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JOHN: We have some questions from Al and his first question is in the form of a comment… “I cannot focus on any one goal and I almost feel like I’m fading in and out”

DATRE: Now the questions that we’re going to answer for Al were asked quite some time ago, but we had such a backlog we didn’t get to them before. But perhaps by now he has worked himself out of that into another area.

Now, what is happening to him is happening to a great many on your planet, that are becoming aware of themselves in this reality at the present time. As we have stated before, the new energies are going to make many changes in the physical bodies and that your ‘realities’ are NOT going to be as divided as they were previously. They called them ‘veils’, they called them
barriers of different kinds, and everyone has a different term that they stated.
But what it is, the realities have always been very separated and NOW they are merging so that you get in and out of realities much easier and much faster than you ever did previously – without DOING anything. Now, the old thinking was, that in order to get into another ‘reality’ you had to sit and meditate and do all sorts of things, in order to get to those different realities. Now, that is no longer the case.
The individuals that are using these new energies to advantage are finding that it’s very easy for them to “not know where they are”. What happens is, when you go into another reality – during the daytime, just in the ordinary day… work a day world, if you want to call it that – to slide into another reality and slide out of it again. The thing that you will feel is, you will feel like you’re not quite with your feet on the ground. As Aona says, you don’t feel quite real. Because you have made a transition, you have made it quickly, but the thing is, you have a ‘different’ awareness.
The body is aware that you have left and come back in again. Then what happens when you come back into the body again, sometimes it takes a while to readjust your ‘focus’ into the physical construct. Now, I don’t know if that helps or its more confusing, but that is what is happening. You see, you’re NOT making a concerted effort to go into the different realities but it is happening and that is what is very confusing at this point in time. So maybe that will help you to realize what you’re doing and it IS very difficult to focus now. Because of all the things that are happening in relationship to the physical construct and in relationship to that which you HAD as linear time.

As linear time begins to, shall we say, ‘dissolve’ as far as your ‘concept’ of linear time is concerned, that also causes a ‘type’ of disorientation. Now, many are not even feeling this. But those individuals that are very sensitive to what their body is doing, and what they are doing, are noticing these things a lot quicker than other people. That is some of the things that are happening. OK, lets continue.

JOHN: And he continues on and says… “Except for having a lot of strange sensations, impressions and fleeting glimpses I don’t seem to qualify as being at all sensitive or “enlightened”.”

DATRE: Well, you see, that happens. It is those that are working from a very ‘strong’ EGO that are making ‘all the claims’ as to what they can do and what is happening and ‘oh this is this and that is that and those are something else’. Those people are working from the EGO. In other words, you still, on this planet, are functioning from the standpoint of “Hierarchy”. This has been the ‘big’ number on your planet, since, goodness knows when, I guess since ‘individuation’, if you want to put it that way. Because there’s always those that have put themselves over and above others. Be it intellectually, be it monetarily, be it size wise, whatever. There are those that always have the BIG EGO… that they are better and you are less. When you work from the standpoint of an EGO it is very difficult to understand WHO and WHAT you are. Those individuals that are going through
‘learning WHO they are’ and those that have big EGOS are having a LOT of trouble.

Now what is happening with this individual, is that he does not have that ‘kind’ of a struggle that he is existing in. The EGO is not the big thing with him as an individual. So, he is more sensitive to ALL these NEW vibrations. The individual that has a big EGO is NOT sensitive to what’s going on. Because they are so ‘focused’ in, shall we say, ‘Earth existence’ that they maintain their focus. It’s the people that are ‘sensitive’ that are beginning to feel all of these changes. You see everybody on the planet cannot change at the same time. It is like a saying that John has, ‘there are very few that are at the TIP of the spear, the majority is the big, long shaft that follows’. So, it is those individuals who are out there at the TIP of the spear, that are beginning to get all these feelings of, shall we say, ‘instability’ on the planet.

