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Datre on male-female
DATRE: Now, in our discussions with John regarding the ‘different’ forms of, shall we say, beings within the BIG Universe, we decided that it would be a good idea to put this information out to you for your understanding.

Now, one of the things that came up was, what goes on in the BIG Universe and in the discussion, the information about the MALE – FEMALE concept arose.

Now, your concept about ‘male’ ‘female’ is limited to your exposure in your expression upon planet Earth. So, we will start with that first.

You began as a CLONED reality. A cloned reality, for simplistic
explanation, functions very much like the animals do. In other words, the animals work from a ‘cloned’ reality ‘type’ of system. The animals work from a, shall we say, a ONE MIND PRINCIPLE. All of the ‘dogs’, regardless of what kind, work out of a ‘one mind’ principle. All of your ‘cats’, work out of a ‘one mind’ principle. Each ‘species’ of animal works out of a ‘one mind’ principle. Each has its separate ‘one mind’ principle. So, what happens is, as we have said before, when discussing animals, the ‘cats’ don’t have a ‘dead zone’, the ‘dogs’ don’t have a ‘dead zone’. What they do upon leaving a physical construct, they go back into their ‘one mind’ principle. Which is like a ‘bubble’ that works specifically for a ‘cat’. They draw and ‘interact’ from that standpoint. That is ‘their’ evolutionary process. So they go ‘back’ into the ‘one mind’ principle, then come back into another physical construct for experience. When they ‘decide’ they’ve had enough and want to make a ‘change’ they go back into the ‘one mind’ again and then come back in again. So, the ‘one mind’ principle is entirely different for each animal species.

Now to get into the ‘set-up’ of that I’m not going to, because that gets too involved for easy understanding – we’ll let it stay at that point.

Now, all CLONED realities work much the ‘same’ way. In other words, they work from a ‘one mind’ principle. That does not mean that they do not experience, they do, but they work from a ‘one mind’ principle.

So, the individuals here that were working from a CLONED reality, we could ‘sense’ that they were beginning to, shall we say, ‘push’ the envelope of that ‘one mind’ principle. Upon sensing that, it was up to us to come up with an idea of HOW to ‘individuate’ you. One of the ways of individuation was to introduce the 23rd. chromosome. Which made you MALE – FEMALE.

Now, when ‘you’ think of ‘male’ ‘female’, the first thing you think of is ‘romance’, you think of sexuality and all of that. That is, when a ‘male’ ‘female’ is mentioned, AUTOMATICALLY that is the ‘first’ thing you think of. Now, that is because you are on a planet that was ‘basically’ animal, before ‘you’ were ever on this planet – THIS was THEIR planet. Now, what is on this planet is what your ‘bodies’ are composed of, these are your
‘particles’ that you draw from. You have ‘animalistic’ behavior. Now, that is not said in a derogatory way, that is what it is. So, your MALE – FEMALENESS is an animalistic behavior. In other words, you have your 23rd. chromosome ‘turned on’ and it stays on. The animals work from an entirely ‘different’ principle.

Now, you’ll say, well then what about ‘space’ brothers and ‘space’ sisters? What about ‘male’ – ‘female’ on other planetary expressions? Now, in the INDIVIDUATION of individuals on OTHER planetary existences, their INDIVIDUATION does NOT need to be SEXUAL. It is NOT their intent and their purpose. You see different expressions in the Universe are different because it is your evolutionary patterning that takes you to different,
shall we say, places for your learning. Now, if they were ALL like this one, what would we need this one for or what would we need the others for? In other words, if you’re going to go from ‘this’ planetary existence into ‘another’ planetary existence and into another planetary existence and they were ALL the SAME, where would be your LEARNING?

Now, lets just take ‘another’ planetary existence as sort of an example to you as to what happens, were you to go into another planetary existence where they had ‘male’ – ‘female’. Now, first of all, we’re NOT talking about SEX. You’re going to say, how can you be ‘male’ – ‘female’ without talking about sex? MALE – FEMALE are the words we have to use, because these are the words you’re familiar with, so we have to use ‘words’ to describe to you what’s going on. In another form of expression, ‘male’ –
‘female’ could take an entirely ‘different’ direction. In other words, the ‘male’ – ‘female’ DISTINCTION would NOT be in the body. The ‘male’ – ‘female’ would come in the DISTINCTION of HOW they handled thought.

Now, if a ‘thought’, identical to two of the individuals, one male and one female, the SAME thought would be ‘processed’ differently by each one. In other words, the ‘thought’ coming into the ‘male’ would be PROCESSED in one way; the ‘thought’ coming into a ‘female’ would be PROCESSED another way. THAT would be their MALE – FEMALE distinction. Not as a physicality, but in the way they processed incoming thought. Now, JOHN have I covered that enough so that it is understandable?

