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Datre answers Jeremy
JOHN: We have some questions from Jeremy and his first question is… “What about sexuality, and especially celibacy: is it necessary for personal vibrational upliftment?”

DATRE: No, it is not. You see there have been many teachings that taught celibacy, for their own reasons. It is ‘not’ necessary. You see, when you come onto this planet to experience physicality, then ‘that’s’ what it means. You are here to understand the body, you are here to understand the planet, you’re here to get to ‘know’ more about WHO you are, under these conditions.

Many times, those on the planet have screamed out for help and we all figured, all right, they’ve had enough, we’ll take them out of these circumstances and put them into an other environment. Then when that happens, the screaming starts, ‘leave us alone, we’ll do it ourselves’. This has happened more than once. Now, we’re going to ‘allow’ you to go the whole way yourself, the way ‘you’ want to do it, that is up to you. Your ‘signature print’, your vibration will take you to your ‘next’ existence that is most comfortable to the vibration that you have ‘last’ existed in upon this planet.

Now, if your ‘belief’ is such that celibacy is necessary for gaining ‘spirituality’, that is going to be a ‘hard’ number to change, because it is a BELIEF. There we get back to ‘beliefs’ again, the subject no one wants to confront. But, if you’re in physicality, to learn about your body and learn about the planet, then aren’t you cutting one leg off of a chair you’re sitting upon? In other words, if you’re to experience, then EXPERIENCE. If it is something you don’t care about, if you don’t care about sexuality in any way, shape or form, that is ‘not’ your intent and purpose this time in this lifetime and it is not of any concern to you, one way or the other, that you’re so busy doing something else, that’s fine. It is all up to you. Same way with homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual and celibacy, you’ve got four different things that you can draw from. What do you choose? You can learn from ALL.

But, it depends on ‘how’ you learn from it. If you learn from it that THIS is what it HAS to be or THIS or ‘nothing’. In other words, if you don’t have celibacy you can’t do this, that and the next thing. If that’s your belief, you’re going to have trouble getting out of it. If your belief is that if you’re a homosexual then this, this and this. It’s the people that are homosexual that don’t care about what ‘other’ people think. They live their own life; they do their own thing. They don’t have to ‘defend’ themselves, they don’t feel the ‘need’ to defend themselves, and they’re not ‘guilty’ about it. ‘This is what I am, I don’t have to explain to the world, to get their approval’. You need ‘nobody’ else’s approval. What are ‘you’ comfortable with in the body, working through different experiences?

You see that’s why you have, what you call, this word… ‘infidelity’ in marriage. Where does that come from? It comes from the fact that when you are married, that’s it. You’re stuck for the rest of your life. Now, being ‘stuck’ for the rest of your life, with a partner that is no longer compatible to you, is either something that you can work out to your own satisfaction, in some way, shape or form… or splitting. But it has only been in your recent period of time that you have been ‘allowed’ to separate from someone, that you are no longer compatible living with.
There are many upon your planet that are no longer compatible in your thought patterning’s, that separate and are ‘still’ very good friends. Not understandable by many people, but why can’t you be friends? Why does it have to be something that you can’t be ‘friends’ with that person? You had a ‘great’ existence with that person. You both learned a lot, but you’re going one way the other person is going the other way, so why ‘struggle’ to stay under the same roof? Unless you feel that that is a learning experience for you and you want it. But that you have to ‘know’ within that being that is YOU. So, you see, I say you have all of these choices and the choice is always yours. Continue.

JOHN: Next question is… “What about the relationship of our spirituality to our new, increasingly conscious technologies?”

DATRE: Well, you learn from everything. This label of ‘spirituality’ has a label that has been stuck on many things. It’s stuck on piety, it’s stuck on ‘you have to be goodie, goodie’, you have to ‘conform’ to certain standards to be ‘spiritually’ aware or whatever you want to call it. Spirituality is a term that been ‘stuck’ on many things. Science is science and whether you want to put spirituality with it or not is immaterial, because its two different things. Science is a learning of many things. Science is no different than archeology or… yes archeology would be a good one. Because in archeology you think you are learning about something. In science you think you are learning about something. So that’s fine, but ‘spirituality’ has no more to do with science than it does with archeology. It is a learning process, both of them. So, continue.

