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Datre answers Mitch.
JOHN: We have some questions from Mitch, his first question is… “Datre referred in one of the messages to our realizing what belief systems were and therefore being able to let go of them. Datre also referred to belief systems as “stumbling blocks”. Are there other stumbling blocks that would be helpful for us to know about?”

DATRE: Your biggest one is your “belief system”. When you begin to uncover the different aspects of your belief system, that covers a multitude… in discovering even one or two “belief systems” that you have, that are truly not yours, but have been handed to you and you have adopted. You can take a good look at them and decide whether that’s something that you wish to continue with or if it’s something that is “blocking” your progress of understanding. You make the decisions, always. Other than a “belief system” I will not go any further, because that is the “most” important thing for you to discover. That is your
own “discovery”, to discover “how” you came to “think” the way you do. How many of you have “ever” thought of that – “why do I think the way I do?” Do I think that way because of others or is it because that is the way “I” think today? Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Would Datre offer us any suggestions on how we can maximize our discovery/growth experience which I happen to equate to waking up?”

DATRE: The growth is in the awareness of “everything” and “all” things upon your planet Earth. Your awareness of your “sounds”, your awareness of your “colors”, your awareness of the “plants”, the “animals”, the “rain”, “wind”, the “people”. As you not only “observe” all of these things, but “ponder” them a little bit, you’ll “discover” the magnificence and the magnitude of the “creation” that you are existing within. That is the thing that
is “important”. As your “discovery” becomes more minute, your world changes. You do not “think” the same, it is an automatic. So that is the way I would suggest you go. Be “aware”, you don’t appreciate the circumstances that you are in, in the body, or planet Earth. If you were to view it from our standpoint, you would see it as magnificent. You look at as a “drudge”. You see, it is all “perspective” and the perspective comes in greater understanding of all that is around you. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Is ending the life of a physical being detrimental to our growth? If so, are there any circumstances where it is not detrimental to our growth?”

DATRE: Well, you see, it is set-up that you all “live and die” – this is the way it is set-up. The only thing that is detrimental to what you call your “death” cycle is that you don’t do anything about it. You see, when you “die” you don’t change. Then when you “re-birth” you have nothing that you come back in to this physical construct again that is of any “benefit” to you – if you don’t continue. We have discussed this business of giving “everything” away. That is something you do because you think it’s what you call, a sin. So you give your “experiences” away – nobody takes them from you – you give it to whoever
wants it, because you don’t want any part of it. Then you don’t “do” anything, until you begin to loose your “hold” in what you call, your “death” realm and then you feel yourself disintegrating to a certain degree. You feel you’re loosing your “hold” in that area of existence so you come back in and then you have to start all over again, because you have “nothing”. You have “kept” nothing.
But that has been your desire. That does not have to be that way. You can go into your “death” process – at any time you so desire. You don’t have to wait for the physical body to get in an accident or get sick and die or whatever. There are many, many on your planet that sit down and leave the body in “perfect” health. Because they’ve decided that they no longer desired the “physical” life process – they desire to start over. This happens all the time. It is their “awareness” that allows them to do so. But, those that have “that” awareness don’t stop the learning process, just because they’re in what you call, in the “death” process. They continue to grow, they continue to expand, they continue to learn. Then when they come back in, they have a pretty good idea what they want to do in this “next” life expression. They don’t live by “default”. Continue.

JOHN: As an expansion of that same question, he says… “Please take this question to the extremes of all life forms such as animals, plants, insects (cockroaches, ants, etc..)? Does it matter what one’s intent is when they take a life, including plants, animals, insects, humans, etc…?”

DATRE: That depends on you; it depends on no one else. If you want to step on a cockroach, step on a cockroach, the cockroach doesn’t care. They have an entirely different thought pattern than you do. Physicality is not the big deal that it is for you, because their understanding of things is not anything that you could understand. Its how “you” feel when you step on a cockroach that makes the difference. Do you go out and “kill” something because its fun? Do you “kill” an animal because its fun? Or, would you “kill” an animal because it’s something you want to eat? You’re the one that has to make the decision as to
how “you” feel when you “kill” something.
So you see, it all comes back to YOU; it is how YOU feel about things. The animal re-births very quickly, but that is something that I’m not going to go into, because it is not within your understanding. But their understanding… you see, you equate… because you have these television things and you put all of these thought patterns of “people” onto animals. But, you see, animals don’t think like that. You have animals now that are sick and you take them to doctors, just like you do with people. The animals get diseases just like you have with people, because they’re mimicking you. But you see, its how “you” feel about things that is important, that is the only thing that is important – regardless if you are in physicality on Earth or any other existence. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “What is the nature of Datre’s own discovery/growth? Does Datre have questions for us?”

