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JOHN: We have some questions from Mitch. His first question is… “Are there universes that are not physical in nature?”

DATRE: Yes, there are many. The physical ones are in the minority, very few that have any form of what you call physicality.

JOHN: And in a follow-up to that he asks… “If so, is it possible to describe a few?”

DATRE: No, it is not. Because if it is NOT physical how can we explain to you when you only are familiar with physicality. In other words, there would be no way for me to explain a ghost or whatever. You have those concepts that you work with here, but you’re still explaining a physical construct explanation. So to explain something non-physical would be an impossibility. Continue.

JOHN: Now he asks… “Datre has described some of the physical symptoms being caused by the new energies coming into our space, such as: back pain, runny nose and eyes, stomach problems, etc… Are there others? And if so, what is their purpose?”

DATRE: There will be others from time to time. We just had one that we sent to you recently about the experiences by both John and Aona. There will be different experiences for different individuals. Now, just because John and Aona had these in this fashion, does not mean that everyone is going to have them in that way. Each individual will be experiencing different things that will be happening to their physical constructs. What are the reasons for it? How are changes ever going to take place if everything stays status quo? This is what you’re in, is ‘evolution’, it has always been ‘evolution’, it will always be ‘evolution’. Your physical constructs will change. The physical constructs change to work in ‘different’ parameters, that’s that.

JOHN: And he further continues… “Also, can additional non-physical symptoms be described to us?”

DATRE: No, because non-physical symptoms are taking place ‘within’ the construct of the physical. You see, ‘you’ are NOT physical, you work ‘through’ a physical construct and you don’t ‘know’ how your bodies work. Not one of you ‘knows’, because the physical construct has become so automatic in its functioning.

You can open up a body and watch a heart go thump, thump, thump, but they still think that the heart is a pump and they still make repairs thinking the heart is a pump. But a body is ‘electrically’ operated. It is an operation you do not understand. You see, things don’t just ‘flow’ and ‘go’, your bodies are very complicated. You are a HOLOGRAM that is a very
complex ‘electro-magnetic’ system. And you live in it everyday and don’t pay any attention to it, except when something isn’t working right. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Is there a time frame that can be given for how “long” the Birth will take (i.e. a moment, a year, whatever)?”

DATRE: A moment, a year, both. It will take as long as ‘you’ comprehend it to be, each individual will experience it differently. To some, it will seem like a long drawn out process, to others it will happen in the ‘blink’ of an eye. It is YOUR interpretation of the length of time that will make
it so, for you as an individual. Continue.

JOHN: He now asks… “Datre mentioned, in datre033, that “specialists” have come here to help deal with the large gap between the two bubble realities but that too many of them became fascinated with the experience and “stayed”. What were they fascinated with?”

DATRE: Physicality! Physicality to that that has never experienced a physical construct doing things is a fascination. It’s simply that you have done it for so long that you’re no longer fascinated. The YOU that you are is trying to get your attention, but you won’t look and you won’t listen. But, to someone that has never been in a physical construct, this is
‘extreme’ fascination.

Why is a baby sitting on the floor fascinated with fingers and toes? Something new? Something that works and they can’t figure it out? Fascination! But, by the time you’re not even all grown up you’re ‘dis-enchanted’ so quickly, so quickly. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Is this “mistaken” collision of two diversely mature bubbles likely to occur again as a planed event?”


JOHN: OK, his next question is… “Did this experience accelerate, or in some other way enhance, the growth of either or both of the bubbles groups? If yes, in what way?”

DATRE: Any time… just lets put it this way… any time you come in contact, in the physical, with someone that is interested in the ‘same’ thing that you are interested in, but has more ‘knowledge’ on that particular subject than you do, are you not ‘fascinated’ with the information and knowledge that individual has? Any time you put two ‘diverse’ people together and they find some commonality, even if it is one thing. One individual has one thing they’re interested in and one has
another, but you find one that is common, the one that is common is going to start your conversation. Then you will branch out into what ‘your’ particular interest is and what ‘their’ particular interest is.
Then if you listen to them and they listen to you, then you see, you are learning on many different levels. So, diversity, stimulates and stimulation is what is needed to, shall we say, that’s the driving force that is needed, the stimulation. When you no longer become ‘stimulated’ you become ‘stagnant’ and when you become stagnant, you can no longer become an individual, because you’re ‘not’ interested. You NEED to be interested and ‘stimulation’ is the thing that you look for to ‘keep’ you interested.