JOHN: And as a continuation of that he says… “Will we merge with our machines?”

DATRE: No, why should you? What would you want to merge? You’re a ‘machine’ to begin with. You are, to put it very ‘plainly’ and very truthfully, the body you reside in is a ROBOT. And ‘you’ are the manipulator of the ‘robot’ so what do you need another machine for? That is the way ‘you’ appear to us. You’re working in a ‘robotic’ situation, everyday of your life, because ‘you’ are NOT your body. You are the MANIPULATOR of the body. You that are inhabiting the body, is the one that works the ‘computer’ brain. You have many functions within the body that you don’t manipulate. They are made to ‘function’ on their own, simply because you couldn’t keep track of your digestive system and your ‘eyes’ and your ears and your hands and your feet and all of that. You couldn’t… you would spend all of your time trying to manipulate the body and keep everything running. So, many of the things that are ‘encased’ within the body work on an ‘automatic’ principle and that has been for convenience.

But, the thing is, that when you inhabit the body… you see, when ‘you’ go to sleep and leave your body, the body does fine by itself. It turns itself over, it covers itself up, it takes the covers off. The body has an intelligence of it’s own. Where the ‘difficulty’ comes in, is the body has it’s own intelligence and ‘you’ inhabiting the body have your own intelligence and many times there’s a great fight between what ‘you’ want the body to do and what the body wants to do. So, that’s why we say, get to know your body and listen to your body because the body will tell you many things.

The body does not need to be monitored, like you ‘think’ it does, to go to doctors all the time and have your body constantly monitored to see if there is anything wrong with it. When you get in contact with your body then you’ll ‘know’ what’s wrong with it. If there’s something wrong with it and it continues, then maybe its got to be fixed. Otherwise why go and search for trouble? Because you can do that too.

But, there’s no need to connect up with a machine, because you already are. You’ve got a ‘great’, ‘great’ machine running constantly and you’re not even aware of it and that’s your brain – that’s your computer. So, what a computer is modeled after is your brain. So, if you’ve already got one, why do have to get another one, because computers always have to be fixed. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question along the same lines is… “Will they become conscious… even spiritual?” These machines that he’s talking about.

DATRE: No, why should they? Now, the thing is, you will get the computers to the point that they will be able to ‘connect’ different things together. I think that’s what he’s referring to. Like your brain will take many things and connect them together. The computer ‘can’ get to that point. Whether it will or not, I don’t know, but it ‘can’ get to that point where it will make it’s own connection. But, that still is an entirely different situation. But you see, because your brain does it, you’re going to try and get something mechanical to do that – that’s what they’re working on. Continue.

JOHN: The next part is relative to some of the research, lab program things that he’s doing and he’s interested in your comments. It says… “Pre-human intelligence and its design, an investigation into the prospects of post-electronic creation electronic and post-electric interactivity. Autonomous forms of non-human intell and autonomous non-human creativity. The biological, psychological and mental programs of pre-human intelligence. The design of non-human intelligence and look into the future of creative genetics, enhancing our understanding of the spiritual problems of bio-creation.”

DATRE: Well it all sounds very interesting and very complicated. But if that is your area that you wish to explore, then go ahead and see what you find. But may I tell you one thing, don’t base today’s understanding on ‘yesterdays’ news. In other words, allow yourself the ‘freedom’ to let go of a lot of ‘pre-conceived’ notions about, ‘if this goes this way and that goes that way, that has to end up this way’. Let if ‘flow’ and see where it takes you. In other words, many of the things that the scientist’s do, they will come up on something new and they will take all the ‘old’ stuff to make what they’ve got now and make it work so its right. In other words, it becomes a ‘fact’ and facts should ‘always’ be variable. Facts should always be variable, because there is ‘nothing’ static. As soon as that becomes a ‘fact’ it is already ‘yesterday’s news. Because ‘everything’ is in ‘constant’ flux and constant change.

