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JOHN: Today we have some questions from John…

DATRE: Which John?

JOHN: John W. and his first question is…”Is awareness the key to changing our vibration and entering other realities?”

DATRE: That is part of it. You see, because you’re working in physicality and working with a HOLOGRAM you have many different ‘tools’ that have been given to you to work with. In other words, ‘observation’ is part of ‘awareness’. So you see you have… to just say one word doesn’t quite cover it. You have different things that will cover many things. It also helps to have information. There again, ‘information’ and ‘mis-information’ – how do you separate the two? It depends on the individual and where they are in their learning process. To one individual, at one point in time, as we say ‘time’, in your development, learning a ‘new’… something ‘new’ that someone has said, and you say, ‘that rings a bell’, and you get all
excited because it is another ‘stepping stone’ in your evolutionary process of the individual.

Then, five years later, you hear someone getting ‘excited’ about that very thing and to you its like, ‘what’s that all about?’. It may be something that you used for a short period of time and said, ‘no, that isn’t the way it goes, it goes like this’. Because what you do, we’ve talked about this before, is the difference between a ‘structure’ that is ‘ridged’, in other
words there are ‘isums’ and ‘osophies’ and whatever’s that are very static. In other words, if you do this, you get this result, and if you do that, you get that result. You do… its like a program. Now, that is fine, for some individuals, they need those particular things in order to… for their achievement. To feel that they have achieved something when they go through those steps.

Now, for another person, that won’t work at all. They’ll say, ‘no, this is not for me’. Then we get back to meditation, there are those that feel that in meditation they accomplish a great deal and that is fine. There are others that don’t meditate. But they live a ‘different’ type of existence entirely. Those that set aside ‘time’ for meditation are regimenting themselves into different portions of a day. For another person, everything ‘moves’ continuously.

So, to sit down and take special time and meditate, to them that is a “waste of time”, because they might miss something when their eyes aren’t open and so they don’t want to miss anything regardless of what it is. Their life is in a ‘constant flow’. Its constantly watching ‘changes’ all the time. Those people are the ones that keep searching for different information. They will listen to this person and take the information from that individual, they’ll listen to another person, take pieces out of that and they constantly build their own little framework. Then as soon as they’ve got a branch sticking out this way, they’re not satisfied with just a branch sticking out this way, they put another branch here and another branch here and another branch here.

Its almost like they keep the ‘tree’ growing and it keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger, because they keep adding little sprigs here and little sprigs there. That does not mean that you can’t have the tree at the bottom, because you really need something to get started with. But, just because you get three branches on a tree, you don’t tell a tree to stop growing.

So, ‘awareness’ is part of it. Because you have so many ‘other’ things, your very existence is constantly changing – even in a mundane situation. Its constantly changing and these people that are, shall we say, ‘aware’ are noticing the changes. Because they get to the point that something – a week ago – is old hat. They don’t hang on to anything. They live the day, shall we say, and let it go. Then live the next one and let it go. They don’t hang on to anything. That does not mean its not there, because it’s all in your computer – which is your brain. So, I think we’ve covered that, maybe.

JOHN: I think, maybe. John’s next question is… “Is consciousness the only means for expanding awareness?”

DATRE: Now, you have to realize that consciousness is a ‘tricky’ word. Everything has, what you call consciousness. Consciousness is a different aspect than most people think of, because you have termed conscious and unconscious. They say, ‘well this person is unconscious and this is conscious’. No, consciousness IS. A tree has consciousness. Grass has consciousness. A stone has consciousness. Because, in order to BE, there has to be that which you call consciousness in whatever it is. Everything in physicality – has consciousness. Because that is, what you would call, a ‘life’ existence. It is used in that which you call the experience of ‘life’.

JOHN: Its sort of an ‘operational’ environment.

DATRE: Yes, yes! You see, you don’t ‘realize’ what you live IN, what you are surrounded by. You say, ‘I’m surrounded by air’, OK. Yes, you are surrounded by air, but you don’t know what’s in it, because there is no way of detecting what is in it. Because what you detect – you talk about – you detect waves. You only ‘detect’ the PARTICLES within the ‘waves’ because that’s all your instruments will pick up. You don’t have instruments that
pick up ‘wave form’ energy.

