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JOHN: We have a question from Thomas, he asks… “I wonder if Datre can comment on the size of the comet (Hale-Bopp) and the effects on the Earth by the fly by?”.

DATRE: The size I cannot tell you. When it goes by, if it comes close enough to your Earth it will have the velocity in the passing of the Earth and the ‘magnetic’ quality that is setup between the two will CLEAN your atmosphere and clean-up a lot of debris that is surrounding your planet. If it does not come close enough, then nothing will happen. It is NOT going to ‘bump’ you if that’s what you’re concerned about. Because of the amount of information that has been gleaned by this particular group in physicality of many thousands of years that this has been in existence the ‘destruction’ of anything would NOT be allowed – too much would be lost as far as the Universe is concerned. But, if it does come close enough, it will do a cleansing action – but that is undeterminable.

JOHN: By ‘cleansing’ action you mean burn off a lot of the ‘pollutants’ that we have put into our atmosphere.

DATRE: Yes, but don’t use the words ‘burn off’ that scares people. It will NOT be a ‘burning’ action, as far as we can tell. It will be more like a vacuuming type thing. All right?

JOHN: OK. Now we have some questions from Yasmin and her first question is… “Is there a purpose to romantic love? Is it in all parts of existence/the Universe?”

DATRE: Romantic love, you used the word romantic, there is romantic love on your planet and what romantic love is all about is ‘genetics’. Your ‘genetics’ draw you to different people. It is NOT the YOU that you are; it is the physical construct that genetically draws you to individuals. Now, you can do anything you want to with that connection. You can be drawn to an individual, attracted to that individual, be it man or woman, but it does not ‘necessarily’ evolve into a romantic situation. That depends on the individual. Some people are very inclined to ‘jump’ in and out of relationships. Other people are very content with a, what you call, a platonic relationship. Much can be gleaned from both. The ‘romantic’ part of it depends upon the genetics. Some people have a great deal of feeling for another person, but are not ‘gushy’ about it, shall we say. So it is
all a matter of what your genetics are, what you have picked up that ‘you’ want to experience. But it’s ALL body and the body was made by you. Continue.

JOHN: She continues with another question that says… “Does it move us forward?… so often ‘false love’ seems to hold back.”

DATRE: No. There’s no such thing as ‘false’ love, there’s no such thing as ‘real’ love. It is what you do with a relationship as to whether you’re going to grow. If it is just a ‘hop in bed’ kind of thing and ‘that’ is the attraction you’re going to find – in the matter of a few years, that’s gone. Then what are you going to do? If there’s nothing that holds you together, other than two ‘bodies’, that’s not going to last.

You see your make-up is so entirely different. The animals have their mating seasons. You’re turned on all the time, you never turn off. But that is what your species wanted. So that is why your despair of why relationships don’t work. You never turn that switch off, that’s an ON switch. So, that is something that at one point in time the ‘mass consciousness’ wanted – so that’s what you have to contend with.

JOHN: She continues along that vain and says… “Is romantic love ‘instinctual’ or a human ‘whim’ stemming from a ‘neediness’ to work in pairs?”.

DATRE: Pairs are fine. Pairs work in many different relationships. It depends upon what you want out of a relationship. If you want ‘mental’ stimulation and you find that you live together very well, that is fine. If you find that you want ‘mental’ stimulation and you can’t live together, but you have a very ‘strong’ attraction to that person, that’s
fine too. It is ALL how YOU set up the parameters of your genetics and what ‘you’ want to experience. This is why so many people right now are finding that the man goes one way the woman goes another way, simply because one is beginning to make ‘drastic’ changes and the other one is standing still. Same thing happens in all kinds of relationships, whether it be man/woman, woman/woman, man/man it doesn’t matter. If it is ‘all’ based on sex, period, you’re going to be hopping all over the place. And that is up to ‘you’, as to what control ‘you’ want with your physical construct. Continue.

JOHN: OK, she gets into that a little bit in her next question. She says… “Do we only fall in love with souls we have connected with in past lives? Can we recognize them, if we haven’t done ‘past life’ investigation? Do we make first-time connections a lot too?”.

DATRE: Well you see, there again, that which you call your past lives and all of that and you’re making connections again with the ‘same’ people, then you’re into a genetics thing. It ALL goes back to how do you – when you take a physical body, lets put it that way – you ‘pick’ the genetics that ‘you’ want to experience. Because most of the time you come in, you’re ‘not’ that interested in what you pick and choose. So you ‘hop’ back into the same family relationships that you had previously. That is why there has always been this ‘want’ to have many children so that you’re sure that you can come back again into some kind of a physical construct. In other words, if there is no family that you can come back into through the children, then what are you going to do? If there is ‘one’ child that you can come back in through, how do you know that child is going to ‘accept’
you in the way you want to be accepted to come back through?

So you see, its all genetics, a very simple process. You are continually going to be drawn exactly to the ‘same’ kind of people, because you’re going back into the ‘same’ families again.