DATRE: No Datre does not have questions of you we’re trying to help you understand who YOU are – we KNOW who we are. Some of us are “birthed” in knowingness of what we do. Others come out into the BIG Universe through various levels of understanding. They come out through different “growth” patterning’s. Some of us have only ONE thing we do and we do that for EONS, because we know nothing else – and we desire nothing else – this is WHAT we do. So, as for question for… no, there are none. We have an understanding that we’re trying to help YOU to get to the point, so that YOU can understand who YOU are – we KNOW who we are. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Datre referred to sounds people were hearing especially in meditation. I hear sounds whenever I listen for them and often times when I am not trying to hear them. They sound like constantly changing, very high frequency, and tones. This trend seems to be increasing over the last 8 years or so. Does Datre have any comments about what these sounds are and how I might consider relating to them?”

DATRE: It is not necessary that you relate to them. Many people have different sounds that they have in their head. Your medical profession will give them different names, but what happens is, you see, in order to work with the HOLOGRAM and the PARTICLES that make up your physical being, you have to have “something” to “maintain” the physical construct. You have to maintain the HOLOGRAM and you have to maintain the PARTICLES that are within
the HOLOGRAM. And the TWO things that are used to maintain the physical construct are the EYES and the EARS. So, when you hear noises – you said the high-pitched sound in your EARS – the vibrations upon the planet are changing, your EARS are picking up those vibrations and adjusting accordingly. That is all that is. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Is there any benefit to our growth/discovery to have physical exercise as opposed to not having physical exercise?”

DATRE: It does not matter. You see what you’re looking at is the experiences of the physical form. In other words, physical exercise is working with the physical biology. The biology, in the transformation of the YOU that you are from one state of awareness to another state of awareness in the BIRTH process, has nothing to do with the physical construct. Because the physical construct is not going to go through with you. In other
words, you will go through and, shall we say, on the “other” side, you will again inhabit a physical construct. But the physical construct that you have here on planet Earth remains on planet Earth.
This is Earth substance you are built of. That is one of the hard things for people to understand, that “everything” that constructs your physical being in “this” evolution upon planet Earth is “stuff” that comes from the Earth. In other words, the cells that you have in your body, the organs that you have in your body, the eyes that you see through, everything is “mass”. That’s “particle” mass. Particle mass is put, shall we say, into the “hologram” so that you can “see” it. Because you cannot “see” a “hologram”, your eyes are not constructed to see a “hologram”. So you put “particles” into the “hologram” so that you can have a “physical existence”.

So, if in exercising, you “relax” the physical being that you are residing within, to the point that you are able to more clearly “reach” the you that you are, then it is to advantage. Like a runner, reaches a certain point in running and it almost as if their body is weightless. In other words, they feel this surge of energy through the physical construct and it seems to just “float”. I don’t know how many are runners, but that’s what
they tell me happens, that you reach this point of… like a car on the street that hit water and they hydroplane and slide on the water, then it’s like its all loose, the car just slides around. Well that’s the way, they tell me, that the body feels when you run when you reach that certain point. That’s why a lot of people run, because they reach that point of exhilaration where the body feels light. There are people that do that in running that have never done it any other way.

But there are individuals upon your planet that experience this in everyday life. They experience the.. Like they don’t have a body, it becomes very light in it’s feeling. But whatever you do with the physical body, that is up to you. But it has nothing to do with what goes in what you would say is your “knowledge”, your “learning” processes – that’s an entirely different thing. If you want to exercise, fine. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Is consciousness the primary goal of life?”

DATRE: Consciousness is “life” upon planet Earth. That is what you work with, your consciousness. So, that says it all. If you didn’t have consciousness you’d have to have something else that you would call by another name.

JOHN: But that’s not a goal in itself, that’s a “working” environment.

DATRE: That is correct, that’s part of your physicality, that’s what you are. Consciousness in physicality is as much a part of you as an arm, a leg, a hand or anything else. It’s NOT a goal, you have it. When you came in the “first” time you got it and
you’ll have it until you leave. Then when you leave, depending upon what happens, you’ll take so much with you or whatever. That is a “part” of you that you have.