We’re speaking from watching two individuals here and speaking to other individuals that this is happening to. Thereby seeing what is happening with the ‘majority’ of the people and the ‘minority’ of the people. Continue.

JOHN: He continues on and says… “The last 4 days I felt like I just got run over with a truck – I’ve been in a real dark mood and am even more unfocused than usual.”

DATRE: I think he borrowed one of Aona’s things, she is always saying she feels like she has been run over by a truck. Unless you have had that feeling you cannot explain it to anyone else, but it is that feeling of… like she says, being run over by a truck. That is ‘part’ of the new energies. You see, the more you are ‘feeling’ these energies and their EFFECT ‘now’; you feel that it is very ‘strong’. But those that are not getting any feeling of the new energies whatsoever, when these vibrations
finally get up to a higher point, they’re going to be HIT very hard and VERY solidly. That is where you’re going to have everybody running to the doctors to find out what’s wrong with them. Psychiatrists and psychologist offices are going to be full.

Far better to go through this NOW, because you remember, the energies are here and how much in ‘tune’ you are with yourself is… you decided what you were going to do and how you were going to handle these energies. The thing is, you may not know it in the physical, when you’re wide awake, but when you’re sleeping you know just exactly what you’re doing. It is those
that are deciding what they’re doing and handling the energies, they’re going to have a great deal more experiences and physical ‘reactions’ to what is happening to them.

But, the thing is, you’re taking the energies as they come. Those that are not knowing what’s happening, and all of a sudden get hit with these tremendous energy waves, the impact will be more intense. The more you wait to ‘interact’ with these energies, the more difficult it’s going to be. Now, that is not saying that you’re not going through a great deal of what
everyone else on the planet is going through to greater or lesser extent, because the ‘time’, ‘linear time’ span, is diminishing to the point where the majority of the people on the planet are feeling it in one way or another.

But, the sliding in and out of realities, now that is something different. That feeling of ‘I’m not quite here’, ‘I know I’m here, but I feel sort of faded’. Now, you’re really extending, in those areas, when THAT begins to happen. Because that does NOT begin to happen to a person that is very much into the heavy EGO and into… well of course heavy EGO, when you get into that and the hierarchy and all of that, what you have, is a very, very, course body. Because, those two go hand in hand. When you set yourself ABOVE another person, for ANY reason, you are setting a very ‘strong’ physical body to work IN and THROUGH. That is just an automatic. So, maybe we’ve helped in those areas. Are there more questions?

JOHN: Yes and he further continues along that vain and says… “I hope this is just an adjustment period to a recent new wave of energy.”

DATRE: That is correct. And let me say to all of you, these are going to continue. You are going to go through periods of, as Aona would put it, ‘I feel great’, ‘I feel excited’, ‘I feel energetic’, ‘everything seems to go click, click, click and it is marvelous’ and then one day she wakes and she’s been run over by a truck. The ‘depression’ comes in. The inability to settle down to anything, to start painting, to start sewing, to start
making things, to changing all the furniture around.
That is the big number, John never knows what house he’s walking into because when he comes home everything is all… pictures are all down, new pictures are up, furniture is all over the place. He say’s, ‘just don’t move the bed so I would fall over it’. But you see, when those new waves of energy come in, the beginning of the wave… its like if you were in water and a big wave comes and hits you and it sort of ‘knocks you silly’ for a while, until you re-adjust and shall we say, get your ‘sea legs’ again. Then you go back to, as Aona says, well now I feel ‘normal’, whatever normal is, but anyway that’s her way of expressing where she is.
You will find, that if you can express these things to ‘other’ people, so they ‘know’ where you’re coming from, it does help. Because, if you have a partner or you have other people that you’re working with or whatever, then you say, ‘you know, things just aren’t going right, right now’, ‘I feel disoriented’ or however you want to express it to a individual that you’re working with. So that they ‘know’ that if you react quickly to a situation and sort of ‘snap’ back at another person, that you’re in that state of confusion. You don’t have to go out and explain the whole thing, but they will understand where you’re coming from.
Its the person that wakes up in the morning and things go ‘wrong’ and to the ones in the household would say, ‘things are not just right today, I’m not angry with you, I’m not angry with anybody, its just that I can’t seem to get things to work properly’. ‘If I’m upset today, I’m not upset with anybody or any thing, its just I can’t seem to get things to work properly’. You see that takes all the strain off of other people. Because then they don’t think, ‘well I wonder if he’s mad at me?’. ‘What did I do wrong?’ Or any of these other things. It works in the work place too. People are ‘not’ unfeeling. So, the minute you express what’s happening,
then if you turn around and yell at somebody, they say, ‘well he’s just having a bad day, he just told me he was’. So you see, they ‘know’ then, it’s just a flare up and it just something you’re just going through. Everybody does it, even more so now and it will continue to be more so. Next question?

