So that is one of the things the mass consciousness also has a great deal to do with where the ‘majority’ goes.

Now, you see, its all choice, it is all choice. You can go either way that you want in ‘today’s’ world, as you put it. You can search out whatever you want. Because it is constantly your choice of evolution. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “Does beauty, color exist in the Universe? If so could you describe it?”

DATRE: It does not exist in the BIG Universe. In fact it doesn’t exist to the degree that you have it on this planet, any place else. This is something that you have ‘desired’; this is something that you have ‘perfected’ in your evolutionary process.

You have ‘perfected’ that, which you call your eyes, to ‘see’ with. You take an animal, an animal has many different kinds of eyes and ‘you’ have many ‘different’ kinds of eyes. In fact it was a number of years ago that you made a ‘decided’ difference in your eyes, because you have what you call ‘rods’ and ‘cones’ in the eyes. Depending upon how you set-up your eyes as to what you can see. How many of you can see people going by you or see movement beside you or see lights flickering here and there, that are “to others” non existent? Now that will depend upon what you have done and what you have ‘wanted’ to SEE in this life expression. There are those that can “see” individuals in what you call your dead zone. Now, there again, there’s one of
those – prove it. It cannot BE proved, but those that can, can and those that can’t, can’t. But it was your decision as to what ‘kind’ of eyes you wanted. There are those that did not ‘want’ to see in this physical expression. They wanted to ‘hone’ their ‘other’ senses that you all have. They can ‘hear’ what you can’t hear. They can ‘see’, but they have a different ‘kind’ of seeing. They have a ‘perceptional’ type of seeing.

Now, you all set-up what you want to experience – it is as simple as that. Your eyes, your ears, your nose, your mouth, your organs, the sensory perception of your skin, these are all things that YOU want. Not what your mother wanted, not what your father wanted, it is what YOU wanted when you came into this physical expression. You built it yourself, that is why you
change yourself. If you were to look into ‘picture’ books and watch how your picture of your face and body has changed over that which you call periods of time, some individuals will carry the same facial characteristics throughout their lifetime. You can take the ‘picture’ books of others, from children up
through adulthood and they will look like they are all different people.
Because they have used ‘different’ expressions throughout their lifetime. Their pictures will change as they change their thought patterning – as to what they ‘want’ to do, when they’re doing different things. But you find that those that have the ‘different’ pictures of the individual that don’t ‘look’ the same all the time, those are the people that are expressing in many ‘different’ areas consistently. Those are the ones that are ‘experimenting’ with being in physicality. There is a great deal of difference; the difference is up to you. Continue. I don’t know if we answered that question properly, but that is what it is.

JOHN: Its OK, I think that it was reasonably consistent. Her last question is… “Datre mentioned that the Universe is silent. How does s/he hear music, sounds? I am a musician so this question is very important to me.”

DATRE: Real simple, all we do is ‘pop’ into the channel and we can hear music. Until physicality in this planetary existence became perfected to the point that it is through your generations, your “hearing” has changed considerably. You know, this is not the first channel we have ever come through, there have been those upon your planet that have done this, throughout the thousands of years that you have been in existence, because there has always been those in physicality upon your planet that have wanted information – that there was no other way to get, other than communication. And as your bodies became more
‘mass’ it became more ‘difficult’ for you to ‘make’ the communication connection,
So there have always been those that are ‘available’ for us to work with and through. Now, there never have been that many, because the vibration that we ‘contain’ – even separating a small portion of our selves to come through a physical channel – is a vibration that needs to be worked with for a long period of time, even prior to coming through in a ‘speaking’ capacity. Because the physical construct needs to be changed, in order to handle the vibration. But there have ‘always’ been those that have been ‘open’ for us to work through and bring information through. I know you think this is something ‘new’ and exciting to have channels – but there always have been. Depending on how your next construct of existence is set-up, that will depend on whether you will need that or whether you will be able to ‘connect-up’ and be able to get your information first hand, as you need it and as you want it.

But it is a process of development. We are still in ‘baby’ steps. We’re trying to explain things in as ‘tiny’ concepts – in Earth concepts – for your understanding. It does no good to put out a whole bunch of words to overwhelm anyone. In doing that, all it does is muddy the water. All we want to do is give you ‘simple’ explanations for your understanding. We ‘want’ you to
understand. This is a ‘game’ that you’re playing with yourself. Learn to find out what the ‘game’ is and what it’s all about. When you get to that point, you can enjoy it, instead of ‘fighting’ it and having a lot of difficulties. That does not mean you won’t have difficulties, but you will look at it in an
entirely different manner and situation.

So, what happens is, you don’t need to look to anyone else to tell you what to do or ‘how’ to do it. You may want explanations. But no one can tell you ‘how’, because that is ‘your’ exploration. It is what ‘you’ learn, how you want to learn it, what you want to learn. No one can tell you ‘what’ you need to learn, because what ever you learn is what ‘you’ needed. It goes cyclic; it goes right around back to the beginning. YOU are your ‘own’ teacher. Now, next question?

JOHN: That was the last question.

DATRE: We thank you, we have enjoyed being with you, we will see you again through the eyes of the channel, goodbye for now, we’re Datre.


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