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Continued from datre065.

JOHN: OK, we have some further questions from John W. and the first question is… “If the second planet for future inhabitation of the species is the Jovian moon IO would it seem the same as it does to us now? Will IO be in the same physical universe as the new Earth?”

DATRE: I don’t know where these things are going to… where things go and where things end up, really is not important. What difference does it make? Are you concerned about ‘who’ you’re going to be after you die? Is that one of the things that you contemplate, ‘when I die what am I going to be next time?’. Is that one of humanities concerns? The concern about where you go?
It does not matter – what difference does it make? How do you know, can you be honestly, truthfully aware of “where you are now”? You’ll say, ‘well I’m here’. Where is here? How do you know when you wake up in the morning that you’re on the same planet that you went to sleep on the night before? You see, from our standpoint, it does not matter. The thing that matters is
what you’re doing at the ‘present’ time and we’ve tried to get you to understand that. What difference does it make what planet you’re on? What if you go to the other side of the ‘Milky Way’? What difference is it going to make?

Everybody latches on to something, IO has gotten to be a big number with the psychic community and everybody’s going to IO and everybody knows what’s on IO. Well you’ve found a name for something, you’ve put it someplace so now you have a direction. Maybe you have and maybe you haven’t, you really don’t know, because all you’re working with, again, is the physical brain.

Now, you take that man that got hurt when he got… his horse threw him and now he’s in a big metal chair, he was a movie star man…

JOHN: Yes Reeves, the man who played Superman.

DATRE: Reeves… all right Christopher?

JOHN: Christopher Reeves, you’ve got it.

DATRE: OK, how did he know that morning when he went out to ride a horse what was going to happen to him before the day was over? See, what I keep trying to tell you is, be in ‘today’. I know I’m getting off the subject, but I’ve got to get this message across. Tomorrow does NOT matter! You can’t get there from TODAY! And how long is TODAY? How many different realities do you visit in a day? How many OTHER places do you go, other
than this planet? You’re such a magnificent MULTIPLICITY that you have no idea, absolutely none.
You have what you call ‘synapse’ in the brain, right? You blink off and you blink on. When you ‘blink on’ you’re here, as what you call, here. How long is that? You ‘blink off’, where are you when you’re blinking off and how long are you where ever at that point in ‘time’? We’re getting back to here and NOW. For whatever reason, everyone seems to think that everyplace else is ‘better’ than where they are at the present time. And it might take us until the BIRTH to get you to understand that, but we’re going to keep at it.
THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN WHERE YOU ARE AT THE PRESENT TIME; OTHERWISE, YOU’D BE THERE. BECAUSE THE “YOU” THAT YOU ARE PUT YOU IN THE VERY BEST PLACE YOU COULD BE FOR YOUR DEVELOPMENT AT THE PRESENT TIME. The YOU that you are KNOWS the experiences needed to get you to ‘understand’ and ‘work’ with the physical. If the YOU that you are thought that IO was a better place for you to be – you’d be there NOW or where ever else. Not everybody comes to this planet. Not every living thing comes to this planet. This is NOT all there is. And if you go to IO, if that’s were you’re going to go, that isn’t going to be all there is either. So, this is what we’re trying to get you to realize – ENJOY WHAT YOU HAVE. It isn’t ‘tomorrow’ that’s important – its today that’s important.

Live it the way you ‘want’ to live it in the physical. Do what ‘you’ want to do. Experience what ‘you’ want to experience. Then if you experience what you ‘don’t’ want to experience, then learn from that. Because it does not matter, whether you are “physical” or non-physical. It does not matter if you’re working through a ‘physical construct’, as you are all doing or whether you’re working like ‘we’ are with ‘wave’ concepts – which you don’t understand. But there are so many things ALL THE TIME.

Then they say, well why do we have to have such a thing as a BIRTH? Things change in the Universe. There’s constant change in the Universe – nothing stands still. There’s always a constant change, in ‘everything’ because its the mixing and matching of ‘elements’ – whether they’re ‘wave’ or whether they’re ‘particle’ – that changes everything constantly. You have, what
we call, ‘Universal timing’, when things switch around, because this is what you have that you’re working with now, is the BIRTH and this is something that is whizzy, bang, wow.
But there are those that when the BIRTH was first mentioned, there were those that resonated to, ‘it seems to me that I have some remembrance of something like that’ and they do. The YOU that you are, has probably experienced many BIRTHS. Just because you’re right now in the ‘physical’ and you’re working with the physical brain, this is where you are at the present time, but this is only a small portion of the YOU that you are. Your ‘probable’ selves or ‘aspect’ selves or whatever you want to call them is ‘all’ a part of that YOU. ( A lot of coughing.) It is cold down here.

