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Datre answers Nicola & Rodney
JOHN: We have some questions from Nicola and Rodney; their first question is… “Why do animals not need a dead zone, while we do?”

DATRE: All right we’ll answer that first part first. Why don’t they need a dead zone? Because they are what you call realized in their evolution. Continue.

JOHN: “What is their experience while they are waiting for a new body?”

DATRE: They’re so used to being in and out of their bodies, that they just go and look around. It’s no big deal to them. They’re a realized individual. You see you don’t understand ‘realized’ because you’re not. You do not understand that you do not ‘have’ to be in a body to exist. They ‘know’ that, so they just play around. That’s why animals sleep as much as they do, they get tired of being in a physical body and they just go and play around. Continue.

JOHN: And the other part of the question is… “Can they reincarnate as people?”

DATRE: Absolutely not! They are REALIZED, OK.

JOHN: Now the next question is… “Please, could you clarify about animals being realized? Are all animals realized? What does this have to do with their evolutionary path and how does it differ from our own?”

DATRE: When you are ‘realized’ your evolutionary path is ‘stopped’ in that particular vibration. What happens… you see, all you’re familiar with is people. You’re not familiar with that evolution that takes place on ‘other’ planets. You ‘have’ evolutionary processes on ‘other’ planets. But all you’re
thinking about is people.

Now, on other planets, there are ‘different’ stages of what you call ‘evolution’. Now, when they have had their planetary existence and they have been ‘realized’, in other words, that is a ‘knowingness’ that YOU are ‘striving’ FOR on ‘this’ planet. They have reached theirs on ‘another’ planet. In other words, take a ‘cat’ or ‘dog’; you’re familiar with them more than any of others, because you make ‘pets’ out of them. All right, cats and dogs. They have reached an evolutionary ‘patterning’ on ‘another’ planet and are ‘realized’ in ‘that’ vibration. Now, when they go to ‘another’ planetary existence they ‘maintain’ that vibratory construct.
On ‘this’ planet, they are ‘cats’ and ‘dogs’. On another planet, they can be another type ‘creature’. But their evolutionary processes are, shall we say, ‘completed’ to the point that they ‘wanted’ to ‘complete’ the evolution. I know that’s difficult for you to understand… ‘I would want to evolve further than a ‘cat’ or a ‘dog”. Yes, but, if your evolution was on ‘another’ planet and that was the ‘height’ of the evolutionary process on ‘that’ planet… in other words, they ‘understood’ that WHOLE concept. There was no ‘further’ for them to go on ‘that’ particular planet. That was ‘their’ realization. They ‘knew’ – at that point – and that’s where they were. So, going to ‘another’ planet, for ‘another’ type of existence, changes the whole ‘construct’ of their form. It doesn’t change anything else. But, from a ‘human’ stand point you do not ‘perceive’ that.

Now you have seen animals become very, very intelligent as individual ‘cats’ and ‘dogs’. You’ve said, ‘I know a dog that was just like people’. That’s their evolution. They’re having ‘fun’ with their evolution and their learning, by observing human individuals. To them, this is a great ‘big’ deal. To you,
you would say, ‘well I would want to evolve further than that’. Why should they, if they’re having a good time and they ‘know’ what they are doing? They ‘know’ what they’re doing far more than you do because they have been ‘realized’ in ‘another’ planetary existence.
So that vibration, when they are no longer on this Earth plane, on another ‘plane’, someplace else they would be… what do you want to call it… a giraffe. Only it would not be like a giraffe that you knew. But then they would learn on ‘that’ planetary existence in ‘that’ construct. But you see, because you are so ‘confined’ in your human construct of the ‘body’ that its hard for you to realize that where ‘they’ are, they can ‘pop’ in and out and all around and experience a ‘lot’ of things, where you’re ‘stuck’ here, in this planetary existence until the BIRTH takes place. Then you will go into ‘another’ existence and go on from there. Some of you may have ‘slight’ remembrances of ‘this’ and some of you will have no idea. You’ll just wake-up and you’re someplace else and it will be ‘normal’ to you. So, continue.

JOHN: Their next question is… “Seth said he had a bit of himself incarnate as a dog. If we can have animal aspects how do we integrate these aspects if they have different evolutionary paths?”

DATRE: Now, you have to realize where Seth is. Seth is NOT a humanoid individual any more. He’s like we are, in that we can take ‘portions’ of ourselves – without losing ourselves – and experience within ‘other’ forms. But until you get out into the BIG Universe, you can’t do that. In other words, you’ve got your plate full. You be who ‘you’ are and find out who you are so that you can be ‘realized’ from ‘this’ planetary existence. Continue.