Now, the individual that is in a growth situation will ‘not’ pick their very, very last genetics to work from. You’ve got thousands and thousands and thousands of years of genetics within your ‘genetic pool’. You have no idea the extent of the genetics that you contain within your body. Why not go way, way back and pick out something interesting, instead of being a
‘dirt farmer’ every time you come around? Now don’t laugh, because Aona and John have been in situations where they have been doing what you call past life regressions, and the poor young couple have been ‘dirt farmers’ as far back as they can go in their regressions. They have done it again and again and again and again. That’s because they’re ‘not’ paying any attention. Then they are wondering, why they are so poor and why they are in such dire straights. That’s what we’re trying to do; we’re trying to get your attention.

Now, somebody says, ‘well these are my genetics, poor me’. Have you ever thought about ‘changing’ them? Just take a look; you’ve got thousands and thousands and thousands of years of genetics, why can’t you be something different? Pull up some of this, try it, extend yourself, push yourself. That’s what the ‘growth’ process is all about. Just don’t sit there and moan and groan and complain.

Now somebody says, ‘well I couldn’t be a pianist like that’. How do you know? Go back 10,000 years, what do you know about your genetics 10,000 years ago? I don’t think you know very much about it – its there. Everybody has tried everything on this planet. Why is it that people are famous? You go back and they’re famous all the way back. They’ve done this again and
again and again, because they like being famous. You take Eva Peron, you take Marilyn Monroe and you take… what’s her name now that…

JOHN: Madonna!

DATRE: Madonna, who’s she – all three. Its fun being famous. So, you pick and choose. But, you have to be ‘aware’ in order to pick and choose. And that is what we’re telling you. If you want something, go for it. There’s no better time than right now – the energies will support you.

Then you’ll say, ‘well I tried something and I went broke, its Datre’s fault’. No it isn’t. The thing is, you’re doing that for your own education. Get ‘out’ there. There are all kinds of things in this world to experience. You’ve got all kinds of genetics. Start PLAYING with LIFE instead of looking at it all down. You get to ‘playing’ with ‘life’ and it will turn around and go up. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “What does Datre have to say about sex? Many religions condemn sex, unless there is an Earth-style marriage contract. Is sex a distraction (it sure can be distracting) or is sexual love the magnet that can attract true human romantic love and the glue that can bind it?”.

DATRE: I go back to a very simple statement – its all your genetics. Its what ‘you’ believe. You are born with genetic patterns and you pick and choose as you begin to grow, from baby on. ‘I don’t like that characteristic of my dad, I’m not going to be like that’. ‘I don’t like this in my mother, I don’t like that’. You’re setting it up constantly. You’re making choices, making choices. Then how come when you get out of high school, you don’t know what to do with yourself? You’ve been making
choices all along the way. When you hit puberty, one week you want to be a doctor, one week you want to be an engineer, the next week you want to be an actor. You change, you change, you change, you’re fitting, fitting, fitting, trying to find what you want to do. Everybody says, ‘what are you going to do when you get out of high school?’, ‘I don’t know yet’. You don’t, because you’re playing with all of these things. Then you get out of high school and you don’t know what to do with yourself.

You have to learn to use your body in some way, other than sitting around complaining. If you’re going to ‘grow’, in any direction, try things out. Don’t sit around and complain about it. Because that is not going to get you any place. When you get to be 40, how many different job situations have you tried? Have you stayed in the same place, year after year after year or have you been out and ‘tasted’ different things? That’s what its
all about. They’ll say, ‘well that person is never going to amount to anything because they keep changing all the time’. Now, from our vantage point, we would say, ‘There’s someone that’s going someplace because they’re not developing a ‘monitory’ standard to live by.’ They’re gaining experience for growth. Continue.

JOHN: On that question, the first part of the question I don’t think you dealt with.

DATRE: What was that that I missed?

JOHN: The first part of the question says… “What does Datre say about sex?” and religion thing.

DATRE: I answered that; I said that depends upon what you believe. You’re born into a situation. As a child you’re born into a situation with parents. How do you know how to discriminate anything unless your parents tell you? Your parents tell you ‘sex is bad’. Your parents tell you what religion you’re going to be. Your parents tell you, you will do this, you
will do that, you will do something else. Your teachers will tell you this and this and this. That is how you grow and until you get old enough or you have enough that you came in with to make decisions and say, ‘that isn’t what I want’. Your parents say sex is bad, sex is dirty and you look at them and they’re married people and you’re saying, ‘I can’t fit those two
together.’ If your mother says sex is bad and sex is dirty, how come she’s involved in it? You see, that’s where children form, what you call, opinions, is from what they ‘observe’ from a family situation or non family situation or single parent situation or whatever. Or maybe you were brought up by your grandparents. Or maybe you’ve put into an orphanage or
something. But these are what you call your ‘formative’ years. This is when you make your decisions as to what you want out of life.

Now, there’s a difference in children and if you watch children very closely, you will see it. Look into a child’s eyes and you will see a baby body in whose eyes you will see a forty year old person. You will look at another baby body and look into the eyes and you will see ‘gooo gooo gaaa gaaa’. Now, the child in a baby body whose eyes are forty years old knows where it’s going and what it’s going to do. Start observing children and see how many gooo gooo gaaa gaaa’s you’ve got on your planet and how many bodies of children you have that are forty years old.

