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Continued from datre066.

JOHN: Today we’re continuing with questions from John W. and the first question is… “How does sexual activity affect our vibrations? Should we be altering our patterns of sexual activity in order to achieve greater bodily stability or should it be considered as therapeutic and fun?”

DATRE: Now, sexuality is one subject we’ve stayed away from because it gets so involved, because if you’re talking to a woman you need to talk one way and if you’re talking to a man you need to talk another way. Because their understanding of that which you call ‘sex’ is entirely different. What we will tell you is, you don’t need to alter anything, because as your thought patterning changes, your bodily actions in every way change. What happens is that you change your thinking patterns. When your thinking patterns are changed you ‘automatically’ look at everything different – it does not stay the same. That’s why we have said, many times, you are ‘not’ the person you were yesterday.
Because… I know in the physical world you have a continuity, but you will find, if you meet someone on the street, that you had known, and you have changed in your thought patterning considerably and you have not seen that individual for a long period of time, they will make the comment, after they walk by you, ‘I don’t know who that person was, there is no connection with that individual that we knew previously’. Now, that is exactly the same thing, you have changed so dramatically in your thought patterns that your ‘speech’ even becomes different – your speech ‘patterning’ changes. That is a very subtle thing. Your attitude towards ‘everything’, from a table to a chair to a picture to the outdoors, trees and everything, your whole concept changes as you change. Its not that you ‘push’ yourself to ‘change’ in any direction, it ‘happens’ automatically.

In other words, even the act of ‘hugging’ another individual becomes different, as your thought patterning becomes different. People have said to Aona when John hugs other peoples in crowds, ‘aren’t you jealous?’. Now to Aona, that is stupid. But to them, she understands what they’re talking about, because they are looking at things from a ‘physical’ standpoint. Their ‘physicality’ is very different than ‘her’ physicality, but she knows and understands the difference.

Now, your sex drive patterning’s, when you begin to work with your ‘energies’, many people become very sexually, highly motivated. They want to ‘hop’ in bed with everyone. Because their whole body is ‘energized’ by the ‘energy’ that they are using, in the thought patterning’s and everything else. But, depending on the ‘knowledge’ that the individual has of the
‘energies’, they will take the ‘heightened’ energy and use it in another way – automatically. They will say, ‘that is of no importance to me, there are other things that are more important’.
Now, to an individual who is just on the planet and ‘not’ going through any changes at all in their thought patterning’s, that is the first thing that happens. That’s what happens in all your ‘new age’ community is that everyone they see, they immediately look at them as to what they would be like in bed. You see that’s the ‘energy’ that they’re working with, the ‘heightened’ energy. Now, the individual that looks at another individual, in that ‘same’ state of ‘heightened’ energy, projects and another person will think, ‘oh, that’s a come on’. No its ‘not’ a ‘come on’, the fact is that the individual who’s thought patterns have changed, their body ‘containment’ is a great deal of ‘energy’ – they have a great big ‘aura’. People are either going to want to get near that person or they’re going to stay away from that person. They will pick up that energy that is emanating from that physical body in one of two ways, they will either want to be with that individual, as close as they can get, or they want to get as far away as they can.

Now, as to the sexuality, if you have thought patterning’s and understand the energy within the body, the understanding changes – it is not directed toward ‘sexual’ activity. That does not mean that they become celibate or anything like that, but its that individual is no longer interested in that act that you call sex. It is a ‘change’ that happens with the thought patterning. So, you can ‘direct’ the energy that you use within your body in any way you want to, that is entirely up to you.

In fact it is interesting that we are doing this today, because Aona and John have been watching that TV that the man is called Kane. He was a… in a monastery?

JOHN: Yes, an Oriental Priest.

DATRE: An Oriental Priest thank you. And the place burned down and he began wandering. Now, he in this movie last night met a girl and danced with this girl and later on at the end of the program, she came to him and said, ‘you are most interesting, in that when I give love to someone else or say “I love you” to someone else, I expect and want them to say, “I love you too”.’ She said, ‘when you say, “I love you”, you do not expect anything in return’. Now, those are very, very potent words. That is what they call ‘unconditional’ love – that’s a name that you on your planet have put on it. But, that is what happens to a person ‘automatically’. It is not anything but the ‘evolving’ of the individual. So you can take the information I give you and take it from there, it is up to you what ‘you’ want to do with ‘your’ physical existence each and everyone of you. It’s how you ‘act’ and ‘react’ toward every single individual and every single ‘thing’ upon your planet. That is ‘your’ learning process and the more you learn about your ‘action’ and ‘interaction’ with everything upon the planet, how you ‘act’ and ‘react’ will change – guaranteed. Next question.