Now, you live in a ‘sea’ of waveform energy – which is non-detectable – by anything that you have in that which you call instrumentation. Within the ‘wave form’ energies is where that which you call, ‘the land of the psyche’, that portion that’s ‘outside of you’ and the portion that is ‘inside of you’, which is the ‘psyche’, which is the term that has been used. It’s non-detectable. Its non-describable, but it IS. Consciousness is
the same thing. Consciousness is within ‘wave forms’. Consciousness also is this within the physical construct of ‘human’ or ‘tree’ or whatever. You see, because that is an area that can’t be explained it becomes very difficult to tell you in words what it is all about.

Now, what is going to happen, with those that are in their stage of evolution – now that’s NOT physical evolution, that is the YOU that you are. In your state of evolving ‘through’ the physical, you will learn to work with ‘wave’ energy. And it won’t be something that you’re going to learn in a book. You’re not going to learn it from a ‘teacher’. It is going to happen, if it is going to happen – it’s as simple as that.

So, those that say, ‘well how can you ‘learn’ that?’. When you get into the ‘wave energies’ that exist within the BIG Universe and within your little bubble universe, when you get into those areas, that is what you say is, ‘self’ taught. In other words, the YOU that you are teaches the body. Now, THAT is the way you ‘evolve’ through physicality.

The body has its own agenda. But, ‘you’ also have your own agenda. So, in cooperation ‘with’ the body, the body is very interested in learning, because it is conscious, in an ‘expanded’ form of awareness, shall we say, that can not be ‘explained’, but can be experienced. Then you’ll say, ‘well how can that happen?’. It happens when you are “asleep”, because
that’s the only way it CAN happen. You can ‘train’ the body in your ‘awareness’ state but, when it comes to ‘finer energies’ that is when YOU begin to work with ‘those’ and then bring it into physicality.

That is not… no one can ‘teach’ you that, because ‘you’ in the physical ‘awake’ state have no idea where the ‘real’ YOU is in it’s state of evolution. There are many on the planet that have the ‘feeling’ of ‘being’ and ‘knowing’ many things, but never quite able to bring them to the surface. Until something is said by someone sometime and a little ‘spark’ goes off, of “what you call, remembrance”. It is not ‘remembrance’ as much as it is hitting that little point ‘within’ that is knowingness. We may have gotten off of the track on that but I wanted to explain that a little more fully than we’ve ever done before.

JOHN: John’s next question is… “Is awareness a form of action in the simultaneous time state?”

DATRE: I don’t know how to approach that question. The YOU that you are is constantly trying to bring into this physicality that ‘greater portion’ of yourself for your understanding at a different level. That is all that I can say on that. Because ‘awareness’ is, you see, that is a … actually ‘awareness’ is an ‘individuality’ situation. Your awareness, his awareness,
the man down the street, his awareness, they’re all in ‘different’ states.

That is why ‘evolution’ within the physical being is so different for everyone. The only thing is, through ‘observation’ you become ‘aware’ of more than just ‘seeing’. Because in ‘awareness’ you use ‘other’ senses – you don’t just use your eyes. Your whole body is a ‘fantastic’ sensory preceptor. In other words, you will jump out of the way of something and it will ‘startle’ you. The body doesn’t only have eyes in the front, the body is sensory all the way around. Every portion of your skin is sensory. So in awareness, you not only see with the eyes, you ‘see’ with the whole body.

You can ‘feel’ the leaves of a tree without going up and physically touching them. That is a good one to play with. Stand in front of a tree, hold out your hand and put your fingers together and see if you can ‘feel’ what the leaf feels like. Then, go up and put the leaf between your fingers and see if it feels the same. That is bodily ‘awareness’, but it is ‘awareness’ of a different ‘kind’. You see, ‘awareness’ covers so many aspects. But, if you do that, then your whole body becomes ‘aware’ and in that ‘awareness’ you are learning what physicality is like.

Then instead of not paying attention or despising different things, you will learn through ‘appreciation’ of the things that exist upon your planet, which is very beautiful and not being paid any attention to, because you’re spending so much time on your cement. You’re laughing John, but you truly are. You’re on your streets; you’re on your sidewalks. You do not spend a great deal of time upon your planet. You don’t take much time to put grass or dirt under your feet – that’s where the planet is. That’s the ‘stuff’ that you’re made of – that’s part of it. So ‘awareness’ covers many areas. So, let us continue.