JOHN: OK, now we’ve got another series of questions. He says… “When I contemplate existence – who/what is thinking? What is the interconnection?”

DATRE: You’re thinking from your ‘awake’ physical standpoint, because that’s when you think. You see, you ‘think’ in your dream state, but you ‘think’ so entirely different that you then many times cannot begin to translate from dream to awake state.

So, what you’re contemplating, is what you have experienced, what you have heard, what you have read, those are experiences that you have had in the ‘awakened’ state. You’re taking that information and putting it together to make the ‘pictures’ for your understanding in physicality. Is that understandable?

JOHN: From my point of view, I understand what he’s talking about and I’m not satisfied that that explains what he’s asking.

DATRE: All right.

JOHN: We have a term that says, ‘me, myself and I’ and then we have this situation that says ‘thought’ and ‘think’. So, when I used to wonder about this, I would say, ‘well who is it that’s wondering these things?’ ‘This is a different ‘quality’ or different ‘expression’ than the ‘usual’ expression of me’. What expression is that?

DATRE: That is still ‘you’ in the physical. You in the physical are trying to put things together for your understanding. You see if you were not in the physical, what’s to understand – because it’s all there? See, that’s the difference.

We have talked about the PSYCHE and we have talked about the ‘land of the PSYCHE’, we tried to put it that way because we couldn’t think of anything else, we’ve called it the ‘sea of the PSYCHE’, whatever. You see, when you are in THAT state, you are picking and choosing a ‘multitude’ of options. So, you can explore anything you want to in that state. You can explore a
great deal more in the ‘dream state’ than you can in the meditative state. Because in the meditative state you are still – you are ‘directing’ to a degree. In the ‘sleep state’ it is different because those that ‘totally’, ‘completely’, leave their body, they travel all over in every area that you can think of – they dip in and out of all the ‘realities’. That is why many who do that – completely leave their bodies at night – they close their eyes and they at that point are gone.
Those individuals, upon awakening, will ‘feel’ themselves coming back into their bodies and their bodies, most of the time, will be what you call, shivery cold. Because they have been OUT of them for that long period of time and that is an adjustment that they make when they come back into the body in the morning, is that they have gone out of their bodies for so long and experiencing so many different things.

JOHN: When you use the term ‘out of the body’ or ‘non-physical’ then there’s a distinction here, because in those terms, the ‘dead zone’ must be considered ‘physical’.

DATRE: Well from our standpoint, definitely the ‘dead zone’ IS considered ‘physical’. It is just a change of ‘vibration’.

JOHN: All right, but it is NOT what you are… that is NOT a condition that you are referring to as the NON-physical. That is a condition that is ‘physical’, that ‘dead zone’ thing.

DATRE: No, the ‘dead zone’ as far as we are concerned, that is ‘physical’. A different ‘kind’ of physicality, but it is still physical. That is why you try to scare yourself into this ‘dying’ thing and yet you’ve done it so many, many times, so what’s the scary part of it? That’s why you will find that ‘most’ people prior to death are very calm, because they’re waiting to go. Because they know they have been there before and they know that takes all the stress out of that which you call the physical living. Then they go into the ‘dead zone’ and they play. But, that is different. That is different than meditation and that is different than dreaming. Does that help?