JOHN: Its sort of like asking, if I’m a water creature, is “water” a primary goal of life? It’s the same kind of question.

DATRE: Yes, but it’s… no because you see, consciousness is NOT separate from you, water is separate from you, unless it’s in you.

JOHN: His next question is… “What, if any, are the effects of our diet on our consciousness?”

DATRE: None, whatsoever. There you’re getting back into one of your BIG numbers again, that’s a BELIEF. You see, we slipped that in a little sideways there – but it is your belief. You see, you could not go into a foreign country and drink with camels. But the people that live there can drink with the camels. How come they can do it and not die and you could die immediately – because of all the germs and everything else that’s in the water? It’s pretty much a “belief” system. So diet has “nothing” to do with it, EXCEPT how “strong” is your “belief” that it is NOT good for you. If you are so thoroughly convinced that it will make you “sick”, it will. OK, continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Is time, as we experience it, directly related to our consciousness? In other words, is it true that the more conscious we are the more of an eternity we experience in the moment?”

DATRE: Well you see, you can’t be “more” conscious, because conscious IS. So I don’t know how to explain it any further than that.

JOHN: What he’s doing and what everybody tends to do is they equate “consciousness” with expanded awareness – they put those as the same thing.

DATRE: No, it is not! Expanded awareness has nothing to do with consciousness, except that that is an understanding that you have. But consciousness IS, that is a part of you. Consciousness is like a “brain” – if you want to put it that way. So, you come with a “brain” in physicality, all right, when you go into the “dead zone” you construct a pseudo form, shall we say. But if it’s a pseudo form, you don’t have a “brain” to work with, you
work “direct” with consciousness at that point. It gets very complicated to explain, but that is a “part” of it. Consciousness is like anything else, it’s part of your system; you work “with” your consciousness.

JOHN: In other words, from what you’re saying, an individual is no LESS conscious in the “dead zone” then they are in the so called “live” zone.

DATRE: No! Simply because, you are constantly within your “bubble” and what does your “bubble” contain? What we have consistently talked about, that is all the PSYCHE and the
consciousness is only a discriminator of the “psychic” material – that you are giving yourself.

JOHN: In some terms it’s a filter – in some respects.

DATRE: To an extent, because you can’t bring ALL of your PSYCHE – that is the YOU that you are – you can’t bring all of that into physicality. So, you only bring that in, which you
can use for experiences. So I guess you could call it a filter, it wouldn’t be exactly my way of putting it.

JOHN: His next question is… “Is Datre communicating via additional channels on Earth and, if so, are those sources available to us also? If yes, can Datre (or whoever) tell us
where they are?”

DATRE: Well you see Datre is a name given to Universal Beings that able to use a physical channel to communicate through. Now, Datre is a composite that is constantly changing. There are others that can communicate with the same individuals within the BIG Universe – that can be done. But what we tell you is, if you want information and you are seeking information of like substance, then I would say to you in the physical, seek and ye shall find. If this is the information that you want and you want it to come through somebody else, then you start searching and see if you can find “like” information. Then YOU make the decision as to where YOU think it’s coming from. You see, there again, we’re here to guide and help, but you need to help yourself. See if you can locate anyone who is coming through with this “type” of information.

JOHN: His next question is… “Are there other Big Universe entities being channeled or otherwise available on Earth? If yes, can Datre (or whoever) tell us where they are?” That
seems like the same question.

DATRE: That’s the same question.

JOHN: OK, the next question is… “Datre has spoken previously about hallucinogenic drugs causing brain cells to die. Are there other things in our lives that also cause brain cells to die?”

DATRE: Of course, there are many things. But, the ones that we were talking about are the ones that “die” with RAPIDITY. In other words, the very heavy acid drugs, will cause a great deal more cells to “die” more quickly. In other words, you’re having “explosions” within the brain and what’s happening, these brain cells are “dying” at a RAPID, RAPID rate. Now, cell deterioration, as you know, is a “gradual” thing. So, yes, there are things that, in fact, if you want to just put it very simply, that the process of cell deterioration from the day of “baby” birth, till the day of death, at what you call, “old
age”, there is “constant” cell deterioration. But the thing is, in the deterioration there is still a “residual” there. In a “drug” situation, those cells are eliminated TOTALLY and

JOHN: OK, his next question is sort of a follow on to that… “What part does our brain play in our growth/discovery? Are there any ways to counteract dead brain cells and help
maximize the growth of those who have taken these drugs?”