JOHN: John’s next question is… “Are there any other significant portions of our functioning of which we may be unaware other than Consciousness, Awareness, Psyche, Hologram and the Entity & Thoughter beings?”

DATRE: Well, you see, what we have done is we have ‘categorized’ many things to ‘stimulate’. In other words, when you hear a word, it ‘stimulates’ something within the brain – there’s a connection, so that you can understand what we’re talking about, that’s why things are named. But, it’s the things that we can’t ‘name’ and it’s the lines between the written type in the book that are the really important ones. There are many people who read the books and they read every single word in the book and they can ‘quote’ every single word in the book.

But it is the individual that reads the book and gets what’s between the lines. That is why these, like the… Carlos Castinada, Ram Dass and all these others, there’s gillions that you two, Aona and John have both read, all of that. It is NOT in the reading – it is in the ‘total’ concept – that is the difference. It’s reading to the point of reading between the lines. When you set yourself in the ‘state of acceptance’, when you read you no longer read the words. Every person that reads those… any book – for every person – every person reads it differently. For every person that listens to a tape, every person hears it differently.

You take anything and you leave it alone for six months, a year, whatever time you want to put on it – take the Datre material, go back to the beginning – having gone this far, go back to the beginning and read it and it will read entirely different than it did when you read it the first time. That is where… I would say that is more what we would call ‘perception’. So we can add another word to that list. Is there more – yes – there is always more. In the eons and eons of ‘time’ there is always MORE. Because, if there were not more, nothing would BE.

There are ‘components’ within your ‘waves of energy’ that can be ‘mixed and matched’ in so many different ways that WE have not even begun to scratch the surface. All of ‘we’ who compose Datre have not even begun to scratch the surface. There are so many things to work with. The difference with US is that we work with the WAVE, which you cannot perceive in the physicality. You work with MASS. That is the difference. But, with working with MASS you find that you can do many different things with MASS. It is like the man that they had a process at work and they had to do something with acid and he was very disturbed by this, because any time you use ‘acid’ with… you’ve got all these fumes all the time. He kept saying, ‘there has to be a better way to do this process, other than using acid’.

So he began to think and experiment – and here’s where when you open yourselves up to finding a solution – the solution is there. It depends on your tenacity of how long you’re going to work with it and how you’re… don’t go by, ‘well this doesn’t work and that doesn’t work and something else doesn’t work’. Don’t pay any attention to anyone else. Let your THOUGHTERS come in and give you, what you call, ‘inspiration’. Do you know what he came up with? Something very simple, very unique and very inexpensive – lemon juice! It does exactly the same thing that they wanted done, cheaper and better. Because it was nothing that you had to “get rid of” at the end. So you see, its there. As we have said before, everything is there. You just don’t use it. Because its so easy to get caught in the mundane trap and forget about ‘exploration’. Continue.

JOHN: OK, John’s next question is… “Are there life spark identity characteristics which are set from the very beginning, traits of the ‘mother’ entity in other words?”

DATRE: You’re going to have to go back eons and eons and eons and eons which you have no conception of, what-so-ever, to start working with anything like ‘traits’. That has been a ‘building’ process. That has been a building process for ‘everything’ in the BIG Universe. So, if you are referring to the YOU that you are at the ‘present time’, the evolution is
one of such long duration and there is so much there, but it is like everything else, you must realize what you have, what you’re working with ‘now’ is what the YOU that you are, is ‘infusing’ into your physicality. Getting… bringing information so… up front, so that it can be learned –
so it can be observed. So, everyone naturally comes in with different ‘states’ of, what you call, awareness or understanding or wisdom or whatever you want to call it.

There are children that come in, that as little bitty ones, can just barely talk and walk, can explain ‘physics theories’ because a child is open. The thing is, you keep closing yourselves down from the day you are born. The object ‘now’ is to… from here on, open yourselves up, open yourselves up,
open yourselves up – because that’s the only way growth, evolutionary growth, occurs. But, because of everyday, ‘you can’t do this’, ‘you must do that’ and dada, dada, dada. You go to school, what do they do, they ‘stuff’ you with all kinds of ‘you’ve got to know this’ and ‘you’ve got to know that’ and ‘you’ve got to know something else’ – but where is the
‘creativity’? You’ve got to begin to be ‘creative’, however it is, it does not matter.

