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JOHN: We have some questions from Wanda. Her first question is… “What are realities?”

DATRE: Now, what are realities? Realities are different constructs – vibratory constructs – that’s all realities are. You are living in one reality here in the physical. In different realities there are different vibrations. We’ve talked about that; you can only go into the vibrations of a different reality that your ‘vibration’ matches. In other words, you can’t go into another reality that your ‘vibration’ does NOT match.

JOHN: She next asks… “What is their purpose?”

DATRE: Their purpose is… that is the way this was set-up. Every ‘existence’ is set-up differently. This particular one was set-up with different realities in order to ‘stretch’ you, to get you to move into different directions. In other words, just sitting here on the planet and never ‘exploring’ in any other direction… you can’t… you have to move, other than just being born, living and dying. There would be no reason to
have an ‘existence’ that that’s all there was to it.

JOHN: She next asks… “How many are there in the Earths bubble?”

DATRE: That depends on how you count them – everybody counts them different. You’ve heard them say… they talk about ‘dimensions’ and the only thing we can understand with dimensions is you’re 3 dimensional – that’s height, width and depth – THAT is a dimension. They talk about you being in the 5th. dimension and they talk about you being in the 3rd.
dimension and all that stuff. That ‘dimension’ is NOT a ‘viable’ term, we refer to them as REALITIES. But when you get beyond a certain point, there is so ‘little’ distinction, that to count them as, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and so forth does not matter. Really, it’s just something to talk about. It’s something to ‘impress’ other people with. That’s all it is, from our standpoint it is an EGO thing. So, we just leave that one alone, it doesn’t matter. Experience them, fine, it doesn’t have to have a number.

JOHN: Then she asks… “Do we need to experience some/all as prerequisite for moving to the other planet (i.e. non cloned Earth) at the time of the BIRTH?”

DATRE: You need to ‘know’ what is going on here before you can go into OTHER states of existence. In other words, that’s why we have said that there’s different states that you will go into. There will be those that will go on to the ‘cloned’ Earth. Those are the ones that need to continue in their evolution. There’s a next step and a next step. You will go where your vibration matches. That’s NOT the body vibration, that is the YOU that
you are. What have ‘you’ learned from your experience within the ‘physical’ bubble that you are in at the present time?

JOHN: And her next question is… “Could you explain the BIRTH, its significance? I’m asking for more detail.”

DATRE: Well I think we have explained that as many ways as we can. The BIRTH is something that… your ‘time’ in this particular bubble, your ‘linear time’ has ENDED. When your ‘linear time’ ends, something MUST happen. In other words, you close the book that you’ve been reading – you’ve read the LAST page of the book and you’ve closed the cover. Now, how long are you going to stay in that existence? Are you going to sit there
with the cover of a book closed forever? OR are you going to go on and read ‘another’ book? It’s as simple as that.

Now, those that are going to move from this planetary ‘bubble’ Earth into the CLONED Earth are going to notice very, very little difference in their existence. That is not going to be noticeable, it will happen very quickly. You’ll notice very little difference, but you’ll notice that there are a lot of changes taking place. But, at the time of the BIRTH the one’s that have ‘changed’ their vibratory construct, that THIS no longer has anything to offer them as far as ‘they’ are concerned – not as far as anybody else’s idea of what they should or should not know, as far as they are concerned, if they are no longer ‘fascinated’ by that which you call ‘physical reality’ in its present construct, will make a change. They’ve read the
book they’re not going to want to go back to the first page and read it all over again; they’re going to want to pick-up a ‘new’ book. So, they will move on, but they will not move on to the CLONED Earth, they will go into ‘another’ existence – another planetary existence, if desired. If their vibration is beyond that point, we’ve explained all of that before. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “Describe the purpose of the reality of the new cloned Earth and the other planet.”

DATRE: Now, it does not matter, because the ‘cloned’ Earth is a
continuation of ‘this’ physical existence. That’s what the ‘cloned’ Earth is like. Because those that are on this planetary existence of ‘this’ Earth that have NOT reached an understanding of ‘this’ planetary existence and are still looking for ‘more’ experience in this ‘type’ of reality existence, they will notice very little difference. And the ‘realities’ in the ‘cloned’ Earth will be different – there’s no reason for them to be the
Those realities will be different but there’s no explaining those realities any more than explaining these, because realities cannot be explained. If they could be explained and you could sit down and say, ‘well this is this and that is that’, ‘well I understand this, this and this, where do I take my test’ and write it like you do an examination and you’re all through with it. You see, there would be no object in it, because as soon as you’ve written the test and two months later somebody asks you about, ‘what was the answer to question thirteen’, you wouldn’t have any idea. You see, it is NOT anything that you can put down, because what difference does it make what the answer to question thirteen was? If you have the ‘knowingness’ within you, that is what is important, it’s the
KNOWING. OK, continue.

JOHN: She next asks… “Why does a physical body feel emotions?”

