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Datre answers Bo.
JOHN: We have a question from Bo and his question is… “Is there any way to simply achieve oblivion?”

DATRE: Now, to ‘achieve oblivion’ is not something you really truly want. You ‘feel’ like you want it and there are going to be many, many, many on your planet that are going to feel as you do. The energies are changing upon your planet and because of the energy changing’s, it is causing a different vibratory construct within the physical being. Now, when you are in the physical body the majority of your ‘actions’ and ‘re-actions’ will be in regard to bodily changes.

Your wanting to go into ‘oblivion’ is wanting to STOP everything – this very minute. You’re being overwhelmed with the new energies and the sooner you learn to ‘work’ with the new energies, the easier it is going to be for ALL of you.

Now, there are many running helter skelter that are feeling ‘exactly’ the same way that you are – you are NOT alone. Oblivion is NOT an answer. Because, if you were to ‘die’ right this very minute that you are reading this transcript, you would find the ‘same’ perplexities in what you call your ‘dead zone’. Because the energies are also effecting that which you call your ‘dead zone’, because as we’ve said before, it is another ‘form’
of physicality that is ‘removed’ from THIS physical reality as you know it. But, upon that which you call ‘death’ you still carry the ‘same’ thought patterns with you which will be the ones of ‘incompleteness’, which will probably be ‘more’ devastating to you in the ‘dead zone’, than they are in the, what you call the ‘live zone’, because as long as you’re in a physical form, you can ‘still’ take action. When you are in the ‘dead zone’, you are ‘unable’ to take action in the same way. So, your ‘frustration’ will increase and NOT decrease. That is one of the things that is experienced in those that go into the ‘dead zone’, is the ‘incompleteness’ and that is why so many are so anxious to ‘jump’ back in again, because of the ‘incompleteness’.

Now, one of the things that are happening now, with the new energies, is you ‘need’ to get in touch with your physical body a little bit more, because the physical body is the one that is undergoing the changes. You that are working the ‘robot’ of the physical body are NOT in frustration. The frustration comes in the physical construct. The YOU that you are, is not in perplexity, it is your ‘waking’ hours that are ‘perplexing’ to you.

Now, you will notice, that there are individuals upon your planet that are ‘moving’ around. Peoples say, they have no idea ‘how’ they got to a certain place but they just felt the need to go to a certain area. When they get to that area, because they don’t ‘know’ why they are there, they begin to ‘explore’ what IS there that brought them to that place. Now, perhaps that is one of the things that will be helpful to you. Many are using that,
because in using that form of ‘motion’ of the physical being into ‘another’ location is taking your ‘stagnant’ thoughts, shall we say, and putting movement into them. In other words, were you to take yourself and go into an entirely different location, because you saw a bus go by that said the name of a town and you say, ‘I’ve never been there’, then pick up and go
there. See what is in that town. You’ll go into a parking lot, where you park your car when you go to get groceries and you pull in there and someone pulls right next to you with a license plate on with a state name that you have never been to and you say, ‘I wonder what that state is like?’.

I don’t believe that we have encountered anyone, that in our Datre communications with all of you on the Datre Net, that have explored ‘every’ state in this, what you call your, United States. There must be ‘one’ at least that you have not been to. Sit down and make a list of all the states that you have been in, all the towns that you have lived in and what you ‘do’ and ‘don’t’ like about each one of them. That will keep you occupied
for a while, unless you have never moved away from home. Most everyone that would be on the Datre Net has moved to some degree, because they are ‘explorers’. So, you list the states that you’ve been in, you list the cities that you’ve been in. Now, how many do you have left? With the winter as it is now, you may not want to go up to where its so cold. But then, why
don’t you see if you can’t find someplace else to go? There are lots of states that aren’t that cold right now. That does not mean that you have to live there forever and ever and ever. That means go someplace else to get a different feeling of what something else is like.

From what you say, I pick up that you are in a ‘stagnant’ situation. There is only ‘one’ person that ‘stagnates’ you and that is you. It is something that you should do with ANTICIPATION. What is there? What can I find that is different? You may get there and say, ‘I don’t like it, it’s the same as
someplace else’. All right, then go someplace else. The only one that can stagnate you is you. There are so many things – just in your states – to explore. There must be something, someplace of enjoyment.