So, if you’re going to IO, fine. When are you going to go? The ‘timing’ is NOT up to you. The ‘timing’ is up to the Universe. Then when it happens, it happens. If you’re going to sit and be scared about it, sit and be scared about it. If you’re looking forward to it, look forward to it. But, today is the day you exist. You don’t… you can’t even point to something and say, ‘that’s it’ because you don’t know. It is so far away it is a little pinpoint on the map. Then they say, ‘oh, there’s a pinpoint, that must be IO’. What if it’s on the other side of a planet and you can’t see it? What if! What if! What if! What if! Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Will we be birthed onto the new planets with little change in our consciousness to that directly preceding the BIRTH or will there be a significant alteration such that we would be using our previous knowledge as a form of instinct but unable to be directly aware of it due to a consciousness alteration?”

DATRE: It could be both ways. That depends on you and ‘your’ development and ‘your’ understanding. When the BIRTH takes place, as we’ve said before, the majority of those on the planet will ‘not’ know the difference. They will be taken off the planet, but they won’t know the difference, they’ll wake up and it will the same as it… well almost the same as it did the day before. But, their evolution is going to continue and the thing is, it is no different than, what you call, your death. When you come back, shall we say, into another bodily existence – which is another portion of the YOU that you are – do you remember ‘who’ you were? Do you remember whether you had horse and buggy or whether you had automobiles or whether you had things that fly in the sky that don’t need any fuel or anything? What do
you remember of the ‘previous’ life that you existed in? Everybody likes to go back and say, ‘oh, I was a Roman soldier and I was this and I was that and I was something else’. That’s all right, there’s no problem with that. But, what difference does it make, what you were? That is not important, what you were is not important, its ‘who’ you are today. So, continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Is the Earth a particularly beautiful planet in comparison to others?”

DATRE: Because your state of development upon the planet and the planet itself has great beauty. You don’t realize the beauty in the development of individuals upon this planet either, because you have no comparison. The planet has already begun its many changes and you as individuals – many of you – have begun your individual changes. But the planet is very beautiful. The thing that you have that we are able to enjoy is that as, what you call your ‘time’ has continued; your ‘colors’ have changed. Your ‘colors’ were non-existent not too long ago.
You can’t realize that your experiences were at times when there was little or no color upon the planet. And you and the planet have ‘evolved’ to the point that you have ‘extremely’ beautiful colors. Now, even to going to looking at old paintings – I think you call them Renaissance paintings – you look at the colors of those, we have seen them on the net pictures, and you look at the tones and the colors. Were you to go into a museum and see the paintings on the wall of that time, the colors are beautiful, but they’re not ‘bright’ brilliant colors. Then you go into another part of the museum and you see the paintings with squares and circles and all that kind of stuff and look at
the color, because that is one of the things that you have developed is your ‘intensity’ of your colors. Your colors now, you go… even in like ‘boxes’, I see, John has boxes that have bright yellow, bright red, bright purple, bright orange, bright blues and greens on these boxes.
You didn’t have those colors before. Then you’ll say, ‘well they didn’t have the pigments to make those brilliant colors’. But ‘who’ developed the ‘pigment’ to the colorations that you have today? You did. Such a simple thing. You’ll say, ‘well that’s obvious’. Yes, but that also was ‘evolution’.

Evolution takes form in very tiny, what you call, insignificant ways. But when you realize the span of, what you call, ‘time’ that you’ve changed those colors that was very quick evolution from a Universal standpoint. From a Universal standpoint, your present civilizations have gone very fast. They’ve accelerated at a fast pace and that always comes at the ‘end’ of a cycle, before a ‘new’ cycle or a BIRTH happens.

