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Continued from Datre62a (from Gunilla)

JOHN: OK, her next question is… “I know you are not familiar with numbers – which refers to my next question – does math exist in other realities?”

DATRE: No, why should it, there is no need. That is one of the symbols you work with. You’re working now, in what they call nano seconds. You have to ‘split’ things up into finer and finer detail. You work with symbols so that you can have a, what we would call, a common denominator. If you did not have the ‘mass’ numbers, you would not be able to communicate to another, because your ‘language’ is not extensive enough. You need both the letters and the numbers for communication – from physical brain to physical brain. That’s why you have the two, that’s necessary. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “A good laughter makes you feel good… is humor unique for this planet Earth?”

DATRE: Ooohhh NO. You have not heard the laughter that exists in the Universe – because we do not have the bodies for expression. But we ‘exist’ in that which you would call JOY, LAUGHTER, CONTENTMENT, all of these words that you try to get the physical to be able to experience – THAT’S where we live. You talk about ‘love’, but the LOVE that we ‘live’ in and that ‘you’ live in, is so fine that you can’t even feel it.

How would you be in existence if there was ‘not’ that cohesiveness of that they which is LOVE and JOY and LAUGHTER and all of these things? Because, it is in THAT context that a Universe is maintained. That is what you try and figure out how you can experience these in the ‘physical’ – that which is OUR existence.

Now, it is great fun, to come through a physical body and produce laughter through the physical construct. As many know, when some of us come through with laughter, it almost makes the windows shake – because we use the body in such a different way. It is ‘fun’ to come into physicality, because we can play with this body. We can take this body up to almost 7 feet tall
(Aona is 5’8″) we don’t want to go up through the ceiling. We can make the body laugh. We can do all sorts of things with the body and everybody enjoys it. Because, you see, to us it’s a HOLOGRAM and a HOLOGRAM has all sorts of flexibility. But, because of your ‘rigidity’ you stay within a certain construct. The only thing is that we have to check the body out before we leave, to be sure everything is all back in the same place. But
we enjoy laughter, as John well knows – we can bring the house down. Continue.

JOHN: And a continuation of that question says… “And what about music – does music as we know it exist in other realities?”

DATRE: No! You see why do you have to always have things the same in everything? Now, you’re talking about ‘realities’, I don’t know whether you’re talking about other ‘planetary’ existences or whether you’re talking about the realities that you’re experiencing.

JOHN: I think she is talking about ‘other’ planetary existences.

DATRE: That’s what I thought, that’s why I answered in the way I did. You see, there again, your music, your sound of music and your ‘color’, is within a very small range of vibration – exactly the same. That is why those individuals, that enjoy that sort of thing, can listen to music and in – now that is not the boom, boom music, that is a different ‘type’ of music, it is a music that is in your planet – it would be more in the ‘classical’ vain of music, where its like… who is that one you talk about all the time… Mozart, Mozart.
Now, you see, that kind of music is not the sort of music you sing or put words on or dance to or any of that sort of thing. It is a different ‘construct’ of music that is enjoyable, that has a flow to it. Then in listening to that ‘type’ of music, by him or some of the other composers, in hearing that and ‘shifting’ just the tiniest bit, you cut off the sound coming through the ears, the eyes take over and you see the color. Then in the tiniest shift of vibration within the physical construct, you switch it back, the eyes release the colors and you turn the ears on and the ears hear the music again. It is that close a range of vibration, within the physical construct. That is very fascinating. Now I don’t know whether I got the question of not, I sort of got off the track.

JOHN: I think you answered the question as it was asked.

DATRE: The reason I asked that, there was a ‘shift’ here and so I didn’t know whether the question had been answered. OK, then I get the next one.

JOHN: OK, her next question is… “How far from Earth is the nearest physical civilization?”

DATRE: I cannot tell you. It really doesn’t matter; you can’t get there from here anyway. You’re not going there and they’re not coming here.

You see everything that everyone seems to relate to is ‘out there’. The ‘greatest show going’ is right here and now. And regardless of where you go, in your next experience, it doesn’t matter because in your next experience you’re NOT going to remember ‘this’ one – its not important.