DATRE: Because that is the way you have set it up. That is one of your experiences, that is why the ‘fascination’ for a physical construct. Because, in other existences you do not have this ‘advanced’ a physical construct to work through. This is a GRAND experience, that’s why everyone wants it. Because EMOTION is something that is not experienced in any other form. The physical form has the ’emotions’ and that’s the fascination
of working with it. I know you’ll say, ‘well how come when my body feels so terrible, what’s so ‘grand’ about that?’. Well, it depends upon how you look at that. It’s NOT what is happening, it’s your RE-ACTION and ACTION to what is happening. Continue.

JOHN: Then she says… “If the Psyche is emotionless, what purpose can the body’s emotions have for it?”

DATRE: Well, the body’s emotions do not connect with the Psyche. The Psyche is your ‘bridge’, shall we say… this is not ‘exactly’ correct, but I’m going to use it here, but remember, this is not exactly correct, but I will state it this way, maybe to help you understand. The Psyche acts as the BRIDGE between the ‘dream’ state and the physical ‘awake’ state in the physical body. I’m using that this way, this time, to help you understand
what the Psyche is. Its like, your ‘dream’ state is here and your ‘awake’ state is over here, your Psyche BRIDGES the two. That’s only for ‘this’ particular explanation.

JOHN: She continues… “Is the lesson to overcome the body’s agenda for the Psyche’s agenda?”

DATRE: You ‘never’ overcome the body. That is an old, old teaching. You do NOT overcome the body. You LEARN the body. The body is fascination. You learn what the body is doing, the body has a ‘tremendous’ amount of intelligence in the ATOMS that form, that which you call, your physical construct. Your brain, which is part of your body, is a ‘fascination’ as to HOW it works. You don’t ‘overcome’, you understand – that is the

The ‘overcoming’ of the body, to have greater realization, whatever, is a concept that does NOT work. Why did you come to physical reality in the first place? You came here, because you had this GRAND piece of equipment to work with. Continue.

JOHN: And continuing… “In which case, what is the body’s agenda?”

DATRE: Well, if you were to watch the body, you would become ‘fascinated’ by it. You will see your body, as you say, automatically perform different things. In other words, let us take a keyboard, individuals that are proficient at typing at a keyboard. In copying from a piece of paper, one piece of paper, copying some information and putting it on a keyboard and
putting it up on a screen and putting some other information on the keyboard and putting it on the screen and putting it all together. The people that are proficient with that are sitting there, their fingers are typing, fast, fast, fast and the individual that’s typing is thinking what they’re going to do after work. The body is automatically doing ALL the typing and the brain is thinking of something else. Now, isn’t the body
intelligent? Because the body has learned to perform different things that you don’t have to monitor constantly.

When you stop and think, what this body does for you, constantly, without you even being aware of it. What would it be like, if you had to watch every heart beat? You would spend all of your time trying to keep that heart beating. Then what would happen to the rest of it? Then the kidneys wouldn’t function or something else would go wrong. But you have set things into motion, through the ATOMS of the body – molecules and all of the other things that you have within the body. That is an ‘automatic’ process and you don’t even have to do one thing, not one single thing, but be IN it and DIRECT it. Or sit and watch IT do things.

You see you don’t realize… you hate your body. I’ve never understood that from my standpoint. That people sit and complain, constantly, about their body and yet that’s the very thing that you came into this existence to work with. So how can you expect the body to perform, when you’re always saying, ‘you hate it’? It does not make sense to someone in the state of
observation. Now, when you begin to recognize the ‘value’ of the body and work together WITH the body, you’ll find that there’s a whole different SHIFT that will take place. Continue.

JOHN: Along that same vain she further says… “What is the Psyche’s agenda?”

DATRE: The Psyche’s agenda IS. That’s it. The Psyche… when you go into the ‘dream’ state, that is… from that vantage point, in the ‘dream’ state, you can ‘pick’ and ‘choose’ what you want to experience in your physical existence.

Now, the Psyche is so complicated that you can’t explain it. But, in that ‘dream’ state, you can make your decisions as to what you want to experience. Upon awakening, if you have ‘dragged’ a whole bunch of physicality into your ‘dream’ state and all you’re doing is mulling and mulling and mulling, you can’t get a clear picture of what you should be doing when you are awake. That’s where all of the confusion comes in. The big thing now, has been for I don’t know how long, has been this business of DREAM INTERPRETATION. No one else can interpret your dreams. But it is something that you’re trying to understand. But, if you’re not going into your ‘dream’ state clear, then you can’t understand the ‘pictures’ that you’re getting. Because the pictures that you’re getting when you are awake, can be ‘entirely’ different than what the ‘original’ intent was. Its
the people that are ‘clear’ in their ‘dream’ state – and we have spoken of these individuals that are ‘clear’ in their ‘dream’ state – because when they go into the ‘dream’ state, there is NO division between the ‘dreaming’ and the ‘awake’ state – it is a continuation. Now those are the people that are LIVING THEIR DREAMS – literally. But those are few in number, but they
do exist upon your planet.

So, the Psyche IS. I’ve told you that it’s a bridge, that’s as good an explanation that I can give you.

JOHN: Her next question is… “The experiments on different dimensions, planets, realities have purposes which their creators wanted certain outcomes to be achieved. What gets done with the results?”