That is one of the problems that they’re running into with your ‘diseases’. They’re using the ‘same’ method of cure for the diseases they have today that they had back then. See what happens is, you had that which you call ‘polio’ and now they’re beginning to get ‘polio’ again and they don’t understand why that ‘same’ medication doesn’t work ‘now’ that worked then. Well it can’t, because the ‘bodies’ are NOT the same. The vibration of the ‘electrical force’ within the body is different. Its like trying to take…. a very good example, I just saw a car go by the window and it made me think. You remember when they had the first cars that they had to crank them to turn over the engine and stuff? I saw that on television. You take that engine and put it in a car today, how is it going to run? It doesn’t
run with all your computerized mechanisms you’ve got on your dashboard. But, you’re trying to do the ‘same’ thing with your science. They take the ‘old’ engine with the crank and put it into the ‘new’. It doesn’t work.

The same thing with your thought patterning. You’re trying to take the old thought patterning and old belief systems and put them into the ‘new’ thought patterning’s and they don’t fit. That’s why the Datre material is ‘not’ for everyone. Because, there are those upon the planet, that ‘recognize’ the material. They say, ‘I don’t know how come, but it is so familiar to me, it is something I have ‘always’ known’. And others will say, ‘I don’t know why you talk like that, that makes absolutely no sense to me at all’. So you see, you have ‘constant’ variances. I may have gotten off the track, but I get going sometimes in some directions. Continue with the next one.

JOHN: You’ve marked off a salutation that he used that says… “I bring you the purification information revelation”

DATRE: Where is that from?

JOHN: This is from ‘The Starseed Transmissions’.

DATRE: Well, I don’t understand ‘purification of information’ – there is no such thing. It is like something we did recently about ‘consciousness’, it is the same thing that… from our standpoint and the way your planet and your whole system of ‘exploration’ is set-up, ‘consciousness’ IS. You can’t ‘purify’ anything as far as ‘information is concerned.

Now, it depends upon what view point you’re looking at it from, because its ALL from ‘your’ vantage point. But, ‘information’ is ‘information’ – that’s that. Consciousness, is ‘consciousness – that’s that.

They talk about a ‘loving’ existence and have commented that Datre does not ‘seem’ very loving. Now, ‘loving’ is a physical EMOTION. But, as we have said before, WE ARE LOVE. It is NOT an ’emotional’ love, it is a ‘different’ concept and as you ‘expand’ your ‘awareness’ you will get a ‘feeling’ of what we are talking about. It is a ‘feeling’ that you get INSIDE; it is NOT something that is ‘put’ on the ‘outside’ to wear as a coat. It is something that is, what we would say, ‘a GUT feeling’. It ‘feels’ right and when it ‘feels’ right, it becomes an ‘expression’ of the YOU that you are in physicality.

There are many who walk around and ‘hug’ and give you ‘love’ and ‘peace’ and all that, but ‘that’ is EMOTION. That is a ‘physical’ emotion. And the ‘purification’ of ANY information, there again we’re getting back to that word that encompass so much of what we don’t understand – and that is what YOU call, your ‘spirituality’. It seems to cover a great blanket of things.

So, in ‘observation’ this will tell you a great deal about information that you receive. In a fast pace world where ‘instant gratification’ is needed, the world ‘demands’ – as you put it – so much of my ‘time’. Give yourself ‘time’ in your physical being, that when you ‘read’ information – LOOK at the WORDS – the words will tell you a great as to where the information is coming from. Purification of information can be ‘immediately’ spotted as the ‘dead zone’. Because, purification is a ‘dead zone’ and a ‘live zone’ understanding. It is NOT a Universal understanding. So, some of these words will point out ‘many’ things to you. Watch the way information is presented and you can tell where it is coming from. The more you ‘observe’ those words, the more you will make your ‘discrimination’ as to what YOU want to experience and if you ‘want’ to experience THAT, it is perfectly alright. That is YOUR decision and it is ‘always’ up to you. We thank you, we have enjoyed being with you, we are Datre.


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