JOHN: Yes, that’s the point I wanted to get across, because that’s an easy thing to get confused with.

DATRE: Yes, but you see, you have all these different states of awareness; you have ALL these different states of awareness. They are all ‘different’, but it is still YOU that is experiencing each and every one of them.

JOHN: His next question is… “I cannot overcome the idea of “oneness” – where do “I” end and “you” begin?”

DATRE: Well you see there IS that feeling of ‘oneness’. However, the ‘oneness’ that most people feel and are trying to ‘achieve’, is the ‘oneness’ of the physical being to another physical being or other physical beings. This feeling of oneness is a ‘remembrance’, of sorts, from the time of prior to individuation, when you were a ‘cloned’ reality. They are
trying to become ONE with ALL THINGS. In the physical waking state, YOU are INDIVIDUALIZED. That is what you wanted, from the CLONED state into individuation. So in the waking ‘physical’ state, regardless of how close you are to another, it is still NOT the oneness that is the ‘state’ that is achieved OUT of physical existence. Even in that which you call your ‘dead
zone’, you are STILL individuated.

Now, when you achieve the state of EXISTENCE that you are OUT of ‘this’ bubble, of these realities, and are in another state of EXISTENCE, somewhere, someplace else, without a body, where you can take that which is Universal substance and make ‘something’, not using a physical brain, that is a state of EXISTENCE where there is ONENESS. But it cannot be explained easily, because that is one of the most ‘difficult’ things to explain with your words. Its something that ‘words’ cannot explain, it must be
experienced and it cannot be experienced while in the physical.

Now, the ‘specialists’ that have come, even from another place, whatever that may be, that have come in here with special things to ‘introduce’ into your planetary existence here, have a different ‘feeling’ of that which you call ONENESS. Because once in a while, they will slide into another feeling where they will ‘feel’ a ONENESS type thing. But that still is NOT what you would call, the ONENESS that exists when you get out into the Universe.

Now, even in the Universe, we maintain a ‘type’ of individuality, even if we are all ‘aware’ of what everyone else is doing and everything else. But there STILL is a ‘type’ of individualism. Because THAT is this Universal concept – in this particular Universe. So you see, all Universes are different also – there’s a LOT of differences in the Universes – why repeat anything.

So to explain that feeling of ‘oneness’, you’re TOUCHING something that you have had a greater ‘knowingness’ of, at what you would call, ‘another point in time’ – those are just words. But you’re tapping into something that is, shall we say, like a remembrance.

JOHN: Or a vibratory patterning that ‘resonates’ with YOUR vibratory patterning.

DATRE: Yes, that is what it is, but you see, that is why it becomes complicated here because nothing like that exists here. But, there are certain things, regardless of where you come from and what you’re doing here. There are certain things that… you have a word here… you go to a place and it looks familiar and they call it ‘deja vu’. All right, now what you’re having is a type of MENTAL deja vu. It is… you’re translating not a physical thing but you’re translating… just touching into a ‘feeling’ that is very fleeting, but is recognizable as something that you’re familiar with that you can’t quite put your finger on. OK? I know we were talking in circles, but the words are so limiting I’m having trouble expressing what I want to tell you.

JOHN: OK, his next question is… “Can you give more information regarding those who were “particles” and those who were “waveform” – does this relate to the two bubbles or were they both particles and the “waveforms” were those who came “after” – the “specialists”?”

DATRE: Now, lets do it this way, I’m going to turn it around, if I get into that too deeply we’re going to loose the train of what we’ve been doing all this time. I will tell you basically, right here from the beginning, we just hit into ‘specialists’ so I will continue in that vain.