Now, because you’re going to be going in two different directions and some will go to a third, but because you’re going to go to two separate planetary existences, you’ve got two separate things that are going to happen. So, its going to be both ways, according to your question, its going to be ‘yes’ in one place and ‘no’ in another. And the ‘yes’ in those that are evolved to the point that they will go to the planet of ‘quicker’ evolution are going to take a bigger package with them than they expect, because they are going to take a bigger package of, what you would call, ‘remembrance’.
In other words, all of the ‘aspects’ and ‘probable’s’ and all of those and all the different “life times” that the YOU that you are has experienced, can be taken as a package and just think what you’re going to pick up when you go. But there are not that many ready to make that kind of a change. So those that will, will take a tremendous package with them. There will be ‘significant’ changes that will start taking place and you may ‘know’ and you may ‘not’ know. So it goes both ways and who’s to tell who’s going to go where? We can’t tell you. No one else can tell you. Well they can ‘tell’ you, but they don’t know because they’re only looking at you, in the physical. From this standpoint that is ‘not’ a register. The ‘register’ is within. Its the ‘knowing’ that’s within the individual and they might be right and they might be wrong.

But it doesn’t matter, because when you acknowledge, living or dead, particle or wave, I AM WHO I AM and I will continue to be, and you’re very ‘secure’ in that knowledge – then it doesn’t matter. That is where the ‘split’ is beginning to take place. Because those individuals that have that ‘inner knowledge’ that that’s it, it doesn’t matter if I’m here, if I’m there, if I’m physical, if I’m non-physical, it doesn’t mater. Because ‘I know I AM’ and ‘I know I will BE’ and that’s all that’s important and
I’m very ‘secure’ in that. Then to them, that does not matter, they could go any place, they can go any place, they can DO anything, because where they’re at at the present time is what is ‘important’ to them.

Then you will, as this Energy shifts and shifts and shifts you’re either going to become more ‘fearful’ and reticent about a lot of things or its going to ‘free’ you. Then you’re going to, instead of anticipating and all of these other things, you will relax and be PULLED into the FUTURE – it’s as simple as that. But you see, its ‘simple’ from our standpoint, because
we can see what is happening and you’re sitting down in little tiny physical bodies and being afraid and so its very difficult for us to say, ‘but what are you afraid of?’. So, that is why I say, it depends on where ‘you’ are in your evolution, as to what will happen, where you will go and all those other things.

No different… you’re not afraid to go to sleep at night… I should say there some that are, that’s what insomnia is all about, they’re ‘afraid’ to close the physical eyes. Now, if you’re not afraid, you’ll just go. Then in just going, everything will open up different. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Relating to the ‘cleanup’ operation after the BIRTH – can the Earth alter it’s matter at an atomic or molecular level or is it restricted to only movement of it’s form?”

DATRE: The Earth is an expression. The Earth, as we’ve said before, has consciousness. The Earth can do what it wants to do whether you’re on it or not. The earth constantly changes and it will continue to change. But, it will change at an ‘accelerated’ level from here on in. The changes will continue to accelerate. But the Earth’s evolution has nothing to do with you, because the Earth has it’s own evolution and it will ‘evolve’ whether
you’re on it or off of it – it does not matter. It will change,
irrespective and because there has been so many changes on the
planet, the planet is going to go back into an entirely ‘different’ construct. That does not mean that there won’t be trees and grass and that sort of thing, but the Earth will cleanse itself. It will clean up it’s own house. The Earth or planet that you’re on has it’s own ‘evolution’. That is the difference between a planet and another piece of rock out in
space, if you want to put it that way.

A planet has a different construct, entirely. There are ‘masses’ that form that can not ‘hold’ any form of that which you call, life existence. There are certain elements that make it, shall we say, habitable. So, its like everything else, there are ‘masses’ that are and ‘masses’ that aren’t.

JOHN: We have humans like that too.

DATRE: That is correct, there are ‘masses’ that are and there are ‘masses’ that aren’t. But you see, there’s a similarity in everything. But from our vantage point we look at it so differently. But the planets that have what you call, habitation, have a uniquely different construct to them and they
have, well I think we’ll just leave it at that – they’re just unique. So people on the planet or people off this planet, its not going to matter, because the Earth will take care of itself.

JOHN: His next question is… “Does humanities destruction of the earth only effect our mass-reality-view of the earth or does it go deeper than that?”