JOHN: Their next question is… “How long can an animal body function after the spirit has vacated it? I have held birds that take 15 minutes or more to die while their bodies contract in spasm. Can the spirit hover near but not need to experience the bodies death throws?”

DATRE: Of course! You see, animals ‘know’ that they’re going to die. Animals will put themselves in a position to die – just like ‘you’ do. Only you have a little bit different construct. But an animal upon… if he is hurt that’s one thing, but if he is dying – he’s gone. He doesn’t want to stay there. The body
doesn’t mean the same thing to an animal as it does to you humans. So, if you’re holding a bird or animal that is dying, the ‘process’ is the body construct that is dying – the bird is probably long gone.
Why should they stay there? If they realize – and they can – if they realize there’s no way that that body can function – what does he want it for? You see that’s the thing. If the body no longer functions the way you want it to, why stay in it? That is – in your concept – it would be suicide. But you see, that is ‘knowingness’. That’s not anything that many individuals want to go through. In other words, there are individuals that have left this planet, that have said, ‘there’s no need for me to be here any more. I’m bored, I can’t see anything I want to do and there’s nothing wrong with my physical body, but it’s not comfortable any more, so I think I’ll go and start over again’.
But that a ‘knowingness’ that not that many on your planet understand. But getting to that point of understanding is a GREAT leap forward. But why sit in a body that’s decrepit, unless you want to ‘learn’ from it? But if you want to ‘sit’ in it and gripe and moan and groan and complain and not ‘learn’ anything out of it, then that is up to you. That is where your ‘free will’ came in – you can do as you ‘want’ to do. But animals don’t care, the physical construct is NOT that important to them. Continue.

JOHN: Their next question is… “How does the dream world differ from the dead zone?”

DATRE: Quite a bit different. But to go into that is going to take a long time and it is ‘un-important’. The YOU that you are has better contact with you when you are in the physical because it is setting up experiences for you to learn by. Now, in the dead zone it works differently. But the difference is that the ‘contacts’ are different. In other words, that portion of the psyche that is within you functions in a different manner in the dead zone than it does in the – what you call – living. But the ‘only’ thing that you’re interested in now is what you’re doing in the ‘living’, because you’re not dead. You see to us, we can contact them all, it doesn’t matter whether you’re living or dead – it doesn’t matter. The only difference is the communication in the physical form is ‘different’, but the ‘difference’ should be of no concern. If you want to ‘learn’ after you’re dead, as we’ve said before, you can learn – its just a ‘different’ construct and its one that you’re very familiar with. The only thing is you make a big deal of it when
you’re in the physical. Continue.

JOHN: Their next question is… “In the dream world it seems possible at times to experience other beings ‘essentially’. No other knowledge is required. Is this the unique personal signature you talked of or merely a feeling tone? Can a
signature be falsified?”

DATRE: No, a signature cannot be falsified, in any way, shape or form. Your signature print… we use a lot of words because you don’t have any words to describe it, lets put it that way, but your signature print is one of the things that you can not change by your ‘brain’ thought process. It is the vibrational construct of your signature print. Now that is ‘not’ a vibration of the body. That is a ‘different’ vibrational construct, which you cannot measure by any ‘instruments’ that you have because your ‘signature’ print is a ‘wave’ vibration. Not the ‘waves’ that you detect on your instruments, because your wave instruments only detect the ‘particles’ WITHIN a ‘waveform’ but they do not have instruments to detect a ‘wave’. But ‘that’ signature print is a WAVE print – that is ‘yours’ to carry. You maintain that – from the time you were BIRTHED into existence, wherever that may be. Whatever planet, whatever experience – whatever.

You start out with, shall we say, number one and through your experiences you build your ‘vibrational’ wave, which is your signature print and you build it like 1, 2, 3, 4, whatever. But once you have been, shall we say, BIRTHED into existence on whatever planet – you begin with one and you continue. That is
what happened to the ‘original’ ones that came to planet Earth. They were BIRTHED into existence upon THIS planetary existence. So their planetary existence on planet Earth was number one and they grow from that point. Continue.

JOHN: I don’t think we answered the first part of their question. It says, ‘ in the dream world it seems possible at times to experience other beings ‘essentially’….