Specialists are totally ‘different’ and unique. They come here to perform a service, and then they leave. That does not go by ‘linear year’ time. Because as specialists, you come into a physicality and you come into a linear time but, the ‘linear time’ is of no consequence. In other words, a ‘specialist’ will come in and set-up a pseudo HOLOGRAM that will look and act and react as the HOLOGRAMS upon your planet.
There are certain guidelines to be followed. In other words, you come in and you ‘act’ and ‘re-act’ as all the rest of the physical people upon your planet. However, there are those that come in as ‘specialists’, that will come into this planetary existence in a pseudo HOLOGRAM that expresses a 45, 50, 55 year old individual upon the planet. They will ‘appear’ in a town, in an area, whatever.
They will go from place to place because they are bringing something on to this planet. They may be seen a couple of times and never seen again. They will ‘implant’ different thought patterns. They can be in ‘science’, they can be in ‘medicine’, they can be in many different areas, that which you call law and all of that. They can come into these areas and ‘implant’ different thought patterning’s into the mass consciousness in these different areas.
They will not take on the practice of law, they will not take on the practice of medicine and they will not take on these other things. But, they will put themselves in areas where these individuals are. They will mix in what you would call ‘conversational’ groups where they will all be talking about things pertaining to medicine. Then this individual will ‘implant’ some new ideas, some new thinking into that group of individuals and they will begin to ‘ponder’ these things and see how these things can work into what they are discussing. They will discuss it and that individual will walk away. Now, that individual may be seen again in another group of people.

But, when the ‘specialists’ feels that their job is finished they will leave. Now, what has happened is, there are ‘specialists’ that have become so enamored with the physical construct and what is happening here and has become so ‘fascinated’ with it, that they will stay. Then they will
continue to build on this ‘pseudo’ HOLOGRAM and build up the particles to the point that they have ‘solidified’ themselves into physicality and will stay and go through this death process and all this other, because they’re fascinated by this physicality.

Others will come in and they may stay for 100 years, always ‘appearing’ as a 45, 50, 55 year old individual. The only thing they do is change their clothing aspect. But because they’re ‘pseudo’, they maintain the pseudo HOLOGRAM and at such time as they feel that what they came to do is done, they will go. We’re getting into some really ‘deep’ things here and people will say, ‘well how do I know who is ‘pseudo’ and who is a real HOLOGRAM?’. You will NOT know. Those individuals will NOT, be they male of female, do not form a relationship with another individual because they’re not into physicality. They’re here to do a job and when the job is finished, they go, they go back to the existence that they had ‘previous’ to coming in here. So, lets leave it at that now.

The wave and the particle forms do not matter, because you have mixed and matched so much in here. But I will tell you one thing, that the ‘particle’ HOLOGRAMS, will, with the new energies coming in, be able to ‘understand’ and work with the ‘wave’. Then at such time as a ‘particle’ being ‘adopts’ that much of a ‘waveform’ concept and understanding, they will see no
difference between themselves and the wall that is in front of them and ‘walk through it’. When you are diverse enough, so that you are able to work with ‘particles’ and ‘waves’ BOTH, this is what you will be able to do. Now, that’s not becoming a ‘shaman’ or any of that. That is becoming aware and ‘knowing’ what you in the physical existence are able to do. This will not all of a sudden pop in and you’ll walk through a wall one day and scare yourself – it doesn’t happen that quickly. It is a process of the body and you working together, back and forth, back and forth, until this becomes an automatic. I know that this sounds like science fiction, but it will happen. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Is “all that we are” contained within the Earth bubble?”

DATRE: Yes, at the present time, because you’re working through a HOLOGRAPHIC existence. So, everything is here, within your bubble, all the ‘realities’ that you experience and everything, its all here. This is what you’re to learn while you’re here, to learn all of this.

JOHN: His next question is… “Is it necessary (to birth ourselves into selfhood) to know all 12 sub realities in our bubble – would we “consciously” be aware of this?”