So, two planets, what’s the difference… two bubbles? What’s the difference, STIMULATION. Planed or accident, it does not matter. That there’s stimulation, another area to GROW in. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Datre mentioned, in datre034, that when we begin to explore our meditations, we are on the road to discovery. Could Datre please expand on this statement?”

DATRE: Anything that you find is of interest to you and you pursue, it’s ‘always’ the road to ‘discovery’. Be it someone that plays an instrument, be it someone that uses a paint brush, be it someone that drives a great big piece of equipment and he finds a new way of digging dirt, anything that you can find ‘different’ stimulates you and it is the road to discovery. That’s all that is, is constant stimulation. Instead of just
sitting there doing things over and over again, why not find a unique way of doing something? Change ‘something’ to stimulate you, to get you interested. Then in becoming interested, you may ‘discover’ something that you had absolutely no idea of ever going in that direction that you ended up going in. That is the road to DISCOVERY. Its going down a road in the middle of a country – not on those big roads where you’ve got all the
trucks – but a little road that goes to little bitsy towns and stuff. And you see a road that goes one way and you say, ‘well we don’t have anything else to do, lets go down that road and see where that goes’ – a road to ‘discovery’. You see, it is NOT complicated, it is not complicated. Just whatever is ‘your’ area of DISCOVERY.

JOHN: OK, his final question is… “In the most recent Wanda part II, Datre mentioned there will be three planets where people will go to continue their experience. Will people, on any of the new planet experiences, maintain their consciousness -awareness of their previous experience here on Earth or will it be another “forget everything to enhance the learning opportunity?”

DATRE: Those that will go the ‘cloned’ planet Earth will see very little difference. They’ll see a lot of changes on their planet, but they’re not going to be that much aware of planetary changes. They will still maintain… because they’re still in a very definite learning process.

Now, those that go to the next planet for their ‘discovery’, there will be some of that that will be maintained. It will be up to the individuals as to how much they wish to maintain in the next experience. Because they will be making changes before they leave here. So their changes might be so ‘dramatic’ in scope prior to leaving here that some of ‘this’ here may not
be of that much importance. That does not mean that they’re going to ‘scrap’ it, they will put it in their little ‘container’ and take it with them. But, because it has been already ‘learned’ experiences, they won’t be ‘using’ it, shall we say, in their next experience.

The third experience, the third planetary existence, is not really a planet. It is an existence, it is a, shall we say, more or less a stepping stone to go into the BIG Universe. Because there has to be an area where the ‘stability’ of the magnitude of the change will have to be ‘absorbed’. Because in ‘that’ construct, you will not be working with that which you call ‘consciousness’.

Consciousness is a planetary existence construct that you use. So those that are going out into the BIG Universe will not be working with that which you call a ‘consciousness’. They will NOT be working with ‘dream states’; they will NOT be working with ‘psyche’. They will be working entirely differently; they will NOT be working with a physical form. However, they will still maintain that which you call the ‘remembrance’ of a physical form. Then, many times, in order to maintain their stability, they WILL form a ‘physical’ form to, shall we say, reside in for comfort.
But they ‘know’ that that is only a ‘memory’ type thing that they will use for a ‘comfort’ factor. But, that will be, depending upon how much ‘stability’ they’re able to maintain as to how long they will stay in that existence. But there is going to be ‘some’ type of existence that they will… it will be very ‘wispy’, it will be something that you cannot understand here. It will be just a ‘wispy’ environment to learn to function ‘without’ those things that you take for granted. Like ‘dream states’ and ‘consciousness’ and the ‘psyche’ and all of this and the various things that you are so used to and think nothing of. But, to take them away is going to cause some ‘instability’ for a short period of time. But there are not that many that are going out into the BIG Universe either. So, continue.

JOHN: That was the last one from Mitch.

DATRE: OK, we thank you, we are Datre.


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