DATRE: I would not be concerned about that. The brain is a computer, individuals that have had serious accidents and portions of their bodies do not function or they’ve had serious
illnesses, they are finding through your scientific research and so forth, that they can “retrain” portions of your body to function again. So, I would not be concerned about what you’ve already lost. I would be concerned about “future” loss. Were you to start today, to consciously work at doing more “research” into the SELF that you’re working through in physicality and changing even your belief systems, what you do is “bypass” the brain patterning.
In other words, if you “change” your thought patterning, what you do is make “bypasses” in your brain. All those wrinkles you’ve got in them, you constantly change patterning’s in your brain consistently. So, there are some people that change their brain patterning faster than other people. But, the idea of anything, is to make you “aware” of what is happening, what you’re doing as mass consciousness and then going from there. You’re still functioning. So you’ve taken drugs, quit taking drugs and get your mind going in another direction and make all kinds of NEW patterns.

JOHN: His next question is rather long and involved, it says… “Every entity that I know of that is being channeled seems to claim that they are from the highest, or “biggest picture” (Big Universe), source possible. Also, they seem to universally claim that the channel has no influence or distorting effect on the message being channeled. Please discuss this issue/question relative to other entities and relative to Aona and Datre. (By
the way, I mean this most sincerely and not in any way derogatory to Aona, Datre, or any other entity. However, I have perceived ego in many cases with other entities or channels).”

DATRE: Well the thing is, that the training involved in bringing through Universal Entities is very different, as we have said many times before. You just don’t all of a sudden, one day, begin to bring through information. There is a difference in the way the information comes through. There is a difference in the way the information is presented. You see the ego is one of the things that the human element has. There is “distortion”, to a certain degree, depending upon the information that is given.

Now, if the channel is comfortable with the information that they are receiving, they’ll bring it through. But, if they’re uncomfortable with it, there is very apt to be distortion. Now, Aona’s familiarity with Universal understanding is a great deal
different than others living upon the planet. This is what she came here for and this is what she is doing. It would not matter whether we came through her or not as far as she is concerned. In fact, she would prefer that she wasn’t doing this in many cases. But, this is what she is doing; this is the information she is bringing through.
As to distortions, she cannot distort. And I will tell you why, because she has tried to distort. She has tried to “intercept”. When we enter her body, she cannot DO anything. She can “think”, from her standpoint, anything she wants to think, she can try with all her might to try and “change” the answers that we are giving and she can’t do it. She has tried, over long periods of time, to try and distort. Then when she became thoroughly convinced that she could NOT distort any way, shape or form, she said, “Alright, NOW I will channel” and she would NOT before that. Because she has seen and heard many channels, over many years of time. Aona is not a young girl that can be easily swayed by ego.

So, it is a great deal different. This information is “different” information. You are getting that information in the “simplest” of form. Now, were Aona to be in a room with people that had a “greater” understanding of the Universal principles, she could step aside and we would bring through information that would ASTOUND you. But we are speaking to individuals in many countries upon your planet. We cannot bring through a great deal of, what you call, sophisticated information, because that would be detrimental to all. We are trying to speak in the simplest terms for YOU to get to understand you. This is NOT something that we want to overwhelm you with. We want to help you understand who YOU are and that is OUR main purpose and that is the main thrust of the information. So, perhaps that will help you in answering that question.

JOHN: His next question is… “What is the “cause” of new energies coming to Earth?”

DATRE: The cause is direction; the energies are being “directed” toward this planet and being infused into your bubble. That is the way changes are made. Different energies throughout the BIG Universe are being “chosen” and channeled to your “bubble” to make changes. You see, when it is done in that form, everyone upon the planet is affected. It is NOT discriminatory in any way. The energy that “you” receive is the same that every
other entity upon the planet – being “living” or “dead” – all receiving the same energy to make changes.

So, the changes are up to you to make, as you work with the energies. But it is not anything that is saying, “well you’re getting this information and you’re getting that information, because you’re getting this energy and you’re getting that energy”. No, it’s coming in. You’ll get the energy, YOU’LL work with it the way you want to work with it, it is for YOUR understanding. But these energies are out in the BIG Universe and they’re just being brought in here to make changes.