DATRE: Yes, but you may not ‘know’ all the realities in the physical, but you will be familiar with them all within the YOU that you are. How far your understanding in the physical is concerned, that depends on the YOU that you are and how far you want to go. Some become aware of ALL of them and some of them only part of them. But that awareness of only ‘part’ of them is only that which is in the physical existence. Because you see, when you get up in your bigger numbers or your ‘finer’ vibrations, there is no way that you are going to visit those areas and come back into the physical form and explain it – because you can’t, its different, it has no explanation whatsoever.
You’re comfortable, you know what its like while you’re there, you say, ‘well I’m going to remember this and I’m going to bring it back in’. You come back in and you’re like you’re in a fog, because you can’t quickly readjust from one to another. But, there’s NOTHING that you can describe, to anyone, about those ‘other’ realities and you will find that in a very short time, within a matter of hours, what you have experienced, you can’t even have any remembrance of. The brain doesn’t have anything to put together. It’s an experience that the brain cannot explain. If the brain can’t explain it, it can’t make a picture. But it doesn’t matter; you’ve been there. So, you’ll say, ‘well I can’t understand how that can happen’. Well it does, that’s all we can tell you, it does. Next question.

JOHN: His next question is… “Is the BIRTH about reaching “adulthood” and taking responsibility for our individual “reality” and development for ourselves?”

DATRE: I can’t quite get that one.

JOHN: He’s saying “Is the purpose of the BIRTH about reaching adulthood of self, if you will?”

DATRE: All right, I had not completely understood that. Actually what the BIRTH is all about, is to take the experiences of Earth existence and taking them with you – taking that ‘whole package’, taking that ALL with you. But that requires an understanding that cannot be taught or explained or anything else, it is an individual thing. There are no two people that
are going to experience the BIRTH in the same way. There is only ONE person that can go through the BIRTH – that is you. You don’t go through holding hands, it is an individualistic thing.
It is what YOU want to do; it is what YOU want to learn. It is the day that you say to yourself and KNOW within the very DEPTH of your BEING, “I EXIST AND I AM AND I ALWAYS WILL BE”. That we have heard people say, again and again and again, and it means
‘nothing’ to them – it is words. What you need to do is get down so DEEP, the emotion is so DEEP, that regardless of what happens to you, where you go, what you do, in any ‘other’ reality, in any ‘other’ existence throughout ‘this’ particular Universe, you KNOW that you ARE, that you EXIST and that you always WILL EXIST. You can be shattered into a million different pieces and yet there will be THAT which is YOU that will PULL you all back together again and YOU’LL say “I KNOW”. But it is NOT a shallow
thing. That is why there will be so few that will go through that ‘type’ of BIRTH.

Because you can talk about, ‘I’m not afraid of dying’, ‘I’m not afraid of death’, ‘this is this and that is that’ and all of these other things. But, it has to be EXPERIENCED, it is something that has to be EXPERIENCED. You can say, ‘well I’ve gone through the charkas and I’ve gone through the kundalini’, fine. But the ‘kundalini’ for the most part is an awakening of
the centers within this physical body – that is only ONE thing that you’re working through. The kundalini is only working with the physical construct.

A great deal more happens when you go through a BIRTH, because that is also the ‘shattering’ of your mental capacity – and that’s when you have to KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Otherwise you can’t put your pieces back together again. The BIRTH is not to be ‘feared’. It is to looked upon with great excitement and
anticipation and I guess the ones that don’t ‘fear’ a BIRTH are those that have experienced one previously. Or those that have that ‘quality’ of ‘exploration’ and those that want to know what’s going to happen. ‘I’m going to give it a try, I want to see what happens’. Now, did I answer?

JOHN: Yes, I think you did quite well. His final question is, its fairly long… “I have the impression that we exist in an energy field which is encompassed by the energy field where those of Datre “exist” which is within an energy field in which SETH 2 exists – would this be accurate – or would the image of different vibrational structures within the same energy fields be more accurate?”