JOHN: John’s next question is… “Is madness or autism just another mode of thought, possessing a different kind of rationality or is it a detrimental experience pattern?”

DATRE: It is not a detrimental experience pattern – number one. Those are different experiences. Every experience in physicality is different. Now, you will say, ‘someone is mad’, what makes them mad? The madness is that they don’t ‘see’ the same ‘reality’ you see. To them, that is their reality. You live in one reality, this is the way it is, everybody’s got to be the same. But a person that is ‘mad’ does not ‘see’ your reality – it’s as simple as that. But, because you are unable to ‘see’ their reality – that is ‘madness’. That is the way that ‘we’ see it, from looking at what is happening. Because the physical construct of the HOLOGRAM of a ‘mad’ person and the ‘brain’ patterning’s of a ‘mad’ person are different and that difference is what you call ‘madness’. Nothing is ‘detrimental’, everything is ‘experiential’. Continue.

JOHN: His next question continues along that line and says… “If it is detrimental then would relinquishing experience in the dead zone be a form of cure?”

DATRE: Well, you’re looking at it from a physical standpoint of
categorizing everything and ‘pigeon holing’ everything. The one thing that does happen in the ‘dead zone’ is the, shall we say, the loss of memory of what was previous – we’ve explained that before. But, that does not mean that someone that is ‘autistic’ or somebody that is ‘mad’ is… autism, we didn’t discuss that. What is autism John? What is it to be autistic?

JOHN: Autistic is… as I understand autism, you cannot ‘process’ the incoming data appropriately in this physical expression so you are very ‘frustrated’. The biology is very aggravated and you are an ‘uncontrollable’… uncontrolled individual and an uncontrollable individual.

DATRE: There again, you see, that again is the thought processing. Are those that they refer to as autistic, are those the one’s that are like ‘super’ brains in math or something like that?

JOHN: No, those are the ones that tend to ‘damage’ themselves. They’ll beat on the walls or beat themselves on the head…

DATRE: Oh, frustration.

JOHN: Yes.

DATRE: Frustration within the physical construct, all right, now I understand. That would be… in other words that is a… you see, what you call autism now, is what back like 17… 1800’s that’s what you’d call madness. You’ve just got a different name for it, from what I can see in the patterning’s. OK, same difference. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Are there types of entities in the dead zone which do not incarnate on earth?”

DATRE: Yes. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “If some in the dead zone have the ability to effect matter here, will there be an increased ability to do so in the future with the changes in the earths vibration?”

DATRE: They can’t particularly affect anything, I think what he’s referring to probably is those animal things. Their thing, is the effect can only be through ‘other’ things and that is the… like the animal thing, you’re not going to see that any more. They were playing with an experiment and found out it didn’t work. You play with experiments here and find out they don’t work. You see, the ‘dead zone’ is so different, from your standpoint you think of it as being different, it’s not that different. People play and experiment with that because they’re working with different energies. You work with one type of energy, they work with another type of energy.

So, the people that are in the ‘dead zone’ that don’t come back again, those are people that have decided that their energies are different, alright, then lets work with those energies. Then they become ‘fascinated’ with those energies there and use them to their advantage and they see no need to come back into physicality. So, they stay there and that does not mean that they do not ‘evolve’ – because ‘evolution’ takes place regardless of where you are IF you so desire, BIG NUMBER. Continue.

JOHN: John’s next question is… “Is piezoelectricity (where charge is produced through mechanical action on crystals) lightning and static electricity dry and wet form of electricity?” He’s trying to relate piezoelectricity with lightning and static electricity, dry or wet kind.

DATRE: They’re ALL different.

JOHN: They’re all different forms of electricity?

DATRE: You can’t lump them, you can’t lump them. You see the electricity that’s produced with lightning is NOT what you think it is, so we won’t get into that at all. You see, that is one of the things, you seem to see things – humanity – seems to see things in ‘boxes’. If you find one thing and then something else that’s similar and then something else that’s similar, well then they all become… you’ve got to put them together. It doesn’t work that way, because everything is so uniquely ‘individualistic’. The things that you make with your electricity or like making your electricity, its made with ‘mechanical mass’. Now, that will NOT have any relationship to ‘atmospheric’ electricity. But, because it creates the light and the spark and all of these other things in both places, you
think, well it sparks and it turns white and it sparks and it turns white, therefore they have to be the same – NO they are entirely different.