Memory is something that has been a ‘trap’ of sorts, in that you carry things with you that are no longer important. It does not matter what you did at the age of ten. It doesn’t matter what you did at the age of 15, 20, 25, 40, 50 whatever. It does not matter. The only thing that matters is TODAY. You can’t do anything about ‘yesterday’ except gain from the experience and you can do nothing about tomorrow – because you’re NOT there
yet. You think you know what’s going to happen tomorrow. No you don’t. You don’t know what’s going to happen in the next five minutes – so why not enjoy it right now. It is not important. This is NOT a new teaching; this is a teaching that is OLD, that’s a very OLD teaching. That is a teaching that you have had since before that which you call Christianity. That is what has been taught, for thousands and thousands of years. ‘The day that
matters is the one that you’re in at the present time’. All the rest of it has gotten you to where you are at the present time.

Now, complaining about what you ‘could’ have been and ‘should’ have done, is getting you no place. Its over, its done with, it was an experience – good, bad or indifferent, it does NOT matter. What are you going to do with the experiences that you have gained? And what are you going to do in the next five minutes? Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “How many planets are there in our solar system?”

DATRE: More than you have counted. Then we’ll let the scientists tell you how many there are because ‘that’ is their area of exploration. They love to tell you, ‘we’ve found a new one’. That is ‘their’ excitement. But there’s more than you know. You haven’t the instruments to detect them, that’s all.

You see, you have your limitations because you’re still working with material things, like tin stuff. So until you can get your ‘tin’ stuff up to where you can do something different, like they’ve got all these things now that you can ‘see’ more and ‘detect’ more and all that and the more you detect and the more you see, that’s your discovery. So maybe someday you’ll find out there’s more out there than you ever thought there was there. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “The logical mind puts limitations when trying to explore your inner – what is your advice to a person with a logical/analytical mind?”

DATRE: Use it; absolutely use it if that’s the way your mind is set up. You know, if you have a mind that is set up, that is interested in working with numbers, then work with numbers. If you’ve got a mind that is set up that you like to work with sound, work with sound. That’s music or whatever the sound may be. If you have a mind that is set up for color, then work with
color. Being analytical, there is nothing wrong with analyzing things. Discovery, if you want to put it that way, is the biggest part of the game. It’s trying to get the physical to find out things – that’s a discovery.
Now, you can say that Aona and John both have analytical minds, because their areas of discovery are all over the place. They like everything. There’s nothing that they say – unless it’s something that after experimenting with it – ‘oh I’m not interested in that any more’. But that doesn’t mean that they haven’t researched it, figured it out or whatever. That’s the DISCOVERY. You, every one of you, have decided on some area of
exploration. Follow it, there’s no ‘right’ there’s no ‘wrong’, regardless of what your parents have told you – because ‘that’s’ where it originates. Your parents have said, ‘you don’t want to do that’ and you’re sitting there saying, ‘oh, yes I do’.

Now, how long do you live under your parents roof? ‘Till you graduate from high school? OK, then get out and do what you want to do. At that point, when you begin to make your own money and support yourself, then DO what you want to do. Your parents are sitting in their house and they can scream all they want to, but they have no control over you as long as you’re not in their house. Because that’s their house and when you’re in their house, you do as they want you to do. But, when you’re on your own, you do your own thing. So, continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “There is much talk right now about Hale-Bopp, ‘the comet’ – is it really a comet and what about the mass landings of ships? Is it all rubbish? Who are the Ashtar Command?”

DATRE: Now, Ashtar Command has been going on for… how many years John?

JOHN: Quite a while, I remember it way, way back.

DATRE: Many years, maybe it was going on before some of these individuals were ever born. That is old, old, old. They’re picking up some vibration and translating it in that form. Now, you can believe whatever you want to believe. There we’re getting back into the ‘belief system’. Now, if you know how to translate vibrations that you experience and you translate
them, not by what ‘others’ say, but by what ‘you’ experience, that is where you make your decisions.

Now, do you see things flying in the sky? If you see things flying in the sky, how do you translate them? Those are ‘your’ pictures; they’re nobody else’s pictures. Now, the Ashtar Command is a ‘story’ that the mass consciousness wishes to believe. The FEAR of something happening and not being ‘saved’ is something that many individuals cannot handle. The FEAR
is so great, that if a catastrophe occurs or if the BIRTH occurs, ‘what is going to happen to me’? So the Ashtar Command is going to come in and save you, in those ships, right? That is your ‘belief system’. The day the realization comes to an individual, that this is nothing but a ‘game’ you are playing, your bodies are nothing but HOLOGRAMS and you stand back and
you say, ‘so THIS is what it is’, that is the day you KNOW – and that does not happen to many because they are so caught up in physicality and still do not realize that they are NOT their bodies.