Just DO something. Do something that gives you a feeling of accomplishment that is something that you’ve never done before, never thought about – do something. But everyone comes in different; it’s only natural that they would. Because, you ‘pick’ the genes that you want – your DNA the RNA and all that kind of stuff. You look at your parents and you say ‘they’re both short, I want to be tall’. Well go back into your genes and pick out some ‘tall’ genes and put them in the body.

But, because of layering and layering and layering, people… they just don’t realize what package they can come up with. They just… they’re starting to lose their hold on what you call, being in the ‘dead zone’, its starting to diminish, its starting to fade and they’ve got to do something. ‘Well I guess I’ll go back into physicality again… bing, bing, where’s a body for me to get into’, ‘where’s my family?’, ‘is there any siblings or
anybody down there that’s produced children so that I can get a chance to get back in again?’. They don’t pay any attention to what they’re taking, it doesn’t matter to them. But there are those that it does matter to – that’s the difference. You see, you look at ‘life’ and ‘death’ as being such a different thing. You’re ‘choosing’ all the time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re ‘alive’ or ‘dead’, you’re constantly making choices. The YOU
that you are is constantly making choices.

Now, if the YOU that you are is getting lazy and sloppy, you’re not going to come in with much of a package. But, if the YOU that you are has a goal, to evolve, to learn, to learn what this ‘life’ is all about, they will pick different packages. Its NOT the parents that choose to have the children, its the children that ‘want’ to come in and ‘they’ pick who they want. Then
because of ‘familiarity’ they will pick ‘family’. But there are those that don’t. There are those that say, ‘had that experience, don’t want it, lets see if someone else will accept my coming in’. Be birthed into an entirely ‘different’ situation. It’s not a big ‘magical’ thing, if you were to see it
from our standpoint; you’re playing a game. A game of constant choice. All right, continue. These are good questions. Were getting off in many different directions.

JOHN: John’s next question is… “Do the THOUGHTERS create all the thoughts which we work with?”

DATRE: Those that are “inspired” are working with THOUGHTERS. The majority upon your planet work the ‘sloppy’ way – they work with ‘mass consciousness’, that’s easier. Much easier to work with ‘mass consciousness’, the body just picks up all this stuff and just ‘recycles’ it. That’s a simpler way to do it. Next step, work with ‘mass consciousness’ then work with the ‘dead zone’ – that’s easier to pick up.

But, there are those that work with the ‘dead zone’ that are a little bit more ‘perceptive’ and then they work with a little bit better information, because they’re working with something ‘specific’ that they’re looking for – and its NOT the psychics. It’s the people like the Einstein’s. It’s the people like Tesla. Those are working with ‘dead zone’ information, but look what they’re doing with it – they’re applying it in different ways. You have different ‘artists’ that work with ‘dead zone’ information.

Because in the ‘dead zone’ there are always those that are working toward perfection in a certain area. So these people, shall we say, that are working on the earth plane alive – are looking for that information and connect up with those in the ‘dead zone’ that have come up with something unique and
different. That’s why someone like a Tesla can be so far ahead in “time”. They said he was so far ahead of his time. Well its because he connected up with ‘future’. So, you can do that but most people are not that interested. ‘Mass conscious’ is the way the majority of your planet – I’d say 97% – work with ‘mass consciousness’. It is just a small percentage that don’t.
That’s why everything becomes ‘redundant’. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Would life be almost sterile without such beings?” He’s referring back to the THOUGHTERS.

DATRE: Well no, not really. The thing that the THOUGHTERS do is give you ‘expanded’ information in a particular area that you’re concerned with. It is a way of getting ‘specific’ knowledge more quickly. THOUGHTERS connect themselves to you, because of your ‘intent’ in looking for an answer for something.

JOHN: Aren’t THOUGHTERS the only way that the human species can make contact with ‘Universal Mind’ as a repository?

DATRE: Yes! Well there again, you see ‘Universal mind’ is… you’re surrounded with it. Universal Mind is ‘wave’; there is that wave concept again. Then your THOUGHTERS pick up and they’re like a little ‘packet’ and you connect with that little ‘packet’. Then you take as much out of that little packet as you want to. Then when you’re through with it, you release it and let it go and it ‘replenishes’ itself again. I can’t explain
it any more than that. But see, that’s what when we get into ‘waves’ and what is in a ‘wave’ and all of these other things, its pretty hard to put it into any ‘specific’ category. I’m just searching for things that ‘you’ can understand to relate it to something physical for your understanding because that’s what you’re working with – you’re working with ‘mass’, you’re working with ‘particle mass’. So in order to understand something, you have to have the understanding through ‘particle mass’. That’s it, that’s all the brain can work with. So, continue.