What you don’t understand, in no way, shape or form is the ‘atmosphere’ in which you live. You take it for granted, and that’s fine, it does not matter, but it is NOT the same – guaranteed. There’s so ‘much’ in your atmosphere that you have no instruments, made out of mass, to detect. So, that’s why it is something that you can’t do anything with, until you
understand that it IS different. You see, you work it – everything – from a ‘mass’ mechanical standpoint. This is fine because ‘this’ is your experience at the present time; this is your reality right now. When your reality will change, then everything else changes. But, this is where you are now, so, NO you can’t put those three together – they’re different.

JOHN: Comment. That implies that the meteorological or scientific explanation of ‘how’ lightning comes about is not correct either. They call it a ‘friction’ interaction of two different cloud masses.

DATRE: Well, if that’s what they want to call it, it really doesn’t matter, because they don’t ‘know’ anything else. Then if that’s the way they look at it, that’s fine. You see those things really don’t matter as far as your individual livelihood is concerned. It’s just a ‘fascination’ and in being fascinated by something you pursue it and in pursuing it, you come across things. You do that in the medical world, you do that with the
painting, you do that with music, you do that with everything. Its experimenting and coming up with something new, that is the way you work on your planet. Continue.

JOHN: John’s next question is… “If a rock possesses consciousness, does the rock and the area about it have a similarly-individualized collective-consciousness and so forth to the ends of the earth and beyond?”….

DATRE: Well, wait a minute, wait a minute. Now, you see, you think of consciousness from the standpoint of ‘thinking’. We have said before, consciousness IS, but it has nothing to do with mechanical ‘brain’ thinking. Consciousness is a word that’s put on something so that you’ll realize that there is a deep… there is a deeper understanding of what there is on your planet. In other words, everything that… when we say consciousness you relate it ‘immediately’ to a ‘brain’ thinking pattern. A rock does not have a brain. But, a rock has consciousness. Everything
within your ‘bubble’ contains a ‘type’ of consciousness. But that does not mean that the rock ‘knows’ whether it’s on top of another rock or whether it’s on a piece of grass, because, there again, that’s ‘thinking’. That’s not ISNESS.

JOHN: Consciousness is not necessarily ‘awareness’, that is two different things.

DATRE: No, no, but you see, ‘awareness’ comes from your ‘brain’ thinking. So, there again, it becomes very involved and the only thing that I can tell you is that consciousness IS. But it has nothing to do with ‘brain’ thinking. Its just, it is ALIVE, because everything within your ‘bubble’ is, what you would call, ALIVE. It’s NOT a ‘dead’ substance.

JOHN: There’s no such thing as ‘dead’.

DATRE: No, there isn’t. Even if a leaf falls off a tree, you say, ‘it died’. No, it’s in a ‘transitional’ form. But, its… everything continues in ‘different’ forms. So, you see, those things are hard to understand. It is like, you put the bodies that are dead, you put them in a box and put them in the ground, right?

JOHN: Usually.

DATRE: That’s what I’m saying. But you see, there again you’re looking at everything from the standpoint of the ‘Christian’ god concept. That’s the way ‘they’ do it. But you must realize that Christianity is a very small portion of all the ‘isms’ and ‘osophies’ that exist upon your planet. Now, you look at it as being ‘horrible’ when some very important individual in another portion of your planet dies and people look at that person that
dies and then they set that person on fire. To you, that’s horrible. There are others that do it differently, they take the pieces of the body and they cut it up and disperse it to the birds and to the animals.
You would think ‘that’ was horrible. But you see, it’s… everything changes, but you see, the stuff that is made up of everything upon your planet is still the stuff that is made from everything on your planet. So whether the body is eaten by an animal and it goes through the body and comes out the other side of the body, everything is in transition. Because, its only ‘mass’. But, that is a very hard concept to get across, because it is terrifying, it is horrible. But it is only the way that the physical existence that you are in at the present time is viewed.

In other words, if you were brought up in the culture where they burn the body, that is natural to them, they rejoice in that. So, there’s all the different types of things and that’s why I say, as your thinking changes and you ‘understand’ what your planetary existence is all about, naturally everything else is going to change the way you look at it. So this is what we’re trying to do, we’re trying to stretch you a little bit, to get you to understand what your planetary existence is all about. These are very good questions, continue.

JOHN: The later part of that same question is… “Would each level of this system have it’s own probabilities to navigate in some fashion?”

DATRE: You navigate in what you call your sleep.

JOHN: So rocks don’t sleep, therefore.

DATRE: I don’t know what that has to do with anything.

JOHN: That was the other part of the question. This is a continuation of that same question.

DATRE: Oh, no rocks don’t sleep. Rocks aren’t awake. Rocks aren’t anything. No you’re talking about something different here John. What are you talking… you said… we got off the track.