JOHN: His next question is… “If I understand, Datre talked about meditation and how many of us like to do it to get away from the physical experience even though the physical
experience is what we were so anxious to come here for. Meditation, although I don’t do it much these days, seems to raise my frequency to a “finer” frequency. Is the goal to
“graduate” via our consciousness maturing? If so, doesn’t meditation help that process for some?”

DATRE: Yes, yes it does. Because what happens, you begin “explorations” through meditation and if your bodies are all tied up in the mass consciousness in the physical activities of
your daytime, meditation, for many brings a “calming” effect. Many, as they begin to make changes within the physical construct, they’re understanding is changing, they will “allow” the exploration that they would NOT allow were they in their physical being. Because in meditation, you release and that is the big thing with your lives, is the release. Letting go, stop the pushing.
So, in meditation, if you are able to allow the freedom of exploration, that is fine – but that’s not an end all. You can sit and meditate and meditate, that is not an end all, the thing is you need to LIVE also. But if meditation teaches you that YOU and your BODY are two DIFFERENT things and can recognize that to the fullest extent, then you have also gained a great deal of understanding. That will also “change” your belief system. Because, if YOU are NOT your BODY, then what happens to the body will not be fearful to you, because you “know” that YOU exist, in or out of body. And that is one of the things that will FREE you in your life expression and experience. Continue.

JOHN: That is one of the things that on this planet, is an interesting enigma. Many, many people proclaim, “Yes, I know I’m not my body”. Yet in their belief system, in their inner core, they would be absolutely petrified if “harm” was coming their way – they would “think” they were the body – right up front.

DATRE: Yes, yes, yes and a great deal of that is genetics. But the thing is, that your understanding can change a lot of that. There again, your understanding is getting back to what you “believe” you are. If you believe you exist, whether you’re in a physical being or not – that is one of the BIGGEST learning’s that you have. Not only saying it, but actually believing it.

JOHN: Yes that’s my point, a lot of people say that – because it’s fashionable.

DATRE: Well that’s fine, but then if that’s the case, then there should be no fear.

JOHN: Exactly, that’s my point.

DATRE: Continue.

JOHN: OK, his final question is… “Regarding the two groups of humans (entities) that got mixed together when their two bubbles collided, is the ratio in numbers of beings dramatically unequal, OR is the more conscious group just beginning to wake up to who they are, OR am I simply not seeing, OR other?”

DATRE: There is a difference in the ratio. Because those that this planet was their experience, this was set-up for them and so they are in the minority. The ones that “collided” into this planetary existence are in the majority. But – let me make this very clear – it does NOT matter in your evolution of the individual. That is an individual path and it doesn’t matter if you had collided on another planet, other “form” of individuals,
it doesn’t matter, all you’re doing is EVOLVING – continuously.
And because the “collision” being that far back, shall we say, in your time spectrum, there has been such a “complete” integration – of both – that it is undecernable. Except in cases where there are those individuals that have kept themselves so uniquely separated, because their thought patterns are so “extremely” different. But, to look at mass humanity, on your
planet, to us, you can’t tell one from another. The only one that can tell the difference is the YOU that you are – in knowing WHO you are.
But it does not matter; YOUR evolution is YOUR evolution. Whether it is in LIFE, whether it is in DEATH, whether it’s on this planet, whether it’s another experiential existence, it does not matter. The MAIN thing is finding out WHO you are, finding out WHAT this planet is all about, what HUMANITY is all about, getting to KNOW it and saying, “alright, this I understand, now bring on the NEXT experience”. And you will PULL to you that which will be your NEXT experience.

You see you have learned to rely on so many, for so many things, that you do not REALIZE the magnitude and the POWER that YOU contain within the YOU that you are. Because you’ve never “allowed” yourself to see YOU. You’ve always “cloaked” it in many different disguises. But, as you “discover” and “uncover” the YOU that you are, THAT is when everything begins to happen. Because THEN, living on the planet, becomes a TOTALLY different experience – because you’re looking at it from ANOTHER viewpoint. You’re looking at it as an EXPERIENCE and it becomes FASCINATING. Next.

JOHN: That was the last question.

DATRE: Is that is all the questions there are?

JOHN: Yes!

DATRE: All right, did we cover everything that needed to be covered? All right, we thank you we are Datre.


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