Is it exploration of ‘outdoors’? Now outdoors, you have multiple things to do, you ski, you skate, you water ski, you skate on cement, you hike, you climb, you go looking for birds, there’s many many things to do outdoors. You dig in the dirt, you plant things, you do all kinds of things outdoors. If you don’t like outdoors, than go indoors. There are many things that are inside buildings that are interesting. There are all kinds of painting things – there’s music. There’s many, many things that you can do inside a building that you can take part in or you can sit and watch other people do.

You know, Aona has a funny statement, she says, ‘I don’t mind exercise, I can sit and watch someone do it all day long’. But you see, she doesn’t mind it; she can watch somebody else do it. That doesn’t mean she has to do it herself. That isn’t anything she’s interested in. She doesn’t have to watch her weight, she doesn’t have to watch her flexibility, she has it. So she say’s why should I run from here to there and back again, because I
have achieved nothing, I’ll find something else to do with my time. But there are those that like to run. Sometimes just getting out and running off your frustration helps. So, there are many, many things that you can do. But, do not think that you are alone in this feeling that you are getting in the physical construct. Remember, it is your ‘reaction’ to your
physical construct that is causing the ‘feelings’ that you have. Because the YOU that you are, only has feelings via it’s connection to you in the physicality.

So you try something, it doesn’t work. All right it doesn’t work, what’s the big deal? It has been an ‘experience’. That is why you took physicality in the first place. And if you decide to give up physicality now, that is where you’re putting a ‘stop’ on it, then you have to go through this whole thing, if you so desire, and in your state of ‘frustration’ I’m sure that that is what you ‘would’ desire, is to come back into the physical again. Then you’ve got to go through this whole ‘baby’ stage until you can grow up big enough to be able to do anything, in a constructive manner, in a physical form.

Now, we are not only speaking to you, we are speaking to everyone. Because, this is a pattern that has been consistently followed by individuals upon your planet, that we have observed. They have gotten to the point, that ‘life’ holds no interest for them whatsoever. The only time that ‘life existence’ is ‘exciting’ to them they think, is when they have left it.
Then they say, ‘I want to get back in again’.

Now you can read, there have been all manner of books that have been written on that very same subject, and again and again. You go back into your 1800 – 1700 books, that is a subject that has been consistently repeated and repeated. ‘I’m tired of physicality, I don’t want it any more’ and the minute they get out, they want back in. This is NOT new, by any means.

But it might be, and you can look at it another way, it might be that that is very strong in your ‘genetic’ patterning – is discontent for physicality. In other words, you could say, “it is NOT your fault” – it is your ‘genetics’ that are ‘surfacing’ shall we say, to give you that feeling.

Now, do you have the strength of character to say, ‘well, if that is my genetics, then I do not have to live THAT genetic pattern’? ‘I can override that and I WILL override that and I will find enjoyment in a physical construct upon this planet Earth’. It is simple, yet it is probably one of the most ‘difficult’ things that individuals upon your planet have to,
shall we say, contend with.

The death of a loved one puts individuals in ‘dark’ despair – those are your words. Many things cause MUCH hurt within the physical construct. But remember, that ‘hurt’ is for you to learn. What did you ‘learn’ by that?

Now, it is not easy to sit down and materialize a ‘grand’ home and a big car and a trip on the water and all of these ‘other’ things. Because that is NOT the stage of development that you are in. You’ll say, ‘well how come some people can do this and some people can’t’? It was ‘your’ choice as to what you desired when you came in – what did you want to learn? That is something that is not an easy thing to find out. But as you continue to
learn and explore, you will find out some of the ‘lessons’ you came here to learn, because they will ‘stare’ at you in one way or another, until you learn THAT particular thing.

But, I would say to you, that you have the opportunity to have a grand life. A ‘grand life’ does not exist in a monetary construct. A ‘grand life’ does not exist in having your ‘ultimate’ love. It does not exist in your marriage, your children, your work place or anything else. It exists within
the ‘individual’ construct you are working with in your ‘daytime’ hours, as to whether you have ‘control’ over the EMOTIONAL being. Where you have control over your ’emotional’ being, THAT is where the ‘contentment’ lays. Now that does not mean that you can’t get angry. That does not mean that you cannot cry. That does not mean that you cannot HAVE emotions. But
that means, watch your ’emotions’.