There is a story in your Bible that talks about the people singing, as the lions were tearing their physical bodies apart and the bodies were in shreds and the singing continued and the crowd was afraid. That was telling you a very, very good story. It was telling you, ‘you are NOT your body’. You never ‘have’ been your body and you never ‘will’ be your body. You exist, in waking hours, WITHIN a body. But you are still ‘you’ when you are OUT of body in the sleep stage. Where does insomnia come from? The FEAR of leaving the awakened body, because what happens to ME when I go to sleep? Some begin to ponder that and in comes the FEAR. They do not ‘recognize’ it as such, but that is what it is. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “What are the pyramids really – and what are their purpose?”

DATRE: The pyramids no longer have a purpose. It’s for you to ‘discover’ what’s inside of them and that’s kind of fun. Its always fun to find out something that another door opens and find another section to go through, that’s fun. That is another way of discovery.

The pyramids had a ‘specific’ purpose. They’re put in rather strange combinations. But that’s because they were experimenting as to where they were going to put them, because they were needed for ‘stabilization’ of the planet when it was wobbling so badly. They were ‘hooked’ to stars, shall we say. That’s a very simplistic way of putting things, but that was a fact. They were ENERGY containers and those energies were, shall we say, ‘hooked’ to stars to try and keep the wobble to a minimum on the planet. And you’re going to try and figure them out, but the thing is that they had put some up and they were not right. You know, its like everything else, you have to experiment with things. But that was so far beyond those thousands and thousands and thousands of years that they keep trying…
I was allowed to watch, thru Aona’s eyes (Nova on pyramids) when they were trying to get one stone to go where they wanted it to go and they were doing something, I don’t remember what it is, they keep trying to put these big stones (much laughter) on top of each other and they can’t do it. That wasn’t done with equipment, but that’s what you’re trying to do. You put everything in the mechanical context of today’s workings. You can’t do that because that was so many thousands of years, there is no connection with what you’re living today, its ridiculous!

But there was a purpose for them. The purpose was… many thousands of years ago was all taken care of. Now, they are nothing but stone. The majority of them are all under water. John knows where they all are. But, that was twenty some odd years of research also, most people don’t stay with anything that long. A little while and they’re off to something else.
But, as far as the purpose, the purpose is over. But its fun to go and look at them, walk thru them, find stuff. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “What other groups of energies known on Earth are from the ‘big’ universe?”

DATRE: Well, would you believe they ALL come from the BIG Universe, that’s the beginning, you have nothing else to draw from – its all there. Now, energy can be ‘directed’, otherwise it just sort of ping pong’s around, hits one side of your bubble and pong’s back on the other side and bounces around. But now you’re in a different situation, in that the energy is being directed. By who? Us. You see we’ve got jobs too. Continue.

JOHN: And this final question, I’ve given her somewhat of an answer because it was directed at me. But I’d like to present it as a question, it says… “My last question is for John – I read that you have visited another planet that was colorless… could you please expand that a bit? (I sent her some explanation on that) Do colors exist in many realities and do they look the
same? Do we create our own colors?”

DATRE: You originally created your own colors. What has a lot to do with your color here, is your eyes, the physical eyes, the construct, the rods and cones they call them. The rods and cones are what you make pictures with. Just like… lets put it real simple, this is real simple and if anybody out there works with eyes they will laugh at me, but this is for general public. You put the film in the camera and you go ‘click’ and you get a picture. The ‘film’ in your eyes is your ‘rods’ and your ‘cones’. Those are the ones that make the picture.

Now, depending upon you as an individual in the physical construct, you ‘change’ what you see. The ‘color’ that you see, is NOT the same ‘color’ as anyone else sees. You may agree that a banana is yellow. But, John’s yellow and Aona’s yellow and the next door neighbor’s yellow and her sister’s yellow are ALL different and you’re all looking at the same banana. Everyone sees color differently. That’s why some people, like some artists that use these colors and somebody will look at it and say, ‘oh, that’s terrible’ or ‘oh, that’s beautiful’. Now, if you agree that it’s beautiful with another person, that’s fine and if another person agrees with you that it’s ugly, that’s fine, but it’s ‘your’ perception. There again we get back
to this business of ‘you’ in the physical.