DATRE: Well, the only thing is, the more you infuse and change the planet that you’re on, the more changes that will take place, as far as the planet itself is concerned. The planet knows what it wants and it knows what it doesn’t want. So, the more that anything on the planet changes it, the more change the planet will make. In other words, there are planets that have
existences upon them and those existences do not ‘interfere’ with the planet. They take the planet as it is and they have ‘respect’ for the planet. So it’s working ‘with’ the planet, there is ‘not’ destruction of it. Therefore, when whatever is on that planet moves off the planet, the planet doesn’t have to make all kinds of changes, because it has not been ‘destroyed’ in any way, shape or form. But, the more that whatever is on
the planet changes it, then that is where greater changes will take place – it is simple. OK.

JOHN: His next question is… “Do all probabilities on the earth go through the Birth? I.e. If there was a radically different course taken by a probable humanity would the birth still go ahead for that probable humanity at a similar ‘time’?”

DATRE: As we’ve said before, its Universal timing. There is Universal timing for ALL of these things and the planet did not ‘time’ this, the humanity upon the planet did not time this, that is Universal ‘timing’ it has nothing to do with individuals in physical form, planetary form or anything else. It is a process of ‘evolution’ and evolution has it’s own timing. There is ‘nothing’ that ‘we’ – Datre, all of us – we can’t change
what’s happening. That’s not within… ours is ‘observation’ and making ‘new’ things.
But, its… when things are set into motion, as your planet was set into motion and was made ‘habitable’ for growth of whatever – at the beginning there was an end to this particular section of evolution, shall we say, when that ‘time’ is up its up. Nothing is destroyed, nothing’s destroyed. The only thing that happens is ‘change’ takes place. Nothing ‘new’, its been going on for eons, which is something you don’t understand any more than you… you talk about ‘billions’ and yet there are not very many on the planet that can visualize what a ‘billion’ one dollar bills would look like and how much space they would take up. I mean, that’s the same sort of thing. It’s a ‘concept’ and concepts constantly change.

JOHN: We have a similar kind of thing that we experience everyday and ignore it and that is – at the beginning of every day, there is an ‘end’ point – and when it reaches that ‘end point’ things change.

DATRE: That is right – same difference. But you’re used to that. You’re used to waking up, you’re used to going to sleep. To your surprise, you’re also used to dying – but you won’t acknowledge that either. But you’re used to doing all these things, you’ve been doing them for so long. But, it is time for change. Change is needed.

Why don’t you start living on a planet that doesn’t have a ‘dead zone’? That was the humanity upon ‘this’ planet that decided on a ‘dead zone’ – that’s why you have one. But, why not ‘evolve’ to the state that you don’t need one? Why not ‘evolve’ to the state that you don’t need to sleep? Why not have a body that exists that you don’t have to put to sleep – that you don’t have to feed, that you don’t have to clothe, that you don’t have to
buy all these things for? Why not live that kind of an existence?
My goodness, you couldn’t stand the ‘freedom’. You laughed, but I’m serious John, I am serious, because they could NOT handle that and that is the kind of planet that some are going to experience. But that will be very, very few because they just can’t handle that. Everybody says, ‘I want freedom, I
want freedom’. But you give it to them in a large dose like that and what would they do, they’d go to pieces, because they don’t ‘know’ who they are. When you’re ‘secure’ in ‘who’ you are, it does not matter. Its fun to have something different. Wouldn’t it be fun to just create and create and create and not have to worry about making meals, cleaning houses, going to work, bearing children, running around in automobiles and airplanes and ships and all that kind of stuff?
And yet, given that ‘freedom’ they would stand and not know what to do and become confused and maybe go, what you call, mad. So you see, it isn’t that easy to go from one existence to another, unless you’re SURE of WHO you are. We’re stressing this very ‘strong’, but it needs to be. Get your mind out of the ‘pie in the sky’ thing, because the greatest thing you’ve got going is right here, right NOW, where ever you are. Then people will say, ‘well I’m in this situation and…’. Well, why are you in that situation? There must be a reason and once you find the reason then you can get yourself out of it.