DATRE: Things are there for you to experience, that’s what gets done with the results. The results of anything are as you experiences them and as you interpret them as you are here in the physical. The ‘expression’ in the physical being, is the result. The YOU that you are experiences and expresses in realities, in existences, planetary, non-planetary, many
different states. The ‘only’ thing that happens is what do YOU get out of the experiences. Not so that you can go and talk to your neighbor and tell what a ‘grand’ thing happened. You can do that, but that doesn’t change them. The only thing you’re interested in is changing and expanding YOUR awareness. This is what we… you wanted ‘individuation’, that is what you wanted, you wanted to be individuals. So that is what is happening, you are achieving on an individualistic basis.

You can go as far as you want to go. But you don’t have to sit and this is the ‘whole thing’, the beginning and the end. You don’t have to constantly be thinking about all of these things because in thinking about all these things and running to other people who are experiencing the same things, the only thing is; you’re making yourself comfortable in the expression that you’re in at the present time. But the thing is, as you begin to ‘work’ more and more with yourself, you’ll find yourself gravitating away from groups of individuals, because you’re ‘moving’ and others don’t keep up with you. Then as you become more and more individualistic you will find that the people that you CAN relate to do not think the way you do. So, the more ‘individualistic’ you become, the more you draw away from the MASS. OK, continue.

JOHN: Her final question is… ” What is meant to be the result for this Universe? Datre mentioned for it to be realized. Could Datre expand on this?” I think that she got mixed up between the Earth ‘bubble’ being ‘realized’ and the Universe which IS realized.

DATRE: Now, the Universe is what she spoke of?

JOHN: Yes.

DATRE: Well John, I think you are right she has it mixed up a bit. But this Universe is in a ‘constant’ state of expansion. Expansion, not in size, but in awareness of the individuals within the Universe. Read the question
again please.

JOHN: “What is meant to be the result for this Universe?”

DATRE: What is to be the result of the Universe? The Universe will continue, it will ‘always’ continue. Because the expansion of awareness of the individuals ‘within’ the Universe will continue. Then when you are no longer ‘fascinated’, if there are no more areas that you want to explore, when you get into the areas that Datre is, when THAT becomes shall we say, in your terms, ‘old hat’ and you have experienced ALL of the different
elements that you wish to ‘explore’ from a Universal concept, then you go to the next Universe. Because there is ‘communication’ between Universes. And there is NOT “ONE” universe, there are ‘multiple’ Universes. You cannot explain a Universe any more than you can explain a reality. It is all
these things that MUST be experienced. But, for you in the physical, you have a long ways to go yet.

Because you’re in this… this is a whole new area of exploration. The expansion of ‘awareness’ within a physical construct. You are further ahead in awareness on ‘this’ particular planetary existence. Your understanding of this planet and those that are on this planet is far greater than it is in ‘other’ planetary existences. There ‘are’ other planetary existences, but the formation of the physical form and the abilities of the physical form in a HOLOGRAPHIC state is far and above greater than anyplace else. And the HOLOGRAPHIC existence, is but ‘one’ existence for existences within the Universe in other planetary existences.

Other planetary existences are NOT like you are. There would be no reason to have them the same. You don’t want duplication, why duplicate. You need something new, you need something… and that is where the ‘searching’ comes in, that ‘longing’, that ‘searching’, that ‘craving’ for experience, THAT is the ‘motivating’ force in a Universe, is the ‘craving’ for more. It
is NOT something that can be taught, it is ‘within’, it is an ‘expression’. The YOU that you are is the one that has the ‘craving’. The YOU that you are is the one that is the ‘driving’ force. Then as you become ‘aware’ of the YOU that you are, you’ll find that, what you thought was a ‘humdrum’ physical existence, becomes very ‘fascinating’. Because you are looking at it from a ‘different’ angle. That is what DRIVES Universes, is that CRAVING for something NEW, something DIFFERENT. In other words, to put it in ‘your’ expressions, ‘what’s on the other side of the mountain?’ ‘What’s at the bend of the road?’ ‘If I turn to the left on a road, what’s there?’ THAT is the CRAVING that comes from the YOU that you are. That is what’s DRIVING
you. Be it in physical existence or any ‘other’ type of existence, the YOU that you are EXISTS.

You can either ‘continue’ to keep that FLAME of CRAVING going OR you can actually EXTINGUISH it, by the old expression, ‘I don’t care’. Because the ‘I don’t care’s’ don’t go. It’s those that say, ‘I wonder’ and ‘how come’ and ‘what is there?’ and ‘what more is there?’ there’s the difference. It is a GRAND exploration. This Universe has TREMENDOUS amounts of different
kinds of exploration, within THIS Universe. We that compose Datre are ‘still’ fascinated by what goes on within this Universe. But when we have either ‘actually’ or vicariously ABSORBED the information and we feel the need to go further. Then we will leave ‘this’ Universe and go into ‘another’ Universe for another existence. You don’t have to have a physical body to exist. Next!

JOHN: That was the last question.

DATRE: We thank you. We are Datre.


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