JOHN: Yes, yes, for example, like we talked about, the example that I used, if the fundamental thought was a ‘statue’, for example, one may think of the FORM of the statue the other may consider only the TEXTURE of the statue. But the THOUGHT is about the same thing.

DATRE: It is still the statue, but it would be the ‘different’ approach to the same thing. Yes, you were given a piece of something to make a statue out of, which of course on their planet they wouldn’t have material like that to work with. But lets just use it as an example. They take two pieces of material, one would be more concerned about the ‘texture’, so would sculpt something that was representative of the material. The other person would have a concept of something like a building or something and they would make a statue of a house, where the other one would make a statue of a tree. The SAME material, but it would be the ‘approach’ to how they took
that same piece of thing. The same thing with the thought coming in would be processed differently.

Now, you see, you on your planet have a ‘dual’ advantage, from your standpoint – not from theirs, but from yours. In that you can express in physicality and you express in the ‘mental’ capacity. Because the ‘females’ express one way and the ‘males’ express another way. But your ‘physicality’ is also a ‘different’ and ‘separate’ expression. But, that is NOT necessarily so, on other planetary existences. So when you think of, like they speak of, the people from Venus and people from other planets and so forth, the ‘first’ thing you do when you make that connection with the ‘thought’ pattern, ‘the people from Venus are going to look just like us’. Nooo, they’re NOT going to look just like you. But that is the ‘immediate’
thought pattern because you have ‘no one’ who that has ever explained to you, perhaps, that if everybody was expressing in ‘animal’ bodies then when would your ‘learning’ come in? You ‘need’ to have expression in different ways, in ‘different’ environments, for the expansion of the YOU that you are. You can’t do the same thing again and again.

This is the ONLY time that that expression will continue in the physical form and the reason being is because the ‘time lines’, shall we say, of two different groups of entities were merged. They are ‘both’ here and are unable to continue the evolution, because of the ‘mixture’. By separating those by their ‘signature’ prints, (we don’t separate you, you separate yourselves) by where ‘your’ understanding is, the understanding of ‘you’. And this separation will ‘allow’ a greater learning process, a quicker learning process. Because there is two ‘distinct’ groups of individuals, that are thinking entirely different, entirely different. You get to a certain point and there’s a very ‘distinct’ barrier between the thought patterning’s. So, by you separating yourselves you’re going to be on planets where your evolution is going to be more comfortable.

Now, the ‘third’ group is, shall we say, on the planet more in an ‘observation’ mode and getting to know more about the workings of the physical, the workings of the thought patterning’s and all of that. Because they will go to the ‘third’ planet which will be comfortable to them, in that they will go into a planet or onto a planet, whichever, that is going to be ‘fluid’, wispy and functioning without a body. So, as you can see, there is a minuscule amount that will be going, they are a very ‘tiny’ amount, from our standpoint. But you see, those are getting, shall we say, the ‘sea legs’, getting used to functioning without the body, to go out into the BIG Universe.

Perhaps this will help you in your understanding that what you ‘see’ and put in front of you is YOUR picture of what you ‘think’ people from ‘other’ planetary existences should look like. In other words, they should ‘look’ like you. Or, they should look very ‘close’ to what you look like. Or, you may have that within the ‘dead zone’ that ‘impresses’ upon you the ‘cloned’ realities. That’s where your pictures of the ‘gray men with the big eyes’ come from. That was back in the ‘cloned’ reality times. You’ll notice, there is no ‘male’ – ‘female’ in those, they all look alike, the pictures that are drawn are exactly alike. That is coming from your ‘dead zone’. That is a ‘cloned’ reality and that is what that is all about.

There is a ‘quality’ that emerges through ‘individuation’ that takes on a FLAVOR of ‘male’ and ‘female’ regardless of the package. So, we hope that we will help you in that… you have a question John?

JOHN: I just wanted to make a point here that struck me when you were talking. Aona and I have contended, for quite some time that ‘male’ and ‘female’ are in fact, on this planet, two ‘different’ species. The ‘male’ is not a ‘male’ version of the ‘female’ and visa versa, but they are two distinctly ‘different’ species.

DATRE: Yes, they are and they aren’t. Because your basic body structure, your bone structure, lets put it that way, is very much alike. The individuation of ‘male’ – ‘ female’ in itself, on this planet, creates a ‘different’ species – that’s what does it. Its when you ‘individuated’. That is when it became actually two different SPECIES. That’s why the ‘males’ say, ‘I don’t understand the women’ and the women say, ‘I don’t understand the ‘male’. Because of the ‘individuation’ that has continued over such a long period of time, here we use that word ‘time’ again, but I have to use it, because of ‘that’ you have actually formed separate and distinct SPECIES that have grown, further and further apart in their expressions. So, does that help?

JOHN: Yes, that’s fine, thank you.