JOHN: This is relative to a rock possessing consciousness. He said would each level of this system have its own probabilities to navigate in some fashion.

DATRE: No, if you’re still talking about the rocks, the rocks don’t navigate in any fashion at all. They’re ‘mass’, that’s it.

JOHN: All that ‘mass’ can do is recycle in different patterns.

DATRE: That’s right, that’s right. It is like a cat. A cat ‘recycles’ in different patterns. A cat experiences, but a cat is up some levels above a rock. But, it’s all cyclic. Everything, even the humanity that you’re existing in now, your physical body. The physical body that you have today, is cyclic. It’s cyclic when you are in it and when you leave it. If you have gained enough ‘knowledge’ or experience or whatever you want to call it, enough understanding, so that when you go “dead” you hang on to what you have (and don’t scruff it all) and carry it into another expression and continue it – you build. But everything is cyclic. The only thing is that the YOU that you are is trying to get ‘you’ to ‘understand’ WHO you are. Continue.

JOHN: John’s next question is… “Is there anything you would like to say to those who ‘believe’ that there is no possibility which the intellect cannot encompass and disregard such ‘notions’ as the psyche, simultaneous time, etc.?”

DATRE: I don’t quite get that, but I’ll tell you… what is that first part of that, its too much.

JOHN: Is there anything you would like to say to those who ‘believe’ that there is no possibility which the intellect cannot encompass….

DATRE: Stop right there! There are many, many things that even in the human existence, that you know, but cannot explain. In other words, there is… as you progress in your understanding you’re going to get into areas where you have what they call a ‘gut feeling’ of ‘knowingness’ but there is no way verbally you can explain it to another individual. Now, the brain has to be taught. In other words, you can’t work with the brain until the
brain has it there, through the ears or however your system works. You get things into the brain and you connect this thought with that thought or this idea with that idea. That’s what you call ‘intellect’ is putting this together with that to make an understanding.

Now, when you reach an understanding where there is ‘knowingness’, it’s a feeling inside the physical construct, but the brain hasn’t got any words for it. Now, you may be puzzled by something, for many, many years and one day, one time, something will be said or read and it will ‘click’ with some
‘knowingness’ that you have been having and the brain is able to register it. Then it becomes, what you call, ‘intellect’. Now, you’ve got words that you can say, that you understand. So the ‘feeling’ becomes something that can be expressed through words. I call ‘intellect’ something you can talk about. In other words, if you can ‘speak it’ its ‘intellect’. A ‘knowingness’ is something deep within, but there’s not words. So maybe that will help clear up the ‘intellect’ thing.

So, there’s many, many that can work with energies and like the ‘Shaman’, of which there are very few ‘real’ ones. There are a lot of ‘mystics’. There are a lot of ‘other’ things, but a ‘true’ Shaman works with energies entirely different. He knows ‘how’ to work with the energies, but he doesn’t… he doesn’t question, ‘well why does that energy do this, that and the next thing’, they work ‘with’ the energies. But they work entirely
different, they do not work from the ‘intellectual’ standpoint, they don’t work from the head.
That’s the difference between your ‘mystics’ and your ‘psychics’ and all of these other things, is they work with their ‘head’. A Shaman works from an ‘inner’ feeling and that’s why many who try to ‘be’ Shaman’s never make it because they don’t have ‘that’ which is something that can not be taught. They can take you so far, but the rest ‘you’ have to do on your own to become. That’s why so few become because they don’t have that within them. But, the next time that they have an opportunity to experience in physicality they WILL, because they keep at it and keep at it, because once they have started they won’t quit until they have achieved. Continue.

DATRE: We are going to stop here because the next questions go in a different direction.

In our observation of the information that John S. has been getting regarding our transcripts we have decided to send out the information in smaller sizes and more frequently. We have been working from the standpoint of the amount of information that Aona likes. We now observe that the information that today’s individuals wants is, “the shorter the better”. Many of you are so anxious for information that perhaps in this way, with the constant flow of information, it will be more satisfying.

When a transcript is done, it is not only the hour or two that we use the body, but depending upon how many different energies use the body, the channel is disoriented for a full day. Not only that, it takes many, many, many days of typing and editing for John to complete the transcript.

John and Aona have recently moved into a new area. Their house has been neglected and there is much work to be done. Much scrubbing and painting and fixing to make a home. Also, there is almost an acre of land and many trees to be taken care of. It will be a long process, but what you would call, a labor of love.

We will try to keep a constant continuity to our transcripts. We will leave you now, we are Datre.

To be continued on datre068


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