The Reeves man knows ‘exactly’ why he is in the situation he is in – exactly. Why is he struggling and fighting, because he is setting an example for others to follow and ‘pushing’ other people to find answers to things that are happening to the physical construct. He’s ‘pushing’ in those areas – that is evolution. You can have all these people sitting in wheelchairs, but, who’s’ finding answers to the problems? They’re not finding the answers, because it’s so much easier to put them into the
wheelchair and forget them.
You get people out there that are pushing for answers and are doing ‘something’ about it, instead of sitting and complaining. He ‘knows’ what he is doing; he knows ‘exactly’ what he is doing. But those people are few in number. There are those that say, ‘well I must be here for something’ and they’re looking around and looking around. If you’re here for something, then DO something. ‘I must be here for a reason’. Yes you’re here for a reason and you know what the reason is, is to learn to RESPECT the YOU that you are and DO what you’re doing, with the greatest JOY that you can find. Its NOT looking at someone else, it’s turning and looking at ‘yourself’ and doing the best that you can under the circumstances that you’re in.
They’ll say, ‘look at the poor Indians that are out in Arizona that are sitting in those huts, those little round huts, in the heat of summer, living out on those plains, oh, those poor people, we should build them houses’. They’re happy, why do you have to change everybody to be like you are, when you don’t know ‘who’ you are yourselves? We got carried away today, continue.

JOHN: OK, John’s next question is… “If probable selves can merge with us, can we not also merge into them or is that the same thing?”

DATRE: Same difference, except that the ‘probable’ selves – I would say the majority of probable selves – are in other, what you would call, linear ‘time’ zones, your linear ‘time’ spans. So, why would you want to go ‘backwards’? They want to ‘merge’ with you, because of your experiences that have brought you to where you are today. Why would you want to go back and live in a time with horse and… what do they call them, cobble stone
streets and garbage thrown in the ditches and all of that?
Why would you want to do that? Why would you want to into that ‘type’ of an existence? Why would you want to live even back in your grandparents time? Where they did not have the showers, the washer, the dryer, inside toilets? Would the woman want to go back and live in that type of an existence? You could join a ‘probable self’ that was doing that. That was standing with a tub with water and soap in it and scrub, scrub the clothes. Then go in the middle of the night and go out to the bathroom on a path that was full of snow to what you call, outhouses in the freezing, below zero weather – do you want that?
You know you fantasize, you make everything ‘past’ look glamorous – but would you want to live like that? Go back to a ‘probable self’ even the people that now are, ‘oh, wonderful, Mozart, Beethoven, Van Gogh all of those’. Do you want to live in that type of existence time?

You’ve not only evolved as far as physicality is concerned, you’ve evolved, what you would call, as far as your ‘brain’ is concerned and what you ‘conceive’ and what you ‘understand’. So, you would go back with a ‘dull’ brain existence. So I don’t see why you would want to go back. Back is not that great. Then at some point in time, you’ll say that ‘this’ isn’t as great as it is when you’re further ahead, shall we say. So, going back, I
can’t see that as being any big advantage.

JOHN: And his next question continues on that and says… “At what ‘level’ is such a decision made?”

DATRE: The You that you are. The very ‘essence’ of you that desires experience – that’s who decides. Now, the difference is, that the YOU that you are wants a certain experience, for that which you call, ‘evolution’ – which you don’t understand. Then they’ll say, ‘well how come this and how come that and how come something else?’ – everything is so tragic. Well, if you are given an experience and you understand that experience and go
‘through’ it, then you don’t have to do that sort of thing again. But its because you don’t learn from it that you do it over and over and over.
How many people do the same thing, if you look, you’ll see that they go from one thing to another to another. I can give you a good example – healing. A big number on your planet, because everybody’s sick. That’s all you see on the commercials, take this pill for that and take this pill for that and take this… you’re supposed to be 100% so take this kind of a pill and this kind of a vitamin and this kind of a whatever. You don’t know what you want, so you keep taking pills, you think that’s going to be the answer.

OK, healing, they can go into a room with all these people that want to be ‘healed’ and someone can touch them and they’re healed and they drop their crouches and they walk out and everything is hunky dory. OK, what happens a year later? They’ve got something else. They can’t stay healed because
the ‘healing’ is NOT in the physical. If the ‘mental’ is OK, the physical will be OK.
You’ve got stomach pains – new energies coming in – everybody’s got stomach pains. Everybody is feeling a little un-well, a little queasy, a little this, a little sleepy all of these things – there must be a pill to take care of it. OK, have you ever thought of ‘diverting’ your attention away from the body? It is amazing, when you divert the attention away from the body and let the body take care of itself and you take care of what you want to do in the body. Then you may find that you ‘have’ stomach ache for a few days. So what’s the big deal? Can’t you stand any amount of discomfort?
Why do people go and get ‘healed’ of cancer in one part of their body and then they get in another part of their body and then they have an operation for that and then they get it in another part of their body and then have an operation for that? Stop and think – why? Why does that individual continually want the same experience?