DATRE: Now, in the dream world you do experience other, shall we say, other beings. But you’re also working in another construct, because you have your consciousness, which is ‘physical’. So a vibration that you would pick-up in your ‘dream’ time – the vibration that you would pick-up – you would build a ‘picture’ for it, for ‘your’ understanding. That same vibrational ‘wave’ in someone else’s dream time, could be entirely different, because you’re the one that makes the ‘decision’ as to what you ‘want’ things to look like. That is the same way with ‘everything’.
Nobody puts a ‘picture’ in front of you – the only one that does it is YOU. So, if you encounter – in your dreamtime – a vibration that has a ‘certain’ FEELING to it, and then YOU put a ‘picture’ on it as to what YOU think that vibration is. That vibration can be a building, it can be a tree, it can be a river, it can be another – what you call – human individual. But the ‘picture’ you put ‘upon’ the vibration is YOURS. So, yes, you can ‘see’ other beings in the dreamtime. You can also ‘see’ other beings in your daytime.

Someone can pick-up a vibration in a room and say, ‘oh, that’s my grandfather’. Then someone will say, well how do you know?’ Because I recognize the vibration’. So upon recognizing the vibration, you immediately build a picture.

That’s how people ‘see’ people in the dead zone. Its simple, they pick-up that vibration and build a picture on it. Now, you’ll say, ‘how can you do that to someone else’? They get a vibration and they ‘build’ a picture and if another person in the room recognizes the picture, then they’ve, shall we say, made contact – that’s how it works. It’s the one that is able to ‘interpret’ vibrations to different extents. Some people are more ‘aware’ of those things. That’s how you say; they can see ‘dead’ people.
That’s what the séance’s and all that were about, many years ago – you still do the same thing. “There is someone here with a message for you”. They’re picking up a vibration and ‘translating’ it into a picture that you ‘might’ or might ‘not’
recognize – that’s what its all about. But it’s the one that’s able to, shall we say, have that ‘ability’ to do that, that can. That’s why we’ve said, ‘those that can, can – and those that can’t, can’t’. Continue.

JOHN: Their final question is… “I have experienced in the dream world being without a body yet still able to perceive through the senses. Is this how we can expect to be after the Birth?”

DATRE: After the BIRTH, you will be on other planets and will build a physical construct for yourself on that other planet. Now, only those that are ‘realized’ from this planetary existence will function in that form, but there are so few that its not worth talking about – because those that will know,
will know.
But the rest – which is the majority of the individuals on this planetary existence – will go to what we call planet 1 or planet 2. But in both cases, you will STILL work from a ‘type’ of physical form. It may be ‘slightly’ different, because you will be on a ‘different’ planet in a different vibratory construct. But, you WILL have a body of sorts. Even those that go on to the 3rd. planet – to begin with – will have a wispy form of some type so that they will learn to navigate and as they proceed that wispy-ness will disappear – and then they will go out into the BIG Universe.
But those will have something that no one else has EVER had before – and that’s the ability to use a physical body. Its kind of like ‘training’ wheels on a bicycle. When the kids get a bicycle you put wheels on either side of the back wheel to stabilize them – well, your concept of a human body, when you get onto the third planet will be like your ‘training’ wheels. Because as you release the ‘image’ of having to be in a body and learning to function totally without it and being in a place where you don’t hang on to ‘thoughts’ in any way, shape or form, the minute you ‘think’ something, it’s done – regardless of what it is.
It would be an unusual circumstance to go from here out there and sort of get a ‘feel’ of what its like in a totally ‘free’ environment, so your ‘training’ wheels are your physical body and when you become totally ‘disoriented’ then you get back into your little bicycle with the training wheels on the side. Eventually you’ll drop the training wheels. But ‘that’ is
a far step out and there are very few that are going to go to that existence. So that isn’t even necessary to talk about.

So, you will have a TYPE of physical form. You may decide that certain portions of the body are not needed in the next existence – maybe you don’t need tonsils, so you’ll eliminate
them. Maybe the idea of hands and feet will be changed – if you decide that that construct is not ‘exactly’ the way you want it. But you see, you constantly reconstruct your body’s here upon planet Earth. But you don’t think anything of it, because you’ve done it so many times. But, your reconstruction process takes place all the time. But again, you’re doing that from the
concept of planetary Earth existence. Next existence is different. But we can guarantee you one thing, your next planetary existence you’re not going to end up as a giraffe! Because there would be no need for that. Nor will the giraffe
end up as a person – their vibration will take care of that. Continue.

JOHN: That was the end of the questions from Nicola and Rodney.

DATRE: All right, thank you we have enjoyed being with you, we are Datre, good-bye.


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