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Datre answers Thomas.
JOHN: We have some questions from Thomas and he says thank you for some other questions. His new questions are… “I know the first priority we should be working on to prepare for the coming change, is enhancing the connection to our psyche and learning about our bodies and our environment. Is there something we could be preparing to protect and sustain our physical being and that of our families? How devastating to the physical environment will this change be or will the physical environment no longer exist as we know it now?”

DATRE: This physical existence will no longer be recognizable, because no one will stay on this planet in this body. You cannot protect your body or the body of others. The protection of the body is immaterial. Right at this present time, the only thing you’re using a body for is for experiences. But it is a ‘transitory’ vehicle. In other words, until you go through the
upcoming BIRTH process, that is when you will ‘solidify’ your ‘first’ signature print or your ‘second’ signature print or your ‘seventh’ signature print, depending upon how many BIRTHS from ‘other’ planetary existences you have experienced.

Now, I can hear the people making a great big GULP. But there are those upon your planet that have this feeling of anticipation and underlying excitement, because they have gone through BIRTHS of different kinds in different planetary existences. So, it is a ‘rush’ that you in a way get a little excited about… there’s a little bit of ‘fear’ there. But, you KNOW what it is like to come out on the ‘other’ side. So, its like being in a roller coaster and all the excitement that you build up before you get on the roller coaster and then you go on the roller coaster and you get this BIG rush of excitement and you scream and you holler and you go up and down and up and down and in a very short time you step off the roller coaster. But, you’re strapped in, you know you are safe and so you just enjoy the ‘thrill’ of the ride.

Now, the individuals that are experiencing upon the planet, in this physicality, at this point in time, that are going through the BIRTH and are going to go through that type of roller coaster ride, are very excited about it. Number one, because it has NEVER been experienced in a physical construct as you have now. They ‘know’, as we have told you before, that the physical construct is going to ‘stay’ on the planet – this is planetary
material. But, they KNOW that the minute they go through the BIRTH they are still going to BE. Then ‘another’ vehicle of sorts will be provided.

So, it is an exciting time coming up for those that have gone through other BIRTHS. They don’t… peoples living upon your planet in physicality, they don’t KNOW that they have been through other BIRTHS, unless they have had something happen that they ‘recognize’. That, ‘oh, I have done this before’. But they’re many, many, many, the ‘majority’ don’t KNOW if they
have ever gone through a BIRTH or not. Does that explain?

JOHN: Yes, I think so. Ah this connection here that keeps coming up of family and all this and concerned about the ‘physical’ in the transition.

DATRE: Well, you see, that is one thing you must realize, that regardless where you are in your evolution, regardless where anyone else is in their evolution, you can not ‘change’ another in a physical construct. You cannot change another, in the state of BEING. That is something that is TOTALLY and ABSOLUTELY an ‘individualized’ process. Unless you are living in a ‘cloned’ reality, living from a ‘one mind’ principle and expressing from that point, then you can ‘only’ go as far as that ‘one mind’ principle allows you to extend. But, if you are living an existence where you are ‘individualized’, then you CAN’T have an effect upon another person.

Now, you talk about SOUL MATES and all of this other thing… maybe this is a good place to bring that up. In the ‘soul mate’, your ‘soul mate’ is a ‘connection’ that is made to the physical construct. That is where the ‘mating’, that is where the familiarity, that is where a lot of this ‘soul mating’ comes in. It is a PHYSICAL connection that is made that is ‘comfortable’ and you feel as if you have ‘known’ that person forever. But,
what you’re picking up is the ‘compatible’ vibration of another HOLOGRAM to you in a HOLOGRAPHIC state. That’s what ‘soul mate’ is all about.

Now, if any of those individuals who have ‘soul mates’ and this is IT and ten years down the road the ‘soul mate’ is no longer a ‘soul mate’, they go out and find ANOTHER ‘soul mate’. It is something that they have put together, but it’s not cast in stone. Then you’ll hear those that say, ‘there’s only one man for me’ or ‘one woman for me’. Out of billions of people on your planet and there’s only one? If that is your feeling and you’re mourning in the physicality about it, put on your shoes and go to another country. Then find ‘other’ people to interact with. Even in your States, which are thousands of miles across, get into your shoes and go someplace else, causing yourself less grief. Unless you want to spend the rest of your life mourning about a situation, pick yourself up by your bootstraps and go someplace else.