Start asking yourself questions. Find the answer to your satisfaction and work from there. But, as we perceive this planet at the present time, everybody is ‘sick’ with something. If you haven’t had an operation, what are you going to talk about? There’s not going to be much conversation, because everybody is not feeling good in one way or another. Somebody’s
got sinus, somebody’s got a cold, somebody’s got arthritis – if you were to go into a room of 100 people and ask every one of those people, everyone of those people would have something wrong with the physical body. Why? You answer your own question. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Is the probability and simultaneous time system impossible to conceive of with brain thinking, or have we just systematically narrowed the brain scope of thought?”

DATRE: Timing and that’s what you call ‘time’ has not been regulated by you. It has been Universal ‘timing’ that has nothing to do with you, what-so-ever. Your linear ‘time’ has had so much ‘span’ and the span is over and you’re working on ‘pseudo time’, shall we say. That is why none of your days are alike. You’ll say, ‘what happened to today, all of a sudden
its gone, it was so short’. The person next to you will say, ‘this has been one of the longest days I’ve ever had’. You’re setting your own ‘time’ now. You have been for quite some time, if you are aware of it. But it is even now more so because you are running on what we would call a ‘pseudo time’ and the reason you’re running on a pseudo time is because of Universal ‘timing’ with other events to coincide. Then when ‘that’ all coincides
then everything will ‘change’ and everything will take place
simultaneously, it has nothing to do with you what-so-ever. But, the ‘timing’ for an individual, is yours.

JOHN: I’m not sure that we answered that question, because his question was focused on probability and simultaneous time and our inability to ‘interact’ and understand that. Did the brain systematically shut that ability or is that…

DATRE: Oh, you mean for probable selves?

JOHN: For probabilities and simultaneous time system, were we able to at one time understand that or have we systematically shut the brain down and now we cannot understand it or was it ever understandable in the first place?

DATRE: No, it was never understandable in the first place. That was something that was not understandable. The only thing that was to happen was the ‘growth’ of the physical construct, to the point that it could be continually evolved for experience. It was ‘mass’ that was put into motion and ‘mass’ evolved and here you are today. But it has been those that have been working within the physical construct that have made the evolution of
the physical construct to where it is today – at the present time.

Then, were you to continue on, say there wasn’t going to be a BIRTH, say that you were to continue on in these physical bodies, who knows in what direction the ‘mass consciousness’ would take these bodies, what would you end up with? You don’t know, you may decide that too many fingers or not enough fingers. Too many toes not enough toes. Do we need toes, what do
we have to have toes for? You could continually ‘change’ the physical construct.

You look at peoples back when they did a lot of physical work; their bodies were of a different construct. You draw them all the same and make them ‘look’ all the same. But they were an entirely different construct, because of what they had to ‘do’ with their bodies. You don’t have to do as strenuous physical labor as they used to back in other ‘time’ spans. You have ‘evolved’ the physical body. That has been an evolutionary process. Now did I get that question?

JOHN: I think you got it.

DATRE: All right.

JOHN: You ‘got it’.

DATRE: I got it!

JOHN: His next question is… “SETH said that consciousness had an in-built defense system – what is that?”

DATRE: I do not know. I haven’t the vaguest idea. I don’t know what he is talking about, as we’ve said before, consciousness IS. So the consciousness that is used in the physical body is something else and I don’t know what that would be all about, I cannot figure that one out.

JOHN: It sounds somewhat like consciousness has got the analogy of the body and a built in immune system that will not ‘allow’ it to be distorted beyond a certain point. That’s the only thing I can come up with.

DATRE: But it can be distorted into any direction you want to, it wouldn’t matter, because it’s all experience. You can’t get away from consciousness. The only time you can get away from consciousness is those that go on from the ‘split’ in the BIRTH and those that are going to another type of existence. Then, they will not work with that which you call consciousness,
they will work with a consciousness, but on an entirely different concept.