It’s the same thing with hot and cold. Now, Aona can run her hands under the water and she’ll go, ‘oh, that’s hot’, John puts his hand under there, ‘that’s not hot’. Same thing with anything else. You see people take a coffee pot off the stove and pour a cup of coffee and pick it up and drink it, down it goes. Aona reaches over and takes an ice cube and puts it in her coffee cup, its too hot for her. The person next to her drinking this
hot liquid right straight down. Everything is INDIVIDUALISTIC. That’s where your ‘excitement’ is. As you ‘perceive’ it will be, because that is your reality. Now that’s not ‘creating’ your own reality, don’t get those two mixed up. That is PERCEIVING your reality.

You’re ‘perceiving’ color in different ways. Physical bodies with your energy construct, your eyes, your ears, all of your appendages, all of your ‘insides’ and ‘out sides’, your skin, everything is made up of ‘stuff’ of THIS planet. Now, how can someone on another planet be the same as you? In their planetary existence they’re using the ‘stuff’ of their planet to build whatever they want to build, in whatever way they want to build it. They’ll say, ‘well there are people here from Venus’. OK, fine, that’s your belief, that’s fine, if you want to believe that, it doesn’t matter one way or the other. If they want to send an energy construct in here and build a ‘pseudo’ HOLOGRAPHIC body that looks like yours, they can do that. But they can’t stay for any length of time, because like everything else, the body gets old and it dies and goes back to Earth again because that’s where it came from in the first place.

I’m sure that many of you have never seen a baby build its body in its mother’s womb – reach out and take things off the ground that they want. Ha ha ha ha, that should get some of you. How do you ‘expect’ to have a body out of anything that isn’t of the planet? It cannot be. So, every planet is different – why repeat it? So you build from what you have on the planet if you want any type of physical existence.

If alligators all lived on another planet, they wouldn’t be alligators. Because all you take with you, from planet to planet, is vibratory expression. So, the ‘vibration’ of the YOU that you are will determine what you’re going to be on each planet. As we’ve said before, a cat here is a cat here. ‘Can we take our cats with us?’ It depends upon where you’re going. If you get into an energy construct that is not anything like ‘this’ planet, you’re not going to ‘look’ the same and neither is the cat. These are hard concepts, but we’re trying to stretch you, so that you ‘think’ differently. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last of the questions.

DATRE: That is fine. That has been very interesting. We do hope that with all of this and with all of ‘us’ who compose Datre we have given you a greater insight into what ‘existence’ is all about. That is what we’re trying to do; it is not for us to give you all the information. It is for us to ‘stimulate’ you to do your own searching. When you begin your ‘search’ and your ‘observation’ and your ‘perception’, you will no longer feel as if you’re just going from day to day. You will actually begin that process of LIVING LIFE, because it will be different. It will be different because you will paint ‘different’ pictures.

As Aona has said to people that she has known, ‘If you stay with me but one year, you will turn around and never recognize who you were before’. Because, believe me, in her own right, she will ‘stretch’ you as far as she can get you to go. She stretches, from a physical standpoint, because that’s what she works through. With us coming through her, in the matter of a short time, she has no remembrance of this at all. She’s been listening today, because she’s been fascinated, she’s had fun. She cannot ‘alter’ us in any way, shape or form, but she can hear. But, within 15 – 20 minutes she has… then John will say, ‘well remember they said?’ then he laughs because he knows she did not hear. But she has contained the information and she uses it.

That is what we want you to do. We’re not trying to ‘push’ you, degrade you, any of these things. When we answer these questions we see ‘through’ the questions into what you are perceiving and try and turn things around in a ‘different’ way so that you will look at things differently. So that you will find ‘enjoyment’ in your physical existence – that is what it’s all about. What we do, in answering your questions, is to try and show you that as you look at things differently, you can have great happiness in this what you call your physical existence. It’s your ‘perceptions’, your ‘observations’, the ‘pictures’ you paint for yourself. Paint beautiful pictures. Goodbye, we’re Datre.


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