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JOHN: We have some questions from Thomas. His first question is… “How do you know if you are operating under a ‘belief system?'”

DATRE: Everyone is, everyone is operating under a belief system, that is a given.

JOHN: His next question is… “What are the tell tale sign of a belief system?”

DATRE: Well, you are ‘all’ working under a belief system. The thing that we are trying to get you to recognize is ‘what do you believe?’. Where are your ‘beliefs’, that is the big number, where are they? OK, continue.

JOHN: He next asks… “How do you get rid of beliefs?”

DATRE: You do not get ‘rid’ of beliefs, you ‘replace’ them – it is an automatic. If you have always, always, always, believed that if this circumstance happened, this would naturally follow. If that is something that you’ve always believed, if this happens, then this will happen automatically, then THAT is a belief that you need to look at.

Now, say to yourself, ‘if this happens, does this automatically have to happen?’. Now, when you look at it in that context, then you can ‘see’ what a belief is. Now, that is probably not easy for you to come upon, but if you are looking for it you will find it, because it will pop-up in front of you.

Now, this business of saying, ‘abusive people will always go into abusive situations’, in other words, if a woman or man marries a woman or man that is a ‘drunk’, the first thing everybody says, ‘well next time he or she marries, they’ll do the same thing, I’ve seen it happen so often’. Now, if you want to accept that, that’s fine, you ‘believe’ that is the sequence.
But, stop and take a look at it. There are those that have been in that situation, with peoples that are drunks and have walked away from that situation and have changed their lives completely. Analyze that, this is what we are trying to get you to do.
There are as many people that do it one way, as there are that do it the other. Which one do YOU want to see? Do you want to see the ones that make the change or do you want to see the
ones that stay in the same situation? That is a very simplistic belief, but it is a belief. It is not ‘good’, ‘bad’, or ‘indifferent’ in this case, it does not matter. What matters is YOU becoming ‘aware’ that ‘both’ situations exist. You ‘observe’ both situations and you ‘allow’ both situations, but you get ‘involved’ in neither. Immediately, that ‘changes’ a belief, it does ‘not’ get rid of it. Continue.

JOHN: His next part of that question is… “I believe DATRE is providing Universal knowledge, is that part of a belief system?”

DATRE: As far as your concerned, yes, because you said, ‘I believe’. You see how tricky that little word is? You believe it, then it is so. Someone also will say, ‘that stuff doesn’t ring true to me, that’s a bunch of garbage’. Now, what’s his belief system? Its what YOU believe, what YOU want to maintain, that is up to you. Continue.

JOHN: He next asks… “Is the concept of a belief system a limiting factor or is it the actual content of the belief system that is limiting?”.

DATRE: Neither is limiting. A belief system is ‘one way’ for you to ‘observe’, to ‘change’ if you wish, but know that it is not the only way that things exist. Belief systems are so very beneficial; because they are the ‘grandest’ of all ways you have of ‘observation’. Because by becoming aware of ‘your’ belief systems you are observing to a ‘greater depth’ than you would if you were just going through life from birth to death. Your
‘observations’ is the thing that ‘changes’ you. And as your observation of a belief system changes, ‘you’ automatically change the pictures ‘you’ put in front of you and ‘that’ is where your ‘expansion’ comes in. It does not mean you have to ‘change’ it, be aware of it. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Explain more about integrating with an aspect of yourself. I have recently met someone that seems to ‘vibrate’ much like myself. What takes place in an integration process mentally and physically?”.

DATRE: Well, when you have met up with somebody ‘physically’, that is an entirely different situation than that which we have spoken of. When we are talking about the ‘integration’ of an aspect self or face or whatever you want to call it, we are speaking of those that are coming to you “in the dream state” or in the what you call the “day dreaming state” or in the “state of meditation” that you are meeting and making this connection.
Sometimes you can ‘see’ a face, more often than not you will not see a face, but you will ‘feel’ a connection. That will happen in the “dream state”, in “day dreaming state”, it can happen even in a state of being “perfectly relaxed”.
You can ‘feel’ a change within the physical construct. In other words, what is happening now is… they’ve talked about the ‘veils’ and all of this… the ‘realities’ are coming together, shall we put it that way, because the ‘time line’ is NOT there. And because ‘here and now’, more than any other “time period”, which is separate, but still simultaneous, is ‘integrating’, is coming together, is ‘compressing’. And because you in the physical at the present time are, shall we say, are further along in your ‘evolution’ than the other ‘time line’ faces and aspects, you’re pulling these ‘to’ you and they are coming ‘to’ you. They will either come ‘with’ you OR they will go their own way after ‘touching’ with you.