There again, I’m getting back to ‘observation’. Those children that come in in baby bodies that are forty years old know ‘what’ they’re here for. Now, you’re grown up now, but that does ‘not’ mean you have to stay where you are. Start ‘pushing’ that envelope. Begin to LIVE, instead of ‘exist’. Continue.

JOHN: Her final question goes as follows… “My main question: I have fallen in love and often have deep yearnings for things to work as I ‘want’ them to, especially at the start… do you have advice on how, when our emotions are running so high, we can balance these yearnings with the proper patience and trust that the right course of events will unfold? Love is so powerful this urge can be hard to deal with.”.

DATRE: Yes, it is. Your sexual urges are the strongest that you have and that is the strongest emotion within your physical body. Now, you want a situation to work, you are madly in love with an individual, regardless of what the situation is. That individual is all consuming in your life, ‘this is who I want’. You’re working from the ‘physical’ emotions. What does the
YOU that you are want? It may say, ‘no, that is not going to take you where you said you wanted to go’. Your ‘intent’ was to do this and this. You follow your emotions and it’s going to take you in the ‘opposite’ direction. So, who wins? Do you go into the emotional physical relationship that ‘you’ want and eventually get the message, through the physical and go through
the ‘crash’ for another experience? Or do you want to avoid it and go in the direction that the ‘signs’ say, ‘this is the way you need to go’?

Being in the physical is a ‘tricky’ situation. That is why we have continually said, ‘observe’. You have ‘guidelines’ out there in front of you. You’re putting pictures in front of you every second of your life. Now, how observant are you of the pictures that you put in front of you? The pictures you put in front of you are telling you many, many different things constantly. Sometimes you can run around and run around and ‘not’ see them. That’s why some peoples lives work differently than others. Because the ‘observer’ is constantly aware of the pictures they put in front of them.

Now, just as an aside… in looking for a new abode, for these two, a comment was made by a realtor, ‘I sold a house last week that was ‘exactly’ what you want’. John’s comment was, ‘That was not our house, if it were, it would still be there’. Now, if that had been the ‘right’ house, it would have still been there – it would ‘still’ be there. Well maybe this won’t work out, if it won’t work out maybe that’s not the right place to be.

There is a saying that is very, very good that say’s, ‘don’t PUSH the river’. You don’t CHARGE into the ‘future’. When you become an ‘observer’ you are PULLED, like a magnet, into your future. Because, as you begin to flow and work ‘with’ the physical body and work with the pictures that you’re putting in front of you constantly, you will get ‘into’ that flow. Because you’re ‘watching’ what’s going on and you will follow it and that’s where your life will begin to ‘smooth’ out. One NEVER goes anywhere in despair. Go through the ‘despair’, go through the agony, but then say, ‘that’s enough; I don’t need this any more. Now, I’m going to start watching what’s happening.’ Change your life from ‘that’ point. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question. But I wanted to clarify something. When you made a reference to the ‘signs’ you are NOT speaking of astrological signs?

DATRE: Oh, no, no, no, no! I’m talking about the sign you put up in front of yourselves that you need to ‘observe’. Everyone is different. You know, you all work from ‘symbols’. That’s why you don’t translate many of your dreams, because it is all ‘zymology’. When you begin to ‘read’ the symbols that you’re are putting in front of you, these can be very small, very
insignificant. The greater ‘observer’ you become, the more you will notice them.

If you walk into a store, just as an example, and you want ‘one’ specific thing… a box of cookies, and you walk into a store and it is chaos, that is telling you something. Do you want to get into that chaos and get your emotions all up and walk into that? Is that the kind of existence that you want? Now, many people will just ‘charge’ on through and pick up all this
energy that’s going all these different directions. Now, the ‘observer’ will say, ‘I’m not going into that, I’m not going into that hub bub’ and turn around and get into the car and either forget the cookies or go into another store. Observe ‘what’ you’re doing with your body.

Now, going into groups of people, is another thing to observe. You go into a ‘new age’ community where they’re having these Fairs. With all these people with the ‘tarot cards’ and the people with the ‘astrological charts’ and the people that are going to do ‘palm reading’ and the people that are going to give you all this information and so forth. Now, depending upon
your ’emotional’ body, your physical construct, there are some individuals that just ‘gravitate’ to all that divergent energy. Also, there is the opposite. The last time Aona did anything like that, and it was a very small group, she ended up getting sick because of all the energy that was flying in every which way. If you could ‘see’ what it looks like in one of those rooms, you would ‘know’ what is going on. Now, do you want that or don’t you? Again, that’s your ‘observations’. If you want to ‘suck up’ that energy, fine. If you don’t, you don’t. Observe before you go ‘crashing’ into a situation. That’s what an ‘observer’ does. They ‘evaluate’ each and every situation.

In looking at houses, with Aona and John, there are houses that Aona will not go into or will go in the front door, turn around and walk out because the energies of the people are still there. There are other energies in other houses where she can hardly wait to get the door open to get inside. Observe. That is what we’re telling you constantly. Continue.

JOHN: That was that.

DATRE: All right, thank you, we are Datre.


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