DATRE: All right, you exist within an energy field which is what you call your bubble – that is the energy field that you exist in. Now that energy field exists within the Universe. Those which you call SETH 2 or SETH 1 or those, whatever names you want to put on it, like Datre, that is a Universal existence. When the information began coming through, the vibration bringing through that information said, “you can call me SETH”.
The same way with Datre. We too are a vibratory patterning and needed a ‘name’. That was something that was NOT understood by those that read the SETH material. Now, you see, we have had the advantage here, because the SETH material, in a book that was read by Aona, now in her reading of the book, when we tap into her vibration that book is there for US to be aware of.

Now, her awareness at one point in time was different than her awareness at another point in time. But that was simply because as you can… its like going to school, it is the same thing. You are ‘teaching’ the physical and you are ‘learning’ in the physical and if you’re in the first grade, this is what you learn. If you’re in the second grade, this is what you learn
and you go on up until you get into colleges and universities and all of that. Then there are those that continue beyond that point and study, what you call, ‘all your physical existence’. They desire to ‘learn’ and know more about the subject that they are interested in. They ‘crave’ this information.

Now, there are those that ‘crave’ this, what you call, ‘spiritual information’. They are constantly searching to stretch, constantly searching ‘more’ information, more information.

Now, with the physical understanding of that which we call Aona is different than it was, back in the 70’s, when these books were first read. Because of ‘her’ experiences, in and out of body both, has expanded her awareness, so that the same “book” being read today has a ‘deeper’ context than it did at another point in time – because the understanding is different. But, Universal information can be understood at different levels. You can understand Universal information when we take you like we say, in baby steps. But you can only ‘understand’ according to your capacity of what ‘you’ have experienced and what ‘you’ have understood in the physical construct. Now, when you begin to put things together and then go back and read again Universal information, which the SETH material was and is, that will read entirely different.

But you see, individuals will read one book; they’ll read two books, maybe three books. But when it really gets down to ‘plowing’ and really gets down to ‘tough’ understanding, trying to figure out ‘what’ is being said and working with that, then you are really starting to make ‘steps’ and you maybe, for several years, will not understand what that particular segment
of the book meant and all of a sudden, one day, someone will say a sentence or you’ll read a sentence and ‘ah ha, that’s my answer’. But it is like everything else, you have to have it all… you know you can’t just go out and do ‘brain’ surgery if you read a text book when you’re a senior in high school – it doesn’t work that way. The same thing with these other things
that we have talked about, ‘the nature of the PSYCHE’, ‘creating your own reality’ and all of these other things. We can speak about it and speak about it and it doesn’t seem to make any headway at all.

Because, what they think about creating your own reality and what you actually DO when you create your own reality, are two ‘different’ things. Someone will say, ‘I created my own reality’, ‘I got this job, I got this house, I got all of these things’, fine. But, was that what you had laid out for yourself for experience? ‘Of course it was’. ‘Well why can’t I do the same thing?’ ‘I’m as intelligent as they are, I’ve had the schooling, I’ve had all of these opportunities and why can’t I make anything work?’ What did you set for yourself? You see, its wondering why someone can do, something and can have what I can’t have. But you set yourself a goal of ‘what’ you wanted to accomplish. Now, had you had the job that was that demanding, that you had to have all those other people underneath you and
in order to make the money to buy the house, to buy the car – that may have taken the focus off of what you came here to do. Especially at this time in your existence, when you’re getting ready for one of the GRANDEST things that can happen to individuals in the physical form.