Because there are those that will go their ‘own’ way, they may be, shall we say, further ahead than you are right now. It is a possibility, it is a possibility there has been a ‘digression’ from 1500 to 1997. It can happen, it is not as apt to happen, but it can happen. So the integration when these are ‘touched’ the decision may be made to either go with you OR go on their own. Because they have been ‘individuated’ to the point, that they want to continue at their own pace. That can happen, but it does not happen that you will integrate ‘physically’ with someone that you are meeting. Now, you can meet a ‘face’ or an ‘aspect self’, but the integration will not take place on a daytime level. It does NOT take place in that way, because the integration is NOT a ‘physical’ one. It takes place with the
YOU that you are, that’s where the integration takes place. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “When the split comes will it be in the blink of an eye, or over a period of time?”

DATRE: Didn’t we just answer that?

JOHN: Maybe so on the other transcript.

DATRE: It does not matter. It only matters as to ‘your’ perception of it. That is all we can tell you at this time, because it has not happened. It has NEVER happened before, so how can we make predictions? We cannot. We are watching this as an evolutionary process also. Continue.

JOHN: He then continues… “Will we be aware that something is happening?”

DATRE: You might and you might not. There again, that depends on you. You are the one that makes the decision, it will be ‘your’ decision, it will be how YOU perceive it. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “What happened to the physical bodies of the astronauts when they went to the moon?”

DATRE: Why should anything happen, you’re still within your ‘Earth’ bubble. Your Earth bubble contains both your Earth planet and your moon; your bubble contains ALL of that. So why should anything change? You are going through what you call a ‘gravity’ change but you’re ‘still’ within your own system, you have not left your own system. Its the same thing with going up
in an airplane, you go up in airplanes, what do you have to do, you have to have more oxygen. What happens to your body in an airplane? What happens to these test pilots that go way up and do all these things in these planes that are going so fast and so high that nobody else goes? They have oxygen, that’s the only thing they need, but they come down in one piece if they don’t crash.

So, you go in a metal container and you go to the moon and you’ve got stuff that’s giving you oxygen, so what’s the problem – there is none?

JOHN: You’ve pretty well answered the next part of his question which was… “How did their bodies maintain their physical appearance?”.

DATRE: It does, just like going in an airplane, no difference. As long as you have that which you call your oxygen to maintain your stability, your HOLOGRAM will stay intact.

JOHN: Now, his final question is… “What would happen if they actually sent someone to Mars?”.

DATRE: That is so far in the future it is very hard to tell. First of all, you have to get your pieces of tin to go that far. To get your pieces of tin to go that far and turn around and come back again without ‘disintegration’ is going to take quite a bit of doing. So, when they get their pieces of tin to go out that far, turn around and come back and land upon your planet Earth, then you can think about putting people inside. I don’t think you’ve done that yet – have they?

JOHN: No, we’ve sent satellites up, but those are one way trips.

DATRE: That is correct. Nothing has come back again.

JOHN: Only trash.

DATRE: That’s why the peoples haven’t gone. Ha ha, it is very simple. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last of the questions from Thomas.

DATRE: All right, now, probably to everyone’s amazement we just finished November. We have gotten that far behind, but because there was so much ground work needed to be laid, to be able to take you and help you with your understanding, some of our sessions have become very long. But we wanted to finish up this November business. We are quite a ways behind and we have a ‘lot’ of questions yet to go. So please do not be discouraged
with the time element. We are giving you information as best we can. We have shifted many of the questions that have been asked by individuals on purpose. Because when we find that we are following a certain thought patterning, we will pick-up the questions that are maintaining that line of information. So there has been the changes within those questions of ‘when’
they were answered. But now we are up to the month of December and we will go from there and see how we can work with those. Because when we begin a line of information, we wish to continue on that, to give you enough so that you have enough to make a meal.

In other words, we don’t like to come in and put down a glass of water and a cup of coffee and go off and leave you. We relate that to what they happen to do here in your restaurants. But, as you well know, when you sit with a glass of water and a cup of coffee for fifteen minutes, is in your terms a long time, and you become impatient. So we try to give you enough, so that we bring you the water and the coffee and we wait a few minutes, then we bring you a salad and then we will bring you the food and so far we have not come to too much desert. But anyway, that is why we have changed the questions. This is the way we have arranged the questions and we will, with everything that is going on, in this household alone, changes in the physical construct, the changes of looking for another abode, we are
very busy. But we will try and maintain a somewhat steady flow for your information. We will leave you now, we are Datre.


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