JOHN: John’s next question is… “Does Datre work with thoughts from THOUGHTERS?”

DATRE: Nope! No need. Our state of Being, is not anything you can understand because, we take ‘elements’ from ‘wave’ and work with that. So, if I can’t explain what’s in a ‘wave’ I can’t really explain what we work with. That’s why there are so many that want to have the experience of coming into this physical being because, it is so unique. You can’t… there’s no way to describe the ‘exhilaration’ of a few moments of ‘touching’ into a physical being.

Now, I’m doing the majority of this alone today because the body is weak and I can ‘see’ through the eyes and I can ‘animate’ the body, which to me its like having a mechanical toy that I can get ‘inside’ of and work. You could not imagine what that would be like. To me, it is great JOY. There are a lot of them who want to come in and try. But, they get the ‘feeling’ of a body, they can not move it, they can not ‘see’ through the eyes – it takes a while to be able to ‘adjust’ the machinery, shall we say, to be usable by us. But, I have done it so many times, that it’s very ‘natural’ to me. But, you see, there are so many things that we work with that are NOT ‘mass’. We don’t work with ‘particles’.

So, you see, to us this was a new experience to work with ‘particles’ – its very different. In fact, the thing that’s interesting is that they keep moving. You think of yourself as being ‘stationary’ and yet, the first time I came in I could not… I was afraid the body was going to fall apart, because everything keeps moving all the time. Everything within your body is in constant motion. Now through the eyes I look at the skin and its, like its standing still, but I had to get used to that – the fact that it is standing still. Because my first impression was that it’s all over the place, how is it going to hold together because it’s in constant motion?

So, you see, your ‘perception’ is what changes everything. That is why I’ve said, the only thing I can explain to you is that we ‘perceive’. We work with elements that are NOT ‘particle’ and this is what you can all do, because you have had the ‘particle’ experience and when you are able to take particle experience and then go into ‘wave’ experience, you see, you’re going to have a ‘greater’ experience than those that have constantly stayed in ‘wave’ and have not chosen any form of ‘particle’ experience.
That’s the difference.

You ALL started out as ‘wave’ – every one of you started out as ‘wave’. Then ‘evolved’ by putting things together that had a little bit of ‘particle’. This is what ‘evolution’ was all about. But now, you have become so ‘solid’ that you can’t get out, because you think physicality is all there is. There are those that did not, like with many of us, that did not want physicality for the one thing, they were afraid of ‘entrapment’ – because of the ‘fascination’ with physicality. So they chose to work the way they started out and not enter into any form of ‘physicality’. But, that is why, to come into ‘physicality’ like this and be able to turn around and go out again is the very best.

But, this is not a usual circumstance. This is NOT a usual circumstance, because this body has been re-aligned and re-adjusted. She looks perfectly ‘natural’, perfectly normal. She functions the same as any other human. But she has ‘connections’ that we have set up, within her, that can be accessed, that you can’t ‘do’ with everyone on the planet. So, anyway, we got a little off the subject again continue.

JOHN: I don’t think you got off the subject, I think that’s just the kind of thing that they are looking for.

DATRE: All right, that is fine.

JOHN: His, the last question we’re going to deal with from John at this session is… “Does memory of a thought which was not finished with years ago evoke the same opportunity to complete the thought?”

DATRE: Your THOUGHTERS don’t stay with you. The one thing that does happen is that you don’t ‘completely’ release many thoughts. In other words, it would be advisable to just say, ‘well, I guess I’ll wipe the slate clean’ – I guess they call them slates, I see something black and they’re wiping it… all the white lettering off of it… is that slate? OK. If you have
things that you’ve started and put aside, wipe it clean. Don’t pick it up from where it was.

Pick up something ‘new’; pick up something ‘different’. Even if you are working on a project, five years ago don’t get out your ‘old’ notes and review them. Take the notes of five years ago and DUMP them. You are NOT the same that you were five years back. So, why do you have to go ‘back’ to get that that was relevant at the time you were living that particular time in your evolution? Dump it! Look at it and start ‘fresh’. That is the difference in the way peoples live “their lives”. Those that keep all of this stuff and go back to their notes that were ‘old’.