The biggest thing that we hear of now through the channel, is that which they call DEPRESSION. That is the biggest thing, shall we say, upon your planet at the present time. Of all the things that they talk about and all the diseases and all this other thing, what is the ‘big’ uppermost thing on the planet at the present time, DEPRESSION. There are many way of working
with that and people can give you all kinds of ideas, but the IDEA is to learn to work with SELF – that is the big lesson. Do not despair, because in finding yourself going through the ‘death’ process, you will be a ‘very’ unhappy person, because you have NOT achieved what you have set out to achieve.

If you want to play games, and this is the easiest way to do it, make this a ‘game’, PRETEND that you are happy. Pretend that everything is fine. Pretend that, ‘I am looking for something exciting, I’m looking for something NEW’. Pretend that you are ‘happy’ in finding it. Then when you have a day that is ‘happy’, not from pretending, for periods of time, but when you find a day when you are ‘absolutely’ happy, then you will say, ‘this is what it ‘feels’ like. OK, body remember this one, I want this one again and again and again and again’. But you need to ‘pretend’ you’re happy first, until the body gets the feeling. You have to teach the body in many areas too. The body has a certain intelligence.

But you have multiple, multiple, personalities that you work with. When you get to recognize your personalities that come in, and this takes attention, recognize the personality that comes in and ‘decide’ if that is the way you want to act or not. Then say, ‘this personality, every time you come in you show a ‘different’ type of ‘depression’, Now, I would prefer that this
personality is NOT here at the present time’. ‘I would like to experience ‘another’ personality’. Then, here’s the trick, sit and wait, until you can feel another personality coming in through your ’emotional’ being. Because as you become proficient in it, you can ‘actually’ FEEL the body react to a NEW personality – guaranteed! Guaranteed, because it has been done by others upon your planet. Then it becomes a game. It becomes a game of fascination. Then when you have a personality that comes in, that is one that has ‘contentment’, then work from there. It does not do to work from a personality of depression, because you can’t move. You can’t DO anything with a personality that expresses depression.

Now, take THAT one and get it out of the way and bring in another personality, so that you are able to DO something. Then in finding that personality, you will find a different ‘type’ of JOY and HAPPINESS and FULFILLMENT, because from ‘that’ personality, you can do that.

You have ‘different’ personalities, hundreds and hundreds of them. You have a personality that will always bring in tears. You have a personality that will bring in laughter. You have a personality that will bring in all manner of ‘different’ emotional constructs within your physical being.

So, until you set aside… all you have to do… it is the simplest thing. When you have that feeling of ‘depression’ and that’s what it is, it is a ‘feeling’ of the emotional body of depression, you sit down in a chair and you say, ‘I do not wish to have this personality with me at the present time. Would you please step aside and allow another personality to come in?’. And wait. It may not happen the first time you do it, it may not
happen the second time you do it, but, be persistent. Then your
personalities will get the idea and you will find something very
interesting. That you can bring in another personality that’s very contented and within a couple of hours the depression will come back in. Because that one doesn’t enjoy being set aside – set it aside again. Ask for another personality to come in. Don’t say, ‘I want a certain type of personality to come in’. Let the personality come in and ‘you’ decide whether it’s one that you like the feeling of – the emotional feeling of. You make the decision at the time the other personality changes and comes in.

Now, oblivion. I do not think that you really want it. What you want is ‘relief’ from depression and frustration, which is where 90 some odd percent of your planet is, right today. You have lots and lots of company. In fact, it’s very crowded. So, find a new personality. Go someplace, do something that you have never, ever, done in your life before. You must at one time or another, even as a child said, ‘I wish I could do such and such’. Go back in your memory patterns and find that and DO it. Even if you
don’t think its going to be much fun – DO it. All right, we will leave you now and ‘enjoy’ your NEW personalities that you will be ‘playing’ with. We are Datre.


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