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Datre answers Gerardus.
JOHN: We have some questions from Gerardus, his first question is… “Where can I read about the birth – is it about Earth going up in vibration?”

DATRE: The Earth has nothing to do with you as individuals. The birth is the CLONING of the planet Earth, which has already taken place, several years ago. Birth that is the only word that we could come up with that would make any sense, because you think of stars as forming in some shape, form or manner. So what the birth is all about, is the CLONING of this planet Earth – which has already taken place.

The CLONED planet has already got lots of things on it; it’s in the PROCESS of Its growth. The reason for this being a birth is for the EVOLUTION of those individuals that were ‘here’ on THIS planet and their evolution was interrupted when the OTHER bumped
into this BUBBLE. So, ‘their’ evolution was changed. But in order to continue their evolution and for BOTH of the types of individuals upon the planet at the ‘present’ time to continue their evolution – the GAP is getting TOO big between the two. So the ‘time’ element, the ‘linear’ time spans have ENDED. So when your ‘linear’ time span ends, the evolution needs to continue. But because of the TWO different evolutionary thought patterning’s… now when this ‘time’ span ends, that’s when the ‘split’ begins to take place, bigger and bigger and bigger and that is what will ‘decide’ who goes to which place. It is NOT a physical decision, it is a decision of your, shall we say, your
‘knowingness’, your vibration, all of that. But the planet has already been CLONED. I don’t know what year back, but anyway that’s all done. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Since we are Souls or Holograms and live in an illusive reality – do each and everyone of us make up our daily reality from the Holographic Energy out there we call our so called objective reality?”

DATRE: Your ‘objective’ reality is exactly what YOU put out in front of you. As we’ve said before, as ‘your’ belief system, as your ‘thought’ patterns change, everything that you put in front of you, everything that you ‘interact’ with CHANGES. THAT is why we are so ‘intent’ on getting information to you. To get you to REALIZE that THAT is where the ‘change’ takes place.

Now, the mass consciousness on the planet also ‘evolves’ and the mass consciousness also has a great deal to do with YOUR evolution. In other words, if you’re not particularly interested in ‘evolving’, you will, to a certain extent, simply because the mass consciousness is ‘evolving’ and it sort of like ‘drags’ you along. But those that are INTENT upon learning, what this planetary system that you’re living on is all about and interested in ‘knowing’ what you’re all about, then you can move at a ‘different’ rate of speed than the mass consciousness. But that is a conscious choice. So evolution will take place, but it is up to YOU to decide what you want to learn in YOUR evolving. Continue.

JOHN: His last question is… “I know that the universe (big or small) has no empty space and that there really are no distances between things in the universe (big or small), does this mean that the entire universe really is my mind and I can just travel any place because all things are (thought/energies) of my own mind, which is beyond time and space?”

DATRE: To a certain extent, yes you can. The only thing that will stop you is your own vibratory signature print, which we’ve spoken of before. The only reason we use the term ‘vibratory signature print’ is because you have nothing else to describe it with. But, you can go and experience, as far as you want to. That’s the only thing that… and you have heard people talk about it, they will get to a point and they will bump into what you would call a ‘solid’ wall.
That ‘solid’ wall is a finer vibration that you are not able to bypass or go past, because your ‘signature’ print is what will not allow you to get into that ‘finer’ vibration. But, as your awareness grows, as you become more familiar with what this whole thing is all about, that’s the only thing that allows you to do anything. There are some people that meditate, that can’t get past a certain point, because that’s where they’re stopped. But as they begin to know more about themselves and what there is – the big thing that stops a lot of them is the FEAR. That is a big stopping point also.
So travel as far as you can travel. You are NEVER lost, never lost. There is only so far that you can go and you will go that far – then when you reach what you call a ‘brick wall’ you turn around and come back. Its all there, the vibrations are different – that’s where the ‘difference’ comes in. Its WHAT you can do – it’s your MIND that ‘allows’ you to do it. In other words, if you’re afraid – if your physical brain say’s you’re afraid, you’re stopped. If the physical brain does NOT say you’re afraid you can go – it is very simple. Continue.

JOHN: That was his last question, but I have some clarification that I’d like to point out. He makes a comment here that, “I know the Universe has no empty spaces”, he is understanding that in a TOTALLY different way than it was being put across. It’s NOT any empty spaces, because ALL of the Universe is FILLED with something.


JOHN: And there are DISTANCES between things in the Universe.

DATRE: Yes, there has to be.

JOHN: Well he is assuming that that was NOT the case.

DATRE: Oh, no I did not pick that up, you see, as a human you need to do that.

JOHN: Fine.

DATRE: But you see, that’s the thing, we explained that before in your ‘containment’ bubble. How can you get ‘out’ of this containment bubble that you’re in – which is your planet Earth and your moon – how can you get past that ‘bubble’ and you don’t have sunshine? You see if there weren’t a ‘space’ of sorts, then there wouldn’t… you’d have sunshine over the whole Universe. You see, you HAVE a containment of sorts. You have what you call ‘distance’ – you call it distance – you also have ‘orbits’.

There again you have what you call ‘falling’ stars – correct? All right, now, where are they going to ‘fall’ to, number one? What a ‘falling’ star is, is movement. You are seeing movement – planets do not always stay in the ‘same’ location. You have SET for your own evolution – you have SET the WHOLE Solar System exactly the way you say it’s supposed to be. Your mass consciousness says, “this is the way the Solar System is going to be and don’t argue with me”. But there is a lot more in your Solar System than you are aware of.

But anyway, there is distance; there are PATHWAYS in the ‘sky’ – if you want to call them that – the planets travel on. You have ‘orbits’ that your planets get into and travel on those. You have LOTS of things that you have no idea of. But it’s NOT EMPTY SPACE. It is FILLED, but it is filled with things that your physical eyes are NOT able to detect – it’s as simple as that. All right, does that help?

JOHN: That, I think clarifies it better.

DATRE: All right, that is fine. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question.

DATRE: That was the last question? All right, we have enjoyed being with you, we are Datre, goodbye.


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