JOHN: His… the last question from John that we’re going to deal with in this session is… “If our thoughts effect deeper realities of which we are unaware, could there be adverse effects produced which might affect those within such realities and visa versa?”

DATRE: Everything affects everything. But, you see, for every adverse effect you have a beneficial effect also. That again is your planetary system of opposites. So the effect that is mostly in that which you call the ‘mass consciousness’ – that is where the greatest effect takes place. The mass consciousness in this particular ‘time span’ shall we say, that is related to other ‘time spans’ and so forth and so on, it has a great deal of effect, simply because if you will look at the evolution of those upon the planet, the ‘mass consciousness’ has been so dominant in what you would call, the recessive or ‘negative’ connotation that it has to some degree, inhibited those that are searching for greater awareness.
They have slowed the process down because at one point in your evolution it was like the animals – survival of the fittest. The weakest ones were killed as food for another animal. An animal like a lion that needs food for survival – they eat other animals. They picked the weakest of the animals. Now, when you look at it from that standpoint that is the way your humans evolved – you evolved in the same way. In other words, the weaker ones died or were killed by being run over by a cart or whatever. The weaker ones could not keep up, so they did not stay in that ‘human’ construct, that long. They… as they were small children, in your expression, they didn’t grow up.

Now, your planet at the present time is so much the ‘other way’. If you’ll notice that the… those that are weak and cannot do things and everything, those are the people that all the attention is being put on. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just saying, ‘observe’ what is happening. You talk about the ‘hunchback of Notre Dame’, or something like that. He was locked up someplace because he was hideous.
You have children now that to other children would look hideous, because they’re dis-formed. But what are they doing, they are in that Olympics things for children that have disabilities and mental and physical handicaps. At one point in time they were… people like that were put in buildings and locked up and never seen any more, because they were despised by the parents and everyone else. Or if the parents ‘had’ a deformed child they would not let that child outdoors, they would keep them in the house. There was shame with people that were deformed or mentally unstable. Now, the whole thing… your evolution has taken you in a different path. Now, there’s nothing wrong or right with either one.
But can you see where things have changed? That is ‘evolution’ in whatever direction it goes. It has been those that have physical existence that have ‘changed’ the thought patterns in every direction. This is what we talk about, when we speak of ‘evolution’. That is just one area in which your evolution has been so entirely different.

Now, take the fact that there were not that many that were physically or mentally handicapped. Now, there are tremendous amounts of them. Now, those that are physically handicapped does not necessarily mean that they are mentally handicapped. You see you keep evolving within the physical construct. Your experiences.

JOHN: Isn’t that also a byproduct of the ‘mass consciousness’ desire to have ‘wars’ and eliminate the ‘cream of the crop’ so that they would have a ‘diluted’ end result that would maintain the ‘mass consciousness’ in it’s present status?

DATRE: That is one of the things, that is ‘one’ of the things that ‘mass consciousness’ did, yes, yes. There you see, there’s a focus, your focus at one point in time changed dramatically and that which you call, your ‘monetary system’ became the most important thing to you. So the people that made the guns and all of that, they made money by having you kill each other. But you see that was an evolution that the ‘mass consciousness’ did
not pick up. In other words, if they would have said, ‘well if you want that man to die, then you shoot him’. ‘Why are you sitting in power telling me to shoot him?’. ‘If you want him shot, you shoot him’.
And you see that is what has been coming up in your last wars. There are those that have said, ‘I’m not going to do your dirty work, if you want them killed then you kill them’. I believe that is when they began to go up to Canada, so they did not get caught to be sent to do somebody else’s dirty work. But there again you see, that is your ‘mass consciousness’ that is… directs which direction your evolution is going in.