Now in your family relationships, they are so TIGHT that you’re trying to ‘glue’ the whole thing together. In trying to glue the whole thing together, you are only going to cause misery to yourself. Because in an ‘individualized’ planetary existence the NEED to ‘explore’ exists. That does not mean that you can’t stay together. But explore in different directions, allow the leniency. You cannot take someone out of the ‘dead zone’ to come and live with you again. Nor can you put anyone into the
‘dead zone’. That you can’t do, unless you ‘shoot’ their physical body and then they have nothing to work through. But, you see, the physical existence that you have now, is only a TEMPORARY situation. Because you will find that when the body wears out, you will find some way to ‘release’ the body in what you call ‘death’. Or your ‘experiential’ patterning will run out and you don’t want to go any further, so then you find some way to get OUT of the physical being again.

But you cannot ‘stop’ another individual from dying – it is an
impossibility – any more than you can take someone from the ‘dead zone’ and put them back to life again. The same thing exists when you go through ANY of these processes – it is a SINGULAR situation.

Yes, you have taken the obligation of wife; family, husband, whatever and you want to protect them. Yes, you can only ‘protect’ them up to a certain point. But, they have to grow into their OWN awareness. And many, they say, ‘well its only a little child’. You don’t ‘know’ what’s going on in that child’s head. How many times is that child ‘playing’ at being a child and having the ‘knowledge’ of being a grown up, that they have brought in with them and are only waiting for that body to get BIG enough to begin experiencing? So you see, it may be a little child, but is like Aona has said many times; it is a forty year old in a three year old body.

JOHN: Since you dealt with a… some part of the question as to ‘soul mates’ do you want to get into the question of what is a ‘soul’?

DATRE: No, not on this one. We will do that some other time. That gets very complicated and that will take a session that we will do individualistic at some point in time.

JOHN: OK, his next question is… “What can be done to learn more about ones ‘body vibration’? Are there exercises or something that will help one familiarize oneself with one’s ‘body vibration’? Or do we just need to observe and be present to watch as our bodies change and ‘ride the wave’?”

DATRE: The last is the ‘true’ one. You see, you cannot change your vibration, the body changes IT’S vibration according to ‘your’ experiential patterning. In other words, the body will change as ‘your’ ATTITUDE towards your existence changes. In other words, if you make the comment that, ‘I can’t eat a certain food because it makes me sick’, now, that is translated
to the body and the body will ‘react’ accordingly. ‘I don’t want to go to work today’; ‘I don’t want to go to school today’. ‘Oh, I’m getting a sore throat’. The body says, ‘oh, your getting a sore throat’ and the more you dwell on it the sorer that throat becomes. Because that is your desire, you told the body that that’s what it is. So the body will say, ‘alright, that’s what you wanted’.

So you can see, you work with your body all the time. But the vibration that your body contains is your ‘reaction’ to living within that physical construct. Understanding different concepts will release the body from a lot of tension. Then in releasing the body from tension, that is also a way to allow the vibration of the body to change. So you see, its a catch 22 all the way around. But there’s no way to change your body vibration. Your body vibration will ‘change’ automatically when you go into the sleep state or you go into a deep meditation or one of those other things. But, that is a body concept that changes when you go into a meditation; this is what you have trained your body to do. But, the minute you come back out of meditation your body will resume where it was before.

Now, depending upon your experiences in “out of body” and how much you comprehend when you’re out of body in meditation that can change the vibration. Because maybe you have learned something that is going to help you in your understanding of yourself, your planet, your body whatever and then you’ll say, ‘oh, then that’s not necessary for me to ‘believe’ that any more’. In changing that belief, that changes your body construct.

So you see, you work so interchangeably in so many different directions all the time. Most of the time things you’re not even aware of are taking place, because many things you do not ‘wish’ to know about take place in your sleep state. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question.

DATRE: OK, we will leave you now, we are Datre.


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