You need to constantly… you can’t come up with anything ‘new’ if you’re always digging in the ‘garbage bag’ that was yesterday. Yesterday’s garbage is ‘not’ going to help anything. That is why they have a saying that is pretty good, ‘a new broom sweeps clean’. An old broom has a lot of dirt on it and you sweep and you sweep and you sweep. But, my goodness, how much better of a job would be done if you started with a ‘new broom’ everyday. Same thing with everything else. You’ll say, ‘well in an office I have to remember and I have to…’. Its like everything else, remember what ‘drawer’ its in, open up the drawer, get the piece of paper out and give it to somebody else if that’s what they want. But, if you are doing the project, don’t open the drawer. Somebody else may want your ‘garbage’, that’s fine; to them it would be new. But you take from ‘today’ and work from that point. Let the ‘old’ stuff go. You can’t live ‘yesterday’, it does not work. Everybody on your planet does, but that’s OK.

Why do you… when John and Aona watch the television, what have you got – ‘re-runs’. Now. how boring can life get if you can’t do anything but ‘re-run’ the past? Where is your ‘imagination’? Image, image, image. We just did one on that, did we not – I thought so, it is so fresh? CHANGE your ‘images’; they don’t have to stay the same. That is… like Aona says, ‘I go into a house and I find a house where the furniture has never been
changed and I find something very consistent. A woman who never changes the furniture in the house, never changes her mind’. Everything is ‘cast in stone’, this is the way my mother did it and this is the way I do it. Where’s that person going? The person has already ‘gone’ where they’re going, so what difference is ‘tomorrow’ going to make? I get probably more
upset than I should when I get into these areas because they ‘consistently’ hang on to yesterday. It does not do you any good.

The reason that they can go into the ‘past’ so easy is because it’s done. The ‘trick’ is to go to the FUTURE. In opening yourself up, exploring everything around you with the animation of a little child that’s discovering toenails. A child is fascinated by their bodies, they’re fascinated by everything. They want to see what’s in the box. They want to see what’s in the corners, they check out everything. Then as “you grow older” you become more stodgy. You don’t pay attention to anything – ‘I’ve seen that before’. HAVE you seen that before? Not if you look at it through different eyes you haven’t seen it before. Every time I come through, I see ‘different’. You know why? Because, Aona’s eyes are changing. You’ll say, ‘but you see the same thing’.

You see grass – yes I see grass. But, I can tell you one thing; the grass that I see today is intense green and
‘sparkly’ because it has rain water on it. The last time I was here, the grass was not ‘brilliant’ like this. The grass didn’t change, the eyes changed. The elements outside… your rain changed it. So grass is not grass. Grass is what you ‘perceive’ it to be today. Then if you’re going to look through the eyes of ‘yesterday’, I can see how boring it can become. Everything is ‘different’ everyday you open your eyes – begin to look. There are those that are beginning to see what we are talking about and beginning to become ‘fascinated’ by things that we have spoken of.

You see it is so much easier for us to explain these things to you, because to ‘us’ it is NEW experiences. To people in the ‘dead zone’ who are familiar with grass and trees and rocks and everything, that is of no interest to them. Because that’s what you call ‘old hat’. But to US it is a NEW adventure. You don’t have to go out into someplace exotic to have an adventure. Adventure could be looking at things differently, everyday of
your life. Search for something NEW. Look for something NEW. Chuck all the notes and stuff from yesterday, you don’t need it. Now, if its a reference book on how to run a piece of machinery, then you might want to keep it, because you may have to know where the bolts and nuts go. That’s a little different, because that is ‘mass’ and you can’t do anything about that. But, the rest of the world is all different. Find the difference. You
find the difference, you begin to experience the difference and that’s when you’ll begin to see the MAGIC. So, more?

JOHN: That’s what we’ve outlined from John at this point.

DATRE: Well I think then we will quit. Do we have some more from him – is there more?

JOHN: We will do some more in another session.

DATRE: All right, all right, that is fine. The body did better than I expected it to. It is very weak today, I do not know what it is all about, but it is just, the whole body construct is very, very, different today, it is like ‘heavy’. So, anyway we have infused it with a lot of new energy, so it will function fine. So, until next time, we will leave you now, we are Datre.

Questions from John W. will be continued on datre066.


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