DATRE: Now, we hope that that will help you understand the ‘difference’ in when you are working from a Universal stand point than working from a ‘planetary’ standpoint. Because there are ‘distinct’ differences in ‘every’ planetary existence. So, when you try and relate another planetary to this planetary existence, is NOT within your comprehension. In other words, you could – if it were possible for you to take your physical
construct onto another planet and look around, you would say, ‘there is no one here’. Because your physical ‘eyes’ are tuned to the ‘resonance patterning’ upon your planet Earth.

So, to see individuals on another planet may or may not be anything that you would be able to see with your physical eyes. Now, if you see ‘other’ than with your physical eyes, you may be able to ‘detect’ others. But you see, there’s ‘other’ ways of perceiving, other than the physical eyes.

You see, the only time that we ‘see’ is when we look through the ‘channels’ eyes – then we see. Other than that, we ‘perceive’ and those that could ‘perceive’ could go on another planet and ‘perceive’ an existence. That is why they say, when you travel to ‘other’ areas in the Universe, you come back in with no ‘remembrance’ because you have used a ‘different’ type of
perception. Your ‘perceiving’, you’re NOT seeing with your physical eyes when you do that.

You see, the only thing that ‘stops’ you is the fact that, number one, you can’t take your physical form out of this bubble to go someplace else and be able to see what ‘is’. Your eyes are set-up to see only in physicality. You can go out in your space ships and that sort of thing and you can get ready to go to Mars and all that thing, if that is your desire. But, when you get out there, you will not ‘see’ other peoples. Now if you are
interested in seeing your ‘realities’ that you have in expression in your ‘bubble’ with your planet Earth, you’re going to ‘see’ many things. Simply because as these energies change, the ‘barriers’, shall we say, between the ‘time lines’ will diminish and you will see a lot of things you never saw
before. But you are using your physical eyes, because you’re here on this planet.

So, perhaps that will help you a little bit in your understanding. So, if someone says that, ‘at one time I remember being on another planet and I looked like this’, what they’re doing is ‘transferring’ what they have ‘perceived’ in their thought patterning’s. ‘Well I experienced this, I experienced that’, but what they’re doing is they’re going into the ‘dead
zone’ and seeing from ‘that’ vantage point. That is an entirely
different… and there is no way you can explain ‘perception’ and ‘seeing’ to someone who has NOT experienced it. That is what is ‘frustrating’ to many, because they say, that they don’t understand – they can’t really, any more than you can understand us. Because it is too big a ‘gap’ for your brain to comprehend. We can just try and ‘create’ something so that you have a ‘picture’ in your minds eye, shall we say, to help you understand what this is all about.

Your planet Earth is very important. Everybody is watching it, because this is a ‘grand’ thing. But, they’re watching from a ‘different’ stand point then seeing like you see. This is GRAND; there is no doubt about it. But, in your understanding, its like you try and ‘interpret’ your animal’s feelings into a physical construct, which is yours. Animals don’t ‘feel’ like you do. Animals work more from, you call it instinct, they work more
from ‘perception’. Because an animal, just because the body is there, that animal does not necessarily have to be IN it. That’s why you say, that some animals sleep a great deal. They get ‘tired’ of being trapped within what you call a physical construct. They enjoy their ‘freedom’. They like to be out and going back into their MIND that they have to get in and out of. So, they like that, they like to go back and forth. But it is NOT a concept you understand. And you have OVERLAID so many of ‘your’ feelings upon them, that when they ‘react’ in a certain way, you ‘translate’ it as, from your standpoint, how ‘you’ would react. So, you see, it is an entirely ‘different’ thing.

But at any rate, maybe we have helped clear up some understanding about the ‘space brothers’ and the ‘space sisters’ that you hear so much about. And this you’re going to hear about, more and more and more. Because it is a ‘security blanket’ that many upon this planet need and want – because of
the FEAR of ‘not’ knowing WHO they are – and there is nothing wrong with that. But for those that wish to, shall we say, get beyond that and understand what actually – some of this Universe – is about. And what a GRAND experience it is to be able to have the ‘opportunity’ to get out and explore it, then we’ll will give you ‘these’ little things to help you in your understanding.

Now, regarding these ‘space brothers’ and ‘space sisters’, many will say, ‘but we have seen pictures of spacecraft and entities’. Perhaps many of you do not know that you are able to ‘impress’ images upon film and have it developed as a ‘real’ picture. This is something that is very easy to do and people have done it, with intent, to see if it could be done – and it
worked. Some people have developed a film and found a picture of Jesus floating in the sky and been ‘shocked’ by it. Your MIND is a very ‘powerful’ thing. That comes back to what we’ve said many times, ‘you create your own pictures’.

I believe we have covered as much as we wish to right now, we will leave now, we are Datre.


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