Now, the man that leads his own life and draws from Universal Mind, instead of ‘mass consciousness’, leads a totally different existence. And you have had very little in your ‘brain’ capacity to be able to access Universal mind. That is one of the changes that ‘is’ taking place and is going to continue to take place at a greater level, is that your ‘brains’ are actually making changes. And the ‘electrical charges’ within your brain are
making the changes to adjust to be able to pick up the ‘vibrations’ within that which is called ‘Universal Mind’ for you to work with.
To make the changes that you want to change as… you as an individual wants to change. That’s why the energies that are coming in are ‘different’ and the changes will take place, for those that want the changes to take place and are not screaming and hollering against them. As you put up resistance within the physical body to the changes, you can stop the physical process of your body, by your resistance. The body has its own agenda and it will shut down and stop you right where you are. If you ‘accept’ these vibrations and change with it and allow the body to do it’s thing you will ‘evolve’ the body as you wish it to evolve and be able to ‘access’ the different portions of your brain that will ‘access’ Universal Mind. Those are the individuals that are going to be making the changes to the ‘other’ world.
Everybody thinks they’re going to go to something grand and glorious – maybe they will and maybe they won’t, because if you have not set up and understand the workings of ‘Universal Mind’, you can’t go there, because you wouldn’t know what to do with it. You have to have the ‘understanding’ and that is something that is not learned in a book. That’s allowing the body its ‘freedom’ to make the changes for ‘your’ evolution, for ‘your’ understanding. So, next.

JOHN: That’s the end of this particular session.

DATRE: I would like to make a comment. We thank the individual for these questions. In many areas we have, shall we say, gone far a field of what was originally asked. But, we have an agenda and because the questions were asked we were able to expand in other areas and ‘clarify’ perhaps in other areas where we have just started something and not given you enough information in many areas, because we’re ‘building’ for ‘your’ understanding and trying to take it slow.
But, perhaps as we continue, in all questions that are being asked we can ‘expand’ your awareness of ‘why’ you are here. What you are doing and what you are trying to achieve. In ‘allowance’, in ‘observation’, in these areas, are where you’re going to find your greatest, what you call, ‘growth’. Because, as you ‘observe’ changes, not only on your planet, but you will ‘observe’ and look at individual situations of ‘mass consciousness’ in a different way. This is what we are trying to get you to do.
Enjoy… look at things differently than you did before because without an understanding of what is happening and why it is happening, you continue to look at things ‘exactly’ the same as you did before. Then, if in one day, you look at something and you ‘observe’ it and it is ‘different’ and you said, ‘well I never looked at it that way before’, then you are beginning your ‘evolution’. You can look at the same thing every single day, but it is in the ‘observation’ of what you’re looking at that can ‘change’ everything and this is what we’re trying to do, is get you to LIVE. That is the important part. That is ‘why’ you’re in physicality, is to learn about physical ‘life’ and physical existence, that’s what you’re here for. The more that you can learn about that and the more you can appreciate it, the more you can ‘allow’ the body ‘it’s’ evolution. You will notice tremendous changes in ‘everything’ – guaranteed.

There are those that are listening to these words and reading these words and every time we come through, this information does not only go in this room and on to the ‘net’ , these words go into ‘mass consciousness’. We ‘know’ there are ‘others’ that are picking up this information, that have never ‘heard’ of Datre, they don’t know anything about ‘evolution’ on a
Universal standpoint, they’re are totally ‘unaware’ of this entirely.
But they’re picking up something different. That is what we’re trying to do, because there are those that are going to ‘evolve’, perhaps ‘faster’ than those that are ‘trying’ because they’re ‘allowing’ and ‘allowance’ is a big number on your planet. It’s opening up to every situation and ‘watching’
what is happening. Then as you watch what is happening, you will put different pictures in front of you – guaranteed. Because we ‘know’ there are individuals that are doing it. We mentioned something to an individual just recently, at lunch in a restaurant, and both John and Aona were surprised at the ‘reply’ by that individual, who knew nothing about any of this and was not even from this United States. So you see, this is happening and peoples are picking these things up and the reply was, ‘well
doesn’t everybody know that’, that’s the way the statement came forth.
Yet if some on the web would hear that comment in regard to this information, ‘oh my, that person was highly evolved’, that person doesn’t know anything about being ‘highly evolved’, not thing one. But came out with this magnificent statement of ‘knowing’ and ‘understanding’. So, what we say is, ‘allow’, ‘observe’. Those are two big words. Change your life, not through ‘pushing’ but through allowing and observing.

We have thoroughly enjoyed this session; we will be back with you as soon as John gets this transcribed and sent to you. We’re looking forward to our next session, because now we’re getting to the point that you have had enough background so that you can understand what we’re talking about because starting from here you would have no idea. It is necessary to build to a point. So, we will leave you now, we are Datre, good bye.


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