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Datre answers Pat.
JOHN: We have some questions from Pat and her questions are relative to statements made by Datre at a previous time. She says, “quoting from the above, “animals that *have reached* their point of real-ization, they have a ‘constant’ signature point”…”they evolve but their ‘signature’ print does not”… “The animal goes, it was a great experience” and then from that
she asks… “Does this mean that all animals have not reached their signature point?”

DATRE: The animals that you have upon your planet have ALL gone through what you call a ‘type’ of BIRTH processing. It is… what fixes the ‘signature print’ is a BIRTH process. Now, we use the term ‘birth process’ because its something you understand, you talk about being re-born and all these sort of things. So the only way we can express that easily is to say, that is a BIRTH process.

Now, this goes on, on other planets in ‘other’ forms of existence. Now, just because you have gone through one BIRTH and have a ‘signature print’, the signature print can change – within an EXISTENCE of a certain period, which you will refer to as ‘time’. There is a ‘timing’ involved, in evolutionary, planetary existence. There is a Universal TIMING – not ‘always’ a linear timing.

Now, the animals upon your planet have a ‘signature print’, in that they have gone through, what you would call a BIRTH process and THAT has ‘solidified’ what you call a ‘signature print’. Now, those animals upon your planet still maintain a form of ‘group mind’ that they work from, because that is their evolutionary process – they are NOT individualized. So, what you have is a ‘group mind’ for the ‘different’ animals that work
back and forth with. So, their ‘evolution’ is different. Just as ‘your’ evolution, in a physical form is ‘different’ than an evolutionary patterning/learning experience on ‘other’ planets. They’re ALL ‘different’; there would be no reason to have them all the same. As was said before, ‘this planet is the ONLY exception’ and that is because of the ‘two separate’ situations coming together to continue, shall we say, as ONE situation. Because they ‘melded’ the two types of ‘experiential patterning’s’.

Now, the animals learn from the ‘humans’. In other words, they learn different things in each one of their existences. But, their evolutionary pattern will stay the same. In other words, the evolutionary patterning of an animal will NOT be human – there’s no desire to BE human. Their evolution is ‘enjoyable’ to them. But, they’re experiencing something different than what they have previously experienced. In other words, from another planetary existence, where there were nothing BUT the animals, that would be a very ‘different’ existence, then an existence where there was human ‘interaction’. So, you see, their ‘interactions’ with humans on your planet is ‘exciting’ to them. So, maybe that gives a little background to help you understand more. But, that does NOT mean that their ‘interaction’ with the humans… when they come back and touch into that ‘single mind’
that they work with and from that adds the ‘experience’ of the WHOLE ‘mind’ patterning.

So you see, they’re like… you teach a dog tricks, you teach a dog obedience type things and you see, when that dog is no longer in a physical form that you can see – when they die, their experiences go back into that ‘group mind’. So you see, that is ‘absorbed’ by that and so that just makes a greater experience for them all. Have I explained that enough now?

JOHN: I think that’s pretty clear.

DATRE: All right, continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “Is the evolution over when they have reached their ‘signature’ point in other words, this is not a type of ‘group soul’ which can evolve into something higher than animal?”

DATRE: You see, from your standpoint if you’re not in a human body form you think there is NOT evolution. But there is, it is different, the experiences are different. But, it is an experience and it is an expression.

But to a cat, this experience with different ‘humans’ on your planet, since this planet first came into existence, you see, that has been a GRAND experience all the way along. From ‘their’ standpoint, this has been GRAND. You see everything does NOT have to be experienced in a ‘humanoid’ form in order to have its GRANDNESS. So, you see, every experience is different.

But, they’re in the constant state, you see, they have a great deal of ‘difference’ in learning and understanding than you have. But from their standpoint, they are… you could say animals are ‘snoopy’. They go into every nook and cranny, they search out everything. Peoples that try to put a cat on a leash and take it down the street, better plan on an hour to go to the end of the block and back again – because the cat searches out
‘everything’, that’s their excitement. Same way with a dog, a dog is very curious. You take any animal, any bird on your planet, any fish, its all different experiences, depending upon what type of an animal they are. They’re always looking for ‘new’ experiences.

Look at your whales that are coming up, that want contact with the humans. They come up on the sand and they can’t get back again and you feel sorry for them and push them back – but what they like, is the human contact. Dolphins are very happy when you pet them. You see, because that is ‘not’ a petting situation for an animal in the water. Can you ‘imagine’ how excited
they are when they get all this attention?

You see, you’re putting YOUR experiences in the physical body into the ‘mental’ construct of an animal and it doesn’t work. The experiences that are ‘exciting’ to them, you couldn’t understand and there is no need to, except that their experiences to them upon a planet where they can ‘interact’ with humans, is a GRAND experience. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “If it were just a great experience why do some animals wait for us – physical human souls – to come home before they leave?”

DATRE: That is very simple; because they have ‘picked-up’ a vibration from you and touching that vibration is the thing that they enjoy. And you see, some of them have, as you well know, have saved families from burning buildings, have done many, many things. They’re not all ‘stupid’ dumb animals, any more than all people are ‘stupid’ dumb people.