So, you see, you also have to look at it that… you see, that’s one of the things that have come in – I’m diverting now. But, one of the cope-outs is, when things don’t go right or when things go right, ‘its gods will’. You have heard that even if you are not connected with Christianity, you have heard it again and again. Because Aona and John live in the ‘bible belt’, they hear all of this constantly. Then, we take it and we go in another direction, ‘you create your own reality’. It’s the same thing, put in different words. One is, ‘well you create your own reality’. ‘Are you stupid enough to do that?’ or ‘are you grand enough to do that?’. Or its gods will, so he says you can’t do this or you can’t do that. You see, there again, we get back into this ‘belief’ system, when you PARROT those words, you BELIEVE those words.
When you BELIEVE those words, that becomes a blockage and that is what we talk about with BELIEF systems. You BLOCK yourself with the phrases that you use in everyday life, but you don’t realize it. That is why we say OBSERVE, not only observe others, observe yourself and that is the HARDEST one to do – is to observe yourself and what ‘you’ are saying. Because what you’re speaking vocally, reflects your thinking at the present time. So you’ll say, ‘well that’s what they said’. Now, one says its ‘gods will’ and the other one says ‘you create your own reality’.

But, there’s one thing that goes a little bit further in this ‘create your own reality’ – and I’m going to keep pounding on this until somebody understands what I’m talking about – you create your own reality, YES. But you don’t take it from the ‘dream state’ or your PSYCHE, whichever you want to call it, into the PURE state, back into physicality. Because you
translate everything through the ‘brain’ and you ‘muddy’ it.

Now, lets throw a little bit out there to ‘entice’ you to begin to watch what you’re doing. With the new energies that are coming in, you are going to be ‘forming’ or shall we say, ‘diminishing’ the barriers that surround the “3RD. BRAIN”. The “3RD. BRAIN” I s in your head, its contained within that which you call your skull. The energies are going to begin to ‘open’
your “3RD. BRAIN”. When you begin to open the “3RD. BRAIN”, you are going to be able to “SEE DIFFERENTLY”.

Now, when you begin to watch, what you call your ‘belief’ system and watch how much of that which you call your physical brain, your EGO and all of that and how much that ‘colors’ your daytime existence, when you become ‘aware’ of that, you’ll start changing. Then as you start releasing a lot of this in your changing’s, that allows the “3RD. BRAIN” to come into existence, so that you become aware of it. Then your awareness of the “3RD.
BRAINS” existence will change how you “VIEW” everything with your pictures in front of you. Your ‘pictures’ will begin to look very, very different than what you see today, because you’ll be seeing things in a ‘different’ context entirely.

So you see, you have GRAND things in front of you. I’m not saying that you’re NOT going to go through depression, periods of depression. You will go through periods of depression. Aona is going through periods of depression. John is going through periods of depression. Aona is going through ‘physical’ changes. John is going through ‘physical’ changes and they are ‘both’ very much aware of it. There are days when they are very restless, nothing is satisfying. There are days when food tastes marvelous.
There are days when food has no taste, it’s just a process of eating and ‘nothing’ tastes good. You’re going to find that the variances are going to be more and more. You’re going to see the ‘swings’. But that is adjusting to the new physical and adjusting to the new energy waves. When the wave… when you’re on the other side of the wave and its gone past, but you’re still in the residual part of it, that’s when you start, shall we say, ‘feeling real’ again. Feeling like you’ve got you feet on the ground, everything is great. All the ‘excitement’ comes back into your life. Everything you do is ‘exciting’ and happy and everything. Then comes another energy wave, crash, you get hit by another truck.

So, the people that are going to have less trouble with what is happening are those that ‘know’ what IS happening. That is one of the things that we’re here for, to help you understand what is happening. Because, not that it makes it any easier, any easier in like… what is the word Aona uses… in a ‘funk’. OK, so you’ve got a day when it’s in a funk, just remember it won’t last. Just remember, you’re not alone, you have lots and lots of
company and it is just part of allowing ‘you’ to become the YOU that you ‘know’ you are. Are there any more questions now?

JOHN: No, that was the last one.

DATRE: That is fine, we will leave you now. If there are any further questions we will be happy to clarify – we’re Datre.


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