You know, you have different ‘gradations’ within experiential patterning’s. Now, there are some animals that have been pets in families and they will disappear and you will never see them again. They will go off by themselves to leave the physical body. Other animals will make the last contact with you – each animal will do a different thing. Because we have ‘observed’
animals doing that, we have observed cats and we have observed dogs that go someplace else to “die” – because they don’t want people around when they leave the physical body. You see, they have an ‘instinctual’ patterning within them and then they also gain a great deal from you too. See, the thing is, if they wanted to leave, some of them ‘know’ by instinct, if you wish to call it that, that you would do ‘everything’ to try and ‘save’ them – when THEY want to go. It’s their decision to go, so they go off and you don’t see them any more. Because they’ve decided that they don’t want to stay in that physical construct – because it is NOT working properly. To them, the body, when is doesn’t work the way an animal wants it to work, will get out of it – if they so desire. They will find a way of getting out of it. So, that is what that is all about.

JOHN: Her final question is… “If they just “go on” why are some of us visited by these animals after they have left?”

DATRE: Because, once you have made contact with an animal and the animal has made contact with you there is a vibratory patterning that you recognize. Now what will happen, and we can explain this from an Aona experience. She can move thousands of miles away from an animal and Aona will walk from one room to another and ‘stumble’ over the cat. She will ‘actually’ stumble, because they have the ability to set-up a… they have their own type of ‘force field’, shall we say, they have their own
vibratory patterning that they can ‘interrupt’ YOUR vibratory patterning and when your vibratory patterning is interrupted, you look down – if it is your feet that is effected – and you will ‘see’ that animal. They will for a very short instant, show themselves to you.

Now, they show themselves to you, in that the brain recognizes the vibration and you will ‘see’ it. So, you see, that happens with animals, it also happens with people in the ‘dead zone’. Peoples in the ‘dead zone’ can come up and ‘tap’ you on the shoulder and you can turn around and ‘see’ that individual that you knew in ‘life form’ standing there. Because they have ‘projected’ their vibratory pattern and so that vibratory pattern is recognized and you will see that individual. So you see, you work more on vibratory patterns than you realize. Because the vibration connects into the brain, the brain makes the picture. So, does that help?

JOHN: Yes, I think that’s great.

DATRE: OK, next?

JOHN: That was the last question. I have a question that I’d like… because there are so many references in here to a term we use all the time and we really don’t ‘know’ what it means. The word HUMAN, is human a… is it one of ‘our’ terms or is it what?

DATRE: Human is NOT our term, but ‘your’ term here on the planet. Human is that construct that you have put a ‘name’ upon. That form that is a ‘cat’ you call cat. That form elephant, you call an elephant. That form ‘human’, you call a human. But, see, these words are words that you have put on.

Now I know where you’re going, we notice when you pick-up a vibratory pattern you will ‘immediately’ classify it. That is your computer, that is your brain that is making the classification. There are individuals, that when they ‘feel’ a certain vibratory patterning – from the ‘dead zone’, shall we say – they will ‘immediately’ classify it as a ‘group’ of
individuals. That is where it comes from; it is your brain that is taking a vibration, setting it as a ‘mental’ picture that it puts together. Its like your computer, you have these little “giddy – watches” that makes connections. You brain is the same way, you connect with a certain vibratory patterning and then the first thing you do is, the ‘brain’ connects and it makes a picture for you. That’s HOW you can see “people from the dead zone”.

JOHN: Or animals that are NOT in any dead zone.

DATRE: That is true too. But if they are in contact, then you put the ‘picture’ on it, it is recognizable to you and the mouth will say, such and such. You will encounter a vibration that you ‘recognize’… the ‘body’ recognizes the vibration, the body makes connection with that, your computer, your brain and the brain recognizing the pattern will put a picture in front of you and you’ll say, ‘oh, there’s my grandfather’.

Now, you’ll say, well how come ‘some’ people can do it and others can’t?’. As we’ve said before, you bring in what ‘you’ want to experience in this physicality. Those individuals that are more, shall we say, ‘body’ sensitive to different vibrations will more easily ‘pick-up’ vibrations from any and all things. Because as we have said before, your body also is a great ‘receptor’. So you see, you’re so used to using only the ‘head’
area for recognition. But it is your ‘body’ that recognizes vibrations. Your ‘brain’ TRANSLATES it and makes it into a picture – if it is possible. Now, you run into vibrations you’ve never felt before, the brain doesn’t know ‘what’ to do with it, it can’t make a ‘recognizable’ picture. So, then you have ‘felt’ a vibration without a ‘picture’ formed for it. Does that help you?

JOHN: Yes, I just wanted to get that point in here.

DATRE: All right, you see, there can be ‘living’ existences upon other planets without being HUMAN. Continue… is that the end?

JOHN: That’s the end.

DATRE: All right, we thank you, we are Datre.


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